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Found 8 results

  1. The Grandaxe Clan The Grandaxes are an elder clan of fire-haired mountain dwarves who value honour and tradition above all else. Founded by Bogrin Grandaxe in the ancient dwarven mountains of northern Aegis, the clan holds a fierce reputation for their skill with an axe. Renowned for their strong influence on dwarven politics for over a millennium, many of the most revered Grand Kings of Urguan are descended from its lineage. During the fourteenth century, a dispute between its elders led the clan to become fractured into two distinct bloodlines; the Braveaxes, the purest of the first lineage and loyalists to the dwarven crown and the Blackaxes, their unruly kinsmen who struck out on their own as honour bound mercenaries. It was not until faced with the threat of an invasion from the orcish War Uzg that the clan reunited under a new leader, Bazian Grandaxe, successfully forming a vanguard against the green scourge from its mountain holding of Kal’Anart. From that day forth, the clan became united around its defence of the dwarven realm, leading at the forefront of its armies and serving dutifully on its councils as marshals, statesmen and ambassadors. As time wore on, the old ways have become no less important, and the Grandaxes stay true to the legacies left behind by their forefathers. Honour dictates their course in life, oaths and grudges fundamental to defining their temperaments. A clansmen can make a loyal and devout ally to those who befriend them, but also a fierce and unrelenting foe if one is to make the mistake of paying them dishonour. In later years, a new bloodline in the clan was granted legitimacy by the clan elders, despite lacking many of the Grandaxes’ defining features, most notably their distinct fiery red hair. Distinguished by the various exploits of Thorin Grandaxe, the bloodline proved its worth as competent strategists and battlefield commanders, coming to be known amongst their kin as the Grimaxes. Today, the Grandaxes reside in the dwarven metropolis of Kal’Omith, serving in a wide variety of roles and occupations throughout the city, but ever weary of what the future may hold. -={Origin & History}=- -=- -={Notable Clansdwarves}=- -=- -={Traditions & Values}=- -=- -={Bloodlines}=- -=- -={Culture}=- -=- -={Weapons, Armor, and Mounts}=- -=- -={Rites of Passage}=- -=- -={Clan Leadership & Roster}=- -=- -={Clan Holdings}=- -=- -=[Application]=- Recruitment is currently open. Upon being accepted you will be promoted to a Beardling, and then given the trials before being fully accepted as a Clan Brother The Reason for your Discord being asked for is to you to the Grandaxe Discord chat, where information about times and dates of events are distributed. MC Name: Character Name: Appearance: Bloodline: An image of the skin you intend to use (not required): Discord (If you have it): Timezone: Application Help Character Name: Simply just your dwarf character's name, if you are making a brand new dwarf and need help with a name, Click Here Appearance: Specifically hair and eye color, height, weight, and anything else noteworthy. Skin: a picture of the skin for your Grandaxe character, is NOT necessary, but if you do not show the skin your appearance must be accurately described. Bloodline: Bloodline of your character; Braveaxe Blackaxe or Grimaxe, details are above. Make sure your appearance matches your bloodline! ((Old Thread ))
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Latest: Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requests Closed -PMC added -Halfling and human spoilers added. Request Form: CLOSED Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- CLOSED..
  3. Dungrimm's Folk “The day that we forsake unity for petty rivalries and greed is the day we fall. I end this book with only words that I wish for all dwarves to one day heed. Stand as one and we are capable of achieving any length of greatness. Stand alone however and we will die alone.” Paragon Valen Grandaxe, Shortly before ascent to the halls of Khaz'A'Dentrumm Dungrimm’s folk are a weathered company of Urguanite elites, conceived to rid Urguan of the foul beasts that lurk in the snowy mountains of Kal’Nikaer. The Folk have had several unsuccessful incarnations in modern history, but find true cause in the current events surrounding the Grand Kingdom. Once wearing Dungrimm’s tabard, all Folk are Kin, loyal to the cause. Whilst encouraged to appreciate their heritage and their own clans, a conscript pledges themselves solely as servants to the Brathmordakin and the Folk whilst in active service. Dungrimm’s folk strive to entertain an era of purity and prosperity in Urguan, ridding corruption from all corners of Axios. Whilst its loyalties lie with the Brathmordakin, the Folk rally to just causes of the Grand Kingdom. It is their desire to preserve Yemekar’s balance and ensure the Grand Kingdom endures through all adversities. ‘To my dearest Kerwyr, Look not to feud those within our own halls; our politics, our in fighting, it is all pointless now. A darkness rises in the east, one that we cannot crush whilst in disagreement - one that threatens the balance of all that is decent in our world. We unite under two common enemies. Heed my words now, for what I write will no doubt alter the course of your lives; it is with a heavy heart that I ask this of you. The land lays riddled with beasts of the void, it is plagued with the spawn of a daemon, it is your duty to ensure Urguan is free of these behemoths and undeads. You must form a band. Select well, for those you choose now will stand beside you in the bleakest of times. Pick only the bravest, strongest Urguanites the Grand Kingdom has to offer. Train them in the mountains, teach them of the Brathmordakin, educate them of the Folk. It has failed before, but not this time. The strength of Dungrimm will enable us, a small but faithful band, to overcome the multitude of the faithless. Dungrim bless you brother, Velwyn Ireheart.’ -A letter scribed by Velwyn Ireheart to Kerwyr Frostbeard Faith Dungrimm tests us, he tries our faith. He shows us the path when it doesn’t seem clear. We must serve him now if we wish for him to guide us to his fortress in the seven skies. If we live with conviction and faith, we will be rewarded. The Brathmordakin spoil us, they have created us to live as their servants, to act as their ambassadors to the mortal realm. It is our duty, as protectorates of Urguan, to repay those who rule so fairly over us. To pay homage is no burden, it is an honor as sentient and intelligent beings; allowing yourselves to be encompassed by the great aura of the pantheon is a true celebration. ‘Lay thine axe upon the gilded sigil, adorned upon the tallest peak of the steepest mountain, and you will be blessed by him. He will see your strength, he will feel your courage, and you will feel his will. When you return, reborn from your pilgrimage, then will you be true of heart and pure of mind. Folk of Dungrimm.’ -Blessed prayer, sermon of an unblooded Folk. Notable Slayings Dungrimm’s Bane - Whilst the undead launch a second attack on Kal’Agnar, incumbent Marshal and Grand King Vorstag Ireheart duels a large Khorvad spawn to reclaim the fabled ‘Armor of Urguan’ and repel the undead legion from Urguanite land. Whilst successful, the creature slays Vorstag in a bloody conflict that leads both combatants dead. Frost Trolls - An expedition to the northern mountains of Athera leads several of Dungrimm’s Folk into a chilling battle between troll and dwed. Whilst limited in numbers, the Folk made use of structurally vulnerable cave systems to crush their opponents, retaining all dwed life. Demigryph - A Frostbeard patrol headed by Marshal Kerwyr Frostbeard is ambushed by a corrupted bandit atop a demigryph. In the steep conditions of Kal’Nikaer, Kerwyr is almost slain but executes the bandit and their corrupted mount. The events following this particular incursion, encounters with pale knights and mounted ghouls led to the third reformation of Dungrimm’s Folk. Medals & Honors Medal of Dungrimm Awarded for showing gallantry in battle Medal of Urguan Awarded for showing brotherhood in all fields Medal of Victory Awarded for leading consecutive victories. Recognition of Loyalty Awarded for staying with the Folk for a stone month Recognition of Faith Awarded for showing dedication to your patron God Recognition of Bravery Awarded for finishing ten demonic beasts Ranks Officer Marshal Leader and head of the Folk. Vindicator A legendary hunter and elder on the council. Regular Sergeant Veteran soldier, trains the low ranks. Footman The shield of the Order, common ranking. Conscript A conscript member who hasn’t completed their trials. Application
  4. "...The Sun will rise again, my brothers..." Within the Tahn desert, a small settlement lies just past the glorious Dwarven capital. The walls, like the rest of it, seem to be thrown together with little care. Each night, armies of the undead lay siege to the camp, and yet the loyal residents stay. These bandits and workers lead by an orcish Khagan live alone within the harsh deserts, as they do everything in their power to give their enemies hell. _._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._ The Khaganate remains in a small corner of the seemingly endless Urguan desert, the keep staying strong despite the onslaught of their many foes and the harsh sandstorms. The flame burning in the soldiers’ hearts brings them honour and bloodlust in every battle, unforgiving of their enemies’ deeds as they fight to avenge their doings. The Khagan’s army includes all low segments of society; Thieves, murderers, poor workers, and prisoners, as long as their souls are filled with orcish culture and the beliefs of Krug, the first Uruk. -+- Even those banished from civilization can find shelter, and a new family. Gutz Khagan, the leader of the Khanites, raised his group as an Elder farfolk Khaganate, the culture of which he heard from stories told to him by his friend Sahar Tha’un. The Khagan, an Uruk himself, proclaims Tahn deserts as Endless Wastelands of his own. Red, gigantic muscular figure, carrying a greatsword, which length reachs a normal human's height. Khagan's Word is Law. Gutz Khagan sirca 1588 art by Ka4xid As any well formed military group The Khaganate has a simple Rank System: Leadership: Khagan - The leader, a Khan of all Khans. Khan - The Chiefs that serves to Khagan and leads Khanite army. Boyan - The Lords of Tahn deserts. They rule the lands. Professions: Yurts - A Quater-Master of Khaganate Kharul - A Bodyguard and Carer of Khagan Army: Ikh’Orlok - A Commander of Raider Group Orlok - Regular Raider Noyan - The blood of Khaganate, a new soldiers. Nokud - A civillian, regular citizen of Khaganate, farmers and workers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ooc Fill down the form if you wish to join: IGN: IC name: Race: Professions:
  5. Red Urguan's Workers Party ~Est. 16th of The First Seed, 1510~ Skippy Irongut has heard the pleas of the Dwarven workers class. He sympathizes with them, therefor forming the Red Urguan's Workers Party! An organization set on mass producing goods for coin. Dwarves produce a quota of goods, with supplies given to them from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Shortly after the founding of the Isles of Vailor, the Party went silent. Three Lord Stewards took power, and the dwarves were being robbed of their valuable mina. Skippy Irongut saw this unfit, and rebirthed the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Every dwarf shall be paid based on their work, and nothing less than that. With the Party Leader's ascent to becoming Grand King of Urguan, the hard worker Hellio Frostbeard has taken the role as Yemekar's Pick and will maintain the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Hellio will be responsible for organizing the party, maintaining the party district, and requesting materials for workers to use. He will also be receiving minas to pay workers. Where are we? We are located inside the Dwarven forge in the capital city of Kal'Karaad. Take a right in the main square. We are located inside the Dwarven capital of Kal'Akash, directly in the back of the city. Follow the roads until you find a wide opening with a crevice filled with lava. How much do I get paid? If you complete your specific quota depending on what kind of job you work, you'll be given mina tokens. You can trade in the mina tokens for actual minas! ((For a more in-depth guide, check this forum post here)) How do I join? Simply fill out this simple application! Your Name? Your profession(s)? Place of Inhabitant? ((Skype?))
  6. As the winter is finaly over and Kazradin becomes greener again , a ville sound of fire and decay can be heared from the South. As the dwarves rally on their city square , a muntain dwarf comes inside Kal'Karaad , his body burned and with his last breath shouts "Dragon!". It was a Green firedragon from the Far South , who saw the dwarven capital and decided to make its new home there! But it was too late since the dragon had already reached the dwarven capital and so the dwarves are now trapped inside their mountain home. After hours of waiting , a loud noise could be heared from the Grandaxe Tunnel . It was the dragon , who tried to enter the city .The dwarves , in order to save theirselves , destroyed the tunnel in hope of the dragon would die in it. But they were wrong as the dragon survived and now they were completely trapped. But the sound of elven and human horns started echoing in the distance. As the human and elven troops started making their way to the dwarven capital , something odd happened. The ground they were walking started shaking and then all hell broke loose. The fallen warriors from the battles around Urguan lands started rising from their graves. At the end , the elven and human troops were surrounded. ((Just give the event team a way to start killing people so the event would be nicer and not like 60 people go to an event and only 1 dies.))
  7. Before we begin, I'd like to just mention that I'm not sure whether my Cliff Dwarf idea would be considered a subrace or a culture, but I'll let the community give their own opinions on the matter. ~=~ Cliff Dwarves ~=~ In the early days of The Fringe, a selection of ancient dwarven legends were rediscovered by the Remembrance Guild. One legend, which many thought to be mere fiction, described the story of one of Urguan's lesser known sons. Aumi Wakebeard, a son of Urguan, was strange compared to his other brothers. He was intrigued by water, and loved to wade in the cool shallows of a river nearby his mountain home. He earned his name from the way his beard grew: curls reaching down like waves crashing on distant shores. Urguan often scolded his son for his "exotic" behavior, but Aumi refused to listen. He relished the feel of river-smoothed rocks beneath his feet, of the refreshing water lapping his knees. One day, as he wallowed about in the shallows as usual, he smelled a strange thing. It was salt, borne down the wind from the sea far away. Even though he had never heard them, Aumi imagined the cries of gulls over the bays and beaches on the coasts. His blue eyes sparkled with delight as he pictured the beautiful scenes by the sea. He took a step eagerly towards the tangy, salty smell, but his foot caught on a loose rock. The unfortunate dwarf was soon fully beneath the water, floundering like he was stark. He could not fight the mighty power of the river, and before long, was being carried along on the current. Urguan heard the young dwarf's wails and ran out of his underground home to locate him, only to see his son as a black dot in the distance. He sobbed and begged Yemekar to save Aumi, but it was too late. His son's terrified screams filled the air as he was cast over the edge of a thundering waterfall. The Father of The Dwarves fell upon his knees, tears streaming from his eyes and becoming entangled in his beard. The legend ends here, and was originally thought to be a warning for the dwarves against the dangers of water. Little did anyone know that it was actually a true story, until Aumi Wakebeard's descendants arrived in Kal'Arkon. ~=~ Introduction ~=~ What are Cliff Dwarves, and what do they have to do with this legend? As you read above, my idea is to have Aumi Wakebeard, a long-lost son of Urguan, establish a new kind of dwarf. But he must have died Soggy? Wrong. Aumi was carried by the river down to the sea. What happened then? Well, Aumi was immediately in love with the sea. He built his home into the side of a cliff (The first Cliff Dwarf), with windows opening over the water. He became an excellent fisherman and swimmer and, over time, his lifestyle and that of his descendants adapted to life on the sea shore. Nobody is sure how his children came to be. Some say he met a female dwarf on one of his rare travels inland, others that he fell in love with a beautiful sea creature. Though Aumi is long deceased, his kinsmen continue his way of life. ~=~ Appearance ~=~ Cliff Dwarves are quite different to their cousins. They have broader chests, which house larger lungs that developed to allow them to hold their breath longer underwater. They also have much larger arms, used for swimming against the powerful waves of the sea. Cliff Dwarves generally have black hair, which becomes snow white in old age. They often die it a deep navy colour by using the juices of berries that grow on bushes on the edges of their cliff homes. Most male cliff dwarves are bald on the top of their heads, probably because of the long years their ancestors spent working with the hot sun beating down on them. Their beards are shorter than those of their cousins, which stops them from interfering with swimming. They are very curly like Aumi's, and years of contact with salty water has left them stiff and wiry. Their eyebrows tend to be very bushy, which keeps the salt water from stinging their eyes. Their eyes are usually light blue, deep blue or sea-green, because they prefer to marry dwarves with these characteristics, as it reminds them of the sea. Their skin is tanned from exposure to the sun, and often tough and care-worn because the salt has dried it out. Cliff dwarves are shorter than mountain and cave dwarves, which is thought to be because of their diets. They live mainly off fish and bread, into which they add seaweed and sea salt. Their ale can barely be stomached by the other dwarves, because it generally contains an immense amount of salt. ~=~ Architecture ~=~ Cliff Dwarf architecture is a sight to behold. The wealthier dwarves burrow into the inland sides of cliffs, opening windows overlooking the sea. Poorer Cliff Dwarves build homes on the land above the cliffs, using sandstone and oak logs as their main materials. ~=~ Occupations ~=~ Cliff Dwarves tend to stray towards jobs as fishermen, brewers and bakers. As mentioned above, into their food they incorporate the characteristics of the sea; most of it containing salt and sometimes seaweed. They also make very talented sailors; their experience as fishermen and swimmers allowing this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that concludes my lore idea for Cliff Dwarves. I'd be happy to hear your opinions, positive or otherwise. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I know this lore is quite short, but hopefully I can add your suggestions and beef it out a bit. Thanks for reading, -Soggy365
  8. I don't really know what to say for a short introduction, heh. I've been on the server for nearly two years, and in that time, I've brainstormed, created, nurtured, and killed many, many characters. It's been a long, fun run and now I believe it's time I finally "document" my characters, what they accomplished, their offspring, etc. All that good stuff. Buckle down and enjoy the ride. Or, if you're looking for a certain character in particular, consult the table below. Ever, the Drunken Dwarf: Post 1 Ingot, the Swordmaiden: Post 2 Alyssi, the Mountaintamer: Post 3 Steve, the Renatus Courier: Post 4 Sylvia Cyrus: Post 5 Karvia Starbreaker: Post 6 Dryads! Kollodis, Doste, and Mitera: Post 7 Hapsi Ludkhov: Post 8 Al Q'mess: Post 9 Apple Dryad Mitera: Post 10 Hord, Apple Dryad Doste, and other not so important characters: Post 11 A family tree: Post 12
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