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  1. ᛋᛏᛟᚱᛗᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ A SURGE OF STORM. ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ 'ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᛟᛟᛚ' The Stormheart clan has been wrongfully merged with the great Ireheart clan, for we simply wish to establish our own culture and traditions once more. We mean the Ireheart no ill-will and believe this does not harm them in any way or form. After the passing of the great Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart his uncle, and a trusted leader at the time took over. Sigrun Stormheart sadly decided to foolishly merge our clan with that of the Irehearts. Whilst the Irehearts are a mighty clan, historically the greatest. However, they are not compatible enough with our beliefs and culture. We recognize all the great Sigrun Ireheart has done for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and mean him no disrespect. But we do believe Sigrun Stormheart made the wrong decision. I wish to declare the Stormhearts as an independent clan once more. As with the current tensions with the new dwarven group known as Khron’Hundmar we wish to reestablish our full and undying loyalty to the rightful Grand Kingdom of Urguan. I, Skogrum Stormheart truly hope this can be settled with the great Irehearts peacefully, as we are blood related. Though i do believe our cultures differ too greatly for us to stay in the Irehearts, we simply seek what makes us proud and happy. I am willing to meet with any Ireheart who seeks to know my further reasoning. The Irehearts have not wronged us in anyway, we simply wish this for the better of ourselves. I have not yet reached out to all my kin, but i am sure they share my wants and needs. I wish to meet with the great Gror Ireheart and await his reply with great hopes. =================== Signed, Restorer of the Stormhearts. Dungrimm's special needs one. Stormheart clansman. Stormheart clansman. Stormheart clansman.
  2. Epiphytes of Hefrumm Ever since their subrace’s creation caused by the actions and lifestyle of Glin Treebeard, the forest dwarves have had a big cultural connection with the aspects and the fae realm. As dwarves, most forest dwarves worship the dwarven deities, the Brathmordkin. These two factors caused the eventual assimilation of the aspects and the fae realm into the Brahtmordakin mythos in multiple different ways. Some saw the aspects as Anbella, some saw them as different entities that served her, that they were her avatars, that they are allied, and more. History of Epiphytes of Hefrumm In Hefrumm, the first forest dwarf nation to ever be created, this assimilation continues. Hefrumm’s religious culture is witnessed through the perspective of the seers as they are the main teachers of the community in cultural and religious matters. Under this perspective the dwarves of Hefrumm see the aspects as entities that serve the balance of the tribunal, a tripartite of the three Brathmordakin Anbella, Belka, and Dungrimm. By serving the tribunal the aspects serve Anbella’s balance, a type of balance in nature which is required as part of Yemekar’s balance, a balance of existence which dwarves believe to protect. Hefrumm’s seers also see the realm of the Fae as the realm of Anbella. When there is a Fae related issue that tends to be an indication of Imbalance in Anbella’s balance, hence the damage is seen as a warning of something worse to come if not restored. When nature acts in ways that it harms Anbella’s balance this nature is called feral. Hefrumm’s dwarves are extremely devout followers of Brathmordakin and aspect teachings. This was due to the founder being a druid, and also a dwarven Paragon (dwarven saint), Bjor Cottonwood. All this devout belief in the Brathmordakin and in the aspects causes interesting cultural relations to Fae beings compared to other dwarves. Forest dwarves have always been keen on fae since the early years of the Treebeard clan, some dwarves were druids and such. It was not until the Seers chapter in Hefrumm was formed that it started to be seen as a gift of Anbella. This positive attitude of the community towards the change allowed the epiphytes that were in Hefrumm and that had gone through Seer training to create a holy ceremony, Communion of Anbella. In the communion of Anbella the epiphyte takes the initiate to be turned. All initiates are per the ritual told of all consequences and possibilities. Some say that this ritual kills the body of the dwarf, some say it kills the dwarf it self, and other say that the dwarf is just more wooden now it does not change the dwarfness; The way most Hefrumm culturally see it is as a show of devotion, a sacrifice of the body to lend in service of Anbella and her balance. In essence, they become paladins of Anbella’s Balance. Hence, those that do the ritual already have the mindset of dedicating their lives to Anbella’s balance, something most Hefrumm have as they believe that they are responsible to keep it. An epyphyte ‘born’ from another epyphyte’s fae tree/shroom is considered their rootbrother/rootsister or sporebrother/sporesister. These bonds between fellow epiphytes eventually created the Green Collective, an order in Hefrumm dedicated to the protection of the rights of epiphytes. Noticeably the epiphyte dwarves tend to be the ones that use these rights the most as they are the ones whose rights are trying to be protected by Hefrumm. Nonetheless, the Green Collective is allowed to be led by a non-dwarf and some of their rights also help non-dwarf epiphytes. The Green collective differentiate between three types of epiphytes; those that worship the brathmordakin which are usually but not only dwarves, those that just follow the aspects, and those that have not been educated in any religious form, these later ones being what is considered feral. A epiphytes of the Brathmordakin can agree and understand the beliefs of a epiphytes educated in the fae, however, they would not be able to understand or relate to a feral epiphytes. This leads to feral epiphytes being allowed in the Green Collective but never welcomed as they are seen as a potential threat to the stability of the Green Collective and the safety of their Fae gardens. [!] Romanticized depiction of a epiphyte Hefrumm seer. Religion and beliefs Most epiphytes of Hefrumm are worshipers of the Tribunal Brathmordakin and the other Brathmordakin. Due to this they have a bias towards dwarves as they are beings that fufill Yemekar’s balance, which requires Anbella’s balance. Since the community of epiphytes are able to grow and thrive in Hefrumm this is seen as an indication that their ways are beneficial for the balance of nature and their fae plants. Despite the fact that most known epiphytes do not eat meat, Hefrumm epiphytes still hunt. Hefrumm is a tribal community founded on the concept of collective greed. Since members of Hefrumm work for the collective greed not for the individual epiphytes of Hefrumm tend to join hunts and other events even if they themselves will not eat the meat. [!] Depiction of a Hefrumm epiphyte hunter. Epiphytes' Rights in Hefrumm Due to Hefrumm’s view of epiphytes, there was a political will for Hefrumm to pass laws giving epiphytes rights. The rights given by Hefrumm to the epiphyte through the Green Collective Act were as follows: -=- Right to be protected from physical harm and persecution -=- -=- Right to work in Hefrumm -=- -=- Right to trade -=- -=- Right to Parent (have an adoptive family) -=- -=- Right to Ancestry (An individual has the ability to identify as the race they were born in) -=- -=- Right to live in Hefrumm -=- -=- Right to vote for a Chosen of the collective -=- Thanks to these rights and to these shared goals and beliefs the epiphyte of Hefrumm were able to quite easily mingle with the rest of Hefrumm society. The rights given to the epiphyte by Hefrumm allowed dwarven epiphyte to reach the heights of Hefrumm society, becoming a seer, being a clan chief, becoming the high chief of Hefrumm, all are things that dwarven epiphyte by the right of being considered as one’s race and not just as a epiphyte can do and has been done. [!] Depiction of High Chief Karl Blackroot. Relations to other dwarf groups Hefrumm is a nation inside the Nation of Urguan, the Kingdom of the dwarves. Due to this fact epiphytes of Hefrumm could deal with dwarves from the capital in their day to day. The opinions of the dwarves of the capital on epiphytes vary, some see it the same way as Hefrumm, some do not care, and some dislike it. Since some dwarves do not share the forest dwarf understanding of the aspects and the fae, there are cases of dwarves seeing the epiphytes as a curse or disease. This has caused cases of discrimination against epiphytes in the capital of the dwarves. However, the discrimination is always extreamly limmited as epiphytes are part of Hefrumm’s culture and a depiction of the way these forest dwarves view life, and those that discriminate against epiphytes need to tiptoe in their actions. [!] A slanderous depiction of a horde of epiphytes taking over the realm. Related posts: Legal Rights of the Green Collective https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196376-the-green-collective-act/ History of the forest dwarves https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215313-history-of-the-forest-dwarves-tome-of-hefrumm/ Green Collective post https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204297-the-green-collective/ Epiphyte lore https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187145-%E2%9C%93-ca-race-lore-epiphytes/?tab=comments#comment-1744396
  3. ♛ The Wedding of Bjorn Grandaxe and Rathona of Urguan ♚ [!] A flyer would be posted on the stone walls of Urguan and spread to neighbouring kingdoms. Anbella has blessed the union between these two dwarves. They now invite all friends, kin and family that wish to attend and celebrate their love. The wedding shall be hosted within the Brathmordakin Hall in the Grand City of Kal'Darakaan within Urguans realm. The gods shall witness this grand gathering and celebrate along side Urguan's sons and daughters. [7PM EST this Saturday] A special invitation is sent out to the following people of Almaris in hopes Bjorn and Rathona will see them on this special day... Brynaelda Grandaxe, Aunty of Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan Levian'Tol Grandaxe, Elder of the Grandaxe Clan Astmar Grandaxe, Father of Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan Svardin Grandaxe, Grandfather to Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan Wulfgar Grandaxe, Elder of the Grandaxe Clan Celeste'Tol Blackroot, Chief of Hefrumm Gorlim Ireheart, Elder of the Ireheart Clan Nemea Ke Kai'len of the Mother Circle Lord Mika "The Resourceful" Anarion of Lubba's Keep [OOC: All that are special mentioned are people who either don't play regularly anymore or reside outside of Urguan. I still love you Dhaen <3] Bjorn and Rathona hope to see you all there.
  4. Year 82 of the Second Age, 5th of Amber Cold. (IRL Date) ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᚱᛖᛏᚢᚱᚾᛋ ᛏᛟ ᚹᚨᚱ A RETURN TO THE CALL OF DUTY ᚨ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᛋᛚᚨᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾᛋᚴᛁᚾᚾᛖᛞ An Ireheart returns to the duty of leading the Legion. On Year 82 of the Second Age on the 5th of Amber cold a war was ignited. With the fury of the dwedmar and the foolishness of the orcs of The Iron’uzg. One dwed was killed, and for their sins one orc was killed, with two more captured. I, Sigrun Ireheart cannot simply standby as a soldier whilst this war goes on without my nation, my old soldiers going unled without a Marshal. For the reasons I had previously resigned have been rendered void by the ignition of this new war. I vow to return to the duty of being Marshal with vigour, should Grand King Bakir Ireheart accept me as his Grand Marshal once more i shall return to duty next stone year. Should any of my old commanders disagree and see themselves fit for the Grand Marshal role, i will accept the adversity and pray to Dungrimm they shall lead us with vigour and glory during this conflict. I shall leave the role for someone else after the war has ended, for someone else to lead the legion to glory. I ask you, brave dwed to let me lead us into victory this war, and trust me with the duty i had previously lost the appetite for. For the ancient saying goes, there's no better feeling then killing an orc. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds.
  5. ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᚴᛁᚾ “A dwarf never forgets.” CLEANSING OF THE DRAGONKIN No descendant has come close to the combined feats of Yavoks kin. Yavok Ireheart, the founder of the clan, purged dark beings haunting the caves of his home. Kjell the Dragonslayer, slaying multiple dragons himself, set the precedent for the later generations of khronammoruk. With a Dragon attack on the capital of the dwarves, and the attack on the King of the Dwarves in the Haense tavern, the threat of the Dragonkin and Azdromoth grows greater. The Dragon-worshippers taint the land they touch and associates of Khorvad and Iblees cannot be ignored as they move to undermine the ideals and places we’ve all fought for. The Irehearts grow tired of the repeated slights by the sons of Azdromoth by tainting dwarven lands and the repeated attacks on Urguans kin, the repeated seizing of Urguani land from the Paladins and the deals with Iblees. For this, the combined Elders of Clan Ireheart and the Clan Father of the Irehearts make a bloodpact to fully cleanse this land from the spawn of Iblees. To those who live in the old ruins of Dol’Gorix at the foot of the volcanic mountains. You will have two stone days to remove your belongings off our sacred land or blood will once more be split in reclamation. Kav un anakrun yol zahere. Do not test our patience. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds. Elder of the Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Elder of the Irehearts, Commander of the Legion. Elder of the Ireheasrts, Certified Dragon Tracker
  6. A GRAND PASSING. Dungrimm awaits those who die with honor. It was a normal day for Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart before the dreaded expedition that had gone horribly wrong. A small meeting with the King of Norland, discussing possible joint military trainings. A meeting with his friend Johann Barclay, the Lord Marshal of Haense. It had been a nice day, but it was about to take a turn for the worse. Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart set out with his dwarven brethren towards the void. As usual, Kronk was right at the front guarding his squad and the mages that stood behind him. They entered and the effects of the Void were immediately clear, mana overflowing and the ground beneath their feet constantly changing. The air conveyed a feeling of dread, and it became harder to breathe. Yet even with these circumstances the combined force of dwarves and mages pushed on. “DONNAEH WORREH LADS, DUNGRIMM GUIDES US TES DAY!” Kronk shouted out to his companions, a grin forming on his face. As they neared the cliffs, a thunderous roar could be heard and a beastly figure appeared in the sky. “ET BEH AH DRAGON!” One of the dwarves shouted. “WEH SHALL KILL ET TEN!” Kronk retorted with his trademark confidence and vigour, yet this beast was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. A massive three-headed beast that could incinerate a man with one breath. Kronk’s focus was set on nothing else but to slay the beast, a task impossible for the equipment they had. And then it struck. Kronk was lucky to have been missed by the first hit. The reality struck in as his friend, Balor’s arm was incinerated straight off. “SHIELD WALL ENFRONT OF TAEH MAGES!” The Marshal shouted out as they did so. But it was too late, little did Kronk know the dragon had its sights fully set on him. BANG! The lightning struck right to his side, sending the Marshal flying further down the cliff into the hard rock wall. “OOOMFFF!” Kronk groaned out as his back snapped, paralyzing the dwarf to only being able to crawl. “WE’REH NAEH LEAVIN’ YEH BEHOIND!” Two of his fellow dwarves, Gwydion and Barundin Ireheart shouted out as they went to assist the Marshal, carrying him away from the battle. Before they got far the massive three-headed dragon landed right in front of them, charging up its lightning breath once more. Kronk hastily tried to shield his fellow dwarves with his enchanted shield, but fate would not have it that day. The wall grew behind them as the three dwarves, Kronk, Gwydion and Barundin grinned wide once more. “DUNGRIMM HAS CHOSEN MEH TOH TRAVEL TOH HIM TES DAY! MAY OI DRINK ALE AN’ FOIGHT MOI BATTLES TEREH!” Kronk exclaimed as the lightning reached him. “NARVAK. OZ. URGUAAAAAAAAAAANNN!” The Grand Marshal announced with a last defiant breath as he was turned into ash. As Kronk died he thought of all his family and friends, Ranna, his loving fiancee and his kids. Hieran, a friend he had never been able to spend time with due to the constant war with Oren. The Legion he left behind, and his officers that waged every battle with him. Uruan Stormheart, his ever supporting father and greatest influence. Mica Goldhand, his loving aunt. Sionnach, his everlasting friend to whom he had promised they would die together. Ulfric Frostbeard, the old King of Urguan that had trusted him with the position of Marshal. Edward Thuri-Elendil, his Templar friend. And many more. [!] A small book could be found in a drawer of the Grand Marshal’s desk. “If you read this it's too late for me, for I have found my place with Dungrimm. I, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart have died. To my clan, I love you all to the fullest extent, and I apologize for going. To my dad, i am so incredibly sorry for the pain and sorrow you must be in. But I want you to know, I am the happiest son that ever lived because you showed me all the things i know. I am not much of a writer, but don't let my death get to you. And to my Legion. Don’t worry as I am sure there will be a great Grand Marshal after me, so is the way of Urguan. Treat them with utmost respect and vigour that you lads are capable of. I don't need a funeral. I just need Norli to cement me as an Urguani hero, that scheming bastard." Narvak oz Urguan, Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart.
  7. Plundering Booty A historical anecdote of the events The sun shined bright in the sky above the dwarven capital of Kal’darakaan and all was well before dark clouds rolled over the valley, things were only going to get worse from here. Rain poured down upon the mountain and the small village of Heffrum along with loud titanic thunder. As lighting could be seen dancing across the sky, the small dwed of urguan huddled closely inside the large mountain; seeking refuge from the storm above. Unknown to them at the time, cannon fire would be barraging the port under the cover of the loud crackling thunder. Upon the storm clearing the dwed noticed the explosive sounds seemed to have to continued without the storm, it was clear something was going wrong. The dwed quickly gathered outside of the gate and a few cut across the mountain towards the port along with my lovely fearless donkey, Dinkus. Upon closer inspection the dwed noticed that pirates were raiding their ports in attempt to plunder and steal all the vast treasures hidden within the depths of urguan’s deepest vaults. Courageously Dinkus the donkey charged into battle and onto a small sloop along with me on the back of his mighty strong shoulders. Upon getting on the i quickly called over to a nearby gnome and asked him to aid in controlling the boat. Once he got in, the sails unfolded and they were angled in the harsh winds, sending us towards the large pirate ship. Cannon fire would soar above our heads as we continued to sail into battle. The sulfur smell would pollute the air as we neared and smoke would woft over into our boat. Within moments our boat crashed into the pirate ship, sending splinters of wood in every direction. A hole was formed and the wooden planks of our ship created a bridge to embark onto the enemy ship. Our boots would creak against the boards as we walked into the inside of the ship which had a small layer of murky water. The smell was quite pungent and the area was crowded by bottom feeding scallywags, an easy enemy for a pirate like me! With my breathing echoed within my gas mask I gave them my ultimatum. Armed with a highly dangerous azhl warhead, I told them if they gave half of their booty they would walk away with their lives. Unfortunately for them they had a captain of greedy proportions. On his order the disease infested pirates ran through the murky water towards me. Upon the charge a black smoke would begin to fill the room, slowly killing and choking out the pirates. Three pirates emerged from the black smoke with rags and masks over their uncared beards, one of those being the captain of the forsaken ship. They attempted to board our sloop with no luck and Velmir the gnome and I easily killed the two pirates. The captain showed his true cowardness by shoving his own men into our blades to get away from the fighting. In fear he hopped aboard his ship and slowly drifted away with his burning ship slowly slipping behind the horizon. The Hunt For The Bottom Feeder [!] A scribble could be seen under the text and would be clear that a skilled artist had drawn it. For the cowardice that was put on display by the bottom feeding pirate and the brutal killing that he let happen to his men, he shall be hunted down on the high seas and chased back onto land where he belongs. Along with first mate Velimir I will sail the high seas with my trusty ship and sink all pirates aiding him and plunder their booty. Although the name of this pirate is unknown, he will be found via the vast pirate networks and shall be punished. As the superior pirate and the best pirate in all of almaris, it may come to shock you but me and first mate Velimir require aid for such a task and are looking for more skilled pirates to take on the land loving pirates. Gear and other weapons of mass destruction are also needed! Send a bird or monkey to Durin Hammerforge if you’re interested.
  8. Death of a Merchant An Artist’s depiction of the late Gildroc Goldhand It was on a mid-day stroll that Gildroc Goldhand found himself beset by two Human brigands; Pisspot and Robert, quickly captured without much fuss from the grumpy bureaucrat, angered that his work had been disrupted. He went with them, hoping that whatever they wanted would be resolved quickly, finding his possessions looted from his person much to the Dwarf’s chagrin. He was marched off to Oren, locked in a comfy cell beneath new Providence. Soon Duncan Vullier arrived, and the Dwed asked him his identity, learning that it was indeed the man who had started the war. He questioned his survival, having seen him die some years past at the hands of the Irehearts but was met with confusion from the man. The dwarf was then bought a piece of parchment, and threatened to sign it ‘or else he would be cut into little bits.’ The Goldhand of course refused, chuckling at the shenanigans of the Orenians. He told them they could kill him, and cited the great Algoda Frostbeard uttering the words ‘this changes nothing’ to his Imperial Captors. Incensed, the one named Pisspot who had aided in his capture shaved the Dwed’s beard much to Gildrocs horror, tying the remains of his beard in a wig on the Dwarf’s head while Duncan Vullier held him down. The humiliated dwarf was then marched out his cell, up into the Imperial City towards the Cathedral where he was forced down and ordered to repent before their heathen God. The dwarf again refused, shaking his head twice when ordered to do so, for he repented only to Armakak his patron God. Finally, the shaved Dwed was escorted out of the city, but not before further humiliation was incurred with the application of handy Dwarven shaving cream. He was then let go, the dwarf stumbling on his way back home. Anywho encountered him on the road, would have found a broken Dwed; a shadow of his former self. Once he arrived home, the dwarf approached his cousin Torsun and summoned the Goldhands to his Clan Hall, where he made his intentions plain that he intended to die to pay the price for the dishonour he had incurred by having his beard shaven. The dwarf settled his affairs, then departed with his kinsmen to talk to the rest of the Dwarves in the city square. In a rousing speech, the dwarf regained some of his spirit, as he called upon his fellow Dwarves to resist Oren’s attacks and re-iterated again the infamous Algoda Frostbeard's words ‘this changes nothing.’ The dwarf then turned away after hushed words with Axel Ireheart, departing. The dwarf soon re-appeared above the crowd, upon the palace roof in Kal’Darakaan. He soon stepped off, and in doing so took his own life. The Grand Steward of Urguan was dead, slain by his own hand. The Tungdilson was no more, some say he now dines in Dungrimm’s Halls.
  9. Da Dverga Ur Da Arakh Kadrin ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚱᛞᛖᚱ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᚺᛁᛏᛖ ᚨᚾᚹᛁᛚ +-={ ᛚᛟᚾᚷ ᛗᚨᛃ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚱᛟᛋᛈᛖᚱ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛒᚱᛁᚾᚷ ᚨ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚹᛖᚾ ᚲᚱᚨᚠᛏᛋᛗᚨᚾᛋᚺᛁᛈ }=-+ The great ancestors forging artifacts during their time, the relics of today. Greetings Khazadmar, I am Ulfar of the Kornazkarumm. Long have the crafters within Kal’Darakaan and the lands of Urguan slumbered, our work fading as the world around us evolves into a newer society of Umros and Elgus. Therefor, it is time we strike the anvil harder, let the ringing of steel and rumbling of stone pierce through our deep dwedic halls to remind Almaris, “The khazadmar kadre will not be forgotten”. Through study of the guild’s past lives, I have made modifications and changes. From the ashes of the old guilds, not just from Almaris and Arcas, but from every barimmar past, rises the guild of the White Anvil. Here, we as dwarves will work together to train and learn, excel at our crafts once more. Yrrommar are allowed to join the guild and work alongside the mighty Khazadmar, they will learn our ways and climb our ranks, but are blacklisted from specific rankings that are unique to the dwarves alone. Additionally, Yrrommar can graduate the guild with a form of certificate presenting their rank along with a stamp or sigil of approval from the forgemaster. These certificates are very important in validating the skill of the smith, should they be foreigners. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progression System Those within the guild must learn and adapt in order to achieve greater heights, This takes many years to learn and even more to master, but when they have learned all they have to learn within their rank, they may apply to climb to the next ranking where they will have to go through a set of trials so that we can see what they have learned and if they qualify to ascend. Chapters Chapters are considered metallurgy knowledge, Chapter of Iron covering the basic to advanced techniques of Iron smithing to Steel smithing. Chapter of gold being the same, and so on for every other chapter for any metal. As you learn and climb the ranks, you gain access to more chapters which in turn allow you to learn more advanced metals. Trials The trials are tasks given to young smiths as they ascend the ranks as their skills increase and their minds widen. The trials are based on the current rank the smith is in to see what they have learned throughout their time within it, made by the Forge Lord or any Forge Hand that hosts the trial. Should they fail, they can retake the trials after a stone week. New Forge Lords Should a Forge Lord step down or die, Yemekar’s pick or the Rhun Prophet will choose from the either the Forge hands or Forge Masters. In the case that the Forge Lord steps down, they may choose to apprentice someone in order to train them into becoming a Forge Lord. Payment Every labor will be paid at a minimum of 10 minas, though metalworkers seeking more pay should do orders/commissions which are paid at 20 minas minimum, potentially more if a commission says so. Some commissions will specify specific ranks required to be trusted to take the order. Such commissions will often pay higher. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hierarchy ((A key requirement to qualify for trials is to have a sustainable amount of rp throughout their time within the ranking. If there is an irl reason for inactivity, let us know. The more rp within the guild, the better.)) Forge Lord Lord of the White Anvil, the Forge Lord is in charge of keeping the Metalworkers guild active and training his apprentices in the many techniques of metallurgy. He is obligated by oath of Yemekar to spread the knowledge of the forge to worthy apprentices, and is given great respect for his service. Forge Hand Assistants to the Forge Lord and High Overseers within the Workforce as a whole, Forge Hands help oversee the logistics of the White Anvil. They are expected as well to be masters of forgework and able to serve as teachers, leading lessons. Forge Hands are offered a free office in the headquarters of the guild, as well as a personal anvil. The guild is willing to accept four labors from him. Forge Master A veteran blacksmith capable of crafting in virtually all techniques. Highest quality craftsdwedship is expected from a Forge Master, and they are given a personal anvil and corner within the facilities of the Workforce for their dedication. Forge Masters are paid 20 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts four labors from them. Chapter that you are opened to learning upon reaching Forge Master: Hammerer The standard blacksmith rank within the White Anvil, it is any blacksmith who has become adept at numerous chapters, and is capable of teaching it to aspiring Forgelings and Apprentices. Hammerers are paid 15 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts four labors from them. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for Hammerer: Apprentice A novice blacksmith who is still learning many of the basic chapters of forgework, but is capable of making standard quality works. Apprentices are paid 10 minas for their labors unless otherwise stated, and the guild accepts three labors from them. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for Apprentice: Forgeling An aspiring blacksmith with little knowledge beyond the concept of hammer and anvil. After their first dwarven quality craft, they may be considered an apprentice. Chapters that they will learn before they can qualify for trials for High apprentice: Initiation In order to join the guild, you must speak with either the Forge Lord, any Forge Hand or Yemekar’s pick in roleplay. Contacts Rhun Prophet Norli Starbreaker ---------------------- Yemekar's Pick Ulfar Starbreaker ---------------------- Forge Lord Nara Starbreaker ---------------------- Forge Hand Charsi Doomforged Hana Starbreaker ---------------------- Translations Khazadmar, Dwarves Yrrommar, Foreigners Kornazkarumm, Starbreakers Umros, Humans Elgus, Elves Reference https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/82997-da-bak-kadrel-barimmar-~-the-great-smithing-guild/?tab=comments#comment-715879 Change Log:
  10. Festival of Armakak 9th of the Grand Harvest, year 60 of the SA Armakak, the God of Trade. An artist’s depiction of an ancient Dwarven hold. With the war becoming more non-existant and irrelevant every day, High Prophet Norli Starbreaker of the Da Kirkja Dverga has authorised initiate Gildroc Goldhand to hold a day of festivities, succeeding a pilgrimage to Armakak that shall be held a month before. A day of festivities, that shall honour the god of trade and ensure his presence is felt in the minds of the dwarves. A day of unity, of solidarity to remember at heart the Dwarves are a folk fond of seeking riches. A ceremony to honour Armakak shall be conducted before the start of the Festival, and after that is complete an open-market will be hosted within the Temple of the Worldmaker in Kal’Darakaan. Any dwarf, be they a Goldhand or not; may participate in the event. To secure a stall within the temple of the Worldmaker, please seek out Gildroc Goldhand or send him a letter before the day in question. Signed Initiate Gildroc Goldhand
  11. Frostbeard Tales II: Entering Khaz'A'Dentrumm A humble tax paying Frostbeard citizen went to the gates of Khaz'A'Dentrumm once he died, and at the same time the renowned Frostbeard Clan Father Rhewen had also ascended. Once the Brathmordakin were gathered Dungrimm sent for Rhewen Frostbeard to be let in, but forgot about the other Frostbeard, for his servants closed the hall, leaving him out, from where he heard the Clan Father’s cheerful reception of celebration, music, and songs. When all was silent, Dungrimm’s servants returned to the gate and sent the dwed in, who hoped that when he returned, the songs and music would be heard again, but everything remained silent. They received him with great joy, yes, and the souls of his ancestors went out to meet him, worse no one sang nor celebrated. Then he asked Urguan the ancestor of all dwed why there was no celebration for the humble dwed as for the Clan Father, and if there were the same differences in the realms of the Brathmordakin as there were in the Mortal realm. "No," replied the Paragon, Father of all dwed. You deserve the same appreciation for each other as dwed, and you will get the same share as the one who has just entered the delights of the Brathmordakin; but look, average dwed like you come here in the hundreds every day, while dwed like the one who just came in, hardly one comes from century to century. This tale is meant to be considered as a cautionary tale against mediocrity. A dwed must remember that at the end of their day the Brathmordakin will place a bid on them. Their ability to stand out among their fellow dwed will be imperative to receive a high bid by the Brathmordakin. Mediocrity is not bad, but if you follow the traveled path do not expect the same reward as the one who adventured and made their own. Eventually, these Frostbeards who could not leave their mark on the world will vanish to obscurity, with even the stories that talk of them forgetting their names. -Inkbeard [!] Depiction of Belka personally coming to take the Soul of a brave dwed to Kaz’A’Dentrumm
  12. Sigra Leikr’mar Victory Games Umri Gladiator’s fight for the entertainment of the Dwedmar Introduction In response to the overwhelming victory of the Tripartite Accord (Urguan, Haense, Norland and the Ferrymen) at the Orenian fort of Southbridge, and the subsequent conquest of the surrounding territories. I Gildroc Goldhand, Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan have decreed with the assent of Grand King Ulfric Stormcloak that Victory Games (Sigra Leik’mar) shall occur in the new year (59 SA.) on the 4th of the Grand Harvest. The format of the games shall be duels, team-fights (to be organised in groups of three) and a melee (free for all.). Prizes shall be provided to the winners of each game at my own expense. Any allied subject may perform in the games, provided they fulfil the requirements to do so as stated below. As a note, if you wish to participate in the team fights please arrange and form a group of three beforehand and inform me of your desire to participate. Requirements to Participate That you are of legal age pertaining to their race (i.e 14 if from Haense or Norland, or 50 if from Urguan). For Dwarves, that you follow the Brathmordakin faith and are not an Ironborn. Format of the Games Rounds of Duels and Team-Fights, and a free-for-all melee at the end. Invitations The following parties are invited to attend the Victory Games Sigismund III and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Ferrymen Band Vane Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Ulfric Frostbeard I Grand Steward and Gamesmaster of Urguan Gildroc Goldhand OOC Note: The Event shall begin at 4PM EST this Saturday (15/01/22) in the Urguan Grand Arena. Participation Form How to reach the Grand Arena
  13. A GRAND FEAST The sun rises and the sun sets, the day of undeniable doom for Philip III and his Kingdom draws nearer by the second and by the hour. When the day arrives the sons of Yavok, the kin of Urguan, the people of Haense and the men of the ferry will spill Orenian blood and achieve goals of justice, revenge and the reclaiming of honor done away by those who follow the “Holy” Orenian Emperor. The alliance of Kingdoms and Empires against a common cause has been repeated multiple times in history. But history is truly in the making and our names will be etched in history as we once more fight to bring down the corrupted state of Oren that has plagued our lands, wronged our people and dishonored our gods. With such an occasion, Clan Ireheart invites the various peoples of the alliance, from King to the common folk to feast, to drink and to bond for the fight to come. The Following parties are invited to Feast in the Temple of the Brathmordakin, in Urguan: The various vassals and peoples of Urguan Sigismund III and the Kingdom of Haense The Ferrymen Band Vane Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland OOC: Friday 4 PM EST. 12/31/21
  14. [!] A note weighed down by a wooden carving of a raven would be found in both The Braided Beard and the legion hall. scrawled on them in wiry handwriting would be the words "Consider this my formal resignation. Life in Urguan has become intolerable. War has turned decent folk into haggard old fools who would have no problem with chopping a brother's hand off if he were to poke you. Terminate my employment all you like. My house can be sold, I won't need it anymore. My axe left on my bedside can be kept as a memento, if you wish, I don't care. Urguan, who I believed were noble dwarves blindly waste resources and precious lives on a crumbling human nation. Answer me this: Are your losses worth it? Will you continue to think so when you crush Oren only to face Azdromoth's wrath? Was that not the point of the legion's activity? You lot have lost all sense. Apparently, it takes the eyes of a halfbreed to see the Grand Kingdom's own decline. I hope you lads are happy with your chosen path, because I know where it ends. Resolutely, Bori 'Orckin' Balinsson."
  15. The passing of the Axe [!] several letters were posted across the Captial of Dwed. “The anvil is hard so that it can help shape the blade. If life were easy, we would all be soft and misshapen shards of metal, tossed into a bin.” “This letter goes to all Grandaxes that reside within the lands of Urguan. My name is Thumbrindal, clan elder of the Grandaxe of the line of Blackaxes. The moment I returned from my travels. I met our clan mother Brynaelda, she was tired in her eyes, of her years leading the clan she talked about how great the clan was under her rule. But these warm years came to an end. She has decided to step down, which leaves our Clan without a representative. By now we have been scattered thin, yet, we have sent our ravens in hopes to unite our clan once more... Months have passed, few ravens returned. Too few to those that wish to take up the Axe and rebuild our Clan that is left astray. I am writing this to announce myself as a candidate to the position of Clan Father. For I believe our own actions have led to this stagnation. We all are to blame, but this does not mark our end. For even in the darkest hour in our clan history, we stood strong. Once I become clan father, my first act will be reforming the trials back to old. The old ways were what kept us going strong and steadfast. The trial of honor that Dhaen introduced is not supposed to be a trial, but a duty that every Grandaxe should abide. Aside from that, I plan to rekindle the true meaning of what it means to be a part of an elder clan. It's not just a group you are joining. It's a family, we are sons and daughters of Bogrin Grandaxe. We are warriors, we are brewers, we are the line of many kings that shaped Urguan! A wise Grandaxe once said, “alone we are a pebble, but with many we form a mountain!” Our paths are uncertain in these uncertain times, but I can assure you that as your clan father I will give my all to restore our clan back to its former glory, to teach them how to brew and fight and prepare the beardlings for what it means to be part of an elder clan, what it means to be a Grandaxe.” “I call upon all Grandaxes to take their time and think! The future of our clan is at stake here! Vote for me and I assure our clan will return to its former self, no matter how hard times are, I will give it my all!” Narvok oz Kathaikaz! [!] the letter contains a seal on the bottom of the content. Signed by Thumbrindal Grandaxe
  16. The First Urguan Annual Gladiatorial Games The final match between Gror Ireheart and Mervel Frostbeard pictured in the year 48 of the Second Age. In the year 48 of the Second Age, a grand tournament was held in the city. by Gildroc Goldhand, the newly appointed Gamesmaster. The games began with an inaugural speech by the Grand-King Ulfric Frostbeard, followed by a pious address by High-Prophet Norli Starbreaker. Next, Gamesmaster Gildroc Goldhand announced the terms of victory of the Games and called forth the first combatants of the games. Starting off the Grand-King’s kin, Mervel Frostbeard faced off against the well-armored Klouf Grimgold, the former easily besting the latter though for a one-armed Dwed Klouf performed most amicably. Next came Yemekar’s Pick Alaric Grimgold against the former Grand King Gror Ireheart, yet age did not daunt the legendary Dwed as he bested the Clan Father of the Grimgolds in single combat. The ever plucky, half-beardless Durin Hammerforge squared up with Mervel Frostbeard in the latter’s second round, yet could not face the wrath of the Frostbeards and was defeated. Finally, in the last round, the elder Gror showed again that experience would always best youth as he vanquished his foe Mervel Frostbeard, stunning onlookers who proclaimed he ‘been banished to the shadow realm.' An artists rendition of Gror and Mervel crossing swords. The victorious Gror standing over the tater-wielding Frostbeard Gror Ireheart was soon proclaimed Grand Champion by the King, in addition to the five hundred mina prize money awarded by the Gamesmaster; the runner-up Mervel granted two hundred and fifty mina for his martial prowess. However, witnesses say a strange elf showed up later, the adoring fan pestering the elderly Ireheart Grand Champion. The Grand King proclaiming Gror Ireheart ‘Grand Champion of Urguan’. Special thanks to Ulfric Frostbeard and Norli Starbreaker for sponsoring this year’s games. Gamesmaster of the Urguan Grand Arena Great-Grandson of Thoak Gildroc Goldhand [!] The signature of Gildroc Goldhand would be found below ((OOC: Thanks to all who came and attended the event, I hope to see a strong showing again next time!))
  17. Staars

    Drinks 'n Tinks

    𝓓𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓼 '𝓷 𝓣𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓼 Tira othok'koss anarmar, yno'ka'az rullok, yoth korth ath yno'yemka yoth tira'geron Use your hands, he said, for they are meant for working -=- The dwed of Urguan have long been known for their craftsmanship, though even between ourselves we may not know all. Just as Yemekar once did, our mortal bones were forged and fingers sewn to follow in our creator’s footsteps. It is in our blood to craft and create, though perhaps just as much as to drown in hearty drink. With such said, I invite all those who follow to join us in Hefruum for drinking and tinkering, an event to fill the tavern with laughter and enjoyment. Bring your friends and your kin to enjoy a lesson in craftsmanship. A secret Hefruum specialty brew will be served, and a lesson will be given in a craft, be it Hefruum’s wooden works, or Urguan’s skill in metal, come and join us for a grand time. The gathering will be held in the Sugary *** Tavern within Dol’Anym (Hefruum). This year’s lesson will be taught by Celeste’Tol Blackroot on the art of woodcarving, specifically detailing for your craftsmanship. Supplies will be provided at the event, so just make sure to bring your working hands! Dinner will be served for those in attendance after the lesson, at the Wooden Mountain Inn below the tavern. All food will be provided, though extra drinks are available for purchase. Stays at the inn will be discounted for the event, only two minas per person per night. OOC: The event will be held in Hefruum’s tavern on Sunday, September 26th. It will start at 2:00PM EST. Bring your friends!
  18. The First Grand Auction of Urguan Welcome one, welcome all! To the first Grand Auction of Urguan! Our great nation has seen an abundance of wealth and riches within our glistening caverns, an now is the chance to share in our treasures! The Merchants guild will be hosting this Auction to sell some of these beautiful items, so be sure to bring your pouches filled with mina! The auction is set to take place on the month of The First Seed, Year 24 of the Second Age. A book may be purchased at the event for any wishing to know exactly was will be in the auction and their starting bids. ((OOC Friday 6:30 EST at Urguan. If you'd like to sell an ST item please be sure to message me on discord. Fishingrobyn#8010.)) ((Items that are on the auction are ST or very rare only. There are stalls that will be selling other goods)) Signed by, Grand Merchant, Bjorn Grandaxe.
  19. •✹Armakak's Sun Festival✹• [!] Tiny wood sparrows deliver colorful, golden pamphlets across all of Almaris. At the ripe beginning of The First Seed, Da Seers Eron Hefruth and Da Kirkja Dverga of Urguan are calling every merchant of Almaris to join in a prosperous celebration! Be it brews, weapons, forges, jewlery, any and all are welcome to sell! The Sun Festival is thrown in honor of Armakak, the Merchant Father, who guides our kin to luckier days and brighter skies. Festivities include: ✹ Stalls and shops from the finest merchants of Almaris that will surround the valley of Urguan! ✹ Test your luck with a coin toss or win back double your mina at the gambling table! ✹ The Merchant Competition will conclude the festival, where each stall or shop submits one item to be judged by Yemekar’s Pick: Dorimnur Goldhand, Grand Steward: Levian'Tol Grandaxe, and Grimgold Clan Father: Alaric Grimgold. Winner receives 200 mina. Join the Grand Kingdom of Urguan with pockets full or empty, for may Armakak’s luck shine upon us all! High Chief of Hefrumm, Seer of Brathmordakin, Prelate of Anbella, Chief of Clan Blackroot, OOC: Festival will begin Saturday, April 17th @ 6pm EST. If you want to run a shop/stall in the festival, contact Dietz#2343 or High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot irp.
  20. Da Seers Eron Hefruth ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᛖᚱᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛏᚺ ~=~ Origins & Belief of the Order Da Seers eron Hefruth act as the religious guides of Hefrumm, bestowing knowledge, hosting festivals, and teaching rituals of the Brathmordakin to their kin. Although they vary from Da Kirkja Dverga in practice, beliefs of the Brathmordakin are identical between the groups. In practice, Seers focus much more on seeing the everyday signs and messages the dwarven gods bestow upon them in little ways. The very first known Seer dates back to Ru Firebeard, a dwarf that taught Baldin Frostbeard all he knew about the secrets of the world. Baldin would with time become the High Preceptor of the Kirkja Dverga, however left the order after a disagreement with newer religious leadership figures, and made an oath never to teach again, retiring to Athera for the life of a hermit. As a result, Baldin’s son Karl Blackroot began to instruct his folk on the teachings passed down in his family, building upon the existing traditions of Hefrumm with the unique ideology of the Seers. One of the core beliefs of the Seers was a resurgence of Divination, although an admittedly weaker form of the ancient art that made no claim to Prophetic Ability, placed a greater emphasis on experiencing the Brathmordakin through rites that specifically were designed to conjure visions, semi-controversially utilizing psychedelics. The Seers as we know them came to be through Karl Blackroot, who became Chief of the Blackroot Clan and later went on to be elected to High Chief of Hefrumm. His unusual founding ceremonies and rituals quickly fell under scrutiny by da Kirkja Dverga, due to the use of psychedelic herbs that he declared gave him visions of the dwarven gods. Even so, the message of the Seers spread quickly through Hefrumm and Karl ascended his first few members into the religious leadership. Since embarking to the new land of Almaris, da Seers eron Hefruth and da Kirkja Dverga have cooperated in teaching all dwarves of Urguan, hosting together the Feast of Paragon Bjor Cottonwood. History of Divination Divination is a complicated and confusing art of the dwarves, an art so ancient that its history is filled with holes and contradictions. The earliest dwarf to possess the ability of divination is often attributed by modern Seers to Urguan Silverbeard. Using this ability they say he was able to look beyond the mortal planes to have deep and meaningful encounters with the Brathmordakin, and such is how he received the powerful craftsmanship magic of Runesmithing and achieved other supernatural feats. It is largely understood by all creeds of dwarves that with the art of Runesmithing, runic relics were made that allowed all dwarves to have direct encounters with the Brathmordakin, and the earliest forms of the clergy took shape to spread this knowledge, their rituals being the first form of what can be attributed as widespread divination. This art continued to grow overtime, notable encounters being the visions of Silverbeard kings, however just as with any growth there became a cancer; the Khorvadic Cult. Today it is believed by the Seers that it was through the heightened powers of ancient runic divination that the Ironborn began contact with Khorvad and began their mad claims for power. At the height of Ironborn rule, the Runelords stood against the empire and were severely punished, virtually all ancient dwarven lore on Runesmithing, runic divination, and traditions of the Brathmordakin were lost, the period dubbed the Great Collapse. With the Great Collapse that brought about the destruction of the ancient art of Runesmithing, the ancient and more true forms of divination were lost. Most of Urguan’s sons gave up on any divination and dedicated themselves only to practicing what traditions and powerless rituals they could recover from their past as instructed. However the ideals of the practice remained, and dwarves would often teach that one could feel the powers of the Brathmordakin through their everyday actions, and to no group of dwarves was this more important than the simple folk of the forest, the Sons of Gloin. While the dwarves above and under the mountain busied themself with trade and complex infrastructure, the forest dwarves maintained a heavy focus on the connection to the Brathmordakin any dwarf has just in everyday life, and it became a core tenant of their culture, the forest dwarves carving powerless runes into many objects in reference to the origins of their beliefs. Ranks of the Order Adhering to the value of Hefrumm's unity and seeing the Brathmordakin as their ultimate guides of leadership, the Seers only vary in ranks from those enlightened and those yet to be. Council of Seers The order of the seers is not led by any one individual. Influenced by the forest dwarf way, the seers act as a group with one voice. The ones that dictate what that voice says is the council of seers, a council composed by all the seers of the order. At the end of their meetings one of them is chosen to announce what they have discussed. Seer A Seer is declared as such when they have undergone The Journey of The Brathmordakin, Ceremony of Ascension, and have been recognized as enlightened by other members, now capable to host rituals of their own. Already established Seers are guides for those still in training. All Seers are granted a seat in the Seer’s Council where beliefs, ideas, and theories are discussed and valued. Seer in Training Those that would like to join must seek guidance of enlightened Seers. To help further their progress, they should be sure to attend every ritual and festival hosted by the Seers, until they are decidedly ready by the council to undergo The Journey of The Brathmordakin and Ceremony of Ascension. Trials Journey of the Brathmordakin A test of will and devotion to the Brathmordakin, Seers in Training will embark on a psychedelic journey through the mountainous Path of the Gods with a Seer as their guide. By consuming “Anbella’s gift,” they will be granted sight to admire visions of the Brathmordakin appearing before each alter, telling a story of their existence through images. If any of these visions begin to appear other than they should, the Seer in Training will fail the journey and must repeat it after making amends with themselves for whatever they perceived wrong on their first attempt. Ceremony of Ascension Once successfully enlightened from the Journey, the final step for Seers in Training is the Ceremony of Ascension. With every Seer in attendance, the dwarf must undergo a final test of devotion, The Trial of Shadows, facing their deepest fears by the shadow of Khorvad. This Trial is only meant for Seers in Training who have proven to be insanely strong of will, for a failed Trial of Shadows could result in wounds left on the mind, and at times, even death. When the Seer in Training has successfully surpassed their greatest fears by Khorvad’s shadow, the Seers will allow them to ascend and become a member by marking them with the blessing of the Brathmordakin that guided them to the light. This can be shown by placing flowers of Anbella in their hair, tattoos of any Brath’s symbol on their body, or any other marking of devotion the dwarf prefers. In extreme cases, dwarves can even undergo full physiological changes as a way to show devotion towards a particular Brathmordakin. Traditions of Anbella Gifts of Anbella The Seers regularly hold rituals of storytelling, aided by the use of psychedelic herbs, or “Anbella’s gifts,” as they’re referred to by the forest dwarves. Typically uniting beside a fire in the center of the village, these rituals consist of strikingly realistic, at times overwhelming, visions of the Brathmordakin and all stories associated. The Seers act as guides to the forest dwarves that partake, whatever they may be experiencing, as the visions can be very unpredictable. Festival of Anbella Anbella being the most cherished of the Brathmordakin to the forest dwarves of Hefrumm, the Seers kick off the year with a celebration of life, nature, and family. Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village; a day full of laughter, ale, and kinship. Typically beginning in the tavern of Hefrumm, The Sugary ***, the festival calls every forest dwarf clan to bring an offering of Anbella with them. From finely baked bread to freshly hunted boar, the day concludes with a great feast in which Seers thank Anbella for their most personally valued gifts of hers. Be it family, forest, home, or peace, every dwarf gathers to say their thanks for what the Hearth Mother has bestowed to them. Rescue Ceremony The spirit of the wild needs to be in all creatures owned by dwarves, in this way their animals never lose their connection to The Tribunal. To do this the seers prepare rescue ceremonies where dwarves go out into the wilderness to capture animals to bring back to their farms. This allows the dwarves to have strong, energetic, and meaty animals for their feasts, races, and armies. An animal of every species collected needs to be sacrificed to be sent to Anbella’s realm as a sign of respect to the deity. Anbella’s Pact Ever since their discovery of epiphytes, they have been noticed to be individuals with close ties to nature. In the ways of the Seers, the process of becoming an epiphyte is a self sacrifice to Anbella. One willingly sacrifices their body sending it to Anbella’s realm, encasing their soul that remains behind into a body composed of natural elements more attuned to her call. Despite its higher spiritual elements this new body makes the individual completely infertile. It is said that the pact only lasts around one century, after which the soul of the individual returns to the body in Anbella’s realm. In exchange for one’s sacrifice and a century of service Anbella grants the individual one offspring which is born in Anbella’s realm and whose soul is sent into the mortal realm in the same form as their parent. Despite being able to be done in natural circumstances the likelihood of woodmadness to kick in is more likely as the mind of those individuals tends to not be trained in any way and are just individuals that are attuned to nature. The best way to avoid woodmadness is by doing Anbella’s Pact under guidance and supervision of a Seer that has done it in the past. Traditions of Yemekar Festival of Creation In honor of The Father and Creator of the dwarven race himself, this festival is a day of creativity, innovation, and balance. For forest dwarves, this means woodworking, brewing, branch weaving, and several other products made by the dwarves of Hefrumm. Each dwarf should bring a handmade creation to offer to Yemekar at the altar in Hefrumm. Traditions of Dungrimm Ceremony of the Ancestors A ceremony hosted by the Seers to honor the dead. In the ceremony of Dungrimm dwarves gather to commemorate their ancestors. It is a time to ask for blessings from them and wisdom. During these ceremonies there also tends to be tournaments of strength and valor to entertain those in Kaz’a’Dentrumm and in other realms of the Brathmordakin. Festival of War In times of war captured enemies can be given an honorable death by fighting each other as a sacrifice to Dungrimm in the arena. Those that die honorably in the arena are said to be reincarnated as dwarves in the next life, their soul returning to Yemekar’s forge to be reshaped into a better quality of life. Ceremony of the Dead After the burial of a dwarf has taken place, the ceremony of the dead has to proceed. In this ceremony the friends and relatives of the fallen dwarf gather to talk about the exploits of the fallen. This is done after the burial of the individual so that the Brathmordakin can witness the ceremony before bidding on the soul of the dead. The hope is that after hearing of the achievements of the fallen they will be more inclined to bid for him/her. Dungrimm’s Pact Saprophytes, similar to epiphytes, can appear naturally, but to avoid woodmadness the guidance of the Seers is recommended. Those that choose to become Saprophytes understand the need for decomposition and death in the balance of the tribunal. Like with the epiphytes, saprophytes are infertile, and after a century of service to Dungrimm their soul returns to their body in his realm and a son/daughter is given as a reward. Traditions of Belka Ceremony of the Roses This Ceremony is meant for a dwarf to find a partner. When a dwarf seeks to find a partner they are able to go to a Seer for help. The Seer will take notes of the desires of the dwarf, and will call for the ceremony. All contestants will come to the single dwarf and they will have a conversation for a limited amount of time, in turns. If the single dwarf likes the contestant he/she will give that contestant a rose, which the Seer will hand out. If a proper partner is found the Seer will sacrifice a rabbit to give good luck to the couple. Lover's Brawl To commemorate Belka’s passion the ceremony of the Lovers Brawl can be organised by a Seer. In this event couples take turns in the arena beating each other up until one wins. This duel is meant to represent the passion and strength of their love. Two rabbits tend to be sacrificed before the ceremony to summon the attention of Belka. Parade of Joy To celebrate the survival of the dwarven race despite Khorvad’s attempts to destroy it, the Seers organise a parade. In these parades the dwarves dress up and march around the continent, expressing the might of the dwarven race in a non-aggressive, cheerful manor. Traditions of Ograhad Ograhad’s Day of Study For the wisest of dwarven kin, this occasion is focused on educating the village on the traditions of Hefrumm. Each Seer will be expected to bring a piece of ancient knowledge to bestow in Ograhad’s honor. Following each lesson, said traditions will be taught and participated in. Assimilation Ceremony When a way/ceremony/festival or any other activity has shown results in bringing people closer to the Brathmordakin the Seers’ Council meet and give offerings to Ograhad, then they discuss this new activity and how it works. The council after reaching an agreement decides whether the activity should be added to the list of ceremonies practiced by the Seers. The Ceremony of Tales In this ceremony dwarves bring any tales they wish to the gathering. Once there they will each take turns telling and enjoying each other's stories. These tales can be song, read out, or acted. At the end of the day the goal is to entertain Ograhad with great tales that he can add to his great library. Traditions of Armakak Sun Festival In the Sun festival dwarves come to the gathering bringing their oddities. Once there dwarves trade and barter with each other for the items in their possession. Despite this being aimed at dwarves, all living beings are welcomed if they come to barter. Legends claim that before the creation of the mina there were yearly festivals where folk bartered and traded each other's goods in honor to the Sun God. Traditions of Grimdugan The Brothers’ Rivalry The Brothers’ Rivalry is a tradition dedicated to Grimdugan and Armakak. In this event dwarves are divided into two teams. One representing Armakak, and one representing Grimdugan. Both teams have a stone week to gather as much wealth as they can. Both teams are allowed to mine for it, but the team of Armakak is allowed to use their shops to gain wealth, and the team of Grimdugan is allowed to steal from non-dwarves for theirs. When the end date arrives the wealth of both teams will be placed in the chests of their respective team. The team that has the most wealth in their chest will win. Those that lost will have to give half of what they have gained to the winning team. The Wild Hunt When the dwarves are at war with another nation the Council of Seers can call for the Wild Hunt to take place. This bloody event can last for years, depending on the conflict the dwarves are in. During the Wild Hunt dwarves are invited to swarm the territories of their enemies, raiding, and stealing the wealth of those that inhabit that land. For the Wild Hunt not to just be a call for personal enrichment, part of the collected wealth needs to be burned as an offering to Grimdugan. ~=~ "In dedication to Karl Blackroot, may he forever rest in Anbella's embrace and da Seers Eron Hefruth thrive in his honor." High Chief of Hefrumm, OOC: For more information regarding the Seers of Hefrumm or to join the Order, contact: Yazmorra Blackroot (Lady_Dietz) or via discord; Dietz#2343
  21. ~<>~_Festival of Anbella_~<>~ [!] Dozens of thundering short-legged steps can be heard marching through nearly every nation of Almaris. The echoes of their chants are unmistakable, “NARVAK OZ HEFRUMM! NARVAK OZ ANBELLA!” ~<>~ [!] Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village of forest dwarves, laughter and song hum throughout all of Urguan. ~<>~ Hefrumm is hosting a festival of nature, ale, kinship, and utmost appreciation for the dwarven Goddess, Anbella. For the forest dwarves of Urguan, Anbella is the most cherished of the Brathmordakin. Referred to as the “Hearth Mother,” she represents the value of nature, fertility, home, and peace. The kin of Hefrumm hold Anbella’s guidance close to their heart and are inviting all lovers of nature across Almaris to join them in the celebration! Festivities include: Wood carving, Olog riding competition, drinking competition, pelt making, feast, a Seer ~trip~, and story of Anbella. May Anbella guide you home, High Chief of Hefrumm OOC: Today, February 12th @ 4pm EST. For more info, contact: Dietz#2343
  22. Bojakk Frostbeard, at the request of Dulgran, Created this song in response to their epic slaughtering of hundreds of bears. Taking the time to post it upon this day to the tavern hall as well as a hand delivered copy to Dulgran himself. The battle of Ursan Run In 18-oh-Four went to the southern peak Both the Ironstrake brothers, down for some game to seek We took a keg'a beer, and a boxa taters for a snack Then all hell broke loose with the bloody bears attack We swung our axes as the bears kept a-comin' Was quite a lot for only two dwed to go through We swung all night and they began a runnin' With all these bloody bodies we'll see what we can do We look down a hill and we see them ursa's come and there musta been a thousand of them chargin' at me chum they looked so fuzzy as they let out their fierce roar We just stood atop our hillock and readied their blood to pour Oh We swung our axes as the bears kept a-comin' Was quite a lot for only two dwed to go through We swung all night and they began a runnin' With all these bloody bodies we'll see what we can do Ol' Dulgran said "We can cut them chubbers down If we hold this hilltop and bring our hammers down" We hefted our hammers til we saw their beady eyes well Then we brought down our hardened steel and really gave em' Well, We swung our axes as the bears kept a-comin' Was quite a lot for only two dwed to go through We swung all night and they began a runnin' With all these bloody bodies we'll see what we can do He swung is axe till the handle came apart So he grabbed his longsword and continued with his part His feet were surrounded in heads and ursan slime Then he let out a mighty roar and the dwed lost his mind We swung our axes as the bears kept a-comin' Was quite a lot for only two dwed to go through We swung all night and they began a runnin' With all these bloody bodies we'll see what we can do Yeah they came from the briers, and they cam from the brambles and they crashed through the bushes to come and have a go They charged so fast that we nearly couldn't slash em The bloody hillock became a mass grave with each blow One, two, three, four Down Swing! three, four One, two, three, four Down Swing!, three , four One, two, three, four One, two, three, four
  23. Welcome one and all to the grand opening of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor’s Shop! Bringing to the people of Haense some of the quality goods of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor, we are proud to announce our official opening! Currently manned by the metal dwed himself, Rylanor Goldhand, this shop represents the quality craftsmanship of the many dwedmar that put their passion and effort into each item crafted. Be it swords to necklaces, to even a thing as simple as a thimble. You think it, We make it. If what we have in stock is not to your liking, we can personally take any commissions and have one of many fine artisans of the Worker’s Guild complete your request. And as a thank you for the venue here in Haense that we are operating out of, we would be remiss not to mention Ser Zodd Calliban, who we can also direct commissions toward, should you wish to support a fine man and fine smith in your local area. This shop can be found at the address of Sigismund Street II, and we hope to do business with you soon. [Contact info for commissions: IGN: TheBlackBobRoss Discord: The Mountain#0877] [Contact info for Zodd Calliban: IGN: AdmiralLB Discord: Granddadmiral#3096] 𝓡𝔂𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓻 𝓖𝓸𝓵𝓭𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓭
  24. Ajax Frostbeard, Still locked away in his home, sends a letter via courier to the remembrancers with a copy of this song. Tasking the same courier with nailing an additional copy to the Tavern as per his usual schedule. The only concerning thing is, Ajax is spending less and less time outside his house whilst the months go on. A Frostbeard's Regrets Young blue eyes painted face Into conflict i've been placed Hide away Safe I'll stay Until the realm is whole again. Burning hate, My Regret caring for child, fills my head Call my name back again Kaz'ulrah is no more Urguan, my new home Give me rest in my old age Urguan, my new home my new home my new home Suddenly Verthaik's Dead.. Rest entombed now, my old friend.. Times are gone for zealous men, This is the cost Ideals take In my youth, Rebel streak Now as Elder, peace i speak. Dungrimm send spirits away No heroes left to adore. Urguan, my new home Give me rest in my old age Urguan, my new home my new home my new home Urguan, my new home Give me rest in my old age Urguan, my new home My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) Hang my head Bend my knee Can at last my soul be free? Urguan, my new home Give me rest in my old age Urguan, my new home my new home my new home Urguan, my new home Give me rest in my old age Urguan, my new home My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!) My new Home (Ur-Gu-An! Ur-Gu-An!)
  25. Ajax Frostbeard, now with stars in his eyes at hearing of the great artistic competition coming on, quickly makes his rounds to post his daily song from his reserve pile, near locking himself in his home to continue to churn out his music and works in preparation for the gold he hopes to submit to represent the creative minds of the dwarves. Keep your Hammer By your side They'll march onto mountain high They'll come all this way to die Because when Oren comes to us we won't hide They'll come charging forth so fast. But they're weak and they can't Last. Keep your hammer by your side! Singing "Urguan, This world was left for us!" Singing "Urguan, to be in your grace it is enough" So we'll take a stand Defending Clan and Land! Keep your hammer by your side They'll come day and they'll come night They'll have our treasures in their sight! But their scrap heap weapons barely keep They think that they are brave but we'll dump them in mass grave Keep your hammer by your side! Singing "Urguan, This world was left for us!" Singing "Urguan, to be in your grace it is enough" But we don't fight alone We'll strike you down against the stone Keep your hammer by your side They'll have pike's and they'll have horse But against cannon's they'll feel remorse and we won't give up our home when we can fight! They'll seethe with all their hate but we'll break their back against our gate Keep your hammer by your side! Singing "Urguan, This world was left for us!" Singing "Urguan, to be in your grace it is enough" When we see your face We know we will protect our race I'll keep my hammer by my side Keep my hammer by my side! Singing "Urguan, This world was left for us!" Singing "Urguan, to be in your grace it is enough" When we see your face We know we will protect our race I'll keep my hammer by my side Keep my hammer by my side Keep your hammer by your side
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