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Found 19 results

  1. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his guidance and unrelenting support, Oyvind Frostbeard is posthumously reaffirmed an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His Marshalship during the reign of Bastion Ireheart led to the resurgence and stabilization of the Legion prior to the Slaughter of the Senate. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Oyvind Frostbeard was promoted to the rank of Grand Marshal after serving dutifully as a Commander in the Coalition Wars under Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe & Gror Ireheart. In the ensuing restructuring of the Legion, many Legionnaires were mustered out with the expiration of their enlistment. Thus, left only with a skeletal force of veterans and regulars to sustain the massive swathes of lands conquered by the Grand Kingdom, he took to instituting major reforms within the Legion. Immediately he instated massive recruitment schemes centered around increased pay and steady work, followed by the shift of Legionnaires being separated into Divisions to a consolidated soldiery of clan militias with Commanders having equal jurisdiction over them all. His programs proved auspicious, keeping the Legion on steady footing by the end of his tenure. Unfortunately, his final goal to keep the Legion apolitical failed spectacularly with soldiers fighting while on duty over clan issues. Marshal Frostbeard himself was caught in this wave playing a massive role in support of the Frostbeards during the infamous event known as the Slaughter of the Senate. NOTES OF THE GRAND MARSHAL: “When recollecting about the epoch that was the tenure of Oyvind Frostbeard, it can be realized that Oyvind could only forestall the precipice known as the Slaughter of the Senate. He attempted during the meeting to reason and stalk a middle ground but when it became clear the fight was inevitable, he had no choice but to choose aside. Nonetheless, his accomplishments must be commended, for if one only writes about bad and not the good, they are no better than the revanchists that seek to interpret history as if it was a speech and use it as justification to stir unrest. At the end of the day this commendation is not to the traitor but to the dwarf who resurrected the Legion” In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  2. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his undying loyalty and exceptional martial prowess, Gror Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His reign led to the revitalization of Dwarven Legion, and the defeat of the Second Frostbeard Rebellion. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Gror Ireheart’s reign was inaugurated by inheriting a fractured Kingdom taken by surprise with the Slaughter of the Senate and coup of the capital Kal’Omilth by Clan Frsotbeard. The loyalist forces in quick succession evacuated the crown holdings retreating disorderly to the Grandaxe colony of Ta’Azmar. He reconsolidated the scattered loyalists into a formidable army leading them to victory in battle and recovering the capital of Kal'Omilth through the clandestine actions of Dwarf Team Six. Post rebellion, in a controversial act, he saw the removal of Clan Frostbeard to stabilize the Grand Kingdom. Following the expulsion of Clan Frostbeard, he began a deluge of treaties and diplomatic acts, reestablishing the Grand Kingdom as a strong entity on the continent of Axios, while also overseeing the reestablishment of the Legion of Urguan sparking a new wave of dwarven militarism. Centuries later while voyaging with the Grand Kingdom on the continent of Athera, Gror Ireheart killed a Stone Dragon with a pair of disruptor Hammers. Gror Ireheart goes down as one of the great saviors of the Grand Kingdom leading it through difficult times that required only the most stalwart of hearts. In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  3. As issued 11th of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL By order of Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut, it is hereby proclaimed that due to the unforeseen explosion of the private Ram Ranch Research Facility and the release of the Airborne Fungus, the surface territories of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are to undergo Legion enforced quarantine. The regions included in this quarantine are: The Hefrumm Towns Clan Irongut Ranch Grand Kingdom Fort UNO And any surrounding properties within surface Urguan The Capital of Kal’Evraal will be open to refugees from the surface areas under the agreement that they will be put in quarantine to mitigate the spread of the disease. The disease is highly contagious and is spread through the air or direct contact with an infected individual; it is suggested that all denizens of the Grand Kingdom wear facial protection as represented below. All those infected should turn themselves in IMMEDIATELY FOR ISOLATION. Below, the first example is the covering encouraged while in contact with others. The second is an example of covering used when approaching the dangerous surface locations mentioned above. The on goings of the Grand Kingdom shall remain in the status quo, with the only exception being the lockdown of the capital and underground areas of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The Ram Ranch Facility site is to be placed as an EXCLUSION ZONE, meaning all citizens are barred from entering under threat of detainment by the Legion of Urguan. IT IS SO ORDERED
  4. The Mercantile Alliance of Urguan “In Business, strive to gain wealth yet never exclude collaboration, as together, we may honour Armakak” - Code of The Merchant Brothers. Created in order to support multi-merchant collaboration within The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Mercantile Alliance of Urguan has many goals, these include. Spreading wares of individual mercantile companies, in order to expand Urgaun’s economic influence into both the surrounding lands and afar, To Collaborate upon larger projects and build each of our fortunes together, To honour The Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan via trade and collection of wealth, and many more smaller goals. [!] An Alliance Overseer writing official documents and collaborations while enjoying a nice puff from his pipe Ranks Greater Overseer: A rank exactly the same as overseer but is considered the legal head of the alliance as a guild, only one person may have this rank at a time. Overseer: A Rank that is an individual rather than a business or company, this rank’s job is to oversee the collaborations between alliance members. Contributor: A Business that has contributed to the greater dwarven economy and has the Ability participate in Alliance collaborations. Welcomed Contact: A Business or Individual either outside of the dwarven kingdom or simply a person who has no business yet has been deemed loyal and useful to Urguan and its economy. Joining Joining the Alliance is simple, just ask any Contributor or an Overseer and we will look over your companies products and practices, if you are a true and honourable dwarven merchant, then you will be accepted with haste! Companies involved in the alliance DwedCorp Metalfist Armouries A Gut Feeling Engineering Co Ireheart Inc The Iron honor Anbella's Grace Medics Guild And various other independent & individual merchants. (OOC: Please Contact Norgeth_ or Norgeth_#6211 on Discord if you are interested.) (OOC: Wiritten By Norgeth_)
  5. The Metalfist Clan Their Will - Korthon’Var The Metalfist Clan is a relatively young, lowborn clan who find their roots back to the beginning of the First Confederation of Hammers at the early days of Atlas. A clan born out of necessity, formed to create a home amidst the rubble of an abandoned city. It was here where the clan played a crucial role in the forming of the Second Confederations of Hammers and their survival, which in turn led to the forming of The Kingdom of Agnarum and the later return of Urguan as we currently know. Their history has always been full of minimal members with high ambitions. It all started when the Silverveins abandoned the hold of Azgaryum and retreated back to Kaz’Ulrah. They who refused to leave the city found themselves in an odd spot. A large city, few Dwarves and a common goal. Deny Kaz’Ulrah their victory. The few Dwarves of different clans abandoned those who abandoned their hold and united into a new clan; The Metalfist Clan. Named after the smithing company Gimli’s father ran during his younger days, the Metalfist clan had no distinct culture. No distinct look. Each did their part for the betterment of the hold and kin. The Clan’s peak was reached during the Second Confederation of Hammers where they played a vital role during both the formation of the Confederation and the Unity with Kal’Bogrin into The Kingdom of Agnarum. The clan has always offered quality craftsmen, workmen and soldiers to the Kingdom. Metalfists filled the ranks of Legionnaires. Filled the gaps in the economic and political system and did the jobs that had to be done. Their strong will to create the best possible home for their clan and kin was bearing its fruits and their will remained strong. This is a ‘tradition’ that is still carried on to this day. The Metalfists will forever be a hardworking, honest and devout clan. Clan Culture and Traditional Stylings The Metalfists follow their own version of the long-lasting Steelheart Culture. In many ways they remained the same, but the emphasis now falls on their strong belief of individual honour. One’s word should equal an oath. The Craftsman's Culture. Every dwarf needs to put in their part and work. Metalfists, like Steelhearts, acknowledge the difference between males and females. Despite this they view that their responsibility to their culture and their family is the same. The males and females are expected to follow their tradition and will be punished equally. For this reason, if a Metalfist goes to war or a raid they will kill all those that are not children as in their perspective it is the responsibility of all adults to be able to defend themselves and the people close to them. If a mother is not able to pick up a weapon to defend her homeland and her family she is not worthy to be called a mother. If a male innkeeper is not capable of protecting his Inn by means of force he is not worthy of that inn. To a Metalfist one must be ready to sacrifice it all for what one holds dear, even if this includes one’s life. Both parents are meant to aid equally in the raising of the child to become a proper Metalfist and Steelheart. Traditional Stylings The Style of Metalfist Crafts would be considered fairly basic for there dwarven kin, Ornate gems and gold are rare for one to use excessively as is with some of the cavern clans, with the Metalfist Styling often appearing similar to the Elder Clan Grandaxe. However, they are often built much more sturdy, far beyond what is needed, and much use of stone is favored in the halls of the clan. Armour is a matter of preference, with most members of the clan owning a suit of thickened plate armour with riveted mail skirt, armour such as brigandine or gambeson is not however unknown and is well used when the need demands a more flexible and easy to don armour. Clothing and General Appearance Leather robes and apron: Usually worn whilst performing manual labour as crafting. The leather protects the wearers from being harmed by workplace injuries or ruining their clothes. Ceremonial robes: White robes with minimal designs possessing the colors of the clan of the wearer. These clothes are worn for cultural and religious acts and ceremonies and are kept as clean as possible while they are not worn. Kilt: As many mountain dwarves, they tend to wear kilts with the colors of their clan. These long wrapped blankets are worn by Men and Women alike in both daily life, during travel or during battle. Every Metalfist will create their own kilt with guidance of a crafter who knows how to do the process, to become a true clansdwed. Plate Mail: As is old Dwarven tradition, good heavy plate armour is a must under the Metalfists. You must learn how to take care of every part of it and make it your own. This will be worn during battle or for ceremonial purposes and is meant to be practical over anything. Hair Styles Despite a lot of dwed wearing different types of hair styles, there are some that are traditional to the Steelheart culture. Dragon’s Tail: A shaved head with a ponytail at the back of the head. One of the most popular haircuts by the Steelhearts. This hairstyle has been popularised by the uniqueness of it and the fact that it facilitates the viewing of the surroundings during the battlefield. Steelknot: A side knot on top side of the head. Believed to be used by the ancient Steelhearts. Like the Dragontail this head style removed the excess hair that could cover the view during battle. Unlike the Dragontail however it is much more elegant and hence more difficult to make. Classic Ponytail: Used by many races the ponytail has been used by warriors from all cultures. The Steelhearts are no exception to the rule and tend to wear them when they don’t feel like putting the effort of making a Steelknot, or they cherish their hair too much to go semi-bald and get a Dragontail. Blood Traits of the line of Gimli First Metalfist Strong of will and hardy of body, those of the line of Gimli Metalfist have a few common traits that bind them together closely. Hair of various shades of Ginger are the standard, and stocky and well built physiques. Standing around 4 foot 4/5 inches on average. Beady eyes stare out from their thick skulls, with large eyebrows and even bigger noses the norm among the Metalfist children. Religion The Metalfists believe in the personal bond between Dwed and Brath. If you wish guidance from the Brathmordakin, pray to them. The clergy should be nothing more than those who maintain the sacred sites of the Dwarves and they see the Clergy as a potential way to dilute the true intentions of the Brathmordakin and should be kept under careful eye, with some Metalfists taking it upon themselves to keep a eye from the inside of said organizations. The bond should be Dwed and Brath not Dwed and Priest. If you wish for Yemekar’s guidance; Work in his name. Create and he will look over you. If you seek health for your family; Give it to your ability and Anbella will do the rest. You must praise the Brathmordakin through your actions, words alone will not suffice. As Steelhearts, they have a Patriarch that teaches the Beardlings about the Brathmordakin and history of the dwarves, parents are also expected to teach their children about the Brathmordakin. It is a great dishonour for a parent to have a child that does not know about the Brathmordakin. For a Steelheart death is not an issue, in fact they welcome it. The life goal of these dwed is to die in battle so that their souls can go to Dungrimm’s Halls. If they haven’t died in battle they believe that they will be reborn as another dwed to try again. However, if the dwarf has lived a vain and undwedmar life he/she will be removed from the cycle forever to never be granted the gift of Dungrimm’s halls, instead they will be treated to the dark depths of Khorvad’s realm. It is also believed that in times of great harshness great dwarves from the past take mortal form once again to guide their people. Steelhearts believe they have been granted the gift of prophecy through battle. When a Steelheart is heavily wounded in battle it is said that sometimes the Brathmordakin give them views of the future. If the Steelhearts survives he/she will be able to tell his kin that the Brathmordakin have given them a vision. Once the others are informed of this vision it is up to each individual to believe in this vision or attribute it to blood loss affecting the brain. 'A stylized image of a Metalfist cleric in the field of battle' The Iron Law I - A Dwed that kills a kinslayer is not a kinslayer himself as a kinslayer is not graced by the Brathmordakin any longer. II - Steal from a dwed and your hand will be amputated. III - The Iron Law does not protect non-dwed. IV - Enslaving a dwed is punishable by being blinded. V - Sleeping with a relative is punishable by castration and amputation of the nose. VI - Studying Voidal magic is not a crime but helping undead or practices of dark magic, much less using it yourself will brand you as a willing helper of beings that kill dwed making you a kinslayer and able to be executed by decapitation. IVII - Those that kill themselves in the dishonorable act of suicide will not be buried. VII - All dwed must be given proper burial if they died with honor. IX - Disrespecting a dead foe is punishable by the removal of one eye and a hand. X - Lack of belief in the Brathmordakin in the Steelheart culture is punishable by death and indecent burial. Dwed is no Dwed if they don't believe in the Brathmordakin. The Metal Law I - Your word is your honour. If we cannot trust your word, we cannot trust you. Breaking your word and lying to your kin is punishable by removal of the tongue and excommunication. II - Always remember. Remember the good, remember the bad. Remember your word, remember their word. What was said and done cannot be undone and act accordingly. Failing to stand up for yourself will label you a coward and is punishable by the shaving of beard, dragon’s tail and excommunication. III - Your clan is your family. Even though not all are related by blood, all have proven themselves and have been accepted as family. Repeated disrespecting of family is punishable by removal of the eyes and excommunication. IV - Dwed is dwed. Even though you might disagree with another's opinions, you will not abandon your kin. Failing to aid your kin will label you a coward and is punishable by removal of the dominant hand and excommunication. CREDITS: Original Steel-Heart Culture by Mateolog Bulk of Writing: DwarvenDaddy, Endershadow292 Formatting and Minor Edits: Titanium430
  6. The Power of the People (Dorimnur Goldhand's perspective of past events.) Dorimnur Goldhand, Clan Father of the Goldhands and Yemekar’s Pick of Urguan, pried his matte black daemonsteel spear from the Inferi bowman that had failed to retreat from the dwarven advancement. His right pauldron would clink as he marched, from where he hastily put it on back on after doctoring the arrow wound from the same bowman. But on that day, blessed by the light of the Aengul themselves, Dorimnur was untiring. At the dawn of that blessed day, as the war machine of the dwarves churned for war, Dorimnur was apathetic. He donned his new custom-tailored plate armor, crafted himself of course for his new clan, and set his cold helmet over his face. Taking heavy steps from his bare-bones abode he called home, he took a deep breath. The smells of fire and steel and sweat were abundant, even overbearing, but Dorimnur couldn’t smell; he inhaled to clear his mind for the task ahead. His footfalls echoed along the walls of the cold masoned stone to the forges of Kal’Mugdor, barking orders within the minute of leaving his home to those who were finishing their work from the night before, and to those who were picking up the mantle of ensuring the day’s operation was successful. The forges of Kal’Mugdor did not rest, nor did Dorimnur, granting himself minimal rest for the entirety of the war itself, which had spanned decades thus far. He did not care what the stakes of the battle was, nor for his personal well-being, he simply ensured everything was squared away to perfection. Every blade, every bolt, was accounted for and had its own place in the fight to come, as it always had with Dorimnur as Yemekar’s Pick. Each dwarven soldier adorned with the crafts of the dwarven blacksmiths, made with tightly kept guild techniques and innovations pioneered by the ambitious dwarf leading them all. Dorimnur trusted in his steel to meet his goals, but it was up to the fate of that day to test whether dwarven steel was enough. And with Dorimnur’s helm of responsibility donned upon his thick head of jet-black hair, he too joined the Dwarven Legion, to test what his hands had wrought first hand against the fires of hell. They rallied at the gates of Al’Faiz, and organized themselves into crews like a well oiled machine. The center sigil above the Korvassa melded into a single horrific mass above the camp ahead of them, the continent shuddering from the force of both descendant and Inferi forces. The night sky was filled with anomalies, blue tendrils merging with an abyss above as creation itself mourned for the desecration that was to come. Then they marched. As the dwarves' footfalls reached the damned landscape, the atmosphere was palpable. Corpses strewn around them, gore and viscera littered as far as one could see, even filling the bay. But the dwarves marched on, unfearing of even death itself as they made their presence known. Dorimnur went through the motions, carrying a siege ladder, each rung a nearly mature cut of heartoak to support the mass of steel-clad soldiers. They march deep into the battlefield before laying it down to bridge across a crevice filled with corpses and bubbling magma like an infernal alchemy. His fellow dwarves were upon it the instant his ladder was laid, as was their enemy: The Infernal Horde. Mangled bodies of unholy origin with the only similarity to the descendants being their humanoid shape and the common ground they stood upon, they fought to repel the dwarven tidal wave that came crashing on their doorstep. Dorimnur was at the front of this wave, immediately taking up his tower shield once his ladder was lain, and stood vigilant against an onslaught of blows, but not without a sharpshooter of an Inferi to pierce the mail of his right shoulder, sinking deep within his muscular frame. Adrenaline flowed through his body now, his attention garnering as he realized his steel would need to be accompanied with an equally strong focus to the task at hand. He permitted himself to be treated by the dwarven medic, but bore the treatment little as he was eager to get back into the fray with his kindling passion rising within him. Their foes fell in droves as they were routed underneath the dark sky, the screams of the Inferi beyond echoing throughout the black plains with wardrum accompaniment and lightning melody. The dwarves pressed on undeterred by their losses, fast feet falling upon the gore of the wasteland without remorse. A few suicidal Inferi tried their luck and took potshots at the dwarves behind hills as they passed, but the Worker’s Guild’s steel ensured each and every one of the bolts found no entrance to the dwarven bulwark. The roar of dwarves crying out in the night for blood as they marched to their bagpipes incited fear in the hearts of their adversaries, dwarves singing in unison glorious tunes of those brave men who came before. They were unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding. The dwarves' perseverance was rewarded by heavenly assistance, as the skies ripped asunder, heavenly intervention for the honorable in the form of Gazardiael, Aengul of New Beginnings. Dorimnur knew not of who or even what this figure was, but blessed with his favor, Dorimnur didn’t need too. The entire dwarven host’s gear was bathed in a holy light, fallen from above in a golden rain. Dorimnur’s sight was now set on indescribable glory without end; his steel would not fail him in this battle. He marched on with the dwarves as they all were bristling with newfound vigor, pressing on to the foreboding encampment, and whatever foul torment was housed within. Dorimnur was at the front of the shield wall, pushing back the Inferi forces with his imposing tower shield, and skewering grunts as the spearhead of dwarves marched on. Each dwarf with their shields raised high, standing shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters. Each giving their all, and more. The legion of dwarves laying waste to well over twice their weight in Inferi, the divine glow of their weapons and armor striking fear in the foul hearts of the hellspawn, each going up in a wind of golden dust. The dwarves were ever unyielding. And Dorimnur began to savor every passing moment. Tempered by the fires of hell, his steel resolve remained steadfast, and he would die before he faltered in his cause. The dwarven legions marched upon the ungodly ballista encampment, pillars of fire along it’s walls and in the trenches, bathed in a blood-red light and a fire with no warmth. Another ladder was called for, and the war machine of Urguan answered swiftly. A great lob of malflame was hurled at them, but the dwarves bated it not as the unholy flames crashed harmlessly over their steel. Dorimnur took immense pride in this feat, and marched on with increasing vigor. Screaming demon officers attempted to rally their forces in the center of the encampment, preparing for a final stand, as both flanks thus far had fallen. As they charged within the entrance provided by Gazardiael by manipulation of the Inferi weapons, the dwarves overtook the encampment, with tactical commands shouted over the din of battle from the dwarven officers and Grand Marshall as they commandeered the great weapon for themselves. With a plethora of stout dwed all cranking the chain to ready such a devastating weapon, the oversized bolt was sent to the main camp’s exterior, a sickening crash echoing across the Korvassa as splinters fly, towers collapsing within and creating an entrance for the flood of dwarves to pour through like an unstoppable tide. Dwarven Valor was as integral to their power as was their steel, for each fallen dwed was replaced with another, every replacement to the line empowered by the sound of dwarven warchants and eager to lay down his life for those who had done so before to ensure their continued future. Dorimnur found himself planted on the bridge between the main camp and the ballista platform, and ensured no cursed neverborn was granted passage. Each step Dorimnur planted on that field fostered more passion, and with each spear thrust he became more enthralled in the battle of ideals, in the song of war, of steel against steel. First it was just the simple eagerness to fight, but as each combatant flew at each other with ravenous fury, each fighting for their own cause, Dorimnur fully invested himself into the fight, roaring in the face of hell as he skewered Inferi after Inferi. Each tested themselves against Dorimnur and his steel in a deadly dance, seeing if both his physical and mental steel was enough to continue his existence more than his assailant, but each and every one failed at the cost of their life. He let the hard exterior of his usual persona go and embraced the fury of emotions that came to him in the gruesome fight, emotions he had not felt for decades. It made him feel alive. In the battle of steel and tongue, many dwarves nobly declared their intent to strike clean the ledger, righting the wrongs of the past with their own hammers. Dorimnur? He fought because he could. Not for King and country, but for self-agency, and he found that fulfilment on the battlefield. Dorimnur felt truly alive on that battlefield. It forced a new train of thought to enter his one-track mind, one to replace his brooding thoughts that always hung as a dark cloud over him. The stakes at hand, the fate of the world, were almost therapeutic for him, opening up a box of emotions he had kept bottled ever since arriving in Urguan half a century ago. And as gods and demons collided overhead, clashing in a symphony of violence and blood, Dorimnur felt emotions of passion, of selflessness, of honor, but most of all, brotherhoodliness. The Dwarves made it to the interior of the main camp, but not without a final fight before them. The remnant Inferi forces had regrouped, and gained some morale back as they pelted the dwarves’ worn shields with javelins and arrows, managing to push them back into disorganization. But with a quick sounding of the bagpipes and the barking of orders from the Legion Command, the dwarves did not falter, reinforcing their vanguard with more men and pushing the final wave of hellspawn back. Dorimnur slammed his thick tower shield into an Inferi troop, throwing it off balance while Dorimnur planted his foot, sending a piercing blow through the foul carapace, it disintegrating in golden ash. The dwarves had made it to their goal, battered, bloodied, and bruised, but unbroken. Their king had been taken off by the hand of the Aengul of Courage, but the dwarves carried on by the command of their officers. They heeded the words of the Aenguls above, and did what dwarves do best: hunker down. Tearing the encampment and utilizing it’s goods for their own gain, they fortified their position in a breakneck pace of a few hours, digging trenches and erecting barriers from torn palisades which they positioned comandeered cannons over to prepare for whatever came next, with the light of a white pillar illuminating the dark night from the unknown object in the middle of the camp. And in this time of waiting, as greater beings far from his understanding wielded the power of creation, and glimpses of the past and future flashed across the sky, Dorimnur allowed his mind, freely for the first time since he could remember, to wander. He looks back to all the good his Guild had done. Dorimnur almost lost faith in his goal. Not that he had much faith to begin with. He figured no one could ever come close to THEM. Even his faithful Workers could never reach the expectations he had for them. He was always pushing them too hard, or so he was told, seldom appraising them for good work. He had a reason for this, beyond the veiled answer he gave of “it’s forging them into a better person.” They answered with what they could, however, and from the fruits of his harsh labor sprouted innumerable creations, including the Daemonsteel ballista bolts which were chilled and weaponized against the Inferi during the Siege of Vitenna. One bolt was even sent in a freezing arc to sever the leg of a demonic mammoth, sending it tumbling to the ground in a single blow, which Dorimnur was fond of telling to others. He dwelled on all the things his leadership has wrought, all of the battles his men had worked long hours to prepare for. Without his driving hand forcing them to go, his men were willingly at every battle against the Inferi, and had even conducted espionage on their Doghouse encampment. They had built entire forts for the war, their stonemasonry carving the southern gate with their own hands to fortify their lands. He thought of the times long past, of him joining the Worker’s Guild as a simple miner, as he was always one for self-betterment. He mentally reenacts the Passing of the Pick ceremony which led to his current position. And of all the hard, grueling nights no one but himself subjected himself too. Dorimnur feeds his cannon with the worm, him and his two other cannoneers, all the while thinking of how his Guild had invented such creations of war for the dwarves. The Guild had reinvented the cannons of yore, with their own twist, which brought a new age to dwedmar firepower, blessing all their future conflicts with resounding success from unparalleled Dwarven marksmanship. Each step of their invention came from the Guild, from concept from some miners, to drafting with the Siege Master, to production and testing at the Grimgold firing range.The Guild had serviced Kings and Queens alike, producing wares the likes of no other seen in the land, and of rare and valuable materials. But this was not enough for Dorimnur, nor was it truely what he wanted. The war effort itself was simply the best distraction to the matters which lay at Dorimnur’s heart. He remembers the immense effort that went into getting things working for The Worker’s Guild, scouting for resource deposits, many failed inventions of protection in dangerous environments, and even going as far as defying his Clan Father’s orders at the time to ensure the Guild was unhindered to grow. Oh how the times have changed he thought, as now he stood as Clan Father. His recollection was derailed by the drone of the Hive, sounding closer than they were due to their sheer numbers, drew close. And as the bugs assailed his position, the dwarves, always a prepared folk, fired their cannons in line, their iron shot flying through the night sky splattering husks against their iron. But it was not enough, each bug slain replaced with two more as the swarm enveloped the camp. As he combatted both direct attacks and acid spray, Dorimnur’s thoughts were on those who had stuck with him to this day. Elves, humans, and orcs had all tried their hand in learning the ways of dwarven work, but all had failed to uphold Dorimnur’s impossible standards, and only dwarves remained. There as he stood amongst his fellow dwed, defending whatever laid behind them, the smell of sulfur and demonic bug viscera abundant, a slight glimmer of optimism began to crawl its way through Dorimnur’s mind. As the descendants and Inferi pushed against one another, Dorimnur pushed hard enough that the light broke through the clouds and the world beyond the war glimmered. The war is the world and the world is the war. But behind each helmet was a descendant. They were jaded, they were naive. They were honorable, and they were criminals. They were bound for legend, and they were lost to history. As he traded his spear for smashing bugs with his tower shield, this realization resonated deep within his inner being. He quickly set down his green-stained shield and lit the fuse for his final cannonshot, plugging his ears while he looked over to the rest of the warring dwarves. His gaze landed on his greatest success in the Guild, Kragdin Starbreaker, as he was knocked to the ground by an insect. Kragdin quickly rebounds with a swift strike through the bug, clipping through its abdomen to its wings and flinging the twitching corpse on the ground. He then blasts another creature with his crossbow, and draws a damascus black ferrum sword with both hands, challenging all who would try their fate against his. Whether it was the noble thoughts pressed to his mind by the Divines, the raw emotions he was feeling from the heat of battle, or brotherhood that is forged in those who go through the hardest times, Dorimnur knew not. Was it pride? He was unfamiliar with the emotion, as he had neither had someone proud of him nor was he proud of anyone else for over a century. As much as he bore alone, subtly Dorimnur was depending on his fellow dwarves. But, a single idea, in the shape of a thought came to his mind. Maybe all this work wasn't for naught. But, in the blink of an eye, off of the ramparts flew a wretched insect, and flew at the dwarf deep in self-revelation. Despite Dorimnur’s ability to guard himself from multiple direct attacks thus far, without Dorimnur’s utter concentration at hand, this bug was able to slip past his guard and latch its mandibles on his arm, to which Dorimnur then jerked his arm back, ripping the mandibles down his forearm before it latched onto his wrist. The Hive-born dug its sharp mandibles close around his wrist, cutting through plate, tendon, and then finally bone as Dorimnur pulled away desperately, his shredded hand going with the bug. His fellow Cannoneer Falk Irongut was able to slash the swift creature out of the air, but the damage had been done. Dorimnur groaned in pain, falling to his knees and cusping his arm in his lap as he keeled in anguish, the crimson blood flowing from his shredded stump. And as he kneeled, acid washing over his plate armor in a searing rain and a sapphire comet flew overhead with a silver trail into the shores of Arcas, the entire world trembled as the Aengul of New Beginnings finished his incantation. Dorimnur mentally receded into himself as he did physically, and as he pressed his stump into himself to stop the torrent of blood, a single thought throbed in his head just as hard as the blood pulsing through him. I was wrong. He sat there for what felt like eternity, blows bouncing off of his plate armor and waves of acid pouring to his side, leaving permanent etchings into his steel exterior. Sweat poured from his helmet onto the soggy ground below him mixed with descendant and Inferi blood, and with his own hand and bone adding to the viscera. The Clanmother of the Grimgolds came rushing to his aid, and he rised as any stout dwarf would. He gave her a jesting remark about having had worse on his eye, but his attention was drawn to the lightshow beyond them. He stared blankly to his left as the greater beings did untold deeds; of Aenguls shrieking of fear as a flaming form and stone spear glistening with golden ichor pierced a heavenly body while creation itself screamed. Gazardiael had been pierced through the chest, and molten gold flowed out of its cavity into the void below him of its own making, with a haunting cry emerging from its lips, audible to all things alive. And swiftly would Gazardiael’s life be ended, by the swinging of the Dwarven monarch, the spear sent by Krugmar’s Rex, and the holy blades of Malchediael. The blow sent Dorimnur tipping over, and he ended flat on his back, coughing blood up from the impact and the pain from his stump. He was jostled around as both the sky and land rattled, together in a lightshow of colors and power. The very continent splits in cataclysmic fashion, and the descendants swiftly make their leave, having done what they came to do: Ensure their own fate. After the silent trodding back across the scarred continent, the sounds of crying could still be heard throughout the god-forsaken land. But this time, of descendants. Even their monumental victory and the nature of events they had experienced was not enough to remove their minds off of the blood they had shed and the people they had lost. Many men worthy of life found themselves dead upon that day. Men of great promises, to their children, to their wives, to their kingdom. Men of great honor and courage in the face of no greater foe almost all of them have never fathomed. Some of them Dwarves, but all of them descendants. No matter the circumstances each found themselves on that cursed ground, each had a reason for being there. But reason alone was not strong enough for some to keep their lives. Brothers in arms who had grown up together in training found themselves missing parts of themselves, corpses of their superiors, their brothers in arms, their sons, all strewn on the very ground they walked on. The stench of death reeked, and the smell of burning flesh assailed their senses as they trod home past the crevices full of magma, and bodies. And so, Dorimnur ended his day as he started it. He stumbled into Kal’Mugdor, his entire body aching from the miles he had walked, the blows he had taken, the sights he had seen. He sat alone in his tavern, in the Guild of so many dwarves that called him Leader and undoubtedly looked up to him. He locked the door behind him and sat with a heavy sigh, never being foolish enough to let himself be seen with weakness. And there he sat, motionless for a bit, in absence of thought, shell-shocked. His vulnerable state allowed his mind to drift once again, and it landed on the sight of Kragdin Starbreaker fending for himself in the prior fight. Dorimnur settles on the emotion he felt during his audience of Kragdin’s feats, the slight emotion of pride, or so he believed to be the identity of this foreign emotion. A feeling he hadn’t felt in a long, long time. Not since… All he could think of in that tavern beyond this was the chilling, gut-wrenching fact that all of this bloodshed wouldn’t bring them back. He threw the thought out of his mind, along with throwing back his ale. Dwelling on the past had never profited him anything, plus it was what lost him his hand. Besides, everything he had been working towards the last four decades had reached a culmination, and one that ended in a victory. So, with a long line of ales to finish and a kicking of his feet, he reclined, and offered himself rest, true rest, for the first time since this entire war started. For even he would say he had earned it after decades of unrelenting work. All it took was the near rebirth of the universe and the closing of the gates of hell. But, it was a start.
  7. As issued 15th of The Amber Cold, 1792 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his tenacity and merit, Utak Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His leadership of the Legion led it to countless victories against Urguan’s foes. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Utak Ireheart was unanimously elected King of the Dwarves after serving as Grand Marshal for six stone months, in which his deceptive tactics and bloodthirsty style led the dwarves to victory in five wars. The most well-known of these is the Three Day’s War, where Urguan reigned victorious over all of Humanity including the Holy Orenian Empire and the Warnation of Krugmar. After Utak was elected, the military apparatus was altered, so that Utak could still find himself on the frontlines of every battlefield, leading the Dwarves to glory himself. He proclaimed a honor war with the Warnation of Krugmar, which led to a crippling defeat for the orcish people, ensuring the dwarves were recounted in historic times as the most honorable descendants. Utak Ireheart truly goes down as one of the most capable Grand Marshals in our time. In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan,
  8. Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut would crumble the missive in his hand, grumbling as he’d casting it into the fire with ire before beginning to write a response: “To the malefactor that claims righteousness, I read in this missive the exact epitome and fallacious arguments that have caused discord in so many polities hitherto our great nation: Claimed repentance, hubris, and the most grievous of them all, the sewing of chaos and incredulity into our system of law. I must inform you I haven’t the ink to waste on you but in defense of our law and our Kingdom, I will. Karl, you claim that you have repented for your sins, seen the light, and witnessed the true abhorrence you committed yet I ask where was this consciousness when you murdered that dwarf? Where was this consciousness when you spent stone hours having your lawyers utilize sophistry in a vain attempt to escape the law? I will supply you with the answer to that question, Nowhere. For the entirety of the trial, you argued innocence but Yemekar behold when you were freed you write a missive as a contrite dwarf. The simple truth of the story is you only claimed to repent once you paid your settlement. You are not a repentant figure Karl, you are a duplicitous, and iniquitous being that could probably be defined as mad, but you continue to quake our nation with your deceiving howls for ‘justice’. I must admit, I am bemused by the hubris that emits from this missive Karl and your actions during that trial. I have never witnessed a dwarf claim himself for harsher punishment and I do not think it was done with altruism, I think it was done perhaps to see yourself cemented as a martyr. That or maybe you just wish to revel in the fact you were not sentenced harsher. You advocated previously this dwarf was a creature of Khorvad and you did the will of the Brathmordakin by killing him. So many times you have defied the High Prophet and the Clergy but now you appeal to them?. I am thunderstruck by your contradictory arguments as time has gone on. All I can amount this to is arrogance and dogmatism, that you are the only that can decide when a dwarf is deserving of life. Only you can judge if you were guilty of a crime and if the punishment was fit. Only you can decide which laws you hold yourself to. That is where I find an issue, that you are unwilling to follow any reasoning other than your own even when it benefits you. Finally, I see you have written this missive with the intent to criticize and reform the High Courts due to their ‘unfair’ punishment of yourself, and I disagree. The High Courts made that decision by the law code but furthermore to see stability in the entity you govern, Hefrumm. What good would it do to burn you or woodwork you into a lovely kayak if long term common dwed would suffer from the instability brought on by your execution? Hefrumm has stood as a bastion of hope and light for Forest Dwarves and in these great times of strife, a new leader is not needed. The High Courts must judge cases based upon impartiality and reason but also with the comprehension of how their decision will affect our Grand Kingdom and if they make the wrong one what precedence they set. Praytell, why it was arduous for you to write a letter to the High Courts privately so that internal reforms may be done to rectify the inaccuracies in our law code. To conclude, You may not be aware but what you have inferred and confounded with your writing is that our judges are corrupt and dissolute, that the decisions they make are malicious. That they play political favors for politicians and that ‘bribery’ is enough to stow their investigations. All you do with this is sow distrust into our system of law, and inadvertently assert that the common dwarves should be skeptical of our courts rather than trust in their decisions to see this nation hold a brighter future.”
  9. As issued 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1788 LEGION HALL OF FAME The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honor must receive a unanimous nomination by both Commanders. Afterward, the Grand Marshal himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. CHAMPIONS OF THE HALL OF FAME HIEBE IRONGUT OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Founder of the Legion, Hiebe Irongut was a King of the Third Kingdom of Urguan in Asulon and the Lord of Holm. Before his political career, Hiebe was also a Master Sage of the Ascended. Famous for his kindness, just nature, and incredible prowess with the arcane arts, Hiebe is lauded as the dwarven Paragon of Magic, epitomizing how magic can be used sparingly and with good effect. His additions to Dwarven culture were manifold as well. NALRO GREYHAMMER OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Nalro Grayhammer known as a judicious Legion Officer and Master Engineer during Anthos. He created most of the modern-day legion equipment seen today, such as the military-grade legion cuffs. His contributions included making the D-Tool all-purpose shovel-weapon, the D-track allowing for the Dwarven Legion to possess armored transportation. KJELL IREHEART OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: The famed slayer of numerous drakes and creator of the Empire of Urguan. Also famed for founding an Elder Clan with a prestigious military background inspiring institutions that are still in use today. With his military experience and famed skills in battle, he is praised to be one of the most influential leaders in dwarven history. THORIN GRANDAXE OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Thorin Grandaxe founder of the Second Dwarven Empire rose to prominence as a commander of the dwarven Legion during the final war in a long line of conflicts between the sons of Urguan and Krug. During his reign, he'd met significant success on the battlefield, having not lost a single battle while in command of the conflict. In this time, he oversaw the dwarven realm at its greatest in terms of land and territory; holding fealty over the entirety of the human realm, including the kingdoms of Salvus, Savoy, Ruska, Oren, Adunia, as well as the Kharajyr state of Karakatua. IGOR IREHEART OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Known as a dedicated Commander in the Legion, as Clan Father of the Stormhammers, and one of the finest warriors in history. When the final battle with Ondnarch drew close, Igor was given the task of meeting him in combat with the Hammer of Barradin as his weapon. Igor lost his life in the immense duel, but also freed the Aengul Wyrvun by defeating Ondnarch, his corrupted form. TECHLAR AZAGHUL OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Techlar Azaghul founder of the Dwarven Navy previously served with distinction as an officer within the Legion before pioneering numerous naval designs for the Grand Kingdom. His further contributions include leading the Dwarven Navy in numerous engagements before retiring as a Longbeard of respect and knowledge. OFFICER GRUDGEBEARD OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Officer Grudgebeard, a famed engineer and siege master who built unique defenses still in use today, ensured each dwarven city held an advantage over any attacking force. JORIK GRANDAXE OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Grand Marshal of the Dwarven Legion during the continents of Athera, Vailor, and Axios, His contributions include leading the Dwarven Legion through some of its most vicious battles known to the world. He also shepherded the Legion through its near annihilation during the 18’s Year War and bringing it back to the status of a predominant force in Vailor and Axios. FILI GRANDAXE OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Fili Grandaxe, famed legionnaire and former Grand Marshal. Single-handedly won us the battle of Khro’Nagaak with his ingenious use of alchemical fire to completely obliterate the Orenian invaders. His contribution to the battle arguably saved the dwarven homeland known as the Valley of Flowers from certain destruction at the hands of Emperor John I. THOND DOOMFORGED OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Thond Doomforged was a Commander in the Legion of Urguan during its stagnation after the bloody Axios Coalition Wars. The defining moment came during the infamous event known as the Slaughter of the Senate where he fought outnumbered against the forces of the treacherous Frostbeards. He gallantly died in the course of the battle. DURGAR IREHEART OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Upon the eve of the Siege of Korvassa, Durgar left his humble job as a barkeep and once again took up his waraxe, marching his way to the frontlines of a desperate battle. As the battered defenders ran for their lives and settled atop the boats, they could see a single dwarf who stood in defiance of the Inferi. Because of this determination, the garrisoned forces in the city could flee without a demon on their trail following. UTAK IREHEART OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Utak Ireheart was unanimously elected King of the Dwarves after serving as Grand Marshal for six stone months, in which his deceptive tactics and bloodthirsty style led the dwarves to victory in five wars. The most well-known of these is the Three Day’s War, where Urguan reigned victorious over all of Humanity including the Holy Orenian Empire and the Warnation of Krugmar. After Utak was elected, the military apparatus was altered, so that Utak could still find himself on the frontlines of every battlefield, leading the Dwarves to glory himself. He proclaimed a honor war with the Warnation Krugmar, which led to a crippling defeat for the orcish people, ensuring the dwarves were recounted in historic times as the most honorable descendants. Utak Ireheart truly goes down as one of the most capable Grand Marshals in our time. GROR IREHEART OFFICAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Gror Ireheart’s reign was inaugurated by inheriting a fractured Kingdom taken by surprise with the Slaughter of the Senate and coup of the capital Kal’Omilth by Clan Frsotbeard. The loyalist forces in quick succession evacuated the crown holdings retreating disorderly to the Grandaxe colony of Ta’Azmar. He reconsolidated the scattered loyalists into a formidable army leading them to victory in battle and recovering the capital of Kal'Omilth through the clandestine actions of Dwarf Team Six. Post rebellion, in a controversial act, he saw the removal of Clan Frostbeard to stabilize the Grand Kingdom. Following the expulsion of Clan Frostbeard, he began a deluge of treaties and diplomatic acts, reestablishing the Grand Kingdom as a strong entity on the continent of Axios, while also overseeing the reestablishment of the Legion of Urguan sparking a new wave of dwarven militarism. Centuries later while voyaging with the Grand Kingdom on the continent of Athera, Gror Ireheart killed a Stone Dragon with a pair of disruptor Hammers. Gror Ireheart goes down as one of the great saviors of the Grand Kingdom leading it through difficult times that required only the most stalwart of hearts. OYVIND FROSTBEARD OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Oyvind Frostbeard was promoted to the rank of Grand Marshal after serving dutifully as a Commander in the Coalition Wars under Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe & Gror Ireheart. In the ensuing restructuring of the Legion, many Legionnaires were mustered out with the expiration of their enlistment. Thus, left only with a skeletal force of veterans and regulars to sustain the massive swathes of lands conquered by the Grand Kingdom, he took to instituting major reforms within the Legion. Immediately he instated massive recruitment schemes centered around increased pay and steady work, followed by the shift of Legionnaires being separated into Divisions to a consolidated soldiery of clan militias with Commanders having equal jurisdiction over them all. His programs proved auspicious, keeping the Legion on steady footing by the end of his tenure. Unfortunately, his final goal to keep the Legion apolitical failed spectacularly with soldiers fighting while on duty over clan issues. Marshal Frostbeard himself was caught in this wave playing a massive role in support of the Frostbeards during the infamous event known as the Slaughter of the Senate.
  10. Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor For large swaths of our history, the dwed have gone unpaid & unappreciated for their essential labor for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. From the rubble of the past, Kal’Mugdor, the City of the Mine, erupted to forge a new way of life for the common Dwed. The city’s name coming from it’s founder, Mugdor-Dharok, who rose to the title of Yemekar’s Pick purely by hard work and dedication, proving that nothing can hold back a Dwed from piercing the top. Following the trend of hard workers is the current Yemekar’s Pick, Dorimnur Goldhand who runs a tight ship and keeps a watchful eye on the horizon of dwarven innovation. Now it is time for all the laborer Dwed to prove themselves in the eyes of Urguan, and to reap the rewards of their crafts. Come all ye miners, blacksmiths, artisans, and more, as your expertise is in high demand in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Miners: Supplied with the finest and most exclusive mine in all of the land, our sole job is to provide the Grand Kingdom of Urguan & Urguan’s Worker’s Guild with authentic Dwed ores and minerals. From ferrum to manganese to Carbarum and Volatite, dwedmar miners know how to mine them all, coaxing the bounty from the ground under the blessing of Grimdugan. To be granted access to the mines, a one-time fee of 100 minas is to be paid at the permit building, and you can conveniently store your permit in your quota chest. Upon completion of your quota, you will be rewarded with a payslip. Exchanging the payslip at the payment building will reward you with 200 minas, a steady wage to advance yourself in Dwed society. Blacksmiths: The world remains jealous of the superior blacksmith ways of the Dwed; it is what gives us Dwed the most valuable competitive advantage in war and industry. To ensure the Grand Kingdom of Urguan remains at the top of equipment quality, the sole job of the blacksmiths are to forge exceptional armor and weapons. Metal will be supplied by Worker’s Guild Miners, free to use by the blacksmiths. Upon completion of each weekly quota of forged goods, blacksmiths are rewarded with payslips that can be exchanged for 200 minas. With time, your smithing abilities will become renowned across the land, and others will surely be begging for your gift. Artisans: While many Dwed may have sausage fingers, we have a limitless amount of beautiful metals and crystals to work with. Supplied by Worker’s Guild Smiths and Miners, artisans who work within Kal’Mugdor will be given supplies to create amazing crafts and jewelry that people all over the land will be dying to obtain. With each stone week that passes, artisans that complete their weekly quota will be awarded a payslip worth 200 minas. By slowly chipping away imperfections from your craft, perhaps your work of art will become an heirloom of a kingdom one day. How the Guild Works: GUILD DAY Currently, most smiths and artisans just hammer away at the forge alone, for no one to see. The Dwed’s strength as a people is when they come together, and this rings true when it comes to blacksmithing and artistry. It lacks the social aspect that brings the guild together. The same can be said for mining. Although it can be relaxing to go into the mines with your pickaxe and mine away, humming your favorite war ballad, you don’t grow with the combined knowledge of the other’s who may have developed unique mining, smithing, or artistry techniques. Participating in the Guild’s very own of Guild Day, this would change. Once a week, smiths, miners, and artisans all gather to craft, mine, or work. The workers give pointers and show off their own techniques to one another, each dwed having their own personal experiences to tell and teach. This would also be the time for lessons to be taught, should a worker be contracted to teach someone outside of the guild, or to help those of lower rank than they. The Guild can gather on a preset day, and concentrate their efforts to get the most out of it, rather than everyone working to themselves. Most promotions are held on Guild Day as well, but promotions can be scheduled other days. The Worker’s Guild is open to all races, but, for an outsider to work for the guild, they must work like a dwarf does. If you are a dwarf, you can enter the workforce without any prior experience. If you are not a dwarf, you cannot enter unless you have skill coming into the job, and must work out a deal with the Yemekar’s Pick. Hierarchy Regulars: The backbone of the workforce. Those who show up and get the job done, regardless of how well they do it. Those who have shown a desire to grow begin to see results here. Those who consistently hit their quota each week can expect to move up the ranks quickly. A regular is expected to rank up in three stone weeks. They are able to craft with ferrum and aurum, and that is all the Guild is willing to trust them with, unsure if they will be able to withstand the labor of dwarven industry. The crafts of a Regular are characterized by a high likelihood to crack and warpings of their works, and miners know which end of the pick to swing. Proficient: This is where most non-dwed stop in their skill level. Those who know the in’s and out’s of their craft make up this rank of workers. Proficient workers can deal with semi-precious gemstones, not quite ready for the likes of gemstones like emeralds rubies and diamonds. Now available to them are the alloys of the world, and all mundane metals and minerals. They can craft with/mine Kulia Crystals, as well as all of the previous minerals, and can deal with Meteoric steel. They also have the skill to work with any potential alloys, so far as the alloys contain the materials the workers have the skill to work with. Also with this rank comes the benefit of using guild forges and materials for personal commissions, at a 25% commission rate. They also are allowed to teach Regulars so they can both progress, and are required to before they become Professionals. They are expected to be promoted to Professional after 8 stone weeks, five of which are of them submitting quotas of their rank. The crafts of a Proficient are characterized by a fine result, not being particularly efficient about it, but being quality work. Professional: These workers have made their craft their meaning in life. They show utmost dedication to what they do, and it shows in their nearly unparalleled crafts. Professional ranked workers are able to work with precious gemstones that are too fragile and too expensive for Regulars to have access too. They are able to work with/mine Boomsteel, Thanhium, and Ruibrium, as well as Azhl steel, as only a professional worker could be trusted with such valuable and dangerous materials. This important role will be limited to 5, as any more would surpass the supply of materials available to them. The crafts of a Professional are characterized by nearly perfect, ornately crafted and with attention to detail. It would be expected for a Professional to be promoted after 12 stone weeks, or 4 weeks at the rank of Professional. The promotional progress for this rank to Master is unique, in the fact that the quota is specific. One must submit a work of one of each of the dangerous ores of the land, finalizing in a submission of a Carbarum good, the most prized of all minerals. Master: Those who have attained full mastery of their craft. They have shown exceptional work with all of the previous materials available to the guild, but most importantly, they can work Carbarum, the most fabled of minerals in the land. Due to this high responsibility, and the rarity of Carbarum, there will be only ONE Master rank worker per profession. The crafts of a Master are characterized by being unparalleled. Nearly flawless would be their works, and they would make them with ease. Progress through these ranks is shown through attendance to Guild Day, meeting quota, fulfilling orders, and exceptional work as deemed by the Forman. There will also be potential quests and events staged for the purpose of RP and progression of workers through the tiers. Those who are permitted for moving up must show their craft to the Foreman or Yemekar’s Pick. Examples are: A smith showing an ornate sword; an artisan crafting an oil urn; a miner showing his ability to mine boomsteel without exploding. At higher ranks where there is a limited number of jobs, a worker looking to advance to a position that is already filled may Challenge the one holding the position through a contest of craftsmanship. The winner takes the position, and the loser is demoted. The general form for promotion is showing up to a set number of Guild days, and delivering the profession specific quota for a set number of days, and then finally for the promotion, you have to show some of this craftmanship to the Yemekar’s Pick or the Foreman. Teaching another craftsman will expedite this process, as teaching counts as two quotas. Regulars have to teach with the Yemekar’s Pick present, while Proficient and above do not, and can teach at their leisure. This teaching quota can only be applied once per rank. APPLYING TO THE GUILD Application to the Guild is simple: send a bird to Dorimnur Goldhand. (BDanecker, and BDanecker#1120 on Discord) ((Should there be any questions or clarification on what each tier is allowed to do with the current Techlock or what’s available beyond what is on this post, shoot me a PM on Discord))
  11. GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN Urguan Discord [Click Here] [[Disclaimer: This is a private discord server that is not sponsored by LotC. You are not protected by any rules of LotC on this discord, nor do LotC rules apply.]] NATIONAL ANTHEM THE CAPITAL: KAL’EVRAAL Kal’Evraal, or the City of the South is a subterranean dwarven metropolis that serves as the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Kal Evraal is the most populated and largest dwarven hold and is the symbol of dwarven culture and power. Want to live in Kal’Evraal? [Click Here] IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Articles of Urguan Civil Codex of Laws The Book of Grudges History of the Dwarves Kings of the Old Realm Language of the Dwarves Constitution of the Hefrumm Dwarven Family Tree GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP GRAND KING Jorvin Starbreaker KING'S HAND Dain Metalfist GRAND MARSHAL Dimlin Irongut CHIEF JUSTICIAR Dwalin Irongut HIGH PROPHET Norli Starbreaker GRAND MERCHANT Dhaen Grandaxe YEMEKAR’S PICK Dorminur Goldhand GRAND ARCHITECT Balek Irongut THE LEGION OF URGUAN The Legion of Urguan is the military force of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Grand Kingdom and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Legion of Urguan, enlist here; [Click here for Legion Post] Grand Marshal: Dimlin Irongut [Beamon4] DWARVEN GUILDS DA KIRKJA DVERGA The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. [Click here for Clergy Post] High Prophet: Norli Starbreaker [Noobli__] WORKER’S GUILD The Worker’s Guild is the industrial hand of Urguan. Through the means of smithing, mining and artistry are the dwarves known for their craftsmanship and quality of goods, and the Guild ensures the people of Urguan are well equipped to supply the needs of their city. The Guild provides an entrance into a stable life in Urguani society, giving dwarves a structure for their everyday lives. [Click here for Worker's Guild Post] Yemekar’s Pick: Dorminur Goldhand [BDanecker] THE REMEMBRANCERS The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Grand Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep a record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] High Remembrancer: Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] THE OMITHIEL INSTITUTE That is the purpose of the Omithiel Institute, to help ensure that the dwarves maintain their reputation with the world and its gods as the greatest architects, to make our halls grand and ornate. The guild requires not only great skill in design but the ability to manage and organize great works to be accomplished. [Click here for Omithiel Institute Post] Grand Architect: Balek Irongut [Hobolympic] DWARVEN CLANS CLAN STARBREAKER Kornazkarumm An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly consists of smiths, miners, and Golemancers. They are known for their scholarly pursuits and their smithing ability, capable of creating weapons and armor of masterful skill. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Jorvin Starbreaker [DixieDemolisher] CLAN IRONGUT Khrorul Irongut Clan is an elder clan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts had held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own multitude of Grand Kings. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Falk Irongut [TheFirstShroom] CLAN IREHEART Kravamoruk An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Axel Ireheart [Lefty_Bojengles] CLAN GRANDAXE Kathaikaz An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time. Grandaxes are known to be noble warriors; equally skilled in both battle and politics. Most Grandaxes are distinguishable by their fiery hair, though not all of them carry this trait. Above all else, Grandaxes adhere to a code of honor and hold the rest of their kin in high regard. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Brynaelda Grandaxe [Miss_Confined] CLAN IRONGRINDER Khroneknazkarum Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Darek Irongrinder [sneakybandit] FOREST DWARVES Hefrumm The Forest Dwarves community, known for being very religious, druids, and great chefs. That community consists of the Cottonwood, Treebeard, Emberhorn, and Blackroot Clans. [Click here for Hefrumm Post] High Chief of Hefrumm: Karl Blackroot [mateolog] CLAN METALFIST Ithorrym A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be impressive fighters and their pivotal role in the reunification of the Dwarven Nation. They are also distinguished by their beady eyes known to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Dain Metalfist [Endershadow292] CLAN GOLDHAND Aurokanarkazamar The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their economic accomplishments [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Dorimnur Goldhand [BDanecker] CLAN HAMMERFORGED Ordkadrel A prosperous clan of Mountain Dwarves descended from the Clan of Grandaxe. Hammerforges cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and crafters. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers. Clan Lord: Redwin Hammerforged [overlord8000] CLAN DOOMFORGED Dorkadrel The Doomforge Clan are a group of seclusive mysterious dark dwarves, borne of the Paragon Urir Ireheart, bearing his sign of sacrifice within their very visages, the glow of hellfire pon their sight. One may spot a Doomforged sporting intricate runic designs into their very bodies. unexpected and as unruly as fire; the Doomforged’s reputation precedes them. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Draakopf Doomforged [hotboss_monk] CLAN GRIMGOLD Korodaurok The Grimgolds are an orthodoxy of religious Dwarves found in coastal mountains with strong opinions on the Brathmordakin and Honor. They are most recognizable by their distinctive masks and love of high-grade military weaponry. [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Alaric Grimgold [Hrokaz] CLAN FROSTBEARD Azwyrtrumm [Click here for Clan Post] Clan Lord: Argnos Frostbeard [Frostbeard]
  12. THE BATTLE OF THE KORVASSA STRAIT In the month of Sun’s Smile in the year 1785, a small armada of Dwarven vessels set sail across the sea for the demonic plains of Korvassa, with warm water under their hulls and gentle winds tugging at the thick, black clouds that rose from their smokestacks. Under the firm leadership of Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut, the Dwarven Legion moved under his command across the strait to face the monstrous, sanguine Oliphant mounts of the Inferni controlling the Doghouse. Dropping anchor in the bay between Vanmark and Vitenna, they linked up with the Red Fleet of Norland, who crashed through the bridge that once linked the lost island to the mainland with their heavy rams. The combined fleet of Dwarf and Norlandic ships were able to successfully eliminate four of the gargantuan hellspawns and render the city of Vanmark, once an impenetrable hideaway for thieves and ne’er-do-wells, into mere rubble and bricks. A furious rain of ballista bolts were fired from the Dwarven and Norlandic forces and with each shot that struck, both the city of Vanmark and the elephants collapsed before the power of the onslaught. The ironclad Dwarven vessels had sustained no damage throughout the entire engagement, proving that the brute strength of M’ag’nus Car’ne’s warbeasts was no match before the power of their tactical wisdom and the unrelenting hailstorm of their technological wonders. Both day and night the Dwed fought against the beasts, impaling imps out of the very sky and shooting down the lumbering Oliphants with little effort, for the righteous anger of the Dwed will not be looked down upon by any man, aengul, or daemon. With the Norlandic Fleet by their side, the red sun rose over the horizon and the Dwarven ships sailed back home across the bloody bay, a smile on all of the Dweds’ faces and their prows stained with gore, but the fight was not yet over; for a final great Oliphant remained alive and stranded in the bay. The cheers and victory chants of the Dwarves quickly turned to war cries as the Dwedsmark pulled about into position again. With the crew of the flagship loading the Dwarves’ last secret weapon upon the bow, the captains of the lesser warships moved up to pin the beast in place, peppering it with shot and bolt as it shambled through the blood-soaked water. With a massive harpoon loaded into a great ballista upon the battlecruiser’s bow, I gave the order and we fired the harpoon into this final foe. It hit it in its gut where the thick body met its leg and it collapsed in a bellowing cry. We thought it died instantly, but as the captains of the lesser vessels boarded rowboats with their crew, it still weakly moved as they came close, bleeding out slowly over the next few hours. Once it had fully passed and the last light left its eyes, the sailors who served with the Worker’s Guild from Kal’Mugdor took to dinghies and sailed to the massive corpse to begin sawing off the great tusk of the foul hellspawn. This mighty trophy of daemon ivory is on barges for the capitol already, courtesy of the Dwarven Legion. The fight was finally over, the Dwarven fleet went into this fight with complete confidence and came out with even more. This battle is won, but the war rages on. LETTER FROM THE GRAND MARSHAL I write from the deck of the Dwedsmark, victorious in our venture against the forces of the Inferni. Besides our Norlandic allies, there are certain sailors and commanders who showed great distinction and valor under my leadership upon the tides of the Dead Coast. Sailing upon the U.S.S. Jenny, Aghuid Ireheart took command of the ship when the High Prophet came down with a terrible bout of seasickness. After sending a perfectly aimed shot right into the brain of a hellbeast, he made his way to the wheelhouse and steered their boat onward under his command. His sailors were so awed by his bravery and leadership that they loaded the weapons like machines, and Thoradin Ireheart managed to catch two of the imps fleeing from the same Oliphant with a single bolt, impaling them out of the sky. On our main battle cruiser, my own flagship, the Dwedsmark, we were off to an auspicious start on the first volley. A bolt from Dorimnur Goldhand’s ballista found its mark in one of the tallest towers along the wall and sent it tumbling down upon itself into a pile of dust and rubble, countless imps thrown from its collapse. A second bolt from Beorn Cottonwood met the ankle of a charging warbeast, as the daemons had sent them rumbling towards the coast to meet our ships, but the shot brought it to its knees and its Tusks to the sand. The U.S.S. Dungrimm’s Fist, captained by Alaric Grimgold, were far closer to the charred coast and the weapons crews were quick to take advantage of the first downed Oliphant. They began to open fire on another that rampaged around the town as it charged towards the coast. Morul Irongut loosed a bolt that pierced it deep into its spine and brought it down to its knees. As the beast let out a hellish wail, the weapons from our ships opened up once more. Svuli Metalfist aboard the D.S.S. Jenny and Kragdin Starbreaker on the U.S.S Dwedsmark sent rounds right into the walls of the once populated city of Vitenna and sent them crumpling atop the two wounded Oliphants, putting both of them out of their misery. This final collapse of the walls revealed an empty city before us, a ghost town inside of what should have been the hive of Inferni activity in the area. A signal was raised to the Norlandic fleet, who had leveled Vanmark to fight it empty as well. With no word yet from Oren, we pressed onward to find the last opponent awaiting justice. The daemons had ridden an Oliphant into deep water and were trying to cross the bay with it, surely to recoup and attack the mainland. We took it down with the experimental harpoon and sail now back home with a prize in tow. In the valor of Dungrimm and honor of Urguan Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan Thank you to @Hrokaz & @Cheezzy_Garlik for their momentous help with this post
  13. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Latest: Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requests Closed -PMC added -Halfling and human spoilers added. Request Form: CLOSED Username- Description- Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- CLOSED..
  14. Dungrimm's Folk “The day that we forsake unity for petty rivalries and greed is the day we fall. I end this book with only words that I wish for all dwarves to one day heed. Stand as one and we are capable of achieving any length of greatness. Stand alone however and we will die alone.” Paragon Valen Grandaxe, Shortly before ascent to the halls of Khaz'A'Dentrumm Dungrimm’s folk are a weathered company of Urguanite elites, conceived to rid Urguan of the foul beasts that lurk in the snowy mountains of Kal’Nikaer. The Folk have had several unsuccessful incarnations in modern history, but find true cause in the current events surrounding the Grand Kingdom. Once wearing Dungrimm’s tabard, all Folk are Kin, loyal to the cause. Whilst encouraged to appreciate their heritage and their own clans, a conscript pledges themselves solely as servants to the Brathmordakin and the Folk whilst in active service. Dungrimm’s folk strive to entertain an era of purity and prosperity in Urguan, ridding corruption from all corners of Axios. Whilst its loyalties lie with the Brathmordakin, the Folk rally to just causes of the Grand Kingdom. It is their desire to preserve Yemekar’s balance and ensure the Grand Kingdom endures through all adversities. ‘To my dearest Kerwyr, Look not to feud those within our own halls; our politics, our in fighting, it is all pointless now. A darkness rises in the east, one that we cannot crush whilst in disagreement - one that threatens the balance of all that is decent in our world. We unite under two common enemies. Heed my words now, for what I write will no doubt alter the course of your lives; it is with a heavy heart that I ask this of you. The land lays riddled with beasts of the void, it is plagued with the spawn of a daemon, it is your duty to ensure Urguan is free of these behemoths and undeads. You must form a band. Select well, for those you choose now will stand beside you in the bleakest of times. Pick only the bravest, strongest Urguanites the Grand Kingdom has to offer. Train them in the mountains, teach them of the Brathmordakin, educate them of the Folk. It has failed before, but not this time. The strength of Dungrimm will enable us, a small but faithful band, to overcome the multitude of the faithless. Dungrim bless you brother, Velwyn Ireheart.’ -A letter scribed by Velwyn Ireheart to Kerwyr Frostbeard Faith Dungrimm tests us, he tries our faith. He shows us the path when it doesn’t seem clear. We must serve him now if we wish for him to guide us to his fortress in the seven skies. If we live with conviction and faith, we will be rewarded. The Brathmordakin spoil us, they have created us to live as their servants, to act as their ambassadors to the mortal realm. It is our duty, as protectorates of Urguan, to repay those who rule so fairly over us. To pay homage is no burden, it is an honor as sentient and intelligent beings; allowing yourselves to be encompassed by the great aura of the pantheon is a true celebration. ‘Lay thine axe upon the gilded sigil, adorned upon the tallest peak of the steepest mountain, and you will be blessed by him. He will see your strength, he will feel your courage, and you will feel his will. When you return, reborn from your pilgrimage, then will you be true of heart and pure of mind. Folk of Dungrimm.’ -Blessed prayer, sermon of an unblooded Folk. Notable Slayings Dungrimm’s Bane - Whilst the undead launch a second attack on Kal’Agnar, incumbent Marshal and Grand King Vorstag Ireheart duels a large Khorvad spawn to reclaim the fabled ‘Armor of Urguan’ and repel the undead legion from Urguanite land. Whilst successful, the creature slays Vorstag in a bloody conflict that leads both combatants dead. Frost Trolls - An expedition to the northern mountains of Athera leads several of Dungrimm’s Folk into a chilling battle between troll and dwed. Whilst limited in numbers, the Folk made use of structurally vulnerable cave systems to crush their opponents, retaining all dwed life. Demigryph - A Frostbeard patrol headed by Marshal Kerwyr Frostbeard is ambushed by a corrupted bandit atop a demigryph. In the steep conditions of Kal’Nikaer, Kerwyr is almost slain but executes the bandit and their corrupted mount. The events following this particular incursion, encounters with pale knights and mounted ghouls led to the third reformation of Dungrimm’s Folk. Medals & Honors Medal of Dungrimm Awarded for showing gallantry in battle Medal of Urguan Awarded for showing brotherhood in all fields Medal of Victory Awarded for leading consecutive victories. Recognition of Loyalty Awarded for staying with the Folk for a stone month Recognition of Faith Awarded for showing dedication to your patron God Recognition of Bravery Awarded for finishing ten demonic beasts Ranks Officer Marshal Leader and head of the Folk. Vindicator A legendary hunter and elder on the council. Regular Sergeant Veteran soldier, trains the low ranks. Footman The shield of the Order, common ranking. Conscript A conscript member who hasn’t completed their trials. Application
  15. "...The Sun will rise again, my brothers..." Within the Tahn desert, a small settlement lies just past the glorious Dwarven capital. The walls, like the rest of it, seem to be thrown together with little care. Each night, armies of the undead lay siege to the camp, and yet the loyal residents stay. These bandits and workers lead by an orcish Khagan live alone within the harsh deserts, as they do everything in their power to give their enemies hell. _._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._ The Khaganate remains in a small corner of the seemingly endless Urguan desert, the keep staying strong despite the onslaught of their many foes and the harsh sandstorms. The flame burning in the soldiers’ hearts brings them honour and bloodlust in every battle, unforgiving of their enemies’ deeds as they fight to avenge their doings. The Khagan’s army includes all low segments of society; Thieves, murderers, poor workers, and prisoners, as long as their souls are filled with orcish culture and the beliefs of Krug, the first Uruk. -+- Even those banished from civilization can find shelter, and a new family. Gutz Khagan, the leader of the Khanites, raised his group as an Elder farfolk Khaganate, the culture of which he heard from stories told to him by his friend Sahar Tha’un. The Khagan, an Uruk himself, proclaims Tahn deserts as Endless Wastelands of his own. Red, gigantic muscular figure, carrying a greatsword, which length reachs a normal human's height. Khagan's Word is Law. Gutz Khagan sirca 1588 art by Ka4xid As any well formed military group The Khaganate has a simple Rank System: Leadership: Khagan - The leader, a Khan of all Khans. Khan - The Chiefs that serves to Khagan and leads Khanite army. Boyan - The Lords of Tahn deserts. They rule the lands. Professions: Yurts - A Quater-Master of Khaganate Kharul - A Bodyguard and Carer of Khagan Army: Ikh’Orlok - A Commander of Raider Group Orlok - Regular Raider Noyan - The blood of Khaganate, a new soldiers. Nokud - A civillian, regular citizen of Khaganate, farmers and workers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ooc Fill down the form if you wish to join: IGN: IC name: Race: Professions:
  16. Red Urguan's Workers Party ~Est. 16th of The First Seed, 1510~ Skippy Irongut has heard the pleas of the Dwarven workers class. He sympathizes with them, therefor forming the Red Urguan's Workers Party! An organization set on mass producing goods for coin. Dwarves produce a quota of goods, with supplies given to them from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Shortly after the founding of the Isles of Vailor, the Party went silent. Three Lord Stewards took power, and the dwarves were being robbed of their valuable mina. Skippy Irongut saw this unfit, and rebirthed the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Every dwarf shall be paid based on their work, and nothing less than that. With the Party Leader's ascent to becoming Grand King of Urguan, the hard worker Hellio Frostbeard has taken the role as Yemekar's Pick and will maintain the Red Urguan's Workers Party. Hellio will be responsible for organizing the party, maintaining the party district, and requesting materials for workers to use. He will also be receiving minas to pay workers. Where are we? We are located inside the Dwarven forge in the capital city of Kal'Karaad. Take a right in the main square. We are located inside the Dwarven capital of Kal'Akash, directly in the back of the city. Follow the roads until you find a wide opening with a crevice filled with lava. How much do I get paid? If you complete your specific quota depending on what kind of job you work, you'll be given mina tokens. You can trade in the mina tokens for actual minas! ((For a more in-depth guide, check this forum post here)) How do I join? Simply fill out this simple application! Your Name? Your profession(s)? Place of Inhabitant? ((Skype?))
  17. As the winter is finaly over and Kazradin becomes greener again , a ville sound of fire and decay can be heared from the South. As the dwarves rally on their city square , a muntain dwarf comes inside Kal'Karaad , his body burned and with his last breath shouts "Dragon!". It was a Green firedragon from the Far South , who saw the dwarven capital and decided to make its new home there! But it was too late since the dragon had already reached the dwarven capital and so the dwarves are now trapped inside their mountain home. After hours of waiting , a loud noise could be heared from the Grandaxe Tunnel . It was the dragon , who tried to enter the city .The dwarves , in order to save theirselves , destroyed the tunnel in hope of the dragon would die in it. But they were wrong as the dragon survived and now they were completely trapped. But the sound of elven and human horns started echoing in the distance. As the human and elven troops started making their way to the dwarven capital , something odd happened. The ground they were walking started shaking and then all hell broke loose. The fallen warriors from the battles around Urguan lands started rising from their graves. At the end , the elven and human troops were surrounded. ((Just give the event team a way to start killing people so the event would be nicer and not like 60 people go to an event and only 1 dies.))
  18. Before we begin, I'd like to just mention that I'm not sure whether my Cliff Dwarf idea would be considered a subrace or a culture, but I'll let the community give their own opinions on the matter. ~=~ Cliff Dwarves ~=~ In the early days of The Fringe, a selection of ancient dwarven legends were rediscovered by the Remembrance Guild. One legend, which many thought to be mere fiction, described the story of one of Urguan's lesser known sons. Aumi Wakebeard, a son of Urguan, was strange compared to his other brothers. He was intrigued by water, and loved to wade in the cool shallows of a river nearby his mountain home. He earned his name from the way his beard grew: curls reaching down like waves crashing on distant shores. Urguan often scolded his son for his "exotic" behavior, but Aumi refused to listen. He relished the feel of river-smoothed rocks beneath his feet, of the refreshing water lapping his knees. One day, as he wallowed about in the shallows as usual, he smelled a strange thing. It was salt, borne down the wind from the sea far away. Even though he had never heard them, Aumi imagined the cries of gulls over the bays and beaches on the coasts. His blue eyes sparkled with delight as he pictured the beautiful scenes by the sea. He took a step eagerly towards the tangy, salty smell, but his foot caught on a loose rock. The unfortunate dwarf was soon fully beneath the water, floundering like he was stark. He could not fight the mighty power of the river, and before long, was being carried along on the current. Urguan heard the young dwarf's wails and ran out of his underground home to locate him, only to see his son as a black dot in the distance. He sobbed and begged Yemekar to save Aumi, but it was too late. His son's terrified screams filled the air as he was cast over the edge of a thundering waterfall. The Father of The Dwarves fell upon his knees, tears streaming from his eyes and becoming entangled in his beard. The legend ends here, and was originally thought to be a warning for the dwarves against the dangers of water. Little did anyone know that it was actually a true story, until Aumi Wakebeard's descendants arrived in Kal'Arkon. ~=~ Introduction ~=~ What are Cliff Dwarves, and what do they have to do with this legend? As you read above, my idea is to have Aumi Wakebeard, a long-lost son of Urguan, establish a new kind of dwarf. But he must have died Soggy? Wrong. Aumi was carried by the river down to the sea. What happened then? Well, Aumi was immediately in love with the sea. He built his home into the side of a cliff (The first Cliff Dwarf), with windows opening over the water. He became an excellent fisherman and swimmer and, over time, his lifestyle and that of his descendants adapted to life on the sea shore. Nobody is sure how his children came to be. Some say he met a female dwarf on one of his rare travels inland, others that he fell in love with a beautiful sea creature. Though Aumi is long deceased, his kinsmen continue his way of life. ~=~ Appearance ~=~ Cliff Dwarves are quite different to their cousins. They have broader chests, which house larger lungs that developed to allow them to hold their breath longer underwater. They also have much larger arms, used for swimming against the powerful waves of the sea. Cliff Dwarves generally have black hair, which becomes snow white in old age. They often die it a deep navy colour by using the juices of berries that grow on bushes on the edges of their cliff homes. Most male cliff dwarves are bald on the top of their heads, probably because of the long years their ancestors spent working with the hot sun beating down on them. Their beards are shorter than those of their cousins, which stops them from interfering with swimming. They are very curly like Aumi's, and years of contact with salty water has left them stiff and wiry. Their eyebrows tend to be very bushy, which keeps the salt water from stinging their eyes. Their eyes are usually light blue, deep blue or sea-green, because they prefer to marry dwarves with these characteristics, as it reminds them of the sea. Their skin is tanned from exposure to the sun, and often tough and care-worn because the salt has dried it out. Cliff dwarves are shorter than mountain and cave dwarves, which is thought to be because of their diets. They live mainly off fish and bread, into which they add seaweed and sea salt. Their ale can barely be stomached by the other dwarves, because it generally contains an immense amount of salt. ~=~ Architecture ~=~ Cliff Dwarf architecture is a sight to behold. The wealthier dwarves burrow into the inland sides of cliffs, opening windows overlooking the sea. Poorer Cliff Dwarves build homes on the land above the cliffs, using sandstone and oak logs as their main materials. ~=~ Occupations ~=~ Cliff Dwarves tend to stray towards jobs as fishermen, brewers and bakers. As mentioned above, into their food they incorporate the characteristics of the sea; most of it containing salt and sometimes seaweed. They also make very talented sailors; their experience as fishermen and swimmers allowing this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that concludes my lore idea for Cliff Dwarves. I'd be happy to hear your opinions, positive or otherwise. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I know this lore is quite short, but hopefully I can add your suggestions and beef it out a bit. Thanks for reading, -Soggy365
  19. I don't really know what to say for a short introduction, heh. I've been on the server for nearly two years, and in that time, I've brainstormed, created, nurtured, and killed many, many characters. It's been a long, fun run and now I believe it's time I finally "document" my characters, what they accomplished, their offspring, etc. All that good stuff. Buckle down and enjoy the ride. Or, if you're looking for a certain character in particular, consult the table below. Ever, the Drunken Dwarf: Post 1 Ingot, the Swordmaiden: Post 2 Alyssi, the Mountaintamer: Post 3 Steve, the Renatus Courier: Post 4 Sylvia Cyrus: Post 5 Karvia Starbreaker: Post 6 Dryads! Kollodis, Doste, and Mitera: Post 7 Hapsi Ludkhov: Post 8 Al Q'mess: Post 9 Apple Dryad Mitera: Post 10 Hord, Apple Dryad Doste, and other not so important characters: Post 11 A family tree: Post 12
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