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  1. The Wedding of Rathamalion & Kardi The Bells are ringing. Turtledoves fly around. People come in masses to watch the feast.Severeal Doves would spread this Letter to all of the allied Nations of Renatus . My dear Allies of the world i am so proud to finally announce my Wedding to all of you I am going to marry at the 3 Elvenday of this week and me and my Fiance wanted to invite all of you to our Wedding afterwards our closest friends will be able to join us to a little party afterwards. Food and drinks will served from me. Some Infos would be down there When : The 3rd Elvenday this year 7 pm CET Where : Capital of the Khardasi Who : All allied Nations of the Empire ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ____________
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    I was Born in the midst of the year 1514, So I am 204 years old and as you would guess I expierenced many many stuff. According to my Father my Mother was a beatiful maiden when he met during the reign of the High Elves in Thales in the Silver Enclave of Haelun`or. They Immediatley fall in love together and stayed together after the fall of Thales and the Settlement to Athera my parents still met each other I actually cant believe how but they did. Otherwise I woould not have existed. During the Destruction of Athera my parents made their way to the Isle of Vailor . Even though they were divided by the seas between the isle Ker´nor of the Dark Elves and the Settlement Laureh´lin of the Wood Elves. I was Born at the beginning of Vailor Settlement Only one year later. My Mother was full-blood Wood Elf called Yseria Blightcaller and my Father was a Teacher of Dark Arts later in a Moment of weakness he told me that he was a cultist of Iblees the whole time and gave the interest into Dark Arts to me. My Mother on the otherside was peacefull pure Soul. I think she never knew what her Partner was doing.She was a Priestess of the Aspectism common for Wood Elves. My Mother and Father told me I think nearly everything about our cultures and the different histories of both Wood- and Dark Elf. Now something About my Life. I grew up with both sides as a Halfbreed I learned the Traditions of the Ancestors and the Cult of the Aspectism. As i got old enough and after my Parents died I explored the Realms. My Parents died at my 100th Birthday 1614. I remember Setting the corpse of my Father on fire on this day. So travelled not far. I stayed at the largest Isle of Axios where whe settled into the Dominion of Malinn.But I learned many Thing from Humans and Dwarves. I Remember that where I left my beloved forest and got to know the who isle better as I strived the vast desert and reached to the Kingdom of Urugan the Heart of the Dwarves in this Realm and after passed this strived the Orennian Empire. I studied the History of our Realm and the Realms I´ve met bevore in order to understand the on going wars between the Kingdom of Norland and the allied Kingdoms Atlas. A new Realm now I realize what it means to leave the memories and his home behind after I lost my parents and my Forest. Once Atlas and the Domnion was very stable I mentioned a Group of Persons of all Race which wants to preserve the balance and the order in the Rules of the Two Primary Aspects the Mother and the Horned one. They call themselves Druids. I found out that this Group was founded in Aegis the Primal Realm. How could not Mention them even though they were next to me . They are like me addicted to nature and order and magic
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