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Found 82 results

  1. THE RESURGENCE OF PROGRESS Issued 8th of the Deep Cold, 1771. A new entrance has appeared by the Acid Pit Observatory... The newly appointed Okarir'tayna calls within the square for attention, as he gestures toward the gazebo on the other side of the fountain. The entrance to the Acid Pit Observatory, the stairwell that had been barred by a gate and a glass wall for months, was now decorated with cyan ribbons. Silvos called out for those present to follow him down, leading the way side by side with Sohaer Miravaris. Upon entering, the citizens would notice a new telekinetic elevator, barred by a silver gate, has been constructed on the other side of the balcony, topped by a sign simply stating “The Eternal Laboratories”. The Okarir’tayna hands the Sohaer a pair of scissors to cut the thin ribbon standing between the public and the elevator, and with a swift *snip*, the Laboratories are opened! The gate rises, and any and all mali'aheral are allowed inside to finally see the halls that will soon host a myriad of experiments, research papers and scientists. At the end of the offices a small hall branches off, aptly titled the “Hall of Discovery”. The Okarir’tayna announces: Mali'aheral of Lareh’thilln, I am pleased to welcome you, finally, to the new laboratories. When I returned to elHaelun’or after my long slumber, I was appalled to find a lack of this integral institute which has allowed so many great discoveries, so much progress, in the past. The place I held most dearly within elcihi, the establishment that provided the Eternal Library with new knowledge, absent. Now, in these difficult times, the one thing we can always agree upon shall remain our loyalty to elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. And Maehr’sae we shall seek once more. I am glad, that I can proudly present to you these halls with such purpose. However, at the moment they are dull, void of any research and progress in the works. This is where I need you. On the desk beside the elevator you will find an application form which you may fill out, if you wish to join me in discovering ever more greatness. I shall provide you the space. I shall ensure your safety. I shall guide the progress. If necessary, I shall expand these halls tirelessly until every single Mali’aheral wishing to do research, can do so, right here. I look forward to working with you. Application form: Please do note that to qualify for a labspace you must: -Be of a mature age (50+). -Be a citizen of elHaelun'or. -Be pure, of course. -Follow elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya closely. Signed, Okarir’tayna Silvos Sythaerin Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Maheral Acaele Lazul
  2. EDIT: Because of problems with communication with the world team and about the time of the festival, the main time of the festival will be SUNDAY from 5pm to 7 pm est. Thank you for your understanding. We will be doing casual rp with anyone that shows up on Saturday and let them know about tomorrow. It will still be fun! Hope to see you tomorrow and if you want to enter in the bard competition to win 2k minas and discounts on rare items you should show up tomorrow as well! The Ker’Okarn Festival On the 16th of the Grand Harvest, 1783, (Saturday at 4 PM Est) the festival will begin. There will be food, drink, and every kind of rare and impressive item imaginable. There will be a bard competition (see here) for your entertainment. The Kharajyr caravan will be arriving at the same time! (OOC: Save the Kha!) So come along and enjoy yourself in these dark times with people of many different races from across the entire realm! Things we are looking for: Any guards that want to sign up to act as security, More merchants to sell their wares, More bards to compete. Paid for and organized by Sirame Khel OOC: So the location is Ker’Okarn. To get there, follow the signs to Krugmar and then once you get to Krugmar continue by following the signs that say Ker’Okarn. OR If that doesn't work you can just use these coordinates: X:2300 Z:400 If you want to enter as a bard, see the forum page about it. (here) If you want to sell items or act as security, contact me on my discord: TideFalkmoor#4561 We want this to be a rather large festival and have been working on builds all day for last couple days. It should be pretty damn fun rp so tell people from your settlement and get the word going!
  3. This flyer would be nailed to posts and logs all over the realm. Inviting all bards to perform in Ker’Okarn at their festival Any and all who wish to perform will be given time to do so. The Festival will begin on the Grand Harvest, 1783 (Saturday at 4 pm est) and will continue for the next two elven days! We are looking for singers, dancers and everything in between! Join the festival, practice your talent, and get rewarded for it! There is a prize for the best bard of the festival, who will receive 2000 mina, a rare item, and a nice-looking trophy. This will be judged by a panel of judges who will be watching your act. You have the option of forming groups instead of individual acts. In this case, the prize will be split between the group. So come and spend time having fun with people and races from all over the realm. The entry fee is only 15 minas. OOC: So the location is Ker’Okarn. To get there, follow the signs to Krugmar and then once you get to Krugmar continue by following the signs that say Ker’Okarn. OR If that doesn't work you can just use these coordinates: X:2300 Z:400 If you want to enter as a bard please dm me your ign, persona name, what type of performance you will be doing, and your availability from 4 pm to 6 pm est on Saturday. Or from 5 pm to 6 pm est on Sunday or from 5 pm to 6 pm est on Monday. We will put you in a slot. My discord is TideFalkmoor#4561 If you want, you can also rent a shop and sell your own items, dm me the info for that as well and I’ll let you know how to do it. Any questions can also go to my discord.
  4. Royal Vassal Tour 3rd Msitza and Dargund Distributed by the Office of the Palatine to all Haeseni Peers Following the coronation of His Majesty, it is requested that each landed peer of the Kingdom of Haense prepares their holdings to host the Royal Family. Each vassal will be visited, including a tour of the land and feast. It is encouraged that vassals feel open to expressing concerns to His Majesty, on topics such as the Inferi threat during his visit. The vassals will be toured in the following order; The Duchy of Reinmar and the House of Barclay The Duchy of Valwyck and the House of Baruch The Margraviate of Korstadt and the House of Kortrevich The Margraviate of Vasiland and the House of Vanir The County of Alimar and the House of Alimar The County of Otistadt and the House of Ludovar The County of Metterden and the House of Ruthern The County of Nenzing and the House of Stafyr The Barony of Astfield and the House of Vyronov The Barony of Mondstadt and the House of Amador Specific dates and times for His Majesty’s arrival will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis with each house patriarch. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Josef I, by the grace of Godan , King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Alban, Markev and Reza, Baron of Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  5. At 3 PM EST, there will be a festival at Ker’Okarn. More details can be found here. These are the five poems that were written by Tide Falkmoor and will be performed at the festival: A Forsaken City The last gong rang, Through empty streets, No dreams, no dreams, When the city fell. Sometimes rock crumbles, Sometimes bells toll, For fallen lies, And darkened souls. There was no sound, No laughing voice, No crying child. Sometimes sorrow, Comes after nothing. Sometimes death, Comes before life’s end And then the bell tolled. The stones sang. The stars fled. No dreams, no dreams. And the bell rang. The Last It seems things That last, Are memories, Of loss. It seems things That die, Are eternal, Nonetheless. It seems things, Survive, Not in this world, But above. What will happen, When you are the last, When you are the note, Held before applause. What will happen, When you sing, When you run Out of air. What will happen, When the harsh Sound, When the harsh Sound, There it is. The last note. The one before applause. When the song stops, What will you sing? Darkened State The heads bowed, Statues, shrunken. The weak cried, Eyes, sunken. The strong sighed, Backs, broken. The liers lied, Tongues, forked. A meeting of hope, lost A meeting of future, past A meeting under stone stars, A meeting never to be had. Light thought not to leave, Must in sky be hidden. Shadowed flame burned, Eternal life stricken. Fire killed, Like mist, it fell, Burning cold, Freezing souls. The Door Mist deepened, Sound damp, Silence screamed, Through ashen night. Words spoken, Seemed stolen, From that quiet, Deathly dusk. Now, nothing, No glaring sound, No hopeful grin, No guidance from the past. Perhaps forgiveness, A furtive goal, Was as shapes, In roaming mist. Then light, Blazing brilliant light, It flooded, Burned, Battered, Drove away soaked statues. As wind on early winter days, The mist lifted. Mirth of Loss This world is full, Its story old, And always, love, Leads to loss. For things that last, Are memories, Of what once was. This world is full, Its story old, So let's not wallow, When one closed. We sing, we dance, We revel in The mirth of loss. This world is full, Its story old, We must not cry, When one is told. For all of us, Are here at last, To revel in The mirth of loss. This world is full, Its story old, So let’s not let, This day grow cold. We drink, we crow, A merry sight, For all those, Here tonight. The world is full, Its story old, And now I must Join the throng. My stories done, My voice spent, Let’s join together, to revel until loss is lost. After being performed, they were categorized and entered into the history of Tide Falkmoor by Selion Drogon
  6. With the deaths of all remaining Onfrois, a new nobility rises from the ashes. Led by a grieving woman and supported by her many children, the House of Ambrose was formed. ================================================================================ The House of Ambrose ================================================================================ The House of Ambrose is dedicated towards the preservation of high society, the upkeep of historical texts, and the endless pursuit of education. The Ambrose family tries to maintain a reputation of wisdom in the Highland Realm. Those who study and scribe under the guidance of an elder Ambrose may earn the initial “A.” before their last name. This is done through a ceremony -a knighting of such- where the individual promises to dedicate their life and work towards the betterment and appreciation of knowledge. They are considered honorary members of the Ambrose nobility and are called Disciples. If an honorary member of the House of Ambrose were to have a child, they would be immediately considered for teaching and study, if that is the path they choose. Natural-born Ambroses are direct lineage from the Madame Alli and her fully-devoted children. They are to keep their names, no matter whom they marry, as a symbol of pride. Ambroses are expected to publish at least one work in their lifetime, so long as it passes their elders’ approvals. The works will be added to the lengthy collection in the Ambrose Highland Library. Ambrose family members are darker in skin, in spite of the cold and dark environment they inhabit. They tend to have brown or black hair and dark green eyes. Those are the dominant traits, at least - depending on the parents, a child member of the family could look starkly different. For example, because of Madame Alli’s adoption of the Maddox siblings, some Ambrose family members have stark white hair. Women of the family are almost always tall, looking average-sized men in the eyes, if not towering over them. Women of Ambrose are respected equally to their male counterparts, no matter the situation nor setting. They too are expected to complete training of physical combat and write of their research and findings. One of the many cultural differences of the House of Ambrose is that there are absolutely no topics that are inappropriate to be held. Ambrose members are brutally honest, blunt, and not afraid to show their wit. However, they are smart enough to not be politically clumsy for the King of Norland and his council. By mere core ethics and code of the Ambrose Nobility, they are strategists first and fighters second. Rash decisions are bad decisions, as they say. They are also followers of the canonist religion. Those interested in learning from the Noble House of Ambrose can potentially earn an honorary role in the Ambrose nobility. First, they would have to meet the two oldest family members (the Heads of the Noble House) and prove their worth by completing a challenge. Challenges depend on the elders and the potential they see in the student. The sigil for this house represents a shield with a design in honor of the past Onfrois. A seed is at the top of the shield, standing for the planting of the Seed of Knowledge. Wings are to the sides of the sigil, showing that we as a civilization can only grow from our experiences. And then there is the motto. “Qui Vivra Verra” is the expression of this nobility, being roughly translated from a foreign language to Common as “Those who live shall see”. Most commonly, though, the phrase is interpreted as “Only the future will tell.” The Noble House of Ambrose is acknowledged to be a true Norlandic Nobility and has been approved by the King of Norland and his trusted Kings Council. Ave Norland. Signed, Halvar Edvardsson, King of Norland Alli Ruse Ambrose, Head of House Ambrose ((If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to DM me on discord at SophiaTsu#3332!))
  7. The humble return of house Napoliza Issued on the 12th of Malin's welcome, 1781 ---------------------------------------- It is early in the morning when the gates of Fonsi bellowed and churned, hefting for what would seem to be the last time. Soldiers, servants and citizens could be seen packing their carriages as the noble household of Napoliza moved to stand on a lifted platform. Vague noises could be heard as lady Luciana Maria Napoliza spoke to her citizens one last time "Through struggle we persevered, and we found unity and success." The elderly exclaimed with pride "A motto that stands very close to my heart, and a motto that is true now more then ever. Today we shall leave our beloved town in the desert of Korvassa, so that we may rebuild our home once more." The illatian lady paused for a moment as she cleared her throat "With sixteen carriages full of supplies, stock and our prideful citizens we shall ride to a better place! The inferni have killed our children, diminished our state’s populace and our morale. Thus, let us pray one more time, and look forward to better times." Luciana performed a lorraine cross as she spoke the words, "Per dio e gloria!" And with those words, sixteen carriages rode out of Fonsi, the first carriage adorned with gold and orange gems carrying the Matriarch of house Napoliza and her immediate household. The second,third and fourth bore the government, noble entourage and notable business owners. All other carriages contained citizens, armor and supplies "Signore Maximiliano, please send this letter to the palaces of the three nations Oren, Haense and Kaedrin and to the imperial state army." ------------------------------------------------ "To whomever may read this, Earlier this morning, we left Fonsi as the city was no longer defendable against the inferni. We have stumbled upon ruins of Brunswick which we plan to settle on, west of the majestic Duchy Helena and subsequent Ducal crownlands. In these troubling times for the world, we ask our brothers and sisters that descended from Horen to pray for the soldiers on the battlefront, as we rebuild our community near your land. We hope to mend our relations with the Holy Orenian Empire, and persevere through these hard times together: United as one. As a sign of goodwill, the house of Napoliza shall donate its entire armory to aid supply the brave soldiers in their wars. We may supply around 300 soldiers with armor, weapons and food. Furthermore, we wish to announce that we shall name these ruins the province of Frontino until a more suitable name for the territory is discussed with either the house of Lords, or his imperial majesty and his wise advisors. For god and glory, her ladyship, Luciana I Maria Napoliza dei Frontino (Previously known as HSH Luciana I maria Napoliza of Vitenna, Duchess of Fonsi and Baroness of Vileux.)
  8. [!] You see a flyer that has been plastered across Arcas, it looks brand new. It is signed in a very curly writing. It’s in both Blah, Elven, Adunian, and English! Blah: DA NUBDED hab started fighting all ober Arcas, and it's time for ub to see we must leave! Arcas hab becub an barren wabland, ib you care about your bruddah, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Twigizes , Quickzpawn, Gazat, Bruddah, and Zquealz will need new lin. Wheb the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. Wheb we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new goi! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you and your bruddah all be safe. Elven: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for nae sulier we must leave! Arcas has become ata, if you care about your onn, nae will want ay leave Arcas! But of course, all the Valah, Malin, Bortu, Uruk, and Tali'bortu will need new lin. When the time comes, nae might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) kae will start a new linan'sae! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May nae all be safe. English: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about your kin, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, and Halflings will need new home. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new city! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. May you all be safe. Adunian: THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for you to see we must leave! Arcas has become barren, if you care about yohn clahn, you will want to leave Arcas! But of course, all the Sehrin, Malin, Halmyn, Gnekyr, and Halflings will need new Ildic. When the time comes, you might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) I will start a new Ildon! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. Alexandria Valjron OOC Discord: https://discord.gg/mFRn3P4
  9. The Highland Realm, Clan Vyremark [!] As the brave soldiers of Norland settle down after yet another vicious War with the Holy Orenian Empire, chatter forms within the halls of Morsgrad. The men and women feast, celebrate the inevitable end to the War, knowing they had done all they could, and battled valiantly. Jorvic Vyremark stands, addressing as many as he could within the Feasting Hall, a flask of ale in his hand and his fur coat strapped around his torso. “Attention brothers, sisters, loyal subjects to the King, Halvar Edvardsson, today we celebrate!” Roars, slamming of tables and more commotion would be heard throughout the hall. “Today, we made history. Tomorrow, we shall keep the peace.” He would nod to his friends, sitting next to where he stood. “The Clan of Vyremark shall now thrive. Our purpose? To keep those who have wronged us under shackles, to make sure they don’t burst free and cause the same issues they have for the majority of our life time, and the lives of those before us!” Clan Vyremark are followers of the Red Faith, every member has to denounce their rights to citizenship and follow the rules of the Clan. Said rules shall be pasted below. All participants lose their rights to marriage, as they swear their lives to the Clan. They may have romantic relations, children, and their freedom but they must commit their allegiance to the Clan, not a partner. Those who wish to join Clan Vyremark must undergo a trial, where they must show willingness and commitment. At the end of the trial, they will be branded with the sigil of Clan Vyremark on their right, preferably sword, arm. Uniforms will be provided once the ‘New Bloods’ have passed trial. Keys to the Clan Hall will be passed onto ‘Clan Members’ once we have been given a place of residence from the Crown. As a member of Clan Vyremark, you carry responsibility. We strictly do NOT bandit, harass or injure citizens of any Nation. The only time we shall commit violence against others is if we are threatened, or the Nation declares War with Norland or its vassals, and vise versa. Those who associate themselves with the Clan, regardless of rank must attend Red Faith events, praying to the all Father, and paragons often. Clan Members must always wear their fur coats in public, and their allocated uniforms depending on their rank within the Clan. The Hierarchy of the Clan consists of: - The Vykan, Jorvic Vyremark - Chief Advisor - Clan Elder - Clan Member - New Bloods - Peasants/Outcasts Signed, Jorvic Vyremark, The Vykan of Clan Vyremark Halvar Edvardsson, King of Norland
  10. THE OLD GUARD & THEIR PUPPETS The name of Urguan has been misused for years by a few dwarves that still hold influence over the kings and the people, that influence has been considered as toxic for many years and has now cost us our most important relic and tradition : the Hammer of Urguan and runesmithing. If a dwarf wants to climb up the ladder in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, he must befriend the old guard, he must try his best. Those who hangout with the Old Guard will usually end up as your next king, just like Jorvin Starbreaker, do the work, befriend them and you shall be named king. Those dwarves do not care if the common dwarf has nothing to do, has to defend their bidding or has to plead for relics. They want to keep their influence over you at all cost. They would rather leave than see their candidate win, a truly toxic attitude. This system has to come to an end, those dwarves shall be identified publicly, their toxicity exposed to all dwarves because in the end they do not care about the common dwarf, they care about holding their power over them. They shouldn’t be trusted when they led to the fall of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan many times in the past, they do not want to work to improve the kingdom. We shall unite and leave the Grand Kingdom for a better one, something that we all agree will represent us. What led to the victory of Kaz’Ulrah is simply happening again and there is nothing that you will be able to do to stop it because you do not have the dedication anymore. THE OLD GUARD Zahrer Irongrinder Rumored to be a member of the undead after being supposedly killed by a group of Orcs, the old leader of Arcadia is simply a harborer of relics as I have personally seen and lived on Arcadia, he personally has the scales so searched by the Goldhands and many other relics. This dwarf has lost the tradition of runesmithing. He is to take the blame as why The Kingdom of Urguan fell to Kaz’Ulrah as he was the king. He is to be remembered as a failure when he is publicly hanged in the halls of Urguan. Dwain II Irongut Strangely, this dwarf cannot let go after building his family outside of the kingdom and completely ignoring us, the small influence he had over The Hammer of Urguan is now gone just like his clan’s legitimacy in the future. A true failure to his dad’s name, he is to be remembered as a complete flop after he is publicly executed. Fili Grandaxe The one who surrendered the Kingdom of Urguan to the other forces, what can you say, he was used by Zahrer Irongrinder to surrender as Zahrer didn’t want his history tarnished by such a fact. His influence is low, a few dwarves know of him, he still thinks his opinion matters enough to show up to the kingdom’s meeting when he is mostly ignored and never around the kingdom. Also suspected to be harboring relics of Urguan. Truly a useless dwarf that should be imprisoned for accepting to surrender. Fimlin Grandaxe Just like Fili, the washed up dwarf that he is, Fimlin Grandaxe has never achieved anything great for the Grand Kingdom Of Urguan but when it has been a long time, history gets mixed up and re-written it actually looks like Fimlin has influence but he doesn’t. He will still show up to the occasional meeting where he can give his opinion but still, he is never there, he doesn’t know what the common dwarf experiences. THE PUPPETS Norli Starbreaker Already rumored to be the next king by the old guard because he was allowed to flourish while others couldn’t, this dwarf is nothing but another of the puppets put in place by The Old Guard. If it wasn’t for the Old Guard, this dwarf would have probably never achieved anything else but the bare minimum. Just like I told you earlier my child, you must know to play the game if you want to be king. Jorvin Starbreaker While he was doing nothing in the positions he held, this dwarf knew how to play the system just like his other clan member, he joined and befriended The Old Guard. He held positions in the kingdom, while looking good for his candidacy as King, he never achieved anything else beside the bare minimum. Once put in a position of power, he became stressed, he started to seclude himself, why ? Because he was never a proper candidate to be king but rather another one of the puppets. Dimlin Irongut Another dwarf that was being told what to do by The Old Guard and that had to pay the price of being shamed for the rest of his life. Hammerless, he shall try to convince us that he did good for us but his name is truly tarnished. “Dimlin, keep this there and it will be fine”, he was told but he still lost it because The Old Guard has truly lost touch with our lands, they do not know what is happening. Always put in place in positions of power while there is a better candidate, he shall lead you to battle missing one arm. Darek Irongrinder Another dwarf that secludes himself with The Old Guard, washing their feet and doing various tasks for them. Always present to take his assigned position by the Old Guard when there is a new kingdom, he will always set-up a few things here and there before becoming absent. It is rare you can see him travel through the halls to ask him to build something and rarely will he build what you are asking him. Dwalin Irongut The one who is supposed to be enforcing the rules written by someone else. Another puppet that has played the game just like everybody else. Considered a candidate of last resort by the Old Guard, he should become king if the influence of The Old Guard is truly menaced. What can you say, he is trying to be like them. Always absent and without knowledge of the day-to-day matters of the kingdom, he holds this position for dear life while there could be something better done. Kazrin Starbreaker A new player to the game of The Old Guard, Kazrin seems to be the new puppet put in place. He truly has started by befriending the puppets before coming one himself. Slowly he is turning into a fully pledge player, if you see him king one day, I will have warned you. Our Path Forward, Together The toxicity of The Old Guard will come to an end rather abruptly, a new dwarven kingdom will be created for those seeking something better : a kingdom that gives opportunities to every dwarf there is, a kingdom that has better communication but most importantly a kingdom led without a shadow council. This kingdom will be built upon camaraderie & support of each other. The Old Guard has truly never learned of their mistakes, they will be replaced with us, the dwarves of the new age. Do not be mistaken, we will take land upon Arcas and make a stand against them.
  11. [!] You see a flyer that has been plastered across Arcas, it looks brand new. It is signed in a very curly writing. It also seems to be in Elven, how odd! THE INFERI have started attacking all over Arcas, and it's time for nae sulier we must leave! Arcas has become ata, if you care about your onn, nae will want ay leave Arcas! But of course, all the Valah, Malin, Bortu, Uruk, and Tali'bortu will need new lin. When the time comes, nae might want to join Ayandria. When we move (which is inevitable) kae will start a new linan'sae! We will be open to all races, cultures, and religions. See Athela Vuln Graye for more information. (Helena) May nae all be safe. Athela Vuln Graye OOC Discord: https://discord.gg/mFRn3P4 OOC addon: It says “new player” but i’m really not. Been playing for around 2 years!
  12. This is a series of entries in a journal that are written by a historian about Sirame Khel. They will be entered into the grand library of Dragur upon the event of Tide Falkmoor’s death or that of the order. (OOC: so you can't use this information until Tide Falkmoor has died) On the 15th of the deep cold, 1780, Sirame Khel was founded. There was no fanfare or celebration. This order would forever hide in the shadows, protecting itself from prying eyes. At the time there were only three dark elves whose only connection was their hope for the future and their belief in the honor of the Ashen Folk. Their names were Tide Falkmoor, Salaron Chaeydark, and Selmas Chaeydark. They pledged to change the world and the fate of their race. Salaron Chaeydark was a brazen, tall, and haughty ‘Ker. He believed that the dark elves should be proud and thought that an open assault upon the order of the realm would soon be necessary. He wore dark leather and carried with him a short sword. He spoke with great conviction of the plans of the order and was determined to see it as far as he could. Little did he know that his part in the story would end sooner then any would think. Selmas Chaeydark, the sister of Salaron Chaeydark, was a quiet, younger ‘Ker. She had a full and loving heart and wished to help the growth of Sirame Khel because her brother was invested and she believed in helping those poor and powerless. She would speak slowly as she then could not speak common as well as most but still understood more about the future of Sirame Khel then any other. Tide Falkmoor was a sly, quiet ‘Ker. He, unlike Salaron, believed that the authority of Sirame Khel and of the Ashen Folk could only be grown through slow and gradual growth. He was a poet, a singer, and an expert swordself. For Tide, the world changed through words and not actions. He considered fighting to be beneath him and through his methods, the power and influence of Sirame Khel would grow exponentially. His speech was always considered and careful. Yet beneath this veneer of genteel, cultured, intellectualism hid a vibrant, dangerous elf who, when faced with a challenge, would forge forward no matter what obstacles stood in his way. While not evil, Tide Falkmoor would never shrink from any method so long as he got what he wanted. This small group of dark elves immediately began building a network of elves and spies. At first success seemed inevitable. Elves flocked to join. Sirame Khel even made a deal with the leader of Ker’okarn to gain land in the city of Krugmar. There they began to build the tower of Sirame Khel. This would be the place where the members would meet met for many years. However, tragedy struck sooner than any would have expected. Salaron Chaeydark was slain during a moonless night by a faceless guard. This death destroyed Selmas Chaeydark. She had lost her father only a few years earlier. Now she was without family and for the Ashen Folk, family is everything. This also meant that the order of Sirame Khel had lost someone who was important to the cause. Tide Falkmoor was determined to continue the order in memory of his friend. He was now the sole leader of Sirame Khel and as a result, the methods of the order would from then on would follow only his philosophy of quiet subterfuge and would avoid antagonizing any group, race, or nation. However, Salaron would always remain at the heart of the order, leading it in his name. His excitable spirit would guide the order towards higher heights and would never be forgotten by those who followed the order. The Tide A poem written by Tide Falkmoor at this time. Roaring waves, Pouring over deep red stones. Slow water, Flowing into sharp wide cracks. For years, the tide has risen, Yet now waves lap on shores. Sparkling drops, Flying orange in bright rosy light. Streaming rays, Turns oceans to gold, Rocks to pillars, And fish to angels. When water hits a wall, Mountains move. Entry one of “The History of Sirame Khel and its Rise to Power” by Selion Drogon.
  13. The Legion of Urguan The Dwarven Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest military guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Notable Battles Battle of the Ugluk Fort The Legion siege the Orcish fort of Clan Ugluk. The result is a Legion victory and the land is claimed for the Grand Kingdom. This particular land would become the site of Storm’s Crossing and eventually Kal’Ithrun. Battle of Indagolaf The Legion, pushed back from the trenches surrounding the remains of Thoringrad, entrench themselves in the depths of Fort Indagolaf, an underground superfortress. After a lengthy siege, the Legion forces emerge from the fortress in a charge that would route the human, orc, and elven forces Battle of Kal’Azgoth The Legion forces alongside their allies, led by a dwarf freed from the clutches of Ondnarch, make their way through the deeproads and into the sealed city. It is here that Igor Ireheart, wielding the Hammer of Baradin, sacrifices himself to destroy the essence of Ondnarch and free the trapped Aengul Wyvern. Battle of the Dreadfort Human forces backed by the Legion siege teams attempt to retake the Scourge-held fortress of the Dreadfort. With brilliantly engineered weaponry and the precision of the siege teams, the dwarves blast a path for the human infantry to retake the Dreadfort with their very own Commander Borin Grandaxe killing the Harbinger of Conquest. Battle of Vengeance The Legion and forces of the Treaty of Zion participate in an open field battle in the Orcish sands against the Orenian forces.. After the magic of the realm failed and many persons being teleported across the realm and the Zionists dominated the remaining human forces. Battle of Hiebenhall The forces of the dwarven legion defended the Irongut hold of Hiebenhall against the Kingdom of Oren. The fort was unable to be breached because of its strategic location and the might of the dwarven crossbowmen who kept the human forces at bay. Orenian forces eventually retreated for their inability to conquer the hold and their massive loss of numbers. Battle of the Grass Nearing the end of a bloody war, Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe and Grand King Balek Irongut led the first defense of their homeland against an Orcish Horde. With overwhelming numerical superiority, the forces of Urguan forsook their keep and charged the horde head on slaughtering all who sought to endanger their people. The battle marked the end of the war and a lasting peace for the people of Urguan. Battle of Khro'Nogaak The Legion, supported by the Horde of Dunamis and men following the good Faiz Kharadeen, banded together to protect Fort Khro'Nogaak from the Holy Orenian Empire. Pushing the human empire out of Urguan while the fort crumbled around the defenders leaving a mere hill to defend on. Fili Grandaxe and others descended down the mountain pouring alchemist’s fire on the attackers and repelling them decisively while outnumbered. Battle of Kal’Ordholm During the peak of the 18 years war, the dwarves had been driven from the isle of Avar and were fighting back on the mainland. After sustaining significant losses in each of the battles on Avar, the dwarves’ morale was faltering. The Empire of Oren sought to claim the Fort of Kal’Ordholm on the coast of the mainland. Grand Marshal Jorik returned from his injuries and took command at the fort. With the help of allies from Vandoria and Dunamis, the dwarves held a staunch defense and, under the lead of the Grand Marshal, charged out eliminating the remaining attackers and forcing the Empire out of Urguan lands. This battle is cited as a key turning point in the war and caused the Empire to entirely rethink their method of attack. Battle of Fort Dunamis After the brutal loss at the Battle of Kal’Ordholm, the Empire of Oren shifted its fronts to attack the stronghold of the dwarves’ trusted allies at Dunamis. Dunamis fort was then defended by the Legion, Orcs, and Dunamis. In a surprise attack, the defending forces sallied out from the keep surrounding the Orenian forces and absolutely decimating them on the field. In the fighting, both the Emperor of Oren, as well as its marshal were killed and the war quickly came to a close. Battle of the Bloody Brothers After the election for a new Grand King, Verthaik Frostbeard and his followers broke apart from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Following the rebellion, the Legion, still highly trained from the 18 years war, met the rebellion in the valley of flowers, slaughtering the traitors decisively. Although this would not mark the end to the Frostbeard’s attempts in the future. Battle of the Gorge With the Orenian Empire once again at the borders of Urguan in Vailor, the Legion was once again spurred into action by Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe. With their allies in Courland, Urguan in an unprecedented manner, repelled the Orenian invaders by taking advantage of the sheer walls of a valley. This marked the first time the Orenian Empire lost a field battle in many years. Battle of the Goldfields In arguably one of the largest battles in the history of the descendents, nearly 200,000 men on both sides from the Coalition, to the Empire of Oren met in the field outside the Barony of Cantal. The Coalition won a landmark victory which would eventually lead to the dismantling of the Empire of Oren and a clear victory for Urguan from the oppressing force that had plagued them across many lands. King Algoda Frostbeard followed by King Bastion Ireheart oversaw the collapse with help from a strong Legion led by Jorik Grandaxe. Ever since this dismantling, the Kingdom of Urguan has had remarkably better relations with any human empire that formed thereafter. Military Ranks Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the Leader of the Dwarven Legion, second only to the King. He is at all times expected to be an example to those under his command, to lead with gallantry and devoid of cowardice. Everything he says, everything he orders, will be upheld. Disobeying the Grand Marshal comes with terrible consequences. Commander Commanders are exemplary leaders and confident brave soldiers, they take commands directly from the Grand Marshal and convey them to the lower ranks. It is the Commander’s duty to manage the Legion in the absence of the Marshal, as well as organize training and manage patrols. As well as keeping the entirety of the legion functioning, they are also tasked with leading their own personal divisions. There can only be two commanders at any point in time. Thane The lowest officer rank within the Legion. Thane’s have proven both marital ability and the prowess to lead. Responsible for leading soldiers when a Commander or Marshal isn’t present. Typically, Thanes lead their own centuries in their corresponding divisions while being overseen by their respective Commanders. It is the Lieutenant’s duty to ensure Legionnaires are consistently working to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Pridebearer Pridebearers are the most skilled warriors and hardened veterans of the legion. Extremely competent in the field, they have proved their worthiness time and time again. Pridebearers are dedicated members of the legion and generally are first to be picked to become an officer within the legion. The Pridebearers are derived from their ancient duty of wielding and defending the banner of Urguan. Longbeard Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen from to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Ironbreaker Ironbreakers are experienced soldiers in the legion and have proved their battle prowess and loyalty to the Grand Kingdom. This is generally the lowest rank from which an officer can be appointed and is done under very rare circumstances as there must be no other higher ranking legionnaires worthy of the position. Mountainguard The Mountainguard are the core of the Legion, who have been placed into their division of interest. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication than the common Castakvel. Grunt A Grunt is the beginning rank within the Legion. All Dwarves can sign up at any time to start their progress within the legion as a Grunt. These beginning soldiers will be taught all the basics they need within their military career. Promotion Requirement Grand Marshal: Selected by the Grand King. Commander: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be a Lieutenant. Thane: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be an Ironbreaker or above. Pridebearer: 600 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal Longbeard: 400 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal Ironbreaker: 150 Honor Mountainguard: 50 Honor Grunt: 0 Honor Organization The Legion acts as a singular fighting army though it’s organization is split into a series of divisions who compose the military structure of the legion. The entirety of the Legion is led by the Grand Marshal, who is advised by his two Commanders. The divisions act under their respective Commander and are made up of a series of centuries led by Thanes. Divisions The entirety of the legion is made up of a number of divisions. These divisions hold a large number of legionnaires who are grouped into smaller centuries. A division is led by a Commander who is helped by his commanding Lieutenants. Divisions may have established cultures and fighting styles or specializations as they grow in development. Centuries Within the grander and bigger divisions, co-inside the smaller detachments of legionnaires called Centuries. Centuries are commanded by a Thane and have their own individual Pridebearers who act as the Thanes second in command. A sense of camaraderie is present between this tightly knit fighting group, along with a developed culture that can distinguish them from the other centuries. 1st Infantry Division: Century ΣI Century ΣII 2nd Ranger Division: Century ΩI Century ΩII Honor System In the Legion, prowess and competency can be displayed through the gaining of honor. Honor is gained by completing set tasks and reporting it to an officer. To achieve a higher rank, a certain amount of honor must be reached. If a Legionnaire is inactive, their honor will begin to decay. Honor can also be lost for foolish activity and disobedience. The ways to achieve Honor in the Legion are: Gate Duty: 5 Honor per hour (Max 2 hour a day) Patrol: 5 Honor per hour (Max 1 hour a day) Meetings/Feasts: 5 Honor Completing tasks assigned by officers: 5 Honor Saving a fellow Legionnaire: 5 Honor (Risking your life to save them 10 honor) Attending a Training: 10 Honor Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom: 10 Honor Being critical to a successful mission: 10 Honor Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion: 15 Honor Winning a Legion organized tournament: 15 Honor Raids: 20 Honor Skirmishes: 30 Honor Battles: 50 Honor Honor through craftsmanship: Donating a double chest of cobble to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a chest of food to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a double chest of stone brick to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a double chest of lumber to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a stack of Iron to the legion: 10 Honor Honor can also be rewarded for other exemplary actions. Dishonor: Dishonor occurs when a soldier in the service of the Legion refuses to do certain actions or shows disrespect to individuals of the Legion, in the event this occurs the Dwarf is to be stripped of hours and if the Dwarf is to drop below the requirements of the ranks he or she has earned then they shall be stripped of their rank and medal. Failure to complete mission: -10 Honor Cause the mission failure: -20 Honor Misuse of Legion issued equipment: -20 Honor Speaking against the Grand Marshal or Commander: -30 Honor Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers: -50 Honor Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks: -50 Honor Going Stark Raving Mad: -100 Honor OOC: Spamming and trolling in discord or in game (oocly) during legion activities: -50 Honor Provoking legionnaires in discord or in game (oocly): -50 honor Attempted pugsying/actual pugsying: -150 honor Training Practicing or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and discipline. Combat Training Military practice is often done multiple times throughout the stone week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group Training Drilling (Training one’s fighting prowess.) Combat Practice (Fighting in Formations in Combat Scenarios.) Discipline and Order (Training soldiery) Trial of Combat Before a grunt may obtain the rank of Stoneguard, there are specific objectives he must complete to show his fitness, temperance, and obedience to his superiors. These are known as the Trials of Combat. Stage One: Training The legionnaire will be led through the default training program that all go through. The legionnaire will experience crucial fitness testing through long-route running and swimming, as well as lifting and throwing various objects. Then, the legionnaire will be given basic weapons training without person-to-person combat. Finally, the legionnaire will participate in basic fist-fighting with his fellows. Stage Two: Discipline The legionnaire will be tasked with remembering various codes, phrases, and rules that are associated with being a legionnaire. This is to ensure that all new bodies are appropriately educated in the ways of the Legion. Stage Three: Tactics The legionnaire will now be forced to learn the different formations, commands, and tactics employed by the Legion. This includes the various Vel, Dree Vel, and Aemiz formations. During this time, legionnaires will be able to finally participate in group v. group fighting. After their successful integration, they are considered Stoneguards. Duties Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders. When an outsider approaches the gates, the guard on-duty is expected to ask their Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, Where they’re from, and if they have any weaponry/magic). If they are wearing any face-covering masks, helmets, or hoods they must be removed. If the outsider refuses or fails to answer any question or comply with commands then they shall not be granted entry past the gates. Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Officers for further inspection. Surface Checks The Guard is to wander about the perimeter of the capitol where he or she will be charged with examining the wall that protects the Hold’s border as well as slay and critters who threaten travelers, any peculiar sightings such as wall breaks, mysterious structures, or brigand presence, is to be reported. Construction Should the nation undertake vast projects, it is the duty of the Legion to offer their assistance, be it in the actual building, or in obtaining the resources to do so. Formations Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Thrimmek - Arrow Head - Formation has leader in the centre - Is shaped like an arrow head - Officers form the outer points of the crescent - Used to absorb charges, primarily infantry charges Payment and Legion Bonuses The Dwarven Legion is paid on the representation of active service that is done per year, (weekly) the wage increases as one's rank increases as well thus allowing for a higher income on the well performing soldier's behalf. For legionnaires to receive their payment, they must attend at least 2 practices, 2 officer lead patrols and perform gate duty 2 times throughout that year. Wages Grand Marshal: At the discretion of the Grand King Commander: At the discretion of the Grand King Thane: 400 Minas Pridebearer: 350 Minas Longbeard: 300 Minas Ironbreaker: 250 Minas Stoneguard: 200 Minas Grunt: 150 Minas Legion Bonuses: While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have any, however bonus honor will be given to legionnaires who bring their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Tax Discounts: 50% off taxes on any and all properties within land administered by Urguan. Legionnaire of the Week Legionnaire of the month is a rank granted down by either the Commanders or the Grand Marshal, such ways to obtain this honor is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both rply and oocly)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for the duration of the following week. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Week you will get double pay for the next pay day. Legion Games The legion ‘games’ is like any other traditional practice, however, not involving any real goal for the Legionnaires to obtain other than simply having fun. Dwarfball Dwarf ball is a game which consists of two sides, each team has 3 players, the goal is to knock the opposing 3 players off of their pitch without crossing the middle line. The Dwarf Sprint The Dwarf sprint consists of a race between all of the legionnaires, the dwarf sprint can take place anywhere, however it is most notable for the mountain races. Beard Wrestling Beard wrestling is a game which consists of any number of Legionnaires (as long as it is an even number) and the way this game is achieved is by tying two legionnaires beards together and beginning a ‘tug of war’ with their beards. ((Each dwarf has to /roll 10, and the side getting the bigger overall number, wins.)) Legion Hall of Fame The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Uniform All Legionnaires are required to wear the uniform suitable to their rank. ((If you need your head placed on one of these skins, ask the officers or fellow legionnaires)) Skins can be found HERE: Enlistment Legion Application Form Legion Roster
  14. THE STATE OF URGUAN 18th of Malin’s Welcome, 1779 Our hammer being stolen from us should have given us the strength and the courage to stand up against those demons. Instead, we are waiting for the chance to pounce while the Humans, Orcs and Elves are on the frontlines fighting the battle for us. The few dwarves that participate in the battle have to resort to participating as an outsider, they are often losing limbs due to the fact that they never fought with those people or the communication between them and the other forces is poor. The people of Korvassa needed our help, they have always shown great support for our kingdom, instead of helping them with our full capacities, we let them exit their city. I needed to travel by myself and join the few that had heard about the attacks to help them. They needed the legion’s support, it’s a shame that a few of us have to help them. This is simply due to poor leadership, Jorvin wants to have a bigger place in the battles against the demons, well young dwarf, ******* take it, go in the negotiation table and make it known that the people of Urguan wants to help. You promised so much change after you became king, things that have not yet happened, also things that will probably never happen. Delegating to other people that have already so much on their plate will never work, you need to do the work yourself. You worry too much about your legacy, that legacy is already looking very bad son. Urguan is still as boring as it was before the election, there’s simply nothing to do, a dwarf has to travel to other nations to have something to do, he has to defend other races and most of the new faces we see usually end up leaving like always. Urguan is without a doubt boring while we have Starbreakers sitting on the throne, they are simply satisfied with what they currently have instead of always seeking for better. The sermons and teachings given by the clergy are spontaneous, usually pretty light in content because they weren’t prepared. The new dwarf almost has to look under a rock to know they are happening. We should celebrate and learn about our history in a room of 15-20 instead of the 5-10 people there is. The clergy has members but those members are pretty useless because they are given nothing to do. Proper organization should be required in the clergy. Writers do not make great leaders, as it is shown here. Darek Irongrinder, one of the most inactive dwarf has been given many positions such as grand architect, leader of this and that. Again, he goes inactive and is hard to reach for new dwarves that join us. I even tried to ask him myself for some work but he is never there. What’s there to gain when the same story always happen with the dwarves named Darek, they are simply not there. ((26 minutes played last week, like really ???)) The Grand Marshall, someone who came with ideas that made absolutely no sense is rather absent and is simply worried about building his fort or whatever. You’re not free of working son, as the Grand Marshall, you should be one of the most active dwarf in the kingdom instead you hide from us, others have to recruit for you and Dimlin has already worked enough for you and you continue to treat him like ****. Your clan and its members should be reviewed for activity, it doesn’t seem to me like your clan has 5 active members. Please consider that while you sit outside the capital, the ISA probably had 10 practices and 15 other events of different types. War did bring you legionnaires but that’s normal, that’s war, remember those legionnaires : you do not lead them to battle, they came naturally because of the war and you never recruited them. The concurrent skirmishes against Oren in the past few weeks has shown us that the leadership of the legion will not work. We weren’t even able to properly show up to these skirmishes and show our strength on the days that it actually counted, it really seemed for a moment that Big Tony had a leash on our Grand Marshall, wouldn’t even surprise myself one little bit.if our Grand Marshall enjoys it because he will be able to claim that he did all those great things. THE MOVEMENT, we out.
  15. The Damerian Guard Codex For many years, Damerians have lived oppressed. They have been led astray, swaying from the purpose of Darrowmere and the Cannonist faith, which we have claimed to follow. From this day forth, the Damerians shall swear their allegiance to the Crown, and to the Noble House of Onfroi. Those who are capable fighters will be required to take up arms, joining the newly founded Damerian Guard force held in Fort Darrowmere. The sole purpose of the Guard is to defend the Noble House of Onfroi, above all other tasks. There are many duties and responsibilities which the Guard must follow. Said duties consist of: Remain fit and strong. Mandatory exercise will be a practice of the Guard to ensure the safety of the Guards and the people of Darrowmere alike; being unhealthy and incapable puts yourself and others at risk. While on duty, a uniform is required, which will be provided once you join the Guardforce. All Damerian Guards shall wear this uniform at all times without fail while defending the walls, protecting travelling nobility or being stationed on the gate. All Guards shall be armed while on duty. Failure to be armed will lead to issued punishment depending on the severity. Lack of preparation is an easy way to put yourself, and those around you, in danger in the unlikely circumstance we are attacked. Guards shall refer to all Onfroi’s as ‘My Lord’, or ‘My Lady’. They shall refer to the general public while on duty by their titles, those without titles shall be known as ‘Ser,’ or ‘Madame’. Use of force is permitted to all Guards, however abuse of power will be heavily sanctioned and those found guilty will be exiled from Darrowmere. This includes: Unjust murder, abuse of Citizens without trial, execution of a punishment before trial. The rest shall be considered common sense, and the Marshal and the Head Guard shall deem those guilty of abuse in a case-by-case format. ((OOC: If you wish to apply for the Damerian Guard, please apply on this forum using the format pasted below: IGN: RP NAME: RP AGE: DISCORD: Former military experience shall be noted below, please go into detail of your past experiences in combat, and ability to keep the public safe. Any criminal records shall be stated here, if found to be lying you will instantly be denied. Past housing and living records shall also be mentioned, for example if you lived in Morsgrad prior, or even another City:)) Signed, Dame Alli Ruse Onfroi, Burgrave and Head of the Onfroi Household Ser Hadvar av Mitteland, Marshal of Norland, Head of the Onfroi Household, Head of the Damerian Guardforce Ser Jolfrey, Head Guard of the Damerian Guardforce Alexios Onfroi, The Noble House of Onfroi Ave Darrowmere.
  16. Sinking: Sunk A tired Petyr Baruch lounged at his desk chair within his chambers, eyes bloodshot and half shut. He didn’t understand his family’s sudden betrayal, with the majority of his children siding with his unfaithful wife over him, and his own father forcing him to abdicate on false claims of insanity. He certainly didn’t feel insane, it was his family who were overlooking reality! As he sat, he reminisced over memories, memories of a time when he truly loved his wife: The first memory he went to was one of his best; the birth of his first child. He walked into the feast hall, exhausted from a long day’s work in Reza. However, upon seeing Sofiya — and her notable lack of a baby bump — he immediately jumped up “Ah missed it?” He’d cry out with anguish, approaching his wife and swaddled baby with great haste. “Are ‘ey ‘ealthy?” He asked as he peered over her arms, gazing unto his newborn babe. “Da, he is. Would you like to hold him?” Sofiya suggested, a smile growing on his face as the gender of his child was revealed “He” He’d repeat, receiving the child in his arms. He’d speak in an excited whisper, as to not frighten his new son “Look a’ ‘im! Eja little Petyr'' He dubbed the child after himself. A faint smile spread across his lips as he recalled the day, surely there had never been a more joyous occasion in his entire life. But that smile soon faded, as he recalled the outright disobedience and spiteful attitude of who that babe grew to be. Never had he seen a child so dedicated to acting out against every word he said, so dedicated to sending him to an early stress-induced grave. Perhaps it wasn’t his best memory after all. Maybe it was actually a good thing he wasn’t there for the birth of such an unruly and ungrateful child. Instead, he moved on to the next memory, hoping to clear his mind. However his mind was led astray, not to a good memory, but another bad. “That is cruel of you… To try and turn my own children against me!” Sofiya screamed at him in the feast hall of Valstadt Castle. All he remembered was a feeling of indignant confusion. He hadn’t turned the kids against her. Perhaps to blame was her frequent carousing with so-called business partners Vorloin Sturmholm and John Pruvia. He saw the way they looked at her… With lust and hedonistic intent. And how was she to explain her current pregnancy? He didn’t remember anything ever being conceived, no, not by him. And yet every day she returned to Valwyck, pretending to be the ideal wife. Perhaps she thought he was stupid? “Ye did tha’ yerself! Ye don’ ge’ to abandon yer family and ‘en try to weasel yerself back into it!” He clutched his bottle of Carrion as tightly as he could in anger “Why are you so desperately trying to take away the one thing that brings me joy in life?” She spoke of their children, the ones she brainwashed against him, with the help of his eldest, Little Petyr. All he had done was try to enlighten them to the truth, telling them that their Mamej no longer had time to be with them, that she chose a new family over their own. That much — he was sure — was true. Though as he stood in thought, Sofiya violently and brazenly lunged towards him, planting the palms of her hands on his shoulders in a savage shove. He had to protect himself, who could tell for sure how far she intended to go with this attack? So he instinctively brought the bottle he clutched up to her head, knocking her onto the ground with it. Petyr grunted at his desk, jolting to his senses as the unpleasant thoughts flooded his mind. His relationship was fine until Little Petyr came along. The boy had corrupted his wife, turned her violent and rebellious. “Where did ah go wrong?” He pondered alone in his room. How could he have let his own child turn his wife against him, who in turn poisoned the rest of his kin with venomous rhetoric and accusations. Finally he forced himself to reminisce of a time before Little Petyr’s birth, when things were good: Naturally his thoughts drifted to his marriage counseling under the guidance of Bishop Benedict. He, Sofiya and the Bishop stood on the bank of the water outside Valstadt, the Bishop chanting “Spirit of the water, help us! Mother moon, help us! Children stars, guide us!” Followed by the dumping of holy water on their heads, cleansing them of their sins. This act had become an inside joke between him and his new bride. They both found the amount of water employed by the Bishop to be a bit exaggerated, suffering the same at their wedding, darkening and weighing down their clothes for the rest of the evening both times. They had been considering having a baby ever since their wedding night, but decided it would be best to wait until they were more bonded. They both respected each other and the boundaries they had set. Once more a faint smile appeared on his face as he sat at his desk. A tear of grief ran down his face, for the Sofiya in that memory was long dead. Little Petyr had killed her. He needed to avenge her. However, his reminiscing was soon cut short as he heard the screams of Isabel below. It was as if the stars had aligned, for when he ran down to see what had happened, a frantic Isabel announced that Sofiya was in fact dead literally as much as she was in his mind metaphorically; facedown in the water outside. He sat Isabel in the feast hall as he went out to investigate. Standing at the railing of the bluffs, he saw Sofiya’s body was battered. It seemed she had jumped from a high distance, her body crushed on impact and subsequently slapped against the cliffside repeatedly. He concluded she had probably jumped from the tower. “She always was weak, wasn’ she?” He asked spitefully, though deep inside he knew he only referred to the shell of Sofiya that he grew to hate after Little Petyr’s incessant poisoning. The Sofiya he knew before was strong, and would never have committed such an unholy act on herself. Nonetheless, Petyr quickly ordered the body to be retrieved from the water and buried near the memorial for their missing son Matyas. “Regardless, ah know who drove ‘er to ‘is fate” He’d declare to himself in his continuing internal monologue. He’d pat the pommel of his blade as it hung on his hip, turning to return inside Valstadt Castle, where the new Duke — Petyr II — resided. The time for vengeance was now. After all, he had nothing left to lose, his wife, titles and job having been torn from him. Upon entry to the castle, he passed by his frantic family and went straight up to his chambers. To his luck, he had never relinquished the set of armour he wore during his tenure as Lord Palatine, the transition of power had been too crazed, too chaotic. Slowly and meticulously, he strapped on the different pieces of the armour, and before soon he stood as a hunk of iron and leather plates. Affixing his scabbard to his belt, he began back towards the feast hall, where his family now mourned. “Why did she ‘ave to go?” A sniffling Little Petyr wept, embracing his sister Rozalina. Isabel still sat where he had left her; across the table from her siblings. Petyr crept around the corner of the stairwell, slowly pulling a combat knife from his side and holding it behind his back as he entered the feast hall. Luckily, the children sat facing the exit, and — although they may have heard him enter — could not see that he was dressed for war. “Ah don’ know” Roza would try to console her brother, though it was clear she was just as shaken. Regardless, Petyr crept up behind his son — knife in hand — “It was ‘er time to go, son.” He prodded, feigning a tone of concern. With this, he’d raise his knife, hoping to strike his son when he turned around to look at him — he wanted Little Petyr to see himself be stabbed. Though Petyr’s plan quickly unrailed, for it was Rozalina who turned first! “Look ou’!” The young girl quickly sprung into action, instinctively swatting the knife away from a surprised Big Petyr, the blade freeing itself from his grasp and bouncing across the tabletop. By now, Little Petyr had also turned, wide-eyed and surprised by the attack. Petyr fumbled to reach for the sword at his side — but alas — he was much too close to Roza and Little Petyr to maneuver it out. Meanwhile, Little Petyr produced his own dagger, one that Sofiya had gifted him before she died. Petyr; now in a mild panic, drew back his fist to punch his son and disarm him, but his attempt was fruitless. By the time Petyr reeled back his fist in preparation to strike, Little Petyr did so first, his dagger plunging deep into a crook in his Father’s breastplate near his shoulder, a deep red stream leaking from it. “AGH!” The man stepped back, the dagger yanked from his arm in the process, though it remained in Little Petyr’s grasp “Papej!” Isabel jumped from her bench, watching in horror at the conflict. Little Petyr briefly glanced to Isabel, and then to his bloodied dagger, standing frozen like a frightened animal. “Ye stabbed me!” Petyr snarled, lunging at his son one last time, who instinctively raised his dagger up to point at his Father, covering his eyes with his freehand. “STOP IT!” Isabel screamed, tears streaming down her face. Unfortunately for Isabel, a rough sound of tearing pursued. Her Father had run into the outward dagger, impaling it through his neck. Horrid gurgling sounds came next, and sounds of a brief struggle, before the man collapsed, hitting the table first and then the floor as he grasped at his neck. Little Petyr and Rozalina watched with mixed and unsure expressions, for ahead of them lay the man who had raised them, and yet brought them so much pain, both mental and physical. For a few more moments he struggled and writhed on the floor, blood sputtering from his impaled neck. Petyr looked up at his son, his eyes screamed for help, but he knew none would come. His strength had already left him, his hands clawed at his neck, but to no avail, the dagger was lodged. His vision slowly blurred, and the sounds of his own struggle were overtaken by a droning ringing in his ears. Soon all he could see were the silhouettes of two of his relieved children, and all he could hear was ringing and his own gasping for air. Momentarily, the gasping stopped, and he could see nothing. In his last moment — as his consciousness left him — he thought of only one thing: Sofiya. REQUIESCAT IN PACE Petyr Siegmund var Sigmar Baruch 1737-1777
  17. MAYORAL ELECTION OF HELENA: 1776 – 1780 [!] Alongside Every Poster of Jermaine’s Campaign for Lord Mayor of Helena, there appears to be another smaller letter written on parchment nailed alongside every poster, written with quill ink and stamped with a large wax seal, it reads: “My Fellow Helenians, and by extent Orenians, I have written these letters each by hand to speak to each of you out there who desire change, those who wish to live in familiarity, and those who chose to remain impartial, I ask you now as you are, to look at yourselves, and to look amongst others in our streets what do you all share? A faith? A dream? An Empire? These are all true, but you share each other, we are together, If we were never meant to be all here in the most Glorious empire in Arcas then we would’ve all perished long ago, but it was the will of faith, No, The Will of GOD that keeps us together, binds us and holds us, it’s the sap that holds the tree together, without the sap, the tree will break in the wind, I want you to ask yourselves, Are you the tree that snaps and breaks in the wind? Or the Tree that holds itself together and stands strong in the heart of storm? You must understand that the Tree is Us, and the storm is the WAR, are we going to stand up strong against it, or are we going to break and fall? Even after the war, which it may be by the time you read this, our empire will be dealing with the repercussions of this Battle for years afterwards, If you want Helena and by extent the Empire to thrive and grow stronger, more powerful and wealthier than ever before, then I implore you to go out there, into the cold world and bring warmth with a vote for me, a vote for Jermaine. I will give you whatever I have during this time to help you out of the mess we’re all struggling through by the day, I promise the changes You all need for yourselves, yes every single one of you. Go in Providence my friends, Glory to the Empire.” - Jermaine – 1776. [!] Upon closer examination of the wax seal one would see that inscribed upon it, there are small letters reading “From The Desk of Jermaine.” There are also pen marks lining the edges of the note. GLORY TO OREN – 1776
  18. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Grand Opening of Darrowmere -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [!] A messenger sends out the invitations, each invitation sealed with red wax, bearing Darrowmere’s coat of arms. Join us in Darrowmere for a joyous celebration of our newly built city! Come for a Boxing Tournament (Winners receive prizes!), a drinking contest in the tavern, and a grand feast accompanied with a variety of other festivities. All are welcome but there is one rule: you must crossdress or you will have to pay 50 minas. Personal Invitations would be delivered to the following: The Highlander Clans throughout the Highland Realm The Gorundyr Orvar of Vi Stige and its citizens The Highlander Eiriksson-Lunner of Lunsbeck and its citizens The Highlander Barbanovs of Haenseti-Ruska and its citizens The Dark Elven Velulaei’onn of Renelia and its citizens The Sutican Triumvirate and its citizens The Crown of Elvenesse and its citizens The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor and its citizens The Rex of Krugmar and its citizens The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and their citizens [!] A cartographer’s sketch of a map of Arcas can be seen, with instructions on how to get to Darrowmere Signed by Dame Athri, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Ser Jolfrey Elessar, The Marshal of Darrowmere Alli Ruse Onfroi, The Burgrave of Darrowmere [OOC: July 6th, 5pm EST // 9pm GMT]
  19. [!] One of many flyers scattered about in the world would wander and find its way to you. Upon closer inspection it seems to be an invitation, reading as follows: “Greetings traveller. I hereby extend this to you, being the occasion of the inaugural event of a town away from the rest of known settlements of all races. A peaceful place where one may find shelter and opportunities at a more fulfilling life should it be what you have sought, a second chance, a new beginning or simply an adventure in far off lands. There will be much to see and do within these walls. I wish for beings of all kinds to come together and co-exist, form bonds that elsewhere may have not been possible, and find oneself more comfortable with the world we inhabit as a whole. I hope to find you at the gates of town in due time and you will be welcomed with open arms. May fate guide you here safe and swiftly. -Rowan S. Mistvale”
  20. Response from the Royal Ministry 9th of Vzmey and Hyff, 327ES Penned and Issued by His Excellency, the Lord Palatine of Haense Petyr Baruch In an effort to adhere to newly instituted and practiced policies for the acquiring of new land, the Crown of Haense hereby dignifies: The newly reacquired region of Rubern is to be governed by the Crown of Haense and may be split up as they deem fit between the Count of Leuven and the House of Alimar, with the advisory opinion of the House of Lords. This region shall thus forth be referred to as the Midland Steppe. The House of Alimar will retain the titular title Grand Prince of Muldav, as per the protection granted to them in the Titular Title Creation Prohibition Act of 1728, which states “The cadets of the royal houses of those kingdoms within the Holy Orenian Empire” can be “styled as deemed fit by the patriarch”. A. Titular title refers to a title that has no land or territory associated with it, therefore there may be no land named or referred to as Muldav. The Baruch Ministry reaffirms the Royal Decree of 322ES and the Oren Revised Code, the latter of which states within CH 702.02 that “The privilege to hold landed secular peerage appertaining to their estates within the Imperial State, the created nature of peerage conveyed through Imperial Letters, issued singularly by the discretion of the sovereign”, but that “deeds of [land] which are entitled to a peerage shall not be granted or altered so as to cause a loss to the owner” — in this case the King — unless consented to, as according to the Peerage and Property Edict of 1768. The Baruch Ministry recognizes the recommendation of the House of Lords for the distribution of land within the Midland Steppe. It shall be taken into account when distributing the land in the region. His Majesty deems it fit that the majority of the region will be made into a national park and memorial to honor the lives lost during the AIS War of Aggression. The Lord Palatine Petyr Baruch does hereby personally apologize to the Imperial Administration for the attempted landing of Muldav without utilizing the processes set in place according to the Edict of Reform. More specifically, he apologizes for the inappropriate public and distasteful denouncement of the House of Lords at Haeseni court, which indirectly also besmirched the honour of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor. The Office of the Palatine recognizes the mistakes made by the administration and is prepared to take full responsibility for the consequences of said actions committed by the Crown. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Petyr Baruch, the Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska
  21. Hey! This has been a little while in the making, but we have finally finished revising and reworking our application and interview system. This was a project we started under the previous administration, something that @JuliusAakerlund and I wanted to change as soon as we became managers. As managers, we’re in a place where we feel like this system is better for evaluating candidates and gives people who have the creativity and experience an advantage. The application format questions have been changed and we have re-added the event prompts to the application. The event prompts aren’t hard, but do require the use of some creativity which is incredibly important for an ST member to have! The application is meant to find out if you’re qualified or at the very least can be trained to become a good actor. One of the biggest changes that we’re looking forward to is the reworking of our interviews. An interview intends to get to know the person and find out if they will be a good fit for the team and that kind of thing is best found out in a voice chat. So, with this system, story interviews for prospective actors will be done in voice. We want to move away from the idea that it is a list of questions and more of a conversation. The third and last big change, while it isn’t a permanent one, with the new application format we will be denying all previous ACTOR applications that were using the old format. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but it is necessary because we’re asking for more specific things on the newer application. It’s unfair to new applicants if we interview old applications that did not answer the prompts. We do this with the hope that everyone who has applied previously will re-apply! With these changes, we’d like to re-open recruitment for the Story Actors and we’re looking forward to going through your applications. We’ll be accepting more applicants as time moves on and looking for the absolute best out of the bunch. For the Lore side of the team, you will still need to apply with the old application under Applying for for Staff. [APPLY HERE]
  22. Council Changes of 1773 Since the first reign of Aelthos III Tundrak, the Fennic council has remained mostly static. Initially designed with the intent to satisfy the demands of Aelthos’s time, the changes in our world bring about new challenges, therefore demanding that Fenn adapt in kind. In order to embark on this new direction, Grand Prince Aelthos III Tundrak has set about reorganizing the Fennic council. With the above in mind, the following changes will occur: Due to being deemed unnecessary, the office of the Grand Chancellor is abolished forthwith. As instructed by Wyvurn, the position of Arch Vigilant shall always be fulfilled by a woman of the faith.. The position of High Emissary will be relegated to the Lower Council. Due to being deemed unnecessary, the office of the Grand Exchequer is abolished forthwith. The duties of the Bilok’Thuln will be transferred to the Ivae’Fenn. The position of Grand Steward will be relegated to the Lower Council. Due to past abuses and injustices, the office of the Grand Treasurer is abolished forthwith. From here on out, the treasury will be managed only by the Grand Prince or Princess. From these changes arises a Lower Council to handle many of the smaller matters that affect Fenn on the daily. The positions are as such: High Emissary Grand Steward Bloodline Heads HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun
  23. *A posting is hammered to doors and noticeboards throughout the city.* The nature of being a Mali’aheral to exist in an ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Old traditions upheld by new people. Old people forcing new changes. Guardians of the old standing against new progress, and guardians of progress rallying against the old. There is progress, and there is health. There is forward change, and there is the traditional heart of the nation. This is tradition and silver. The lifeblood that makes up the Mali’aheral. When tradition, the heart of our nation, is threatened; it is the eternal duty of our people to be vigilant against those who would threaten it. On this every Mali’aheral agrees. Where they often disagree is their source and form. Sometimes they come in the form of our enemies, and sometimes they come in the form of our friends. Most often they come in the form of ideas. Like the eternal flow of contrast between progress and health, the line between an idea that challenges tradition and an idea that embodies our future is often tumultuous and murky. The rewards vary from mind to mind, pitting allies against one another, creating discontent, causing turmoil, and generating revolution in our state. This too is a representation of the ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Today, the city of Haelun’or stands on a precipice. Representatives of the new with no memory of the old, but bearing old allies in the shadows who instruct their every move, seek to command control in the name of what they consider to be progress. They command this control against many of the old themselves. Representatives of tradition. The form this progress will ultimately take only they know. Such is the normal in Elven politics, where the written plans often end at power’s acquisition. Make no mistake that this is a period of decline. The city may appear at a glance to be running as normal despite the hushed voices and knives in the dark, but a war rages on the cobblestones of Haelun’or. A war of ideas that has divided our people. A war between the traditionalists, and the silver council. A war of tradition and silver. A war that has taken the life of our blessed Maheral. A war that has seen our council attacked. A war that has seen our government take to hiding away behind steel doors underground, as if the city itself were occupied. This war has taken much from us already, and it will take more if nothing is done. For a war between tradition and silver is tantamount to a body wounding itself; and while the High Elven state has already suffered greatly, this war bears the potential to do more than divide and damage. It has the potential to destroy. Progress can come only in one form. A return to tradition. To this end, I call upon silver to concede to tradition. To look to the people their council is supposed to represent, and to afford them the representation they deserve. I call upon Okarir’indor Kinahen Athrilum to resign immediately from their office for gross incompetence in the face of threat, and a violation of their oath to protect and give honor and breath to the Maheral as their office demands. I call upon the Sohaer, and the whole of her remaining council, to put their offices to public election - as we did in the past - that the people might be represented by a Mali of their choosing rather than a Mali selected for them by a tyrant. I call upon the Malaurir who influence the current silver council from the shadows, delivering whispers into their ear to broaden their power or consolidate their legacy, to cease in their destructive behaviors. I call for peace in our homes, and in our city, under a government that loves its people and who its people love as we did before tyrants instead commanded their fear. I call upon these things not as one Mali, but as the voice of the Mali in the city who are downtrodden by a council that no longer serves its people, but who instead expects its people to serve it. By Larihei, let your people choose.
  24. *~ Arcas Biennial Cheff Tournament ~* [!] Letters written with black ink and the drawing of many dishes would be delivered across all Arcas. “For too long has the question of the best Chef in the realm gone unanswered. Far in the past are the days where legendary skills of the kitchen where whispered of, whispers of those so talented surely they had been blessed by an aenguldaemon. No longer will this question be left to dwell in the dark depths of a cooks mind. Come one and come all to the Princedom of Fenn this grand harvest, and put your skills to the test. The competition will come in multiple stages, the field being halved each stage till a winner is left. Winning this tournament earns the chef a thousand mina prize and a fully outfitted kitchen in a location of their choosing. Each stage will come with five culinary items from across Arcas. Ranging from fine Horen veal, Sutican crab, Quali spices, and campfires for cooking or caste iron pots no one but the judges will know which items are in each box until they are opened. Not all ingredients must be used but at least three are required. Contestants will be judged by three judges in flavor, technique, and display. Fret not though those that get knocked out early. In the semi-final stage of this event, the crowd will be able to vote back a previous individual competing for another chance at culinary glory. ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (OOC Information) The Tournament will be held this Saturday at 3pm EST, those who wish to participate merely need to come in time and register irply by talking to any of the judges, more information will be provided on the day of the even. If you are interested in becoming a judge send a response stating such. We will pick 3 people or use our three original if no one is interested in judging. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  25. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore A carefully written and appealing poster would be seen hung on the notice-board of Helena. The satisfying and relaxing writting atop the scroll would be accompanied by numerous images and paintings. On the bottom of the main poster a pocket would be seen, which included numerous sheets. By the look of them, they’d be copies of the Bookstore’s inventory, which seemed to be available for the taking by whoever would need them. A neatly drawn image of the Bookstore from outside ”People of Helena and the whole Empire, Since the last poster of updates that was hung up on the notice board nearly a decade ago, the loved and humble bookstore has seen a number of different changes. To begin with, as it should be known by most at this point, the Bookstore is located at Nauzica Square No. 5 (instead of previously being No. 4). Aside from the locational change, the bookstore has seen a major increase in its collection, now holding over 160 books from all different genres and studies. However, some of these were sold out and are waiting to be transcribed and resold. With subjects relating to Bestiary studies, Magical Studies, Alchemical and Medicine, as well as World studies, the collection also includes literary pieces and art, such as biographies, fictional works, poems and ballads. Because of this great increase in products, it has become impossible to display all of the books in the space within the store’s grounds. For this reason, invetory sheets are available for picking up, so that whoever is interested in increasing their knowledge of the world may inquire on books that are out of display. To ask or request a book, please refer to sending me, Siol, a bird with your order or questions (Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284). Going alonghand with the previous paragraph, for any customers looking to purchase texts from the store, please remember two things: - The 2nd story of the shop also has texts for sale, specifically Literary and Poetic works - If you’re unsure of what you’re buying, there are samples of the books to read just below the displays, so you may check those. Since the shop took a break from selling during the last year, I’ve now worked and renewed its stock, with different and unique books laying atop its displays. Aside from the products themselves, the prices have also been reworked and lowered considerably, thus... allowing all who seek knowledge to be able and take a grasp of it more easily. As it stood before, my humble Bookstore is still looking to increase its collection. So, if you’re a writter or happen to have a special or duplicable (Copy of Original) text that you’d like to sell, simply contact me and we shall arrange a good price. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free and welcome to reach out and ask such. Your humble bookkeeper, Siol” A painting and representation of the second floor of the store, as well as its displays lay here.
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