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Found 53 results

  1. - A letter concerning Mali’Fenn - 13th of the Amber Cold, 1760 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ - Akkar of the Tundrak line, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, would write an open letter addressed to all Mali’Fenn. The letter would be of high quality, with Fennic’-detailing littering around the page, the contents would start with: An open letter to Mali’Fenn ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “ It would often be said that the history of the Tundrak line is, in essence, the story of the Princedom of Fenn. Going back as far as the inception of the Mali’Fenn in the ancient days of Aegis, our own kin served the Fennic people as the royal line. The Princedom; in its long history, has known both peace and war, equally so it has known of both betrayal and genocide. Through it all, it was a Tundrak who fought in the frontlines of each battle in those same wars and it was a Tundrak battling in politics equally as ferociously for that same peace. With the birth of a Tundrak came a solemn vow: To protect and guide the Mali’Fenn people, holding their intrests and ideals at the forefront of every decision. Yet for all that the Tundrak line has been for our people in these hundreds of years, the vow of our line has now been broken, and with it, the people are the ones who have paid the price since departing Atlas. I, Akkar, of the same Tundrak line cannot speak for those who have came before me, I can only exclaim my own disappointment at their breaking of this sincere vow. I now stand alone, as the only full-blooded Tundrak who still holds our vow, the interests and ideals of our people fuel my decisions. Any other blooded-Tundrak still left other than myself couldn’t possibly call themselves as one, to say so would be spitting in the face of all Mali’Fenn, both our citizens and their childen. I now stand before you all as the last bastion of what we once stood for, the only rightful leader and true chosen of Wyvrun. Whether any Tundraks return to our Princedom we will not welcome them as such, for they had left us in our time of most need. My own mother Aroiia of the Drakon line, holds the Tundrak name and values many times better than any other Tundrak I have known in my life without a shred of Tundrak blood coursing through her. Any Mali’Fenn who return to Fenn with the Tundrak name, must give it up. As Grand Prince I do not recognise any Tundrak who has strayed from our values and forsaken our kin so easily, they have strayed away from the grace of Wyvrun and no longer deserve the blessings that he provides. If any wish to object to their loss of their right to use the Tundrak name they can seek out their Grand Prince and plead their case. As our people work tirelessly to rebuild and repair the capital, Tahu’lareh, as they return our long history and traditions back into our hands though songs and literature; it is now that I ask, not as your Grand Prince or as a Tundrak but rather as your kin: for all Mali’Fenn who find themselves reading this, It is time for you to return to both the safety of Fenn and also to its wealth of history and knowledge which was almost lost to us after the departure from Atlas. Signed, His Serene Highness, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline, first of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun ” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ (( OUT-OF-CHARACTER - One of the points of this post is that as the Patriarch of the Tundrak bloodline, any and all personas holding the Tundrak name outside of Fenn have been disowned and are no longer recognised as a member of the Tundrak line, you can contact me on discord or ingame through RP if you want to dispute this ))
  2. This is an announcement of my retirement from LoTC. Due to recent events, I will not be back on LoTC for many months and I have decided to try and combat my addiction by retiring from it entirely, so let’s roll back the memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPhMPnQ58k Hi there! My name for those who do not know is Swifty_Sam, my closer friends know me as James. For the duration of my LoTC journey, I have had a pretty shakey reputation and this will be explained in full to why I may have not had the best experiences at points, however in general my experience on LoTC in the past four months has been pleasant and enjoyable. My first week on LoTC: I was introduced to the roleplay server by a girl called, “Alicia” who showed me around Helena, Rubern (At the time it was part of the Empire), and Haense. After talking to a few Officers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I was added to the guard of Haense, joining various discords and making a few friends who will be listed: StillAMiniGuy Erilobar Eddywilson2 Rukio (Witherly) Diaolos_ ThatDutchGuy TwanVanDijk Sorry to anyone I missed on that list, however I want to thank each and every one of you for making LoTC an enjoyable experience in my early weeks on the server. You all taught me how to use the commands, the lore behind all of the roleplay, and just basic tips that I would need to follow to get the most out of LoTC. My original persona was called, “Jakob Isaak Carter” who was a decently successful fighter and won the hearts of quite a few of the Brotherhood members, however I was taken by a bandit Nation called, “Ruswick” who were heavily involved with the “Reivers” (A mercenary bandit group). After being forced to change my name from “Jakob Isaak Carter” to, “Swifty Sam”, I was officially no longer a citizen of Haense. Lots of OOC backlash came from this, from hate messages, to being kicked from many of the ISA discords, to even blocking the people I once called good friends. While all of this was not really nice to endure, I don’t regret my decision as it brought an awesome narrative to my persona in the end. I would now like to list those who made LoTC enjoyable who were either Reivers or part of Ruswick before my reign: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin TheBelidle MagicTurtle (Blackhand7) NOZGOTH (NOZGOD) Crimithy Livviez Mark2282 Diphz Chris Mickaelhz KunLunKungFu Werew0lf L_GS (Lord_GiacomoS) You guys were all pretty awesome irp and oocly, and helped me get into the role of being a bandit pretty well, considering I was extremely new to the server at that point, so thank you all. Moving on to my experience with the bandit Nation of Ruswick. The ruler was a man called, “Joel the Ginger” (Or at least he ruled oocly and led most of our raids/pvp battles). After a carpet ban had occurred, most of our members and leaders were banned for multiple months which left Ruswick pretty lonely for a small period of time. Livviez, playing a persona called “Lauriel Labdacus” took over the Nation, claiming the role of “Queen of Ruswick”. After many battles, many arguments oocly and irply, the members who were left as a part of Ruswick got sick of how she was running the group alongside Crimithy, however looking back at it the whole situation was very pathetic and probably should have been dealt with differently. However, in roleplay this revolution had to be carried through due to the backing it had. My persona Swifty Sam executed Lauriel Labdacus, claiming the role of being a “Bandit King” alongside other leaders such as Mark2282 and Nezuky. After many, and I mean MANY, arguments over leadership I eventually resigned and packed all of my stuff. Storing it all into my ender chest and other hidden locations, my persona became sick of life and returned with his tail between his legs to the gates of Haense to meet his makers. Soon after entering Haense, he was identified as “Jakob Carter”, a deserter, and was executed by multiple men of Haense in the cells. Following this, I made a PK post, and that was the end of my most influential persona on LoTC. I then made “Stefan Onfroi” of Lorraine. He was recruited to Lorraine by GGT (Lord of Darrowmere) and served as a squire for a few weeks. I will now credit those who made this Nation enjoyable during GGT’s rule as well as my rule of it: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin Denset_x Xavier GGT Knight_Vector Dantezbluepotat Viggen (Valentin Castelo) Bestia (QuickLoTCRestart, or 32IrishCounties) Fieselena Whyflower Johann Plazma (The Rabbit) Stargush David666 (Ginfork2) Fish (LotsOfFish) Thank you to all of you guys for making Lorraine the BEST Nation I participated in irply and oocly. During Stefan’s stay in Lorraine, he was appointed as a Knight of the Order of the Rabbit. This was a highlight in my LoTC experience, as I felt like my hard work had paid off and I had accomplished something good at last through hard work instead of just couping a Nation. After this had happened, similar to the Ruswick situation, GGT was banned. This was incredibly unfortunate for Lorraine, as our numbers dropped and our morale was low. However, with the go ahead of the former leaders, I was appointed as the Marshal, alongside Fieselena as the Arch Chancellor. Together we raised Lorraine back up with more active players, with rp events and patrols. Stefan was then married to Alli Onfroi (Alli Ruse at the time), controlled by sophia_may_sing. Roughly a month later of rp events, skirmishes, and general day to day business, Stefan was caught within Helena doing a blackmarket mission. He was then sentenced to death, as he was appointed General of the AIS by Godric (Narthok), he was high on the priority list of men to kill for the ISA. Sticking to my PK rule of pking on first rp death, I made a post and got rid of the persona. My last persona, and current persona (if I ever do come back to LoTC, which is unlikely at this point in time), is called “Hadvar av Mitteland” who is a General of the AIS Cavalry unit. I will now list my boys from the AIS who have had the largest impact on my LoTC experience (There is a lot of you, so apologies again if I miss you out, I am listing those I was extremely close to, AIS and non-AIS companions): PlugThePugsy AuLune FlemishSupremacy Milenkhov Harrison Quantum QazTheGreat Simba Tornado Bardmainhere Cads Vic (Cowmunist) EliteSnipes Callum TryaxReck Cobbler (Arundlt) Ibraheemcninja Knightie (Chadmyr) Narthok (Godric) Dimitri OLOG!!!! (you know who you are) I could list names all day with the AIS, as it has so many people in it so if I missed you out, I am extremely sorry. Here are a few pictures that bring back good memories of LoTC: If anyone wishes to stay in contact oocly, or play other games, my discord is: Swifty#2017 Thank you, peace out.
  3. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore ((Quick Note: This thread will most likely be updated for different reasons, so if you are interested in keeping track follow it. Any likes on the post would be appriciated also 🙂 )) On the posterboard of Helena would be seen a newly placed and fresh piece of poster. The poster was slightly long, and the material of the paper was clearly of high quality, perhaps due to the profession and skill the person who posted it had. At vertical ends the poster rolled into itself, much like a scroll, but the nails kept it nicely tied up to the board. Different paintings and pictures would be seen around the poster, accompanied by nicely written words of a pleasant, but understandable handwritting. On the left ,right and bottom sides of the main poster some smaller ones would be seen attached, each with different function and purposes, which would be explained in the main notice. “Good People of Helena! It has been nearly 4 months since the grand opening of my dear new bookstore in Oren, and above all else, I’d like to thank you all for not only participating on the opening, but also for frequenting my humble shop. At the end of this notice I shall put some of the paintings I was able to extract during the event, for your pleasure. Among with the grand opening, I’d like to simply brief you, good people, that the store has generally done very good, better than I expected even, and I am more than happy to see people come to me telling how much they appriciate it. Atop this, my book collection has started to grow so good that I’m starting to find difficulty to find enough space on the shelves and displays to cover them all. For this reason I’ve decided to share with anyone who this notice may concern a detailed inventory of all the product I hold and can sell; this inventory list shall be attached close to this notice on the board ((Spreadsheet attached at the end of the thread)). Along with the product lists which shall be updated frequently, I shall also attach another piece of paper where anyone who would like to request any books – be them or not on the store’s immediate displays – can fill the page and I shall deliver as fast as I can. The latter of the letters will not only be for book requests, but also a place where we could potentially negotiate for the price of the specific product, or products you are requesting, since I believe that everyone should get an opportunity to find knowledge. (This however does not mean I will be stupidly fooled to give free or otherwise highly cheapened books.) Lastly, along with the two previous attachments shall also come a third one, which will be dedicated to those authors or otherwise book owners who would be willing to sell me their books. The books that I am willing to buy should be direct duplicates of the original work ((Copies of Origial)), and I shan’t accept any indirect copies of the text ((Copies of Copies)). Moreover, as of now I will not be conducting any partnership with any author, or anything similar. Instead, if there is to be such a transaction, it will be direct and simple, I will give you money for the book or books, if I find them worth buying, and after this I shall hold full ownership, but not credit, for the book, so that I may copy and retail it as I please. This will be done to prevent any complications or else problems which I’d rather avoid. Other than this, good people of Helena, as well as any travelers who see this notice, “The Scholar Bard” and its humble owner are both eagerly awaiting and welcoming anyone entering the shop with good intentions. Thank you once again for your participation and time, Your’s Truly Siol’Avern (the Bard) [IGN: Shlocc Discord: Shlocc#3284] The rest of the above-mentioned attachments would be seen below, neatly nailed to the main notice, being made of the same high-quality material and nicely written ink. Inventory List (Spreadsheet): Book Orders (Form): Book Trading (Form): Paintings and Pictures from the Grand-Opening:
  4. [!] A missive is sent out to the cloud temple notice boards and all assets of Arcas, copies of Ser Stefan’s letter to his family were posted alongside it, reading as follows: ((Song to read this to below)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8AeV8Jbx6M "Dear Noble House of Onfroi I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Alli, you are the love of my life and Avian, Willow, you are the best things to ever happen to me. To my sister, Emilienne, I am sorry for leaving you in this world and to my nephews, I hardly saw you but you meant more to me than most. I went to Oren to avenge my nephews and I royally screwed up, and for that I am sorry. I am being executed today and you won't be seeing me everagain...I will see you all in the afterlife. P.S. The snake men got me, Avian..." Ser Stefan, cloaked and masked, began the long trip to Helena. A common trip for him, despite the on-going, albeit standstill, war. He thought little of it going wrong, no words of farewell or longing glances tossed over his shoulder. Upon reaching the river, he settled into his small raft, rowing to Helena. A guard, new to the force, requested he raise his mask. He obliged, unrecognized, and was allowed into the city. He went about his business as usual, trading, conversing, relaxing. The peaceful, enjoyable occasion was not to last, as he was told to take off his mask by a private of the 1st Brigade. Ever the clever man, Stefan fled from the guard in a calculated risk. He was no soldier in his prime, but he was not yet an old man, either. The guard gave chase, a fight quickly ensuing as Stefan attempted to turn on his pursuer. A close fight, the guard managed to knock him to his knees, and so Stefan yielded. Tied, beaten, he was dragged to the cells of Helena. Mask removed, his identity confirmed, the guards leered at him. His capturer cared not for his life, giving the choice away to Adrian, who thought to spare him his fate. There would be no mercy for Ser Stefan Onfroi. With word reaching Emperor Peter III, the choice was no longer in Adrian’s hands. A quick letter penned to his beloved family, Stefan slipped it to the knight, begging him to promise delivery to Stefan’s family. A command was then given, his identity confirmed to the higher ups of the Brigade. His fate was sealed, he was to be hanged until death took him. Guided to the gate by soldiers of Helena, a rope was slipped over Stefan’s head. This guard, new and naive, took a step too close and Stefan, in a desperate last effort to survive, seized the opportunity. Headbutting the man, he fled, leaping over the bridge and into the waterway outside of Helena. His escape did not last long though, his last effort for freedom was to end soon. A small boat, not unlike the one he had rowed earlier, approached. ‘The Shark’, ever an accurate title, aptly described Stefan’s actions, knocking the man from his boat, commandeering it, a fateful glance behind himself. A mistake. The enemy was not behind, but instead in front. A rocky outcrop of the water nearly capsized the small boat, and with this motion so went Stefan’s hope of escape. Ever a survivor, a scrapper from birth, Stefan swam to shore to meet his fate. Four soldiers met him on the shoreline, a quick but fierce fight ensuing, resulting in Stefan being knocked unconscious and dragged back into Helena. Bloodied, battered, broken, his unconscious body was tied once more by the noose. The Orenian Knight, Ser Adrian “The Red”, drew the gates, terminating Stefan’s life immediately. His neck snapped and his body hung lifeless, unarmed. His wife and children at home, watching the roads outside of Rubern for the return of their beloved family member. This return was not to come, his wife and eldest child waited until nightfall before returning indoors, leaving a candle lit to guide him when he at last returned. Rest in peace to a man of the AIS, a man of Lorraine and most importantly a man of House Onfroi. [!] A depiction of Ser Stefan upon his noble steed, “Ser Gregory” of Lorraine. [!] A depiction, drawn by his own kin, of Ser Stefan with his wife, “Alli Onfroi” and his twin boys, “Avian Onfroi” and “Willow Onfroi”. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/673007119309471744/c.mp4
  5. Korvic

    Tech Update

    Hey everyone! I know most people already know, but just wanted to post that the box transfer is complete and functional. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement as a whole. We’ve currently got one lobby and the war server running alongside the main server, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable change to your day-to-day experience. In regards to 1.15, the data is all there and ready to go. The old box just needs to be flushed so the extra servers (Dev, Build, Lobbies, etc) can be installed there, then 1.15 should be clear for take-off! I, however, will not be pushing it myself. I’ve put my best foot forward for all of this to be met with despondence and little to no communication for months on end when we needed it most. Everything has been rushed- including me being thrown a red tag simply for being the last man standing. I’ve made it abundantly clear that I did not want to be the only dev, and that I do not support the current server lead, nor the direction being pushed. Spending volunteer time for someone I do not support does not make sense. The server is in a stable state, and that’s the job I wanted to finish for the community. The 1.15 update is present and ready to go for LotC, no questions asked, but I will not push an update that I’m not going to maintain. That wouldn’t be fair to all of you if it ended up having issues and no one to fix them. It is time for me to rest after spending the entire 1.14 version putting out fires while trying to improve the experience for the players. GGs, everyone.
  6. I’d like to announce that FIRST BLOOD has been claimed on the new server box. So yeah, our new box is currently running. We’re finishing the last of the file transfer prep we need to do today, and tomorrow we’ll be looking to transfer the remaining data that requires the server to come down. You can expect the server to be down sometime between 8am-2pm EST tomorrow. The maintenance will last 1-2 hours, however be prepared for 3-4 hours of downtime in case something goes sideways while we’re transferring the data over. I’ll try to make an announcement in broadcast as we approach the actual downtime itself. Thanks again for all your patience, everyone! We’re doing the thing! EDIT: We’re done for the night, so feel free to use /server primary to test out the new server box a bit. It’s smooth.
  7. Hey everyone! I want to start by thanking everyone for their long awaited patience with the lag issues. It’s such an unbelievably obnoxious issue, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the cooperation and lack of flame that has been thrown our way. Thank you all for holding in there with us. That said, obviously an update is in order. Is THIS the maintenance? Unfortunately, no. We’re currently experiencing some down time as the main server box shut down unexpectedly. Console, SSH, etc is all unable to be accessed. Tythus and Telanir have already been alerted, and it seems that neither of them shut it down early. This was posted a bit ago in our Discord, so if you’re not already in there, be sure to join so that you can stay up to date! We’re just going to have to be patient. With this down time I figure I may as well take the time to post an update on what is supposed to be happening instead so we’re all on the same page. The server is back up, everything else still applies, though! What in the blue blazes is going on? Like stated in my previous post, we’ve been waiting on some physical maintenance from our data-center to install some new parts. Their original ETA was the 24th – 25th , however they ended up being delayed and it was pushed back a couple days. With the physical maintenance nearing completion we’ll be installing the software for the new parts shortly and moving forward. We’re going to try to do as much work as we can before we need to bring down the main server to transfer over all the player and map data, then launch back on 1.14 and verify stability. So what about 1.15? The 1.15 update, while it is a good thing to do, we don’t want push in the same update. As such we’re going to be rolling out the server on the new parts, verify that it’s stable with what we currently have, then move to 1.15 so long as we didn’t miss anything. This way if there’s any issues with the 1.15 update we can isolate them quickly and efficiently. The update is coming, however one step at a time. As you can see on the timeline below, once we’ve installed all that we can, the server will go down for maintenance to transfer over what we currently have. At that point, it will launch back up on 1.14 to verify that everything was installed correctly. Once everything’s stable then we can push forward to update to 1.15 in full. So you’ve just been waiting?! Not at all, actually! While we’ve been waiting a couple updates have slowly crept their way onto the live server while revamping old systems. Probably should’ve made a post about them before, but I’m going to go over the main two feature updates. There have been other stability updates pushed here and there, bug-fixes and so-on, but the community doesn’t need all the nitty-gritty details on, say, a tag being updated to use Persistent Data Containers instead of Public Bukkit Values. That’s just boring. Check out the next pages for more details! Thank you to everyone once again for your patience, and I hope this post helps clarify the current timeline for server maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to post or contact me directly if need be! Head Emporium The first major overhaul was to revamp our custom head shop. It wasn’t really setup for longevity, so it needed to be built from the ground-up to use our menu API, and to stop storing everything into a config file instead of an actual database. But what does this mean for the players? Mostly nothing. The head shop will work (mostly) as it did before with a few changes to command syntax. Why update Head Shop of all things, though? Head Shop was a plugin that I had done the update for from 1.13 – 1.14, however it broke entirely with the Tythan menu update. As such in order to fix the shop it ended up needing to be rebuilt. Rather than implement a half-baked fix or remake we instead decided it would be a more worthy investment to complete the overhaul that was scheduled on our to-do list anyway. As such there are some new features added on top of what the Head Shop used to be. Usage /heads – The base command for the entire head shop plugin now. Simply using the command /heads will pull up a list of sub-commands as well as descriptions for what each of them do. For example, /heads shop will open up the shop itself (previously /headshop). Here’s a quick list of all the sub-commands and what they allow the player to do. Keep in mind all of these format as /heads sub-command shop – As pointed out earlier, this is the main command to open up the menu to purchase new heads. When you select a head it no longer purchases it directly and instead pulls up a sub-menu in which you can select 1-64 as the amount of heads you wish to purchase at once, then simply exit the inventory or you can back out to continue purchasing heads. request – Want to request a player’s head? You want to request a lot of a player’s head? Look no further! With request you can enter a player name and the amount of heads you wish to request from them. Keep in mind you will be charged right away, and if they choose to deny the request you will not get your minas back. This is to help deter spamming someone with requests. Additionally, if you request your own head or the head of an alternate account that’s linked then it will auto-accept it so you don’t need to jump around between accounts to accept your own head request. Each head costs 25 minas to request. You can still use /koplushead after executing someone to request their head for free if you wish. from64 – This allows you to request a head based off of a skin value such as those shown on Minecraft Heads. Usually this is denoted in a value box with a weird garbled line of text. This is information stored in Base64, hence the name of the command, from64. You can also specify the amount, and much like request, it charges you right away. The difference here is that it must be approved by moderation before it can be added to your inventory. This is to ensure that everything being imported into the server is appropriate, at the very least. approvals – When you receive a request, you can approve/deny them in the approvals section. Keep in mind you will only see the approvals if the player is currently online. This is to ensure that they are able to receive the head item if you accept it. All the other sub-commands are for staff use and not something you’ll need to worry about. On the next page I’m going to dive into the changes to /edit! Item Edit Previously /edit used to run through a module for Obelisk called Moniker. Moniker wasn’t really built to handle all sorts of signatures and such, so it’s slowly deteriorated into a spaghetti mess and was due for an overhaul. Much like the Head Emporium, Item Edit mostly adds some quality of life changes and bug fixes to help streamline the process. Why update Moniker of all things, though? As the date for the physical maintenance closed in, I wanted to choose a small project I could bang out relatively quickly while not losing any quality. In addition, the removal of Obelisk modules is on our to-do list as well, as such it made sense to get it out of the way to slowly free up the to-do list for other projects in the future. Keep in mind that during this we were still pumping out bug fixes for various issues when they took precedent. Usage Item Edit should remain familiar with the base command being /edit still. As with Head Emporium on the previous page one can simply use the base command of /edit to pull up a list of sub-commands and descriptions for what each one does, such as /edit name which will change the name of an item, only charging the player a token if the item hasn’t already been edited previously. Here’s a quick list of the sub-commands for Item Edit. Keep in mind these are all formatted as /edit sub-command tokens – Shows how many tokens a player has, and how long until the next refreshes if one has VIP renames. Edit Methods Any time an item is edited with the sub-commands below, it is marked as edited. Any amount of edits on a singular item stack only ever takes one token to complete, regardless of what kind of edit it is, or what VIP level the player is. The only exception is adding description to paper. Editing anything else still costs tokens. name – Changes the name of a current item. color – Changes the color of the current item’s name. desc – Adds lore to an item. There is no /edit moredesc anymore, as you simply use /edit desc multiple times. In addition you can use the flag -newline to skip down to the next line after whatever description you just entered. The description can be empty so you can skip down multiple lines for formatting purposes. glow – BedrockVIP+ feature. Applies an enchantment-style visual effect to an item. This no longer requires vote tokens to use. sign – Signs an item with one’s username, or alternatively with one’s roleplay name if using the -rp flag. See the next page for signature types. Clearing Methods By making everything cleaner, the ability to clear information in case you made a mistake is something that was quick to implement. If an edited item has been cleared, it still maintains it’s edited status and doesn’t cost an additional token. If an item has been signed by someone other than yourself, you are unable to clear any information on it without a moderator overriding it. This can also be done for legacy items. All previously signed items can now be unsigned, but only by someone with moderator permissions. clear signature – Removes the signature of an item. clear desc – Removes the description and signature of an item. clear all –Removes the description, signature, name, color, and glow effects from an item. Maximum Length & Width The maximum length of a description is based on the amount of lines it takes rather than the character count. By default everyone has access to 15 lines of description on an item. BedrockVIP and AetherVIP get 20 and 25 lines, respectively. This is to streamline what length means, since previously you could spam line breaks to make obnoxiously long descriptions. The width of an item is based on the character count. We allow 50 characters per line. If you manage to use a word that’s larger than 50 characters then it will break it up and hyphenate it automatically. With the length and width set, these numbers should be approximately what was available beforehand for description lengths. Legacy Voting Tokens Unfortunately pulling the previous voting tokens has proven difficult, but it’s something I’ll continue looking into after the current priority maintenance. Apologies for the inconvenience! Signature Types There are now additional signature types! 26 in total, currently, including staff signature types. These signature types are available starting at BedrockVIP and up and are purely cosmetic. You select your type via /edit sign type, and every signature can have the -rp flag added to it. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might see floating around; Staff Non VIP Signatures PLAYER, ROLEPLAY DiamondVIP+ Signatures DIAMOND, CURRENCY, PLUS, TRIDENT BedrockVIP+ Signatures CROWNS, TWINKLE, FLOWER, STAR AetherVIP Signatures FLEUR-DE-LIS, ORNATE, SNOWMAN, MUSIC, SNOWFLAKE, SUN, PEACE, SKULL The MUSIC signature with the -rp flag;
  8. [!] *An execution missive would be posted across Arcas. Henry of Oren was strolling down the road to Helena for his daily shopping and trade. Before he could react, Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine jumped in front of him, his sword drawn, blocking his progress into Helena. He was told to go to Rubern with Stefan, having not been armed he agreed to do this as he had more chance of surviving if he went into custody. Following this, they trekked to Rubern, entering the courtyard. Two trap doors could have been spotted by the gallows as Henry was forcing towards them. He was at first resistant to the shoving asking, “Why bring me all this way just to kill me?” Stefan replied with a shake of his head, remaining silent as he forced Henry into the underground cell complex. Stefan then locked the trap doors, ushering Henry into a nearby cell to question him. He asked the Orenian, “Where are you from, what is your name and what is your allegiance?” and as you would expect, he replied with, “Henry of Oren,” and went on to describe that he did trade with Oren. Both of these statements confirmed the man as a supplier to the Imperial State Army. Garrick of Rubern then came down into the cell complex, using the guard’s entrance, he discussed with Stefan over what they were going to do with the man in the cell. After a short period of time, they came back to talk to Henry, dragging him out of the cell and forcing ropes around his hands and feet. He was then fireman lifted out of the cell complex and to the bank of Rubern where he paid Stefan 575 minas, which to all who knows about ransoms, is not enough. He was taken to the gallows, having no one who wished to pay the ransom and hung. Henry had no final words to say, as his neck was snapped and his body was disposed of into the catacombs, never to be seen again. Ave Lorraine! Long live the Highland Realm. ((2x proof of pk permission: thank you to _Im_Matthew_ for the cooperation and awesome rp!)) Signed, Ser Stefan Onfroi of Lorraine, General of the AIS and scoutmaster of Rubern Signed, Garrick of the Huszar Company
  9. This letter is addressed to The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. When I retook my position as Trade Princess I was not told of many factors of the world around me and how it changed since I had stepped down. There were many things I had not known about some of the nations around me, and I am still catching up. It is due to this that I wish to both make some things clear, make a minor announcement, and request to meet with the leaders of The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Sutica has staunch laws that enforce a number of things, and these are detailed in our writ of government. This document sets out what positions exist, what powers they have, and many other things. But chiefly in our current situation, there are a few things that matter most. The first is that Sutica does recognize your nation as a fellow nation. I made a statement when you reached out to me in the past that I couldn’t claim that you were the one true dark elven state. What informed that choice was a fellow council member who told me there was more than a single nation claiming to be the only dark elven state, and thus to adhere to Title X of the Sutican Writ of Government, I declined the offer you so graciously extended to us. As this situation has progressed, I became aware that I do not know as much about your nation as I would like to, nor the overall state of the dark elven people. I will detail more at the end of this letter about why I brought this up. The Second is that Mystery Uailben is not a leader of Sutica. He gave himself the title of Trade Father, however, his actual title is Monarch Father. This is detailed in Title I, Article 5. This is not a position, and Mystery is not a leader of the Sutican state. He is simply a man who adopted me some hundred or so years in the past now and once showed me kindness. Further on in that section, it details: I am not blind to the sort of man Mystery is. He is complex, often stupid, and with many well-earned enemies. Finally, Sutica has a pact of Neutrality as a core part of its Nation Identity and ethics. This is detailed in the writ in Title X. I bring this up because I believe I may be lacking knowledge of some events including Mystery and Xavis. I want to speak with your leaders to better understand the details of the situation in full. However, there is something that needs to be done now. I have two announcements to make. Specifically, I will be utilizing the following section of our writ of government in Title X: Under this article, Xavis Ashwood and Mystery Uailben will have their citizenship, positions, and rights within Sutica stripped under my authority as Trade Princess as is applicable to each person. Mystery has been notified already and understands that his actions have been in poor faith in the past. He seeks now to atone for the hurt he has caused, but that is his own path. We can talk about that too when we meet. I am too unaware of what the other members of the Ashwood family may have done to exercise Title X Article 2 upon them. However, once I meet with your people and discuss things, that is subject to change. Please, if there are any other sutican people who have acted in bad faith towards your wonderous nation, reach out to me and tell me. We have many rules in place and any actions that harm another nation are strictly prohibited. If someone has broken a law in your nation, come to me and tell me and it will be dealt with. The second announcement is something that requires a small bit of explanation. Here in Sutica our city in this land was built with the intent to house places of worship for every faction who desired to have one here. We have a shrine to Xan, to The Aspects, and Aeriel. I wish to extend the same chance to The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. I wish to set aside a section of land within Sutican borders for the creation of a temple or sacred space to the ancestors that you pay respect to in your worship. I am a woman of old faith, brought to my family by my ancient father who was there in the motherland to witness a time where all we knew of was Aeriel and Ibleese. As time marches forward, I want to offer all people who may come within my land the chance to experience and learn about the many different cultures and religions present in this world. Personally, I am excited to learn more about the ancestor spirits. Finally, I want to mention what I spoke of above. There is so much that I do not know, and I want to learn. I wasn’t aware that Xavis is not just another citizen in Sutica. I was not aware of Mystery and what he had done to your nation. These are things that are not acceptable to me. I want to spend time with the leaders of your great nation so that I may learn about a culture I had not known before, and if not that simply learn of the acts my former citizens hid from me. I ask you to reach out to me, to speak with me over a letter or in person at the cloud temple where neither side may fear bad faith interactions. It is my only desire that the damaged relations between our two nations heal. There is more we could do together than we ever could apart. I had already been planning a rough system to inform people on magic, but I believe there is a great depth to the faiths of the world, and I now want a space to be created that will allow new souls, old souls, and all in between to learn of the great faiths such as your own. Trade Princess Lilith Helenson-Anarion the Free State of Sutica, Sovereign Lady of the Whispering Isles, Protector of the Free
  10. A missive is sent to all Imperial factions and the cloud temple noticeboards. It would read the following: “We’ve captured a noble whose a citizen of Haense. His name is Johannes Barclay, of house Barclay. He is a prisoner of war. His ransom is 3.000 minas. Pay his ransom and he will be released. If his ransom isn’t paid in one saint’s hour he will be beheaded by the Marshal of Lorraine.” The letters were signed by Ser Stefan Onfroi, Marshal of Lorraine, General of the AIS and scoutmaster of Rubern Morana Vilchyc, Arch Chancellor of Lorraine
  11. Hey everyone! After some major back-and-forth I’ve finally gotten a more concrete timeline to provide in regards to the lag issues and the fixes therein. I’m also going to take some time to address a few things that I imagine might crop up as a result of this, so let’s get to it. Why is your server running off of a potato? This comes up a lot that the server is inadequate to be able to handle what’s going on. While an upgrade is coming, rest assured that the amount of memory and power we have allocated is not the root issue for just how bad it’s gotten. So why is it lagging, then? Essentially what’s going on right now is our system is getting hung up on waiting to read or write to our discs. Before it can load that chunk for you, it needs to get in line and finish loading that chunk for someone else. That said, this shouldn’t be happening, and is one of the things we’re profiling to see what’s causing the issues. Unfortunately we rushed to update to 1.14.4 when the issue initially popped up in 1.13.2 rather than working it out back then, so now we’ve got a whole heap of possible things causing the lag. As such pinpointing the exact thing that’s causing the lag has been a major pain. So when can I get back to my mineman experience? Right now we have to unpack it like an onion, eliminating possible lag sources one at a time until we find the root issue. Having SSH access is going to make that possible, however bare in mind that I am still learning how everything is setup. A task a previous dev took a year to do completely. That said, I mentioned a time frame earlier. After a talk with Tythus we’ve spoken to the data-center in which our host box is located, and once they perform some maintenance the main server will end up going down for temporary maintenance while we resolve what we believe is the biggest problem, currently. The current ETA given by the data-center is within the next two weeks they can do said maintenance. As such, we’ll have to wait to provide a more concrete date and time. How about 1.15? The CHUNK FIX? 1.15 is a more optimal build to run off of, but from all testing I’ve done the lag issue definitely stems from the issue that popped up near the end of 1.13.2. The update to 1.14.4 has exemplified it, so while I finish up the last of 1.15 testing now that I can do so myself, we’ll look to launch on 1.15 when the data-center maintenance goes through to minimize downtime. I keep dying to Soulstones. H e l p. Soulstones are still not completely fixed, and it’s recommended that players avoid them for the time being. There are warp signs at the Cloud Temple, and the Home Soulstone will always work. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it’s easier if we just don’t use them to avoid people losing items in the meantime. Nexus 2.0 pls Stop calling it Nexus you boomers. What you describe is a professions system, call it as such.
  12. - The Akkar Proclamation - ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 11th Of the Deep Cold, 1749 ︾ Over the past one Elven month most Mali’Fenn would gather from all of the prominent bloodlines, guilds and businesses that made up Fenn to discuss the future of their Princedom. - Graced by the presence of the Grand Prince Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline; the meeting would take place under the full guidance of the Grand Chancellor & Fennic Prince, Vytrek of the same Tundrak bloodline, with the full Fennic council in attendance for this momentous occasion standing as the First Bloodline Summit. ︽ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Prominent figures in attendance: Grand Prince Akkar Tundrak Prince Vytrek Tundrak Princess Allisa Tundrak Matriarch Estelle of the Drakon bloodline Patriarch Tenvar of the Atmorice bloodline Patriarch Taveric of the Sylric bloodline Matriarch Valerica of the Tathvir bloodline Patriarch Aerilith of the Oakenarrow bloodline Matriarch Ara of the Annungilben bloodline Velatha Sylric of the Fennic Clinic Datura Tathvir of the Fennic Tavern ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “Akkar’s Proclamation is by my royal decree as Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline hereby fully in effect. Under my rule as Talu’lareh’s protector my government and council will seek the betterment of our Mali’Fenn in all aspects of life. I Firstly I would proclaim that the Bilok’thuln, Evar’okarn, Justiciars & diplomat guilds are officially disbanded until time finds them needed once more, directing our Princedoms resources elsewhere rather than towards guilds that no longer stand to serve our citizens like what was expected in their initial start. II Secondly I would place the Ivae’Fenn directly under the command of the Grand Prince and his officers until our forces are positioned into a better state of being, continuing by; officially removing both Sentinel and Vanguard as official ranks within the Ivae’Fenn until a point should arise at which these ranks can once again benefit the Fennic military. III I would see that my council and the people of the Princedom hear, as thirdly; I call for the reconstruction of the city Tahu’lareh, the Princedoms capital city, under its previous leaders the city serves more strategic function rather than serving its inhabitants with good facilities for all aspects of life. IIII The fourth point of this Akkar proclamation is the clear acknowledgement of our disinterest in the realms of politics, not to be mistaken, I will say clearly that the interest is still present yet my citizens have spoken, the Princedom of Fenn shall prefer neutrality within Elven politics and refrain from entangling ourselves in alliances and defensive pacts unless absolutely necessary for the betterment of our peoples.” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Signed, His Serene Highness, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline, first of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun
  13. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 2nd of the First Seed, 1749 As dictated by the Secretary of the Treasury In efforts to further expand and refine the management of the city of Helena, the Office of the Treasury does proclaim that the Helena et Stewardry shall undergo a full reconstruction. The official mandate shall be acted on as follows: ALL current stewards must reapply for their position. New steward applications are hereby open, and those with the necessary will to serve under the office are encouraged to apply. Stewardry applications will be overseen by a panel of the Secretary of the Treasury , The City Mayor, and the City Clerk. Stewards shall be eligible for a FIFTY PERCENT discount on ALL shop and housing taxes. Stewards are permitted to collect FIVE PERCENT of all house and shop sales, as a personal salary. The Imperial Office of the Treasury hereby dictates all measures to be effective immediately. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Imperial Treasury, Comptroller of Finance, Mayor of Helena, City Clerk of Helena,
  14. Last night, a ban report which was submitted roughly 3-4 weeks ago was responded to. This ban report was from a Princess of Helena who was banditted within her own Church. Me and Ed (Rayvnair) entered Helena around mid-day, looking for some Orenians to kill (Due to the obvious war). We found a man of the cloth and a Princess within the Church. This being a perfect opportunity to get some action, we pounced on them. I provided pretty poor CRP to the Princess, acting to slice off her head. However, she logged off at this point, screenshotting my emotes and sending them to the Forum banlist. She infarcted the rules and got me in trouble for it. VonAulus (Grool) decided to investigate this ban report, 3 or 4 weeks after it was submitted, perfect time to get me banned just before my Christmas break. I feel this was disgusting and the ban report should have been failed anyways as not many crimes were committed against LoTC rules, especially considering I was a new player learning the ropes. I have reached out to members of the GM team, members of the community team and my own friends (some enemies) on LoTC and no one has told me I’m in the wrong. After this RP was conducted, guards came and guard defaulted me and Ed, killing us both via execution. This I feel was sufficient to the RP, the minas we robbed from the Priest should have been given back in compensation of my death, as well as the Princess being warned for combat logging (even if I did mess up my emotes, I was new, she could have just /modreqed not left). A discord server for ban appeal systems has been put up by Nozgoth: https://discord.gg/4gHE4U If you wish to support me in my appeal, please comment on your experiences on LoTC with me and +1 this post to show my change to the Admin team. I feel like I have grown a lot in my RP knowledge and how to properly do villainy RP in the last 3-4 weeks, therefore leading to this ban report being pretty inaccurate. I am a believer of having single punishments for events, me dying to an execution, losing all my stuff and even being warned by GM’s over my actions was enough punishment for the “crime” committed (even if the RP should have been voided due to the logging). I think it is disgusting how Grool responded to me in discord messages, taking hours to reply to me and dismissing my points whenever I made them. In a ban report, including appeals made, both parties should be able to speak their mind and at least attempt to get their stories across. This was not an opportunity given to me, which is most displeasing. In terms of courtesy, I was given zero notice on this ban, logging in this morning to no messages, to find I could not get onto the server to run RP for a group called, Lorraine, which I am RPly invested into (again proving my point that my RP is very high quality now). I was also given zero evidence until I asked for it, I was given poor customer service from an Admin who dismissed my story entirely and pretty much ignored me on the whole. Additionally, I would like to say I offered a different route, offering to give 1k minas to the Priest as compensation if I upset him (I must have only robbed him for 200 minas or something and I was executed so I only kept half of it) and a formal apology letter to the girl involved. The Admin’s response was, “The apology letter would not be a sorry letter, but one to save you from being banned,” However I am always apologetic, especially if I’ve actually upset someone enough to ban report me for something. Most people would hate on the ban reporter in this situation, I feel I am being nicer than the mass majority, offering the Priest a significant amount of minas too! I have three things I wish to request from the people who run LoTC: Let me have an immediate appeal, discussing with the people involved, witnesses and people providing proof of me changing and growing on the server. I wish to discuss my appeal with a new member of the Admin team as I feel I am being discriminated upon due to not being Orenian. All future ban reports for players are discussed with the player prior to the ban (as it says in the terms of conduct for bans) and evidence should be provided to me prior to the ban. This includes a conversation with the GM/Admin as well as the person who ban reported the prosecutor. Screenshots have been provided below, showing the way I was treated and dismissed during this process. To conclude, the RP should have been voided from the Princess logging off, I got executed, warned by mods to not do what I did again, even though the logger went free of charge and this situation was sorted a month ago, it should not be being sorted a day before Christmas break. Signed, Stefan_Onfroi of Lorraine
  15. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1746 As dictated by the Secretary, The prompt and orderly revocation of all tax exemptions within the city of Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire is to begin henceforth. This is to include all businesses and homes, but will exclude Military Installations, the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, Civil and Imperial Government buildings, the residence of the City Clerk, and Ecclesiastical buildings. Furthermore, the Imperial Capital will begin an audit of all residences and businesses within the city, to be overseen by the Imperial Treasury. These are to be conducted via checking the activity of the residency and when installed, its regular payments of taxes. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Treasury Mayor of the Imperial City of Helena City Clerk of Helena Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs
  16. Gavin_

    The Folk Nazarov

    The Folk Nazarov Chronicled on the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1745 _________________________________________________________________________ ‘Beneath the ground, can moy rest’ _________________________________________________________________________ The Chronicling of the Folk Nazarov begins with Filo, the firstborn son of two labourers, Karolina and Frederik, born in the year 1695. Kaidrik Nazarov, the second son, was born in the year 1726. The family lived on a petite ‘Ruskan Isle’ - The township they inhabited was so named Muscovy and it was there that they toiled. Frederik tended mostly to the construction of the township, starting towards the end of 1715, his mother tending to matters of house and of herbiage. A daughter was born to Frederik and Karolina a year later, they named her Anna. _______________________________________________________________ Karolina toiling away within the Nazarov home _______________________________________________________________ Life, for young Kaidrik, was difficult. His day-to-day consisted mainly of tiresome, manual labor, assisting his father, brother and the other Raevir men. His education consisted in the stories that his mother would tell him at night time and his wisdom came from the grumblings of old men as they toiled during the day. He learned how to fight from his brother and the other ruffians who comprised the township - his was a life of simple proportion. Just two years after the Muscovian people had adorned their thresholds, war ensued - The War of Two Emperor’s. Under the leadership and vision of Dragoslav Romanovich and his brothers, a mercenary group was assembled - The Kompanyia Muscovia - the year, 1717. Filo with little hesitation joined the group and was trained in combat. He soon found himself fighting alongside the armies of the Marnantine Emperor. It was betwixt the ranks of those men and his own, that he would perish. In their entirety, the Nazarov’s were taken by a grief so unspeakable, harboring the ferocity akin to that of a wild animal being caught in a trap - the sudden release, almost deadly. And it was that very same grief which followed the family Nazarov to Availain, alongside their people. _______________________________________________________________ Muscovian settlers mixed in with the Curonian population of Avalain, rather poorly as they are prone to drunken brawls _______________________________________________________________ This was a place of wealth and luxury, of good tidings and clean confines. Life here improved for the Nazarov’s. The widower found a new persuasion, that of tending to the needs of wealthy women. Be it preparing clothing or food, pampering or cleaning, at least she was occupied. Young Kaidrik was not spared - his youth laboriously continued. Under seemingly auspices circumstances, he found himself under the tutelage of a warrior merchant. A master of the fist once learned that compared to the sword, he was naught and so it was, through blood, sweat and tears, that this youth began to flourish, a sword at his hip and a coin purse in hand. Affluency did not follow him as he returned home in the evenings, but his horizons began to expand as each day, he became more of a man - adopting more responsibilities of both house and occupation, and with this growth, came a thirst for more. It was here, in Avalain, that Kaidrik first met love - what a devilish and tricky companion love was. He found it at the age of 16 - another Muscovian who he had not noticed as a boy in the township. Her name was Anastasia. A hard people, the Muscovian’s are. Prideful, hard working, and accustomed to woe. They weren’t the most intelligent, nor were they the most charming, but they were loyal and valued community and tradition over most. It was these exact attributes which led to their departure from Avalain, for it was one of Muscovy who must lead. _______________________________________________________________ The Ruskan and Raev peoples of Muscovy set out from Avalain to find a new home, following the lead of Dragoslav Romanovich and his brothers _______________________________________________________________ Trailing at the rear of a band of Raevir, was now a young man. He belonged to no Royal House nor had he any sense of grandeur about him. His beginnings were humble, his life simple - a labourer of meagre proportions, a jack of all trades, master of none. Yet his future awaits him. Around his arm, he cradled his love, Anastasia as they walked alongside troops of men and women, of differing shapes and ages, and they were in exodus, leaving behind in their muddy tracks, the Kingdom of Curonia, the year 1744. Over a year later, the settlers came to a halt. They had found a land which they believed they could call their own, over which they could preside, and they named it Rominsk. Between a forest and the Orcish plains lay a fertile and verdant valley, this budding idyll, its flora alluring, its fauna abundant, is where the Folk Nazarov now call home - a new dawn rising. _______________________________________________________________ At last staking claim to a swath a land, a new beginning for the Muscovians - Rominsk _______________________________________________________________ OOC: Hey folks! Looking for some family members for a new House! Father (68), Mother (64), Sister (18), Wife (19). If you’re interested, just hit me up with a DM 🙂
  17. Swifty Sam turns up at his homeland, limping, bleeding along the path. He would scream at the front gate, “Let me in!”. Tharik of the Haense Brotherhood would be on the gate duty, suddenly being alerted, he opened the front gate. Swifty would be asked, “Hello, welcome to Haense, what is your name?” He responds with his cover name of “Clarence.” A woman named Edyth within the city would be shaking in her boots, hearing the voice of a killer who was very familiar with her. Clarence then tries to plead to Tharik, after being asked, “Do you wish to remove your mask?” Trying to hide his identity, Clarence responded, “In a time of war, people knowing your face is a dangerous thing!”. However, no matter what Clarence was saying, the intelligence of Tharik saw right through it. He pushed until Clarence cracked, showing the face of an old Brotherhood member, “Jakob Carter”, also known as one of the Ruswick leaders, “Swifty Sam”. Following this conversation, Jakob Carter collapses onto the floor, blood dripping from his nose and mouth, clearly injured from his bandit travels. He would become unconscious from his blood loss, being picked up by the mighty Tharik, assisted by his Brotherhood guard, Jakob was carried to the clinic to be treated. He would be given tippen’s root as well as other herbal remedies to stop the bleeding and wake him back up. Suddenly, as he awakens, he lashes out not knowing where he was, hitting Edyth and being pinned down to the bed. He was fed a herb which put him to sleep, to stop the resistance. Waking up hours later, after being confronted by Jonathan Frostfire, Tiberius and Otto Sigmar of Haense, he was carried to the cells, eyes widening at he was attached by one hand to the bars of the cell. He was told the crimes he had committed, returning no excuses to why he did so other than he was forced into leaving Haense due to a lover. After pleading guilty, Tiberius chopped off his ear, Jakob falling to the floor screaming, not being able to hear from his right ear, all he heard was a high pitched noise as his old Brotherhood friend Tharik faces him now. “I was once in a position you were in, but not the beast you became. Justice will be served.” He stated, as Jakob looks to him with the eyes of the Brother Tharik once knew, “Tharik, Brother, help…” After Tharik had left Jakob in the cell, Jonathan Frostfire enters the cell, not wanting to hear any words from Jakob, he allowed him to say his last sentence. “Amadeo Clay...I love you.” He stated as his head got ripped off right from his now dead corpse. His head was presented to the Frostfire as a trophy, Swifty Sam the killer of Tyrants, collector of heads and lover to Amadeo Clay was brutally murdered in the cells of Haense. Some would say a relief to Arcas, some would say it was a tragedy, however there is one thing for certain, he left his mark forever. ----------- ((No signature was written, signifying the death and absence of Jakob Isaak Carter)) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/653371508483424286/c.mp4
  18. Swifty Sam was set to patrol, accompanied by his trusted handyman “Arathor” Together they walked along Helena road, gathering resources and talking to the locals of Rubern along the way. Suddenly, a man from Haense came down the path, a Haenseman who was well known to Swifty. He was almost begging for mercy from the AIS party, pleading his innocence and trying to escape an inevitable death. Following on, a man from Curon attempted to save him, only to be too late. As he approaches he sees the head of the Haenseman roll along the path, cut off by the blade of Swifty Sam. The two men turn to look straight at the Curon civilian, charging him with the company of two other horsemen who were called to arms. One of the horsemen rammed into the Curon man from behind with his steed, knocking the pig into the dirt. They all stood, laughing at this man, however Swifty dived on top of him, tying his arms behind his back and putting a cloth bag over his head to silence the man. He was further arrested, kept in a cage at Rubern to await his fate. He was sentenced to death by the mighty Flemius of Rubern after a long negotiation, finalising in the men and women of the AIS having no need for such scum. Swifty cheered out, “Hail Ruswick!” As the shot was fired from the string Flemius gripped, greeted with gratifications for his hard work, he had proven himself of worth. Signed, Swifty Sam, Council of Ruswick, Slayer of Tyrants and Collector of Heads.
  19. The End of a Tyrant, The men and women of Ruswick gathered at the foot of the tower, the entrance of the grand bandit nation to witness the beheading of Lauriel Labdacus. Lauriel attempted to escape with her prized possessions, predicting the end of her reign as the citizens formed together in the throne room. However, the Citizens of Rus halted her in her path. Knowing that she was a gruesome tyrant who once ruled the lands in fear. Without hesitation, Lauriel thrusted her sword into her gut, knowing the outcome of such an event, attempting to end her life. In that moment, Swifty Sam darted at her, sword drawn and action taken. As he lifted up his sword, the sound of civilians gasping in awe to see the tyrant’s head roll onto the shiny floor. Swifty Sam separated her head from her torso with one mighty, and swiftly swing. Her life and reign, coming to a certain end, “The End of a Tyrant”. Signed, Agner, Appointed Ruler of Ruswick Swifty Sam, Be-header of Tyrants, Council member of Ruswick Jubilant Jack, Scribe of Ruswick Mark Ezelsteen, Council Member of Ruswick
  20. [!] Hung throughout the streets of Helena lies a flier, a warning to all citizens. ATTENTION HELENA 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1742: By decree of THE SECRETARY OF WAR and the IMPERIAL STATE ARMY with blessing from HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY. The city of Helena is hereby under MARTIAL LAW until further notice. The following points will be enforced to full effect by members of the ISA: CURFEW - Citizens are required to be within their homes from sunset to sunrise. Subjects who appear in the street after dark legally may be searched or detained. FULL LOCKDOWN - The city is in full lockdown gates will remain closed and managed by the ISA. Confirmed unarmed citizens will be permitted use of the citizen doors DRESS RESTRICTIONS - Hoods and other face-obscuring clothing are strictly forbidden; violators will be detained and searched FORTIFICATION - All streets are to be fortified and property may be seized in eminent domain if it should serve such a purpose as to protect the citizens of Helena. CONSCRIPTION - Every able-bodied man and woman above the age of 16 is directed to the WAR OFFICE in the Imperial Barracks to be assigned their Imperial duties. POLITICAL REGULATION - Implemented acts and administrative decisions executed within Helena are subject to revision and approval from the ISA Colonel and Secretary of War. In the face of barbaric aggression and mysterious flying men we must stand together in unification, in humanity, in the Empire. Helena prevails. IN NOMINE DEI Leonard II de Ruyter, Marshal of the Empire and Secretary of War
  21. The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei ☽ A Settlement Guide ☾ WATCH OUR TRAILER “A traveller gets lost in the forest of whispers; an unexpected helping hand is there to help and welcome them” ☽ Overview ☾ The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei is the home of the Mali’ker, though it is open to the other descendants. Asimu’lei is a peaceful town focused on commerce, harmony and progress. This blooming town can be found near the druidic grove, in the south-eastern region of Arcas (762 / 55 / -130), being a mere five minutes walk from Cloud Temple. To reach, just follow the signs for the southern road from Cloud Temple, follow for Sutica until you’ll see a sign on the left that will guide you to the blessed moon glade, Asimu’lei. ☽ Points of interest ☾ The “Adont’Haelun” clinic The “Twilight Trade Square” The “Dante’celia” Tavern The “Ilum’indor” Library The housing district “Diraar’ker” : the guardians The “Vallel’ame” forest The “Vihai’ame” forest ☽ Asimilian Government ☾ The Asimilian government is composed of many organs. First of all, the Lunar Sage, a guidance for the settlement. Then we have the “Council of many arts” with the ministers regulating their own ministries and fields of competence. And last but not least, the Lye debaters, the lifeline of the town, the citizens. Through debating sessions, they are be able to vote and express their desires and decisions, for a better future. Everyone is subject to the Ker’tir or the “Night Law” , a constitution-like document that regulates the everyday life and justice within the asimilian borders. ☽ Activity ☾ Need some guidance? Ask our stewards! Tigergiri#0744 / Mr.LordVoop#3803 / LordYuki#3274 / Josey#5073 Peak time: 3 Pm EST / 9 PM Gmt+1 US – EU timezones A huge thanks to everyone that helped and continues to help with this project.
  22. Company of The Rose (Depiction of the Rose Company harassing members of other lowly bandit groups) What it is: The Company of The Rose, is a ‘free company’ a band of gentlemen who appreciate the word of minae more than the word of a King. The term ‘free company’ began catching on after the Lothragnian’s stooped to banditry during the Emperor Alexander’s reign. When Lord Protector Adrian began his ever vigilant watch over The Empire; many hedge knights, ex-footmen, and cavalrymen got the good idea of finding a legal way to provide for themselves and their families. So, over a tankard or two, a hardy group of men decided to write up a precursor for what would become the Codex for the men of the Company to follow and abide during their employment under Julius Franz. The Free Company Codex: Orenian Imperium Edition First Law: The murder of innocents for one’s own selfish desire is strictly prohibited. Second Law: Any sort of harassment towards local organizations or in-fracturing armies, without the probable contract, documentation, and a ranking member to oversee is strictly prohibited. Third Law: Petty theft from those can not afford financial loss, is strictly prohibited. Fourth Law: Allowing a Destrier to be lost in battle is strictly prohibited. Fifth Law: Failure to abide by these laws is strictly prohibited. Sixth Law: Failure to adhere to this new standard of ‘Free Comapany’ will result in immediate termination, of position, and life as you know it. Hierarchy: Grandmaster Contractor: Oversees all operations within the Company, ensures no man within the Company falls beneath standard. Lord Contractor: This position is reserved for those that provide payroll and employment in the Company. Cataphract General: Leads the Companies cavalry regiment on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. Field Marshal: Commands the infantry and shock troopers on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. First Hand: Second in command to both Field Marshal and Cataphract General, is in charge of organizing rallies and training. Cataphract: A mounted soldier of the Company, a key component in the Companies battle strategies. Shock Trooper: Heavily armoured soldier, often a veteran of many battles and has the most renown on the battlefield. Initiated: Learning their ways of rapidly swinging a sword into the battlefield still, but have proved themselves trust worthy. Rando: Entry level position meant for those who are still feeling out the Company and undecided if they wish to join. APPLICATION: MC Username: Character Name: Race: Specialty (pvp, cooking, farming, mining, etc.): (Also the Company has build in progress, it’s glorious so, please contain yourself when finished) ( POST IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS: FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DISCORD @hotboss_monk#8587 to make an inquiry to join)
  23. The House of Gant The House of Baruch-Gant is a cadet branch of the House of Baruch, stemming from the line of Carolus, Baron of Gant. The current head is Joren, Baron of Gant, who resides within the land of his liege lord and cousin, Sigmar Baruch, Count of Ayr. They are stalwart vassals of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the House of Barbanov. (Joren Gant, c. 1734) The decision to create a cadet branch arose after Joren’s admittance into the Royal Duma of Haense. It was believed having two Lord Baruchs in one small congregation — and in the Kingdom alone — would be too confusing and inconvenient. Typically, a single noble family does not have two patriarchs, or two title-holders at any one time. Thus, any Baruch descending from Carolus or Joren will thus take on the name Baruch-Gant, or Gant for short. Any claim by the House of Baruch to the Barony of Gant or Baruch-Gant to the County of Ayr is hereby nullified, with all titles returning to the Crown should either line die out. Signed, His Lordship, Joren Baruch-Gant, Baron of Gant His Excellency, Sigmar Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Lord Speaker of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska ((OOC)) Just a short post, not meant to be anything hefty, more of a quick announcement to officiate it
  24. [!] Throughout your travels, on dirt or gravel, you soon would hear of one whom baffles. A bard most strange with little fame: One “Timothée de Fontaine”. Furthermore, any poet, troubadour or one with talent in store would see his Troupe was arts galore! In song, or via poster, you learn their lore: I never had the stronger hands. I took the lute and left the schyte. And while I wandered all the lands. I met a man who changed my life. Took me a while. To see his work was quintessential! At me he’d smile! For in my eyes he saw potential! He and his marvelous group! Truly a legend throughout Atlas. He’d always sing of his Troupe! His name: Timeo de las Baltas. “Timeo de las Baltas” by Timothée de Fontaine. Oil on Canvas c. 1698 And when he talked of its fame Right then all song in me woke! And when I asked for its name In bliss, the troubadour spoke: “Hibou Plongeant! ‘E-boo Plon-Jan!’ The diving owl! How does it sound?” And to this man my soul was bound. A better Troupe I’ve never found. And how we soared so! There was no description! The Troupe fed me and my wine addiction! “Self Portrait” by Timothée de Fontaine. Oil (And Wine) on Canvas. c. 1714. ...But like cloth we unwove. Now the Troupe makes no sound For when the ‘diving owl’ dove The bird’s beak hit the ground! And we disbanded! Shot dead, Timeo’s life ended. The Troupe was stranded. I couldn’t save the weight that I was handed... Until today! Now I can have a say! I’ve piled so many merry mina in my many ways! I’ve met so many people in my many days! ♫ Now be it as it may! I’ll sing it all and pluck away! ♫ Yes it’s true! I’ll do whatever work that I can do. I’ll fly just like our great owl flew. It’s round two! I’ll bring back the Hibou! The Hibou Plongeant’s Insignia. Are you a bard? Do you need a place to go? Are your times hard? Do you have talent to show? Is mina running dry? Do you daily feel upset? Are you looking for a why? Look no longer – Do not fret! We make do with all we get! We talk and write until sunset! We all debate and play and paint and speak aloud our thoughts until we sweat! For those of you whom sing or dance, Those whom craft, romance. Those whom when they walk must prance! You poets out there whom believe in free verse, aswell, we don’t discriminate. Come right in! Show a grin! Tell us all the things you’ve seen! Show the soul you keep within! Play your lute or violin! Widely smile, raise your chin! We take all races! All talents, all places! Whatever artform. You’ll have our graces! In times so cruel! Keep your mouth and pockets full! Walk with song and leave the dull! ♫ Let the arts become your fuel! ♫ And to apply? Make quite sure you catch our eye! Write down what you are and why. And send a letter, we’ll reply! And whether you’re just bored A peasant or a lord Who’s piled mina into a hoard And doesn’t know what to afford Here’s a tip: Call us in, we’ll make heads whip! With mordern works and tunes so slick Coming from dubious authorship! We’ll show in any port! A Keep, your Town or Court All events, from any sort! Write to us, we’ll soon retort! Our guild is set upon A town just off Curon Called “Astorga”! Est très bon! Pretty people – Sights that stun! Ripe with trade, filled with fun! Shining light just like a sun. To get to it, you simply run towards Curon, you walk a ton just take a right- and then you’re done! A map to Astorga! ((X:1604 Y:-1549)) And if that’s too far Or roads are all bare! We’ll come where you are! The Hibou goes there! For more detail, to book a show, or to know just where to go, just look below! Or talk to me: Timothée. ♫ You’ll love our Troupe, I guarantee! ♫ [!] Below you see: How to reach the bard Timothée! The read is over. Gee, what glee! (( Discord: Thi_T#5309 / Minecraft IGN: tgrt ))
  25. Skeptic

    Comedy Night

    Seeing as how the previous Comedy Night was so successful, Henry Clericus is proud to host it again at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak! No sign-up or form to fill, just jump on stage and joke away. Info: Snow’s Maiden, 1731. ((Wednesday, 28th of August, 2019)) at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak. Directions: From Helena: Turn right, when approaching the three-way, turn right again and head straight, crossing over the wooden bridge. Continue on the road towards Haelun’or. Soon enough you will turn left, and finally you will arrive at Laanhold, Westmarch! (( XYZ: -872 // 62 // -1723 )) A map is attached to the post with a red dot labeled as Helena and a green dot, presumably Westmarch.
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