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Found 74 results

  1. MAYORAL ELECTION OF HELENA: 1776 – 1780 [!] Alongside Every Poster of Jermaine’s Campaign for Lord Mayor of Helena, there appears to be another smaller letter written on parchment nailed alongside every poster, written with quill ink and stamped with a large wax seal, it reads: “My Fellow Helenians, and by extent Orenians, I have written these letters each by hand to speak to each of you out there who desire change, those who wish to live in familiarity, and those who chose to remain impartial, I ask you now as you are, to look at yourselves, and to look amongst others in our streets what do you all share? A faith? A dream? An Empire? These are all true, but you share each other, we are together, If we were never meant to be all here in the most Glorious empire in Arcas then we would’ve all perished long ago, but it was the will of faith, No, The Will of GOD that keeps us together, binds us and holds us, it’s the sap that holds the tree together, without the sap, the tree will break in the wind, I want you to ask yourselves, Are you the tree that snaps and breaks in the wind? Or the Tree that holds itself together and stands strong in the heart of storm? You must understand that the Tree is Us, and the storm is the WAR, are we going to stand up strong against it, or are we going to break and fall? Even after the war, which it may be by the time you read this, our empire will be dealing with the repercussions of this Battle for years afterwards, If you want Helena and by extent the Empire to thrive and grow stronger, more powerful and wealthier than ever before, then I implore you to go out there, into the cold world and bring warmth with a vote for me, a vote for Jermaine. I will give you whatever I have during this time to help you out of the mess we’re all struggling through by the day, I promise the changes You all need for yourselves, yes every single one of you. Go in Providence my friends, Glory to the Empire.” - Jermaine – 1776. [!] Upon closer examination of the wax seal one would see that inscribed upon it, there are small letters reading “From The Desk of Jermaine.” There are also pen marks lining the edges of the note. GLORY TO OREN – 1776
  2. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Grand Opening of Darrowmere -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [!] A messenger sends out the invitations, each invitation sealed with red wax, bearing Darrowmere’s coat of arms. Join us in Darrowmere for a joyous celebration of our newly built city! Come for a Boxing Tournament (Winners receive prizes!), a drinking contest in the tavern, and a grand feast accompanied with a variety of other festivities. All are welcome but there is one rule: you must crossdress or you will have to pay 50 minas. Personal Invitations would be delivered to the following: The Highlander Clans throughout the Highland Realm The Gorundyr Orvar of Vi Stige and its citizens The Highlander Eiriksson-Lunner of Lunsbeck and its citizens The Highlander Barbanovs of Haenseti-Ruska and its citizens The Dark Elven Velulaei’onn of Renelia and its citizens The Sutican Triumvirate and its citizens The Crown of Elvenesse and its citizens The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor and its citizens The Rex of Krugmar and its citizens The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and their citizens [!] A cartographer’s sketch of a map of Arcas can be seen, with instructions on how to get to Darrowmere Signed by Dame Athri, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Ser Jolfrey Elessar, The Marshal of Darrowmere Alli Ruse Onfroi, The Burgrave of Darrowmere [OOC: July 6th, 5pm EST // 9pm GMT]
  3. [!] One of many flyers scattered about in the world would wander and find its way to you. Upon closer inspection it seems to be an invitation, reading as follows: “Greetings traveller. I hereby extend this to you, being the occasion of the inaugural event of a town away from the rest of known settlements of all races. A peaceful place where one may find shelter and opportunities at a more fulfilling life should it be what you have sought, a second chance, a new beginning or simply an adventure in far off lands. There will be much to see and do within these walls. I wish for beings of all kinds to come together and co-exist, form bonds that elsewhere may have not been possible, and find oneself more comfortable with the world we inhabit as a whole. I hope to find you at the gates of town in due time and you will be welcomed with open arms. May fate guide you here safe and swiftly. -Rowan S. Mistvale”
  4. Response from the Royal Ministry 9th of Vzmey and Hyff, 327ES Penned and Issued by His Excellency, the Lord Palatine of Haense Petyr Baruch In an effort to adhere to newly instituted and practiced policies for the acquiring of new land, the Crown of Haense hereby dignifies: The newly reacquired region of Rubern is to be governed by the Crown of Haense and may be split up as they deem fit between the Count of Leuven and the House of Alimar, with the advisory opinion of the House of Lords. This region shall thus forth be referred to as the Midland Steppe. The House of Alimar will retain the titular title Grand Prince of Muldav, as per the protection granted to them in the Titular Title Creation Prohibition Act of 1728, which states “The cadets of the royal houses of those kingdoms within the Holy Orenian Empire” can be “styled as deemed fit by the patriarch”. A. Titular title refers to a title that has no land or territory associated with it, therefore there may be no land named or referred to as Muldav. The Baruch Ministry reaffirms the Royal Decree of 322ES and the Oren Revised Code, the latter of which states within CH 702.02 that “The privilege to hold landed secular peerage appertaining to their estates within the Imperial State, the created nature of peerage conveyed through Imperial Letters, issued singularly by the discretion of the sovereign”, but that “deeds of [land] which are entitled to a peerage shall not be granted or altered so as to cause a loss to the owner” — in this case the King — unless consented to, as according to the Peerage and Property Edict of 1768. The Baruch Ministry recognizes the recommendation of the House of Lords for the distribution of land within the Midland Steppe. It shall be taken into account when distributing the land in the region. His Majesty deems it fit that the majority of the region will be made into a national park and memorial to honor the lives lost during the AIS War of Aggression. The Lord Palatine Petyr Baruch does hereby personally apologize to the Imperial Administration for the attempted landing of Muldav without utilizing the processes set in place according to the Edict of Reform. More specifically, he apologizes for the inappropriate public and distasteful denouncement of the House of Lords at Haeseni court, which indirectly also besmirched the honour of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor. The Office of the Palatine recognizes the mistakes made by the administration and is prepared to take full responsibility for the consequences of said actions committed by the Crown. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Excellency, Petyr Baruch, the Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska
  5. Hey! This has been a little while in the making, but we have finally finished revising and reworking our application and interview system. This was a project we started under the previous administration, something that @JuliusAakerlund and I wanted to change as soon as we became managers. As managers, we’re in a place where we feel like this system is better for evaluating candidates and gives people who have the creativity and experience an advantage. The application format questions have been changed and we have re-added the event prompts to the application. The event prompts aren’t hard, but do require the use of some creativity which is incredibly important for an ST member to have! The application is meant to find out if you’re qualified or at the very least can be trained to become a good actor. One of the biggest changes that we’re looking forward to is the reworking of our interviews. An interview intends to get to know the person and find out if they will be a good fit for the team and that kind of thing is best found out in a voice chat. So, with this system, story interviews for prospective actors will be done in voice. We want to move away from the idea that it is a list of questions and more of a conversation. The third and last big change, while it isn’t a permanent one, with the new application format we will be denying all previous ACTOR applications that were using the old format. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but it is necessary because we’re asking for more specific things on the newer application. It’s unfair to new applicants if we interview old applications that did not answer the prompts. We do this with the hope that everyone who has applied previously will re-apply! With these changes, we’d like to re-open recruitment for the Story Actors and we’re looking forward to going through your applications. We’ll be accepting more applicants as time moves on and looking for the absolute best out of the bunch. For the Lore side of the team, you will still need to apply with the old application under Applying for for Staff. [APPLY HERE]
  6. THE RESURGENCE OF PROGRESS Issued 8th of the Deep Cold, 1771. A new entrance has appeared by the Acid Pit Observatory... The newly appointed Okarir'tayna calls within the square for attention, as he gestures toward the gazebo on the other side of the fountain. The entrance to the Acid Pit Observatory, the stairwell that had been barred by a gate and a glass wall for months, was now decorated with cyan ribbons. Silvos called out for those present to follow him down, leading the way side by side with Sohaer Miravaris. Upon entering, the citizens would notice a new telekinetic elevator, barred by a silver gate, has been constructed on the other side of the balcony, topped by a sign simply stating “The Eternal Laboratories”. The Okarir’tayna hands the Sohaer a pair of scissors to cut the thin ribbon standing between the public and the elevator, and with a swift *snip*, the Laboratories are opened! The gate rises, and any and all mali'aheral are allowed inside to finally see the halls that will soon host a myriad of experiments, research papers and scientists. At the end of the offices a small hall branches off, aptly titled the “Hall of Discovery”. The Okarir’tayna announces: Mali'aheral of Lareh’thilln, I am pleased to welcome you, finally, to the new laboratories. When I returned to elHaelun’or after my long slumber, I was appalled to find a lack of this integral institute which has allowed so many great discoveries, so much progress, in the past. The place I held most dearly within elcihi, the establishment that provided the Eternal Library with new knowledge, absent. Now, in these difficult times, the one thing we can always agree upon shall remain our loyalty to elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. And Maehr’sae we shall seek once more. I am glad, that I can proudly present to you these halls with such purpose. However, at the moment they are dull, void of any research and progress in the works. This is where I need you. On the desk beside the elevator you will find an application form which you may fill out, if you wish to join me in discovering ever more greatness. I shall provide you the space. I shall ensure your safety. I shall guide the progress. If necessary, I shall expand these halls tirelessly until every single Mali’aheral wishing to do research, can do so, right here. I look forward to working with you. Application form: Please do note that to qualify for a labspace you must: -Be of a mature age (50+). -Be a citizen of elHaelun'or. -Be pure, of course. -Follow elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya closely. Signed, Okarir’tayna Silvos Sythaerin Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Maheral Acaele Lazul
  7. Council Changes of 1773 Since the first reign of Aelthos III Tundrak, the Fennic council has remained mostly static. Initially designed with the intent to satisfy the demands of Aelthos’s time, the changes in our world bring about new challenges, therefore demanding that Fenn adapt in kind. In order to embark on this new direction, Grand Prince Aelthos III Tundrak has set about reorganizing the Fennic council. With the above in mind, the following changes will occur: Due to being deemed unnecessary, the office of the Grand Chancellor is abolished forthwith. As instructed by Wyvurn, the position of Arch Vigilant shall always be fulfilled by a woman of the faith.. The position of High Emissary will be relegated to the Lower Council. Due to being deemed unnecessary, the office of the Grand Exchequer is abolished forthwith. The duties of the Bilok’Thuln will be transferred to the Ivae’Fenn. The position of Grand Steward will be relegated to the Lower Council. Due to past abuses and injustices, the office of the Grand Treasurer is abolished forthwith. From here on out, the treasury will be managed only by the Grand Prince or Princess. From these changes arises a Lower Council to handle many of the smaller matters that affect Fenn on the daily. The positions are as such: High Emissary Grand Steward Bloodline Heads HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun
  8. *A posting is hammered to doors and noticeboards throughout the city.* The nature of being a Mali’aheral to exist in an ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Old traditions upheld by new people. Old people forcing new changes. Guardians of the old standing against new progress, and guardians of progress rallying against the old. There is progress, and there is health. There is forward change, and there is the traditional heart of the nation. This is tradition and silver. The lifeblood that makes up the Mali’aheral. When tradition, the heart of our nation, is threatened; it is the eternal duty of our people to be vigilant against those who would threaten it. On this every Mali’aheral agrees. Where they often disagree is their source and form. Sometimes they come in the form of our enemies, and sometimes they come in the form of our friends. Most often they come in the form of ideas. Like the eternal flow of contrast between progress and health, the line between an idea that challenges tradition and an idea that embodies our future is often tumultuous and murky. The rewards vary from mind to mind, pitting allies against one another, creating discontent, causing turmoil, and generating revolution in our state. This too is a representation of the ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Today, the city of Haelun’or stands on a precipice. Representatives of the new with no memory of the old, but bearing old allies in the shadows who instruct their every move, seek to command control in the name of what they consider to be progress. They command this control against many of the old themselves. Representatives of tradition. The form this progress will ultimately take only they know. Such is the normal in Elven politics, where the written plans often end at power’s acquisition. Make no mistake that this is a period of decline. The city may appear at a glance to be running as normal despite the hushed voices and knives in the dark, but a war rages on the cobblestones of Haelun’or. A war of ideas that has divided our people. A war between the traditionalists, and the silver council. A war of tradition and silver. A war that has taken the life of our blessed Maheral. A war that has seen our council attacked. A war that has seen our government take to hiding away behind steel doors underground, as if the city itself were occupied. This war has taken much from us already, and it will take more if nothing is done. For a war between tradition and silver is tantamount to a body wounding itself; and while the High Elven state has already suffered greatly, this war bears the potential to do more than divide and damage. It has the potential to destroy. Progress can come only in one form. A return to tradition. To this end, I call upon silver to concede to tradition. To look to the people their council is supposed to represent, and to afford them the representation they deserve. I call upon Okarir’indor Kinahen Athrilum to resign immediately from their office for gross incompetence in the face of threat, and a violation of their oath to protect and give honor and breath to the Maheral as their office demands. I call upon the Sohaer, and the whole of her remaining council, to put their offices to public election - as we did in the past - that the people might be represented by a Mali of their choosing rather than a Mali selected for them by a tyrant. I call upon the Malaurir who influence the current silver council from the shadows, delivering whispers into their ear to broaden their power or consolidate their legacy, to cease in their destructive behaviors. I call for peace in our homes, and in our city, under a government that loves its people and who its people love as we did before tyrants instead commanded their fear. I call upon these things not as one Mali, but as the voice of the Mali in the city who are downtrodden by a council that no longer serves its people, but who instead expects its people to serve it. By Larihei, let your people choose.
  9. *~ Arcas Biennial Cheff Tournament ~* [!] Letters written with black ink and the drawing of many dishes would be delivered across all Arcas. “For too long has the question of the best Chef in the realm gone unanswered. Far in the past are the days where legendary skills of the kitchen where whispered of, whispers of those so talented surely they had been blessed by an aenguldaemon. No longer will this question be left to dwell in the dark depths of a cooks mind. Come one and come all to the Princedom of Fenn this grand harvest, and put your skills to the test. The competition will come in multiple stages, the field being halved each stage till a winner is left. Winning this tournament earns the chef a thousand mina prize and a fully outfitted kitchen in a location of their choosing. Each stage will come with five culinary items from across Arcas. Ranging from fine Horen veal, Sutican crab, Quali spices, and campfires for cooking or caste iron pots no one but the judges will know which items are in each box until they are opened. Not all ingredients must be used but at least three are required. Contestants will be judged by three judges in flavor, technique, and display. Fret not though those that get knocked out early. In the semi-final stage of this event, the crowd will be able to vote back a previous individual competing for another chance at culinary glory. ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (OOC Information) The Tournament will be held this Saturday at 3pm EST, those who wish to participate merely need to come in time and register irply by talking to any of the judges, more information will be provided on the day of the even. If you are interested in becoming a judge send a response stating such. We will pick 3 people or use our three original if no one is interested in judging. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore A carefully written and appealing poster would be seen hung on the notice-board of Helena. The satisfying and relaxing writting atop the scroll would be accompanied by numerous images and paintings. On the bottom of the main poster a pocket would be seen, which included numerous sheets. By the look of them, they’d be copies of the Bookstore’s inventory, which seemed to be available for the taking by whoever would need them. A neatly drawn image of the Bookstore from outside ”People of Helena and the whole Empire, Since the last poster of updates that was hung up on the notice board nearly a decade ago, the loved and humble bookstore has seen a number of different changes. To begin with, as it should be known by most at this point, the Bookstore is located at Nauzica Square No. 5 (instead of previously being No. 4). Aside from the locational change, the bookstore has seen a major increase in its collection, now holding over 160 books from all different genres and studies. However, some of these were sold out and are waiting to be transcribed and resold. With subjects relating to Bestiary studies, Magical Studies, Alchemical and Medicine, as well as World studies, the collection also includes literary pieces and art, such as biographies, fictional works, poems and ballads. Because of this great increase in products, it has become impossible to display all of the books in the space within the store’s grounds. For this reason, invetory sheets are available for picking up, so that whoever is interested in increasing their knowledge of the world may inquire on books that are out of display. To ask or request a book, please refer to sending me, Siol, a bird with your order or questions (Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284). Going alonghand with the previous paragraph, for any customers looking to purchase texts from the store, please remember two things: - The 2nd story of the shop also has texts for sale, specifically Literary and Poetic works - If you’re unsure of what you’re buying, there are samples of the books to read just below the displays, so you may check those. Since the shop took a break from selling during the last year, I’ve now worked and renewed its stock, with different and unique books laying atop its displays. Aside from the products themselves, the prices have also been reworked and lowered considerably, thus... allowing all who seek knowledge to be able and take a grasp of it more easily. As it stood before, my humble Bookstore is still looking to increase its collection. So, if you’re a writter or happen to have a special or duplicable (Copy of Original) text that you’d like to sell, simply contact me and we shall arrange a good price. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free and welcome to reach out and ask such. Your humble bookkeeper, Siol” A painting and representation of the second floor of the store, as well as its displays lay here.
  11. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- THE ROYAL SAVINIA BALL - The Grand Harvest, 1770 - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [!] A messenger sends out an invitation sealed with red wax, bearing the crest of Savinia, to all people of Arcas that wish Savinia and its peoples no harm. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Grande Salon of Veldin Palace, 1760 As the Royal Duchy of Savinia further develops, it is decided by the Court Lady, Johanna Roquetelet, that a ball is needed to celebrate the development of such a Duchy. We ask that all people who attend the ball wear an outfit representing Spring or Summer, or some other formal attire. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Events of the Ball The Grand Buffet: Hosted in the Drawing Room of Veldin Palace, will be a large buffet of pastries, baked goods, and Savninian traditional cuisine. The buffet will be the first portion of the ball, where guests can pick and choose what they would like to have for their luncheon. Guests may also converse with each other if they so choose. The Great Drinking Competition: Hosted at Savninia’s Tavern, Eagle’s Roost Tavern and Inn, the competition will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to do so should sign up before the competition begins, this way, we will be able to divide out the rum efficiently. During the competition, participants will see how many bottles of straight rum they will be able to drink in five Saint’s minutes. The first place winner of this competition will receive a free lifetime supply of drinks from the tavern and 300 Minae. Second place winner will receive ten drinks from the tavern for free, as well as 200 Minae. The Pie Eating Contest: Another event hosted in the Palace Drawing Room, the pie eating contest will follow after the Drinking Competition. In this contest, guests will eat as many pies as they can in three rounds given a certain time allotted. The first place winner, who eats the most pies total out of those three rounds, wins 300 Minae. The second place winner will win 50 Minae. OOC: Players should roll a die out of twenty. This will happen three times. The numbers that the players roll in those rounds will be tallied, and the player with the highest number total wins. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OOC: If there are any questions please contact any of the following. SteepledShip (SteepledShip#4617) Levicourpos (Crushems#4883) Time and Date: May 30th 2pm EST 7pm GMT. Hope to see you there! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  12. The Grand Spring Ball of Savinia As the Royal Duchy of Savinia settles once more, it is decided by the Lady Treasurer, Kayah de Medera and the Duchess, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, that it is a long time due for celebration! Said celebration, hosted as a ball will be spring themed, and it is asked that attendees wear something that represents such. As well as dancing and plenty of stalls for people who wish to sell their items, the Ball also hosts other Events. -=Events=- The Great Drinking Contest: Hosted at Savinia’s fine tavern, Eagles Roost Tavern and Inn, the contest will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to sign up for this contest will do so before the contest, this way the owner, Anduin Dering will have enough to go around. During the Contest, The contestant will see how many bottles of straight Vodka they can drink in under the time given, (10-15 saint’s Minutes). The Winner, and runner ups with get such: First Place Prizes: Lifetime supply of free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern, and 800 Mina Second Place Prizes: A sum of 500 mina, and 10 free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern. The Dress of The Daisies Contest: For the ladies, a contest will be held as well. This contest will be a contest of the arts. The aim at this contest is to have what the judges deem the best dress. Ladies competing in this contest will be judged on the following: Style, Pattern, how well it fits with the theme. and the full appearance of the lady. The theme, for this ball, is springtime. Dresses should appear light, moveable, with light colors that go well with each other. The judges for this contest are: Her Grace, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, Duchess of Savinia Her Ladyship, Constanza-Alexia de Savin Her Excellency, Kayah-Despina de Medera -=- The Solo Winner of this Contest will receive the following 1k Mina, and a free commission from the Duchy Tailor, Kayah de Medera. (On an OOC note I cannot skin Armor) -=OOC=- If you would like a stall, or would like to sign up for something else, please do contact one of the following. Levicourpos(Crushems#4883) IWantAnIcedlatte (ICEDLATTE#9269) Saturday, May 16th at 2pm Est || X 2380 Z -509, The fastest way To get there is the road to Krugmar !! THE DUCHY OF SAVINIA PERSONALLY INVITES THE FOLLOWING; THE SULTANATE OF KORVASSA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE THE PRINCIPALITY OF VITENNA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE ANY OTHER BEING IN THE LANDS OF ARCAS THAT WISH NO HARM ON THE DUCHY
  14. Royal Decree of 321 ES Edict of the Deputy Palatine 7th Msitza and Dargund 321 ES Issued by His Excellency Lord Petyr Baruch and confirmed by His Majesty Sigismund II By the Order of the Crown, the position of Deputy Palatine is hereby established, to assume the responsibilities and duties of the now defunct Palatine Aspirant herein. The Deputy Palatine is chosen at the discretion of the Palatine and serves at their leisure. They may be removed by orders of either the Crown or Palatine. The powers of the Deputy Palatine are henceforth, I - To summon citizenry of the State of Haense to the Royal Palace. II - To establish and maintain the Royal Privy at the leisure of the Palatine. III - To establish business charters. IV - To nominate candidates of the Royal Offices to the Royal Duma. V - To command the Royal Army in times of crisis, with privilege of wielding the Silver Bulava of Office. VI - To subpoena records and works of note. With the declaration of this decree, Otto Cetibor Barrow is hereby elevated to the position of Deputy Palatine at the leisure of the Palatine and King, effective immediately. Signed, HIS MAJESTY, King Sigismund II of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of Alban, Reza and Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. HIS EXCELLENCY, Lord Petyr Siegmund Baruch, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, and Guardian of the Haeseni Coast
  15. Vassal Documentation – Operation Highland Pass [!] A missive is sent to the Cloud Temple notice boards and The Highland Realm Earlier this saints week, Darrowmere held it’s final event before our deconstruction, which will lead us into a new era. The King, and some members of his council, ventured down to Darrowmere to drink, celebrate, and prepare for the stresses which will come during the reconstruction. Noctis Arkin of Norland brought a missive to the Burgrave from the Rabbit, currently in place for the Rabbit during his illness, with permissions to tear down the City of Darrowmere and replace it with a much more defendable structure. [!] An artists impression could be seen below of Noctis and his Majesty the King, Caedric Ruric, enjoying the Tavern of Darrowmere as they discuss future plans. Many Knights of Darrowmere, peoples of Norland, and even one of our Grand Generals, Adzy Stormbringer, showed up to the event to celebrate the last day of “Lorraine” and the introduction of Fort Darrowmere. [!] An artists impression was posted on the missive of the Damerians enjoying their time with Adzy in the Tavern. This missive is to those who do not know about the deconstruction of Darrowmere and that I, The Rabbit of Darrowmere, hereby give Norland the permission to start operation “Highland Pass” and bring us into a new future, Ave Darrowmere! - Signed, Hadvar av Mitteland, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Noctis Arkin, King’s Council of Norland Caedric Ruric, King of Norland Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere (OOC pictures of the event:)
  16. [!] Those in Urguan would periodically hear horns blaring from the Frostbeard clan hall and from atop the mountain peaks [!] [!] Missives would be spread all throughout Arcas, especially around the mountains [!] TO THE KIN OF KAZ’ULRAH THE MOUNTAIN HORNS BLOW 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1767 My Frostbeard brethren, I call to you to return to the mountain halls of Kal’Evraal. While our clan hall has grown dusty in our absence, it is time for the Frostbeards to regain the renown and stature that we once had. Many of you, like me, went into seclusion, where the harsh and biting air let you feel free. But now, I call upon you to join our ranks once more. My father, Garrond Frostbeard, father to many of us, gave me the title of clan father in hopes of breathing new life into the clan. But I can not do it alone. Come, brothers, take up your arms in the name of Urguan and clan Frostbeard. Our road ahead is long, and we shall pave it in the blood of those who oppose us and Urguan. I, Jorgan Frostbeard, son of Garrond Frostbeard, twin of Hobjord Frostbeard, promise to glory and honor to those who return. The mountain calls— who among us can deny it? As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Jorgan Frostbeard Son of Garrond Frostbeard If you’re interested in playing a Frostbeard, new or old, send me a message over discord (Inferno_Ougi#1709)
  17. Corda’s Architect Services Currently : OPEN [x] Hours: MON-FRI 6PM-9PM / SAT-SUN ANYTIME Portfolio: https://imgur.com/gallery/uNZk1Lq What makes me reliable? I take passion in my projects and don’t stop fixing until it’s perfect. I’ve been a builder on servers and have won a contest in Keralis’ competitions [ 2nd Place but hey, that’s still somethin ]. I also have added a few photos of my previous projects. Services: Building Exterior/Interior on Homes Terriforming Rates/Packages: [ You MUST submit a 50% of your package price before I do your request. The other 50% you can give after it is completed and you are satisfied of the job. ] Small Homes [ 11x13 or lower ] – Exterior ONLY- 250 Mina Exterior/Interior- 500 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Medium Homes [ 11x15 – 17x17 ] - Exterior ONLY- 750 Mina Exterior/Interior- 1000 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Large Homes [ 17x19 – 25x31 ] - Exterior ONLY- 2000 Mina Exterior/Interior- 2250 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Manor- [ 25x33 – 41x41 ] Exterior ONLY- 3500 Mina Exterior/Interior- 5000 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Terraforming- 50 Mina / Stack of Mined Materials To submit a service form, fill out the requested format and send to me in Discord. I will then give you a ticket number and will notify you when I will be completing your project. Name: Package: City/Nation of the project: Date/Time Submitted: If you have any questions please ask me! If you would like to negotiate prices please PM me. Portfolio: https://imgur.com/gallery/uNZk1Lq
  18. The revival of Darrowmere, and the Order of the Rabbit For many years, Darrowmere has been dormant. No life in the Vassal, no integration within the Highland Realm. Norland came to think Darrowmere was officially dead, their peoples gone, and their pride destroyed. However, there were a few Damerians left from the great AIS vs. ISA War. Hadvar av Mitteland, alongside Louys, Alli Onfroi, and Athri, decided to march back into the lands of Darrowmere to rebuild. After recruiting a variation of new bloods, Darrowmere is now strong once again. This documentation is an announcement to all Highland Realm Vassals, Norland, and those who support us, we have returned. To those who oppose us, you have failed. The Dame, Alli Onfroi, marched with her guards into Norland just a saint's day ago, for an attendance with his majesty himself to speak on behalf of the newly appointed Rabbit of the Order. As a final statement, the infamous, “Order of the Rabbit” has returned under the control of the new Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland. The elders of the past, the Knights of the past, have left Darrowmere in ruins and it will soon be as strong as it was before, and then even stronger. [!] An artist's impression of the meeting held with his majesty. [!] The following pictures are depictions that show the text that was scribed by Dame Athri during the meeting. The handshake signified the revival, and the acceptance of Darrowmere back into the Highland Realm as an active Vassal. Long live the Order, AVE DARROWMERE! - Signed, The Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland, Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere, The Knights Order of the Rabbit, Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, His Majesty, King Caedric of Norland (OOC: If you wish to join Darrowmere, contact my discord, Swifty#2017)
  19. The Grand Library of Sutica Writing Contest Greetings to you, potential winner! We would like to announce the opening of the Sutican Library Writing Contest. In an effort to increase the literary value of our repository of learning we are inviting academics and would be authors from across Arcas to submit their works for the chance to win one of three fantastic prizes! To enter, please submit your name and the name of your book by letter and bring your authored tome to the Library of Sutica to deposit it in the chest marked for the contest. After 7 elven(saints) days, from the time of this flyer posting, the contest will close and we will select our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place victors who will then be the recipients of the prizes listed below. (Note: Only original works or first editions will be accepted for the contest. [no copies of copies] All others will be excluded. The Grand Library of Sutica reserves the right to claim ownership of the physical property submitted in our contest for display within our library.) [Please respond to this forum post with your MC name, character name, book title and subject, then deposit your book at the library in the marked chest.] Fabulous Prizes! 1st place Your choice of 1,500 minas or A Mystery Item 2nd place A cash amount of 1000 minas 3rd place A cash amount of 500 minas Signed, Librarian and Contest Organizer
  20. [!] A missive could be found all across arcas, though much more prevalent in place of origin (Helena). (DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/VAERxbK) Greetings citizens of the Holy Empire Of Oren and followers of the Holy Canonist Church. As I often wander inside the mighty walls of Helena I quickly came to the realization that there is a large chunk of children who’s parents have either died or been seperated due to the many chaotic factors of our plane. Along with that I have also noticed a severe lack of education for the average young one in the territory of Oren. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to solve both issues with a single swift stroke of my pen. In that light I welcome all juveniles into the walls of the Saint Julia’s Orphanage. All will be given a warm bed and board every day until they reach maturity or are adopted. The orphanage will not only teach its children how to read, write and about the canonist faith but also any other children that may wish to join for the classes that will be held. These steps will not only assure that children will not go without homes, but that the little ones who do have parents who perhaps are unable to teach there children or simply incapable to will be given the education they deserve. JOB POSITIONS The Orphanage is owned by the Church of Oren and Sponsored by Carrington Industries ((OOC: Please Message SriFoo#5770 for applying for job)) Nurse (Taken) Gender: Any Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, medical knowledge, knows how to take care of babies. Maid I (Taken) Maid II Gender: Female Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, Cooking skills, Cleaning skills Maid III Gender: Female Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, Cooking skills, Cleaning skills Footman I (Taken) Footman II Gender: Male Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Managment skills, and skills with trade. Directions To get to the Orphanage one must simply walk Right ounce entering the city till you reach the chruch, ounce you reach the church go the opposite direction and the building will be the next building to the Left.
  21. Hello there! It seems like I’ve been posting an awful lot recently, however this debate is strictly ooc ONLY and in my discord a lot of guys were concerned over this issue, so if you wish to participate I am more than willing to answer questions and debate in the comments down below. The “techlock project” is a project where people are trying to find balanced tools to use within LoTC which has the same technology as the times it is based in. For example, firearms is the most recent topic that has been put up for debate. As shown below, the votes have been flooding in and it seems like the mass majority do not care for guns within LoTC. Personally, I feel guns do not have a place in LoTC. My reasons for this are as follows, please feel free to agree or disagree with backed-up points down below! Banditry/Raids: I feel as if LoTC for many years has been a hub for those who wish to participate in bandit roleplay (as far as my experiences have gone). If you are to bandit someone on the road, you can either rob them or fight them, depending on how they respond to your actions. If guns were introduced to LoTC, I feel like banditting people on the road would become far too easy, using hostages and holding people at gun-point is far more effective than crossbows. This will lead to an imbalance in the bandit-victim success rate, heavily favouring those who are committing crimes. Additionally, Cities will have a large advantage too. The current raid rules state that you must ONLY raid with three or less people, which means it is already difficult to pull off with success. With the addition of guns, it will become near-impossible, with the guards being able to default CRP and hold your party at gunpoint for as long as they wish, possibly increasing the rate of meta rallies coming and slowing down the roleplay that could be happening if they were all using less advanced technology. Larger scale fights: How can we moderate the use of guns in larger scale fights? Currently in LoTC there is a 10+ PvP default rule, however if you were to fight with 9 or less people it would become increasingly difficult to moderate the use of guns within the fights. Would we need to load the guns and use multiple emotes like we do with crossbows? Or can people just have loaded guns all the time, preparing for combat if needed. I feel this will increase the amount of modreqs that go up, leading to more power-gaming, toxicity, and just an overall poor roleplay experience for those involved. The “dodge” mechanic: How does one use this mechanic if there are bullets flying towards your head? For a long time, you are able to /roll or crp dodging attacks, with a larger disadvantage if you lose your roll or the mod/people involved deems your dodge unrealistic. Just like an Olog charging into a human, you would be instantly killed and out of the crp if you were to encounter someone with a firearm, which I feel ruins the whole combat experience entirely and can lead to poor quality roleplay. Now I have expressed my final points, I would like to invite everyone who wishes to get involved to comment below and I’ll respond to you all. Troll/Toxic comments will just be ignored. Thanks, Swifty
  22. Palatine Report of 317 ES From the Office of the Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (A portrait of Palatine Petyr Baruch around the time of his ascension, c. 1764) Va birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, In Haeseni tradition, it is customary for ascending Palatines to write a report outlining their hopes and plans for their tenure, in order to keep the public well-informed on the workings of their governmental representatives. My tenure will be no different. Succeeding this paragraph will be my current plans for the Kingdom, alongside a brief description on how I intend on achieving them. Upkeep of Events Throughout the Kingdom A bustling Haense is a healthy Haense. Keeping the populace fed, safe, and entertained is one of the primary functions of our government. With the recent success of the Reznian Games and Valwyck Relic Ball, we are already on the right track. I plan on working alongside my wife — Grand Lady Sofiya — and the Maer to ensure their continued success, contributing the resources they need to continue hosting such events. Assisting the Haeseni Settlers in the Wickwald Now that the ravenous Rubern War is on the decline, and with the joint Haeseni-Helenian acquisition of the Wickwald and settling of multiple houses, the office of the Palatine does intend on assisting new Haeseni settlers with construction. Houses who are to be landed in the Wickwald Woods and have not yet constructed their holdings can contact the Lord Palatine for assistance, including help gathering materials and manpower to build. Note this is not an invitation for work to be done for a house, but with them. Academic Cooperation With Haelun’or Following the conclusion of the great Reznian Games, the Silver State of Haelun’or expressed gratitude towards our most august Dual-Monarchy, inviting the Royal House of Barbanov to visit the Sohaer. This is occurring shortly after friendly practice skirmishes took place between each nation, a greater bond coming of it. The Silver State has also offered to share it’s knowledge within our own Academy, something I hope to foster and invite into our walls. Eliminating the Bandit Threat In recent years, the roads between the Rubern Bridge and Hangman’s Bridge have become notorious for dangerous bandit attacks. In order to combat this, I intend on working alongside Lord Marshal Erwin Barclay to ensure our newly dubbed Haense Royal Army is well equipped to repel these attacks. The Lendian Issue It pleases the Office of the Lord Palatine to announce the decline of the recently declared Lendian Heresy from the Kingdom, confirmed by the dogmatic teachings of the Canonist Church. Theology will be continued to be taught with the sponsorship of Bishops Anton and Benedict. Friends and denizens of the realm, our future is bright. His Majesty Sigismund II and the Office of the Lord Palatine do wait with great excitement for the coming years. The Office does also congratulate newly elected Maer of New Reza Tatyana vas Ruthern, and newly risen Knight Paramount Ser Robin Kartyr. GODAN HAS SURELY BLESSED HANSETI-RUSKA Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Lord Petyr Siegmund Baruch, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, and Guardian of the Haeseni Coast
  23. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD HERE. ROLEPLAY INFORMATION ONLY: Name: Name of target: Purpose of assassination: Information about the target (what city, how old, what race, etc.): HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION Founded 121 years ago, the League of Assassins has maintained its secrecy and notoriety for quite some time. Several decades ago, the Empire was able to destroy the league, but it has been recently revived and headed by a new Master Assassin. Because of its profound secrecy, not much new information is known and disclosed. However, it is known that the League consists of men and women of all races and kind. However, no one knows where the main place of operations is located. The LoA is not necessarily an evil terrorist organization, as they simply fulfill contracts that carry out justice. They never harm an innocent citizen or bystander to take their minas or possessions. You are only targeted if your name is on a contract. If you wish to join the LoA, simply read what follows. DO NOT METAGAME THIS INFORMATION TASK The goal of every assassin is to complete a contract as swiftly and secretly as possible without stirring up too much commotion. Every move and action must be done with haste, intent and secrecy. RANKS (from highest to lowest) Master Assassin: The leader of the guild, as chosen by the guild members once every year. The Master Assassin oversees operations and assigns contracts to different members. Not much is known about the current Master Assassin. Disciple: Once you have proved yourself to be a worthy assassin, you become a Disciple. Disciples, along with the Master Assassin, organize contracts and train newer members. They are also given extremely important contracts and assume the role of the Master Assassin when he is busy or not present. Assassin: The classic rank and contractor. Members of this rank are given difficult contracts (which undoubtedly ends up with bigger rewards and potential repercussions) and have bigger roles within the guild. Novices report their scouting information to these Assassins. Assistant/Apprentice: After a few successful scouting attempts, you become an Apprentice and undergo extensive training. Then, you receive your first contract. If you successfully complete the contract, you become an Assassin. If not, you are banished from the league. Novice/Recruit: Upon being recruited into the league, assassins begin at the rank of Novice. Being only novices at this point, they usually only survey points of interest or gather information, interrogating suspects and pick-pocketing vital letters and documents; at the most providing this information to a higher ranked member for them to decide on how they would proceed in eliminating any assassination targets. NOTICE We are not a guild that simply trolls people. All actions and assassinations must be done with purpose and must involve some roleplay, we do not just randomly kill people. APPLICATION This application is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THE THREAD HERE. Minecraft username: Why do you want to join?: Are you committed to roleplaying as an assassin? (you can’t just kill people right away on the spot): Discord Name: RP Name: Race: Age: Traits:
  24. Dear residents of Darrowmere, This missive is an announcement of new blood to the throne of Darrowmere. Adopted from the streets of Morsgrad, his veins flowing with Norlandic blood, Erik Stefan Willow Onfroi is now an official honorary Onfroi. Due to the recent loss of Willow Onfroi and the disappearance of Avian Onfroi. I, Hadvar av Mitteland, hereby give Alli Onfroi and her adopted son the right to rule Darrowmere under blood relation. The boy who has now come of age, Erik, will therefore become the honorary heir in these uncertain times. This will be my last act within the Highland Realm for quite some time, and I send my condolences to the Onfroi family and wish them the very best. [!] An artists impression of what Erik looks like is shown below: I would also like to send a message to Haense and the Imperials of the Helena road. Those who have been causing troubles within the Highland Realm, robbing and killing Damerian men, I ask you to stop these cold-blooded acts of violence and show the decency you preach. If this continues, I will be bringing back the AIS’ former glory and ridding the stretch of road between Oren and Haense of Imperials until you get the message. This is a passive warning to you, please do not allow it to turn into anything worse, you will regret it. [!] Two artists impressions of many friends of Hadvar was shown below. Trust me, you will regret messing with Darrowmere if it happens again. Signed, Hadvar av Mitteland; Former AIS Cavalier General, Ruberni Knight, Damerian General of War, and Heir of House Mitteland
  25. [!] A piece of paper would stapled all across Arcas, from taverns to message boards. The Missive would read: Greetings citizens of Courland and all of Arcas! I have come to the disturbing realization that there are many parent less children throughout our beautiful continent. Countless children are left homeless and forgotten as there parents are either killed or disrupted by war and other grievances. That is why in these difficult times I have decided to use my wealth to open up an orphanage in Courland [due to relations there] in hopes to alleviate this strain on society. As young ones are the future of society and the greater world they will be given the best education that I can give them as well as bunk and food. The one grievance being that the building allocated for this is small at this present date but donors and the good will of courland, will hopefully expand if our walls become to small for the amount of children we take in. To run this oporation I will be hiring 1 maid to start out, but when we expand that number will certainly increase! Also all children are welcome from: the most troubled of half orcs to the saintliest of young ladies. Open Slots Maid (Taken) Requirements: Good with children, Knows how to cook, preferably female, and able to clean and deal with messes. Payment: Lodge, Free alcohol at the local tavern, and negotiable extra payment if has enough knowledge to teach the children basic education. Contact: Send a bird to Courland with a return address and you will be given a time for interview ((OOC: Send a dm to LotsOfFoo in game or SriFoo#5770 on discord)) The orphanage is located in the Church district of Courland. Ounce you enter the district make your way to the Church from there turn directly right and the Gents Orphanage will stand before you (At Wooden Rise 1). By Jaso Lesheiath
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