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  1. A New Lord and Lady [i] Hawks carry invitations to various citizens of Hanseti-Ruska. A sketch of Viscountess-Consort Eleanora Amador holding Lady Sofiya Marjoreya sits here. To the citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, Viscount Isaak Amador and Viscountess-Consort Eleanora Amador, are pleased to announce the births of their children, Lord Aleksandr Lukas Amador and Lady Sofiya Marjoreya Amador. In celebration of the birth of their children, Viscount and Viscountess-Consort Amador hereby invite the following parties as well as all citizens of Hanseti-Ruska to a banquet at the Viscounty of Aurveldt where the joyous parents will accept gifts on the twins’ behalf and name their godparents. FORMAL INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Robert Ludovar, Viscount of Sesweck and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Stefan II Vyronov, Baron of Astfield and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Franz Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree PERSONAL INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: Her Royal Highness, Petra Emma, Prinzenas of Hanseti-Ruska and Duchess of Karosgrad Her Imperial Highness, Charlotte Augusta, Princess of the Holy Orenian Empire Her Ladyship, Juliya Baruch Her Ladyship, Georgina Baruch His Lordship, Kaustantin Baruch His Lordship, Viktor Baruch and partner Gifts are appreciated but not required. SIGNED, The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt, Baron of Mondstadt The Honorable, Eleanora Helaine Amador, Viscountess-Consort of Aurveldt, Baroness-Consort of Mondstadt, Lady Chamberlain of Nikirala Prikaz [OOC: To be held on Sunday the 19th of September at 4 PM EST.]
  2. House de Rosius Seeks Members! ❃ ~✽~ ❃ ❃ ~✽~ ❃ Symbol: The Rose accurately represents the members of the House de Rosius as the motto suggests they are "Beautiful and Dangerous" like the flower itself. History: The Rosius' are an upper-middle class family of Auverge decent. Based in Providence, many members involve themselves but are not limited to Orenian Politics and the Ministries of Justice, Treasury, and Interior. The members vary in the means of looks but mostly have brown hair, green, blue, grey, or amber eyes. Although the House had a rough upbringing like extreme poverty, the death of Abolios de Rosius, the loss of their parents Sophia and Marcus de Rosius. They have truly made the most of such horrible conditions and plan to expand their influence all over Oren and beyond. Join us in this effort and enjoy some A tier roleplay. ❃ ~✽~ ❃ The list of current members is as follows : Role: Name in Game, Minecraft Username, LOTC Profile, Brief Description Previous Head of House: Valent de Rosius, (Valecius) @Valecius. Valent, divorced, Male. Passed Away Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice (Head of all Crown Solicitors), Alderman, Undersecretary of the Treasury, Clerk of Providence. Heir of House: Otis de Rosius, (0TI5) @0TI5 Otis, male, husband to Claude. Representative at the House of Commons, Served two terms as Alderman and Lord Mayor of Providence, Architect, Seneschal of Redenford, Clerk of Providence, and Head Butler at the Augustine. Julius de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Julius, male, single. Alderman and Lawman of the Ministry of Justice. Passed Away Dr. Francis de Rosius, (Noveau_Chapeau) @Nouveau-Chapeau. Francis, male, single. Criminal Psychologist, Commissioner of the MoJ. Hughbert de Rosius, (Emp_Palpatine) @Emp_palpatine. Hughbert, male, single. Previously residing in Haense, Assistant Diplomat of Haense. Passed Away Constance de Rosius, (RougeViolet) @RougeViolet. Constance, female, single. Exiled Slyvia de Rosius, (KryTheRat) @Remyy. Slyvia, female, single. Businesswoman, Owns the Rosius Apothecary at the Carrington Emporium. Passed Away Anne de Rosius, (FawnyTheTurtle) @Fawnytheturtle. Anne, female, married. Actor. Elodie de Rosius, (phoebe202) @Majesticpasta. Elodie, female, in a relationship. Takes interest in botany and worked as a maid at the Augustine. Claude de Rosius Nee de Frand, (Pomplemousse) @Pomplemousse. Claude, female, wife to Otis and sister to Aimee de Frand. Tailor. Hera de Rosius, (VictoriaMinaj) @Vi . Hera, female, single, eldest child of Otis and Claude, takes interest in Magic and Medicine. Athena and Eris de Rosius, (spleenbeans & Willow_Beatle) @Spleen @Willow. Athena and Eris, adopted twins of Otis and Claude, come from Yong Ping. Leander de Rosius, (gamerdude09) @Viraj Dobrial. Leander, male, newest born of Otis and Claude. Dominique de Rosius, (BarcardiBreeza) @BarcardiBreeza. Dominque, female, single, daughter of Julius de Rosius. Louis de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Louis, male, in a relationship, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Philip de Rosius, (13E666L13) @13E666L13. Philip, male, single, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Maria de Rosius, (Emi_Sohma) @EmiliainWonderland. Maria, female, single, daughter of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. CADET HOUSE: Head of Cadet House: Jacker Gendik-Rosius, (Ariyanqwq) @Ariyanqwq. Jacker, male, married to Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Sergeant in the ISA (Msg him if you'd like to join the Cadet Branch) Josephine Gendik-Rosius, Josephine, female, married to Jacker Gendik-Rosius. Heir to the Cadet House: Stephan Gendik-Rosius. Stephan, male, son of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Dolly Gendik-Rosius. Dolly, female, daughter of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Below you can find the current 'Family Tree' : If you are interested, reach out to any of the members listed in game, over discord Matti#2192 , or comment using the format below, Thank you! ❃ ~✽~ ❃
  3. [!] The following notice is pinned to the board in Bramblebury; a single piece of paper with the title written in large font - - - On Murder And Missing Persons - - - An announcement to my fellow wee folk, on the topic of past murders and myself, Sorrel R. Peregrin. Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Sorrel? Wasn't that one dead?" And I am here to report that I have checked thoroughly and am glad to confirm that you're absolutely wrong! Some time last year I departed from my home to the outskirts of the village, intending to gather watercress. However, I can only remember a fraction of this, having come to my senses later with no cress to speak of many miles away. Having spend several weeks, perhaps months, lost in the forest and eating various foliage, I was quite confused to arrive in the village and find that I've been assumed dead, alongside fellow Peregrin James, after the discovery of two bodies. It seems someone made a mistake in the matter, because both of us have appeared and been confirmed to not currently be corpses. Monkey Peregrin and I have had a discussion on the matter, involving digging up both bodies, and spoken to James ourselves, and alongside concluding that neither of us have been murdered have come to the realization that the murders may be related to my subsequent disappearance! (No clue what's up with James though ask him yourself) All current evidence suggests me falling into the river and being carried some ways out, though I can't remember a thing of this. However, some of my belongings have been found alongside the temporary graves of the unknown victims -- likely planted there, leading me to believe something else is still afoot and may be to come. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that two of our own, despite unknown to us personally, have been killed, and though I took it upon myself to respectfully bury them in proper graves, they have suffered a grave injustice -- one which others of our own may still suffer. Though I am not dead, there is still the danger of the same happening to me and to anyone else, so even as time wanes on and the victims remain anonymous, you must remain vigilant. Protect your own and your others, wee folk. And stop telling people that I'm dead. - Sorrel R. Peregrin
  4. ARCHITECURAL PORTFOLIO Hello, if you are viewing this you must be interested in Otis' Architectural Services (OAS) These services include Interior Exterior Landscaping Demolition Beautification If you are interested speak to Otis de Rosius or leave a letter at Selm Nine! We will be happy to assist. You be given an estimate upon viewing the property. Our prices are the cheapest and most affordable in Almaris, below you will find customers reviews and architects sketches of their homes. Rochefort Street 2: https://imgur.com/wrT1hVg https://imgur.com/i5p61dP https://imgur.com/1eINvho Pompourelia Street 5: https://imgur.com/H6B8uT7 https://imgur.com/uarDbTB https://imgur.com/hl6VC3s Pompourelia Street 8: https://imgur.com/QNtIrxQ https://imgur.com/fQA4uyv https://imgur.com/d7SLikE Selm Street 8: https://imgur.com/QJXivz5 https://imgur.com/j1czev3 https://imgur.com/ch9taRV
  5. Last night, a ban report which was submitted roughly 3-4 weeks ago was responded to. This ban report was from a Princess of Helena who was banditted within her own Church. Me and Ed (Rayvnair) entered Helena around mid-day, looking for some Orenians to kill (Due to the obvious war). We found a man of the cloth and a Princess within the Church. This being a perfect opportunity to get some action, we pounced on them. I provided pretty poor CRP to the Princess, acting to slice off her head. However, she logged off at this point, screenshotting my emotes and sending them to the Forum banlist. She infarcted the rules and got me in trouble for it. VonAulus (Grool) decided to investigate this ban report, 3 or 4 weeks after it was submitted, perfect time to get me banned just before my Christmas break. I feel this was disgusting and the ban report should have been failed anyways as not many crimes were committed against LoTC rules, especially considering I was a new player learning the ropes. I have reached out to members of the GM team, members of the community team and my own friends (some enemies) on LoTC and no one has told me I’m in the wrong. After this RP was conducted, guards came and guard defaulted me and Ed, killing us both via execution. This I feel was sufficient to the RP, the minas we robbed from the Priest should have been given back in compensation of my death, as well as the Princess being warned for combat logging (even if I did mess up my emotes, I was new, she could have just /modreqed not left). A discord server for ban appeal systems has been put up by Nozgoth: https://discord.gg/4gHE4U If you wish to support me in my appeal, please comment on your experiences on LoTC with me and +1 this post to show my change to the Admin team. I feel like I have grown a lot in my RP knowledge and how to properly do villainy RP in the last 3-4 weeks, therefore leading to this ban report being pretty inaccurate. I am a believer of having single punishments for events, me dying to an execution, losing all my stuff and even being warned by GM’s over my actions was enough punishment for the “crime” committed (even if the RP should have been voided due to the logging). I think it is disgusting how Grool responded to me in discord messages, taking hours to reply to me and dismissing my points whenever I made them. In a ban report, including appeals made, both parties should be able to speak their mind and at least attempt to get their stories across. This was not an opportunity given to me, which is most displeasing. In terms of courtesy, I was given zero notice on this ban, logging in this morning to no messages, to find I could not get onto the server to run RP for a group called, Lorraine, which I am RPly invested into (again proving my point that my RP is very high quality now). I was also given zero evidence until I asked for it, I was given poor customer service from an Admin who dismissed my story entirely and pretty much ignored me on the whole. Additionally, I would like to say I offered a different route, offering to give 1k minas to the Priest as compensation if I upset him (I must have only robbed him for 200 minas or something and I was executed so I only kept half of it) and a formal apology letter to the girl involved. The Admin’s response was, “The apology letter would not be a sorry letter, but one to save you from being banned,” However I am always apologetic, especially if I’ve actually upset someone enough to ban report me for something. Most people would hate on the ban reporter in this situation, I feel I am being nicer than the mass majority, offering the Priest a significant amount of minas too! I have three things I wish to request from the people who run LoTC: Let me have an immediate appeal, discussing with the people involved, witnesses and people providing proof of me changing and growing on the server. I wish to discuss my appeal with a new member of the Admin team as I feel I am being discriminated upon due to not being Orenian. All future ban reports for players are discussed with the player prior to the ban (as it says in the terms of conduct for bans) and evidence should be provided to me prior to the ban. This includes a conversation with the GM/Admin as well as the person who ban reported the prosecutor. Screenshots have been provided below, showing the way I was treated and dismissed during this process. To conclude, the RP should have been voided from the Princess logging off, I got executed, warned by mods to not do what I did again, even though the logger went free of charge and this situation was sorted a month ago, it should not be being sorted a day before Christmas break. Signed, Stefan_Onfroi of Lorraine
  6. This is a series of entries in a journal that are written by a historian about Sirame Khel. They will be entered into the grand library of Dragur upon the event of Tide Falkmoor’s death or that of the order. (OOC: so you can't use this information until Tide Falkmoor has died) On the 15th of the deep cold, 1780, Sirame Khel was founded. There was no fanfare or celebration. This order would forever hide in the shadows, protecting itself from prying eyes. At the time there were only three dark elves whose only connection was their hope for the future and their belief in the honor of the Ashen Folk. Their names were Tide Falkmoor, Salaron Chaeydark, and Selmas Chaeydark. They pledged to change the world and the fate of their race. Salaron Chaeydark was a brazen, tall, and haughty ‘Ker. He believed that the dark elves should be proud and thought that an open assault upon the order of the realm would soon be necessary. He wore dark leather and carried with him a short sword. He spoke with great conviction of the plans of the order and was determined to see it as far as he could. Little did he know that his part in the story would end sooner then any would think. Selmas Chaeydark, the sister of Salaron Chaeydark, was a quiet, younger ‘Ker. She had a full and loving heart and wished to help the growth of Sirame Khel because her brother was invested and she believed in helping those poor and powerless. She would speak slowly as she then could not speak common as well as most but still understood more about the future of Sirame Khel then any other. Tide Falkmoor was a sly, quiet ‘Ker. He, unlike Salaron, believed that the authority of Sirame Khel and of the Ashen Folk could only be grown through slow and gradual growth. He was a poet, a singer, and an expert swordself. For Tide, the world changed through words and not actions. He considered fighting to be beneath him and through his methods, the power and influence of Sirame Khel would grow exponentially. His speech was always considered and careful. Yet beneath this veneer of genteel, cultured, intellectualism hid a vibrant, dangerous elf who, when faced with a challenge, would forge forward no matter what obstacles stood in his way. While not evil, Tide Falkmoor would never shrink from any method so long as he got what he wanted. This small group of dark elves immediately began building a network of elves and spies. At first success seemed inevitable. Elves flocked to join. Sirame Khel even made a deal with the leader of Ker’okarn to gain land in the city of Krugmar. There they began to build the tower of Sirame Khel. This would be the place where the members would meet met for many years. However, tragedy struck sooner than any would have expected. Salaron Chaeydark was slain during a moonless night by a faceless guard. This death destroyed Selmas Chaeydark. She had lost her father only a few years earlier. Now she was without family and for the Ashen Folk, family is everything. This also meant that the order of Sirame Khel had lost someone who was important to the cause. Tide Falkmoor was determined to continue the order in memory of his friend. He was now the sole leader of Sirame Khel and as a result, the methods of the order would from then on would follow only his philosophy of quiet subterfuge and would avoid antagonizing any group, race, or nation. However, Salaron would always remain at the heart of the order, leading it in his name. His excitable spirit would guide the order towards higher heights and would never be forgotten by those who followed the order. The Tide A poem written by Tide Falkmoor at this time. Roaring waves, Pouring over deep red stones. Slow water, Flowing into sharp wide cracks. For years, the tide has risen, Yet now waves lap on shores. Sparkling drops, Flying orange in bright rosy light. Streaming rays, Turns oceans to gold, Rocks to pillars, And fish to angels. When water hits a wall, Mountains move. Entry one of “The History of Sirame Khel and its Rise to Power” by Selion Drogon.
  7. Corda’s Architect Services Currently : OPEN [x] Hours: MON-FRI 6PM-9PM / SAT-SUN ANYTIME Portfolio: https://imgur.com/gallery/uNZk1Lq What makes me reliable? I take passion in my projects and don’t stop fixing until it’s perfect. I’ve been a builder on servers and have won a contest in Keralis’ competitions [ 2nd Place but hey, that’s still somethin ]. I also have added a few photos of my previous projects. Services: Building Exterior/Interior on Homes Terriforming Rates/Packages: [ You MUST submit a 50% of your package price before I do your request. The other 50% you can give after it is completed and you are satisfied of the job. ] Small Homes [ 11x13 or lower ] – Exterior ONLY- 250 Mina Exterior/Interior- 500 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Medium Homes [ 11x15 – 17x17 ] - Exterior ONLY- 750 Mina Exterior/Interior- 1000 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Large Homes [ 17x19 – 25x31 ] - Exterior ONLY- 2000 Mina Exterior/Interior- 2250 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Manor- [ 25x33 – 41x41 ] Exterior ONLY- 3500 Mina Exterior/Interior- 5000 Mina 25% off Coupon if provided materials Terraforming- 50 Mina / Stack of Mined Materials To submit a service form, fill out the requested format and send to me in Discord. I will then give you a ticket number and will notify you when I will be completing your project. Name: Package: City/Nation of the project: Date/Time Submitted: If you have any questions please ask me! If you would like to negotiate prices please PM me. Portfolio: https://imgur.com/gallery/uNZk1Lq
  8. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD HERE. ROLEPLAY INFORMATION ONLY: Name: Name of target: Purpose of assassination: Information about the target (what city, how old, what race, etc.): HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION Founded 121 years ago, the League of Assassins has maintained its secrecy and notoriety for quite some time. Several decades ago, the Empire was able to destroy the league, but it has been recently revived and headed by a new Master Assassin. Because of its profound secrecy, not much new information is known and disclosed. However, it is known that the League consists of men and women of all races and kind. However, no one knows where the main place of operations is located. The LoA is not necessarily an evil terrorist organization, as they simply fulfill contracts that carry out justice. They never harm an innocent citizen or bystander to take their minas or possessions. You are only targeted if your name is on a contract. If you wish to join the LoA, simply read what follows. DO NOT METAGAME THIS INFORMATION TASK The goal of every assassin is to complete a contract as swiftly and secretly as possible without stirring up too much commotion. Every move and action must be done with haste, intent and secrecy. RANKS (from highest to lowest) Master Assassin: The leader of the guild, as chosen by the guild members once every year. The Master Assassin oversees operations and assigns contracts to different members. Not much is known about the current Master Assassin. Disciple: Once you have proved yourself to be a worthy assassin, you become a Disciple. Disciples, along with the Master Assassin, organize contracts and train newer members. They are also given extremely important contracts and assume the role of the Master Assassin when he is busy or not present. Assassin: The classic rank and contractor. Members of this rank are given difficult contracts (which undoubtedly ends up with bigger rewards and potential repercussions) and have bigger roles within the guild. Novices report their scouting information to these Assassins. Assistant/Apprentice: After a few successful scouting attempts, you become an Apprentice and undergo extensive training. Then, you receive your first contract. If you successfully complete the contract, you become an Assassin. If not, you are banished from the league. Novice/Recruit: Upon being recruited into the league, assassins begin at the rank of Novice. Being only novices at this point, they usually only survey points of interest or gather information, interrogating suspects and pick-pocketing vital letters and documents; at the most providing this information to a higher ranked member for them to decide on how they would proceed in eliminating any assassination targets. NOTICE We are not a guild that simply trolls people. All actions and assassinations must be done with purpose and must involve some roleplay, we do not just randomly kill people. APPLICATION This application is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THE THREAD HERE. Minecraft username: Why do you want to join?: Are you committed to roleplaying as an assassin? (you can’t just kill people right away on the spot): Discord Name: RP Name: Race: Age: Traits:
  9. THE LEGION OF URGUAN The Dwarven Legion, defenders of Urguan, protectors of the Faith, guardians of the people. The sole purpose of the Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest military guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. Notable Battles Battle of the Ugluk Fort The Legion siege the Orcish fort of Clan Ugluk. The result is a Legion victory and the land is claimed for the Grand Kingdom. This particular land would become the site of Storm’s Crossing and eventually Kal’Ithrun. Battle of Indagolaf The Legion, pushed back from the trenches surrounding the remains of Thoringrad, entrench themselves in the depths of Fort Indagolaf, an underground superfortress. After a lengthy siege, the Legion forces emerge from the fortress in a charge that would route the human, orc, and elven forces Battle of Kal’Azgoth The Legion forces alongside their allies, led by a dwarf freed from the clutches of Ondnarch, make their way through the deeproads and into the sealed city. It is here that Igor Ireheart, wielding the Hammer of Baradin, sacrifices himself to destroy the essence of Ondnarch and free the trapped Aengul Wyvern. Battle of the Dreadfort Human forces backed by the Legion siege teams attempt to retake the Scourge-held fortress of the Dreadfort. With brilliantly engineered weaponry and the precision of the siege teams, the dwarves blast a path for the human infantry to retake the Dreadfort with their very own Commander Borin Grandaxe killing the Harbinger of Conquest. Battle of Vengeance The Legion and forces of the Treaty of Zion participate in an open field battle in the Orcish sands against the Orenian forces.. After the magic of the realm failed and many persons being teleported across the realm and the Zionists dominated the remaining human forces. Battle of Hiebenhall The forces of the dwarven legion defended the Irongut hold of Hiebenhall against the Kingdom of Oren. The fort was unable to be breached because of its strategic location and the might of the dwarven crossbowmen who kept the human forces at bay. Orenian forces eventually retreated for their inability to conquer the hold and their massive loss of numbers. Battle of the Grass Nearing the end of a bloody war, Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe and Grand King Balek Irongut led the first defense of their homeland against an Orcish Horde. With overwhelming numerical superiority, the forces of Urguan forsook their keep and charged the horde head on slaughtering all who sought to endanger their people. The battle marked the end of the war and a lasting peace for the people of Urguan. Battle of Khro'Nogaak The Legion, supported by the Horde of Dunamis and men following the good Faiz Kharadeen, banded together to protect Fort Khro'Nogaak from the Holy Orenian Empire. Pushing the human empire out of Urguan while the fort crumbled around the defenders leaving a mere hill to defend on. Fili Grandaxe and others descended down the mountain pouring alchemist’s fire on the attackers and repelling them decisively while outnumbered. Battle of Kal’Ordholm During the peak of the 18 years war, the dwarves had been driven from the isle of Avar and were fighting back on the mainland. After sustaining significant losses in each of the battles on Avar, the dwarves’ morale was faltering. The Empire of Oren sought to claim the Fort of Kal’Ordholm on the coast of the mainland. Grand Marshal Jorik returned from his injuries and took command at the fort. With the help of allies from Vandoria and Dunamis, the dwarves held a staunch defense and, under the lead of the Grand Marshal, charged out eliminating the remaining attackers and forcing the Empire out of Urguan lands. This battle is cited as a key turning point in the war and caused the Empire to entirely rethink their method of attack. Battle of Fort Dunamis After the brutal loss at the Battle of Kal’Ordholm, the Empire of Oren shifted its fronts to attack the stronghold of the dwarves’ trusted allies at Dunamis. Dunamis fort was then defended by the Legion, Orcs, and Dunamis. In a surprise attack, the defending forces sallied out from the keep surrounding the Orenian forces and absolutely decimating them on the field. In the fighting, both the Emperor of Oren, as well as its marshal were killed and the war quickly came to a close. Battle of the Bloody Brothers After the election for a new Grand King, Verthaik Frostbeard and his followers broke apart from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Following the rebellion, the Legion, still highly trained from the 18 years war, met the rebellion in the valley of flowers, slaughtering the traitors decisively. Although this would not mark the end to the Frostbeard’s attempts in the future. Battle of the Gorge With the Orenian Empire once again at the borders of Urguan in Vailor, the Legion was once again spurred into action by Grand Marshal Jorik Grandaxe. With their allies in Courland, Urguan in an unprecedented manner, repelled the Orenian invaders by taking advantage of the sheer walls of a valley. This marked the first time the Orenian Empire lost a field battle in many years. Battle of the Goldfields In arguably one of the largest battles in the history of the descendents, nearly 200,000 men on both sides from the Coalition, to the Empire of Oren met in the field outside the Barony of Cantal. The Coalition won a landmark victory which would eventually lead to the dismantling of the Empire of Oren and a clear victory for Urguan from the oppressing force that had plagued them across many lands. King Algoda Frostbeard followed by King Bastion Ireheart oversaw the collapse with help from a strong Legion led by Jorik Grandaxe. Ever since this dismantling, the Kingdom of Urguan has had remarkably better relations with any human empire that formed thereafter. Military Ranks Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the Leader of the Dwarven Legion, second only to the King. He is at all times expected to be an example to those under his command, to lead with gallantry and devoid of cowardice. Everything he says, everything he orders, will be upheld. Disobeying the Grand Marshal comes with terrible consequences. Commander Commanders are exemplary leaders and confident brave soldiers, they take commands directly from the Grand Marshal and convey them to the lower ranks. It is the Commander’s duty to manage the Legion in the absence of the Marshal, as well as organize training and manage patrols. As well as keeping the entirety of the legion functioning, they are also tasked with leading their own personal divisions. There can only be two commanders at any point in time. Legate The lowest officer rank within the Legion. Thane’s have proven both marital ability and the prowess to lead. Responsible for leading soldiers when a Commander or Marshal isn’t present. Typically, Legates lead their own centuries in their corresponding divisions while being overseen by their respective Commanders. It is the Legate's duty to ensure Legionnaires are consistently working to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Pridebearer Pridebearers are the most skilled warriors and hardened veterans of the legion. Extremely competent in the field, they have proved their worthiness time and time again. Pridebearers are dedicated members of the legion and generally are first to be picked to become an officer within the legion. The Pridebearers are derived from their ancient duty of wielding and defending the banner of Urguan. Longbeard Longbeards are proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Longbeards are chosen from to become officers if there are no suitable Pridebearers ahead of them that can be chosen. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can return to this rank if they decide to re-join the legion either after retirement or if they were previously an officer who has been demoted. Ironbreaker Ironbreakers are experienced soldiers in the legion and have proved their battle prowess and loyalty to the Grand Kingdom. This is generally the lowest rank from which an officer can be appointed and is done under very rare circumstances as there must be no other higher ranking legionnaires worthy of the position. Stoneguard The Stoneguard are the core of the Legion, who have been placed into their division of interest. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are on the path to hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication than the common Castakvel. Grunt A Grunt is the beginning rank within the Legion. All Dwarves can sign up at any time to start their progress within the legion as a Grunt. These beginning soldiers will be taught all the basics they need within their military career. Promotion Requirement Grand Marshal: Selected by the Grand King. Commander: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be a Lieutenant. Thane: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be an Ironbreaker or above. Pridebearer: 600 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal Longbeard: 400 Honor, with the assent of the Grand Marshal Ironbreaker: 150 Honor Mountainguard: 50 Honor Grunt: 0 Honor Organization The Legion acts as a singular fighting army though it’s organization is split into a series of divisions who compose the military structure of the legion. The entirety of the Legion is led by the Grand Marshal, who is advised by his two Commanders. The divisions act under their respective Commander and are made up of a series of centuries led by Legates. Divisions The entirety of the legion is made up of a number of divisions. These divisions hold a large number of legionnaires who are grouped into smaller centuries. A division is led by a Commander who is helped by his commanding Lieutenants. Divisions may have established cultures and fighting styles or specializations as they grow in development. Centuries Within the grander and bigger divisions, co-inside the smaller detachments of legionnaires called Centuries. Centuries are commanded by a Legate and have their own individual Pridebearers who act as the Legates second in command. A sense of camaraderie is present between this tightly knit fighting group, along with a developed culture that can distinguish them from the other centuries. 1st Infantry Division: Century ΣI Century ΣII 2nd Ranger Division: Century ΩI Century ΩII Honor System In the Legion, prowess and competency can be displayed through the gaining of honor. Honor is gained by completing set tasks and reporting it to an officer. To achieve a higher rank, a certain amount of honor must be reached. If a Legionnaire is inactive, their honor will begin to decay. Honor can also be lost for foolish activity and disobedience. The ways to achieve Honor in the Legion are: Gate Duty: 5 Honor per hour (Max 2 hour a day) Patrol: 5 Honor per hour (Max 1 hour a day) Meetings/Feasts: 5 Honor Completing tasks assigned by officers: 5 Honor Saving a fellow Legionnaire: 5 Honor (Risking your life to save them 10 honor) Attending a Training: 10 Honor Guarding an important figure within the Kingdom: 10 Honor Being critical to a successful mission: 10 Honor Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion: 15 Honor Winning a Legion organized tournament: 15 Honor Raids: 20 Honor Skirmishes: 30 Honor Battles: 50 Honor Honor through craftsmanship: Donating a double chest of cobble to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a chest of food to the legion: 5 Honor Donating a double chest of stone brick to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a double chest of lumber to the legion: 10 Honor Donating a stack of Iron to the legion: 10 Honor Honor can also be rewarded for other exemplary actions. Dishonor: Dishonor occurs when a soldier in the service of the Legion refuses to do certain actions or shows disrespect to individuals of the Legion, in the event this occurs the Dwarf is to be stripped of hours and if the Dwarf is to drop below the requirements of the ranks he or she has earned then they shall be stripped of their rank and medal. Failure to complete mission: -10 Honor Cause the mission failure: -20 Honor Misuse of Legion issued equipment: -20 Honor Speaking against the Grand Marshal or Commander: -30 Honor Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers: -50 Honor Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks: -50 Honor Going Stark Raving Mad: -100 Honor OOC: Spamming and trolling in discord or in game (oocly) during legion activities: -50 Honor Provoking legionnaires in discord or in game (oocly): -50 honor Attempted pugsying/actual pugsying: -150 honor Training Practicing or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and discipline. Combat Training Military practice is often done multiple times throughout the stone week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group Training Drilling (Training one’s fighting prowess.) Combat Practice (Fighting in Formations in Combat Scenarios.) Discipline and Order (Training soldiery) Trial of Combat Before a grunt may obtain the rank of Stoneguard, there are specific objectives he must complete to show his fitness, temperance, and obedience to his superiors. These are known as the Trials of Combat. Stage One: Training The legionnaire will be led through the default training program that all go through. The legionnaire will experience crucial fitness testing through long-route running and swimming, as well as lifting and throwing various objects. Then, the legionnaire will be given basic weapons training without person-to-person combat. Finally, the legionnaire will participate in basic fist-fighting with his fellows. Stage Two: Discipline The legionnaire will be tasked with remembering various codes, phrases, and rules that are associated with being a legionnaire. This is to ensure that all new bodies are appropriately educated in the ways of the Legion. Stage Three: Tactics The legionnaire will now be forced to learn the different formations, commands, and tactics employed by the Legion. This includes the various Vel, Dree Vel, and Aemiz formations. During this time, legionnaires will be able to finally participate in group v. group fighting. After their successful integration, they are considered Stoneguards. Duties Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders. When an outsider approaches the gates, the guard on-duty is expected to ask their Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, Where they’re from, and if they have any weaponry/magic). If they are wearing any face-covering masks, helmets, or hoods they must be removed. If the outsider refuses or fails to answer any question or comply with commands then they shall not be granted entry past the gates. Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Officers for further inspection. Surface Checks The Guard is to wander about the perimeter of the capitol where he or she will be charged with examining the wall that protects the Hold’s border as well as slay and critters who threaten travelers, any peculiar sightings such as wall breaks, mysterious structures, or brigand presence, is to be reported. Construction Should the nation undertake vast projects, it is the duty of the Legion to offer their assistance, be it in the actual building, or in obtaining the resources to do so. Formations Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Thrimmek - Arrow Head - Formation has leader in the centre - Is shaped like an arrow head - Officers form the outer points of the crescent - Used to absorb charges, primarily infantry charges Payment and Legion Bonuses The Dwarven Legion is paid on the representation of active service that is done per year, (weekly) the wage increases as one's rank increases as well thus allowing for a higher income on the well performing soldier's behalf. For legionnaires to receive their payment, they must attend at least 2 practices, 2 officer lead patrols and perform gate duty 2 times throughout that year. Wages Grand Marshal: At the discretion of the Grand King Commander: At the discretion of the Grand King Legate: 24 Minas Pridebearer: 20 Minas Longbeard: 16 Minas Ironbreaker: 12 Minas Stoneguard: 8 Minas Grunt: 4 Minas Legion Bonuses: While the Legion itself is an entirely selfless organization, focused on the protection of Urguan without expecting reward, there are nevertheless several benefits which come from joining the Legion. Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion. Upon reaching a new rank a legionnaire will be given a brand new set of armour alongside a weapon, shield and ranged weapon of their choice. Gear is obtained from an officer and a member of the Legion may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. During times of war, equipment will be handed out on the eve of a battle if a legionnaire does not have any, however bonus honor will be given to legionnaires who bring their own gear to battle. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks for two stone weeks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Legionnaire of the Week Legionnaire of the month is a rank granted down by either the Commanders or the Grand Marshal, such ways to obtain this honor is by acting appropriately and showing discipline ((both rply and oocly)), whilst performing diligently and accordingly within the Legion. Legionnaires of the week will be granted double their wages for the duration of the following week. For instance, if you are awarded Legionnaire of the Week you will get double pay for the next pay day. Legion Games The legion ‘games’ is like any other traditional practice, however, not involving any real goal for the Legionnaires to obtain other than simply having fun. Dwarfball Dwarf ball is a game which consists of two sides, each team has 3 players, the goal is to knock the opposing 3 players off of their pitch without crossing the middle line. The Dwarf Sprint The Dwarf sprint consists of a race between all of the legionnaires, the dwarf sprint can take place anywhere, however it is most notable for the mountain races. Beard Wrestling Beard wrestling is a game which consists of any number of Legionnaires (as long as it is an even number) and the way this game is achieved is by tying two legionnaires beards together and beginning a ‘tug of war’ with their beards. ((Each dwarf has to /roll 10, and the side getting the bigger overall number, wins.)) Legion Hall of Fame The most decorated Legionnaires will have a chance at earning a spot in the Hall of Fame, located in the Legion’s Grand Hall. This is no easy feat, for a spot in the Hall of Fame is extremely difficult to obtain. A soldier who accomplishes something worthy of such an honour must receive a unanimous nomination by the Grand Marshal and both Commanders. Afterwards, the Grand King himself determines whether the achievement is considered legendary and historical. If successful, the legendary soldier will be granted a spot in the Hall of Fame. Traditionally, a ceremony is held in the Legion Hall to initiate a legend who will be eternalized in the Hall of Fame. Uniform All Legionnaires are required to wear the uniform suitable to their rank. ((If you need your head placed on one of these skins, ask the officers or fellow legionnaires)) Skins can be found HERE: Enlistment Legion Application Form Legion Roster
  10. Hey! This has been a little while in the making, but we have finally finished revising and reworking our application and interview system. This was a project we started under the previous administration, something that @JuliusAakerlund and I wanted to change as soon as we became managers. As managers, we’re in a place where we feel like this system is better for evaluating candidates and gives people who have the creativity and experience an advantage. The application format questions have been changed and we have re-added the event prompts to the application. The event prompts aren’t hard, but do require the use of some creativity which is incredibly important for an ST member to have! The application is meant to find out if you’re qualified or at the very least can be trained to become a good actor. One of the biggest changes that we’re looking forward to is the reworking of our interviews. An interview intends to get to know the person and find out if they will be a good fit for the team and that kind of thing is best found out in a voice chat. So, with this system, story interviews for prospective actors will be done in voice. We want to move away from the idea that it is a list of questions and more of a conversation. The third and last big change, while it isn’t a permanent one, with the new application format we will be denying all previous ACTOR applications that were using the old format. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but it is necessary because we’re asking for more specific things on the newer application. It’s unfair to new applicants if we interview old applications that did not answer the prompts. We do this with the hope that everyone who has applied previously will re-apply! With these changes, we’d like to re-open recruitment for the Story Actors and we’re looking forward to going through your applications. We’ll be accepting more applicants as time moves on and looking for the absolute best out of the bunch. For the Lore side of the team, you will still need to apply with the old application under Applying for for Staff. [APPLY HERE]
  11. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore A carefully written and appealing poster would be seen hung on the notice-board of Helena. The satisfying and relaxing writting atop the scroll would be accompanied by numerous images and paintings. On the bottom of the main poster a pocket would be seen, which included numerous sheets. By the look of them, they’d be copies of the Bookstore’s inventory, which seemed to be available for the taking by whoever would need them. A neatly drawn image of the Bookstore from outside ”People of Helena and the whole Empire, Since the last poster of updates that was hung up on the notice board nearly a decade ago, the loved and humble bookstore has seen a number of different changes. To begin with, as it should be known by most at this point, the Bookstore is located at Nauzica Square No. 5 (instead of previously being No. 4). Aside from the locational change, the bookstore has seen a major increase in its collection, now holding over 160 books from all different genres and studies. However, some of these were sold out and are waiting to be transcribed and resold. With subjects relating to Bestiary studies, Magical Studies, Alchemical and Medicine, as well as World studies, the collection also includes literary pieces and art, such as biographies, fictional works, poems and ballads. Because of this great increase in products, it has become impossible to display all of the books in the space within the store’s grounds. For this reason, invetory sheets are available for picking up, so that whoever is interested in increasing their knowledge of the world may inquire on books that are out of display. To ask or request a book, please refer to sending me, Siol, a bird with your order or questions (Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284). Going alonghand with the previous paragraph, for any customers looking to purchase texts from the store, please remember two things: - The 2nd story of the shop also has texts for sale, specifically Literary and Poetic works - If you’re unsure of what you’re buying, there are samples of the books to read just below the displays, so you may check those. Since the shop took a break from selling during the last year, I’ve now worked and renewed its stock, with different and unique books laying atop its displays. Aside from the products themselves, the prices have also been reworked and lowered considerably, thus... allowing all who seek knowledge to be able and take a grasp of it more easily. As it stood before, my humble Bookstore is still looking to increase its collection. So, if you’re a writter or happen to have a special or duplicable (Copy of Original) text that you’d like to sell, simply contact me and we shall arrange a good price. If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free and welcome to reach out and ask such. Your humble bookkeeper, Siol” A painting and representation of the second floor of the store, as well as its displays lay here.
  12. (This is no longer a thing, please do not ask about it!) [!] A missive could be found all across arcas, though much more prevalent in place of origin (Helena). (DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/VAERxbK) Greetings citizens of the Holy Empire Of Oren and followers of the Holy Canonist Church. As I often wander inside the mighty walls of Helena I quickly came to the realization that there is a large chunk of children who’s parents have either died or been seperated due to the many chaotic factors of our plane. Along with that I have also noticed a severe lack of education for the average young one in the territory of Oren. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to solve both issues with a single swift stroke of my pen. In that light I welcome all juveniles into the walls of the Saint Julia’s Orphanage. All will be given a warm bed and board every day until they reach maturity or are adopted. The orphanage will not only teach its children how to read, write and about the canonist faith but also any other children that may wish to join for the classes that will be held. These steps will not only assure that children will not go without homes, but that the little ones who do have parents who perhaps are unable to teach there children or simply incapable to will be given the education they deserve. JOB POSITIONS The Orphanage is owned by the Church of Oren and Sponsored by Carrington Industries ((OOC: Please Message SriFoo#5770 for applying for job)) Nurse (Taken) Gender: Any Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, medical knowledge, knows how to take care of babies. Maid I (Taken) Maid II Gender: Female Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, Cooking skills, Cleaning skills Maid III Gender: Female Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Experience with children, Cooking skills, Cleaning skills Footman I (Taken) Footman II Gender: Male Pay: Bedding, Food, Possibly Extra Requirments: Managment skills, and skills with trade. Directions To get to the Orphanage one must simply walk Right ounce entering the city till you reach the chruch, ounce you reach the church go the opposite direction and the building will be the next building to the Left.
  13. Hello there! It seems like I’ve been posting an awful lot recently, however this debate is strictly ooc ONLY and in my discord a lot of guys were concerned over this issue, so if you wish to participate I am more than willing to answer questions and debate in the comments down below. The “techlock project” is a project where people are trying to find balanced tools to use within LoTC which has the same technology as the times it is based in. For example, firearms is the most recent topic that has been put up for debate. As shown below, the votes have been flooding in and it seems like the mass majority do not care for guns within LoTC. Personally, I feel guns do not have a place in LoTC. My reasons for this are as follows, please feel free to agree or disagree with backed-up points down below! Banditry/Raids: I feel as if LoTC for many years has been a hub for those who wish to participate in bandit roleplay (as far as my experiences have gone). If you are to bandit someone on the road, you can either rob them or fight them, depending on how they respond to your actions. If guns were introduced to LoTC, I feel like banditting people on the road would become far too easy, using hostages and holding people at gun-point is far more effective than crossbows. This will lead to an imbalance in the bandit-victim success rate, heavily favouring those who are committing crimes. Additionally, Cities will have a large advantage too. The current raid rules state that you must ONLY raid with three or less people, which means it is already difficult to pull off with success. With the addition of guns, it will become near-impossible, with the guards being able to default CRP and hold your party at gunpoint for as long as they wish, possibly increasing the rate of meta rallies coming and slowing down the roleplay that could be happening if they were all using less advanced technology. Larger scale fights: How can we moderate the use of guns in larger scale fights? Currently in LoTC there is a 10+ PvP default rule, however if you were to fight with 9 or less people it would become increasingly difficult to moderate the use of guns within the fights. Would we need to load the guns and use multiple emotes like we do with crossbows? Or can people just have loaded guns all the time, preparing for combat if needed. I feel this will increase the amount of modreqs that go up, leading to more power-gaming, toxicity, and just an overall poor roleplay experience for those involved. The “dodge” mechanic: How does one use this mechanic if there are bullets flying towards your head? For a long time, you are able to /roll or crp dodging attacks, with a larger disadvantage if you lose your roll or the mod/people involved deems your dodge unrealistic. Just like an Olog charging into a human, you would be instantly killed and out of the crp if you were to encounter someone with a firearm, which I feel ruins the whole combat experience entirely and can lead to poor quality roleplay. Now I have expressed my final points, I would like to invite everyone who wishes to get involved to comment below and I’ll respond to you all. Troll/Toxic comments will just be ignored. Thanks, Swifty
  14. This is an announcement of my retirement from LoTC. Due to recent events, I will not be back on LoTC for many months and I have decided to try and combat my addiction by retiring from it entirely, so let’s roll back the memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPhMPnQ58k Hi there! My name for those who do not know is Swifty_Sam, my closer friends know me as James. For the duration of my LoTC journey, I have had a pretty shakey reputation and this will be explained in full to why I may have not had the best experiences at points, however in general my experience on LoTC in the past four months has been pleasant and enjoyable. My first week on LoTC: I was introduced to the roleplay server by a girl called, “Alicia” who showed me around Helena, Rubern (At the time it was part of the Empire), and Haense. After talking to a few Officers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I was added to the guard of Haense, joining various discords and making a few friends who will be listed: StillAMiniGuy Erilobar Eddywilson2 Rukio (Witherly) Diaolos_ ThatDutchGuy TwanVanDijk Sorry to anyone I missed on that list, however I want to thank each and every one of you for making LoTC an enjoyable experience in my early weeks on the server. You all taught me how to use the commands, the lore behind all of the roleplay, and just basic tips that I would need to follow to get the most out of LoTC. My original persona was called, “Jakob Isaak Carter” who was a decently successful fighter and won the hearts of quite a few of the Brotherhood members, however I was taken by a bandit Nation called, “Ruswick” who were heavily involved with the “Reivers” (A mercenary bandit group). After being forced to change my name from “Jakob Isaak Carter” to, “Swifty Sam”, I was officially no longer a citizen of Haense. Lots of OOC backlash came from this, from hate messages, to being kicked from many of the ISA discords, to even blocking the people I once called good friends. While all of this was not really nice to endure, I don’t regret my decision as it brought an awesome narrative to my persona in the end. I would now like to list those who made LoTC enjoyable who were either Reivers or part of Ruswick before my reign: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin TheBelidle MagicTurtle (Blackhand7) NOZGOTH (NOZGOD) Crimithy Livviez Mark2282 Diphz Chris Mickaelhz KunLunKungFu Werew0lf L_GS (Lord_GiacomoS) You guys were all pretty awesome irp and oocly, and helped me get into the role of being a bandit pretty well, considering I was extremely new to the server at that point, so thank you all. Moving on to my experience with the bandit Nation of Ruswick. The ruler was a man called, “Joel the Ginger” (Or at least he ruled oocly and led most of our raids/pvp battles). After a carpet ban had occurred, most of our members and leaders were banned for multiple months which left Ruswick pretty lonely for a small period of time. Livviez, playing a persona called “Lauriel Labdacus” took over the Nation, claiming the role of “Queen of Ruswick”. After many battles, many arguments oocly and irply, the members who were left as a part of Ruswick got sick of how she was running the group alongside Crimithy, however looking back at it the whole situation was very pathetic and probably should have been dealt with differently. However, in roleplay this revolution had to be carried through due to the backing it had. My persona Swifty Sam executed Lauriel Labdacus, claiming the role of being a “Bandit King” alongside other leaders such as Mark2282 and Nezuky. After many, and I mean MANY, arguments over leadership I eventually resigned and packed all of my stuff. Storing it all into my ender chest and other hidden locations, my persona became sick of life and returned with his tail between his legs to the gates of Haense to meet his makers. Soon after entering Haense, he was identified as “Jakob Carter”, a deserter, and was executed by multiple men of Haense in the cells. Following this, I made a PK post, and that was the end of my most influential persona on LoTC. I then made “Stefan Onfroi” of Lorraine. He was recruited to Lorraine by GGT (Lord of Darrowmere) and served as a squire for a few weeks. I will now credit those who made this Nation enjoyable during GGT’s rule as well as my rule of it: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin Denset_x Xavier GGT Knight_Vector Dantezbluepotat Viggen (Valentin Castelo) Bestia (QuickLoTCRestart, or 32IrishCounties) Fieselena Whyflower Johann Plazma (The Rabbit) Stargush David666 (Ginfork2) Fish (LotsOfFish) Thank you to all of you guys for making Lorraine the BEST Nation I participated in irply and oocly. During Stefan’s stay in Lorraine, he was appointed as a Knight of the Order of the Rabbit. This was a highlight in my LoTC experience, as I felt like my hard work had paid off and I had accomplished something good at last through hard work instead of just couping a Nation. After this had happened, similar to the Ruswick situation, GGT was banned. This was incredibly unfortunate for Lorraine, as our numbers dropped and our morale was low. However, with the go ahead of the former leaders, I was appointed as the Marshal, alongside Fieselena as the Arch Chancellor. Together we raised Lorraine back up with more active players, with rp events and patrols. Stefan was then married to Alli Onfroi (Alli Ruse at the time), controlled by sophia_may_sing. Roughly a month later of rp events, skirmishes, and general day to day business, Stefan was caught within Helena doing a blackmarket mission. He was then sentenced to death, as he was appointed General of the AIS by Godric (Narthok), he was high on the priority list of men to kill for the ISA. Sticking to my PK rule of pking on first rp death, I made a post and got rid of the persona. My last persona, and current persona (if I ever do come back to LoTC, which is unlikely at this point in time), is called “Hadvar av Mitteland” who is a General of the AIS Cavalry unit. I will now list my boys from the AIS who have had the largest impact on my LoTC experience (There is a lot of you, so apologies again if I miss you out, I am listing those I was extremely close to, AIS and non-AIS companions): PlugThePugsy AuLune FlemishSupremacy Milenkhov Harrison Quantum QazTheGreat Simba Tornado Bardmainhere Cads Vic (Cowmunist) EliteSnipes Callum TryaxReck Cobbler (Arundlt) Ibraheemcninja Knightie (Chadmyr) Narthok (Godric) Dimitri OLOG!!!! (you know who you are) I could list names all day with the AIS, as it has so many people in it so if I missed you out, I am extremely sorry. Here are a few pictures that bring back good memories of LoTC: If anyone wishes to stay in contact oocly, or play other games, my discord is: Swifty#2017 Thank you, peace out.
  15. “The Scholar Bard” Bookstore ((Quick Note: This thread will most likely be updated for different reasons, so if you are interested in keeping track follow it. Any likes on the post would be appriciated also ? )) On the posterboard of Helena would be seen a newly placed and fresh piece of poster. The poster was slightly long, and the material of the paper was clearly of high quality, perhaps due to the profession and skill the person who posted it had. At vertical ends the poster rolled into itself, much like a scroll, but the nails kept it nicely tied up to the board. Different paintings and pictures would be seen around the poster, accompanied by nicely written words of a pleasant, but understandable handwritting. On the left ,right and bottom sides of the main poster some smaller ones would be seen attached, each with different function and purposes, which would be explained in the main notice. “Good People of Helena! It has been nearly 4 months since the grand opening of my dear new bookstore in Oren, and above all else, I’d like to thank you all for not only participating on the opening, but also for frequenting my humble shop. At the end of this notice I shall put some of the paintings I was able to extract during the event, for your pleasure. Among with the grand opening, I’d like to simply brief you, good people, that the store has generally done very good, better than I expected even, and I am more than happy to see people come to me telling how much they appriciate it. Atop this, my book collection has started to grow so good that I’m starting to find difficulty to find enough space on the shelves and displays to cover them all. For this reason I’ve decided to share with anyone who this notice may concern a detailed inventory of all the product I hold and can sell; this inventory list shall be attached close to this notice on the board ((Spreadsheet attached at the end of the thread)). Along with the product lists which shall be updated frequently, I shall also attach another piece of paper where anyone who would like to request any books – be them or not on the store’s immediate displays – can fill the page and I shall deliver as fast as I can. The latter of the letters will not only be for book requests, but also a place where we could potentially negotiate for the price of the specific product, or products you are requesting, since I believe that everyone should get an opportunity to find knowledge. (This however does not mean I will be stupidly fooled to give free or otherwise highly cheapened books.) Lastly, along with the two previous attachments shall also come a third one, which will be dedicated to those authors or otherwise book owners who would be willing to sell me their books. The books that I am willing to buy should be direct duplicates of the original work ((Copies of Origial)), and I shan’t accept any indirect copies of the text ((Copies of Copies)). Moreover, as of now I will not be conducting any partnership with any author, or anything similar. Instead, if there is to be such a transaction, it will be direct and simple, I will give you money for the book or books, if I find them worth buying, and after this I shall hold full ownership, but not credit, for the book, so that I may copy and retail it as I please. This will be done to prevent any complications or else problems which I’d rather avoid. Other than this, good people of Helena, as well as any travelers who see this notice, “The Scholar Bard” and its humble owner are both eagerly awaiting and welcoming anyone entering the shop with good intentions. Thank you once again for your participation and time, Your’s Truly Siol’Avern (the Bard) [IGN: Shlocc Discord: Shlocc#3284] The rest of the above-mentioned attachments would be seen below, neatly nailed to the main notice, being made of the same high-quality material and nicely written ink. Inventory List (Spreadsheet): Paintings and Pictures from the Grand-Opening:
  16. Hey everyone! I know most people already know, but just wanted to post that the box transfer is complete and functional. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement as a whole. We’ve currently got one lobby and the war server running alongside the main server, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable change to your day-to-day experience. In regards to 1.15, the data is all there and ready to go. The old box just needs to be flushed so the extra servers (Dev, Build, Lobbies, etc) can be installed there, then 1.15 should be clear for take-off! I, however, will not be pushing it myself. I’ve put my best foot forward for all of this to be met with despondence and little to no communication for months on end when we needed it most. Everything has been rushed- including me being thrown a red tag simply for being the last man standing. I’ve made it abundantly clear that I did not want to be the only dev, and that I do not support the current server lead, nor the direction being pushed. Spending volunteer time for someone I do not support does not make sense. The server is in a stable state, and that’s the job I wanted to finish for the community. The 1.15 update is present and ready to go for LotC, no questions asked, but I will not push an update that I’m not going to maintain. That wouldn’t be fair to all of you if it ended up having issues and no one to fix them. It is time for me to rest after spending the entire 1.14 version putting out fires while trying to improve the experience for the players. GGs, everyone.
  17. I’d like to announce that FIRST BLOOD has been claimed on the new server box. So yeah, our new box is currently running. We’re finishing the last of the file transfer prep we need to do today, and tomorrow we’ll be looking to transfer the remaining data that requires the server to come down. You can expect the server to be down sometime between 8am-2pm EST tomorrow. The maintenance will last 1-2 hours, however be prepared for 3-4 hours of downtime in case something goes sideways while we’re transferring the data over. I’ll try to make an announcement in broadcast as we approach the actual downtime itself. Thanks again for all your patience, everyone! We’re doing the thing! EDIT: We’re done for the night, so feel free to use /server primary to test out the new server box a bit. It’s smooth.
  18. Hey everyone! I want to start by thanking everyone for their long awaited patience with the lag issues. It’s such an unbelievably obnoxious issue, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the cooperation and lack of flame that has been thrown our way. Thank you all for holding in there with us. That said, obviously an update is in order. Is THIS the maintenance? Unfortunately, no. We’re currently experiencing some down time as the main server box shut down unexpectedly. Console, SSH, etc is all unable to be accessed. Tythus and Telanir have already been alerted, and it seems that neither of them shut it down early. This was posted a bit ago in our Discord, so if you’re not already in there, be sure to join so that you can stay up to date! We’re just going to have to be patient. With this down time I figure I may as well take the time to post an update on what is supposed to be happening instead so we’re all on the same page. The server is back up, everything else still applies, though! What in the blue blazes is going on? Like stated in my previous post, we’ve been waiting on some physical maintenance from our data-center to install some new parts. Their original ETA was the 24th – 25th , however they ended up being delayed and it was pushed back a couple days. With the physical maintenance nearing completion we’ll be installing the software for the new parts shortly and moving forward. We’re going to try to do as much work as we can before we need to bring down the main server to transfer over all the player and map data, then launch back on 1.14 and verify stability. So what about 1.15? The 1.15 update, while it is a good thing to do, we don’t want push in the same update. As such we’re going to be rolling out the server on the new parts, verify that it’s stable with what we currently have, then move to 1.15 so long as we didn’t miss anything. This way if there’s any issues with the 1.15 update we can isolate them quickly and efficiently. The update is coming, however one step at a time. As you can see on the timeline below, once we’ve installed all that we can, the server will go down for maintenance to transfer over what we currently have. At that point, it will launch back up on 1.14 to verify that everything was installed correctly. Once everything’s stable then we can push forward to update to 1.15 in full. So you’ve just been waiting?! Not at all, actually! While we’ve been waiting a couple updates have slowly crept their way onto the live server while revamping old systems. Probably should’ve made a post about them before, but I’m going to go over the main two feature updates. There have been other stability updates pushed here and there, bug-fixes and so-on, but the community doesn’t need all the nitty-gritty details on, say, a tag being updated to use Persistent Data Containers instead of Public Bukkit Values. That’s just boring. Check out the next pages for more details! Thank you to everyone once again for your patience, and I hope this post helps clarify the current timeline for server maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to post or contact me directly if need be! Head Emporium The first major overhaul was to revamp our custom head shop. It wasn’t really setup for longevity, so it needed to be built from the ground-up to use our menu API, and to stop storing everything into a config file instead of an actual database. But what does this mean for the players? Mostly nothing. The head shop will work (mostly) as it did before with a few changes to command syntax. Why update Head Shop of all things, though? Head Shop was a plugin that I had done the update for from 1.13 – 1.14, however it broke entirely with the Tythan menu update. As such in order to fix the shop it ended up needing to be rebuilt. Rather than implement a half-baked fix or remake we instead decided it would be a more worthy investment to complete the overhaul that was scheduled on our to-do list anyway. As such there are some new features added on top of what the Head Shop used to be. Usage /heads – The base command for the entire head shop plugin now. Simply using the command /heads will pull up a list of sub-commands as well as descriptions for what each of them do. For example, /heads shop will open up the shop itself (previously /headshop). Here’s a quick list of all the sub-commands and what they allow the player to do. Keep in mind all of these format as /heads sub-command shop – As pointed out earlier, this is the main command to open up the menu to purchase new heads. When you select a head it no longer purchases it directly and instead pulls up a sub-menu in which you can select 1-64 as the amount of heads you wish to purchase at once, then simply exit the inventory or you can back out to continue purchasing heads. request – Want to request a player’s head? You want to request a lot of a player’s head? Look no further! With request you can enter a player name and the amount of heads you wish to request from them. Keep in mind you will be charged right away, and if they choose to deny the request you will not get your minas back. This is to help deter spamming someone with requests. Additionally, if you request your own head or the head of an alternate account that’s linked then it will auto-accept it so you don’t need to jump around between accounts to accept your own head request. Each head costs 25 minas to request. You can still use /koplushead after executing someone to request their head for free if you wish. from64 – This allows you to request a head based off of a skin value such as those shown on Minecraft Heads. Usually this is denoted in a value box with a weird garbled line of text. This is information stored in Base64, hence the name of the command, from64. You can also specify the amount, and much like request, it charges you right away. The difference here is that it must be approved by moderation before it can be added to your inventory. This is to ensure that everything being imported into the server is appropriate, at the very least. approvals – When you receive a request, you can approve/deny them in the approvals section. Keep in mind you will only see the approvals if the player is currently online. This is to ensure that they are able to receive the head item if you accept it. All the other sub-commands are for staff use and not something you’ll need to worry about. On the next page I’m going to dive into the changes to /edit! Item Edit Previously /edit used to run through a module for Obelisk called Moniker. Moniker wasn’t really built to handle all sorts of signatures and such, so it’s slowly deteriorated into a spaghetti mess and was due for an overhaul. Much like the Head Emporium, Item Edit mostly adds some quality of life changes and bug fixes to help streamline the process. Why update Moniker of all things, though? As the date for the physical maintenance closed in, I wanted to choose a small project I could bang out relatively quickly while not losing any quality. In addition, the removal of Obelisk modules is on our to-do list as well, as such it made sense to get it out of the way to slowly free up the to-do list for other projects in the future. Keep in mind that during this we were still pumping out bug fixes for various issues when they took precedent. Usage Item Edit should remain familiar with the base command being /edit still. As with Head Emporium on the previous page one can simply use the base command of /edit to pull up a list of sub-commands and descriptions for what each one does, such as /edit name which will change the name of an item, only charging the player a token if the item hasn’t already been edited previously. Here’s a quick list of the sub-commands for Item Edit. Keep in mind these are all formatted as /edit sub-command tokens – Shows how many tokens a player has, and how long until the next refreshes if one has VIP renames. Edit Methods Any time an item is edited with the sub-commands below, it is marked as edited. Any amount of edits on a singular item stack only ever takes one token to complete, regardless of what kind of edit it is, or what VIP level the player is. The only exception is adding description to paper. Editing anything else still costs tokens. name – Changes the name of a current item. color – Changes the color of the current item’s name. desc – Adds lore to an item. There is no /edit moredesc anymore, as you simply use /edit desc multiple times. In addition you can use the flag -newline to skip down to the next line after whatever description you just entered. The description can be empty so you can skip down multiple lines for formatting purposes. glow – BedrockVIP+ feature. Applies an enchantment-style visual effect to an item. This no longer requires vote tokens to use. sign – Signs an item with one’s username, or alternatively with one’s roleplay name if using the -rp flag. See the next page for signature types. Clearing Methods By making everything cleaner, the ability to clear information in case you made a mistake is something that was quick to implement. If an edited item has been cleared, it still maintains it’s edited status and doesn’t cost an additional token. If an item has been signed by someone other than yourself, you are unable to clear any information on it without a moderator overriding it. This can also be done for legacy items. All previously signed items can now be unsigned, but only by someone with moderator permissions. clear signature – Removes the signature of an item. clear desc – Removes the description and signature of an item. clear all –Removes the description, signature, name, color, and glow effects from an item. Maximum Length & Width The maximum length of a description is based on the amount of lines it takes rather than the character count. By default everyone has access to 15 lines of description on an item. BedrockVIP and AetherVIP get 20 and 25 lines, respectively. This is to streamline what length means, since previously you could spam line breaks to make obnoxiously long descriptions. The width of an item is based on the character count. We allow 50 characters per line. If you manage to use a word that’s larger than 50 characters then it will break it up and hyphenate it automatically. With the length and width set, these numbers should be approximately what was available beforehand for description lengths. Legacy Voting Tokens Unfortunately pulling the previous voting tokens has proven difficult, but it’s something I’ll continue looking into after the current priority maintenance. Apologies for the inconvenience! Signature Types There are now additional signature types! 26 in total, currently, including staff signature types. These signature types are available starting at BedrockVIP and up and are purely cosmetic. You select your type via /edit sign type, and every signature can have the -rp flag added to it. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might see floating around; Staff Non VIP Signatures PLAYER, ROLEPLAY DiamondVIP+ Signatures DIAMOND, CURRENCY, PLUS, TRIDENT BedrockVIP+ Signatures CROWNS, TWINKLE, FLOWER, STAR AetherVIP Signatures FLEUR-DE-LIS, ORNATE, SNOWMAN, MUSIC, SNOWFLAKE, SUN, PEACE, SKULL The MUSIC signature with the -rp flag;
  19. Hey everyone! After some major back-and-forth I’ve finally gotten a more concrete timeline to provide in regards to the lag issues and the fixes therein. I’m also going to take some time to address a few things that I imagine might crop up as a result of this, so let’s get to it. Why is your server running off of a potato? This comes up a lot that the server is inadequate to be able to handle what’s going on. While an upgrade is coming, rest assured that the amount of memory and power we have allocated is not the root issue for just how bad it’s gotten. So why is it lagging, then? Essentially what’s going on right now is our system is getting hung up on waiting to read or write to our discs. Before it can load that chunk for you, it needs to get in line and finish loading that chunk for someone else. That said, this shouldn’t be happening, and is one of the things we’re profiling to see what’s causing the issues. Unfortunately we rushed to update to 1.14.4 when the issue initially popped up in 1.13.2 rather than working it out back then, so now we’ve got a whole heap of possible things causing the lag. As such pinpointing the exact thing that’s causing the lag has been a major pain. So when can I get back to my mineman experience? Right now we have to unpack it like an onion, eliminating possible lag sources one at a time until we find the root issue. Having SSH access is going to make that possible, however bare in mind that I am still learning how everything is setup. A task a previous dev took a year to do completely. That said, I mentioned a time frame earlier. After a talk with Tythus we’ve spoken to the data-center in which our host box is located, and once they perform some maintenance the main server will end up going down for temporary maintenance while we resolve what we believe is the biggest problem, currently. The current ETA given by the data-center is within the next two weeks they can do said maintenance. As such, we’ll have to wait to provide a more concrete date and time. How about 1.15? The CHUNK FIX? 1.15 is a more optimal build to run off of, but from all testing I’ve done the lag issue definitely stems from the issue that popped up near the end of 1.13.2. The update to 1.14.4 has exemplified it, so while I finish up the last of 1.15 testing now that I can do so myself, we’ll look to launch on 1.15 when the data-center maintenance goes through to minimize downtime. I keep dying to Soulstones. H e l p. Soulstones are still not completely fixed, and it’s recommended that players avoid them for the time being. There are warp signs at the Cloud Temple, and the Home Soulstone will always work. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it’s easier if we just don’t use them to avoid people losing items in the meantime. Nexus 2.0 pls Stop calling it Nexus you boomers. What you describe is a professions system, call it as such.
  20. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 2nd of the First Seed, 1749 As dictated by the Secretary of the Treasury In efforts to further expand and refine the management of the city of Helena, the Office of the Treasury does proclaim that the Helena et Stewardry shall undergo a full reconstruction. The official mandate shall be acted on as follows: ALL current stewards must reapply for their position. New steward applications are hereby open, and those with the necessary will to serve under the office are encouraged to apply. Stewardry applications will be overseen by a panel of the Secretary of the Treasury , The City Mayor, and the City Clerk. Stewards shall be eligible for a FIFTY PERCENT discount on ALL shop and housing taxes. Stewards are permitted to collect FIVE PERCENT of all house and shop sales, as a personal salary. The Imperial Office of the Treasury hereby dictates all measures to be effective immediately. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Imperial Treasury, Comptroller of Finance, Mayor of Helena, City Clerk of Helena,
  21. THE IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY As issued the 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1746 As dictated by the Secretary, The prompt and orderly revocation of all tax exemptions within the city of Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire is to begin henceforth. This is to include all businesses and homes, but will exclude Military Installations, the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, Civil and Imperial Government buildings, the residence of the City Clerk, and Ecclesiastical buildings. Furthermore, the Imperial Capital will begin an audit of all residences and businesses within the city, to be overseen by the Imperial Treasury. These are to be conducted via checking the activity of the residency and when installed, its regular payments of taxes. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Treasury Mayor of the Imperial City of Helena City Clerk of Helena Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs
  22. [!] Hung throughout the streets of Helena lies a flier, a warning to all citizens. ATTENTION HELENA 7th of Horen’s Calling, 1742: By decree of THE SECRETARY OF WAR and the IMPERIAL STATE ARMY with blessing from HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY. The city of Helena is hereby under MARTIAL LAW until further notice. The following points will be enforced to full effect by members of the ISA: CURFEW - Citizens are required to be within their homes from sunset to sunrise. Subjects who appear in the street after dark legally may be searched or detained. FULL LOCKDOWN - The city is in full lockdown gates will remain closed and managed by the ISA. Confirmed unarmed citizens will be permitted use of the citizen doors DRESS RESTRICTIONS - Hoods and other face-obscuring clothing are strictly forbidden; violators will be detained and searched FORTIFICATION - All streets are to be fortified and property may be seized in eminent domain if it should serve such a purpose as to protect the citizens of Helena. CONSCRIPTION - Every able-bodied man and woman above the age of 16 is directed to the WAR OFFICE in the Imperial Barracks to be assigned their Imperial duties. POLITICAL REGULATION - Implemented acts and administrative decisions executed within Helena are subject to revision and approval from the ISA Colonel and Secretary of War. In the face of barbaric aggression and mysterious flying men we must stand together in unification, in humanity, in the Empire. Helena prevails. IN NOMINE DEI Leonard II de Ruyter, Marshal of the Empire and Secretary of War
  23. Company of The Rose (Depiction of the Rose Company harassing members of other lowly bandit groups) What it is: The Company of The Rose, is a ‘free company’ a band of gentlemen who appreciate the word of minae more than the word of a King. The term ‘free company’ began catching on after the Lothragnian’s stooped to banditry during the Emperor Alexander’s reign. When Lord Protector Adrian began his ever vigilant watch over The Empire; many hedge knights, ex-footmen, and cavalrymen got the good idea of finding a legal way to provide for themselves and their families. So, over a tankard or two, a hardy group of men decided to write up a precursor for what would become the Codex for the men of the Company to follow and abide during their employment under Julius Franz. The Free Company Codex: Orenian Imperium Edition First Law: The murder of innocents for one’s own selfish desire is strictly prohibited. Second Law: Any sort of harassment towards local organizations or in-fracturing armies, without the probable contract, documentation, and a ranking member to oversee is strictly prohibited. Third Law: Petty theft from those can not afford financial loss, is strictly prohibited. Fourth Law: Allowing a Destrier to be lost in battle is strictly prohibited. Fifth Law: Failure to abide by these laws is strictly prohibited. Sixth Law: Failure to adhere to this new standard of ‘Free Comapany’ will result in immediate termination, of position, and life as you know it. Hierarchy: Grandmaster Contractor: Oversees all operations within the Company, ensures no man within the Company falls beneath standard. Lord Contractor: This position is reserved for those that provide payroll and employment in the Company. Cataphract General: Leads the Companies cavalry regiment on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. Field Marshal: Commands the infantry and shock troopers on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. First Hand: Second in command to both Field Marshal and Cataphract General, is in charge of organizing rallies and training. Cataphract: A mounted soldier of the Company, a key component in the Companies battle strategies. Shock Trooper: Heavily armoured soldier, often a veteran of many battles and has the most renown on the battlefield. Initiated: Learning their ways of rapidly swinging a sword into the battlefield still, but have proved themselves trust worthy. Rando: Entry level position meant for those who are still feeling out the Company and undecided if they wish to join. APPLICATION: MC Username: Character Name: Race: Specialty (pvp, cooking, farming, mining, etc.): (Also the Company has build in progress, it’s glorious so, please contain yourself when finished) ( POST IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS: FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DISCORD @hotboss_monk#8587 to make an inquiry to join)
  24. [!] Throughout your travels, on dirt or gravel, you soon would hear of one whom baffles. A bard most strange with little fame: One “Timothée de Fontaine”. Furthermore, any poet, troubadour or one with talent in store would see his Troupe was arts galore! In song, or via poster, you learn their lore: I never had the stronger hands. I took the lute and left the schyte. And while I wandered all the lands. I met a man who changed my life. Took me a while. To see his work was quintessential! At me he’d smile! For in my eyes he saw potential! He and his marvelous group! Truly a legend throughout Atlas. He’d always sing of his Troupe! His name: Timeo de las Baltas. “Timeo de las Baltas” by Timothée de Fontaine. Oil on Canvas c. 1698 And when he talked of its fame Right then all song in me woke! And when I asked for its name In bliss, the troubadour spoke: “Hibou Plongeant! ‘E-boo Plon-Jan!’ The diving owl! How does it sound?” And to this man my soul was bound. A better Troupe I’ve never found. And how we soared so! There was no description! The Troupe fed me and my wine addiction! “Self Portrait” by Timothée de Fontaine. Oil (And Wine) on Canvas. c. 1714. ...But like cloth we unwove. Now the Troupe makes no sound For when the ‘diving owl’ dove The bird’s beak hit the ground! And we disbanded! Shot dead, Timeo’s life ended. The Troupe was stranded. I couldn’t save the weight that I was handed... Until today! Now I can have a say! I’ve piled so many merry mina in my many ways! I’ve met so many people in my many days! ♫ Now be it as it may! I’ll sing it all and pluck away! ♫ Yes it’s true! I’ll do whatever work that I can do. I’ll fly just like our great owl flew. It’s round two! I’ll bring back the Hibou! The Hibou Plongeant’s Insignia. Are you a bard? Do you need a place to go? Are your times hard? Do you have talent to show? Is mina running dry? Do you daily feel upset? Are you looking for a why? Look no longer – Do not fret! We make do with all we get! We talk and write until sunset! We all debate and play and paint and speak aloud our thoughts until we sweat! For those of you whom sing or dance, Those whom craft, romance. Those whom when they walk must prance! You poets out there whom believe in free verse, aswell, we don’t discriminate. Come right in! Show a grin! Tell us all the things you’ve seen! Show the soul you keep within! Play your lute or violin! Widely smile, raise your chin! We take all races! All talents, all places! Whatever artform. You’ll have our graces! In times so cruel! Keep your mouth and pockets full! Walk with song and leave the dull! ♫ Let the arts become your fuel! ♫ And to apply? Make quite sure you catch our eye! Write down what you are and why. And send a letter, we’ll reply! And whether you’re just bored A peasant or a lord Who’s piled mina into a hoard And doesn’t know what to afford Here’s a tip: Call us in, we’ll make heads whip! With mordern works and tunes so slick Coming from dubious authorship! We’ll show in any port! A Keep, your Town or Court All events, from any sort! Write to us, we’ll soon retort! Our guild is set upon A town just off Curon Called “Astorga”! Est très bon! Pretty people – Sights that stun! Ripe with trade, filled with fun! Shining light just like a sun. To get to it, you simply run towards Curon, you walk a ton just take a right- and then you’re done! A map to Astorga! ((X:1604 Y:-1549)) And if that’s too far Or roads are all bare! We’ll come where you are! The Hibou goes there! For more detail, to book a show, or to know just where to go, just look below! Or talk to me: Timothée. ♫ You’ll love our Troupe, I guarantee! ♫ [!] Below you see: How to reach the bard Timothée! The read is over. Gee, what glee! (( Discord: Thi_T#5309 / Minecraft IGN: tgrt ))
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