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Found 22 results

  1. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  2. [!] There is a notice bearing a red wolf crest posted on every accessible bulletin board. Below it is hammered a small spike, and a leather-bound book is tethered to it with cord. Penned in neat calligraphy, it reads: ~~ To all Buyers & Traders! ~~ My name is Honour Rackham. I am the Captain of the Howl of the North, and my crew deals exclusively in the supply and demand of goods across the whole of Arcas. We have created a trading report to show savvy buyers where the best bargains are, and we are committing to update these logs on the regular. [!] The book includes the following information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rO2JInGU1pn8lmQ8vD6mDrlD0B9Dcz_dojCIXEA-1KM/edit?usp=sharing Buyer Beware! If you find yourself talking with an Uruk called Tulga, give this one a miss. He likes to sell information you already know, even when you ask beforehand, it-isn’t-this-right? He’ll play it off on very particular wording, so he didn’t “lie...” (... but he knew exactly what you meant). A few have shared stories about someone matching his physique, saying he talks to the newly arrived at the Temple, befriends them, then either steals what little precious they have or takes them as slaves. Don’t know if there is truth to it, but more than one soul has mentioned his rather unique description, so I am left wondering and somewhat unsure. Friendly bloke, but is it worth the risk? Fair winds, may Dame Fortune smile on your cups. Honour Rackham Captain, Howl of the North ((OOC: The Trade Report Guidelines)) We will be updating our trading information on the 1st and the 15th of every (real) month. An item must have a quantity available by the dates above to be included. In Stock = 0 will be ignored. If we do not have access to a trade market to verify prices at stalls, the location will not be included on the report. If a location wishes to grant access solely for the purpose of acquiring prices, we will gladly fix this. All have access to view, but only the Howl of the North crew have access to edit. This is to maintain a level of trust in the reporting, and to prevent people from accidentally borking the formulas in the spreadsheet. PS – Nuffin but lurvs, BenDaMack! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Penned on this day the 6th of The First Seed, 1716, at the request of the Under-King and the Rikkins Council of the Under-Realm of Urguan. <=-<=-=>-=> When Khorvad The Betrayer first turned his back on the graces of Yemekar and the Brathmordakin, it was Urguan Silverbeard that the mighty creator himself charged with leading the earthbound defense against the darkness that followed. For millennia afterwards, the Dwarves stood resilient through the trials and tribulations presented by the conflicts of both mortal and immortal means. It is the wish of the people of Urguan that we once more resume our steadfast watch over the realm, rising above the conflicts of our brethren and unifying once more in totality to the guardianship we once held over the descendents. To this end, the Under-Realm of Urguan does hereby declare total and utter neutrality from the conflict that now wages across the continent. To no side shall aid be given by way of arms, finance, or whichever means the Under-King and Rikkin Council deem a risk at breaking our self-proclaimed neutrality. Furthermore, we formally offer our assistance to all those who would seek refuge from the conflict. Provided that they cause no trouble in Dwarven lands or abroad, those seeking solitude from the wars of the realm will be granted comfort, shelter, and opportunities for employment within Dwarven lands. Finally, as the rightful heirs of Urguan’s charge to defend the realm, the Dwarves do hereby open all channels of communication to the realm, regardless of race or nationality, with the purpose of offering the full might of the Under-Realm of Urguan against the forces of Khorvad wherever they may reside. Charged as we are by Yemekar, “The Just”, Under-King of the Under-Realm of Urguan, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, King of Agnarum, Az’adar, and Ord, Lord of Kal’Varoth, Kal’Azgaryum, Kal’Omith, Kal’Nikaer, Kal’Akash, Kal’Karaad, Kal’Agnar, Kal’Klad, Kal’Arkon, Kal’Ithrun, Kal’Azgoth, Kal’Karik, and Kal’Urguan, Defender of the Dwedmar, Beloved of the Brathmordakin, Elder of Clan Grandaxe, etcetc...
  4. [!] Missives are widely spread around Llyria and the surrounding area, written on fine parchment in impeccably neat and flourishing handwriting. [!] ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “ Ever blessed shall those be that follow the light. Join me, those Arcanists born from my blessing, to guide others down the path and to rebirth our world in light. “ The Celestial Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and act as patrons of magic to the realm. The Order seeks prosperity for all regardless of their national affiliation, their mundane worth or their godly practices. There is no monarch within the void but rather a collective seeking its infinite potential for the betterment of all instead of a few. The Order maintains the stance that this potential must be used to support the light rather than allow its abyssal darkness to leak corruption upon the realm. The majority of time spent by those in the Order will be dedicated to identifying key locations of interest before conducting delves or assisting other factions in their own process should they be called upon. The Order will also time take to identify prominent groups of Dark Magi casting the void in an abhorrent light and dismantle them if necessary. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “ Like the cosmos above, each of us exists as a singularity of light in the expanse of the abyss. " Those dedicated Arcanists who heed my call may find their way to the Celestial Hall to join with their fellow Magi in the quest for Celestial Light. - Arcane Mage I.E. The Arcane Mage While currently away on travels unknown, the Arcane Mage is the constant leader of the Celestial Order, the creator of Arcanism and the Shepherd of the Celestial Light. The Arcane Mage dictates the pursuit of the guild as well as the development of campaigns involving the Order. Also referred to as the Caretaker of the Celestials. The Oracle The Oracle leads the Grand Magus, acting as a liaison between the Arcane Mage and the rest of the Order. The Aeons The Aeons represent those Celestials of extremely high caliber and are held in the highest regard for their devotion to the Celestial Light. The Grand Magus The Grand Magus, not always a singular position, are tasked with leading the daily operations and functions of the Order to ensure it retains relevance throughout the realm. The Magus The general assembly of Arcanists within the Order who are tasked with the discovery of anomalies within the realm as well as acting patrons to the various settlements the descendents have chosen to inhabit. The Acolytes Those newly accepted into the Order. Until they are proven to be of worth to the guild they are tasked with the duty of spreading the Order’s name as well as seeking out prospective members among other various tasks assigned to each individual. The Erudite Those still unlearned. Until they have become proficient those few selected to be trained by a teacher within the Order are done so before they may become Acolytes. They hold no duties within the Order nor are permitted free entrance. The Associates Those allies to the Order that are either non-magi, are not Arcanists or operate outside the context of the Order. “ We are beacons in the abyssal dark. " The Celestial Edict serves as the pillars of a Arcanist’s life. Honor, militance, scholarship, loyalty, balance, the void and the light, seven principles which define the path that each Arcanist follows. Through these, each Arcanist stands apart from other mages, more righteous and devoted to the void and its proper usage. The Edict of Honor The Arcanist wields the arcane with honor and righteousness. To repudiate the amorality of the void and its boons. They shall protect the innocent and aid the needy. Holding true to all their oaths and vows. To uphold their morality in service of creating a better world. To display a high level of respect to both allies and fellow magi. The Edict of Militance The Arcanist must begrudge the use of voidal violence. Yet wield it confidently when their ferocity is just. To deny the powermonger and the upstart. To protect the descendants from improper use of the void Risking their lives in devotion to their honored arcane probity. To lend aid to our allies in there time of need against unholy corruption. The Edict of Scholarship The Arcanist will go beyond militance and devote themselves to scholarship. Expanding knowledge upon the void and other pursuits. To serve as learned authorities upon various expertise. The Edict of Loyalty The Arcanist gives their life to their Order and its cause. Serving the Arcane Mage dutifully and rightfully. Never shall they harm their brothers and sisters of the Celestial Order. To safeguard the knowledge held within the Order against the greedy. To avoid associations that seek to harm the Order, And to protect its name against those who do it injustice. The Edict of Balance The Arcanist is bestowed with a noble duty. For the noble understand the plague of the tipping scale. That the pendulum swings in either direction, And what is dark may be illuminated For the order preserves this balance. The Edict of the Void The Arcanist shall become a master of voidal practice. To preach its every value and encourage its use within the Order. Indoctrinate others into the path of connection with the arcane. And decry the use of darker arts and their repugnant power. For we are of the void, enlightened by its endless offerings. The Edict of Celestial Light The Arcanist shall hold the light of the void in the highest regard. Those Celestials born from this blessed light as sacred, And seek to be a beacon of light in the Arcane Mage’s image. To be a bastion for the realm and assist in illuminating the dark. If you desire entry, seek out Saeldur Asul’Ailer of Llyria. OOC Some important threads: The magic itself: Celestialism Celestialism Addition Opening statement for the Order Current Celestials Guide on how to RP your own Celestial Canon Guide to Arcanism & Celestialism Special thanks to BNK for all his help during this process.
  5. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  6. DENOUNCEMENT OF THE CURONIAN THRONE AND DECLARATION OF FEALTY Issued and Confirmed by Lord Alexander II Merentel, Lord Arno Bolivar and Nicholas Keint, 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1715 _________________________________________________ For decades, the noble houses of Curonia have stood by faithfully to the crowned House of Devereux. However, in these dark times the young King Edgar Devereux and on his behalf the Lord Regent Ecbert, have seen it fit to betray his liege lord of House Horen, and the curonian people for his own satisfaction. We, as Lords of the Realm, stand together to denounce the King and his actions towards the curonian people and to declare our fealty to His Imperial Majesty Godfrey III of House Horen. As such, we do not longer recognize House Devereux or the Curonian Throne as the liege lord of House Merentel, House Keint, and House Bolivar. We see King Edgar “The Usurper” Devereux as falsely sitting on the Curonian Throne and encourage the innocent citizens of Curonia to follow our stead. The rest of this document is to share our disapprovals of not only the Curonian Throne but also of the false and treacherous “Holy Orenian Empire”. __________________________________ The Devereux’s Betrayal WE STATE that Ecbert Devereux illegitimately usurped the Curonian Throne from Jarrack Devereux in the name of Edgar Devereux just before the false “Joseph I of Marna” was declared “Holy Orenian Emperor”. It was obvious from start that King Edgar and his regent Lord Ecbert only cared about getting power and creating their own legacies instead of fulfilling their duties as the leaders of the Administration of Curon. Since Ser Wilhelm Devereux and his brother Edward reformed the Duchy of Curon on bear mountain where the city of Cyrilsburg once stood, it was always their intent to put the people first. However, Edgar and Ecbert have not shown to have this same ideology betraying the Imperial Throne for a Pretender. Even though the True Emperor Godfrey III is their kin, as he is son to Anabel Devereux and Romulus Horen. When the old Ser Wilhelm Devereux, a man who ruled Curon for years in two different continents and who always cared about the curonian people, confronted them they accused him of being a traitor, destroying the old man’s morale, and after years of war and defense of the realm, they made Ser Wilhelm end up taking his own life in the City of Avalain. The founder of our beloved Kingdom of Curonia dead because the current Curonian Crown broke his oath to the Empire, a man who would have given his life for Curon dead because of betrayal. That’s why WE ACCUSE the current Curonian Crown of inducting the suicide of Ser Wilhelm, whilst not attending the curonian people needs, and backing a pretender with no legitimacy, putting the curonian people in disarray. __________________________________________ Lying to the Curonian People Joseph I “The Pretender” of Marna has claimed to be the true Horen to lead humanity, being proclaimed by a false and treacherous High Pontiff who only desires to be given political power. And yet he decides to reclaim the title of Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, the one that was destroyed many years ago. Though he has rallied much of the curonian realm to his side, he still has to proof to be able to beat the Imperium Renatum and its Imperial Legion. Also, WE ACCUSE the current Curonian Crown of lying to the curonian people, as the King of Curon and his Regent promised to the people of the realm that Curon would be independent and a free Kingdom, but as we’ve recently seen the Kingdom of Curonia has been forced to vassalize under Marna (Holy Orenian Empire), and being obligated to give them the King of Curon as a hostage. A total shame, that indicates that the current King and the Lord Regent Ecbert Devereux are only Puppets of the false pretender. __________________________________________ DECLARATION OF FEALTY WE, House Merentel, House Bolivar, and House Keint declare ourselves loyal to GODFREY III OF HOUSE HOREN, the true Sovereign of Humanity, descended from GOD itself. Also, we encourage other curonian nobles to do the same before it’s too late, or they shall meet Death as it’s the only fate possible for traitors. Ave Godfrey III of House Horen HIS LORDSHIP, Alexander II Merentel, Patriarch of House Merentel and Baron of Hallowfell HIS LORDSHIP, Arno Bolivar, Patriarch of House Bolivar, Count of Fuerte and Baron of Centinela HIS EXCELLENCY, Nicholas Keint, Patriarch of House Keint and Captain of the Royal Curonian Army *Two ripped up Letters are pinned at the bottom of the Declaration*
  7. As of today, The 14th of The First Seed, 1715, any medical practitioner seeking to operate in the clinic of the Princedom of Fenn must receive a license from the Fennic head medics, Rothilion Tathvir and Velatha Sylric.This license must be issued and signed by both medics before use of the facility may be granted and if usage is performed without proper documentation, punishment will be dealt accordingly in accordance with the princedom’s laws. In order to apply for a license, complete the following application and submit to either of the head medics. After the application has been reviewed you will be asked to come for an in-person interview, upon successful completion of this interview your license will be added to the records and will be good for a trial period of four years. After which point, usage will be reviewed and the license may be subject to removal if it is unused or misused, however can be reinstated with a new application. ~ Velatha Sylric, Ivae’Fenn Vanguard and Quarter Master, Fennic Clinic Head Medic ~ Rothilion Tathvir, Ivae’Fenn Vanguard and Fennic Clinic Head Medic Application: RP Name: Race: Allegiance(s): What training have you received in the medical field? Include your tutor(s), texts do not count. Have you practiced in similar medical institutions prior to now? How many years have you been practicing? What are your qualifications and specialties? OOC What days/times work best to schedule the interview? Discord Username?
  8. A Grudge Declared Vithar Frostbeard would walk into the city square of the Dwarven Capital, climb up on top of a ledge, clear his throat and speak ”I Vithar Fros’beard, clan fatah ov da Fros’beard clan declare a grudge on thah Grandaxe clan fer slander’n me kin and me ancestor’s and fer speak ill about thah fros’beard clan. Thah onleh way thah grudge will beh settl’d is ef thah Grand’axe clan fatah Borin honor duals meh teh let thah Gods Decide who es in teh right” He would finish before sending one of his clansmen to go see that the grudge is entered in the Book of Grudges.
  9. The Wedding of 1715 [!] Several flyers are pinned throughout the city of Haense and Curon A wedding will be hosted in Haense at The Basilica of the Fifty Virgins. Come to enjoy and celebrate the union of Evelyne Vanir and John Luc Halcourt. All are invited to this special occasion. OOC (Date for wedding is Saturday 5/11/19 @6:30 EST)
  10. The Yú family, perhaps one of the strongest families in the past, with a great influence on the Chi Council during the two Great Wars, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the fall of the Hou-Zi during the Jade Wars because of their greed... One of the many Yù relics A bit of Family History The Yù clan highlighted in the past the greed of its members, who valued wealth more than life itself. Focused solely on their own benefit, they fought against other noble families, leading to the destruction of their beloved empire, which they had defended with passion during the great wars against the elves, even dying for him many of their members, which would leave an internal hatre against that race that still lasts until our day. Suspected of starting the Jade Wars, they had no mercy in destroying other families that got in their way, becoming very feared because the rumors about the horrific tortures they committed behind the government's back. The few who survived the Jade wars, went to the forests and jungles of the whole world, leading an austere life for the first time in many years and learning a great lesson of life that they would transmit to their descendants. __________________________________________ From the time of the first expansion of the HouZi and its consequent golden age, the Yù family was within the Council of Chi dominating a considerable part of the territory of the jungle of Asul. During the two Great Wars, some of its members played a very active role, leading squads and fighting with great fervor. Guided always by an insatiable ambition, even in the interlude that took place between those two battles his ambition did not stop, forming groups of HouZis that still felt inside his militant spirit organized small groups in which to try to rise again, failing miserably Nothing remarkable happened during the rest of the reign of Hou-Shen for this family, or at least, until a few years after the defeat in the Second Great War. Accustomed to living between luxuries and riches, which were valued more than life itself, and blinded by their insatiable ambition the family could not stand to live in a space as small and poor as was the jungle of Asul. For these reasons they began to steal to other families and confront them. The gossips talk that the Jade Wars were started by them, who increased their riots and conflicts after the disappearance of Hou-Shen. After the fall of Jing-Taiyun, little more was heard from this family, some crazy people tell that they were hiding, treasuring riches and waiting for the right moment, others say that the authentic lineage was lost, mixing races inside this and provoking dishonor However, everyone agrees that he never heard from them again ... until today Yù Traditions and rituals The Yù clan has always had a somewhat different structure, even though, as in any family, everyone must obey the head of the family, he is not elected in a hereditary way, on the contrary, it is chosen by voting among all the members of the family, with the possibility of voting for oneself. Under the head of the family is his/her wife or husband (if he/she has one) and his/her children. It is not strange that the head of the family has several brothers, who could not inherit their position, not like their children who can be elected from the age of 25 years, although only one was chosen so young. Great devotees of martial arts, their lineage was always characterized by showing special interest in these, taking them to another level, fighting whenever there was any reward to obtain. Initiation Ritual Any member who wants to enter the family will have to pass three trials, unknown to anyone who has not overcome them before, these will consist of obtaining a large sum of wealth or valuable objects that will be donated to the family, showing this way the ambition of the candidate. The second is to survive a month in nature, demonstrating the strength and being necessary to obtain for this moment 1 elf bone, 1 wolf head and humming bird wings. The third and final test is to defeat a member of the family, chosen by the head of the family, in a duel of traditional martial arts, showing their skill in the fight, something highly valued within the dynasty Weeding Weddings in this family are something exceptional, the union between a Yù and someone from another family does not usually go beyond the carnal. A wedding requires the insertion of a new member into the family, something that is impossible unless it passes the initiation ritual. Even so, the times that this celebration takes place is not repaired in expenses, a great banquet with musical and martial shows, accompanied by luxurious drinks and gifts for the guests is the tradition. During the union of the two married, they will give as fiance the object of greatest value they have, showing their love and appreciation for the other with this simple gesture. This act will be accompanied by a speech by the head of the family, or in its absence, by the next available person with the highest rank. Hunts Despite not being a family focused on this, hunting is a recreational activity usually carried out by the dynasty to provide its members with food and resources that can only be obtained from animals. These hunts are the least peculiar, carried out with the naked torso and without any weapon, the Yù always look for the biggest prey in the area, study it and hunt it down. This process can last for days and even weeks, focusing hunting not only on animals but also on other species. Wealth and power to achieve immortality Many years later, the construction of the empire has begun again, the descendants of those who once ruined their beloved civilization are prepared to fight for it and bring it back to glory, having learned from the past they will not make the same mistakes again... or maybe yes? OOC Information: The post we will be improved by the time we get more members Joining the family is very easy, you only have to send a private message by Discord and we will agree on your rank within the family, your family ties... Discord: AlbertoTC#2262
  11. [!] To all dwarves descending from the Ireheart Clan, a notice is sent on parchment with a blood-red ink, each notice carefully written by the one-eyed clan mother, Bianca. My dearest clan of ******* amazing idiots, I wish to thank you for the amazing years spent in your presence. I know I did not have the most conventional background, yet I was given the opportunity to take over in Gror’s stead as Clan Mother. I hope he is as proud of ye lot as I am; over such a short time, the clan has grown and shown a large presence in the Under-Realm- And don’t dare ******* stop! You never cease to bring a good name to our clan, to which that that Kjell himself would be proud of. You’re the strongest dwed I have had the pleasure of knowing and look forward to see you continue to grow into the mighty clan that we are meant to be- only no-longer as your matriarch. As of today, the 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1713, I, Bianca Ireheart, resign from clan mother and extend my well wishes to Utak Ireheart, the new Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan. I wish ye the best lad, ye’re the most promising fucker I’ve met over the years and I know you can continue to lead the clan towards success. I would die protecting any member of this clan, and I know you hold the best wishes at heart. Keep goin’ lads and lasses. It is the time of Ireheart revival, and it is all of you that would make the clan even better than it already is! For Dungrimm! Former Clan Mother, - Bianca Ireheart OOC: Thank you all for an amazing time leading you. I am sorry I have not been around nearly as much as I would have liked, but OOC issues have been becoming more of an issue so I have to step back from most if not all of LotC, and after many hours of consideration, I’m having to resign to get irl sorted out before I can return. Again, thank you all and the best of luck to you all and your roleplay endeavors!
  12. Here is Proof it wasn’t Flame was not involved in the discord raid It’s pretty pathetic how even though all the evidence is against flame being one of the two discord raiders the admins still refuse to look at the proof and unban him. Flamboyants “proof” he stated he had was Ghaz messaging him saying it was Flame. To believe that someone would go to the trouble of making an alt to raid a discord to then reveal who they really are, you must be pretty low IQ to be honest. Flame is the voice crying about being banned, Ghaz is the one who speaks second and saying how he doesn’t care, the third person is Inferno and the fourth deeper voice who cuts in a few times is Cakefool. Also when he says he's on the wrong account he was referring to his whitelisted alt account, that's him playing minecraft kit maps with Inferno, you can hear potions splashing in the background later on in the video and them saying how they died. https://gyazo.com/d7f3ffe391fd25177a5501f9283c00ec Here you can see Horton who was banned for the chat bombing admitting Flame was not a part of the raid. https://gyazo.com/691ffc57e6c6c58d546b60880966a150 Here you can see Rin who was also involved in the chat bombing saying Flame did not participate. If you close this topic without replying you are not only proving that you are in the wrong but showing just how corrupt and **** the Admin team is and confirming that you want him banned for some reason and used this as an excuse. @FlamboyantTyrant @TarreBear @SeventhCircle @Fireheart https://namemc.com/profile/urcuteowo.1 ← Whitelisted Alt
  13. [!] Birds flying across the Lands of the empire passings letters to all nobles [!] [!] A announcement to all the Noble Families of the Empire [!] To all it may concern, Catherine Marie O’Hara Nee’ Windsor has Passed on the night of the 14th of The Deep Cold, year of 1711, support the houses that the young women has brought together through marriage, (Houses O’Hara and Windsor) in there period of grief. So we ask all Nobles of the empire, Family Members and close friends to join us in the Cathedral of Helena, for the funeral of the talented, beautiful, smart young women. Please do wear something black. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! Signed by: - Members House Windsor and House O’hara [!] A Picture of the lovely young women would be here at the bottom of the page [!] :OOC: Date and Time: Saturday 27th/4:35 (EST) Place: Helena Cathedral
  14. The Under-Realm of Urguan -=<=-=>=- -=<=-=>=- National Anthem: The Capital: Kal’Varoth -=<=-=>=- Kal’Varoth, or the City of the Under-Sun is a subterranean dwarven city that is the capital seat of the Under-Realm of Urguan. Kal’Varoth is the most populated and largest dwarven hold and is the symbol of dwarven culture and power. Wish to live in the Dwarven capital? [Click Here] Dwarven Discord [[Disclaimer: This is a private discord server that is not sponsored by LotC. You are not protected by any rules of LotC on this discord, nor do LotC rules apply.]] Important Documents -=<=-=>=- Dwarven Language Dwarven History Book of Grudges Articles of Urguan [WIP] Dwarven Family Tree The Government Leadership -=<=-=>=- Under-King Fimlin Grandaxe Grand Marshall Gimli Grandaxe Warden Utak Ireheart Legion Commander Dimlin Irongut Legion Commander Utak Ireheart The Dwarven Legion -=<=-=>=- The Dwarven Legion is the military force of the Under-Realm of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Under-Realm and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Dwarven Legion, enlist here; [Click here] Dwarven Clans -=<=-=>=- Clan Grandaxe [Kathaikaz] [Click here for the Clan Post] An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time. Grandaxes are known to be noble warriors; equally skilled in both battle and politics. Most Grandaxes are distinguishable by their fiery hair, though not all of them carry this trait. Above all else, Grandaxes adhere to a code of honor and hold the rest of their kin in high regard. Clan Lord: Borin Grandaxe [lucasking321] -=<=>=- Clan Irongut [Khrorul] [Click here for the Clan Post] Irongut Clan is an elder clan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts had held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own grand kings multiple times. Clan Lord: Dimlin Irongut [Beamon4] -=<=>=- Clan Ireheart [Kravamoruk] An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. Clan Lord: Bianca Ireheart [EnderMaiashiro] -=<=>=- Clan Starbreaker [Kornazkarumm] [Click here for the Clan Post] An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly comprised of smiths, miners, and Golemancers. They are known for their scholar pursuits and their smithing ability, capable of creating weapons and armor of masterful skill. Clan Lord: Jorvin Starbreaker [DixieDemolisher] -=<=>=- Hefrumm Clans [Hefrumm Kazamar] [Click here for the Clans Post] The Forest Dwarves community, known for being very religious, druids, and great chefs. That community consists of the Cottonwood, Treebeard and Mossbeard Clans. Clan Lord: Bjor Cottonwood [Afoc17] -=<=>=- Clan Silvervein [Thryardohin] [Click here for the Clan Post] A prosperous clan of Mountain Dwarves with rich history. The Silverveins cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and warriors. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers. Clan Lord: Dwarger Silvervein [LionEY_] -=<=>=- Clan Hammerfist [Ordrym] [Click here for the Clan Post] The Hammerfist Clan is a strong and proud clan hailing from the lands of Vailor. Founded by Duren Hammerfist and his brothers shortly before the First Frostbeard Rebellion the clan is currently led by the son of Duren, Darek Hammefist. Clan Lord: Darek Hammerfist [sneakybandit] -=<=>=- Clan Irongrinder [Khroneknazkarum] [Click here for the Clan Post] Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. Clan Lord: Zahrer Irongrinder [Josh3738] -=<=>=- Clan Emberhorn [Ekaraadordul] [Click here for the Clan Post] A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be formidable fighters despite their smaller numbers. They are also distinguished by their ability to ride rams into combat. -=<=>=- Clan Frostbeard [Azwyrtrumm] Clan Lord: Argnos Frostbeard [Drumin] -=<=>=- Dwarven Guilds -=<=-=>=- The Kirkja Dverga [Clergy] The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. To join the Dwarven Clergy, sign up here; [Click here for the Clergy Post] High Prelate: Fili Grandaxe [Cpt_Noobman] -=<=>=- The Remembrancer’s Guild The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] High Remembrancer: Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] -=<=>=-
  15. The Dwarven Legion <=-<>-=> The Dwarven Legion, guardians of the Under-Realm, protectors of the Dwedmar and bastions of the Dwarven Spirit. The mission of The Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve as the main military force within the Under-Realm. The Legion is known for its admirable order and discipline, and its roots in the most prestigious and oldest military guilds to date. It is currently led by Grand Marshal Gimli Grandaxe. Perks of Joining the Legion <=-<>-=> Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion who have passed training (Grunt Rank) and can be obtained from the Grand Marshal or Commander, a Dwarf may only receive one off duty kit per Stone week and will by default receive a combat kit during times of war. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Housing Purchase & Tax Discounts: Legionnaires may purchase a home in Kal’Varoth for 50 minas (instead of 120 minas) and are also required only a mere 50 mina per stone week tax (instead of 100). Military Ranks The main body of the Legion consists of her Legionnaires. Dwedmar from Kal’Varoth with an extra urge to protect their home. Having the choice between Light, Medium and Heavy armour is left up to the individual but the ranks stay the same for each Dwed. Acquiring Rank In order for Legionnaires to acquire a rank, they must fulfill certain requirements for each rank in the Legion. -=<=-=>=- Honor Points: Honor acquiring Honor is a way to show commitment to the Legion and the dwedmar. A certain amount of Honor is required for each rank. The ways to achieve Honor in the Legion are: Gate Duty: 5 Honor per ½ hour Patrol: 5 Honor per ½ hour Attending a Training: 10 Honor Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion: 25 Honor Small Fight: 15 Honor Raids: 25 Honor Skirmishes: 35 Honor Battles: 50 Honor Trainings: Trainings are essential to learning the skills required of a Legionnaire, and also present commitment to The Legion. Raids / Skirmishes: Experience in smaller scale fights such as raids and skirmishes are critical in warfare, and make up much of a Legionnaire’s combat experience. Battles: While more rare, Battles are the crucial large-scale engagements that shape young Legionnaires into veterans. -=<=-=>=- -=<>=- Senior Offices xxxxxxx Grand Marshall <=-<>-=> First in Command. Leading the Legion in the name of King and Council. The utmost respect is paid to the Leading dwed and his voice ranks so high that it he even allowed to be seated on the council of Rikkin. xxxxxx Commander <=-<>-=> Second in command. These Dwed work as the Right and Left hand of the Grand Marshall and should be treated for they managed to obtain the rank. This legionnaire must be treated as the Thruum'Kazak, should he be absent or if he has chosen the Velerakian to give orders. Only two Dwarves may have this position at a time. Junior Officers xxxx Lieutenant <=-<>-=> Highly respected among the Legionnaires. Veterans and skilled fighters, the Barel'Rikkin are trusted the most. They may be chosen to lead squads or lead the army, should both the Velerakian and Thruum'Kazak prove absent. These Dwed often show exceptional fighting prowess or combat-leading capabilities. Only three may have this position at a time. Enlisted xxx Ironbreaker <=-<>-=> The Ironbreaker is the highest achievable Legionnaires rank. Often veterans within the Legion. They are some of the finest soldiers found on the field compared to any Nation. Rank Requirements: 600 Honor. 8 Trainings. 4 Raids / Skirmishes. 3 Battles. -=<=-=>=- xx Ironguard <=-<>-=> The Ironguards are the Stoneguards who had proven their expertise. Either a display of discipline, bravery or fighting prowess has earned this Legionnaire a distinguished rank above the common soldiery. Rank Requirements: 300 Honor. 8 Trainings. 2 Raids / Skirmishes. 1 Battle. -=<=-=>=- x Stoneguard <=-<>-=> A Stoneguard is the base rank for most Legionnaires. The backbone of the whole order. These are your average well-trained Dwed who know how the to fight. Rank Requirements: 100 Honor. 3 Trainings. -=<=-=>=- - Grunt <=-<>-=> A Grunt is the beginning Rank within the Legion. All Dwarves can sign up at any time to start their progress within the legion as a Grunt. These beginning soldiers will be taught all the basics they need within their military career. Grunt is the enlistment rank, to become a Grunt fill out this form -=<=-=>=- Auxiliaries <=-<>-=> Thorns of Hefrumm The Thorns of Hefrumm is a unique group within the Legion for only the Forest Dwarves of Hefrumm can join them. These brave warriors of surface-dwelling kin are expected to guard their own town but fall under the direct influence of the Legion’s chain-of-command. -=<=-=>=- The Obsidian Guard The Obsidian Guard. The guards of King and Council. The strongest, the best of fighters and nothing but the best. These are the Legionaries that will protect the High King, the Rikkin and all of those who need extra protection. They are one of the few that may be armed around the High King and Rikkin. As the Most elite Warriors, the Obsidian Guards enjoy a respected status within the Legion and Nation. When not personally shielding the High King or Rikkin, they are tasked with guarding the key elements such as the Throne Room, Council Room and Upper Gates. -=<=-=>=- The Longbeard Regiment The Longbeards of Urguan are veterans of the many battles fought by the Dwarven Legion, and make up a more reserved section of the Legion. The Longbeards operate as active service Legionnaires, however they are not mandated any active service outside of war-time. Longbeards receive full benefits of Legionnaires, however this does not provide immunity towards any taxes or activity checks done outside of the Legion. Longbeards do not receive pay, unless put into full active service during war-time. -=<=-=>=- Training <=-<>-=> Practice or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and discipline. Combat Training Military practice is often done once or twice every Stone Week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group Training Drilling (Training one’s fighting prowess.) Combat Practice (Fighting in Formations in Combat Scenarios.) Discipline and Order (Training soldiery) Personal practice Demonstration of Competency to be excluded from, or put in a educating role, in one of the fields of Group Practice. Guard Duty <=-<>-=> The Duty of Guarding is a crucial role within the capital, Militants within the Legion are expected to serve for one stone hour to protect the Hold, duties of guarding include: Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders. When an outsider approaches the gates, the guard on-duty is expected to ask their Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, Where they’re from, and if they have any weaponry/magic). If they are wearing any face-covering masks, helmets, or hoods they must be removed. If the outsider refuses or fails to answer any question or comply with commands then they shall not be granted entry past the gates. Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Officers for further inspection. Surface Checks The Guard is to wander about the perimeter of the capitol where he or she will be charged with examining the wall that protects the Hold’s border as well as slay and critters who threaten travelers, any peculiar sightings such as wall breaks, mysterious structures, or brigand presence, is to be reported. Formations <=-<>-=> Vel <=-<>-=> - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel <=-<>-=> - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz <=-<>-=> - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom <=-<>-=> - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Uniforms & Rank <=-<>-=> Tailor Supplied Uniforms Enlistment Form
  16. (My custom thumbnail wouldn’t upload >:C) The very first Game Of Champions has commenced and your first champion has been crowned! Two stone days ago the Dwarves of Agnarum competed furiously within the deep roads for a place among history and a weapon of great power. Your very own Gamesmaster Kalgrimmor offered his own abilities up for the victor, the new Champion able to choose the make of their own Runic Weapon custom made to order, fitting their every need! Let loose from the first dwarven foothold within the deep roads, the many competitors flooded forth, tasked with laying waste to the undeath plaguing the darkness. With no rules and an unlimited amount of time, their only condition was that to complete the first game and be crowned Champion, they must return to their Gamesmaster and place within his hands a sack full of rotten flesh. Foul play is encouraged and nobody can be trusted! The games are a harsh challenge with no place for the faint of heart, calling the hardest of seasoned warriors to compete against each other. Congratulate Utak Ireheart! Your first Champion of the Games Your Grandmaster thanks you all for your participation in the first of many Games to come. Should you happen to be interested in participating in future games you would do well to keep your eyes peeled for a future announcement, and keep your blade sharp and ready!
  17. *Throughout the City, citizens would find the following flyers posted on there home doors* Sutican Taxes As copied from the Codex, a reminder to the citizens of Sutica that tax laws are as follows a) Taxes will be levied at discretion of the Sutican Crown and Council. b) Taxes must be paid as specified, or seizure of property & goods may occur. c) Materials may be used in place of minas at discretion of the Crown of Sutica or Council d) Tradesmen must pay an additional tax and fill out a shop request form to sell goods from a city owned stall. e) Tax fraud shall be punished at a Class B level. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the discretion of the Crown of Sutica, Trade Princess Lily Helenson-Anarion of the Federation of Sutica and her Council have decided to issue upon the citizens of Sutica a Weekly Tax Each Sutican Household must pay a minimum weekly tax of 100 mina, tax slips will be able to be purchased from a tax vendor. House that can hold an occupancy of 3 people or more must pay a minimum tax of 250 a week. Any house found to be below the minimum occupancy rate must pay an additional fee of 100 mina per person under occupancy limit, per week. These slips will be turned into the appropriate tax box for your house within the tax office. Vendors renting a shop stall from the city must pay a 250 mina fee to but the shop and an additional mina tax by-weekly. Tradesmen who sell from within their own home are exempt from this. Upon first failure to pay taxes, the household must pay the missed tax along with an additional 100 mina fine. Upon a second offense the household must pay a 300 mina fine. Lastly upon a third offense the household will be evicted from there home in Sutica. Any Citizen found producing or trading Fake/False tax slips shall be charged with Tax Fraud, Section IV Clause E of the codex. Signed, James K. Nevermore Minister of Trade, Trade Master of Sutica
  18. Dâr ob Griish [ ! – A Poster that Would be Found Throughout the Uzg. Translated to Common. ] Morug and Krukleyd, both of the glorious Raguk clan, Speakers of Gazigash, do hereby declare the official reformation of the Dâr ob Griish. Until the end of our days as those of Krugs blood we shall ensure that Gazigash be praised and weapons created in her honor. We who are blessed by her shall ultimately server no higher power when it does come to the creation of her blessed steel. No Rex, Wargoth or Elder shall demand, and then receive, even a shard of bloodsteel. Only those recognized by the Dâr ob Griish, and admitted as a devotee, shall be capable of creating steel worthy of Gazigash. We do hereby reject all smiths who do not adhere to the ways of the Dâr ob Griish, and deem their works inferior in every way. OOC Information Special Appearance: Aside from the typical appearance of the Raguk, the smiths of the Dâr ob Griish use tattoos and jewelry to represent the other aspect of Gazigash; that of bone. They will often mask themselves in white paints, representing the symbol of the Raguk clan, the open hand. Additionally, they will trace their bones with paint, so as to further represent the skeletal domain of their Spirit. Aside from this there is no stark contrast between a Raguk of the Dâr ob Griish, and one who has not been inducted into the group. The process by which one may join, and how to utilise Gazigash in the Smithing process remains a mystery, lost in time to only those within the clan. Group Structure: While truly no member of the Dâr ob Griish other than the Speakers is above any other, seniority is key. Additionally, various members may serve in different capacities and their usefulness may earn them more respect in the forges of the Dâr ob Griish. The following are the broad categories most members of the Dâr ob Griish find themselves in. - Speakers – These Uruks are the final voice in the blood halls. Their word is law and seek to fulfill Gazigash’s wishes with their every breath. - Shamans – These Uruks have devoted most of their life to aiding new members in communing with Gazigash to receive her blessings. - Smiths – Rather self explanatory, these are the Uruks who forge the blessed metal into weapons of war. - Glotters – These are the Uruks who are chosen by their fellow smiths to forge the glott currency. This is often seen as a position of honor, typically held by an older Uruk. - Crafters – Again, rather self explanatory, these are the Uruks who forge the blessed metal into whatever does not fit in the other two smithing categories, typically tools and everyday items. - Wrangler – These are members of the Dâr ob Griish whom have not yet communed with Gazigash and are in a trial period. They are tasked with finding sacrifices for the enlightened members. ((More will be added soon. This post should have been up weeks ago but RL can be distracting.))
  19. Hot_Dip

    Winter is Coming

    Through the mountain passes of Atlas, columns of blue tattooed Dwedmar marched. They marched in unison - they marched with purpose. They marched with pride - they marched with vengeance. They marched to reclaim what they knew to be theirs. With the fall of Kaz’Ulrah a wave of disgust overcame the Frostbeard survivors. After spending years building up other lesser clans, they found nearly all of them to be weak-minded. Easily tricked and twisted, these clans fell to the smooth words of those who knew neither to lead nor build a nation. They spoke of a rosy future, a united dwedmar governed by a democracy in which anyone could partake - a future they could neither provide nor intended to provide upon taking power. After being disjointed for many years, the Frostbeard conscious was once again being awoken however. They longed for the thrust of a blade, for a proper battle, and for the blood of those who did not deserve the title of DWED. They longed for Grandaxe blood, for Irongrinder blood, for blood of all the petty clans which had risen and basked in Kaz’Ulrah’s kindness - only to turn their backs upon it for a craven led nation known as ‘Assgarum’. There would be no kinslaying this time - only massacres of kin traitors. There would be no peace talks either - only the sharp ends of axes. There would be no allied clans - only the Frostbeards and those who acknowledged their Brathmordakin mandated superiority. This time would be different - this time there will be justice. As the Frostbeards marched home from a successful raid on Assgarum and their petit military, they sang and chanted. They counted their loot and shared it amongst one another. They praised their leaders and their ancestors. They swore in the name of Kaz’Ulrah Frostbeard. By the time they had arrived to camp, word had already spread through Atlas. The Frostbeards had returned, and they had sent a clear message to those who had wronged them. There Will Be No Mercy
  20. The Frostbeard Removal Act 8th of The Amber Cold, 1698 The War of Beards, otherwise known as the 4th Frostbeard Rebellion, was one that devastated the Dwarven Populace. With the Dwarves ununited, the Frostbeard Clan of Kaz’Ulrah caused mass deaths of their kin, either by killing them themselves, or by attempting to use outside support from other nations, the same thing they used in the Rebellion. Remaining Frostbeards after the fall of Kaz’Ulrah have continued their legacy of kinslaying and launch repeat attacks upon their kin. Recognizing how the clan can never adapt back into the Dwarven Populace, The Dwarves of Agnarum, Holm, and both Elder and Regular Clans, have decided to follow the banishment of the clan as stated by Azkel Frostbeard, the True Clan Father of The Frostbeard Clan. Alongside their removal from the name, The Dwarven Populace also has decided through The Frostbeard Removal Act to: -={}=- - All Frostbeards (not including Azkel Frostbeard or his Direct Line) are hereby banished from The Dwarven Lands of Agnarum, Az’adar, Holm, or any Signatories Holds. If any are to be found in the listed places, they shall be killed on sight or forced to leave, and the Hold’s owners shall face punishment. - An Exception from the Decision above, A Frostbeard may reenter the listed areas if they give up their Frostbeard name, and go under a Loyal Dwarven Clan. They are NOT allowed to become a Clan Elder nor Clan Father/Mother of such Clan, and if such is attempted, they shall be banished once more. - All Signatories and their respective clans shall show no support to any Frostbeards (not including Azkel Frostbeard or his Direct Line) in any way, shape, or form. If support is given to such Frostbeards, the members who attempted to support them shall face charges of Treason. - All citizens of Agnarum, Holm, and any other signatories holds must cooperate with the terms of this act. Any who fails to abide by the statements above shall be tried for treason. Those who signed below and the groups/clans they represent agree to follow the terms of Azkel Frostbeards announcement, and The Frostbeard Removal Act alike. -={}=- ~Azkel Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, Lord of Kal’Novlar, High Remembrancer of the Remembrance Guild, Headmaster of the Holm Academy, The Last of the True Frostbeard Line, Scholar of The Dwarven People. ~Ulhart Grandaxe, Clan Father of The Grandaxe Clan, Noble of the Consulary Republic of Holm, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Darek Hammerfist, Son of Duren Hammerfist Clan Father of Clan Hammerfist, Lord of Kal’Nuram and Kal’Khron, Collector of Frostbeard Beards ~Bianca Ireheart, Clan Mother of The Ireheart Clan, Daughter of Danella Ireheart, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Bjor Cottonwood, Chief of The Cottonwood clan, High Chief and Founder of Hefrumm, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Gimli Metalfist, Clan Father and Founder of the Metalfist Clan, Son of Norkai ‘of the High Tower’, Steelheart, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum, Commander of Dungrimm’s Legion of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~ Egoi Stormfist, Elected Clan Father of the Stormfists, grandson of Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe, fifth patriarch of the redeemed order, Captain of the Unbrokenstorm, Lord of Stormkeep and Bailestrun, liberator of the Stormfist Clan. ~ Zahrer ‘The Merciful’ Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord of the Temple of Az’adar, Lord of Kal’Az’adar, The Citadel, Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz’Varekan, and the Westmarch, Master of the Kal’Varak, Hero of the Brathmordakin, Father of Clan Irongrinder, Arbiter of The Age of Industry, Slayer of Setherian and The Dharok. Dwarger Silvervein, Clan Father of The Silvervein clan, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum.
  21. 10th of the Sun's Smile, 1678 "Inter te nosque" Trading Company More colloquially called "Interte Trading Company", the name means between you and us, and it signifies the privacy, easy communication, and care which the Company directs towards its clients. Originally established by the House of Churchill in 1604 at Axios with the intent of obtaining a cheaper method of transportation for raw and manufactured goods, the ‘Interte Company’ was a project that never took-off. Despite seeing some success with dwarven contractors for leather, the market soon slowed as the cataclysm that was to make Axios uninhabitable drew ever closer, its presence made evident through disasters gradually increasing in intensity. After years in Atlas, and having developed a particular affinity for the production and handling of goods, the Churchills decided to bring back their old project. This was encouraged by the current Patriarch of the House, Leslie, who having been one of the two siblings that founded the original Company in the old continent, implanted the proposition in the minds of his two nephews under his tutelage, Andrew and Falete Churchill. With renovated vigor, the two youngest members of the House and Leslie set off to work. Having begun the preparations for the foundation of the Company - its headquarters were promptly based on the family holdings of Tarraco, a fledgling hamlet on the outskirts of Senntisten, the capital of Renatus-Marna. With the headquarter's construction in progress, the Churchills arranged a meeting with their advisors to draw up the foundation of the Company. Thus, in a very productive session that went late into the night, one that was accompanied by tea and wine, the official and final charter of Interte was born. What does the Company do? The Trading Company is a provider of resources. It was rebranded as less of a transport Company and more of a production one, however it retains its culture of shipping goods to its clients at their request. It supplies its clients with a variety of goods, whether said client is an individual, business, or State. To this end, the Company is opening shops and stalls around the continent for the purchase of goods in low quantities. Given that one desires a larger quantity of resources, however, clients must contact the Company headquarters directly so that the goods desired may be purchased ‘in bulk’. All goods delivered to shops and stalls as well as to clients are done so with the use of trading caravans. Goods and Products Interte has a wide variety of goods in stock for their clients. Yet, it must be noted that some goods will only be available through direct contact with the Company headquarters at Tarraco. As per the date of its founding, the Company is experienced and will provide the following goods: Agricultural and Herbalist Goods and Products Most stalls and shops will have wheat (as wheat or hay-bales), carrots, potatoes and beetroots available, together with their cooked/elaborated variants, amongst which are bread, baked potatoes, soups and pastry goods. For the seeds, or any other alchemical herb, clients must contact the headquarters directly. Animal Husbandry Stalls and shops may provide meats, eggs and milk. Herds or individual animals can also be requested, however, the request would have to be made directly to Tarraco. Smithing Goods and Products Stalls and shops will sell short and longswords, for any specific sword design, a client must contact Tarraco directly. Armour will not be provided at shops, for sets of armour individuals must contact the headquarters directly. Mineral Goods and Products Stalls and shops will have iron and coal available. For any large quantities, Tarraco must be contacted. How the goods are produced Interte takes pride in the artisanship which is invested in the individual products which it sells. Much of the production of the goods that take a significant amount of skill, such as pastries and smithing, takes place in small businesses based in the territories of Tarraco. The Company leases the production of the good to these skilled producers, earning them a handsome pay, and the buyer an item of higher quality. Manufacturing can also fall onto the hands of Interte itself, however, this is particularly for goods which do not require a significant amount of craftsmanship, and can be undertaken by the versatile workers of the Company. A business currently associated with Interte is: Dirgesinger’s Smithing This letter was written by the current shop owner, Vraen Dirgesinger: "Here in Dirgesinger's Smithing, we have mastered the arts of the creation and repair of different kinds of armours and weapons. My abilities in this craft go back to my early infancy, when I went on to become the helper of the local smith in my old home; his name was Esteban. Through Interte Trading Company, we are able to get the best business without having to move too much as they become the middleman in many of our interactions, that is, unless a customer shows up to my smith directly, where I tend him myself! I hope I can be of service to you, and that my product is satisfactory!" - Vraen Dirgesinger Getting involved with the Company One can choose to collaborate with Interte in two different ways: as labourers, or as affiliated businesses. Those willing to join Interte as labourersare provided housing and a salary for their services to the Company. Upon joining they may choose whether to work for the “Armorum” or the “Ciborum”, indicating their area of specialty (more information is given once an individual joins). One can also choose to work as a Guard for the continual caravans resupplying the stocks of stalls and shops or the larger orders demanded by clients. Payments to labourers and guards come on a proportional basis, this means that one will be rewarded accordingly for the amount of resources they bring in, or the amount of caravans they escort until their final destination. Those willing to affiliate their current business to Interte must contact a member of the Churchill family (listed below), however, if one hasn't yet opened their business, and wishes to create it, and then affiliate themselves, they can contact the Company directly to receive a plot of land in the Barony of Tarraco, which is ideally placed on the road between the cities of Senntisten (the new and old Capital of Renatus-Marna) and the town of Belvitz. To make an order, or to affiliate oneself with the Company contact: Andrew Churchill (TheArena), Falete Churchill (erniberni) & Leslie Churchill (llucaxu)
  22. Steel Company; 2-11 Follower Of The Son "And you will know my name is THE LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Zanira Almasi turns away, feeling a chill run through her. Grand Master Lion sits back down. The room returning to normal lighting. Flushed with passion from reciting the monotheistic Church-verse. He composes himself. Balling his fist towards her with a promise, "She will not kill you... Without my permission." Zanira freezes up once more unable to speak. She glances back to him briefly. A look of fear on her face; she is open and honest in that. The Lion breaks the silence, "IF you intend to poison and destroy my brothers and sisters. You will not be spared. At my behest, you will be harvested like a crop." Zanira instantly retorts, "Why would I harm anyone?" Lion responds, "The reasons, I cannot see. However, I believe none are exempt from being perverted to evil. That which is all around us. Waiting to decay our minds if given the slightest chance. Best to see through the visages of other people. Look at the truth of their actions. Do not be blinded by the propaganda they herald." The two sit in silence. Lion considers how he himself may be spewing propaganda. He counters his virtuous rhetoric with a self-countering point. "Today I killed a man." Zanira quietly responds in a matter-of-fact way, "You did." He continues, "And tomorrow I will save a man. I couldn't say if I've killed more men or saved more men. Yet my intention remains the same. Stick to my code." She retorts, "Doing good doesn't outweigh wrongdoings." Lion considers this as well. Answering in a train-of-thought that will eventually get to the point, "You saw me show evil. A contained force of death and aggression. Locked away by the order of my good willpower. The universe will do unto me as I've done unto it. Doing good and evil deeds do weigh. They weigh on our souls. I could choose to be evil and pick you up. Slam you into that wall. Thrusting your skull back and forth till there was nothing left to crush upon the cobble. Or I could choose to be good. Remaining seated. Offering you the tools to articulate your freedom of expression, your medical pursuits. Good and bad DO have weight." Zanira weighs that herself. Telling Lion, "Those actions don't erase past actions." The Grandmaster nods, "Tis true. We all must live with our pasts. Hopefully letting those actions and experiences appoint you to create your moral code. In your own words: I choose to be good as much as I can, but I'm not perfect. Even when I asked you for your honest opinion about where I stood on the morality spectrum, you responded; neutral. Weighted. Balanced. You are right in saying actions do not erase past actions. Yet, we can only choose how we make future actions. Will you feed the evil inside you; corruption or will you feed the good inside you; virtue. These choices are entirely up to you. Good or evil. You decide every time." He lets that settle in. Zanira remains in thought for some time, Lion takes the formative moment and adds, "My view might just be darker than yours, but it's not hard to objectively see our intentions align. The only difference between you and I is my choice to pick up a warhammer and your choice to pick up a medical satchel. War and peace both seek the same end." Zanira rubs her hands down her face, silent. Her eyes slip shut. The scene fades out as she continues to discuss his company, "Orym doesn't want me to associate with your company, you know." (It’s been a while, but I think I’ve found a place to call home in Axios. A company of heroes, scoundrels, scholars and swordsmen. Together, we’ll be great. Let this serve as the first episode in a series of non-chronological tales surrounding actual In-Game RP surrounding the master guild, 2-11.) Date: The Amber Cold, 1630.
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