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  1. Varlam Var Ruthern Sips his coffee and chuckles at the post. "Still can ride better than yall."
  2. Name: Markus Ryall Race: Highlander Gender: Male Former Affiliations: None Past Experience: Hunter Why do you wish to join: To purge the infidels and bring the light of righteousness to the kingdom ((OOC)) MC Name: Cyphrlock3 Discord:NightmareScorpion#0290 Timezone:MDT(Mountain Daylight Time)
  3. Ok so, hi again.  I did an application a while ago that you accepted.  It turns out that it was not deemed correct.  This is most likely due to my necessary Username change.  What you recommend in terms of fixing it(recreating the app., sending you the new username, etc.)


    1. Haseroth


      might wanna ask a different CT member, salty has been done for a couple days now. @Cypherlock3

    2. Cypherlock3
  4. Fixed again, hopefully this is up to code now

    1. Salty


      all good to go! enjoy the server :))

    2. Cypherlock3


      Speaking of which, having problems with connecting to it, saying im not applied

    3. Cypherlock3
  5. Fixed my application Salty, thanks for letting me know of the issues

  6. Cypherlock3


    Markus was born into a pretty humble family in Haense, with 2 brothers and a living father and mother. The family hunted for most of their food but didn’t have much money. However, they had the food necessary to keep living, and the beer to forget the problems with money. Being raised with hunting, he is a really good archer, and due to his skills was given an heirloom hunting knife made from Bear bone. However, during a hunting trip, he got a little bit too cocky and nearly had his eye clawed out by a wolf. This left his left eye nearly blind and leaving a nasty scar running the length of his left eye. At the age of 15, he developed a beard, and for some reason, decided to keep it at around 6 inches in terms of length. Despite his parent’s concern, he does this with a double-sided dagger. Once he reached the ripe age of 19, he decided to go and enlist in the military, to try and earn more money for his family, and for a sword. So, he heads to the recruiter in the city of Reza, to enlist.
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