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  1. That’s a bad decision. Once i buy off lotc we are enacting 0 speech rules. If anyone speaks of anything at all they banned
  2. A certain someone doesn’t agree about the civilization being forgotten.
  3. A peasant wonders why there isnt a holiday pertaining to godfrey’s unification of mankind.
  4. hello friends and family, this is your daily reminder that the lt only said this map had no natural thanhium. no one ever said anything about artificial thanhium
  5. doing ok, shitposting as always.
  6. I’m not, uncle fatty is dead so im keeping his soul alive
  7. im contacting my lawyer to setup a commitee to investigate ur claims of copyrights against the fat monkey meme. ye?
  8. fffffkk u ???? bro i been using fat monkey since eons
  9. Hello guys i would like to congratulate curon for betraying their lieges for the 1000th time Curon “We’ve changed” Devereux!! As someone who is totally not paid by “dewper” to make this anti-curon message i have to list the following times in recent history that curon has betrayed their lieges/allies Curon Betrayed Haense in the first Czena Conflict. Then they proceeded to betray Renatus in the First Atlas Coalition War. Then they nearly sided with the Courland rebelion Then they betrayed Renatus to side with YOPPL (Joseph fat gut) Then in the same war they Betrayed OREN to side with RENATUS again And now they BETRAY oren to side with [REDACTED] for the sum of [REDACTED] ok since u made it this far into the post u deserve a complimentary fat chimp
  10. This gon be arcas soon may the fastest cliquers win!!!!
  11. im sorry thats a secret, you need to complete the serrimor expansion pack first.
  12. Hello this is your friendly reminder that Uganda is canon in lotc.
  13. The restless guardian leaves his post in the misty swamp in order to investigate the tremor.
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