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  1. There were sounds, then there were none. The warrior bearing a Johannian armour of old and a Pertinaxi scarf stood before the bridge to the swamp. He had come here multiple times before however this time he would stay for longer. The bridge had been destroyed by him a few saint’s days prior but he knew that it would only be a temporary solution. And so the man who belonged to a previous era stood guard, so that he may face the grotesqueries of the swamp should they attempt to leave it. Days passed, then weeks, then months. And yet he kept watch. His vision further falling into shades every time he gripped the hilt of his long-sword. He would stand guard ever faithful that his long lost master would come to relieve him of his duties so that he may rest at long last. The memories of the Lorraine cross he held keeping him sane.
  2. *A short poster has been nailed at the palace of Helena* Oh merciful House of Cascadia. I pray thee not to fan the flames of war. I have lived in the empires of old and have seen what it can do, the dweds of Urguan are naught the dweds of Kaz-ulrah. They had sided with us against Kaz-ulrah in the old war. Too much human and dwed blood has been spilled in the past, there is no need for it to happen again. Let us instead fight against the grotesqueries that the swamp bears. Please. The poster was signed: Almisael
  3. ((Now how does this work with the new rules? I honestly dont see why urguan would accept a war where they are outnumbered so heavily. Cant they just not accept a war under these new rules?))
  4. “Not gonna lie you had me in the first part.”
  5. “The irony is strong here.” Remarks a man who reads the missives
  6. Haseroth

    Conflict & War FAQ

    okay but that doesnt change the fact that people are gonna find loopholes to exploit the consent warfare rule, being publicly insulting to a nation or just generally being ***** because they know their nation is safe from retaliation as they could just deny any wars. No wars in history have ever been consensual, otherwise they wouldnt be wars. If you are going to hide conflict behind a consent barrier then u might as well disable pvp altogether and just add a pvp minigame to lotc so that people dont ever use the main server for anything other than rp.
  7. Haseroth

    Conflict & War FAQ

    why did you delete my reply? so ur not allowed to bandit anyone period? Your rules have left an uncountable amount of grey area.
  8. Haseroth

    Conflict & War FAQ

    because it doesnt? if i irply hate a nation i can bandit the fk out of it and then once they come trying to war me i can just say i dont want to war? War cant start wthout ooc approval by both parties which means my irp actions would have no consequences because of this ooc rule
  9. Haseroth

    Conflict & War FAQ

    if i screw over people i should get whats coming to me lol, now i can endlessly bandit people and never have to face consequence because i just have to not consent to a war. good job staff you really did it. welcome to lord of the carebears.
  10. i dont think you realize how much of a fool this thread has made you look. I already thought your previous threads were obnoxious/annoying but this is just taking it another level. If you play in a nation that never ever wars anyway of course you dont care if wars are thrown behind a consent barrier.
  11. Haseroth

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I’m not sure how i feel about this, does that mean that if a town’s walls are remotely high enough (unjumpable) it makes them unraidable? Since you cant ladder up anymore.
  12. Haseroth

    Swamp Rules

    oh crap, now that ur gm again i cant cyber bully u on DMs...
  13. (no, temp specifically said they had died from seizures)
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