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  1. thanks for this summary of the frost witch lore
  2. A publication was spread through the cities and settlements of Canondom ELECTOR'S SUMMON To the peoples of Canondom, The bickering must come to an end, GOD has bid us to unify. The Darkspawn and the enemies of mankind converge upon the doorsteps of humanity, they claw and grip at our very souls. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of GOD. I have decided to undertake the ultimate trial, the ultimate undertaking. To unify mankind. Many have a claim upon the throne of man, and it is for this reason that i have decided to allow each to converge so that they may elect an EMPEROR. Such claimants shall be dubbed Elector Counts. The following elector counts have been summoned to the holy see in order to partake in the process of electing a rightful emperor. Elector Counts John of Aaun @Ramon Sybille of Balian @HIGH_FIRE Catherine of Petra @Zaerie Gaspard of Veletz @M1919 Markus of Adria @Nooblius Leon of Minitz @BuilderBagel Alfred of Reinmar @Gandhi Richard of Stassion @Optimus420 Johanes of Renatus @Nectorist Ellenore of Nordengrad @Elennanore Uther of Barrowtown @SimplySeo Special thricefold votes Caius PRIMUS @MadOne AS GOD WILLS Sigmar The Pious
  3. Yeah, i mean i get its april fools but surely we could have cooked up an april fools joke that wasnt based on a serious concern people had, let alone one that isolate a community of players.
  4. Goofy mod team!

  5. nah bruh, free satin

  6. A publication was spread through the cities and settlements of Canondom TO PROTECT MANKIND To the peoples of Canondom, In my travels over the past decade, I have noticed a gap which has divided the sons of HOREN, one which has brought about suffering and despair upon them and their own sons. This gap has worsened a condition which had previously existed, that of a dwindling faith. Perfidious things lie in wait for us, they wait for the day we renounce our heritage and for the day that we turn our backs upon one another in favor of personal desires. The shadows of this world encroach upon the domain of MAN, and it is only through faith and a RIGHTFUL ruler, that such a DARK TIDE shall be defeated. I call upon all men and women to dig their fingers into history, to seek the truths that lie there-in. A pious and powerful emperor shall protect mankind, it is only through their will that humanity’s desires will be coalesced into a shield and a blade powerful enough to hack away at the perfidious DARK TIDE. So has GOD bid HOREN to be faithful to Julia and to his people, so shall he bid us all to rejoin a common home, a home built with bricks of faith and honor, a home which shall be large enough to accommodate the whole of the family of MAN. For that is what our race is, brothers and sisters! A family who have endured much and has been temporarily separated by the bickering of feuds and the dangers of the outside. The day arrives soon, the light will rise and with GOD’s help, an emperor will rise to protect us all. AS GOD WILLS Sigmar The Pious
  7. this, its really silly that not only can you not join, but ur forced to pretend like theres nothing going on lol
  8. This does not fix the issue whatsoever. 15 minutes is a few rounds of emotes in a moderately sized party. Disable lock inside of towns.
  9. "I say we crucify the both of them." Sigmar declared brazingly.
  10. @MaltaMoss"Arr, me captain, ye gotta turn the wheel! We be headin' straight fer an iceberg!"
  11. A publication was spread through the cities and settlements of Canondom A CALL FOR HOLY WAR To the peoples of Canondom, The denizens of the dark have laid siege upon our very souls, the war has begun. The Queen Amaya, slain by accursed children whom she had shielded in the past is proof of this. What good has this tolerance brought upon our lands? Only misery and impiety. I encourage all brothers and sisters of canondom to pick up the sword and the cross, seek out the demon spawn. They hide in the shadows of our kindness and in the crevices of our hesitance. Slay the demonspawn and the accursed wherever you see them, for GOD wills it. Slay the mystics and the witches for GOD wills it. Slay the wielders of the dark and those who have sold their souls, for GOD wills it. Slay the spawns of the grave and those who shield them, for GOD wills it! For too long have we wielded the pen in an attempt to solve these issues, now comes the time for the blade! AS GOD WILLS, Sigmar The Pious
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