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  1. “better a toe slurper than a toddle fiddler.”
  2. “Great, another settlement that will die within a few saints weeks” proclaims a tired man.
  3. Haseroth


    joey come back :*
  4. Haseroth


    Also, the holy orenian empire was very recently reformed, the empire before that was the Empire of Man. Also maybe just a word of warning, if your character introduces himself as the god-warrior in human towns, he will be accused of blasphemy and get in trouble really fast lol.
  5. “however once someone has signed for your charter they'll be unable to sign for another one for sometime.” lol rip 90% of future charters who depend on cloned signatures.
  6. Almisael wonders if its really a good idea to force disband one of the only vassals that actually patroled and fought off bandits, thinking that this would probably serve to bolster the bandit ranks.
  7. ((Arent u banned from oren urself though lol))
  8. @MordskovFanboy did u delete ur post or did the mods gas it?

    1. MordskovFanboy


      Had it taken down.

  9. Haseroth


    Humans only live up to 150 years at absolute maximum on LOTC. And even then they would be physically inactive at around 100 years.
  10. i agree 100%%!!! all these clicker goons needs to go back to 2b2t!!
  11. “LLyria ought to be put to the torch!” Screams a zealot!
  12. 😎 ok now u have to make a 8/11 victims post for next month’s newsletter
  13. we not gonna even mention the dev team member going chimp mode and pugsying 30 people with pex? Lol i guess the staff team prob wanna brush their **** ups under the rug as always 🤡
  14. ((yeah, my guess is that the census was @everyone’d like hell in haense’s 300 people discord and only there because everywhere else i didnt see ****))
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