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  1. who gives a damn about war rules if your war servers cant even handle 100 players without becoming a 1tps slideshow or outright crashing. Focus on that first and then talk to us about war ruloes
  2. I'm about to say the D word

  3. kinda suspicious peter 3 been ruling for so long. maybe all those jokes about lichdom werent truly jokes hmm big thonk right here
  4. ((Cant wait for a few skirmishes to happen before we get 18 weeks of no war claims like last war ))
  5. frill took all my pixels, i cant forgive him sorry muffins i appreciate your efforts but me and frill are enemies forever..
  6. yes that is true they ruin the country downย  to the ground we need to replace them with something better...

    1. Haseroth


      We need the roof koreans back

    2. Man of Respect
  7. Yet another ******* masterpiece from Sandkang 10/10
  8. Nintendo boutta copystrike that video quicker than you can say โ€œhelp me tythus!โ€
  9. โ€œAnd the chickens lay golden eggs as wellโ€ Murmurs a peasant.
  10. cant believe i just got memeโ€™d
  11. Let it be known that in this day, my ladyโ€™s honor hath been restored. ?
  12. !! How dare you attack my lady like that!! I challenge you to a duel. En garde!! ?
  13. now that the dev team is non-existant, i highly doubt the chunk issue will be fixed. Not that anything could even be done about it.
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