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  1. Salty


    Zoot hears the news of adrias fall, and after escorting some folk to safety, mutters about the atrocities of the empire
  2. Salty

    Moderation Update Log - March

    there should be a shop for horse armor!
  3. Salty

    Agh Waghnin

    Xin picks up a poster, and remarks on how beautiful the artwork is. he will probably hang it on his wall later
  4. Zhanfan-Xin walks up to the poster, with a brush in his tail, quietly signing the charter application as he comments on the beauty of albion
  5. The Falling Mountain They say life is like a season, which comes and goes. But they are wrong. Life is more like a Storm. It builds up, slowly, but can end as fast as it came. it can refresh life, or it could destroy it. Some storms last longer then others, but the storm that was Turob’Braduk had ended. He towered far above others, and was known as both one of the most kind and fearless of his kind. The youngest Braduk warchief, at age 14, and one of the shortest, he stayed in his seat for only a few years before meeting his demise The Half-Olog had seen many sunrises, and many sunsets, but today he has seen his last. Turob’Braduk, Mountain-slayer, Warchief, Znagakicker, Zkygod-Klomper, Raid Leader, and Friend, had fallen, and will rise no more. He died with honor and valor, under the command of his Maugoth; fighting against whitewash. He is with Krug Now, and will be forevermore.
  6. Was the name of one of my dnd gnomes, so i carried it over haha
  7. Hi, I'm jakob. I play several charactars that you might have met. Turob the Braduk Half-Olog, Zoot, the adventurous halfling, and Grandor, the studious dwarf. I've had a ton of fun on the server, and its a pleasure to play with all of you!
  8. Salty

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Zoot Grumblehill Race: Halfling Age: 33 Desired role: Huntsmen Reason for enlistment: to protect arcas from any threat that may oppose it. also likes shooting things with his bow OOC Username: SaltyStormJakob Discord Tag (Example#3333): Saltystormtroope#7987 Timezone: CST
  9. Salty

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    ~the ironguts are not responisble for this childs actions~
  10. Salty

    The Green Cloaks

  11. Salty

    The Green Cloaks

    The Green Cloaks Talks fill the taverns all over Arcas of a new group of folk wandering the roads, tales of heroism and bravery, the likes of which have not been heard of yet in this realm. They tell of men and women who had all come together to fight back against the bandit oppressors, those who go by the name of Green Cloak. Est. on the 15th of Snow’s Maiden, The Green Cloaks are a Guild of vigilantes united under one banner from all nations and creeds to defend each other and those who can't defend themselves from the bandit threat. They range anywhere from common-folk to soldiers, and there are many roles inside of the group that can be filled in order to better suit the guild. What does the guild do? The primary focus of the guild is to focus on defending folk from bandits. This will range far and wide, between Patrolling roads, reinforcing cities who are being raided, rescuing slaves, and much more. They will also partake in much more mundane tasks, such as scouting and patrolling cities, guarding common trade routes, and protecting folk from evils that may plague the land, such as undead and the like. As a member of the Green Cloaks, you'll be expected to attend training and mock raids. even though we do not get paid necessarily, all donations, all bandits loot, is split between the Green cloaks, with the organization taking a small share for supplies Ranks and Positions There are several ranks among the Green Cloaks, and as you work with the Guild you can go higher up in the ranks High Ranger The High Ranger is the leader of the Green Cloaks, and represents them in public matters. Though the elders of the guild may veto something if he goes out of line, the High Ranger’s word is law Green Cloak Elder The Elders of the Green Cloaks are those who have proven on multiple occasions to be trustworthy. They are the longest standing members of the guild, and have shown utmost loyalty to the cause. Green Cloak These are the soldiers of the force. Known by their signature green cloaks, these men are those who patrol the streets, participate in rescue raids, and garrison defensive raids Home-bound These people are folk who, although cannot help in the military aspect of the Green Coats, aid the Green Cloaks with information, monetarily, and with supplies. These are some of the most valued of all of us, for they are the lifeblood of the Green Cloaks. The Laws of the vigilant We do not kill, rob, or injure the innocent, they are those we wish to protect We do not enslave or torture those we capture, they are sent to the kingdoms for proper trial We never leave someone behind, we must stay together, or we will perish We accept donations, but we do not expect them. We do what we do for those who can't. We help those in need, no matter what the risk We are here for the common folk, and we will protect them from any oppressors, no matter from what side the oppression comes We do not take sides in wars, we are not mercenaries, we are vigilantes. We do what the law cant, we bring justice to the realms where none exist. But we do not break the laws to do so unless absolutely necessary. In order to join the Green Cloaks you must fill and reply with the application below Role play Name: Race: Age: IC Reason for applying OOC Username: Discord Tag (Example#1111): Timezone: After applying, you will receive a message on discord (in RP this would be a letter under your bed one night) of a location to meet the High Ranger in order to have a interview
  12. Salty

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    RP Name: Turob’Braduk Age:: 12 Combat Experience: slaves and eats pinkyz Useful Skills: is the biggest goblin youll ever see, strong, follows orders, can make arrows OOC: Username: SaltyStormJakob  Discord: Saltystormtrooper#7987