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  1. Ka’Klad the Golem would return to Irongutia, telling of the statue and its likeness to the suicide bomber uruk. Grandor Irongut would simply chuckle, going to hand the golem a new weapon, and begin to speak “’Ye’ know klad, for a nation tryin i’hs ‘ardest t’e claim they did nay know of t’e idiots actions, they realleh arent doin a good job o’ conivncin anyone with their statures and words o’ praise” The dwed would go back to his seat in the hold’s library, picking up his pen and quill to continue his writing
  2. OOC ((MC Name: SaltyVibes__)) ((Discord: Salty#7987 )) ((Timezone: CST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Grandor Irongut Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To advance my knowledge of both the void, as well as alchemical reagents, and to aid others in their learning What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Hydromancy, Pyromancy, Arcanisim What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Adeptus Majoris/Minor When should you be contacted for an interview? whenever besides like, 12am-12pm cst cause sleep
  3. Sounds like a badass encounter, if I were to play a human, nordling culture probably sounds the most interesting to me
  4. What burnsy said is pretty spot on. I also think maybe selecting a different daemon, or even making it runic in nature and having the stones be monoliths that’s use a different type of rune could be very dwarven and very cool. I’m not sure if I like the use of garumdir as he is more a god of innovation, and I don’t really see carvings in stone monoliths being his style. If you want I could help with a rework and some formatting, cause I think this has a lot of potential. I’m kinda restricted to my phone rn but if you message me on discord we can toss ideas around
  5. You could put the google doc as a readable thing on the post in order to make it more readable while you try to fix it. Also, I think this would be better as a tiered feat, it doesn’t have enough to be a full scale magic, and most crafting Magic’s tend to be a feat.
  6. I think the concept of this magic is cool. I think it needs more backstory and explanation. The formatting makes it a bit confusing and a difficult read.
  7. Can we get a fireside chat on these admin votes for lore? Because it’s dumb

  8. Admins shouldn’t be involved in lore

  9. I was so excited to play a skeleton, I loved the lore and I wish it passed. Big sad
  10. Salty

    Coming Together

    Godspeed, get well soon
  11. ((I have no idea what is happening but I appreciate the last kingdom picture so +1))
  12. I mean I suppose, but I feel like limiting rp due to an unlikely event that someone will be able to get clericism and chi, or clericism and kani, or all three in an extremely unlikely circumstance, is kinda strange. No reason to limit rp like that. Plus, you can’t even use chi and clericism at the same time, you would have to pick one or the other, you would just be more versatile I suppose. But I don’t know enough about kani to comment on that. edit: to add on to this, if you want to limit something, limit it irp. For example, irp I don’t accept chi students who are actively warriors because I don’t want them to stray from the path of hulian and abuse the magic. If clerics don’t want someone to use chi and clericism then they can just not teach chi monks, it’s that simple. No reason to restrict rp in lore via compatability unless there is a lore reason it should be restricted, in my opinion.
  13. Kani and chi both don’t negatively affect the soul or blemish it in anyway, thus they are compatible.
  14. Haha cleric light goes kachow
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