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  1. after skimming over this, it seems neat, would enjoy to rp one again some day if i go back to that type of rp. Very cool, would create one. here is some feedback as someone who played a olog for quite a while cool, this is normal this is something that shouldnt be happening, ologs are basiclly like giant children in their thought processes, they shouldnt be able to forge, they are that dumb. Forging is a complex thing. Now, aiding other uruk smiths in their forging isnt hard, but they cant do it on their own. this wont fly irp, while its a cool thought, any olog that was known not to be worshiping spirits would just be killed by the uruk. Also, as their minds should be highly impressionable and dumb, akin to children, it makes much more sense for them to simply follow the beleifs of those around them, which will mean it will commonly be orcs, and spiritualism this is a little nit picky, but i think its silly for ologs to be able to read. more personal preference though, i understand why the option of reading basic texts is wanted. this is neat flavor stuff, might want to make it oocly consent based, just cause people get so antsy about how their character dies (Like, if someone is eaten and doesnt pk, yet you use their head to grow a second head, they could theoreticly get mad about that) it isnt likely, i like the 2-3 head concept tho a irl week is a ingame year 🙂 i actually think this is neat, gives me lotr vibes. may want to define “long enough” more explicitly, however i hope that helps, neat lore i approve ❤️
  2. Nothing is going to change > Banishes the rex immediately upon seizing power
  3. @Old-Rattlesnake you better hide my man there tryna make snake soup
  4. Enchanting recharging was removed, so having the amount of spells cast before recharge doesn’t make sense. It’s simply a timer before the item has to be remade, and the size of lightstone (at least in paladin lore) doesn’t effect that.
  5. Xuag would look over the note with a chuckle, before looking back to the other paladins ”Virst ting lat zhould gruk ov zhadez, cub, iz dey will blah wubever dey tink will zow chaoz. Itd is ovtentikz a lie, mizleading, zimpli deceit, hoping tu undermine wub everyazh tinkz. Dey zeek vor chaoz, thrive ovv ov diztrupting da order ov tingz. Never, and mi meanz never, truzt a zhade.” with that, the orc would ruffle the young lads hair, handing him back the notice before the child would run back into the city, looking back to the other paladins with a smile before continuing on with his day
  6. A dwarf would sit, deep underground in a keep he basically owned; tapping his finger on his desk in deep thought. He had known this day were coming, he had planned for it, he knew the price of power, yet it all felt so wrong. Mystery was as much an agent of chaos as he was, as the others. Perhaps it was for the best, but all the dwarf could do was ponder the thought. These thoughts would quickly fade, however, as the voices would return. Almost like a second conscience at this point, the voices called to him, telling him he was weak, that he needed more power. He would nod, he knew the voices were right, this power vacuum would make way for much more power then he could only imagine, all he had to do was see it through. Aegrothond would be filled with rumors of the murder, but it would only reach the ears of Xuag as he headed to market to pick up some drinks for his family. He would overhear a few elves speaking of the death, stopping in his tracks and walking over to them ”Lat blahz mizteri iz vlat? Wub happened?” he would ask, before being handed a paper with the news, a sigh escaping him ”Miz zhould never hav blah’d tu myzteri” he would say, continuing on his path as he would quietly think to himself ”This is nub order, mi nub grukz wub deze zpookz tink day are acomplizin, butd all dey hav done iz ralli all ov arcuz, even oder zpookz, tu hunt dem. Itd iz tik, miz will vind dem, and avenge all whu hav died vor dere zelvizh reazonz. Dey will veel da wrath ov Xan” he would collect the drinks and breakfast, headed back to the paladin fort, the news of Mystery’s death still fresh on his mind. A frog would be sitting in halfling land, wondering if that strange elf he licked a few times had ever gotten that crime gang together. That sounded like a grand old time. Somewhere in the void, the dissolved consciousness of Sigil the former arcanism atronach would exist, free of his former bonds, he would continue to float aimlessly within the void; that is, until he feels the connection of his former master break. He had given his energy to his master when he had cast his spells from the void, hoping to aid him as much as he could from the origin plane. Sigil would sigh, as he remembered all the memories he would have with Mystery, and if he could feel sadness, he would, for a single moment, be overwhelmed by it.
  7. man what an emotional rollercoaster lotc can be

    1. LeoRabbit99
    2. _Hexe_


      if you’re weird i guess

  8. this mans really forgot lefkos
  9. Mystery leaves for litteraly 5 hours and ET are farting to stop time. send help

  10. something should be made for magegold, its used in atronach forging, and is an important part of unsound lore.
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