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  1. Proper CRP guide, go over the give and take system, all that good stuff
  2. Laoshi Hsieh-Xiwang signs
  3. Big agree, it should be possible for unique wars to happen, but a standard is required with the current state of Lotc
  4. How am i going to tell the houzi they cant throw poop at people. Madness i say, madness all memes aside i think this is a fine update. maybe not particularly needed, but it will at least help give a good base for RP
  5. Salty

    The 30 Theses

    Grandor Irongut would read the missive, raising an eyebrow as he would set it to the side, letting out a heafty sigh before speaking ”Oh Norli, wot the fook ‘ave ye been up to while oi was away”
  6. A Good Night’s Rest The stone of the mountain halls of Urguan was cold, the paths leading to Ironguita lit only by the lava pools boiling in the cracks of the deep earth the dwarves call home. A dwarf would be making his way home, the end of his cane clacking against the hard stone with a resounding tap… tap… the sound echoing through the almost endless cavescape. Grandor Irongut would be leaning heavily on his cane with his right hand, holding his lower chest with his left. The dwarf would groan, his face distorting as he would speak “Wot is ‘appenin to me” Confusion would resound in his voice, the halls echoing his worry as he would continue his slow stroll home, before finally arriving at Irongut Hold. As he would make his way to his office within the library, a sound would begin to speak in the back of his head, the words of his previous assailant, the one whom had done this to him “There is power, and knowledge unlike any known” The voice would persist, being echoed by screams of moonspeach, the dwarf would drop into the chair, rubbing his temple from the endless screeching. It had been days now, the screeches would not visit often, but every time they did they would grow louder, almost more personal. There was no escape, if the dwarf slept, the creature's voice would follow. There was no place to hide, nowhere he could run to escape the monsters within his mind The dwarf would scream out in rage, tossing the papers and books that had gathered on his desk onto the ground as he would yell “Oi will nay work for ye ya sick bastard! Ye will nay take moi moind!” he would go to attempt to flip the table he had been working at, though his muscles simply could not muster the strength. He would sink back into his chair in defeat, the sound of the voices returning to the dwarf. His breathing would begin to slow as the adrenaline would fade from his veins; his eyes beginning to flutter. It had been several days now since he last slept, and he could feel his eyes closing, slowly, the sounds of the gutteral screeching almost lulling the dwarf to sleep... His eyes would close, only to open and be met with the behemoth, the voidal creatures thousand of eyes almost staring into Grandor’s soul, the dwarf could not speak, his form frozen just as it had been when he was corrupted. The behemoth was huge, towering into the darkness above it, it would be covered in eyes, its purple tendrils the size of mountains, caressing the black night. The sound of the screeches of moonspeach from what could be thousands of monstrosities sounding around him, all the dwarf could do is simply stare up to the creature, and look into its eyes. In his mind, he would hear a simple call, the monstrous moonspeach that would speak would be clear to Grandor. It would simply say: I̷̧̨̹̻̦̣̺͉̻̊̌̀̿͛́͊͆̌͆̈́͋͝ ̴̨̢̢̰̠͓̼͍̙̦͓̣̗̤͖́̍̉̎̋̐̈́̐s̸̨̭̹͔̖̭̏̈́̈͛͒̽͑͌̈́͂͌̋̐̕͠ẽ̵̜̥̼̥͙͓̺̺͊͌̅̽́͝͠ͅe̸̢̖̟͙̮͔̻̬͇̤͍̰̹͋͆̐͑̍̽͐͒̚͝͝͝ ̸̡̛̼̩̤̮͔̰̐͐̏̈́͒̀ͅy̴̛̭̹͗̾̏̃͒́̕͝͝ợ̶̧̧͕̯̱͕͐̉͒͐̊͠ͅũ̸̞̳̫̼̒ͅ The dwarfs eyes would burst open, the clock on the wall revealing to his freshly awakened mind that it had been three hours. The dwarf would silently decide he had enough sleep, going to stand, the voices seemingly ceasing for now, and make his way back to the capital city and grab a pint, muttering to himself “ᚹᚺᚨᛏ ᚨᛗ ᛁ ᚷᛟᛁᚾᚷ ᛏᛟ ᛞᛟ” the hardly awake dwarf speaking in moonspeach without realizing, as he would slowly rise from his chair, he would close his door and make his way back through the twisting underground path, the cane slowly clacking with a tap… tap... resounding through the caves, as he would return. I got bored so i did a thing to document character growth pls no flame i luv you ❤️ Also if you metagame this i'll be the big sad So don't do that 🙂
  7. Narvak’oz’D’aen, Oi wish things ‘ad gone diffrentleh” Grandor Irongut would mutter quietly from the bottom of a pint of ale in his home, regretting the days happenings, as he would quietly scribble in his journal, staying up far too late as he would refuse the idea of the nightmares he had been having...
  8. Salty

    Bee Thread

    ya like jazz?
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