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  1. Salty

    The Battle of Leuven

    MHET VOR WUD, MHET VOR KRUG, MHET VOR ZHROG!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts a large Albino olog, tearing the limbs off of his victims, enjoying the meal Wud had provided him
  2. I Currently have 3 charactars, and there all pretty staple to me, and i think ive found a good mix with them I have my Olog, Shrog’Shuzig, who is this giant behemoth of hunger and boats (his favorite food is boat) i play him mostly when im needing a good laugh or orcs are doing some events, as hes a funny charactar to play i have my Hou zi, who is a peace loving baboon monkey named Hsieh-Xin. hes my relaxing char, lots of diplomacy and family stuff, along with some cool Chi magic and religion, all in all a very fun charactar to play when i just want to do some RP with the other hou/ dimplomacy stuff. fun times then i have Jakub Dragonscale, the newest addition to my persona roster, hes a fun human child, who loves dragons and likes adventure and action. i moulded this charactar off of me, and am kinda just seeing what happens with him! its been a fun time so far
  3. Shrog’Shuzig Continues to chew on the pumpkin-halfling, still not having realized it was a person and not a walking pumpkin

  5. SaltyOlog My vote milestone reset back by 1 after the server rolled back had vote milestone of 19 , voted before the first sudden restart the server had, and got to day 20. server restarted and i went back to 19 and i cant vote again today 5/17/19 SaltyOlog, on Hsieh-Xin **Steps to Reproduce** i dont know how i would reproduce this. i suppose voting and then rolling the server back soon after **Expected Behavior** vote should be on milestone day 20. **Actual Behavior** i am on vote milestone 19 **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** no error message
  6. Looks cool, i personally think it would have been fine to make it a culture, instead of a subrace, but the implementation of it is interesting. +1
  7. +1. Was in the call, was quite a mess. but the mods did a good job overall and everything got fixed at some point. i still think that some things that were done were wrong, but i have 0 hate for any of the people involved. its just pixels and im glad to see im not the only one recognizing this haha
  8. Xin Looks around to the group as they finish talking, thinking of how he fought alongside the Huangdi not even two moons ago against the spirit of hate. “Xin Knows this is right to do, it is best for hou pepole, but Xin is truly sad strife must have been had for it to come about” he walks away, a solem look on his face. “Long live, the Shen Dynasty
  9. The Marriage of Lan and Xin Fliers would be spread out all about the hou temple and in krugmar, and missevs sent to all of Lan and Xin’s companions and friends. In the Year of 1714, Xin and Lan will be joined in holy marriage, under Hou Shen and his three sons. This Marriage will be the first marriage since the creation of the State of Yu. There will be a small celebration after, with a meal and meditation. Feel free to come and celebrate the Joining of the Hao and Hsieh family, as Xin and Lan come together as one in marriage, as overseen by Liao-Chen, the XueZhe of the state. All who attend are simply asked to follow Hou custom, and to be on their best behavior during the ceremony [ooc] Day: May 3rd Time: 7:00 PM CST Place: The temple of Hou-Shen, located just behind Krugmar walls
  10. The Hsieh Family --------------------------- The Hsieh family is a long line of scholars and historians, dating back to the Second Jade empire. From there, many monks and scribes were formed in this family, with the tradition of the preservation of hou knowledge and culture following them throughout the ages. During Atlas, the family became separated from the rest of the hou, falling behind as they established a small place in the forest to set up as a temporary home. Now, in arcas, they continued to meditate and follow the path of Hulain, hoping to one day reach the enlightenment spoken of while maintaining the culture and religion of the Hou throughout the whole state Bloodlines The Hsieh Families Bloodline Consisted of blue and red palleted Fhe-Zhu, but when the family got separated they met many lone Hei-Zhu and Laobai-Zhu who were separated from the main group of hou as well. Any who are willing to follow in the path of Hulian are able to join the Hsieh family. This includes any race of unblooded, though they must go through trials of the Xiongdi. All are welcome in this Family. The Trial of Xiongdi is as follows. You must prove yourself loyal to those of hou blood over that of your own kin You must prove you are loyal to the beliefs of the Hou. either HuaJiao or ShenJiao or both You must live and be active in Hou Society for a long period of time, up to two months You must meditate with the ShenJiao at least twice a week Branches of the family The Family is split up into Three different brances, each focusing on a diffrent part of their History The Branch of Hulain. It is Belived that the Brother of the prophet Hulain, Hsieh-Hao, was father of this branch. This branch Focus’ on the beleifs of the Four Truths and the path of enlightenment, and works to achieve this. The Branch of Shen focus’ on the worship of ancestors, and of maintianing spirit worship throughout the Hou pepole. They also focus on the use of Incense and use of the Erhu, which is a instument focused on the use of it to bless others with the spirits The Branch of Scribe Focus on the maintainace of preservation of Hou culture and history, maintianing the library and having many beautiful paintings and works of art to show their past.
  11. The ShenJiao Hsieh-Xin reads over the laws, Familiarizing himself, and is pleased with the work the Huangdi has done for his people
  12. Xin Looks down to the temple and the small village of hou that has become more and more populated so quickly “This will be the beginning of the rise of Hou pepole, those who have forgotten the hou will hear our chants once more. Hou-Shen preserve us this day
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