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  1. yes. i’d like to see guns. i don’t see why we should lock down and deny the narratives of what seems to be almost half of the server. as i keep stating over and over and over. LoTC is not a ‘medieval’ fantasy server. it’s simply a fantasy server, and one that is capable of exploring mulpile different period in time. like... we have people RPing vikings, and people RPing communist victorian/edwardian **** (haelun’or). allowing guns would be an AWSOME implementation, it’d be simple. place a restriction on them to be flint lock weapons or a fuse (like REALLY old guns) as for the “no, this is based on lord of the rings.” argument, i’d like to point my finger at Gandalf’s fireworks. while they are not explicitly stated to be gunpowder, they obviously are. if you don’t want to do gun rp then don’t do it, distance yourself from it. it’s what i do with extremist religions and i barely notice them.
  2. Merfolk (Currently Undergoing a rewrite.) Origin & Culture Origin The merfolk originated when once upon a time an daemon was bored and decided to perform itself a little experiment. So it took an elvish community of people and sank their entire home which was found on an island to then soon after give the people of this now sunken fish like tails, gills, webbed fingers and scales. Culture Their culture is one quite similar to most others, it’s controlled by a central hub known as ‘kingdom’ though it’s ruled by a queen. Merfolk are known to have a low fertility rate, this is due to the 7-10 year gap between a pregnancy and the possibility for another child. Because of this fertility merfolk from all around often gather to celebrate once a mermaid has gotten pregnant. Children are very valued in merfolk culture, but once they hit the age of 14 they are most often left by their parents to learn to fend for themselves. The food merfolk eat consists of aquatic plants and raw fish. Their agility and speed in the water allows them to catch these beings for consumption. Though technically possible a merfolk can eat the processed food of surface dwellers, though the processing of the food will upset their stomach. Merfolks find themselves living in old sunken cities or settlements constructed in coral reefs. Here they live like most other beings with guard forces, artists, medical staffs, merchants. These cities are controlled by a queen holding absolute power and authority. Physical Description Merfolk are species carrying the body of a humanoid but the tail of a fish instead of legs.in appearance their tails vary from merfolk to merfolk. Some may carry a tail akin to a goldfish whilst others may carry one akin to that of a shark. The merfolk body bears patches of scales, usually small flesh coloured scales on the cheeks or torso. The fingers on a merfolk hand are connected by a stretchable fish like webbing. Along with their hands their ears too carry this webbing, having multiple thick points that stick out and are connected by web, these ears are not much bigger than the ones found on a human. A merfolk has sharp teeth which they use for eating fish beneath the ocean wave. These teeth have also been known to tear the flesh of humans occasionally. ey use to breathe underwater, though it is technically possible for them to breathe on land too, as long as their gills keep shut as their lungs won’t be able to expand if the air slips out atJust below the breast merfolks have a set of gills which th their gills. Mental Description The merfolk are by nature a curious species and have been known to poke their heads out of the water to look at boat-travelers. They are also a teasing species often in the mood for poking fun at people. Around the age of 250 merfolk will go feral. Feral merfolk seek out surface dwellers to drag them beneath the surface for them to then eat the surface dweller. Abilities Merolk can breathe underwater and swim faster than normal humanoids. If their gills are covered and kept shut they’re able to survive on land without ‘drowning’ Restrictions Merfolk are unable to walk on land. Merfolk can live up to the age of 300 but go feral around the age of 250. Merfolk are an infertile bunch and require both parties of a FTB to roll a 15+/20 Merfolk can only reproduce with other merfolk. Merfolk have to keep their gills shut when they are on land. Purpose OOC merfolk are a species made to provide RP and unique gameplay to the oceans and streams of LotC , on top of that they provide players a reason to use the ocean for more than just a way to hastily travel using a boat. Even more so the creature gives people a unique set of restrictions by denying them use of the land.
  3. ~Basics of Stitching~ Stitching, or rather as it would be called in the context of this book; sewing. Before we get into sewing we first need to understand what it means to sew. The most common way to sew is the act of using thread to connect two layers of fabric, either to create a hem or to unify pieces fabric. The act of sewing is an art form and as all art forms it must be practiced. This book will go through 3 different methods of sewing: the running stitch, the running backstitch, and the back stitch. The Running Stitch The running stitch is the one that you are most likely the most familiar with. It is classified by with simple in and out pattern that leaves small dotted lines on your garment, though not as strong as some of the other stitches it’s quite fast and as so often used on sections of dress that are means to not take so much stress, like the panels of a skirt or dress. The simplicity of it makes it useful for small seams down into the millimeter units. When going with a running stitch it’s often useful to have a pillow or cushion beneath it as to secure the stitch as you go along. [!] An image of how this stitch is performed is shown on the right side of the page The Running Backstitch Like the previous stitch this stitch is classified by it’s in and out pattern, though unlike the normal running stitch this one is characterised by it’s overlapping of the last stitch bundle, the effect of this is that you will get the efficiency of the running stitch in the speed department, but also a more secure and stronger reinforcement of the thread. Usually the running back stitch is used over the normal running stitch because of it stronger support. [!] An image of how this stitch is performed is shown on the right side of the page The Backstitch The Backstitch is the most secure of the stitching methods in this book, and it’s characterised by the fact that everytime the needle passed through the fabric it returns to the lazy hole for a secured stitch. Often when using a Backstitch there isn’t even a need to tie a knot to the thread when starting the sewing. Though the Backstitch is far more time-consuming than the other stitches it’s the strongest, and may be used for parts of garments under stress like armpits and sleeves. It is by some accounts the standard to have 20 stitches per inch, though the thickness of your fabric may determine that you'll have to do with fewer. When Backstitching make sure to pull the thread firmly as a loose threat will weaken the seam and by extension the garment. When a Backstitch has been performed correctly it’s quite strong, and difficult to tear. So when reading books where people pull off their hems to make makeshift bandages it’s a sign of them having poor quality clothing. A quality garment wouldn’t tear. [!] An image of how this stitch is performed is shown on the right side of the page -Álfer Elibar’acal
  4. think so. xD et’s a luveleh fameleh. even Sean moight ‘ave taken a bi’ o’ silvurware un’s en a whoile.
  5. 'ave a wee bit o' music Docs form Sackville ”Loife is a wundah, in’t et?” -Origin- The sackville family originated when Sean Sackville, a previous nameless halfling was banished from Brandybrook for acting improper. Accused of the crime of wearing shoes and locking doors. He moved to Sutica thereafter where he married an Elizabeth Fooltoe, another halfling banished for the same reasons as Sean. they got a son, Elijah Sackville. Elijah was annoyed at his parents for having what he deemed as ruining his life. he decided to rebel against his parentage and lived to become as proper as he could. He would eventually father three children. Miles, Camilia og Esmerelda. -Physical Appearance- The Sackvilles are quite small, Seldom reaching taller than 3 ft. tall. They are often seen with curly red or golden-blonde hair and are quite famed for their lush foot hair. Blue eyes are a common trait amongst this family of wee-folk. On-top of all this they also care to look presentable, making sure their clothing is looking proper. For some unknown reason the Sackvilles are unable to grow any facial hair aside from sideburns. -Combat Stye- As good proper halflings the Sackvilles aren’t fond of violence, and will try to avoid combat if possible. Though in case the need arises for combat a sackville is usually carrying around a tool which can be used, like a pan, shovel, or hammer. -Attitude- The Sackvilles relish in the joy of living, never taking anything too badly. They’re always up for a good chat and generally a joy to be around. They love to take part in social gatherings like a drinking party, a fishing turney or a good game of shogging. -Symbol- As their symbol the Sackvilles have a stylized copper colored dandelion with 4 leaves sprouting out from its base. Contained inside a white rhombe with a black outline. -Camilia Sackville Wanting to join us? is that case message Missa#7505 on discord. (there is always room for expansion on the tree, but Mineman space is harder to deal with.) ☺
  6. Viko had cut Laurie's ears off, and was sitting outside of the throne room, on the beam over the water, caressing one of the ears "shhhh. They can keep a little quieter now" Viko said to herself, referring to the voices on her head
  7. Missa_Demaris


    i’m sorry for being kind of a nuisance, but i don’t know where to do this thing, forums are new to me... but i did some lore reading, and tried to add in some it into the BG, and i changed my definition of powergaming, i just went off of my experience with PNPs and LARPs. i hope i did it right ?
  8. Missa_Demaris


    Cinder was born.... somewhere though probably not Vira’ker, Malinor or Leumalin but she left at the door step of two humans (more specifically highlandes) from Reza, a man named Ford Demaris, and a woman named Chelenne Demaris, who had decided to leave to city life behind to live a much simpler, slower and easier life, on a farm in a village in the middle of nowhere. they took her in, and gave her a home, by no means a large one, but a still home. they taught her right and wrong, and how to be a decent human being. but people aren’t nice to that which is out of the ordinary, and as so she was kinda shunned. but in her later years she picked up music, and became a bard, quite a good bard. her parent kept pushing her towards her goals through all of this, but being a elf living amongst leads to some problems, her friends outgrew her very fast, and her parent got older and older, as she remained young. she was not the only elf in town though, there was another, a wood-elf. he was called splash, because his eyes looked like splashing water, sparkeling in the sun. they got together quickly. he even got her pregnant at the age of 34 which is pretty young for an elf to get pregnant, but the child out to be a miscarriage, breaking the first half of her hearth. and even untop of that he didn’t seem to be the right one for her, he got her into the business of stealing, she still loved him though, which turned out not too great, for on her 50th birthday they were stealing from the blacksmith, but because Cinder had forgotten to close the door, guard got suspicious and checked it out, cinder got out, but splash didn’t he was captured, and later that day, hanged by the neck, which broke the rest Cinder’s heart, making her believe that she would never be able to love again. she soon after decided to get away from this place, it brought too much pain to her hearth, and she traveled to Aegrothond, bought herself some food, just enough to get her to the place know as Cloud Temple but as mentioned earlier, cinder has a long life, which means that she has a had a long time to practice her music she doesn’t know where her original parents are or who they are. but the ones she’s got, though very old by now, are all she needs.
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