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  1. Marcelius Hearth smiles as he signs the agreement, he then shakes the hand of His Royal Highness, the Prince Edmund Ralph. “It is done.”
  2. “I sincerely hope that they capture this... Maurelius. The poor, sick man must be terribly confused. I hope he is brought back to his institution post haste.” Marcelius Hearth, formerly Staunton, remarks from the confines of his home, periodically sipping from a porcelain cup of mint tea. Andrew Tobias Hearth would be nearby, playing with his siblings.
  3. Writ of Dissolution 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1747 I, Marcelius I, Serene Prince of Evreux, of the Elder House of Staunton, direct descendent of King Joseph I of the Kingdom of Courland, hereby declare the dissolution of House Staunton, with immediate effect. ___________________________________________________ Portrait of Henry Staunton, first Prince of Evreux ___________________________________________________ It is with heavy heart that I pen these heavy words. My doing so is not undertaken with pleasure. But by necessity. For many years now I have witnessed the destruction of this House by those whose characters have fallen far from what is to be expected of a Staunton, the virtues which once made House Staunton respected, can no longer be found in those bearing the name. No longer, shall this House be sullied by those undeserving of bearing the name. No longer shall the legacies of greater men be tarnished by wastrels living off of the success of those who came before. From humble wine merchants, have I descended. With the guidance of Percival, the first Count of Courland, we rose. Through the might of Aleksandr, we crippled an Empire, bringing it to its knees and formed a Kingdom. Under the leadership of his son, Tobias, we rebelled once more and rested, the greatest Kingdom of man the world has seen. Alongside the struggles of Joseph, straddled the breaking down of the Kingdom, and with the visions of Frederick, the Kingdom drew its last breath. Scoff not at the achievements of this House, for there are few Houses which can claim such accolades and history. There are few Houses which will ever live up to that of House Staunton, both its heights and its lows. As the natural and only legitimate patriarch, whose line of descent is the sole line recognized by both man and GOD, I invoke my princely prerogative and the authority afforded to that stature, endowed upon me by the most supreme - GOD - to dissolve this House. The titles of; King of Courland, Serene Prince of Evreux, Margrave of Ostmark, Duke of Curon, Duke of Courland, Duke of Eruthos, Duke of Cascadia, Duke of Fredrica, Count of Westmark, Count of Hearth, Count of Sundhold, Count of Beauclair, Count of Wett, Count of Eastmark, Count of Curon, Count of Aleksandria, Count of Riga, Count of Gotha, Baron of Fjordham, Baron of Eastcliffe, Baron of Kraken’s Watch, Baron of Vsenk, Baron of Geatea, Are hereby destroyed, consigned to the wrinkled pages of dusty tomes and the musings of bards. My children and their descendents are forfeit from the reclamation of House Staunton and her titles. Furthermore, they and myself, shall bear the name of HEARTH, a once defunct cadet branch of House Staunton. The House of Staunton, with what little vestiges of respect and authority it commands, is pronounced dead. The White Eagle of Courland soars no more, Ad Mortem Staunton ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Signed, Marcelius Hearth.
  4. Gavin_

    The Folk Nazarov

    The Folk Nazarov Chronicled on the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1745 _________________________________________________________________________ ‘Beneath the ground, can moy rest’ _________________________________________________________________________ The Chronicling of the Folk Nazarov begins with Filo, the firstborn son of two labourers, Karolina and Frederik, born in the year 1695. Kaidrik Nazarov, the second son, was born in the year 1726. The family lived on a petite ‘Ruskan Isle’ - The township they inhabited was so named Muscovy and it was there that they toiled. Frederik tended mostly to the construction of the township, starting towards the end of 1715, his mother tending to matters of house and of herbiage. A daughter was born to Frederik and Karolina a year later, they named her Anna. _______________________________________________________________ Karolina toiling away within the Nazarov home _______________________________________________________________ Life, for young Kaidrik, was difficult. His day-to-day consisted mainly of tiresome, manual labor, assisting his father, brother and the other Raevir men. His education consisted in the stories that his mother would tell him at night time and his wisdom came from the grumblings of old men as they toiled during the day. He learned how to fight from his brother and the other ruffians who comprised the township - his was a life of simple proportion. Just two years after the Muscovian people had adorned their thresholds, war ensued - The War of Two Emperor’s. Under the leadership and vision of Dragoslav Romanovich and his brothers, a mercenary group was assembled - The Kompanyia Muscovia - the year, 1717. Filo with little hesitation joined the group and was trained in combat. He soon found himself fighting alongside the armies of the Marnantine Emperor. It was betwixt the ranks of those men and his own, that he would perish. In their entirety, the Nazarov’s were taken by a grief so unspeakable, harboring the ferocity akin to that of a wild animal being caught in a trap - the sudden release, almost deadly. And it was that very same grief which followed the family Nazarov to Availain, alongside their people. _______________________________________________________________ Muscovian settlers mixed in with the Curonian population of Avalain, rather poorly as they are prone to drunken brawls _______________________________________________________________ This was a place of wealth and luxury, of good tidings and clean confines. Life here improved for the Nazarov’s. The widower found a new persuasion, that of tending to the needs of wealthy women. Be it preparing clothing or food, pampering or cleaning, at least she was occupied. Young Kaidrik was not spared - his youth laboriously continued. Under seemingly auspices circumstances, he found himself under the tutelage of a warrior merchant. A master of the fist once learned that compared to the sword, he was naught and so it was, through blood, sweat and tears, that this youth began to flourish, a sword at his hip and a coin purse in hand. Affluency did not follow him as he returned home in the evenings, but his horizons began to expand as each day, he became more of a man - adopting more responsibilities of both house and occupation, and with this growth, came a thirst for more. It was here, in Avalain, that Kaidrik first met love - what a devilish and tricky companion love was. He found it at the age of 16 - another Muscovian who he had not noticed as a boy in the township. Her name was Anastasia. A hard people, the Muscovian’s are. Prideful, hard working, and accustomed to woe. They weren’t the most intelligent, nor were they the most charming, but they were loyal and valued community and tradition over most. It was these exact attributes which led to their departure from Avalain, for it was one of Muscovy who must lead. _______________________________________________________________ The Ruskan and Raev peoples of Muscovy set out from Avalain to find a new home, following the lead of Dragoslav Romanovich and his brothers _______________________________________________________________ Trailing at the rear of a band of Raevir, was now a young man. He belonged to no Royal House nor had he any sense of grandeur about him. His beginnings were humble, his life simple - a labourer of meagre proportions, a jack of all trades, master of none. Yet his future awaits him. Around his arm, he cradled his love, Anastasia as they walked alongside troops of men and women, of differing shapes and ages, and they were in exodus, leaving behind in their muddy tracks, the Kingdom of Curonia, the year 1744. Over a year later, the settlers came to a halt. They had found a land which they believed they could call their own, over which they could preside, and they named it Rominsk. Between a forest and the Orcish plains lay a fertile and verdant valley, this budding idyll, its flora alluring, its fauna abundant, is where the Folk Nazarov now call home - a new dawn rising. _______________________________________________________________ At last staking claim to a swath a land, a new beginning for the Muscovians - Rominsk _______________________________________________________________ OOC: Hey folks! Looking for some family members for a new House! Father (68), Mother (64), Sister (18), Wife (19). If you’re interested, just hit me up with a DM ?
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  7. Of Legitimacy and Succession 17th of Snow’s Maiden, 1745 I, Marcelius I, of the Esteemed and Elder House of Staunton, ennobled in the Year of Our Lord, 1476 as Lords of Courland, do solemnly announce the following decree. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Annulment of Privilege One Accorded to me upon birth, a most Princely and Patriarchal prerogative, I invoke such now to declare that the legitimacy of lineage and succession to the Crown of the Kingdom of Courland and all her subsidiary titles befall a singular line of descent - namely from that of Henry Staunton, born in the Year of Our Lord, 1611, son of King Joseph I, born in the Year of Our Lord 1594 and Queen Marie d’Amaury, born in the Year of Our Lord, 1594. I further declare that the line of Humphrey Staunton, born in the Year of Our Lord, 1612, son of King Joseph I and Queen Marie d’Amaury disinherited from succession to the Crown of the Kingdom of Courland and all her subsidiary titles. The same declaration shall be applicable to the line of Alexander Staunton, born in the Year of Our Lord, 1665, son of King Joseph I and Queen Marie d’Amaury disinherited from succession to the Crown of the Kingdom of Courland and all her subsidiary titles. This declaration is such that it extends to all other branches of the House of Staunton and Cadet Houses, save for those mentioned in article three. _______________________________________________________________ Line of Succession Two I now endeavour, having laid out those lines duly disinherited from succession, to establish the only legitimate line of succession to the Crown of the Kingdom of Courland and her subsidiary titles. Line of Succession In the event of the death of the Serene Prince of Evreux, or if occupied by the same individual, the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Courland, the closest male relative to the Serene Prince or Sovereign immediately assumes the throne. The reigning Serene Prince of Evreux traditionally bestows the title of Duke of Eruthos upon his heir and crowns him within a year of his becoming eligible to inherit. Or, if Sovereign of the Kingdom of Courland, the title of Serene Prince of Evreux is traditionally bestowed upon his heir and crowns him within a year of his becoming eligible to inherit. - Serene Prince of Evreux, Marcelius I. - Duke of Eruthos, Prince Andrew. - Prince Theodric. - Baron Seth Aurelius Baden, of Fredericksburg. - Thomas Aldis Baden. _______________________________________________________________ Regarding Cadet Houses Three Those cadet houses to be recognized as lawful and in line of succession include and are limited to the Houses of Hearth and the of Baden. No other house may claim inheritance or succession to titles to be formalized in section four of this declaration, although may be acknowledged as owing their lineage to the House of Staunton. Hearth Formed by Edward Staunton after the Treaty of Anapalis of 1560, House Hearth was seen as the brief successor of House Staunton after the failed Staunton uprising against John II. Welcomed back under the Holy Orenian Empire under their new name, they saw success in the Arch-Duchy of Lorraine, serving as a prominent vassal as the Counts of Hearth. Although Count Svenald Staunton enjoyed a strong personal friendship with the Arch-Duke, John Louis, he conspired with his younger brother, Tobias, during the Eagle’s rebellion and had his levy serve as his brother’s main fighting force during the Battle of the Gorge. Their victory there, alongside their dwarven allies, would help Sven convince John Louis to side with the rebellion, aiding in the eventual collapse of the 60 year old Imperial State. The House of Hearth was to be inherited by Svenald’s eldest child, Meric Staunton, however his assassination in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has left the House without a successor for around 40 years. It is likely to become extinct after the death of Svenald, due to the lack of a male heir. Baden A relatively new house, the House of Baden was formed by one of the more controversial Stauntons, Frederick Baden. Frederick was rewarded with the County of Trier during his brother’s reign, and served his brother’s successor, King Joseph Alexander, throughout his reign. After the death of Frederick during the Santegian rebellion against the Principality of Everux, Thomas Baden has acted as the Patriarch of the family and has achieved success in the Holy Orenian Empire, serving as the High Magistrate for many years. Devereux The House of Devereux is the current ruling family of the Kingdom of Curonia. The family was founded by Charles Staunton, third born son of King Tobias I of Courland who made his way as Duke due to his niece stepping down as Queen of Courland after a year of them taking back Aleksandria which he then took the name of Devereux. Arden The House of Arden came to be in Arcas, situating themselves in the Pinemarch of Arcas. They served the Kingdom of Norland for numerous years, Richard “White” Staunton, a bastard, established himself as a Count and then Duke. His reign would be cut short after joining the Staunton Uprising, bringing an end to the Duchy of Nevaria and Richard I Arden. The house would scatter into the wind before being restarted by Kjartan Arden in Nordengrad. Sudholt The House of Sudholt was founded by John Stefan, the first count of Salus. Beauclair The House of Beauclair was founded by Queen Charlotte Staunton of Courland following the dissolution of the Kingdom in Axios. The former monarch deemed it wise to formulate a name and house that her own descendants might bare. The members of House Beauclair have yet to hold any landed titles. _______________________________________________________________ Titleage Accorded to House Staunton Four The titles which are de facto acknowledged to be afforded to the patriarch of the House of Staunton, by right of birth and divine bestowment, are as follows; King of Courland, Serene Prince of Evreux, Margrave of Ostmark, Duke of Curon, Duke of Courland, Duke of Eruthos, Duke of Cascadia, Duke of Fredrica, Count of Westmark, Count of Hearth, Count of Sundhold, Count of Beauclair, Count of Wett, Count of Eastmark, Count of Curon, Count of Aleksandria, Count of Riga, Count of Gotha, Baron of Fjordham, Baron of Eastcliffe, Baron of Kraken’s Watch, Baron of Vsenk, Baron of Geatea. _______________________________________________________________ This decree takes immediate effect Signed, His Serene Highness Marcelius I, Serene Prince of Evreux, Margrave of Ostmark, Duke of Curon, Duke of Courland, Duke of Eruthos, Duke of Cascadia, Duke of Fredrica, Count of Westmark, Count of Hearth, Count of Sundhold, Count of Beauclair, Count of Wett, Count of Eastmark, Count of Curon, Count of Aleksandria, Count of Riga, Count of Gotha, Baron of Fjordham, Baron of Eastcliffe, Baron of Kraken’s Watch, Baron of Vsenk, Baron of Geatea.
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    Alea Iacta Est

    Alea Iacta Est 13th Malin’s Welcome, 1741 Ad Rem We fear the other because we fear ourselves - we are the other, We throw ourselves at vulgar, primitive escapes as we cannot handle reality, We rise to anger when even friends seek only to comfort, We take pride foremost in our own being, We cast stones at the weak to please the strong. We speak often and listen rarely. Brothers and sisters, why have you forsaken your GOD given capability of reason and intellect? Why is it that you thwart such a divine gift by tarnishing it with corrupt ends and greedy appetites? Why is it that you abandon your virtuous nature for a sterile, docile and facile existence? Why is it that you revel from within halls of Gold and towers of Ivory when the barefoot yearn for crumbs outside your gilded thresholds? Are you not embarrassed? Are you not disgusted at each moment? You adorn yourself in gems and trinkets capite ad calcem, thinking yourself above the mean. Actiones Secundum Fidei Dare none seek to contradict my observations for I, as well as you, thrive and live in, and among them daily and without fail. We cheat the poor, we despise our loved ones, we envy our friends, we deceive our followers. Tell me now, what man now values most in his life? Is it wealth abounding? Is it insurmountable power? Is it incomparable fame? Such is vanity - All is vanity. Your nature has soured, your very being - now spoiled - caustically. What good has come from this? Look at the world around you. Constantly enveloped in war, bloodshed, theft, murder, misery and more woe. Is this truly the inheritance befitting our children? I Recoil When Facing You Ad Astra Per Aspera Yet here I am, bearing fruits of opportunity. The opportunity to redeem yourself. A means of return to blessed ways - a path of righteousness and virtue - an end to the sufferings of the world in which none can currently escape. Should we succeed in the following, we shall enjoy the fruits of such a toil till the end of time. The solution, we all know, yet we have subdued it to the confines of our cavernous hearts. We MUST habituate the virtues of; Courage - Owning one’s fate, even when such a fate bears ill will; Aid your fellow soldiers on the battlefield - Face not the army alone. Temperance - Indulging modestly in worldly pleasures, never treating one as a mere means, but as an end in and of themselves; Drink a glass of wine in good company - Empty not the store, tip generously the server. Patience - Knowing when to act and when to do nothing; Commit diligently to a meticulous plan - Rush not into the fray or succumb to stagnation. Justice - Giving to each, what he deserves; Discern rightly - Sentence not the innocent. Wisdom - The instilling of the above virtues and acting virtuously; Know thyself. Signed, George Galloway
  9. Hello my friends. Due to the Forum's templating and general lack of appealing formatting, please refer to this link to view my Character Sheet. Enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/yalkqdq3 Wiki Link; https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Prince_Henry_Richard
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