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  1. [!] The following missive is distributed throughout Haelun’or, pinned to posts and boards. [!] ______________________________________________________________ The Silver Petition Of Amber Cold, 177 S.A. ______________________________________________________________ “I will take my departure from this Tarnished Empire” Malaurir Seth Calith. ______________________________________________________________ We the undersigned do hereby petition the Sohaer - Theveus Sythaerin - to call an election immediately after the promulgation of this document, and to resign from his position as Sohaer of The Silver Empire of Haelun’or with immediate effect. Our reasoning for this action is not born out of personal dislike, or contempt, or hatred - but rather, a wish to see our Blessed Nation restored to where she belongs - as a beacon of Progress and Life, in a world filled with Stagnation and Decay, the likes of which have now unfortunately seeped into the hearts and minds of those who profess to lead us. It is a right - not given to us by any Government, but by the virtue of our Blessed Nature, that those who lead us do so with one foundational Principle in mind and at heart; Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya However, it is abundantly clear that the Sohaer and Government have lost sight of this ancient Principle - Progress and Health - and have abandoned all attempts to make Haelun’or Great Again. Should the Sohaer consent to our request, no charges shall be brought against him for his neglectful leadership of our Nation, and he shall be free to live and act as all Citizens do. We pray that the Sohaer does what is right and does not defy the will of the Pure. ______________________________________________________________ Signed, Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya, Malaurir Eredael Rhenaer, Eistalyn Othelu'Maehr, Edgars Sullas An’asul, Calathân an Naedwylm, Gwen, Incariol an Naedwylm, Ardyll Visaj, Royanë an Naedwylm, Aeson Brodielonde, Lyricadia Eyllistylar, Taeleh Elibar’acal, Seyulun Othello Maehr, Khyana Brodielonde, Gwaen Othelu'Maehr, Galvorn an Naedwylm, Celos, Obok Metaldrinks, Braern Brodielonde, Lucilia Calith, Skeral Tinuviel, Feyre Brodielonde.
  2. [!] Missives are distributed throughout Haelun’or, pinned to posts and boards. [!] ______________________________________________________________ Sohaer 4th of The Amber Cold, Year 175 of the Second Age ______________________________________________________________ Your absence has not gone unnoticed. The fate of the Blessed State of Haelun’or is tied to those who hold power in our illuminated society. As Power ebbs and flows, so too does the life of our Nation. Your lack of engagement and leadership has directly impacted the wellbeing of our Citizenry and our Home. I do not believe you to be a malefactor, nor do I believe that your mismanagement of our Society is malicious in nature, though the truth remains visible for all to see - Haelun’or yearns for direct and active leadership. It is owed to her and demanded by the Citizenry. Our Blessed Council is ineffectual, it is not filled and blessed are those councilors who remain dutiful to the people of Haelun'or. Our citizenry has dwindled and our streets are empty. Our position in worldly affairs falls lower and lower each passing day, though you alone, given your authority as Sohaer, can change all of this. As a servant of Haelun'or, I intend to aid you in this time of great need. As such, I offer you two solutions; Call an election and resign from your Office, so that the people of Haelun’or - though scant, may have their say - so that the stain of stagnation can be eradicated and proper functioning of our State can resume, OR Appoint me as Medi’ir, so that I may take the reins of leading our Society forward. I have served Haelun’or for many centuries, as Medi’ir, as Sohaer and as Maheral. During my tenure, Haelun'or thrived and prospered. It is my intention to see our civilization thrive and prosper once more. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya ______________________________________________________________ Signed, Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya
  3. [!] Missives are distributed throughout Haelun’or, pinned to posts and boards. [!] ______________________________________________________________ We, the Inheritors ______________________________________________________________ Once, we presided over a vast dominion as was proper and natural, befitting our blessed stature. Envious were the Nation’s of the world, for our Cities bustled and thrived. They would flock to our Great Libraries and Magical Institutions, seeking knowledge and power - the kinds only the Blessed possessed. For Millenia, the children of Larihei prospered and by her divine legacy, we ascended the steps of greatness, positioning ourselves atop the Noble pedestal for all to see. We were the light of the world The inheritance bequeathed to us by The Silver Maiden, can be summarized in two words, though countless manuscripts have been written on the subject. This gift has fueled our hearths, nurtured our soil, manned our walls and filled our bookshelves. Yet we have abandoned this inheritance in favour of stagnation and decay. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya is the cornerstone of our Civilization ______________________________________________________________ This is not the first time in our history that we find ourselves without purpose, our homes empty, our peoples scattered. The wages of ineptitude is ruin, and we have grown rich as of this hour. Where is our Maheral? Our Sohaer? Our People? We do not have to live under these conditions, my friends. We are called to a higher purpose, a meaningful existence. We could once again return to the blessed path and carve out a bastion of Purity - of Perfection, wherein our streets buzz with the noise of our youth, eager to seize the day. Where Scholars and Poets, Mages and Statesmen lead our people forward to a better tomorrow, where Elvendom looks to us for guidance and strength. I ask a question. Are We, the Inheritors of a Great and Noble civilization content with our dying Haelun’or? The Hour Is Late ______________________________________________________________ Signed, Malaurir Braxus Ni’leya
  4. MC Name: Tiocfaidh_ar_la Discord: Gavin#9895 Image: Description of Image: The COA of d'Viuva Dimensions: 2 x 1
  5. [The following missive is pinned to the notice board of Portoregne] ______________________________________________________________ To Challenge a Prince Issued 13th of The Grand Harvest Year 91, from the Estate d’Viuva. ______________________________________________________________ Your Highness, I hope this letter finds you in good health, Ezren of Tuvia. It is with great reluctance that I find myself compelled by honour to address you in this matter, but your recent actions have left me with no alternative. Your repeated displays of rudeness, condescension, and pomposity have not gone unnoticed. It is a matter of principle and honour that I can no longer tolerate such behavior without responding in a manner befitting a person of high standing. Therefore, I extend to you, a challenge to duel. As a token of courtesy, I extend to you the ability to choose the time and place of this duel. It shall be fought in a traditional manner, with the sword. Should you see fit to decline this invitation, it would only further cement the opinions of many regarding your character. May this duel serve as a means to restore civility and honor to our interactions, and may the outcome guide you towards a more respectful demeanor in the future. I await your response. ______________________________________________________________ Signed, The Royal Procurator of the Kingdom of Balian, Lucian Alexander d’Viuva
  6. The Royal Procurator, Lucian Alexander d'Viuva returns home to Portoregne covered in blood and sweat, a hard fought battle, but a well fought battle. The Son of a Vintner had now become a Warrior, fighting for the land he loved. He no longer dreaded the battlefield, but instead had come to accept that in order to see the land and Kingdom he loved flourish, the enemies of Balian would have to return to GOD for judgement.
  7. The Royal Procurator sits in his office reading the missive, his eyes narrowed. Though he wished the War would end, he knew that only a United force could take on the evil that was attempting to cross the threshold of Good, but more importantly, that Good would in the end, triumph over evil.
  8. The Royal Procurator, with his usual posturing - arms folded behind his back, a warm and inviting countenance, strolls along the newly renovated and expanded section of the Capital, inhaling the fresh Sea air deep into his lungs. Thoughts pertaining to matters of finance and trade flood his mind as he makes off towards his office, meandering through the busy Pier of Adrian I.
  9. Lucian Alexander d'Viuva offers a singular and solemn, "Hail, Queen Sybille", as he reads the missive pinned to a notice board on the streets of Portoregne.
  10. Lucian Alexander d'Viuva mourns the deceased King from within the confines of his estate. A good and Noble King is what he shall remember him as. Adrian the Adored "May he rest in Peace, wrapped in GOD's embrace for eternity." He would state resolutely, concluding his prayer.
  11. Whilst tending to communal vines around the City of Portoregne, Lucian Alexander d'Viuva recounted his previous battles, though merely a young man of Twenty-Two, he had already seen enough of War. His hopes were simple - for this war to end so that he could tend to his vines in peace, and for the winds of fortune to gently blow his way, that he might build on his Father's legacy and restore his humble house of Vintner's to their once affluent position.
  12. Lucian Alexander d'Viuva reads over the missive with interest, he cannot help but smile as he reads the address of the Princess.
  13. Hello folks! Looking for a Coat of Arms? Check out the link below! https://gavins-onestopcoashop.carrd.co/
  14. Bring back Villain applications.

    Too much low quality banditry going on rn. Do it for the story folks, not the pixels.

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