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  1. They want to silence you because you are right.

  2. please man I need your website I can't go more than 5 minutes without having withdrawals from not having your website you don't know how badly I need your website please man i'll do anything for the website I'm desperate that I can't find out what time it is in Shire Reckoning please man oh please man i'm having website withdrawals from malins welcome

  3. Ave Orenia.

  4. who let you out of the nursing home?

  5. for a second I thought which idiot finally let sydney have kids and thank god I'm wrong
  6. anyone want to tell me why the looms have been broken for months?

    1. Malins Welcome

      Malins Welcome

      the heck is a loom?

    2. Shiredom


      The stuff you make banners with, you can't make banners anymore because they either somehow broke a VANILLA FEATURE or they disabled it.

  7. This status update has been hidden for containing agitative content

  8. Free my boy Dargrind.

  9. When I click the paperclip button I get this, I think it might be something with apple or with mobile phones in general. I think the issue might be IOS not liking you, try giving gyazo a shot if it works on IOS, you have to drag and drop the images into it, atleast on desktop you do.
  10. Do you think you could try gyazo instead of imgur? That might work.
  11. LOTC Forums only give you 500kb of storage on site, which is woefully small, I just never use this. Worked for me, how are you copying the images? Are you using ctrl+c and then ctrl+v? Are you highlighting the image with your mouse first before copy and pasting? I just read that you use an ipad or iphone, this could be with how you highlight stuff in google docs to copy on apple devices, it could be different than on a PC. Where is the other media button, or the insert image from url button? I don't know where those are so I don't know what that is, or what URL box is flashing red. It's probably some wack safari shit, is your situation similar to this? I'd suggest trying to experiment with a different browser on your ipad or iphone, maybe try the Opera browser for IOS or google, see if it's different.
  12. Do not do this anymore. Discord changed how images work to make the link not work anymore after roughly 24 hours. Which means 24 hours after you post, that image is bye bye.
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