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  1. From The Roy of Auvergne Orphée de Beauvais Addressed to the Leader of the Silver State of Haelun’or Dimaethor Elervathar The 15th of the First Seed, 1742 I Roy of Auvergne accept the kind invitation from Dimaethor Elervathar Leader of the the Silver State of Haelun’or on the chosen date, may GOD bless this eternal friendship found in times of war and desperation, Vive l’Alliance d'États Indépendants, Vive L’État d’Argent Et Vive le Royaume d’Auvergne. -Orphée de Beauvais Puisse Dieu bénir le chemin que vous prenez
  2. a small laugh is let out ”HoNHONHONHON they never had a chance!”
  3. Orphée de Beauvais Signs the document ”Pour la paix et la prospérité”
  4. IGN: Sambech Character Name: Charle de Valence Age: 19 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Marian Boulevard 4 Position: Alderman
  5. Hail Andrik III Long live this valiant king This fourfold devil Of three talents: Of drinking, fighting And womanising. Of drinking, fighting And womanising. To hell with wars, Grudges and partisanship! Like our fathers Let us sing as true friends, Clink the glasses, The roses and the lilies. Clink the glasses, The roses and the lilies Let us sing the refrain That we will sing in a thousand years: May God maintain His descendants in peace Until we take the moon With our teeth. Until we take the moon With our teeth. Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! To Reza we dance Singing as they sing to the east Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! Charle de Valence
  6. Charle Smiled ”Perfect, we really needed this sort of occasion”
  7. SamboJambo


    (I am sorry for my grammar and punctuation problem but my english is not perfect as it is not my first language) Thank you for the help, I believe that I have fixed the grammar and punctuation in the biography
  8. SamboJambo


    Charle Finistere is from a bourgeois family living in the capital of the kingdom of Norland Dunharrow. as a child like many other kids he always fantasized about becoming a Knight or a soldier in the army and loved to act as knights and fight with sticks with his friend but he was not limited to that, he started reading tales of heroes and dragons at an early age which inspired him even more to become a knight, this passion dies out for most people as it is quite dangerous and not very rewarding but for Charle it was perfect as it was the only thing he desired, he always enjoyed reading books and always kept himself cultured,he never stayed with many people but for a few friends that he no longer talks to. he always had a sense of pride in him and would always get into a fight for the stupidest of problems in fact he always had problems with the guards and would be in jail if not for his brother & mother and he loved them dearly, though he never showed any sort affection for his father (Jacque) as he wanted him to go into the family business, he rarely spent any time with his children but when he did it would be to beat them for no reason other than random anger or having a bad day, but Charle and his brother adored their mother (Mariane) which cared deeply for them and their future,she believed greatly in Charle & Christophe she wanted them to become high rankings in the military, Charle’s younger brother (Christophe) Admired him and though of him as an Idol, he though all his decisions justified and absolute. when Charle turned 18 he joined the army and he was seen to be superior to other troops as he was already trained in the arts of the sword and war an old Lieutenant hired by his mother. he became a Captain at the age of 22 during this time he heard of his father’s death and inherited everything, he had no emotions for it though his mother was in deep grief so he dismissed himself temporarily from the military with acceptance from his higher ups and went to comfort her, his little brother Christophe joined the army (at 18 like Charle) at this time though the fate of his father still remained unknown to him.
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