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  1. Sir Konrad Stafyr would smile warmly upon Konstantin from the Seven Skies, sipping from an ethereal mug of Carrion Black. He glances over to his fellow statesman, Sir Terrence, as they sit by the side of an etherial beach. "And so, young Konstantin has finally come full circle!" He would remark to his fellow deceased with a chuckle, shaking his head in the slowest of manners. "I remember when he was but a lad of eighteen, struggling to establish a legal practice of his own in Reza... And I remember the light in his eyes, when I offered to take him on as my assistant. Wh
  2. YAY! I love it when people unsuspectingly open up a can of worms! Alright but srsly tho, I'm not gonna do that to you tonight of all nights. But! Having known you for an extremely long time, I'm definitely gonna make the most of this opportunity to provoke some inner reflection. So without further ado, here it goes: 1.) You've run around with a lot of communities on LotC for the past 8 years. Some of these include the Blood Eagles, Malinor, Al Faiz, Chambery, Oren, Haense, Stafyr, Ruthern, Vanir, and the NGS to name a few. What would you say have been your top three favorites to
  3. Ones for adventurers and travelers! Try for some classic victorian explorer outfits, as well as some Indiana Jonesish stuff for males and females. Would pay top mina or dollar for that sorta stuff!
  4. Team Name: The Northern Geographical Society Team Members: Celestine Herbert @AndrewTech, Tanith Vursur @Urara, Irene Sarkozic @Eryane
  5. AndrewTech

    Skin Auction!

    Skin: Memories Bid: 240 Minas Discord: AndrewTech#1007
  6. Aleksandr var Ruthern grins widely as his son waves his shiny new letters around. In response to his words, he says, "Da son, we did, but you took us across the finish line," The middle aged Raevir says as he gives his son a good, strong pat on the back. "You have done a dobry job Maric, and I am proud of both you and your siblings for achieving this great moment for our family."
  7. Skin: Starry Night Bid: 60 minas Discord: AndrewTech#1007
  8. Yearly reminder that I miss you. Hope that you'll pop in again someday, my old friend.

  9. Celestine - Piano, for this is an instrument that can do many amazing things independent of support! Aleksandr - The Violin, as an elegant instrument that can be played at a number of different paces and tempos, with both smooth and plucky sounds. Eliza - Electric guitar, cuz it's an instrument of rebellion. Plus it's also chaotic and kewl . Also because it doesn't fit in with the rest of the orchestra as it's not an orchestral instrument...
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