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  1. [!] Upon receiving the letter parcel, Eliza would set straight to work on repairing the damage atronach limb. She readies it for transport via the next journey undertaken by the courier. However, it may take some time for it to arrive... Regardless, whenever it does so, a note could be found attached: "Lady Aleksandra, ( @AnonymousAlexa) I am sorry to hear that, truly. Thankfully however, the damage was not beyond repair. A bit of twisting and turning, some reshaping here and there, and it was an easy fix. Stay safe out there! With Regards, Eliza" [[OO
  2. 13th of Deep Cold 22 SA | 1819 IC "To the Society's Circle of the NGS: It is hard to condense the events of an entire year onto a single roll of parchment, but I wished to write to inform this body of the many strides we have made toward charting these lands over the past several months. The Attenlund is a beautiful place, to be sure. Rugged, wet, and uncharted, it is a magnificent frontier which awaits only those of great fortitude who might seek to delve into its depths. While Vice President Dilvyn has written to inform the Circle of our spec
  3. [!] A response is penned the Lady de Falstaff, delivered in the talons of a clockwork owl. Were it to be opened by her, it would read: @MissAnneDrey "Good Evening! I do hope that this letter finds you well, Madame de Falstaff. I am writing to you in response to the advertisement that you penned some time ago. My name is Elizabeth, and I am writing to you to offer an interview for employment at my country home of Witten's End. I believe you would quite enjoy the nice, cozy aesthetic and rural environment of the locale. I presently have two young children,
  4. I wholly and truly believe that the Lord of the Craft is isn’t some major NL who’s always in the spotlight, waging wars or making things all about their character’s own personal legacy. Rather, I believe that there are many Lords of the Craft. These people are the ones who strive to build others up, putting others ahead of themselves and endeavoring to add to the world at large in ways that are often considered to be “outside of the box.” There is no one Lord of the Craft. There are many, and they are the people who bring a smile to the faces of their own personal fri
  5. Simple Hat - 25 minas OOO Pants! - 100 minas
  6. Hello! So uh, if you feel like it, it'd be nice if you could possibly take a crack at making an outfit like this? I'm currently getting a head reskinned for the character that won't look anything like the one pictured above, but the clothes will basically be for an elvish rogue that'll be wandering Almaris. Old character from Anthos I intend to bring back in the coming days to fool around on. No immediate need for it as of right now, just whenever you get around to it!
  7. Skin: Roses & Cream Bid: 100 mina Discord: AndrewTech#1007
  8. Skin: Fox Furs Bid: 100 mina Discord: AndrewTech#1007
  9. A Statement on the Recent Disturbances 1813 IST | 366 ES | 17 SA The Great Crest of the Northern Geographical Society Est. 1762 A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE NGS: Due to recent events, the President and the Department Heads of the Northern Geographical Society, in tandem with our Flagship Curator, have elected to suspend our practical operations for the duration of the ongoing instances of threats and disturbances in the Haeseni royal capital. The safety of our membership and that of our vi
  10. Hey Chenn, congrats surviving one year! Here's a question to commemorate the occasion and encourage you to reflect on your experiences since you joined up with LotC. During your first months on the server, what was your thought process as you rose from CarringtonCo employee to President's aide, MHC, then President yourself etc? What were your first impressions of LotC and of the Orenian political system? Is there anything you regret from those days that you'd have rather done differently? Enjoy!
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