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  1. Cicero reads the missive, saying a small prayer for the departed.
  2. BardMainHere


    Alexei sharpens his blade in preparation for the days to come.
  3. Cicero plays with his blocks as the war goes on.
  4. Cicero celebrates the victory of his first battle.
  5. (OOC Name: BardMainHere) Name, Cicero Age, 8 Sex, Male Experience, me was be phoenix man
  6. I won’t lie, I’ve been around the server for a lot less time than most in this thread. However, most of my time on the server has been spent around TrendE/friends in the humans, and, now the Phoenix Band. So, naturally, I’d say I have a fair degree of experience with him and his friends. I can personally unequivocally say that he is a genuinely fun person to be around, and a fun person to roleplay with; even if you’re on opposing sides. I can't recall a single situation I was involved in that he hasn’t attempted a good faith effort to communicate toward a compromise with those disagreeing with him, or having a bad time. I can’t say the same for any other person I’ve played with. With that in mind, the notion that he broke the ‘good spirit clause’ (in all it’s horrendously worded glory) is absurd; completely independent of the testimony of those saying they weren’t having a bad time. With how weak and fallible the other accusations against him have been shown to be by others, placing what is essentially a permanent ban onto TrendE is moronic at best, and malicious at worst.
  7. Ser Gregor looks back at the city on the horizon he once called home, sending off birds to his friends he’d be leaving behind with a simple “Goodbye.”
  8. THE SACK OF LEUVEN. Word had been arrived on the back of dark wings to the leadership of the Imperium, detailing the potential capture of a Norlandic official by the marauding hordes of the Reivers. “Bah!” spat out Donald Dabber upon reading the letter, “Call the men!” he cried out to the men of the Capital. Within moments a strong force of twenty Imperials was gathered at the gates of Helena and promptly marched out to investigate the claim, banners fluttering in the wind as the sun glinted off the steel-points of his spears. Donald Dabber and Titus Horen paused the men at the gate of Leuven, glancing inside to spot the enemy forces. “An easy enough siege, right Donald?” the childish Horen asked up to his role model. “Aye,” returned the simple response, and with that ladders were hoisted on to the walls by two Istaf’s. Grunting and sweating the men pushed the ladders up against the walls - strangely unhindered by any serious arrow fire. The infantry pursued up the ladder while the cavalry charged around the side of Leuven to stop any fleeing men, a suitable choice seeing as the entire garrison of Leuven bolted out of the back gate. Try as hard as they could to flee, a common choice their commander Philip Vimmark made every fight he led, they were cut down by brave soldiers. Many Reivers, Marnans and Leuvens were decimated beneath the force of the Imperium. However, their whole force was not there as plenty ran or magically teleported away upon sight of the Imperiums forces. After the men outside had been put to the sword, the sack of Leuven truly began - the gates pried open and the forces rushed inside and the remaining, cowering, soldiers within were put to the sword. From this fight two men were captured and returned to Helena. Ser Henrik Ludovar, Duke of Kvasz and a Knight of the Marian Retinue. Siegmund Corbish, Privy Councillor of the Kingdom of Haense. The bells were tolled around the city, calling a trial of these two traitors. Let the Trial of Traitors begin. A TRIAL OF TRAITORS. [!] A missive is attached below, detailing the events of the trial. As the squirming, wretched Haeseni worms were brought before the throne of Renatus, the hall went silent. Siegmund Corbish tried desperately to spit out his gag, to no avail. “We gather today to pass judgement on the traitorous Henrik Ludovar, Duke of Kvsaz and Siegmund Corbish of Haense,” announced William Jrent on the dais, looking about the veteran soldiers that lined the benches and walls. As the Empress and Dragon Knights filed into the room, he called forth once more. “All rise for Her Imperial Majesty.” The radiant Empress taking her seat on the throne, the trial began. Siegmund’s gag was removed, upon which he cursed all Horens as inbreds, then, as Adeline raised simply that he was oathed to a Marna, Siegmund declared confidently, Knowing that the Haeseni gentry lacked even the most basic of education on their rulership, she could only sigh and issue punishment. For the crimes of treason, of murder, of looting and pillaging, of breaking knightly vows, and of accosting the innocent on the roads, Siegmund Corbish was sentenced the loss of his sword hand, the branding of the sigils of Renatus, Norland, and Courland on his forehead, and ten lashes. Next was the arguments of Henrik Ludovar, Duke of Kvasz. His rebukes were only slightly more intelligent; he spoke of his loyalty to his king and fighting against tyranny. When asked about his role and the role of his king in the hunting down of children in flower fields and the pillaging of peasant villages across Renatus, however, he fell silent. For his crimes against the Imperial Crown, for his treason, murderous rampage, looting and pillaging, slander, ruination, breaking of other vows, and accosting innocents on the roads, Henrik of House Ludovar’s right hand was to be removed for raising his blade against his rightful liege and his left for his slanderous claims, and ‘Joey’ carved into his forehead for pledging his loyalty to a false ruler. IN NOMINE DEI HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Adeline of the House of Horen, Empress of the Imperium Renatum, acting justicar of the trial.
  9. +1, time to kill going up would be a lot better.
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