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  1. A certain beekeeper begins filing wrongful death lawsuits against those who dare murder his employees, watching them closely. In a foreign land, a certain legal scholar thinks individual races should be defined as citizens, and those not yet defined as chattel.
  2. why is there a process server in a beekeepers uniform trying to scale my fence

    1. BardMainHere


      he is there to ensure proper service of process for my conversion lawsuit

  3. 14x increase of a ban

    good me me

    me laugh

    me no good at math if 14 wrong

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  4. Fethis wonders why anyone would pay for the ransom, when the last time he showed a small bit of force the hostages were given over freely out of fear.
  5. some of these reports make me certain god is dead

  6. Fethis Morvayn tears up the missive, following his rescue of the two. He begins sending missives out to Orenians, letting them know of the safe return of Octavia within Helena, unharmed by the A.I.S. Thereafter, he oversees the treatment of the Morsgradi child, mistaken to be one of Oren. @Milenkhov@ARCHITECUS
  7. THE BATTLE OF KRASNA, 1754 An artist’s depiction of the battle A sunny day fell over the lands of the Ruberni Riverlands when Fethis Morvayn and Varan set out in search of a fight when both of them came across two Orcs demanding food from the two of them. Each side drew steel, however, before a fight could proceed, a Haeseni envoy charged from the crossroads toward the Orcs. The Orcs retreated and began running toward Helena. Fethis and Varan walked back into Rubern and began rallying men, including the great Doctor Daniel and Flemius. The two elven companions equipped pairs of magical boots obtained from their close allies within the Concordat; greatly increasing their speed. The band sallied forth, seeking out the Haeseni envoy. Not too long after sallying forth, the Haeseni were found and quickly cut down, and prisoners were captured. Amongst those captured was the Lord Regent of Haense, Tiberius. Following, the prisoners were brought back into Rubern for ransom. An artist’s depiction of the Orenian rally Ransom notes were sent out to various Orenian officials, and a rally was eventually placed together to save the Lord Regent by Sir Adrian’s retainer, Bogdan. The men of the AIS prepared for a battle; this would be the second battle within the AIS’ new resurgence. Nerves were high, and the men knew they were going to be greatly outnumbered. Nevertheless, the great commander Doctor Daniel and Fethis began to instruct the men of their plan - wait at the gate, and sally forth once the time presented itself. Eventually, the Orenian rally arrived to save their Lord Regent. The battle began, and arrows began to fly from both sides. Nothing was gained or lost for a while until the Orenian rally had retreated from the entrance of Rubern, prompting Doctor Daniel to give the order to charge. A savage battle ensued, and both sides lost nearly all of their men they’d brought for battle. However, in a miraculous turn of events, with a final push of the brave Huszar Grzegorz, the Orenian rally had been defeated. The Orenian efforts to save their Lord Regent were unsuccessful, and the Alliance of Independent States had reigned victorious another day, and likely for many to come.
  8. A CAPTURED REGENT The Regent, in his cell! A jolly duo of a Dark Elf and a Snow Elf set off from their dwellings to hit the roads, as usual. On their findings, they found a rally of Haeseni soldiers, including the Lord Regent Tiberius. Regardless, the man was captured and cast into a cell, so as precedent sets. You may come to Rubern to deliver twenty thousand minae, lest this man is slain like the rest.
  9. i’ll try this out once server comes back up – but, if it works, you are a true chad. thank you
  10. I made a bunch of black shulker boxes, and sometimes they just get rejected by the ender chest. Sometimes, they get put into the ender chest, though. https://i.imgur.com/uTpKXhu.gifv – the purple ones go in just fine https://i.imgur.com/LG9bBjF.gifv – the black ones, however, do not, maybe it’s just the dyed ones? https://i.imgur.com/YoSGTPF.gifv – tried shift clicking, doesnt work edit: sometimes taking them out doesn't work either
  11. Fethis squints, trying to read the missive with great difficulty.
  12. Fethis raises an eyebrow, wondering how the Orenians possibly lost a 350v200. Fethis hands in his gavel and robe, taking up the mantle of a soldier once more. "The Orenians should prepare for losses akin to this one." He says, chuckling.
  13. oh god



    1. Callum


      Kana... welcome back 

  14. Fethis wonders why his previous missive was removed, and frowns, for he does not know.
  15. "It is time to show the Sutican heretics no mercy." Fethis says, preparing his plans for the inevitable victory celebration to come within the near future.
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