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  1. Name: Ellir’Civir OOC USERNAME: jaubc Allegience: Hounds of John Skill (low, medium, high): medium
  2. This is just Jonestown right?
  3. Name: Ellir’Civir OOC USERNAME: jaubc Allegience: Hounds of john Skill (low, medium, high): medium
  4. [OOC]: Discord:jaubcs voice#7552 [OOC]: IGN:jaubc “Your name, llir?”: Ellir’Civir “My eyesight fails me, what race are you?”: Malin’Ker “I see, I see. And how old are you?”: 127
  5. Given Name:Ellir’Civir Years of Age:127 Province of Origin:n/a Prior Occupation:fisherman Battlefield Experience:lil bit Reason for Interest:im in it already lmao
  6. jaubc


    Ellir’Civir was born in the dark elf city of Ker’nor. He was born to a family that held minor political sway, he was the youngest of five siblings, and was mostly ignored in favor of his older siblings. His upbringing was average, he learned how to use the great sword, his study's were largely dis satisfactory to his parents, his lack of passion to most things didn’t help. At the age of 50 he was kicked out of his family's home for being a “black sheep” compared to his siblings who flourished in most things. He wandered for years from Human settlement to Elfven citadels, even the Dwarven
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