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  1. Vulnir Syllar, the founder of Vira’ker sighed that he was not invited...
  2. The Summons for a Johnstown Duma From within the deep halls of The Kennels, the large Korsakov Grandmaster would sit, speaking slowly to the nimble Jean who began to skillfully whip around his quill on the aged parchment. “ May Godanistan bless those that may be humble enough to read this simple missive, I write this missive from the hinterlands of man from the refuge of Godani’s servants, Johnstown, in the hopes that it may reach those of strong mind and pious virtue. Johnstown has now expanded far greater than us early pioneers would have thought when we arrived in these cold and forbidding forests. We have, thus, in continuance with our adherence to the values and traditions of our ancestors, found it in proper custom to call for a Duma to help assume leadership over the town and revive proper festivities and customs as are appropriate. Those residents of the town, pious and strong, are invited to attend the first Duma and voice their concerns and support for members to compose the Duma. Furthermore, realizing Johnstowns youth and lack wise men experienced in the ways of the Duma, those believing themselves good candidates and wishing to help return the ways of olde are welcome to make an appearance in Johnstown and involve themselves in the way of the Duma granted they hold, or will in the future, some place of residence in Johnstown. Those families participating in the Duma will be granted larger homes than the usual of Johnstown, along with forty acres for farming, and a mule to assist in farm tilling, under what myself and Abram Stalistena have established as the ‘forty acres and a mule’ policy. Those candidates interested, regardless if they reside within Johnstown or outside, are to send bird to Johnstown with their names, experience, and descent such that they may be contacted when the specific time for the Duma is established, estimated to be roughly one Saints Week from this day. Signed, Grandmaster of the Hounds of Bl. John, Lazlo Korsakov Grandmaster of the Hounds of Bl. John, Reynault Steward of Johnstown, Abram Stalistena ”
  3. Lazlo wiped the sweat from his brow as the Hounds expedition returned to Johnstown, weary, but emboldened by their success just hours previous. He lead the weary procession to the Church of the White Mare, clasping the young Nikolas on the back before rinsing his hands before he entered the Church’s immense wooden halls. The men prayed for hours, the same hours Bralt spent bickering on his ship as he inhaled the ashes of his men.
  4. Lazlo eagerly awaits Jean’s document! Knowing the fat prince to not be as good a writer as Jean! ((Sorry not sorry eddy... big +1 good post))
  5. D I V I N E V I S I T A T I O N + I n t h e v i l l a g e o f J o h n s t o w n [Penned by the Scholar Jean of the Order of Bl. John, @Jentos] HERE YEE HEAR YEE On the 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1768 a white mare hath appeared. The horse, white as fresh cream was found silent and brooding within the walls of the Kennels, the fort of Johnstown. None had seen the beast appear, and with it’s blessed aura intrigued all along with it’s unseemly coming. One by one, the Hounds of Blessed John tried saddling the soft-mannered beast, but the thing would accept no bridle and no leash ! So one by one, the Hounds of Blessed John mounted the animal, it’s coat like the basking, reverend moon. The beast was of unnatural gait - it’s steps swift and yet soft, making near none a sound as it carried each man with great elegance. Why, most strangely it seemed almost to glide as it guided each man that mounted it across the hills and rocks of the Northlands. “Come hither! Come hither!” had cried the scholar, waving his arms frantically, bidding forth the alder-chief of the place, the fine Lazlo who with merry stride joined the congregation of stunned men. The order-master took a single look at the animal, let out a sweet chuckle and vaulted unto the back of the animal. And then he flew. The men looked on strickenly, visages twisted by awe and disbelief, silence had crowned the very land. The mare shone in the setting sun, mane set aflame by the screaming rays of the sun, dancing amidst the sky as Lazlo rode it forth - guided, sent sprawling towards the Heavens, southwards to the waters of the shore. It’s feet kicked hard as it guided it’s wind-walking stride finally burrowed it into the waves, leaving Lazlo spitting and swimming back, eyes widened as two great moons. There was much laughter that night, and much merry. But there was also the sound of weeping, and tears snaking, pearly and glinting as the moon took to the Heavens. As some men celebrated, shouting the name of G O D loud and clear with raised arms, others knelt beneath the great cross of the town, knees shaking, fingers curled. They swayed and they swayed much like those great chestnut trees that sat above. They murmured and they pleaded - they thanked. The heavens had cast their bid, the heavens had given a sign to the Hounds of Blessed John. I write this now, with shaking hands. Why, who ever amongst us could doubt the will of Him? The good Lazlo has instructed us; still soaking wet from his Heavenly escapade he commanded us to begin constructing a church in the vicinity of where he took flight, uprooting the very earth. So be weary, you sinners, slithering scamp and scoundrel, shabbaroon and skinflint, stingbum seek-sorrow! Heathens and curs! For G O D has sent us his sign. Hence forth, the Hounds of Blessed John now give blessings to the White Mare of John, symbol of our steadfastness and purity to G O D.
  6. Imagine using discord light version
  7. A Shaking of Faith: The Conversion of a Norlander “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" -Heartland prayer to the Creator It was an average day as the Hounds of the Blessed John of Carnatia and their trusty steeds trotted down the roads, stopping to ensure all travelers had proper provisions for the roads. It was not long before they found a horseman holding his blade to an unarmed and pregnant woman. “All your items, on the ground now or I’ll take both yer lives” the bandit shouted. The Hounds drew their blades as they surrounded the bandit, one of the Hounds escorting the woman away. “Ave Norland” the bandit shouted as he went to swing his drawn blade at the innocent woman before she could escape! The sounds of steel and cries of horses could be heard, before the bandit was knocked unconscious and tied to the nearby horse of Jebediah. As they rode back to Johnstown they said a prayer for their captive before they finally reached their hinterlands refuge. Once back, Jebediah took him to the Kennels, to test just how strong the heretical blood faith of the Norlanders truly is against a true shaking of its principles. It would not take long before the former bandit renounced the Norlandic heresy, their “fake kings”, and swore himself to the Church of the Canon on all he held dear. And within just a few minutes, the faith of the Norlander was shaken. Drawings of the event would be forever stored in the vaults of the Kennels. THEY ARE BANDITS AND HERETICS. MAY GOD SAVE THEM. ((Thanks to @The60th for being a good sport through it all!))
  8. Tournament Form: Name: Lazlo Korsakov OOC USERNAME: 6xdestroyer Allegience: Hounds Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  9. Upon reading this second missive Lazlo sighed and brought back the same scribe! He addressed him shortly before telling him to send an attachment to all the fliers they can find. “If you want to actually be paid and trained, rather than be Courlandic cannon-fodder, come join the Holy Order of the Hounds of John!”
  10. Upon reading this missive Lazlo has a scribe pen and send an attachment to all the fliers they can find. “If you want to actually be paid and trained, come join the Holy Order of the Hounds of John!”
  11. ah, yes, hello? 👋  hello. is this the tourist 🛃 information 📖helpline ☎️for jonestown? oh, this is john’s town 🏘️? haha my bad! 👀 there’s a johnstown too? wowee 😮, so many towns 🏘️these days 📅ay? well ok i’ll be hanging up now, you have a good one! 👍

  12. Johnstown A Humble Refuge in the Northlands “For this new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, We thank Thee, Amen.” -Prayer to Saint Theodosius Johnstown was founded in the one thousandth one thousand seven hundred fifty-ninth year of the Creator in the season of the Snow’s Maiden. Johnstown began as little more than a cluster of under half a dozen hovels, built by the Hounds of Bl. John in order to help settle the non-soldier members of their camp. The main bastion of Johnstown is the Kennels which houses the Holy Order of the Hounds of Bl. John of Carnatia, or referred to by many as simply: “The Hounds.” Johnstown has often also been referred to by many as the de-facto capital of the Northlands region, as the Hounds are tasked with helping to enforce the rule of law on hinterlands that compose the Emperor’s personal territory. Located on the untamed hinterlands known as the Northlands, Johnstown offers a refuge for those needing protection or those that are wishing to live with compatriots that hold GOD above all. Located at the intersection of the Gypsywoods and the Huntmasters Forest, two immensely thick and dense forest ranges, early settlers of Johnstown engaged each other in lively competitions as to who was the best lumberjack. Notably, one of these lumberjack settlers, Solebron Dakach, would later be granted the title “Chieftan Crusher” by the Holy Orenian Emperor for Solebron’s ability to cut through foes with his great strength developed from the cutting of these trees. The thick woodlands inspired some Hound ordermen to adopt fitting nicknames, such as the Armiger who adopted the name “Forrester.” While its distant location means Johnstown is intimately tied to the Order of the Hounds of John, many of its residents and Hound Ordermen tend the expansive farms that take use of the fertile Northlands soil. Johnstown is primary an agrarian based society, offering new citizens plots of land to begin their own farms and make their own fortunes. Furthermore, Johnstown’s agrarian society has attracted many highlanders of Raevir descent: the Raevir being well known for their hearty nature against the cold and natural skill at farming. Raevir are found in large numbers in the town, notably with the steward being Abram Stalistena, the man in charge of ensuring the overall function and order to the town. Housing Johnstown homes, much like its residents, are humble and not especially opulent. Johnstown hovels are styled in a traditional Raevir style, with thick thatched roofing that keeps out rain and snow, and thick log siding which keeps the homes insulated. Johnstown homes are built small to maximize the warmth from their fireplaces, as the Northlands can get especially cold from storms blown off the nearby Eastern Sea. Furthermore Johnstown offers free housing for those seeking refuge under GOD. Any seeking refuge, be it those wanting to reunite with Raev kin or those seeking a haven safe from banditry or heathenry are welcome to share Johnstown’s hearth. OOC -- Those wanting a house in Johnstown can contact myself, @Stalistena, or any Hound ordermember for assistance. PICS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH JONESTOWN.
  13. MC Name: 6x RP Name: Lazlo Korsakov Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: Yes
  14. I cant believe youve done this...
  15. ‡ THE FIRST TOURNAMENT OF JOHNSTOWN AND APPROPRIATE FESTIVITIES ‡ To whom it may concern, IN CELEBRATION OF THE ERECTION OF JOHNSTOWN, all are welcomed to the halls of the newly completed JOHNSTOWN in the following saint’s days to rejoice. The Holy Order of the Blessed John of Carnatia do invite those, weather permitting, to partake in a grand tourney to start, with the victors and their rewards to be shown off in the feast. The ordermen and Chefs of Jebediah and Forrest, both experts in their crafts, will provide a large array of various foods while those feasting are encouraged to discuss God’s church, debate Imperial matters, and forge new connections. However, before the feast, we must nevertheless remember those who have lost their lives in the defense of their homeland and roads - it is requested prior to the beginning of the feast, that participants take a minute of their time to attend mass in the chapel of the humble Johnstown. Following the service and with GOD’s permission, the First Grand Tourney of Johnstown will take place. Should the weather not permit, or people grow bored, there will be a competition of strength in the form of arm wrestling competition. The reward to the tourney’s victor will be one-thousand minas, and a blessed relic of the order. The victor will also gain the title ‘Champion of Johnstown’ and the respect of the pious men. Please fill out the form and send bird of your name if you wish to partake in the Tournament, entries will close one SAINTS HOUR before the tourney begins. Our humble order does request those attending bring candles or food to leave upon the wayshrines on the way to the town. ~ ALL IN GOOD STANDING OF MEN OF OREN are invited. FURTHERMORE, The DWARVEN nation, ELVEN nations, and ORCISH folk are invited as well so long as they are in good standing with GOD and do not aim to disrupt the festivities. ~ GOD BLESS YOU. Signed, GRANDMASTER, Seat of SERGEI, Lazlo Korsakov. GRANDMASTER, Seat of CLEMENT, Renault. [] OOC [] TIME: FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 3PM EST LOCATION: JOHNSTOWN – NORTH EAST From the grand Haense Capital of Reza Travel by foot is possible, though travel boat is encouraged. Tournament Form: Name: OOC USERNAME: Allegience: Skill (low, medium, high):
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