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  2. IGN(s): 6xdestroyer Age 19 Timezone EST Discord: Maize #9173 What map did you join during?: Athera Do you have access to a Microphone? YEs Average Daily Play Time? 3 hr Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I was an ET for a few months. I then left for a few months and was rightly removed for inactivity! Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I mean I believe I did when I was younger, but nothing recent, no. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: When I first joined LoTC in Athera a few years ago, I was coming from Massivecraft, which at the time (and I believe still is, though I could be wrong) a role-play server led by staff, in which all role-play had to be run by the owner and staff teams who made their characters godlike. After coming to LoTC I got a fresh breath and new experience of roleplay. The first group I really joined was the Golden Crow. The Golden Crow really kept me motivated to play LoTC and the players in the group are still some of my closest friends today. During the start of Vailor, I fought with Adria and saw a first hand account of GM bias which led me to become very suspicious of the GM team. At the seige of Barrowyk I saw GMs teleporting people out of moats and holes and removing lava and the sort. This is what originally made me question whether I'd even want to be a part of that team, despite how long ago this was, it still sticks with me. I think now, the GM team has improved greatly with a wider inclusion of players from all sorts of grouIps. I personally believe the community is the reason why anyone stays on lotc. No matter how good the plugins are or the builds are, they won't form a bond as solid as a fun and engaging community. My biggest regret is the OOC tensions that I've helped create between myself and other players, and really hope that if given trial, I'd be able to help players from all nations and of all races. I wrote that over a year ago when I applied for the GM team, but I think much of it still applies to LOTC. I've dedicated multiple years to LoTC and I genuinely care about the community, especially as old players phase out and are replaced by new players. I had a recent altercation with the guidelines that only further imprinted the importance of the community on the server, and the GM team is on the front lines of keeping the community safe and inviting for all players. I'd like to join the Team because I've seen a shift from players that only cared for the pex and power to a shift where the GMs seem genuinely interested in helping the server. Hell, if you'd told me that Wolfkite would be a GM a year ago, I'd have called you a fool, but it turns out he actually is a pretty good GM from what I've seen. I think that the GM team is far more player oriented, though I'd like to see it try and bridge the gaps between old players and new players that I've seen, and I'd like to help with that. I know I've made plenty of mistakes during my years on the server, but I'd like to try and leave an impact other on the community overall rather than in the small groups I've been in. Am I perfect GM candidate? Certainly not, but I think very few people who've spent the amount of time I have on lotc could claim to be. I'd enjoy the chance to bring my wealth of lotc experience to try and help the GM team if afforded the chance. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Yes, over a year ago. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163335-denied6xdestroyers-gm-post-post-post-forum-cleaning-app/?tab=comments#comment-1545230 Anything else you want to tell us?: I know I've had my faults, but I think if given the chance to help the community from a GM role, I could help. I also broke into Firehearts CT vault and saw the GM flatscreen tv so I know that lotc is really just a simulation of the realworld....
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    [Bounty] Tremors (Easy)

    Bakov and the Disciples claim the contract.
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    The Disciples of Godwin

    The Disciples of Godwin “Saint Godwin of Paradisus, Saint of the Deceased, the Afterlife, Ghosts, the Supernatural, was the third and last son of Horen, the Father of Mankind. Godwin, despite being the last of the trio, was the first to marry, first to bear a child, and the first to rule his own realm. However, Godwin was also the first of the three brothers to be slain. Godwin died by the hands his eldest brother, Harren the father of the adunian, after Godwin challenged the elder to a duel to release the imprisoned middle brother, Saint Joren Horenson.” -credit to Yopplwasupxxx Work. The Disciples of Godwin, their members often called more simply ‘Disciples’, is a fraternal order focussed on two fields of work. The first and most core is the study, documentation, and execution of beasts that taint the realm of man. The second field of the Disciples serves more to fund the group and their often extravagant spending on alcahemical goods, weaponry, and research. This lucrative field is serving as judge, jury, and executioner for those with a large enough sum of coin. Contrary to the name’s suggestion, the order is not under control of the Church, but rather a council of Master Disciples. It draws its name from Godwins relation to the supernatural and inhuman. They can be identified by the red pins on their garb. Field 1. Monster, beast, creature, critter, horror, freak; Fear manifests itself in many monikers. Rather than shy away from, or flatly deny, the physical presence of these fears, the Disciples seek to study them as to find a weakness, so that they may later purge them. A Disciple will usually be found carrying a journal, as it is their most treasured possession perhaps save only for their weapon. This journal’s beginning pages will be filled with images of known monsters and information about them, acting as a kind of bestiary. The pages following this will be filled with the notes and drawings of its Disciple owner. The first of these blank pages will often be covered with documentations from trials given to the initiate. Field 2. Call it what you will, but murder-for-hire has been profitable since man came to feel revenge, this is not to say the Disciples’ codex is disregarded here. The order does not do grand assassinations, preferring rather to quietly dispose of their targets in the same manner they do inhuman creatures. There are also rules not set directly in the codex that must be adhered to here, though they are immediately surpassed if target is found to be ‘inhuman’: -A Disciple may never accept a contract against those of the Church unless the target is deemed as adhering to one or more of the ‘seven deadly sins’. -A Disciple may never accept a contract against a mother of a child under the age of 8 unless their character is deemed heinous by unanimous vote of all Disciples. -A Disciple may never accept a contract against a boy under the age of 8. -A Disciple may never accept a contract against a girl under the age of 16. Codex. All Disciples are expected to follow this Codex and have it memorized backwards. -A Disciple may never betray his fellow Disciples, this includes attacking a fellow brother. -A Disciple may never allow payment to go unfulfilled, either blood or coin may pay a debt. -All Disciples are to leave their titles to the order upon entry in order to achieve egalitarianism. -Respect is earned not given. -A Disciple is never to lose their journal nor let a non brother see it. -A Disciple must fend for himself and not rely on others for things he could do himself. -A Disciple must maintain good physical & mental health, and must seek out a more experience Disciple if having trouble with either. -A Disciple may not hold fear in his heart for the unknown Ranking As an egalitarian order, Disciples rely upon those with higher ranks for commands regarding the order, but are equal when not performing duties. Master Disciple A Master Disciple is superbly well experienced in monster hunting and assassination work. Their minds are strong as their combat prowess. There can only be up to five masters at a time, though always ranging in odd numbers (1-3-5), as there must be a deciding vote upon the Master Council. Veteran Disciple A Veteran Disciple is very experienced in all things to do with the Order. They can hold their own against the Masters, and may be more experienced but have chosen not to have the responsibility that comes with Masterdom. Disciple A Disciple is the most common rank in which most of the order men will spend the majority of their lives as. A Disciple could be a freshly promoted Pupil, or a very experienced and eager brother of the order. Disciples themselves are forces to reckon with, and should not be regarded as any less capable than their brothers. Pupil A pupil is one whom has taken the oath and sworn their life to the Disciples of Godwin and its Codex. During their time as a Pupil a man will be granted many tasks ranging from resource gathering to lesser monster hunting. Ones time as a Pupil is perhaps their most vital, as it is here where the Masters can see if one has the heart to become a Disciple. Common Hobbies: In their spare time, order men are urged to pursue hobbies beneficial to both themselves and the order overall. Alchemy. Alchemy is perhaps the most popular of non-order activities that Disciples engage in. An initiate is expected to have minimal knowledge of herbs and their remedies. A Disciple is expected to know how to bandage and heal their own wounds, while also know what they can and cannot eat in the wild. A Veteran Disciple is expected to be more than competent in everything alchemy, from knowing what herbs do what, to experimenting with new combinations in pursuit of discovering new remedies and boons for themselves and brothers. Beekeeping. Beekeeping a more light hearted hobby than many of the others, yet it is vital for maintaining the alchemical gardens of the order. This hobby is often taken by the veteran disciples whom are not burdened with initiate and intermediary tasks. Tinkering. Tinkering, or rather, engineering is encouraged for Disciples of all rank. Not only does it keep idle hands busy, but it helps Disciples keep the cogs of their mind working. Disciples can be found having little useless trinkets such as wind up rats, to more usable ones such as wind up noisemakers or the sort. Smithing. Any good soldier should know how to maintain their weapon. A Disciple is held to higher standards than this. A Disciple is expected to understand crude smithing, and at worst make a metal baton. Disciples are encouraged to take this practice further and learn how to forge proper weapons, a Veteran of the order often being the forger of his own blade. Drawing. As Disciples are expected to record their interactions with the world, in regards to both inhuman and humanoid creatures, they should know how to draw. Initiates go through drawing classes in order to learn how to properly record their sightings. For some initiates, drawing becomes a favored hobby, leading to them becoming very adept artists with pencil, chalk, and coal. OOC Contract The Disciples of Godwin is meant for those looking for more serious roleplay. Injuries taken in monster hunts and in good combat roleplay will not be simply shrugged off with a bandage and some vodka, but rather be roleplayed for the appropriate amount of time, leaving scars and the sort. Those that die during monster hunts or in proper roleplay combat will be expected to perma’kill their character (unless extraordinary circumstances). To Join To those that wish to enlist; come to the Gryphons Roost. A keep located between Belvitz and Sennisten, before the bridge. Come with the following written. ((Also alright is to post or PM)) Name: Race: Age: Birthplace: Residence: Short life story: ((Discord:___))
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    [Complete]Selling Little Girl of Royalty

    Fezsoj Al-Vechavok pens a note and sends it to the orcish capital by bird, hoping it reaches its target. "700 minas, just tell me where to go."
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    [Denied][I] Cornivore's Game Moderator Application

    Complained about raid baiting and got a GM so he waited for people to leave so he could trap one guy and kill him. -1
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    Orgoth thinks back to yesterday when he killed two woodelves in full armor while having none himself, and lets out a little chuckle.