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  1. Heard that pvp is going to be 1.9 next map? Who dropped the baby on their head?

  2. Lazlo is VERY excited for the festival!
  3. Vulnir Syllar, the founder of Vira’ker sighed that he was not invited...
  4. The Summons for a Johnstown Duma From within the deep halls of The Kennels, the large Korsakov Grandmaster would sit, speaking slowly to the nimble Jean who began to skillfully whip around his quill on the aged parchment. “ May Godanistan bless those that may be humble enough to read this simple missive, I write this missive from the hinterlands of man from the refuge of Godani’s servants, Johnstown, in the hopes that it may reach those of strong mind and pious virtue. Johnstown has now expanded far greater than us early pioneers would have thou
  5. Lazlo wiped the sweat from his brow as the Hounds expedition returned to Johnstown, weary, but emboldened by their success just hours previous. He lead the weary procession to the Church of the White Mare, clasping the young Nikolas on the back before rinsing his hands before he entered the Church’s immense wooden halls. The men prayed for hours, the same hours Bralt spent bickering on his ship as he inhaled the ashes of his men.
  6. D I V I N E V I S I T A T I O N + I n t h e v i l l a g e o f J o h n s t o w n [Penned by the Scholar Jean of the Order of Bl. John, @Jentos] HERE YEE HEAR YEE On the 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1768 a white mare hath appeared. The horse, white as fresh cream was found silent and brooding within the walls of the Kennels, the fort of Johnstown. None had seen the beast appear, and with it’s blessed aura intrigued all along with it’s unseemly coming. One by one, the Hounds of Blessed John tried saddling the soft-mannered beast, but the
  7. Imagine using discord light version
  8. A Shaking of Faith: The Conversion of a Norlander “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" -Heartland prayer to the Creator It was an average day as the Hounds of the Blessed John of Carnatia and their trusty steeds trotted down the roads, stopping to ensure all travelers had proper provisions for the roads. It was not long before they found a horseman holding his blade to an unarmed and pregnant woman. “All your items, o
  9. Tournament Form: Name: Lazlo Korsakov OOC USERNAME: 6xdestroyer Allegience: Hounds Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  10. Upon reading this second missive Lazlo sighed and brought back the same scribe! He addressed him shortly before telling him to send an attachment to all the fliers they can find. “If you want to actually be paid and trained, rather than be Courlandic cannon-fodder, come join the Holy Order of the Hounds of John!”
  11. Upon reading this missive Lazlo has a scribe pen and send an attachment to all the fliers they can find. “If you want to actually be paid and trained, come join the Holy Order of the Hounds of John!”
  12. ah, yes, hello? 👋  hello. is this the tourist 🛃 information 📖helpline ☎️for jonestown? oh, this is john’s town 🏘️? haha my bad! 👀 there’s a johnstown too? wowee 😮, so many towns 🏘️these days 📅ay? well ok i’ll be hanging up now, you have a good one! 👍

  13. Johnstown A Humble Refuge in the Northlands “For this new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, We thank Thee, Amen.” -Prayer to Saint Theodosius Johnstown was founded in the one thousandth one thousand seven hundred fifty-ninth year of the Creator in the season of the Snow’s Maiden. Johnstown began as little more than a cluster of under half a dozen hovels, built by the Hounds of Bl. John in order to help settle the non-soldier members of their camp. The main bastion of Johnstown is the Kennels which houses the Holy O
  14. ‡ THE FIRST TOURNAMENT OF JOHNSTOWN AND APPROPRIATE FESTIVITIES ‡ To whom it may concern, IN CELEBRATION OF THE ERECTION OF JOHNSTOWN, all are welcomed to the halls of the newly completed JOHNSTOWN in the following saint’s days to rejoice. The Holy Order of the Blessed John of Carnatia do invite those, weather permitting, to partake in a grand tourney to start, with the victors and their rewards to be shown off in the feast. The ordermen and Chefs of Jebediah and Forrest, both experts in their crafts, will provide a large array of various foods while
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