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  1. “Who the **** is that?” Ester would inquire of the random claiming her families titles.
  2. Koanda


    “A diamond she has become.” Ester would comment as she read over her daughters words, a gentle smile forming on her lips for the first in what felt like years. “God has truly blessed me with you, Aleks. I only pray that your brother learns from your wisdom.”
  3. Le Griffe d’ours de Curonia Est. 1741 History The Kingdom of Curonia touts a unified military force forged under the Crown of Curonia and in service to the ideals of valor, honor, and prestige. The Royal Army of Curonia is the primary fighting force of the Crown and has served the realm faithfully. Founded originally by Jarrack Draskovits, the military of Curon was formed to consolidate the different levies and groups within the Kingdom. The Royal Army of Curon first began during the arrival onto Atlas under King Wilhelm Devereux. The army began as a small, unorganized force of steadfast warriors. The army was further developed and united under the leadership of Marshal Jarrack Draskovits and Duke Charles Devereux. Its humble origins attest to their gradual organizational prowess, demonstrated by the strong bonds of camaraderie in the face of adversity. Its eventual formation of the Order of Ursus marked the heightening of the Curonian military during the reign of King Wilhelm I. The force became a stronger, cohesive levy under the Kingdom of Curonia. The Order of Ursus was characterized by its chivalric code and respect for honor. It was not until the leadership of Lord Regent Ecbert Devereux, Ser Charles Montagne, and Ser Sylvestre Halcourt that the levies of Curon merged into the formal standing royal force of the kingdom. The Royal Army of Curonia stands stalwart in the modern-day, poised to affirm its commitment to the realm and people. Its decades of reform and development have produced a strong-willed force, united under the banner of Devereux, the sovereignty of Curon, and in the defense of a united Orenian Empire. Values and Ideals Honor- “To each man due honor, for the glory of Curonia and the unity of all.” It is the duty of all soldiers who serve under the Curonia banner to uphold honor. Dishonor wracks the heart and soul of the man, rendering his armor and weapons into brittle. Respect- “To all who come to us, our respect be theirs.” It is the duty of all to show respect, projecting the greatness of the Curonian nation and the benevolence of its culture. The military is the bulwark to protect and serve to steward the best of Curonian values. Courage- “To all who seek us in battle, our enemies shall be overcome by our courage.” It is the duty of the soldiers to clothe their minds through the veil of courage, taking on all adversity to protect the motherland and to Curonia’s allies. Notable Commanders Jarrack Draskovits - The first Marshal of Curon and paramount advisor to Charles Devereux. Jarrack helped to establish the nation of Curon upon arrival to Atlas. The main military leader during the time of the Norlandic and bandit incursions throughout Atlas. Remained a devout and faithful man to Curon till the day of his death. Ser Charles Montagne - Renown as a knight of Curon, Ser Charles is remembered as an important model for chivalry and Curonian valor. He is an unwavering model of martial prowess, standing valiant in the face of adversity. His demeanor and command among men is a symbol of heroic virtue for all Curonian soldiers. 1653- Curonian Forces during the Czena Confederation. Ranks Ministre de Guerre - This position is appointed by the Crown to supervise the entirety of the military and is trusted with carrying out the will of the monarch. The Secretary of War ensures that the Kingdom and Capital are defended by a standing army. They advise the Crown on matters of military, and must develop a garrison for the Capital City capable of representing the Crown’s interests both in its own defense, and in foreign theaters. They may promote commanders and officers to the Royal Army as they see fit. Colonel - This position is appointed directly by the Secretary of War and the Governess of Curon, the second in command of all military matters, entrusted with directing officers and advising the Secretary of War. Capitaine - Capitaine is the highest enlisted rank possible through traditional promotions and is given to those who have excelled as an officer and are considered highly efficient and competent. Lieutenant - Lieutenant, much like Sergeant, is for those that have proven to be capable commanders but have shown they can be trusted with matters deemed more important to the cause of the military. Sergeant - Sergeant is given to the Lancers that prove to be above average, and have shown that they can be trusted with command over others. Lancer - This position is given to those that have proven to be an exceptional Aspirant. Those promoted to this rank shall have demonstrated proficiency in basic combat and understand the codex of the Curonian military. They make up the majority of the Royal force of Curon. Aspirant - This position is the beginning rank of the Royal Army of Curon, made up entirely of those new to a military lifestyle. Oath “I, [name] do solemnly pledge my soul for the heart of Curonia, to protect the meek, to defend the land, and to secure the blessings of GOD. I proclaim to the Skies as my witness to uphold the values and valor of Curonia, to serve the House of Devereux and to preserve the peace and stability of humanity. I commit myself to the path of righteousness, using the sword to strike the malicious and the shield to defend the people. Let this be my oath, for so I oath myself in service to the Kingdom of Curonia.” OOC: Contact Gored#0001 Kursion#5029 Koanda#1275 for more information.
  4. Koanda

    The Rescue; The Fight

    Ester shook her head as she heard the claims of Vladrick’s rescue. “How can one rescue a man who was not being held captive? They must think I am some sort of sorcerer, for I am clearly not strong enough to hold Vladrick alone.” She’d settle onto her couch as she crumpled the letter, tossing it into the fire. “They enter into my home, liberate a free man, attempt to end my life, and still claim to be the righteous ones. Shameful.”
  5. As Ester received word of Milena’s passing, a cold chill ran through her veins, an aching sorrow that dug deep into the woman as she read each word. “I suppose that tea will have to wait even longer, dear Queen.” She’d utter beneath her breath as a few stray tears spilled onto her cheeks. “Rest well, Milena, until we meet again.”
  6. The Princess is sad because her stupid councillors wrote this. She fires half of them. She then issues a last-minute edit.
  7. To the Alliance of Independent States We of Curon stand stalwart with our Imperial sovereign and our Haensetic and Kaedreni brothers. You have come to our gates, captured unarmed folk, maimed and tortured them, and to what end? How can you presume that you are on the side of good when you practice barbarism, murder, and assault on a people whom have done nothing wrong? The late Regent made a grave error. He gave into this fear, and allowed himself, in a moment of weakness, to make a terrible decision that could have meant the death of Curon as a Kingdom, a nation, and a people. This was against the will of his councillors, and as you can all see now, his people. Let this be a lesson to those who wish to sow dissent within our Empire against the leal vassals of Peter III. We shall not falter in the face of this threat. They will drip honeyed words to you as they murder your brothers with their free hand. These pagans have no desire but to damage the Empire for offenses they themselves invented as an excuse to start a deadly war, and to damage the Empire is to damage the unity and strength of all of humanity. Their promises mean nothing. They have no honor. They are doomed to the nether. We, on the other hand, shall enjoy our Cyrillian Bliss, our service in defense of the Empire, and the destruction of your armies. Her Highness, Ester Rose Devereaux, Princess of Curon, Governess-General of the Kingdom of Curon
  8. Edict of Establishment 16th of the Deep Cold, 1741 The Cyrillian Cabinet In the decades past, the Kingdom of Curon has suffered tumult supreme. In the wake of a weakened Kingdom, an ailing King, and a failed Regent, the Crown moves forward with reformative direction. Through this act, we establish the Cyrillian Cabinet, and alter forever the efficiency and philosophy of Curonian governance. The Cyrillian Cabinet is the Crown’s council by which its executive functions are performed. The First Minister is the manager of the Cabinet, and underneath him are the Ministers of the Interior and the Exterior. Each Minister has secretaries to which they delegate their overarching domains and directives. The First Minister The First Minister is the Crown of Curon’s right hand. The First Minister wields the authority of the Crown, and manages and delegates to the Cabinet, ensuring its function. The current First Minister is John d’Arkent (TangoIsPointless). <--------------------------> <--------------------------> <--------------------------> MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR <--------------------------><--------------------------><--------------------------> Minister of the Interior The Minister of the Interior delegates all matters of the Crown’s interior to the undersecretaries within the department. They are charged with the upkeep of the Kingdom’s economy and demesne. They may appoint their undersecretaries with approval of the First Minister. They must ensure every department of the Ministry of the Interior is accomplishing its assigned duties, and is responsible for their functions. This role is Peter de Sarkozy (Beamon4). Secretary of the Homeland The Secretary of the Homeland is charged with the proper management of the Royal demesne, the Capital City, and the administration of the City’s elections. They may staff the Office of the Curonian Homeland however they see fit. The current Secretary of the Homeland is Matthias Rutledge (1_Language_1). Secretary of Treasury The Secretary of Treasury is the Crown’s official on matters of taxation and budget. They ensure the taxation of the Capital and the Crown’s vassals are executed with efficiency, and that the Crown’s funds are well managed. They may staff the Office of the Royal Treasury however they see fit. The Current Secretary of Treasury Klaudia Grimoire (SpringSoul). Royal Solicitor The Royal Solicitor is the Crown’s primary advisor on all legal matters. They represent the Crown in all suits pertaining to the Crown’s interests, and ensure the legality of executive actions. They may staff the Office of Judicial Affairs however they see fit. The current Royal Solicitor is Lord Tobias Merentel (Kursion). <--------------------------><--------------------------><--------------------------> MINISTRY OF THE EXTERIOR <--------------------------><--------------------------><--------------------------> Minister of the Exterior The Minister of the Exterior ensures the security of the Curonian State in matters pertaining to its relationship with the Empire and the Imperium’s fellow vassals. They may appoint their undersecretaries with approval of the First Minister. They must ensure every department of the Ministry of the Exterior is accomplishing its assigned duties, and is responsible for their functions. This role is Jovan Romanovich (Cuckfederacy). Secretary of Imperial Affairs The Secretary of Imperial Affairs conducts diplomatic missions on behalf of the Crown. They ensure that the Crown is represented in all diplomatic theaters pertaining to the Crown’s interests, be it with fellow vassals or the Imperial Crown. They may staff the Office of Imperial Affairs however they see fit. This role is Claudius Halcourt (Mr_Sprinklez). Secretary of Intelligence The Secretary of Intelligence manages the propaganda directives of the Crown. They ensure that the Crown’s interests are represented in the public discourse, and ensure misinformation is stifled. They may staff the Office of Royal Intelligence however they see fit. This role is Edward II Devereux (Impurity101). Secretary of War The Marshal ensures that the Kingdom and Capital are defended by a standing army. They advise the Crown on matters of military, and must develop a garrison for the Capital City capable of representing the Crown’s interests both in its own defense, and in foreign theaters. They may promote commanders and officers to the Royal Army as they see fit. The current Marshal is Chadwick (Gored). IN NOMINE DEI Her Excellency, Ester Rose Devereux, Princess of Curon, Governess-General of Curon
  9. The Cyrillian Council 24th of Harren's Folley, 1741 Her Royal Majesty, Ester Rose Devereux, Princess Regnant of Curonia, does hereby see fit to bring forth into the Kingdom of Curonia a new era of rejuvenation. For too long the streets of Curonia have sat silent, the population dwindled and the army become a mere husk of its former glory. A new council, chosen by her Royal Majesty, shall be formed in order to wash away the dark stains of sedition and treachery brought forth by the previous governing administration. By royal decree, the following positions are hereby granted to those individuals who have served the crown dutifully and without fail. Chancellor The role of Chancellor is that of utmost respect and importance in the Kingdom. Often standing in for the Regnant in meetings, receiving foreign diplomats when HER MAJESTY is otherwise occupied, and speaking with HER MAJESTYS authority on all matters of importance. The position of Chancellor is still open. Commander of the Royal Army Leader of the armed forces, the Commander of the Royal Army is the supreme authority in all matters militaristic for HER MAJESTY, the Princess Regnant. They are charged with the task of maintaining a standing military at all times for the Kingdom and protecting its lands from foreign threats. The position of Commander is hereby granted to Julius Salviatti. (@Sergisala) Grand Knight The Grand Knight of Curonia is charged with overseeing, regulating, and appointing the knights of the realm. Through them, the chivalric codes of the Kingdom are upheld and followed by all those worthy enough to call themselves Knight or Dame. The Grand Knight is also tasked with upholding the laws and legal procedures of the Kingdom in the name of HER MAJESTY, the Princess Regnant. The position of Grand Knight is hereby granted to Ser Amathion Ironwood. (@Ajax) Royal Treasurer The Royal Treasuer is the master of coin and trade within the Kingdom of Curonia. They are tasked with maintaining, ensuring, and protecting the economic stability and welfare of HER MAJESTY, the Princess Regnant’s realm. All forms of domestic and foreign trade, taxes, tariffs, Government loans & bonds, national interest rates, and so on are all formulated, implemented, and carried out by the Royal Treasurer. The position of Royal Treasurer is hereby granted to Dame Klaudia Grimoire. (@SpringSoul) Chamberlain The Chamberlain is the keeper of HER MAJESTY, the Princess Regnant. They are tasked with arranging and hosting balls, festivals, court sessions, and other stately functions. Candidates for court positions such as the Court Physician or Master of the Hunt are also presented by the Chamberlain for approval by the other members of the council and the Regnant. The position of Chamberlain is still open. Justiciar The Justicar of the Kingdom of Curonia is the senior-most judicial figure of the nation. They help interpret and enforce the laws of the Kingdom that HER MAJESTY, the Princess Regnant, and the Cyrillian Council pass and implement within the Kingdom. The position of Justiciar is hereby granted to Lord Tobias Merentel. (@Kursion) Seneschal The Seneschal of Curonia is in charge of all forms of housing distribution, city upkeep, city projects, and shop distribution. It is through them that the housing needs of the Kingdom are monitored and fulfilled. The position of Seneschal is hereby granted to Matthias Rutledge. (@Language) HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Ester Rose Devereux, Princess Regnant of Curonia
  10. The Curonian Imperialization Act 24th of the Sun’s Smile, 1741 We, the privy council of the Kingdom of Curonia, representing the Imperial citizens of Curonia, standing for a brighter future of pan-Orenism and cultural singularity across the human species, on this day do enact the following decree. The reign of the Lord-Regent, Angelo de Alba, is hereby declared invalid, all acts, decrees, and alliances enacted under his reign are thusly considered null and void. This includes but is not limited to the pact of independence, asserting the independence of the Kingdom of Curonia and the Archduchy of Suffonia. The imperial factions within the Curonic administration thusly assert a new government to maintain peace and loyalty to the imperial crown, until the Crown Prince of the Kingdom comes of age. This new administration shall be led by the presiding Princess Regnant, Ester Devereux, who shall retain the full authority of the crown of Curonia. In cooperation with the Regnant, a regency council shall also be established to assist her in the practical duties of administration. Amathion Ironwood (Ajax_Kingslayer) is assigned to the role of Grand Knight. Matthias Othan Rutledge (1_Language_1) is assigned to the role of Seneschal. Tobías Merentel (Kursion23) is assigned to the role of Lord Justiciar Signed, Princess Regnant, Ester Devereux Seneschal, Matthias Rutledge Grand Knight, Amathion Ironwood Tobias Merentel, Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor, Baron of Hallowfell and Lord Justiciar of the Kingdom of Curon,
  11. Decree of Provisional Governance for the Kingdom of Curonia 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1741 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, Today, we have lifted Avalain from the AIS’ shadow of chaos. In order to ensure stability within the kingdom, His Imperial Majesty declares a provisional government until peace is restored. Pursuant to this decree, the Kingdom of Curonia shall be placed under a Governor-General who shall by statutory appointment hold the prerogative of the Royal Crown. The Governor-General shall be tasked with establishing an ordered Royal government and adherence to Imperial Common Law. We hereby appoint Her Highness, Ester Rose of the House of Devereux, to the office of Governor-General of the Kingdom of Curonia. She shall hold the confidence of the Imperial Crown to govern the Kingdom of Curonia and its constituent holdings under the Holy Orenian Empire. This We Proclaim, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter III Anthony, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, King of Renatus, Salvus, and Seventis, Duke of Helena, Lorraine, and Roden, Baron of Sedan, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Ester Rose Devereux, Princess Regnant of Curonia,
  12. Ester chuckles heartily as she sat by her hearth, remembering back on that day. “Such a sad state of affairs when two common women speak so low of their own Duchess. To act as though she has no right to her own culture because she has come to live within their walls.” Her head shaking as she watched the flames grew. “For them to ask me if I knew who they were! Oh, it was of the highest levels of hilarity! Then they offered me a duel, imagine that. Expecting a Princess to lower herself to their tauntings. To be so enraged by words that you insist on fighting to solve it, the way of the simple minded.”
  13. Ester reminisces on the day she most recently traveled to Morsgrad & was insulted by two lowly, ill-mannered women. “May the two of them remain in their blissful ignorance. The world is far too wide and diverse for their meak minds to ever comprehend.” She’d utter to herself. “To be torn between home and kin, these are things I do not even wish upon them.”
  14. To Lord Angelo de Alba, Regent of Curon, I write this not as the Princess of Rubern, nor as a Haensewoman. I write this as Ester Rose Devereux, speaking on behalf of my bedridden cousin whose reputation you have squandered in one fell swoop. Beneath Pierce I, Curon had hit memorable highs and inevitable lows, but the bonds he created were invaluable. The same bonds you have severed beyond repair. I will not lie about my own views of the Empire, I never have. Within my years, Imperium has crumbled time and time again. I have seen more Emperors coronated than Kings. Spent years harboring resentment against Oren and those who led it, but this is not about Oren. The war waged is against Haense in particular, the same Kingdom I was married into. The Kingdom you have left to be fed upon. I know the history of Curonia well. The decision made years ago to take our independence during the War of Two Emperors, I wonder if that has been one of the deciding factors in your choice. But you have failed to discern the difference in our times. We were a strong, and united Kingdom, underappreciated by everyone, but this is not the same. You claim independence even though you have not earned it, and even further, you will not be able to maintain it. We had the military and the unity that was necessary. Does Curon have that today? For your claims of Imperial incompetence, I see it as a thinly veiled excuse. From what I can tell, you are either blind to your own reality or you are a hypocrite. Since my cousins illness, Curon has fallen silent. The streets empty, the military non existent, and yet you call Oren corrupt, stagnant. You see your own people fleeing out of discontent, but you blame Oren and try to claim your independence? Curon has been in the sights of Morsgrad ever since they took up residence beside you. Or have you forgotten their threats? Hear my warning, the AIS have promised to assist you in taking your freedom, but the oaths of men mean little. Your short sighted decisions will lead you into destruction. Come to this realization Lord de Alba, you are entirely alone, coaxed into the wilderness by honeyed words. Those who would have stood by your side, you have abandoned. Curon, the lands of my father and forefathers will be left bare, unable to defend itself. Who will protect our people when the ferocity of men is aimed at our lands? Who will you call upon to help you maintain your ‘freedom’? SIGNED Her Royal Highness, Princess Ester Rose Alimar-Barbanov
  15. On that fateful evening, Ester would be met by a retinue of Curonian soldiers in Rubern, a solemn tone hovered over the group as they delivered a thick missive sealed with the familiar green of her House. But what the letter held, she had not expected, nor was she prepared for. She slowly fell to the dirt as her eyes moved over the page, her breathing shallowed and quiet sobs began to escape her. Ester’s mind flooded, racing through the memories of her childhood spent alongside him. And while they had little family outside from one another, to Ester, it was not lacking at all. Her heart sank as she finally came to realize that her first friend, the one who guided her through the hardest moments in her life was no longer the same, & even worse, he might never return again. The man who picked her up when her heart was shattered. The man who ensured she felt prideful of not only her House, but herself. Many of her most treasured memories were shared with Pierce. Through her cries she’d murmur a quiet promise. “You never let me face my problems alone, that is a favor I swear to repay.”
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