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  1. "He has done us proud, may he take his rest & find the strength to fight this illness." - "Ay'Valyris! Long may she reign." The Wynasul chimed with pride! "Kae'leh sil ito nae."
  2. "Mon Dieu, I only have so many paws." The musin in question exclaimed upon reading over the extensive guest list. "I will simply have to make due, c'est la vie." She mused, rushing back to the city to continue her preperations!
  3. I'm interested, I wanna know
  4. The Feast of the Ivory Mare This is a depiction of the joyous eve to follow the first of many great Johnstown feasts In the North of Orenia, the Order of the Hound will be holding a festival to celebrate the prosperity & blessings that have been bestowed upon them, both in crop, and in men who have joined their ranks. Within the past 10 years, Johnstown has seen massive sieges against their quaint homes and lost many Brothers, but they have also revelled in miracles sent by Godani himself. To celebrate and honor the life granted to them by God, Grandmaster Lazlo Krazkov has decided to host a day of festivities in the name of the Ivory Mare, inviting all of Orenia to eat, drink, & fight alongside himself and his people. A joyous occasion for all to enjoy. Competitions of the Fest Race to the Top! The day will begin with this event, a true test of agility for those with the heart to try. This bouldering course was designed by Lazlo Krazkov to test even the best of cragsmen. For the person who wins this event, they will earn a 1500 mina prize! Long Distance Javelin Toss Every man, woman and child are invited to test their strength and accuracy by participating in this throwing competition. This test was created by the Hounds to train themselves but has proved to be a rather enjoyable sport as well. Prove your arm is the best, and you will take home a 1500 mina prize! King of the Hill Can you hold the hill and end up on top? If so, you will win 1500 mina and be crowned as King for a day! This will likely be the largest game of King on the Hill in the whole of Arcas, you will not want to miss it. [Disclaimer: Johnstown is not responsible for any injuries obtained during the above competitions, but medics will be on site for any in need.] Merchant Stalls If you wish to sell your wares at the Festival, please contact Lazlo Krazkov (Maize#0885) or Catherine Helvets (Koanda#1275). They will be provided free of charge in celebration of this great day! Special Invitations are sent to the following: His Imperial Majesty, Peter III of House Horen, as well as the entirety of the Imperial House Novellen His Royal Majesty, Sigismund II of House Barbanov, as well as the entirety of the Royal Household His Grace, Robert Castor of House Helvets, as well as the entirety of the Ducal Household OOC INFO This event will take place at 7PM EST on Saturday, the 30th of May Johnstown is North of Kaedrin, x: 460 y: -2000
  5. Catherine decides that the upcoming festival in Johnstown should be held in honor of this astonishing gift from GOD.
  6. Words Left Unspoken A young Charlotte Cecilia d’Arkent captured candidly writing within her study. The following pieces would be found throughout Charlotte’s many journals. The most honest of her thoughts, her regrets, her admissions, her heart, lived through her writing. Each page would be scattered with pooled ink spots where she lingered too long with her quill, and stray tears littering the words scrawled. For Daniel Louis Kyr. He didn’t even remember those three letters. I thought I meant more to him than that. The day he first showed me the library in his plans I nearly cried, and when it had finally been built, a physical place for my dreams to flourish, it exceeded every expectation I could have set. You helped me realize my dreams, but refused to allow me the ability to return the favor. I thought that of everyone, he would confide in me. I hurt too, every day, but… But I was never your solace before. I’m expecting too much, aren’t I? I try not to burden you, so why would you do that to me, someone you vowed to protect? You spend years trying to cushion my every fall, why would you reveal something like this to me? I screamed at you, I cursed you, I can’t believe I... How can I apologize, Danny? I’ll swallow my pride, I’ll quiet it however I can, I need to silence this constant whisper of guilt. For Peter Baldwin You’ve never been a sad person, not outwardly at least, but to see your smile today, to see you this colorful and alive. In that moment, I finally saw my brother’s heart heavy, so full that it spilled over. You were always the one who took care of me, day in, day out, an inseparable pair we were. Why did we lose that? Why didn’t I try harder to keep up with you? You were busy with the guard, and I was lost in my journals. But truth is, you always had time for me. I can only blame myself for losing you, & that realization... I never wanted to fall away from you, but it’s clear that I did this, our relationship dwindling was my fault. We’ve spent a thousand nights tangled up in silly stories, lost in our own world where nothing could touch us. Those are the nights I recount when I feel so terribly lost, I will always think of you. For Mary Philippa God, why is she so insufferable? Always better, always prettier. She is better though, isn’t she? Always elegant, gracious with everyone who isn’t me. Why do we hate each other, Mary? How did we fall apart like this, I never wanted it... but maybe you didn’t either. The plight of two daughters of a Duke living perpetually locked in this competition. We care not for ourselves or each other, just vying for the approval of everyone else, everyone who frankly does not matter. How pointless. I’ve pretended that I didn’t want you in my life, such a dense lie. I always wished to be something you could find happiness in, a sister that made you proud, maybe I still can... I’ll admit, when you first married Green, I thought of it as nothing more than a stunt, but the way he looks to you.. How could I have been so wrong? Even if your happiness stems from everyone but me, I will find a way to cope, as long as you are happy. For Charles Henry I could never tell if your humor stemmed from a place of love, or loathing of me. Honestly, I couldn’t blame you either way. Most find me abrasive, hard to cope with, but you, you always accept me with open arms. Whenever I speak to you, it’s as if we were raised together, as if our lives had never been disconnected. I always thought you would treat me differently, worse. That the distinction in our blood would cause you more pause but it never did. And now I wonder, what does that say of me? You are my brother, regardless of your other half. But have I proved that to you? Or have I left you thinking that I would, or could opt to live without you? You’ve completed us, Charlie, you’ve known us for so little in comparison and yet you’ve broken every barrier without attempt. We are not a family without you. I’m not whole without you. For (the only) John Sigismund I remember the day that I begged you to spy on dad and Leo because I so desperately did not want a husband. And of course you obliged, protecting me like you always did. My big brother swooping in to shield me from anything that could hurt me, real or imagined. All those times we spoke about what we would do when we were older, how you would adventure off and be the valiant knight who came to rescue us when we needed you. How you would fight for the defenseless. I so looked forward to hearing your tales, of hearing of the Princess’ you saved and enemies you struck down. Oh, how I wish to hear those stories today, but now I realize that having a wandering, noble brother means that you hardly have time to tell them… I miss you so dearly, John, where are you? For Alexander Joseph Your kindness has always struck me as one of the purest things I’ve seen. Someone who I could never even attempt to emulate, God, I’m far too rash. Maybe that’s why I pulled away from you, because there was so much about you that made me feel insecure about myself, a stupid plan when I think about it blankly. How could I learn when I hide? I hope you didn’t notice my hesitance with you, it’s not something you deserve. I regret it so much. I just.. I’m sorry Alex. I’m sorry I have never been the sort of sister for you to lean on. I am sorry I have never been the person for you to confide in. For Mother & Father Am I in the wrong? To live, fueled by resentment. It wasn’t something I wished to do, but there is no containing it. I am many things, but discreet is not one of those. To bite my tongue when there is so much poison in my mouth, I never could. Where do I put it? How do I cope with this? I hate to carry this around with me, taking it out on you with my every breath, to have formed into this cold of a woman. I’ll never say this to your faces, but I am sorry, deeply sorry. For Leo Is it possible to miss you more today than yesterday? That’s how it feels at least. But your name comes out of my mouth more now, and it doesn’t rip me apart each time. The years I spent with you, they shook my reality, destroying everything I had built in my head about you. The image of a Prince who loved himself more than he could ever love another. I only wish I could have seen that Prince meet his daughter. Those days talking endlessly about anything, everything. You warmed me more than any fire could, melting through my frigid self to find the girl trapped inside. When we do meet again, I don’t think I could be pried away from you. Once has been more than enough. With her last moments, Charlotte’s small frame would rest in her sister, Mary Phillipa’s arms, the last place she had expected to find comfort. Her weakened hands gripping onto the silky green fabrics, holding on as if it might help her remain. The panic flooding into her cold grey eyes, her fear laid bare as she gasped for air, trying to fight her fate with all she had left. With each cry, every tear, Mary would hold Charlotte tighter than before, offering soft murmurings of comfort. Charlotte’s mind was plagued with worry for her only child, but in Mary’s embrace, she knew that Catherine was safe. She would have everything, more protectors than any child could want, the unending love of each of her kin to fill the cup of the tiny Helvetii. “You will see Leo again.” Mary whispered to her, her voice carrying over the sound of the pouring rain around them, the words that soothed Charlotte’s terror. With that, her body still pouring crimson would finally fall limp, the last of her life flowing from her form. REQUIESCE IN PACE 1733 – 1761 Charlotte Cecilia d’Arkent Helvets Survived by her daughter Catherine Helvets, & her closest of kin, Charles Henry, Daniel Louis, Mary Philippa, John Sigismund, Alexander Joseph and Peter Baldwin
  7. Koanda#1275 Italian Blue - 1.6k
  8. Ellan’drea Devione returned to her clan hall soon after reading the declaration, a thin smirk resting on her features as she began preparing for the war to come. “May Luara guide us.”
  9. Help Wanted! The Palace of Selm has become a place of jubilation! Both rambunctious and elegant, its grounds are home to not only the noble d’Arkents, but other noble guests. It is often visited by aristocrats from across the Empire, from Senators to Kings to Lords and Knights, and the demand for service has grown dramatically. The Duke of Sunholdt invites all those in keeping with the jovial affair of festival to apply to work for him and his family. The following positions are available: Servant A servant can take the form of a butler, maid, cook, or otherwise. Must be well mannered. Stablehand As Selm’s stables grow, so too does it need someone devoted to the training and care of the fine horses. Scholars & Tutors As the Library of Selm grows and it becomes a place of educational growth, there grows a need for those willing to assist with its expansion and institution. Wages can be discussed at the time of interview. Contact the following to be considered! John d’Arkent : TangoIsPointless Vespira d’Arkent: Marinaemily Mary d’Arkent : Ivorey Charlotte d’Arkent : Koander Daniel d’Arkent : Capace Alexander d’Arkent : Chaosgamer Peter d’Arkent : ErikAzog John d’Arkent : Pancakehz
  10. RP Name: Charlotte Cecilia MC Username: Koander Discord: Koanda#1275 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: For one, I am a newer player and have never seen Athera. I think it would be really interesting to see a map different from Arcas for the first time. I also think it would lead to nice character development. What Skills Can You Bring?: Charlotte is an aspiring historian, and skilled with a bow. She’s witty, and intelligent. Her solutions to problems are usually out of the box. Also is somewhat knowledgable with medicine.
  11. A Flower Left to Wilt 20th of Owyn’s Light, 1745 “We, Devereux, do not break easy, cousin, do not forget this.” Pierce’s words would echo through her life, but these in particular were her foundation. She would forge herself into an unbreakable woman, one to make her kin proud. Even as a girl, Ester’s presence was one hardly rivaled. Her spirit warmed the dusty halls of the nearly empty palace & her laughter lifted the gloom of the dreary, cold air of the Kingdom. Each trial in her life was something she faced with a smile, regardless of the pain left in its wake. None harder than the loss of her closest kin which cut her deeply, but resilience was embedded into the girls soul. Her strength lay dormant much of her life, only showing to those nearest her. When things became hard, Ester was never one to shy away. “We do not break.” She’d assure herself as she stared opposition in the face time and time again. But at no point did these qualities mean more than when she chose to go home in the hopes of saving it. Her return to Avalain was sudden and came with it many hardships, but Ester was intent on moving forward, ever the persistent person she was. A great weight was set upon the now Governess, her nation that had once thrived stood at the edge of ruin. Determined to make a place for Curon in a time where it had nearly been forgotten, she had a daunting task ahead. Despite the doubts of some and the state of her nation, she began rebuilding. With time came progress for the Devereux, the realm of Avalain starting to show promise. Though with progress and time comes difficulties, and as they do everyone, began to wear Ester down. The constant pressure to keep things afloat loomed over her, making even the simplest day to day of her life strenuous. Despite the stress of all that had come with her title, the Governess kept on, her weariness outweighed by the will to see Curon succeed. As Ester wandered through the lifeless streets of Astorga, the quiet of the crashing waves allowed her a single moment of peace unconcerned with the danger that lingered. Her eyes fell closed as she breathed the salty air that surrounded her, a soft smile on her lips as she reminisced on the earliest years of her life spent along these very shores. Just as quickly as she had relaxed, the tranquility was broken by three words spoken by a familiar voice. “Eja, good Regent.” She stood tall as Augustus and his three men surrounded her, the woman’s resolve remaining unbroken even in the face of certain death. After a few harsh words were spoken by the pair, Ester would question the Vilac’s assertion, “Your land? This land is Curonian, I doubt my People will allow a pretender Horen to have it.” After her remark, a Morsgradi man approached her and sent a heavy hand across her face. Few would expect Ester’s response, stepping toward the man as she raised her dagger to his throat, the blade digging into his skin. But something stopped her, perhaps it was her desire for the bloodshed to finally end, “I am no senseless murderer. Not like the rest of you. So please, move away from me, runt.” In time she was tied, and escorted back to Morsgrad. Her head held high as she took her place before the Ash Tree, her clothes tattered and hands bound but a proud woman nonetheless. Most of what was spoken did not phase her, but one. “I bear the sins of my forefathers, so do you. Our lives were never our own to live.” Godric may not have offered them as comfort to his captive, but they chimed with truth & resonated. She had lived the life she was meant to, a life of courage and honor; a journey befitting the bear she was. “Have you any last words before you breathe your last?” The Duke rumbled to the woman before him. With this came the first crack in Ester’s stoicism as the realization crept into her mind. “My children, I am trusting you to keep them safe from your men.” Her eyes grew glossy as she lowered her head, taking the few moments she had left to reminisce on the time she had spent with them, days she would have done anything to have back. “You have my word that they will not be harmed if it is within my power to prevent.” His oath was all she needed, allowing the woman to find solace in her end. “I will not break” She’d utter a final time as she awaited Augustus’ blade. With her last moments, the Devereux only thought of her family. Whether it through blood or bonds, she thought of those that had been by her side throughout her life. Her thoughts drifted to the most paramount of those close to her, her children, her cousin, the Alimar’s. Her faith in the Duke and his promises held, her only hope for a future for her crows. Her thoughts were then ended abruptly, her life cut short at the base of the Ash Tree. Princess Ester Rose Devereux 1710 – 1745
  12. Decree of Provisional Governance for the Kingdom of Curonia 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1741 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, Today, we have lifted Avalain from the AIS’ shadow of chaos. In order to ensure stability within the kingdom, His Imperial Majesty declares a provisional government until peace is restored. Pursuant to this decree, the Kingdom of Curonia shall be placed under a Governor-General who shall by statutory appointment hold the prerogative of the Royal Crown. The Governor-General shall be tasked with establishing an ordered Royal government and adherence to Imperial Common Law. We hereby appoint Her Highness, Ester Rose of the House of Devereux, to the office of Governor-General of the Kingdom of Curonia. She shall hold the confidence of the Imperial Crown to govern the Kingdom of Curonia and its constituent holdings under the Holy Orenian Empire. This We Proclaim, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter III Anthony, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, King of Renatus, Salvus, and Seventis, Duke of Helena, Lorraine, and Roden, Baron of Sedan, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Ester Rose Devereux, Princess Regnant of Curonia,
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