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  1. The Feast of the Ivory Mare This is a depiction of the joyous eve to follow the first of many great Johnstown feasts In the North of Orenia, the Order of the Hound will be holding a festival to celebrate the prosperity & blessings that have been bestowed upon them, both in crop, and in men who have joined their ranks. Within the past 10 years, Johnstown has seen massive sieges against their quaint homes and lost many Brothers, but they have also revelled in miracles sent by Godani himself. To celebrate and honor the life granted to them by God, G
  2. The first Princess of Rubern watches on from the skies, as she had for years. The turmoil that had rooted in the fertile lands of the Province grew out of control like weeds, resulting in countless deaths. She’d only shake her head, finally prying her gaze away from the land that had troubled her for so long.
  3. Catherine decides that the upcoming festival in Johnstown should be held in honor of this astonishing gift from GOD.
  4. Words Left Unspoken A young Charlotte Cecilia d’Arkent captured candidly writing within her study. The following pieces would be found throughout Charlotte’s many journals. The most honest of her thoughts, her regrets, her admissions, her heart, lived through her writing. Each page would be scattered with pooled ink spots where she lingered too long with her quill, and stray tears littering the words scrawled. For Daniel Louis Kyr. He didn’t even remember those three letters. I thought I
  5. Ellan'drea Devione happened upon a loose missive on her way home to Renelia, a bright smile overtook her lips as she read over the parchment . El picked up the pace, nearly running to help prepare a place for the newcomers.
  6. Koanda#1275 Italian Blue - 1.6k
  7. Ellan’drea Devione returned to her clan hall soon after reading the declaration, a thin smirk resting on her features as she began preparing for the war to come. “May Luara guide us.”
  8. Help Wanted! The Palace of Selm has become a place of jubilation! Both rambunctious and elegant, its grounds are home to not only the noble d’Arkents, but other noble guests. It is often visited by aristocrats from across the Empire, from Senators to Kings to Lords and Knights, and the demand for service has grown dramatically. The Duke of Sunholdt invites all those in keeping with the jovial affair of festival to apply to work for him and his family. The following positions are available: Servant A servant can take the form of a but
  9. Ester would feel her sorrow for Mariya deepen once again. Remembering the woman who gave up on love for the good of her kin, and now to learn that her own betrayed her. “I never expected this of Milena, to lower herself for a snake of a man.” She’d comment from the Seven with distaste.
  10. RP Name: Charlotte Cecilia MC Username: Koander Discord: Koanda#1275 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: For one, I am a newer player and have never seen Athera. I think it would be really interesting to see a map different from Arcas for the first time. I also think it would lead to nice character development. What Skills Can You Bring?: Charlotte is an aspiring historian, and skilled with a bow. She’s witty, and intelligent. Her solutions to problems are usually out of the box. Also is somewhat knowledgable with medicine.
  11. Ester frowns from the Skies as she watches over the man who was once her crow wilt into nothing more than a hate filled hypocrite. ”To think, you named our child after your lover & I stayed silent for the sake of our unity. A man who attempted to kill me, tried to aid in my capture now shames me in death over rumors. And they say women are the petty ones.”
  12. A Flower Left to Wilt 20th of Owyn’s Light, 1745 “We, Devereux, do not break easy, cousin, do not forget this.” Pierce’s words would echo through her life, but these in particular were her foundation. She would forge herself into an unbreakable woman, one to make her kin proud. Even as a girl, Ester’s presence was one hardly rivaled. Her spirit warmed the dusty halls of the nearly empty palace & her laughter lifted the gloom of the dreary, cold air of the Kingdom. Each trial in her life was something she faced with a smile, rega
  13. “Who the **** is that?” Ester would inquire of the random claiming her families titles.
  14. Koanda


    “A diamond she has become.” Ester would comment as she read over her daughters words, a gentle smile forming on her lips for the first in what felt like years. “God has truly blessed me with you, Aleks. I only pray that your brother learns from your wisdom.”
  15. Decree of Provisional Governance for the Kingdom of Curonia 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1741 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, Today, we have lifted Avalain from the AIS’ shadow of chaos. In order to ensure stability within the kingdom, His Imperial Majesty declares a provisional government until peace is restored. Pursuant to this decree, the Kingdom of Curonia shall be placed under a Governor-General who shall by statutory appointment hold the prerogative of the Royal Crown. The Governor-General shall be tasked with establishing an ordered Royal governmen
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