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  1. Koanda#1275 Italian Blue - 1.6k
  2. Ellan’drea Devione returned to her clan hall soon after reading the declaration, a thin smirk resting on her features as she began preparing for the war to come. “May Luara guide us.”
  3. Help Wanted! The Palace of Selm has become a place of jubilation! Both rambunctious and elegant, its grounds are home to not only the noble d’Arkents, but other noble guests. It is often visited by aristocrats from across the Empire, from Senators to Kings to Lords and Knights, and the demand for service has grown dramatically. The Duke of Sunholdt invites all those in keeping with the jovial affair of festival to apply to work for him and his family. The following positions are available: Servant A servant can take the form of a butler, maid, cook, or otherwise. Must be well mannered. Stablehand As Selm’s stables grow, so too does it need someone devoted to the training and care of the fine horses. Scholars & Tutors As the Library of Selm grows and it becomes a place of educational growth, there grows a need for those willing to assist with its expansion and institution. Wages can be discussed at the time of interview. Contact the following to be considered! John d’Arkent : TangoIsPointless Vespira d’Arkent: Marinaemily Mary d’Arkent : Ivorey Charlotte d’Arkent : Koander Daniel d’Arkent : Capace Alexander d’Arkent : Chaosgamer Peter d’Arkent : ErikAzog John d’Arkent : Pancakehz
  4. Ester would feel her sorrow for Mariya deepen once again. Remembering the woman who gave up on love for the good of her kin, and now to learn that her own betrayed her. “I never expected this of Milena, to lower herself for a snake of a man.” She’d comment from the Seven with distaste.
  5. RP Name: Charlotte Cecilia MC Username: Koander Discord: Koanda#1275 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: For one, I am a newer player and have never seen Athera. I think it would be really interesting to see a map different from Arcas for the first time. I also think it would lead to nice character development. What Skills Can You Bring?: Charlotte is an aspiring historian, and skilled with a bow. She’s witty, and intelligent. Her solutions to problems are usually out of the box. Also is somewhat knowledgable with medicine.
  6. Ester stands with a smile as she welcomes the King to the comfort of the Seven, a mug of Black at the ready for his arrival. ”It’s been quite some time, old friend. Long have you lived, and blessed are those who mourn your loss.”
  7. Hana Kovachev approves this message.
  8. Ester frowns from the Skies as she watches over the man who was once her crow wilt into nothing more than a hate filled hypocrite. ”To think, you named our child after your lover & I stayed silent for the sake of our unity. A man who attempted to kill me, tried to aid in my capture now shames me in death over rumors. And they say women are the petty ones.”
  9. A Flower Left to Wilt 20th of Owyn’s Light, 1745 “We, Devereux, do not break easy, cousin, do not forget this.” Pierce’s words would echo through her life, but these in particular were her foundation. She would forge herself into an unbreakable woman, one to make her kin proud. Even as a girl, Ester’s presence was one hardly rivaled. Her spirit warmed the dusty halls of the nearly empty palace & her laughter lifted the gloom of the dreary, cold air of the Kingdom. Each trial in her life was something she faced with a smile, regardless of the pain left in its wake. None harder than the loss of her closest kin which cut her deeply, but resilience was embedded into the girls soul. Her strength lay dormant much of her life, only showing to those nearest her. When things became hard, Ester was never one to shy away. “We do not break.” She’d assure herself as she stared opposition in the face time and time again. But at no point did these qualities mean more than when she chose to go home in the hopes of saving it. Her return to Avalain was sudden and came with it many hardships, but Ester was intent on moving forward, ever the persistent person she was. A great weight was set upon the now Governess, her nation that had once thrived stood at the edge of ruin. Determined to make a place for Curon in a time where it had nearly been forgotten, she had a daunting task ahead. Despite the doubts of some and the state of her nation, she began rebuilding. With time came progress for the Devereux, the realm of Avalain starting to show promise. Though with progress and time comes difficulties, and as they do everyone, began to wear Ester down. The constant pressure to keep things afloat loomed over her, making even the simplest day to day of her life strenuous. Despite the stress of all that had come with her title, the Governess kept on, her weariness outweighed by the will to see Curon succeed. As Ester wandered through the lifeless streets of Astorga, the quiet of the crashing waves allowed her a single moment of peace unconcerned with the danger that lingered. Her eyes fell closed as she breathed the salty air that surrounded her, a soft smile on her lips as she reminisced on the earliest years of her life spent along these very shores. Just as quickly as she had relaxed, the tranquility was broken by three words spoken by a familiar voice. “Eja, good Regent.” She stood tall as Augustus and his three men surrounded her, the woman’s resolve remaining unbroken even in the face of certain death. After a few harsh words were spoken by the pair, Ester would question the Vilac’s assertion, “Your land? This land is Curonian, I doubt my People will allow a pretender Horen to have it.” After her remark, a Morsgradi man approached her and sent a heavy hand across her face. Few would expect Ester’s response, stepping toward the man as she raised her dagger to his throat, the blade digging into his skin. But something stopped her, perhaps it was her desire for the bloodshed to finally end, “I am no senseless murderer. Not like the rest of you. So please, move away from me, runt.” In time she was tied, and escorted back to Morsgrad. Her head held high as she took her place before the Ash Tree, her clothes tattered and hands bound but a proud woman nonetheless. Most of what was spoken did not phase her, but one. “I bear the sins of my forefathers, so do you. Our lives were never our own to live.” Godric may not have offered them as comfort to his captive, but they chimed with truth & resonated. She had lived the life she was meant to, a life of courage and honor; a journey befitting the bear she was. “Have you any last words before you breathe your last?” The Duke rumbled to the woman before him. With this came the first crack in Ester’s stoicism as the realization crept into her mind. “My children, I am trusting you to keep them safe from your men.” Her eyes grew glossy as she lowered her head, taking the few moments she had left to reminisce on the time she had spent with them, days she would have done anything to have back. “You have my word that they will not be harmed if it is within my power to prevent.” His oath was all she needed, allowing the woman to find solace in her end. “I will not break” She’d utter a final time as she awaited Augustus’ blade. With her last moments, the Devereux only thought of her family. Whether it through blood or bonds, she thought of those that had been by her side throughout her life. Her thoughts drifted to the most paramount of those close to her, her children, her cousin, the Alimar’s. Her faith in the Duke and his promises held, her only hope for a future for her crows. Her thoughts were then ended abruptly, her life cut short at the base of the Ash Tree. Princess Ester Rose Devereux 1710 – 1745
  10. “Who the **** is that?” Ester would inquire of the random claiming her families titles.
  11. Koanda


    “A diamond she has become.” Ester would comment as she read over her daughters words, a gentle smile forming on her lips for the first in what felt like years. “God has truly blessed me with you, Aleks. I only pray that your brother learns from your wisdom.”
  12. Le Griffe d’ours de Curonia Est. 1741 History The Kingdom of Curonia touts a unified military force forged under the Crown of Curonia and in service to the ideals of valor, honor, and prestige. The Royal Army of Curonia is the primary fighting force of the Crown and has served the realm faithfully. Founded originally by Jarrack Draskovits, the military of Curon was formed to consolidate the different levies and groups within the Kingdom. The Royal Army of Curon first began during the arrival onto Atlas under King Wilhelm Devereux. The army began as a small, unorganized force of steadfast warriors. The army was further developed and united under the leadership of Marshal Jarrack Draskovits and Duke Charles Devereux. Its humble origins attest to their gradual organizational prowess, demonstrated by the strong bonds of camaraderie in the face of adversity. Its eventual formation of the Order of Ursus marked the heightening of the Curonian military during the reign of King Wilhelm I. The force became a stronger, cohesive levy under the Kingdom of Curonia. The Order of Ursus was characterized by its chivalric code and respect for honor. It was not until the leadership of Lord Regent Ecbert Devereux, Ser Charles Montagne, and Ser Sylvestre Halcourt that the levies of Curon merged into the formal standing royal force of the kingdom. The Royal Army of Curonia stands stalwart in the modern-day, poised to affirm its commitment to the realm and people. Its decades of reform and development have produced a strong-willed force, united under the banner of Devereux, the sovereignty of Curon, and in the defense of a united Orenian Empire. Values and Ideals Honor- “To each man due honor, for the glory of Curonia and the unity of all.” It is the duty of all soldiers who serve under the Curonia banner to uphold honor. Dishonor wracks the heart and soul of the man, rendering his armor and weapons into brittle. Respect- “To all who come to us, our respect be theirs.” It is the duty of all to show respect, projecting the greatness of the Curonian nation and the benevolence of its culture. The military is the bulwark to protect and serve to steward the best of Curonian values. Courage- “To all who seek us in battle, our enemies shall be overcome by our courage.” It is the duty of the soldiers to clothe their minds through the veil of courage, taking on all adversity to protect the motherland and to Curonia’s allies. Notable Commanders Jarrack Draskovits - The first Marshal of Curon and paramount advisor to Charles Devereux. Jarrack helped to establish the nation of Curon upon arrival to Atlas. The main military leader during the time of the Norlandic and bandit incursions throughout Atlas. Remained a devout and faithful man to Curon till the day of his death. Ser Charles Montagne - Renown as a knight of Curon, Ser Charles is remembered as an important model for chivalry and Curonian valor. He is an unwavering model of martial prowess, standing valiant in the face of adversity. His demeanor and command among men is a symbol of heroic virtue for all Curonian soldiers. 1653- Curonian Forces during the Czena Confederation. Ranks Ministre de Guerre - This position is appointed by the Crown to supervise the entirety of the military and is trusted with carrying out the will of the monarch. The Secretary of War ensures that the Kingdom and Capital are defended by a standing army. They advise the Crown on matters of military, and must develop a garrison for the Capital City capable of representing the Crown’s interests both in its own defense, and in foreign theaters. They may promote commanders and officers to the Royal Army as they see fit. Colonel - This position is appointed directly by the Secretary of War and the Governess of Curon, the second in command of all military matters, entrusted with directing officers and advising the Secretary of War. Capitaine - Capitaine is the highest enlisted rank possible through traditional promotions and is given to those who have excelled as an officer and are considered highly efficient and competent. Lieutenant - Lieutenant, much like Sergeant, is for those that have proven to be capable commanders but have shown they can be trusted with matters deemed more important to the cause of the military. Sergeant - Sergeant is given to the Lancers that prove to be above average, and have shown that they can be trusted with command over others. Lancer - This position is given to those that have proven to be an exceptional Aspirant. Those promoted to this rank shall have demonstrated proficiency in basic combat and understand the codex of the Curonian military. They make up the majority of the Royal force of Curon. Aspirant - This position is the beginning rank of the Royal Army of Curon, made up entirely of those new to a military lifestyle. Oath “I, [name] do solemnly pledge my soul for the heart of Curonia, to protect the meek, to defend the land, and to secure the blessings of GOD. I proclaim to the Skies as my witness to uphold the values and valor of Curonia, to serve the House of Devereux and to preserve the peace and stability of humanity. I commit myself to the path of righteousness, using the sword to strike the malicious and the shield to defend the people. Let this be my oath, for so I oath myself in service to the Kingdom of Curonia.” OOC: Contact Gored#0001 Kursion#5029 Koanda#1275 for more information.
  13. Koanda

    The Rescue; The Fight

    Ester shook her head as she heard the claims of Vladrick’s rescue. “How can one rescue a man who was not being held captive? They must think I am some sort of sorcerer, for I am clearly not strong enough to hold Vladrick alone.” She’d settle onto her couch as she crumpled the letter, tossing it into the fire. “They enter into my home, liberate a free man, attempt to end my life, and still claim to be the righteous ones. Shameful.”
  14. As Ester received word of Milena’s passing, a cold chill ran through her veins, an aching sorrow that dug deep into the woman as she read each word. “I suppose that tea will have to wait even longer, dear Queen.” She’d utter beneath her breath as a few stray tears spilled onto her cheeks. “Rest well, Milena, until we meet again.”
  15. The Princess is sad because her stupid councillors wrote this. She fires half of them. She then issues a last-minute edit.
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