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  1. On that fateful evening, Ester would be met by a retinue of Curonian soldiers in Rubern, a solemn tone hovered over the group as they delivered a thick missive sealed with the familiar green of her House. But what the letter held, she had not expected, nor was she prepared for. She slowly fell to the dirt as her eyes moved over the page, her breathing shallowed and quiet sobs began to escape her. Ester’s mind flooded, racing through the memories of her childhood spent alongside him. And while they had little family outside from one another, to Ester, it was not lacking at all. Her heart sank as she finally came to realize that her first friend, the one who guided her through the hardest moments in her life was no longer the same, & even worse, he might never return again. The man who picked her up when her heart was shattered. The man who ensured she felt prideful of not only her House, but herself. Many of her most treasured memories were shared with Pierce. Through her cries she’d murmur a quiet promise. “You never let me face my problems alone, that is a favor I swear to repay.”
  2. Crowning of a Crow Invitations will be sent throughout the realm reading as follows Since its founding, the Province of Rubern has grown beyond all expectation. The settlement and its denizens have thrived beneath the rule of one, the ‘Black Prince’ Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar. It is with pride that we announce that the day of ascension has arrived for the young Knyaz of Rubern. The Coronation will be presided over by the High Pontiff, Daniel VI within the halls of Fort Krasna. The denizens of Rubern and allies of the Province are welcome to join us in this momentous occasion. Following the ceremony, the Prince has decided to host a grand feast complete with drinking, dancing, and perhaps a fight or two. Those Invited to Attend Include: The House of Alimar, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Rubern The House of Barbanov, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Haense The House of Devereux, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Curonia The House of Sarkozic, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of the Crownlands The Houses of Dragonblood, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of their respective holdings The House of Helvets, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Kaedrin The House of Suffolk, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Suffonia The House of Staunton, as well as the Nobility & Citizenry of Westmarch OOC Sunday, September 14 5 PM EST Fort Krasna in The Province of Rubern
  3. Union in the North *A painting depicting the feast to follow the ceremony in the County of Ayr.* Invitations would be delivered throughout the lands of Reza. One dropped off at each door, even to settlements as far as Nenzing. It is with joy that we announce the upcoming unification of the Count Sigmar Joren Baruch, to his betrothed, Lady Marya Ruthern. By the Grace of God, and in the presence of family and friends, the two shall become one. The union will take place in the Grand Manor of Ayr, Marianburg. It is with a happy heart that the Count extends invitations to all citizens of Haenseti-Ruska, hoping for many to join in on the celebration of this union. SIGNED, His Excellency, Sigmar Joren of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Guardian of the Haeseni Coast, Lord of Jorenstadt, and Marianburg, and Lord Kastellan of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Marya Adelheid of the House Ruthern OOC: Thursday, September 5th 8 PM EST
  4. The First Clash of Rubern *A painting depicting a joust taking place in the Province of Rubern* Flyers posted all throughout Arcas would catch your eye, reading as follows. In celebration of the newly built settlement, as well as the union of the Prince and Princess, Rubern has seen it fit to host its first Festival. All are welcome to join us, whether a swordsman, or simply a spectator. There will be something to enjoy for all. Tournaments Rubern is well known for the Black Reiters, their equestrian prowess, & marksmanship. In honor of each, the council has decided to host not one, but three separate contests during this fest. A joust, melee and archery competition! The Joust will be the main event. The Stable Master has offered to provide two Warhorses so there is no need to bring your own. The fee is 100 minae to enter with one exception. Rubern has seen it well to sponsor all Knights of Humanity who wish to compete in the Joust. The Melee will follow the joust. No weapons will be permitted. The fee also being 100 minae to enter. Finally, the Archery contest. The Artillator of the Black Army will provide several recurve bows and plenty of newly fletched arrows for this portion. Each opponent will be given three test shots before the start of the competition. The fee to enter is 50 minae. The winner of each will depart with ¾ of the profits of that specific competition, as well as a unique item to commemorate their victory! Market Stalls The placement of Rubern has made it into a promising trade city complete with a Rhenyari smithy selling full sets of armor, Madame Eloise’s authentic Auvergne baked treats, and the cheapest ferum in the whole of the Empire! If you would like to rent a stall for the day, contact the Princess of Rubern, Ester Rose. (Koanda#1275) In addition to all that is listed above, there will be games, food and plenty of drink! We would be honored to have guests from all across Arcas in attendance to share in this joyous celebration. OOC: Sunday, September 1 4 PM EST
  5. A Tranquil Bear On a cool day, a fateful letter would arrive, beckoning Dame Celest Ulric to help a woman in the lands of Llyria. The situation was so familiar to her. She had often been called to far away lands to help heal those in need, and it was her passion to do so. Her path had been set before her since the mere age of 5, though she never fully realized it. As she travelled, her mind would cloud with thoughts as it regularly had. On this day memories of Astorga would play for her, the place she had thought of as home, though she had been away for many years. As she neared the newly found nation, she was confronted by a group of orcs. “Halt!” One called out to her. Unphased, the aged Dame stood proudly, and patiently as she spoke with them. After a few moments of conversing, a strange, new addition approached the group. A masked figure holding a skull in hand. He’d begin looking her over, mumbling something as he circled in a foreign, gutteral tongue, she paid him little mind. As the confrontation continued, a Llyrian passed by yelling “Have fun!” as he did. Celest would merely snarl at the man, whispering quietly as she averted her eyes from him. “Spineless *****.” “Da spirits will be ‘appy wiv such a offerin’.” One would comment alerting Celest of their intentions. “Your Gods, what do they prophesy to you?” she’d ask with narrowed eyes affixed to the masked leader. “AI zhow lat!” The witch doctor snapped before blowing into the skull in Celest’s direction. “Gorund villi hundla wita faer.” (Gorund will deal with you) she’d hiss back to the masked stranger, her own foreign tongue coming to the surface. The youngest orc grabbed the woman, but she hardly realized as her sight began to fade. A panic setting in as her mind was overtaken by visions. Before her, she saw a great fire that spewed smoke throughout the cave, the doctor chanting as the other orcs danced. At this point, she saw herself, her own face was bright red with fury, cheeks stained with harsh tears. An odd red marking on her head was the only thing that set herself apart from the woman’s current appearance. In one fell swoop, she saw herself lifted from the ground to be savagely thrown into the fire. Embers shooting through the air as the flames grew 5 times in size. Celest opened her mouth to scream, but heard nothing. Nothing but the crackling of the fire mixed with the roaring of the orcs. A red mist began to fill the cave. She watched in terror as their eyes turned red, their bodies bulking in size before her. As the hallucination ended & her vision returned, she would find herself screaming and in a panic on the ground. Tears pouring from her eyes, she would look around at each of the present figures, whispering prayers to Gorund, realizing her fate had already been decided. She would soon be dragged off. As her tears fell to the cobble below her, her mind would wander to the faces that her life was built around. Talia, Eric, Thorvald, Ecbert, Charles, Klaudia, Graham, Atreus, Lotte, Pierce, Friggr, each reminding her of a life well spent. But one lingered, the man with honey eyes, the one that she longed to see most. “I’m sorry, Angelo. We never did get that spar.” she’d murmur. Some time later, they reached the familiar caves of Urguan. She would call out to them, her voice low, and rough “Faer huksa faeryd vaskr vijane'ja onae? Unae loford faer, minna vita'ja faer. Han villi hefna.” (You think your Gods want me? I promise you, mine knows you. He will avenge.) The orcs chatter falling deaf on her ears as her tears came to an end, leaving only her anger. Soon, a familiar dwarf would enter the cave. “Wot es goin on? Po, wot ave s'e done wrong?” The Clan Father would ask as he approached. Her voice heightened to that of a howl “Eldur villi detta dinja fram faer. Unae villi hlaeja sem fit gerir!” (Fire will rain down on you. I will smile as it does!) The strange doctor would simply yell back, chanting strange words to her as he smeared a red paste across her forehead. She’d call to Borin, her voice frantic and angry. “I did not wrong. They simply see it fit to feiking burn me alive. Savages!” she’d shout as she continued struggling against the orc. Borin immediately called for Celest to be released but before his advice could be heeded, she was lofted over the young orcs head, and her body cast into the flames. In her final moments, her mind would flash back to the day she sat with her brother, his face pale and body cold. The day that changed her entire life. His passing gave her the meaning she had always sought, though she had just now realized it. The ache she had felt washed away, and a strange comfort enveloped her. She was finally ready. Celest Alys Ulric 1689-1730
  6. Ester wonders where Lorraine is in the above missive...
  7. The Union of a Crow & Bear A painting depicting the Wedding of Prince Vladrick of Rubern and Haense & Princess Ester of Curonia Invitations would be delivered throughout the lands of Oren. A pitch black piece of parchment sealed with a deep crimson wax that bore the indentation of the sigil of House Alimar It is with great joy that we announce the upcoming unification of The ‘Black’ Prince, Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar, to his betrothed, Princess Ester Devereux. By the Grace of God, and in the presence of family and friends, the two shall become one. The union will take place in the Province of Rubern within Fort Krasna, located beside the Haense-Rubern Crossroads. It is with happy hearts that the Prince & Princess extend invitations to all citizens of Orenia, hoping for many to join in on the celebration of this union. The House of ALIMAR, and the Nobility and Citizens of Rubern The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of BARBANOV, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House DE JOANNES, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cascadia The House of HELVETS, and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin The House of STAUNTON, and the Nobility and Citizens of Courland The House of NASRID, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cresonia The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia It would bring the couple happiness to have all mentioned above in attendance. SIGNED, His Highness, Prince Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern & Sovereign Protector of the Rubern Riverlands Her Royal Highness, Ester Rose of House Devereux, Princess of Curonia OOC: Thursday, the 22nd of August 6PM EST
  8. As word of Lotte’s death found Celest, the memories of a lost friend flooded back to her. She rode into Avalain to find Lotte’s bench, their bench. “My wife, you must have found his light, yei?” She’d mutter as she sat down. Her eyes welling with tears would fixate on the tavern as an unusually warm smile rose on Celest’s lips, her mind gripped by one memory in specific. “Even the church couldn’t stand us.” she’d chuckle faintly for a moment before her smile sank. “What is a maer to do without her wife?” Her inquiry rhetorical, though not even she could find the answer as a few stray tears escaped from her, falling down her cheeks. The aging woman would drop her heads into her hands, uttering a prayer in a language few would understand. “Hvild kos, valda. Biddu laeta onae, fit villi ki vera langur, minn vaenr Lotte.”
  9. Lilliana greets her long lost sister with the warmest of hugs upon her entry into the Seven Skies.
  10. Marya Ruthern spent hours sitting on the shoreline, her eyes red & filled with tears as her mind replayed the traumatic scene. Upon night fall, she would lift herself from the gravel. Her gaze peering across the water as she muttered quietly, “It seems I will have to learn on my own.”
  11. Koanda


    Arriving to the palace in Avalain, Ester received the news of her cousins passing. For some time, she failed to comprehend it. A flurry of thoughts clouding her mind left behind by the young King. Locking herself away in her chambers, she’d finally break. As her tears stained her lilac sheets, a heavy guilt permeated her fragile mind. She had been warned, but was blinded by naivety. The memories of him standing before her, cautioning his young cousin of the dangers, yet she had disregarded them. She would be left alone, riddled with regret. Through her sobs she would utter “I should have believed; I should have trusted you.”
  12. The Royal Courts of Curonia Issued and confirmed on 6th of the Amber Cold, 1726 His Majesty, Pierce I Devereux has seen fit to establish a new rank of courtiers. The responsibilities that befall each role are individual, but together the chosen will work towards upholding the image of the Curonian Court. The positions of the Royal Court will be nominated by members of the Cyrillian Council as well as the citizens of Curonia, the Chamberlain is then tasked with choosing the candidate that will fill each position. Chaplain: The Chaplain is a position filled by the highest ranking Canonist in Curon. They not only hold religious ceremonies for the denizens of Curonia, but stand as the relied on figure that the House Devereux use for all religious ceremonies. The Chaplain is assumed to assist the Royal House in remaining aligned with the Word of God in all things. Master Physician: Master Physician is a trusted Doctor who tends to the Royal family in times of unwellness. The Physician who fills this role will have years of experience in the field of healing as well as credentials proving that they are well-suited for this honor. They may also tend to patients outside of the House Devereux, but their priority will always remain with the royal family. Master Architect: Master Architect is the most experienced, and respected builder in Curonia. They are responsible for designing all buildings commissioned by the King or Council of Curonia. They will also be tasked with the authority to inspect all designs that will be implemented in Curonia, providing advice and guidance. Master Artillator: Master Artillator is the person who is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Royal Military of Curonia’s Armory. This position is not only active during wartime, but are heavily relied on to oversee the gathering of supplies from ferum, to feathers, to food. Master of Game: Master of Game is charged with organizing hunts in the royal forests, as well as ward off poachers who seek to illegally hunt in the vicinity of Curonia’s lands. The Master of Game also handles all matters pertaining to the livestock of Curonia, ensuring the animals are healthy, well kept & well fed. Court Mester (Mage & Jester): Court Mester is an entertainer tasked with amusing the court during times of wait. This position can be filled by a mage or simply a performer. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Pierce I of House Devereux, King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Albion, Arbor, Avalain, Blackrenach & Cyrilsburg, Baron of Arisan, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden
  13. Username: Koanda Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Plenty. Discord: Koanda#1275 Timezone: EST [RP] Name: Cyllia Drakon Gender: Female Place of residence: Drakon Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Of course.
  14. Hiding in her room, Ester cries over the loss of Nikoletta. Her heart completely broken. Too much loss in such a small amount of time has left her young mind riddled with sadness. "My dearest Nikoletta, why you?" She'd mumble as she sobbed.
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