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  1. Celest reads the missive about the Witen upon arriving back to Astorga. "Another Green Tide is on the horizon." She'd murmur to herself as she quickly packed her armor and weapons before making her way to Avalain to prepare.
  2. Celest reads over the missive from her home inside of Avalain. A sigh escaping her before she mutters, "I suppose it's time for another war."
  3. Ester’s heart leaps with excitement when she reads the proclamation about her betrothal. Even though she is in her youth, she had already decided. Rushing into the Palace that sat in the heart of Avalain, she’d seek out her seamstress to make her the perfect gown.
  4. Arabella Kortrevich happily signs the charter.
  5. Amberly is shown the invitation by her cousin, Pierce. Without words she would rush up the stairs to her room to find the perfect dress for the occasion.
  6. Lily watches her brother proudly from her place in the Seven Skies. "Go, my dearest Rodrik. You deserve to find a place of rest. Ave my Brother, Ave."
  7. Celest reads over the missive with a smile. Placing her right fist over her heart as she spoke with pride. "Ave Curon. Ave Devereux."
  8. In Lily's final moments she was able to realize her dreams. Embracing Sigmar, and Kamilla one last time, she told them to be strong in her stead. And to always hold to one another. As she laid on the cold floor of her once home, Lily gazed up at the greatest gifts she had ever been given. She had expected to feel fear, but the sight of them brought her the deepest sense of tranquility, she was finally home. She softly spoke her last words, the words that her soul needed to say. "I love you."
  9. The Sun rises over the lively streets of Helena, a fresh morning bringing light to a new day. The city was bustling with people, each preparing for war. Smiths were sharpening their blades, innkeepers and tavern workers preparing meats and bread for the Legionnaires. Wives and children giving their husbands and fathers hugs and well wishes before they set off for battle, but on this day, a brother would be forced to say an eternal goodbye to his sister. Her body was found resting against a wall in the courtyard. Her skin greying and pale. A visible wound could be seen, a piercing through her abdomen that had been left open and untreated. Her plum colored dress stained a bright crimson, still damp with blood. The woman who was once known for her joy is now just an empty frame. On a day that was intended for victory and pride, Ser Rodrik Kortrevich would find himself having to part ways with his beloved sister, Lady Lilliana Kortrevich. Taking her into his arms, somberly carrying her through the heart of Helena to his manor. This would be the last embrace he would ever give her. Once he entered into the comfort of his home, he found the strength to examine the letter that had been discovered alongside her. The missive sealed with her own family sigil, the Baruch Crest. Breaking the wax, he would unfold the parchment and find the following message, “Traitors of family are the worst kind. This is the fate in which meets all traitors of kin & those who destroy their families for power and greed. Signed, Sigmar Joren Baruch. Count of Ayr. Slayer of Traitors.” In her last years Lily was known as a traitor to the people of Reza and to her family. She knew the consequences that accompanied her choices, regardless she chose to pledge her loyalty to His Imperial Majesty Godfrey III of House Horen. This decision was made out of love for her family and the hope that they might be safe once this war had ceased. Every moment without them was agony, but that pain was pale in comparison to the thought of her children being casualties in this unceasing bloodshed. To Lilliana, her family meant the world; For her children, she would give her everything. Ultimately it was her life that was ended by the children whom she had cherished the most. Even so, her love for them will remain unending. Watching over them from the Seven Skies, awaiting the day she may hold them again. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Lilliana Baruch-Kortrevich 1678-1719 She is survived by her 3 children, Sigmar Joren, Eirik Sigismund & Kamilla Julya Baruch, as well as her brothers, Ser Rodrik Kortrevich and Duncan Kortrevich.
  10. It saddens me to see you go. You were a great addition to Curon, and you made a sweet culture that you spent so much time on. You will be missed. And if you choose to return you will be welcomed with open arms.
  11. 15th of the Amber Cold, 1716 To His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey III, Following correspondence with my dear brother, Lord Rodrik Kortrevich, I have made a difficult decision; one I hope my family will follow suit with. As the Regent of the County of Ayr, I, Lilliana Baruch-Kortrevich, sister of Lord Rodrik Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, widow of late Jan Baruch, swear fealty to Godfrey III, of House Horen, in perpetuity. To my family, I wish not for our good relations to be sullied because of this decision. The violence that has occurred thus far is unacceptable, and no more need to die due to the conflict at hand. Already we have lost countless friends, and many will continue to be lost. If we are to do the right thing, the differences with the empire should be solved civilly –– not at the end of a blade. Signed, Lilliana Baruch-Kortrevich Countess of Ayr Baroness of Voron Baroness of Riveryn Lady of Saint’s Rest Lady of Jorenstadt Guardian of the Coast
  12. Lily receives this as she returns to her Keep. Hiding away in her chambers, her eyes scanning across the parchment. Her hands shaking and heart heavy. She'd reminisce on the times Rodrik & her shared, and dwell on the love she felt for him. She'd whisper to herself, "I wish I knew what to do, dear brother. I wish we could be as we were before this war, for I can not bring myself to call you a traitor. And yet, I can not even talk to you. Rodrik, you & Duncan led me through everything, I can not stomach the thought of a life without you."
  13. Koanda

    The King's Ultimatum

    Celest nods as she reads the ultimatum. “Ave Curonia”
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