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  1. A call for a tutor It is with the greatest pleasure, that the house of komnenos In balian is looking for a tutor of the art of transfiguration Lord komnenos is hoping that a good man or woman of the magical arts wishes to take upon the role of tutor As lord Komnenos also respect the craft he wishes to pay set person Set payment for lessons can be agreed upon meeting. May it be per lesson or once the lessons stop. Anyone willing please do send a letter to Cesar Alejandro Peter Komnenos So a meeting can be set Yours humbly, Cesar A.P Komnenos
  2. well its not helping that goons run around wrecking events and the like whenever they can, and just waiting on the cooldown to vanish before hitting again, while i hated how oren had its gate issues, mostly because the civ doors upkeep was trash, i can understand the need to lower the gates
  3. Lion asked for the perma ban Nect however knowingly and accepted what would be the outcome from sitting and chatting with TOS banned players while most of us here think the admins should not have the power to stalin over our none LOTC discords channels and chats, they made the statement they will i have no clue what happened with hugh nor ryan
  4. The Merchant Republic of Escalon “Every Man a King” In the western regions of Almaris, close to the base of a foreboding volcanic region, lies the Merchant Republic of Escalon; founded in the name of free enterprise by Cesar Komnenos, the Republic is a democratic society that places value on individual freedoms, doing its best to learn from the harsh lessons of other nations to better the lives of its people. History Society & Culture Government Geography History Before the formation of the Republic, the region was largely unexplored, much less settled. As a result, little is known of the region in its pre-Republic days. Republican Hall, which today serves as the official residence of the head of state, is built from the remnants of the only known structure to have survived from a settlement which existed centuries ago: an old fort that likely served as a defensive structure for the small community around it, surviving through subsistence farming and mining the nearby volcanic region for valuable mineral and metal deposits. At some point, many centuries ago, a volcanic eruption drove the settlers from the area and the tiny rural village was destroyed, save from the castle due to its stone construction. The region became known as Ashpeak, as tales of the eruption spread and put off any thought of returning to the province, lest the new arrivals experience such an event themselves. The rediscovery of Ashpeak in 1885 by a survey team from the Orenian private holding company Komnenos Enterprises led its Chairman, Cesar A.P Komnenos, to approach the Rex of Krug'Mar, the Orcish leader, about investing into the region, redeveloping it into a trading hub to help open the Orc lands up to the rest of the world. The Orcs were happy to accept such an offer, officially granting Cesar the power to establish a merchant republic in the Ashpeak region and construction soon began on the foundations of the new settlement, now known as Escalon, centred around the renovated remains of the old fort. Society & Culture Founded in a previously uninhabited region, the Republic’s population is largely made up of Human settlers encouraged to move to the area as part of Komnenos Enterprises’ efforts to develop the region, the majority of whom are ethnically Orenian Heartlanders. The collapse of Oren has seen an influx of former subjects fleeing the war, persecution and the fall of the empire and then the kingdom, ranging from Heartlanders to FarFolk. The resulting mixture of ethnic and national backgrounds, though predominantly Human, has resulted in an emerging identity of Escalian; a cosmopolitan identity formed from the magnetism of the Republic, drawing from cultures the world over, many of which are still the primary identity of those who choose to make the Republic their home. True to its founding principles, the Republic puts a great emphasis on individual freedoms and liberty. A conscious effort was made to avoid the mistakes of the old regimes; setting out to foster a society with a strong sense of community and belonging, where equal rights are afforded to all and a meritocracy that enables any individual to make their life what they want it to be, provided they have the drive and determination to make it happen. These guarantees of freedom, equality and opportunity encourages an environment of strong work ethics and free enterprise. People the world over with an entrepreneurial spirit are free to settle and establish businesses, where they can let their industrious and creative minds flourish in a place that won’t censor or restrict that creativity. Similarly, there is no state religion, with the Republic allowing for the private practice of any denomination or faith group that the individual believes, at least up to the point that it begins to interfere with the comfort or well being of another. As a result, there are no dedicated religious structures or centres within Ashpeak or the City of Escalon. The Republic has no standing army. The lived history under the Orenian Imperial State Army left many with the perception that full-time militaries are too prone to becoming a tool of oppression, as such Cesar Komnenos took the decision to remain demilitarised in peacetime. In the event of war, the Republic operates a volunteer enlistment system, in which citizens of the Republic are able to enlist to join volunteer regiments until the wars’ conclusion known as the Fencibles, that follow a similar structure, doctrine and equipment as the Komnenos Enterprises security force. Beyond that, the Republic relies on the Horde of Krugmar for national defence, with the Orcish army providing protection against invasion. Government The Republic is a democratic society, lacking any aristocracy or legal peerage system. Instead, citizens administratively belong to one of six Crafts within the Republic; the Merchants, the Craftsmen, the Smiths, the Mages, the Alchemists and the Citizenry, based on the skills and employment of that particular individual, with the Citizenry for those who do not fall into one of the others. Each Craft is represented by a Master of that Craft, who then sits on ‘The Board’: a council of elected representatives who are based in the Council Chambers of Republican Hall and serve as advisors to the Head of State on matters of governance, such as bringing forward concerns or requests from their constituents, or proposing legislation and other acts of law for the Doge to consider. Above the Board is the official Head of State: The Doge. They are the executive authority of the Republic, responsible for the running of the nation and of representing both the national interest and the best interests of the Republic’s citizens. Unlike the Board, the position of Doge is not elective, instead following male-preference primogeniture succession, creating political dynasties. The position of Doge is presently held by the founder of the Republic, Doge Cesar Komnenos. The official residence of the Doge is Republican Hall in the city of Escalon, which serves as both the home of the sovereign and the seat of government, with impressive faculties for the administrative apparatus of the Republic. As the Republic lacks a standing military, public order is instead maintained by the Ashpeak Constabulary: a civilian police service which provides law enforcement for the Republic across both the city of Escalon and the wider County of Ashpeak. The organisation is somewhat experimental in nature; founded in 1885 in order to keep the peace, Doge Cesar Komnenos placed the responsibility of devising a modern police force to Olivje Mikelis, the ward of his father from when he was young, resulting in what has become known as the Mikelian Policing Model. Dressed in blue and grey uniforms with hardened top hats, the Constabulary is responsible for crime prevention and investigation, ensuring that the peace is kept and providing high visibility patrols within the City of Escalon and the surrounding countryside. Geography The Republic occupies a stretch of land north-east of Krugmar and south-west of the Kingdom of Norland, geographically bridging the two nations. To the west, much of the Republic territory is taken up by mountainous volcanic ridges dotted with lava pools, which despite being mineral rich is difficult to exploit. The capital city, Escalon, sits at the opening of Lemagne Valley, through which the Volvic river runs. It is a lush region, with highly fertile soil provided by the volcanicity of the area.
  5. MC Name: Kamikaze_Reaper Discord: KamikazeReaper#6108 Image: Description of Image: a king on his throne Dimensions: 1
  6. Cesar Komnenos is overseeing his stock before he has to leave and one of his clerks hands him the messive and he reads out loud "The establishment of a full overhaul of the trade performed in the City, the goal being that each Noble Family within the city would be required to take a full trade under their jurisdiction. These would include Agriculture, Arms, Carpentry, Textiles, and other artisan disciplines. They will not be wrestling these trades from the common folk, instead overseeing them and proposing ways to uplift and encourage the growth of their given trade." he hammers his fist into the table " Is this person totally ******* nuts?! they need to stick their damn fingers out of trade, and handing ownership or overseer powers to a group of lazy layabouts that hardly work in the trade is gonna choke and kill trade for no one will take orders on how to run their own business from some uppity noble, if she gets in and somehow manages to pass this, i wont let any noble tell ME, how to run my show." he said " ooh but they wont wrestle the trades away or take take control.. but in her own god forsaken words they have the power to proposing on HOW it should be run, its the bloody same, clearly this person has no ******* clue how the life of a merchant or trader is, or how a business is run" he said before trashing the messive " i rather endorse the camel that took me here then her" he mumbled
  7. HEAR YE, HEAR YE The Doge of the Merchant Republic of Escalon hereby invites you all to partake in a Great Party. It is to be held at Republican Hall in the City of Escalon, to celebrate the birth of our new nation. No matter your Race, Faith or Nationality, all are welcome. There will be Drinks, Music and Good Tidings for all who wish to come. A horse race shall take place around Republican Hall with the prize of 50 mina for the winner. Should the weather turn dreadful, we shall retire the party indoors into the dance hall. Furthermore, the Republic offers land to all who wish to settle there after the party. Formal invite to all citizens of major nations: The Iron Uzg and all its citizens. <><><> The United Domain of Vortice and all its citizens. <><><> The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and all its citizens. <><><> The Grand Duchy of Balian and all its citizens. <><><> The Principality of Celia'nor and all its citizens. <><><> The Vale of Nevaehlen and all its citizens. <><><> The Tradeport of Akueli and all its citizens. <><><> St.Lothar Komnenos family line <><><> The Dual Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania and all its citizens. <><><> The Clandom of Vistulia and all its citizens. <><><> Her Highness, Lenora Jusmia , Monarch of The United Domain of Vortice. <><><> His Highness The King of Haense Karl III and his family. <><><> His Highness, Gusiam Jusmia, Monarch-Consort of the united Domain of Vortice. <><><> His Highness, Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of Vistulian Clandom. <><><> His Grace, Duke of the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania, Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu. <><><> His Grace, Grand Duke of Balian, John Casimir and his family. <><><> Lord Vladrick Aurelian Novellen-Huntshill. <><><> Borok’akaal, Rex of Krugmar <><><> His Lordship, Lord Cagliostro <><><> Countess-Consort of Aquilae, Head Medic of Balian, Her Ladyship Dame Diana neé d’Azor-Vuiller <><><> The Count of Vuiller and his family <><><> His Lordship, The Baron of Renduzzo, Draco Darkwood <><><> Master Dwarf, Urist Ireheart <><><> The Trade Prince of Akueli, Torsun Goldhand <><><> Master Dwarf, Zurghamli Goldhand <><><> Her Ladyship Juniper Rose <><><> Lord Davli of the Golden Path, Lord of Greenstone Keep, Master of The Verdant Glade, Heir to the Endless Hoard, Follower of the Golden Path. I hope to see many of you at the festivities to celebrate and enjoy ourselves With warmest and most joyful regards, His lordship The Doge of the Merchant Republic of Escalon Cesar A.P Komnenos [The wax seal of the Doge of the Republic can be seen below.] [OOC]
  8. MC Name: Kamikaze_Reaper Discord: KamikazeReaper#6108 Image: ( no clue why it broke) Description of Image: fancy doggo Dimensions: 1 wide 2 high
  9. "come together as one alongside a governmental regime that listens closer to the will of the people, than to destroy our homeland in its entirety?" Cesar read out load, " Failstaff and his bloody goons is the regime thats destorying our homeland from within, and our oh so wise king started the whole issue. By making another damn Sedan. someone should had read and learned from imperial history before tearing every god damn thing down. A war looms and our dictator leadership has fallen slient no words said no action made" Cesar said out loud in his office, before packing his backpack
  10. big maps offer alot more room for nations and the like to expand, grow and maybe fail however what i have noticed on this current map is the insane amount of damn mountains taking up so much space that some tiles are near useless due to the amount of work it takes just for it to be usefull
  11. ((OOC)) ((MC Name: Kamikaze_Reaper)) ((Discord: KamikazeReaper#6108)) ((Timezone: GMT+1 )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name?: Cesar Alejandro Peter Komnenos I seek to learn the magical arts to further my knowledge on the void, for I lack knowledge with anything magical yet am a curious man by nature. In the end, the arts has always been interesting to me as my father gave me an magical item in his will, a cane he held dear and always caught my eye, i tried to learn everything i could about it, how does it work What arts, if any, do you currently practice?: none What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practius When should you be contacted for an interview? anyday
  12. im doing both and been doing great, the merchant RP is heavy time demanded and often not in my favoure based on my timezone
  13. the Auction House should just be left alone, it offers so much for people and as said the anonymitet is great and giving how timezones are just so mixed, but still high in the US zone. It helps alot of people getting ahold of items that otherwise are outside their reach. Not only that it boosts trade massive, i have items i otherwise would never be able to get my hands on without having to go deep OOC to remotely get it. In the end if you dont like it dont use it, Oren and Haense has chosen to remove it and thats their thing, i will just go elswhere for my trading needs, when oren first did it i went to haense more to trade in store and using the AH even opened up a store there for a spell
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