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  1. https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ryn/ Some skins I made :) Comm me for 17$ per skin and I can get to you within 24hrs I can do anything but capes/armor is my favourite coolrynman is my discord <3 😎
  2. Druko'Lur has a goblin read the thesis to him as he is illiterate. He then nods in approval!
  3. The Huntsgoth Druko'Lur allows the Ireheart raiding party to gather their dead and leave, before picking up Skullcrusha's corpse and preparing it for funeral. "Skullcrusha. . ." he grabbed his spear and headed into the woods. "Bloodbrother. . ."
  4. RP Name(s): Skalp'Raguk MC/Playername: Guzr_RP Titles: The Uniter, The YoungLesser or Greater Ancestral? (Greater Status takes a lot of reasoning to back it up): Already greater iircAge/Lifespan (If known): UnknownSummary of Achievements: "A red-skinned orc who rose to Rexdom at the tender age of 12, and united his brothers through a long, popular, and successful Rexdom. His final act of devotion to his people was to take his own life via an explosive vest in the Dwarven throne room, along with that of several dwarves in an act of retribution."Would you RP this spirit?: Unfortunately not due to IRL responsibilities taking up my timeCould someone else Trusted RP this spirit?: YeahGuidelines for RPing spirit if others do (Personality, preferences, what pisses them off, etc;): Stoic, always smoking a cigar, intelligent and cunning. Absolute hatred for dwarvesAny links to Forum posts about this character?: Kharak'Raguk is based @Smaw Leydluk'Raguk imo made a sizeable impact Vorgo'Yar saved the entire orcish race worth a mention @stargush
  5. | THE 100-YEARS HUNT | β€œKu’Bur-Votar” The hall filled with citizens of the Horde, ranging from the tallest uruk to the swiftest elf. The Rex spoke his speak and then the Targoth, captivating the ears of those present. They spoke of important matters yet Droku’Lur’s thoughts lay elsewhere. He thought of his ancestors, of the great hunters of aeons passed. The night before he dreamt of Lur slaying the three-headed wolf, and the week before he spoke with a lesser immortal under Votar. He knew what to do. With a mighty whistle he summoned his lurwolf Sarakh, whose howl pierced the hall and the attention of the onlookers. Droku leapt from the pavilion onto her saddle, reeling her upwards and swinging his fist in the air. β€œI have something to say!” The wolf growled at all present, baring her teeth viciously. Droku continued: β€œI am Droku of Clan Lur, son of Dromug the β€˜Fatwolf’. I am Huntsgoth of the Horde! I have ridden with many with you, hunted with others. Though many here know not my name so I speak it! I did not become Huntsgoth because I wanted to. It was said to me by Augrec β€˜The Pale Shaman’. Brothers and sisters, he had a vision, and you were in it!” Droku swirled the wolf around, pacing about the hall as he inspected all in it. β€œMany moons ago, before Orgon’s plague and before the hardships my ancestor Kurak rode with the mighty Lur himself, son of Krug. Lur led them on a hundred years hunt! This hunt is known to our clan as a great tradition.” He spit offside. β€œIt has been too long! Though we speak of this, we grow fat and idle. No more! I, Droku of Clan Lur, will lead us on another 100 years hunt! This is the vision Augrec foresaw, us bounding through swamp, sand and snow. In praisal of Lur, Votar and Freygoth! Ride with me! Hunt with me and your names will be recorded in the tablets of history, to dance immortal in haruspex! Glozug Votar!” And so, as the hall erupted into chants and roars of approval, the Ka’Bur-Votar had started. The first year of the hundred year hunt had commenced. OOC note: Set it as a challenge for myself to hold a hunting event weekly for the next 100 weeks, we’ll see how far I get. If you want to participate, hmu on Ryn#2543 or in the Horde discord!
  6. The huntsman Droku'Lur nods, offering his next hunt as sacrifice to the previous Rex, and to the new.
  7. | CLAIMING THE SPEAR | The following is spread by word of mouth and by stone tablet. . . The dragaar Kloudbreaker is dead, slain by our forces but not by I, Droku of Clan Lur. I thought this was my destiny, my fate as spoken by the pale shaman Augrec. I thought wrong. After reflection I have realized I have been blinded, so consumed by glory for the killing of the dragaar that I did not see the realm’s other prey. Freygoth’s creations lay fat and ready for the hunt. As my ancestor Kurak joined the mighty Lur on the 100 year hunt, so will I. Uruks, my brothers. My compatriot wolves. I will launch a second bub’hosh hunt, to bring such glory to Votar that has only been seen once before by Lur himself. Sharpen the spears, knock the arrows, I claim Huntsgoth and all who challenge my claim will fall. Lup’Votar! Lup’Lur! Lup’Freygoth! Glozug Votar! DROKU’LUR
  8. The huntsman Droku nods in approval as he hears of the news, taking his spear to the woods to hunt as an act of celebration!
  9. The huntsman Druko nods in approval upon hearing of the challenge. "Leyd will decide."
  10. unironically so cool, I love the idea for the masks
  11. Droku of Clan Lur hears of this. He then decides he must win for the glory of Clan Lur!
  12. One Alain of Ostend enters his name for the melee!
  13. Various Raguk ancestors murmur in approval from the fields of the 'Stroh or the halls of Leyd. Their time had passed, yet they stayed watching pridefully.
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