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  1. Ozur'Dregort 'the Tideborn' lofts his cutlass into the air, screaming wildly in pride of the clan!
  2. Holy Ser Edwin rallies the knights of the church!
  3. Guzr

    [PK] Eagle's End

    Edwin furrowed his brows. "Damnit. Damn it all."
  4. 600 mina each pm me (cba with formatting) <3
  5. THE ORDER OF SAINT NICOLAS HIS HOLINESS, Tylos II, By the Grace of God, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I - EXHORTATION SECTION II - HISTORY SECTION III - COAT OF ARMS SECTION IV - ARMATURE SECTION V - MEMBERSHIP SECTION VI - HIERARCHY SECTION VII - JURISDICTION SECTION VIII - THE ORATIO FIDELIS SECTION IX - TESTS OF HOLY KNIGHTHOOD SECTION X - OATH OF HOLY KNIGHTHOOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uj8h4SCsnE SECTION I - EXHORTATION The Shield of GOD is a light in the darkness. No shadow can hide from its illumination. Paired with Swords of GOD, anointed with holy oil. The Shield of GOD stands as a bulwark; No evil can penetrate its defense. Raised against the forces of Iblees, its holy light purges the wicked. The Host of Light serves a greater calling that transcends all temporal. You who bear the mark of the Martyr shall prioritize the Most High and His Church above all else. You are the servants of GOD and His House alone. Under the light of Virtue, you shall never falter. LUX IN TENEBRIS LUCET ET TENEBRAE EAM NON COMPREHENDERUNT.. TE DEUM. In Nomine Dei, Pontifex Maximus Tylus Secundus SECTION II - HISTORY "May Your light be brought to all the dark places of this world, and may I be prepared to defend that light when the evil or ignorant strike against it." - The Prayer of St. Nicolas The Holy Order of Knighthood that would eventually become the Order of Saint Nicolas was established within the Holy See of Vuillermoz in 1730 FA as the Palatine Guard Order of All-Saints. The Order was first led by Saint Harald Vuiller, who set forth the creeds which the Order follows today: the defense of the Church, the defense of the clergy, and the defense of Canon Law. Upon the passing of Saint Harald into the Seven Skies in 1761, the Order was turned over to his son, Johan Vuiller. The next few decades of the Order’s existence was mired in politics. The Vuillers attempted to establish the Holy See as the hereditary seat of their house, with the regency over the Order as their hereditary title. Border disagreements with the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska led to the dissolution of the Order’s home in Vuillermoz and a new home found in the Holy Palatinate of Aquila. Upon the election of Owyn III, an attempt was made to cleanse the order of these political elements. The House of Vuiller was stripped of their hereditary leadership of the Order, allowed to retain the title of Knight-Regent Emeritus, and the Order was reformed as the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn. It would no longer be tied to House or Land, but be the protectors of the Faithful as a whole. However, this was not to be. After the Diet of Karosgrad where key leaders of the Order were martyred defending the assembled clergy, the Order devolved into a group of men using the Order to gain temporal respect as Holy Sers. These men forsook their oaths to the Church, choosing instead to follow excommunicated Canonist Princes and gain glory in temporal wars. The Order of Saint Nicolas was formed in 1868 by High Pontiff Tylos II, Holy Sir Edwin and Holy Sir August after the dissolution of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn. The Order absorbed the already established monastic Order of Blessed Nicolas. This holy order of knighthood is patronized by Saint Nicolas the Martyr, patron saint of armorers, loyalists, and Canon Law. In the spirit of Saint Nicolas, the Order swears loyalty to the Church alone, acting as soldiers of GOD in a Legion of Light. Though outnumbered by the forces of darkness, they know that GOD’s power is absolute, and they can weather any foe that threatens the Holy Mother Church. SECTION III - COAT OF ARMS The Coat of Arms of the Order of Saint Nicolas is a Lorraine Cross Argent. The top bar of which represents the Seven Skies, whilst the one below represents that which is temporal. The warcry of the Order takes after the old one of Saint Nicolas himself, which is 'Pro Deo, Pro Canon!' SECTION IV - ARMATURE Arms and armor for members of the Order of Saint Nicolas the Martyr will be provided by the office of the Seneschal. SECTION V - MEMBERSHIP The Order of Saint Nicolas is organized with three separate branches under a singular high command. The first branch is the Legion of Light, laymen tasked with protecting the Faithful in times of need. The second branch is the Knights of the Martyr, sworn Faithful unto death with guarding the Faithful, the Holy Mother Church, and the Law of the Canon. The last branch is the Monastic House of Nicolites, martial monks and nuns that have sworn to always protect the clergy and the High Pontiff with their life. To qualify for membership in the Order, prospective applicants must: Have attained the age of majority; Have been baptized as a Canonist and practiced the faith devoutly for at least one year; Not have any public notoriety or cause for doubt of their character; Forsake all other oaths of service and loyalty, and; Be able to swear either lifetime oaths or a seven year term of service, known as a Septannum. SECTION VI - HIERARCHY AND STRUCTURE THE LEGION OF LIGHT AUXILIARY - The reservists of the Order of Saint Nicolas. They do not swear vows, but make a promise of obedience. Auxiliaries may discharge their promise at any time. Auxiliary is an appropriate rank for layman advisors and tradesmen, particularly those providing part-time medical or construction services. Auxiliaries can hold no position of leadership in the Order of Saint Nicolas. Auxiliary is the only rank appropriate for Canonist priests, who are forbidden from drawing the blood of other Canonists. ARMSMAN - The soldiers of the Legion of Light and oathed under the Oratio Fidelis. These soldiers are oathed to the Holy Mother Church for a septannum of service. These are usually younger men who cannot commit to an active lifetime of service in the field, but who are willing to aid the Holy Mother Church where she may need it. Armsmen refer to each other with the title of “Fellow.” ARMIGER - The officers of the Legion of Light, it is the Armiger who leads in and out of battle, the final stop of all enlisted before entering the fold of becoming a Knight of the Martyr. THE ARMIGER OF THE BANNER - The Armiger of the Banner is the honorary Armiger who is given the Banner of the Martyr, a high honor within the Order of Saint Nicolas the Martyr. THE SHIELD-BEARER - Bearer of the Grandmaster’s Shield, this Armiger serves as a primary bodyguard and protector to the Order’s elite. THE SWORD-BEARER - Bearer of the Grandmaster’s Sword, this Armiger serves as the Grandmaster’s champion in duels of single combat. THE NICOLITES NOVICE - Apprentice monks and nuns. They are under the care of the Abbot or Abbess and spend their time learning the ways of the order and its duties. Given they have taken no vows, they do not wear any particular uniform or emblem and are addressed by their given name. MONASTIC - Monks and nuns are the backbone of the learned institutions of the Church. The monks and nuns will be learning combat training and The Holy Scrolls. They are to also practice their hand at medicine to heal those in need and their fellow brothers and sisters after a fight. They are required to wear their uniform and emblem at all times. They are to be addressed as 'Brother' if monks and ‘Sister’ if nuns. ABBOT - The Abbot, or Abbess if female, who is approved by the High Pontiff is a title given to the head of a Nicolite Order’s monastery. Abbots are master theologians who train both priests, monks and nuns in ways of secular and clerical intellectual traditions. The Abbot is responsible for training all new monks and teaching them combat training, medicine and botany. GRAND PRIOR - The Head Priest of the Nicolites and the appointed priest of the Church to the Order of Saint Nicolas. He is the senior advisor to the Grandmaster. It is the Grand Prior’s primary task to ensure that the Order never strays from the precepts of the Canon, keeping their eyes always fixed towards GOD and His will. THE KNIGHTS OF THE MARTYR KNIGHT OF THE MARTYR - A Knight of the Martyr is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly-armed, and need fear neither demons nor men. Selected only by the High Pontiff, certain Armigers may be elevated to the rank of knight. They take lifetime oaths to the Holy Mother Church. A knight of the Order of Saint Nicolas is entitled to the title “Holy Ser” or “Holy Dame” as appropriate to their gender. The rank of Knight is permanent until death or discharge from the Order through Canon Law. EQUESTER-VENATOR - Knight of the hunt. It is he who is responsible for searching the realm for unholy monstrosities and creatures. The Equester-Venator will then command the Knights of the Martyr to quell these creatures. EQUESTER-MURUS - Knight of the wall. It is he who secures the protection of the clergy at public events and commands the Knights of the Martyr when security is needed. The Equester-Murus is also charged with organizing the advancement of engineering within the order. EQUESTER-LECTOREM - Knight of the text. It is he who garners knowledge of the realm and arranges the training of Armigers (In addition to the Armiger’s respective Knight) in terms of combat, jousting and the Holy Scrolls. EQUESTER-ARTIFICIUM - Knight of the artifact. It is he who is charged with organizing the retrieval of any lost holy relic. MASTER OF THE LEGION | MANUS DEXTRA - Commander of the Legion of Light. It is he who manages the new and old armsmen who serve as the bulk of the Order of Saint Nicolas. Alongside this, he also has the duty of managing the stores and maintaining the Order through its day-to-day trials. The right hand man of the Grandmaster. GRANDMASTER - The mandated representative of the Pontifex Maximus, who wields executive authority over all matters pertaining to the Order of Saint Nicolas until established otherwise by the Pontifex Maximus. Ex officio, he has authority over the Knights of the Martyr, the Legion of Light, the Nicolite Order and all laymen sworn in service to the Church. The Grandmaster has been granted the titles of “His Reverend Excellency the Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Nicolas, Custodian of the Faith & the Aurum Shield of Saint Nicolas.” The Grandmaster will appoint the position of Manus Dextra. It is the Manus Dextra who will be right hand man of the Grandmaster and will succeed him. SECTION VII - JURISDICTION The Order of Saint Nicolas is a Holy Order of Knighthood, created and maintained under the authority of and under the ultimate command of the High Pontiff, as set out in the Codex of Ecclesiatical Laws of the Church of the Canon, Book II, Title IV, Chapter 1. In all cases, the Order of Saint Nicolas acts as bodyguards of the priesthood and defenders of the laity. They act under the authority of the Grandmaster in all matters military and act under the authority of the Pontifical Auditor in the enforcement of Canon Law and investigations therein. Their duties are three-fold; acting foremost as the shield of the clergy, the monastic, and faithful; acting as the Legion of Light against the darkness, seeking the shadow of evil wherever it dwells, and defeating the monster, the vampire, the drakaar, the Ibleespawn, and other beings of darkness; and acting as enforcers of Canon Law, seeking out the unpenitent faithful and bringing them back into communion with the Holy Mother Church. RESISTERE TYRANNIS EST OBOEDIENTIA DEI SECTION VIII - THE ORATIO FIDELIS Upon each Septannum of Service, soldiers within the Legion of Light must swear the Oratio Fidelis in front of the Master of the Legion and their brothers: It is we who stand as guardians of the High Pontiff. It is we who shall protect the Creator's faithful from evil, whenever possible. It is we who hunt all worshippers of evil and practitioners of darkness. It is we who keep watch in the lands of God, and uphold peace and order. It is we who shall be the Vanguard of any Holy Crusades. It is we who shall carry out the sentences of those convicted of crimes against the Faith and the Holy See. It is we who shall train the citizen militia in times of need. It is we who share, with tolerance and understanding, the word of the Lord. It is we who maintain a powerful and unwavering faith in the Creator and His word. It is we who shall seek to embody Horen's Virtue and Owyn's Spirit. It is we who strive to deliver upon the faithful the embodiments of Godfrey's Gospel and Siegmund's Auspices. It is we who obey, without question, the hierarchy of the Order, and the High Pontiff. It is we who shall embrace our fellow soldiers as Brothers, and treat them as such. It is we who know that to violate the Aurum Code is to be condemned to death. If I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of His Flock. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter. SECTION IX - TESTS OF HOLY KNIGHTHOOD To be chosen for Holy Knighthood by the High Pontiff is no easy endeavor, the Armiger in question having to endure multiple trials meant to test their mental and physical capabilities. The first set of trials being in the form of their Armiger Rings. After each trial and when the squire's Knight has decided they are of ample proficiency they will be rewarded with a ring. Only when an Armiger has received three of these rings will they be seen as capable enough to move on to their Knightly Quest. The rings are as follows: St. Peter of Gaekrin’s Ring (Swordsmanship) St. Daniel of Al’Khazar’s Ring (Education of the Holy Scrolls) St. Edmond of Lachsin’s Ring (Horsemanship) St. Evaristus of Paridisus’ Ring (Hunting) St. Thomas of Ager’s Ring (Smithing) After this, the Armiger will move on to his Knightly Quest. This is what the Armiger was trained for, and as such it is the final step to Holy Knighthood. It is a dangerous task that will test the Armiger’s mind and heart. Typically, the Armiger’s knight will choose a personalized quest, but some known quests given to Armigers are as follows: THE TEST OF HOREN - To speak the Creator's Will is to have a Tongue of Fire, the tongue which breaks all barriers of language and communication through His Power. The candidate must convert a heathen, one who has not had the joy to hear the Canon, and bring him fully into the fold of our community. THE TEST OF OWYN - The Creator’s Wrath brings fear and awe across the plains of existence, in every heart and mind of every being which has walked and thought. Through discipline and faith, one may acquire the Creator’s Blessing in the art of combat, to spar and wield the weapons of His Divine Will. The candidate must defeat a heretic, heathen, darkspawn, or Ibleespawn in battle. THE TEST OF GOD - The Vicar of God is the chief priest, representative of His Divine Will. Through his words mark the words of God Himself, and so the tasks delivered by him are also Divine in nature and spirit. The candidate must accomplish a task given him by His Holiness. SECTION X - OATH OF HOLY KNIGHTHOOD Armigers in the Legion of Light who have exhibited exceptional dedication or bravery may be recommended by the Grandmaster to the High Pontiff for elevation to Holy Knighthood. After a year of prayer and fasting while wearing sackcloth, the candidate’s former life and name is symbolically shed and he is reborn as a Holy Knight of GOD. At the end of the year, he is given ablution, anointed in holy oil by members of the priesthood, and draped in the black cloths of the Order. He, then, recites the following oath while kneeling in front of the High Pontiff. High Pontiff: “Here comes now, before GOD, a candidate for Holy Knighthood, anointed by holy oil. Lo now does his Vicar ask the Custodian of the Faith. Is this man worthy of this position?” Grandmaster: “He is worthy.” High Pontiff: “Who is this man before me?” The Grandmaster states the name of the candidate. High Pontiff: “Lo now witness this. In front of GOD and His Vicar, [name of candidate] is dead, his time on this earth complete. A new man standeth before the Laurel, cleansed of sin, name, and title, merely a humble servant of GOD. Does this humble servant swear to never falter, to obey and guard the laws of GOD, who is the one true creator?” Candidate: “He so swears.” High Pontiff: “Servant of GOD, speak now your oaths in front of GOD.” Candidate: “This humble servant of GOD vows to be the sword of the Church of the Canon, shield to Priesthood of GOD, and bulwark of the Faithful. He vows to fight for them when they cannot protect themselves. He vows to resist the temptations of Iblees and to strike down those who have fallen under his dark rule and other creatures of darkness. He vows to be fair and just, defending beggar and bishop alike.” High Pontiff: “Who is this man before me?” The Grandmaster states the new name of the knight. High Pontiff: “Then, rise, [name of knight], and join your brothers, taking the urn of [name of saint]. You are a Knight of the Martyr, forever changed and consecrated to GOD, sworn to the Most High and His Holy Mother Church from this breath until your last.”
  6. Edwin might be seen vibing to this tune within his office. . .
  7. Holy Sir Edwin sighs as his family is divided. He pinches his nose before moving to pray for the reunification of their kin.
  8. REDEMPTION I: ♫♬♭♪ Edwin de Sarkozy sat on the streets of Karosgrad. For the past thirty years, he claimed no home except the humble abode of his tent and whatever shelter he could acquire. He lofted up the bowl of soup clasped within his hands, bringing it forth to his mouth. Then, Edwin thought back to his youth. The sound of lance shattering against shield and a horse’s whinny reverberated in his thoughts. The Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn, of which he was a part of, had enough knights to hold their own tourneys. St. Edmond’s Beauclair, a fort he had designed, was warm and filled with sunshine.They were happy, then. Content with their profession of spilling blood to protect the innocent and holy. If only he had known. Rain pelted him back to the present. A lowly crier announced that year’s bull, and the old knight was handed a paper. His singular eye scanned the paper, noticing then he had been named Apostolic General of the church. It was a position he had long yearned for in his youth, though now he took it out of necessity. Still, it pleased him, and he bore a smile upon his face. “So, you’ll fail them again?” He knew that voice. Vukosav Radomavic was his squire, his closest friend. That was before he turned vampyr and unholy. Edwin shot to his feet and around to peer at the voice, only to notice nothing. A trick of the mind, perhaps. His thoughts drifted back to the Beauclair. Holy Sir Vukosav’s horse came to a halt, the knight’s black sword raised in the air in victory. Applause from the crowds, and a bow from Edwin, whom had been thrown by the lance. “Finally got your aim down, then?” Called Edwin with a laugh to Vukosav. “I learned from the best! Perhaps I’ll teach you a thing or two now?” replied he with a smile, and reared his steed. Edwin returned to his seat next to Apostolic General Armand de Rennes, whom was once his mentor. “Strange how quick they learn. One moment you’re showing them how to properly strap on their armor, the next they’re the adoration of the crowd. He was a good squire, and he’ll be a better knight.” The old knight put down the paper, the crier still announcing the news in the background. He looked to his sword, which lay by his side in the rain. It glinted with Aurum, its pommel fashioned into a cross. An aged sigh came from his scarred lips, and Edwin’s head hung as the memories returned. “The bastard, how could he? I took him off the streets. I fed him, armored him. I taught the man how to swing a damned sword.” Edwin paced, face filled with rage. He pivoted to the Lector. “And you have proof of this? Proof Vukosav is this unholy? Proof he drinks the blood of the innocent and rides with a dark cohort against the clergy?” The Lector supplied the documents. Edwin sat, bringing his hands to his face. “Leave me.” The door slammed shut and the knight was left with his thoughts alone. He looked to his saddlebag, and it was not long before he rode away from the order with the moon on his back. He fled. And now he had returned. The shadow of the Basilica sheltered him from the rain. Beside him now was Holy Sir August ‘The Just’. Edwin took his hand and rose to his feet. “I’m done running. Come, brother, we have a wrong to right.” The two aged knights marched for the Basilica, and not long thereafter several doves emerged from such, carrying a letter to the realms: “To the Holy Knights of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn It’s been many years since St. Edmond’s Beauclair. Since our jousts and battles with the devils. I write to you today not because of my own aspirations, but out of necessity. I have failed this order. In it’s time of need, I fled from my own creation. The remaining knights either joined Vukosav’s cohorts or devoted themselves to their own secular ambitions. Our order only survived by the efforts of Holy Sir August and Apostolic General Faux Amati with her brave compatriots, including the Sainted Nicholas. I ask you to look at the state of the lands. Canonist brothers bludgeon each other and the innocent are caught in the fray. It is a danger for the clergy to travel, and strangely a greater danger for them to stay put behind walls. It does not have to be so. I write to you, men of the lance and steed, answer His Holiness Tylos II’s bull. Return to the Holy See and join your past compatriots to protect the church and all that is holy. Return and reclaim your place in the Seven Skies, for all that is just and holy. We await your arrival. Holy Sir Edwin.
  9. Holy Sir Edwin reads the parchment. He sat back for many moments, quietly looking at nothing at the wall. Finally and abruptly he rose. "We have work to do, brother." He called to Holy Sir August @Mykei
  10. Holy Sir Edwin sat in his tent, furrowing his brows. He sat there for many moments, pondering the way of the world. At last he shed a tear, face in his palms. "I tried to help you, Joseph. I did. If only I succeeded. . ."
  11. "Damn." Edwin said simply as another one of his friends pass. "Damn. . ."
  12. Edwin picks up the scroll, reading it through. "Amen." He says thereafter, before returning to his camp's duties
  13. "A good man." Edwin said simply, sighing. He said no more as he pondered things
  14. Holy Sir Edwin frowns. It would seem all his friends would die in succession. He sighed, before offering a prayer.
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