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  1. The huntsman Druko nods in approval upon hearing of the challenge. "Leyd will decide."
  2. unironically so cool, I love the idea for the masks
  3. Droku of Clan Lur hears of this. He then decides he must win for the glory of Clan Lur!
  4. One Alain of Ostend enters his name for the melee!
  5. Various Raguk ancestors murmur in approval from the fields of the 'Stroh or the halls of Leyd. Their time had passed, yet they stayed watching pridefully.
  6. Edwin, somewhere wild in the wilderness after succumbing to his vampiric illness, knows naught of Helena's death. Though his body is feral and on the hunt for food, his heart cracks a bit for his sister. They had made a good run of life, hadn't they?
  7. ive seen this man build so many cities so many good cities
  8. stop hiding comments calling out bad rpers!

  9. so like, what do st even do, havent seen an event in ages

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    2. squakhawk


      the friday 6/24 and coming friday/saturday 7/1 &/or 7/2 incident (do not google this at school or on school computer)Β 


      if you have a comment, concern, or suggestion however, please let me know. i recommend visiting new places and asking around and making roleplay in connection to events, as we've had about 1.4 (logged) events per day for this month alone


      but ST also is comprised of builders and Lore in somewhat equal parts, who both have respective duties that don't involve events. Regarding those parts, builders have been doing great this month with enough build requests to not only keep up with these events, but aswell upcoming and current regional eventlines such as The Holy Crusade and Dark Harbor.

      hope this helps 😊

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      they deny lore, especially if you or your friends wrote it

    4. argonian


      rewriting beardmancy for the 1000th time probablyΒ 

  10. Favourite RP moment? What was the hardest decision you've had to make on blockman? What's one type of RP you still want to try?
  11. Reinhardt II returns home with a frown. "I cant believe I was knocked out the entire fight. . . I will right this wrong!"
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