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  1. [OOC]: 1. I don't see anything about the letter that would make people angry? 2. Is there something I'm missing, about why 'your nature' would be unholy or something?
  2. Emanaf Valkor'onn returns home after the battle, left mechanical arm still crumpled and unusable after his venture into the swamps to help destroy Cloudbreaker's Phylactery. He offers a grim smile to the world outside, acknowledging the losses even within that small party, but thankful that they achieved their goal, whether he remembers it or not.
  3. Emanaf Valkor'onn sits bolt upright, panting, looking around his dry, sunlit room in alarm, eyes adjusting to the contrast from the dream, before looking over to the knife on his bedside counter. "I'll need something bigger than that."
  4. Oops, applied today and missed the "casting call ends on the twelfth" part. Sorry! I'm here though if you do need someone.
  5. I don't got spotify but my most listened are: Billy Joel Fleetwood Mac Europe Don Mclean Weezer Green Day Dire Straits Mark Knopfler
  6. PROSPECTIVE BACHELOR FORM IGN: Remeron Name: Crumena of Kamees Age: 800 Place of residency: N/a Bank account balance: Xan's Light Hobbies: Xan, finding a fertile wife, finding a fertile wife that's high elven, finding a fertile wife that's a high elven female. One interesting fact about yourself: I am infertile. Why should Tatiana choose you?: I am infertile.
  7. [OOC] Note: Monkeys have tails. If it doesn't it's an ape.
  8. And would a Fordmaker be able to find out a person's ancestry by connecting with that person somehow, not being able to contact the dead ancestor since there is no significant object, but to find out who the person might have been?
  9. Was godwin's "immortality" from him finding out about future fordmakers and/or telling his descendants/disciples how to contact him? Or was it a different process?
  10. RP Name: Daphne BeckettMC Name: AstienGreenhartVoted: Yes :)
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