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  1. Well that image had to be shrunk more than I expected
  2. Out in yet another tavern, a bearded old mage sits with a half full flagon in front of him, barely having moved since recieving the news of his daughters death. "Tha's both o' 'em gone" he mutters into his drink as he lifts it to his lips, taking a swig. "Ain' sure I go' owt left" he adds, before chugging down the rest of it. "Fly 'igh, both of ye. I'm sorry I failed ye" the man cries with his head on the table
  3. An old mage, sat in a tavern, sets down the missive he picked off a noticeboard and puts on some spectacles to read. Having recognised the word 'Berry' as he would from anywhere, his interest was taken. Sipping on his drink, his face begins to drop as he reads on. "Well then Thelia, ye've made yerself a new enemy" he mutters to himself with a light laugh. "OI EVERYONE! YE CAN EARN YE'SELVE A FREE BOTTLE O' KERVALLEN BERRY GIN FER EACH TEN BERRY BUSHES YE PLAN' AN' GROW T' FULL SIZE" he calls out with a wicked laugh only an old man could muster.
  4. WOO! I'M FINALLY FREE OF THE CURSE OF INVISIBILITY! YOU CAN SEE ME NOW! Jokes aside, happy trans day of visibilty all! It's a rough road, but hopefully everyone has a support network around them and are heading towards living their best lives.
  5. Malii'evarir reads over the poster. "Payment will be discussed in a secluded dark area where there's nobody around and where I know the area and layout. Genius, I'm going to have to use that" she says to her travelling companion. "We'll swing by in a few days, see if the corpse has anything left in its pockets"
  6. IGN: HobbitForHire RP: Malii'evarir Ame'narnir Persona#: 69136
  7. HobbitForHire Einar Kervallen-Elmwood 74116
  8. Malii'evarir would read the note she found on a hunt as she camped for the night. Then she read it again. And again. Each time the hysterical laughter she'd broken into growing before she crumpled the paper and threw it into the fire. "Ah the hunt's ruined, but by the mother I've gotta tell the others about this" she says as the laughter finally subsides and she wipes the tears from her eyes.
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