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  1. Rosae


    Parsley grew up in the deep forests of Elevenesse, feeling most connected to the vast woods surrounding her. She was raised by her grandmother before she had passed on, leaving behind a knitted mushroom cap. With no family, Parsley left home to seek adventure. On her way she befriended the likes of flora and fauna, as they were great listeners. Fungi were her favorites, since they reminded her of sweet ol' grandma, but the young dwarf mostly only conferred with her mushroom cap. That was, until she met a Saprophyte named Truffle, bearing the look of a stout, walking mushroom that put her at ease. Truffle was the one to nickname her Parsley, after his favorite herb, and spoke of the forest dwarf village he was from, Hefrumm. There, the likes of Epiphytes, Bryophytes, and Saprophytes lived amongst the forest dwarves in peace. Truffle had convinced her well enough, and she was dedicated to making her way there with the help of Truffle's handy guidance. Parsley adopted her nickname as a souvenir of their friendship.
  2. Rosae


    She was known as one of the rarest mythical mushrooms in the deepest, darkest part of the Elvenessse forest. Only the bravest would come and harvest them, including large creatures. One day, a courageous witch came by, picked her up and placed her in a pot with special glowing engravings on the sides. She brought her to her hut in Talon's Port, where she was testing a few unknown powders on the young mushroom. They were not harmful, however she was starting to notice some growth spurts. Flash a week forward, she had grown stubby little limbs that continuously grew larger. Until one day, she had grown into a full short living being. The witch had told her that she had become a dwarf that is one with the forest. In memory of her previous fungi life, she keeps her original mushroom cap on her head at all times. The caring witch had sent her off with a few items and decided to name the dwarf Parsley, since that was her favorite herb! She is now on her own and decided to make her way towards the mountains hoping for new adventures and to find the meaning of life.
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