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  1. Levian’Tol puts down the revision as he runs his fingers through his beard. ”’Ah suppose t’ese will ‘ave ta do.”
  2. MC Name: willstertheking2 RP Name: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Discord: TheKingSwan#1143 RP Race: Mountain Dwarf Reason for joining: Support Brewers and get their Ales around Arcas Favorite Drink: Grimaxe Bourbon
  3. NAME: Levian’Tol Grimaxe IGN: willstertheking2 WHERE YOU HAIL FROM: The Grand Brewery
  4. Levian’Tol would read over the missive his brow furrowed in confusion before mumbling, “’Aensers are ‘Ighlanders? T’at’s news ta me.”
  5. Levian’Tol would grimace as he read through the treaty, his vision turning red before even reaching the end of the document before mumbling, ”Teh wisdom ov teh council know no bounds.”
  6. Levian’Tol smiles as he reads over the document before whispering to himself, “Finally.”
  7. Levian’Tol smiles as he hears the news. “Atleast t’ere’s some good news” He mumbles before yelling out, “Ta teh Golden Axe Pact!” His shout echos through the halls of Urguan as he returns to his shop weary from the road.
  8. Levian’Tol continues to stock his shop in Morsgrad thinking to himself, “It is only a matter of time till Morsgrad regrets this decision, hopefully before the armies of Oren lie before the gate.” He sighs as he leaves to take the long road back to Urguan.
  9. Levian Tol smiles as he watches the church turn to rubble. “A victory for The Brotherhood and All Father!” He Proclaims
  10. Willstertheking2


    Levian’Tol is from Urguan where he spent most of his life mining and drilling for battle. He was a normal dwarf who found lots of joy mining, molding stone, and increasing his wealth, but one day he visited the library and began reading books about the homes of Elves and Man and how different they were to the Halls in which he had lived most of his life. One day he caught a lust for more out of life, he was torn between leaving and staying and dealing with his mixed emotions is where he picked up his drinking habit. One day he broke and sold all of his possessions and left the halls of Urguan to explore the world around him. He parents had died, his father in a mining accident and his mother from grief shortly after and he had never married as he felt he was too young. He spent many many years traveling to the woodlands of the elf's and the plains of man. He traveled to the Earldom of Mordsgrad and encountered a group of people who practices the Red Faith. After many days of speaking to them he decided to join the faith. He spent a few years with them as a protector but then left again to continue his exploration across the world. He began working as a mercenary for hire and a guard for taverns and towns in order to make money. He never stayed in one place long whilst drinking his way through every town he stayed in. His journeys finally led him to the cloud temple where he is nearly out of money, booze, but is still eager and ready to continue his exploration of the world.
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