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  1. Wholesome Willy sat on his balcony, a frown across his face as his wood sparrows flocked about the ame as they watched him read the missive they brought. He quickly rose from his seat, his face contorting in disgust as he moved to his room, opening a hidden chest and removing the bandana from it. "This is just coward shit, the easy way out." He tosses the bandana into the fire, watching as it twists and burns. "A sinking ship with scared captains."
  2. Excuse for meme rp ~ Guy who meme rps
  3. Levian'Tol Grandaxe squints at the paper "Es e sayin t'at Dhaen Grandaxe did nae use proper terminology?"
  4. Levian'Tol Grandaxe reads the missive, a quiet hum escaping him as his looks to the silver quill on his desk.
  5. Levian'Tol Grandaxe looks for his shoutout with a sad cry as it is absent.
  6. A simple ame watches the on-goings up close and far away. Hearing the opinions of all sides wash over him as his race affords him simple luxuries that the mali'aheral would never admit they lost and as the open letter falls before him, he looks up to the guest in his home. "This is what is wrong with the mali'aheral, this is what is wrong with your people. The belief in their own wisdom has blinded them to simple truth that should be laid bare for them to see. In their over eagerness to prove themselves at a higher intellect they fail to discern simple truths." His finger moves to the paper. "Ivarielle does not wish to be Sohaer. She wishes to break the cycle of what Haelun'or has always been into something new for all mali'aherals to finally have what they lost so long ago. Their liberty." His finger trails further down the paper. "She lost the support of a citizenry that has already wished her death. And who is this one citizen so cowardly to hide their words behind that of the very same government they claimed to have no presence in. Due to this very simple fact this random citizen who claims to represent all has lost their credibility not to mention the complete lack of understanding in the issues as evident to any who read this open letter." His ramblings continue as his fingers slide over the ink. "Cattle are not afforded the luxury of a choice. You should feel honored that you were given such and another army did not march up your silver steps and put more of you city to the sword. The Sillumir have grown strong but this estranged beliefs that they can stand up to what now assails them will be the end of The Silver State that I have been trying to protect... protect despite the fact that the very foundation of Haelun'or's belief rests on the fact that I am worth less than the very mali'aherals that plot against them!" He moves his attention to the closing words of the letter, looking to his guest again. "This fact is lost on no one. The fact that these common folk cannot see that this is where the very issue lies is why they are losing this conflict despite all the faults they claim Ivarielle to have." "I pray everyday to the Aspects for your people to get their shit together. And everyday I am greeted by further propaganda and nonsense. There are faults to Ivarielle, but faults that Haelun'or continually dismisses in exchange for broad and baseless remarks on her character in an attempt to belittle the claim they claim to say she doesn't even have." "My prayers for the Mali'aheral will not cease. But I fear they will never be answered."
  7. Vallein Vuln'miruel rubs his chin a bit as he walks by a home in Haelun'or and reads the invitation.
  8. Levian'Tol Grandaxe laughs as he marches forward, "T'ey didn't even give us a foight before 'idin behoind t'eir walls." He rolls the hammeraxe in his hand, "'Ah'll break each brick by 'and ef 'ah need ta."
  9. Vallein Vuln'miruel wipes the blood of the valah who attacked his nieces off his blade. A sullen expression as the young ame can only hear the repeating last words of the dying valah, "Experiment complete, Experiment complete, Experiment complete."
  10. Vallein Vuln'miruel would place his hand on Amaesil's shoulder as he finishes the missive. "The aheral's are reasonable folk. I believe they will come to the table. A last stand is only valiant when there is no other way. They will see reason... They have to see reason."
  11. Wholesome Willy smirks slightly wondering how this all came about. He covers his face before heading out of the the gates of Elvenesse.
  12. Vallein Vuln'miruel sits quietly in the corner of the tavern in Haelun'or. His armor soaked in blood as his blade slides back and forth on the ground. "... Why didn't the leave when I asked them to... why why." He quickly draws his face back into a smile as the Mali'aheral's approach him and give thanks for his assistance.
  13. Levian'Tol Grandaxe scratches out "ex-Grand King" and writes Grand Retiree. "Save teh bastards loife an e can't even get ma title roight." His small laugh is quickly quieted as his eyes flash a brief golden light as the quill snaps in his hand.
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