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  1. Vallein Vuln'miruel sits with with Mercy of Morea across his lap as he listens to the sword yell at him for the better part of an hour as to how they were not used in Glorious Melee Combat till eventually its complaints ran dry and the ame responded with a simple, "Next time."
  2. Levian'Tol Grandaxe cracks his aging knuckles before crying out in pain. "Ah... 'Ah've done t'at too much."
  3. "Oh Haelun'or... You refuse the rule of one of your own, then accept the rule of Orcs and now valah..." The Bloody Bard rolls his eyes as he takes another bite of the pastry before him.
  4. The Dwarf of Morsgrad watches from afar as his old home falls to all the vices that end all Highlander nations. His thin face contorting into a scowl as readies his blood red armor for what comes next.
  5. No more auction house If people wanna sell stuff or buy stuff they should have to rp it. An auction house for non-rp items like building materials is alright but for rp items, the auction house is wack. If anything take away the ability to sell/buy ST signed items on the ah atleast. To be a bit over dramatic but it is something I totally believe, Merchant Rp will be completely revolutionized and be probably some of the best RP on the server. Rn, mechanically its really hard to say its viable for someone to devote their characters to being full merchants because people can just throw it on the AH for the whole server instead of using middlemen. Guards guarding merchants would also become viable as the merchants now have to either put their item in a shop chest or carry it with them. Both of these create more options for villainy and therefore more rp for goodfolk. (Many more reasons that I don't wanna continue crying about). Auction Houses are convenient oocly and that is their only benefit, kill them.
  6. 12 hrs per extra player past 12 in a raid during peacetime. I have added so much to this conversation. You're welcome.
  7. "Van'ayla marmal'onn." Vallein Vuln'miruel whispers quietly as the news flows to him. He knew it was coming but that did not help his grief.
  8. The Bloody Fox’s Log 77 of the Second Age I had found myself increasingly failing to do anything as of late, so I set out in order to rectify this. I first went to the Kingdom of Haense where upon my luck I encountered the High Seneschal. A graying valah by the name of Dracomir Rorikov, he informed me of a unique find in a home that he uncovered. When I was led to it, we found a hole that delved further than my eyes could see. This certainly interested me so I agreed to assist Dracomir in discovering whatever I could about its origin or what might be in it. Undoubtedly to the admonishment of most I figured the best way in which I might be able to accomplish this was to go down the hole and see it for myself. I returned to Elvenesse where I procured the required materials that would be needed in such a descent. Now alone before the pit, I tied off the chain onto a support structure within the basement and made my way down. The way down was long and hard this first time, still clad in all my armor for worry of what I might find thus eventually my feet did hit the ground. I came face to face with a red rift of some sort, a separate mirror with writings in a language I could not discover the origin of, and a coffin made of cork. It does not take a trained Paladin or Druii to understand that this was unnatural. I made my way back out of the hole with haste before sending birds to the few I knew that may be able to help me. Those who came consisted of Sonna Vuln’miruel and Lavi Igne’sae, both of which, when told and shown the unnatural structures, were both as confused as I was. It was at this moment that Sonna sent a bird to Hareven Lorenthus, a wise and old being who may have had some idea on which we had none. Upon his eyes falling on the structure, Hareven instantly became irate, the man bolting up the chain before falling in a field as his skin peeled and mushrooms and other foul fungus grew about him. His actions were enough to call for the mirror's destruction though his words solidified it. “Blood Mirror.” As Lavi and I informed the High Seneschal of such a development he thoroughly agreed, ringing the town bell to rally the guards on duty as a group of 3 joined us initially. I will not speak falsely, I am disgusted by valah, I always have been and these 3 were no different but upon speaking to them, these men would rather have died standing then allowed their country to be fouled by the taint that existed within this hole. For that, there is no group I would rather have joined us in the destruction of this mirror. We moved into the home before moving down the chain with the High Seneschal, should anything happen, someone could carry word of the happenings to Haense. Then Sonna Vuln’miruel begun to activate her gifts. The six of us at the base of the hole would silently watch as several swords were drawn awaiting anything that may happen. The ground began to shake, and rubble began to fall from the ceiling just then a blast of energy emitted out from the Blood Mirror. The room began to cave in with all of us moving for the chain, we grasped on and climbed though upon our exit and greeting by several more guardsmen who had arrived, it was discovered only 3 of our 6 made it out and the chain snapped just as he attempted to go down to retrieve them. With the assistance of Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich, who brought a rope, I was able to make a descent back into the cave where Sonna Vuln’miruel, Pyotr Ludovar, and Thomund all suffered heavy injuries. Bones were visibly broken, and blood poured out of each one of them. With heavy labor each was tied up by the rope and hoisted by the guard force, Lavi, and Godric Adrian Morovar, who both were able to escape the hole, before I was pulled up with the mirror destroyed in the cave in. We reached the clinic with the 3 heavily injured and there, Meylis Frostbeard and Yelena assisted in stemming all the bleeding and setting any broken bones, all survived the encounter. Signed, [!] Several papers would be folded together to make this report with copies of this report being delivered via wood sparrows to: The New King of Haense and the High Seneschal @GMRO @TheosVult Tarathiel Asul'onn @Valannor All those mentioned by name in the report.
  9. Levian'Tol Grandaxe huffed out quietly. "May Dungrimm give yer merceh. Et es often not our own fault ta fall ta power, but teh fault ov our greed. 'Ah 'ope ta see ye on our soide w'en Khaz'A'Dentrumm empties old friend."
  10. Levian'Tol Grandaxe grumbles as he hears the news. "Shoulda been a Grandaxe."
  11. Vallein Vuln'miruel eases the sisters off the balcony, sliding through the street with them till they emptied out into the rolling fields of Sunflowers. The ame took a deep breath as he dusted off his pants before motion to a wagon. "That could've been worse."
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