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  1. The Bloody Fox’s Final Log 104 of the Second Age A final bell rang out of the short life of Vallein Morea’ii Arvellon-Vuln’miruel. His life had been one filled with adventure, passion, love, betrayal, and violence. The mali’ame attempted always to practice the words he preached as the many mistakes he made in his early life led him to be one of firm principles and a strong will. The ame grew up well in Elvenesse surrounded by his family and friends. His young years were spent running through the wooded city of Elvenesse as he learned right and wrong from his haelun and how to play from his uncle and aunts. His brothers and sister growing as the Vuln’miruel seed was built around him, he embraced each one with the love that the adoptive seed always expressed towards new family members. Despite this happy childhood his earliest memory as a babe was watching as his birthplace and first home were overrun with inferni, the sight of the fires that burned as they fled on ships scarred his memory till his final days, so when Vallein attempted to follow the peaceful path and become a druii as all of his family had done before him, something snapped inside him. He left the path of the druii and joined up with a mercenary company to fight all across Almaris. The ame finally felt the strength to defend his home flooding into him as he survived battle after battle. Winning victory after victory till it all felt empty, there was no purpose in his actions. The ame left the mercenaries and returned home to Elvenesse in time to watch it burn. Azdromoth set fire to the street he grew up running down, to the room he grew up in, all the strength he thought he had gained was useless before something he could not reach. His path then led him to the Paladins of Xan who he aided in cleansing some evil from the world. Before he continued about on his own. The ame fighting darkness in whatever alley he could find it in an attempt to bring some light back into the world. The ambition led him to Haelun’or where he assisted in the rallying of the mali’aheral into a force that would one day become Celia’nor. Fighting alongside each of them till the city was established. Then as the time stretched on the taint that Vallein fought against filed into Celia’nor, seeping into even the palace as Vallein was banished. He traveled the world in an attempt to find a new purpose though his banishment merely reaffirmed his beliefs that these corruptions had taken root. He returned as a new Princess was crowned, attempts to be a measured voice of reason among the crowd fell on deaf ears and personal animosity overpowered anything that could have been made better. His anger at the corruption he believed to have taken hold boiled over when he attacked an Azdrazi. The ame’s attack was stopped by the Princess who threw herself in the way of the blade, with his attack failing, Vallein retreated. Returning some days later she attempted to take a step towards amends. A promise of protection offered to him was instantly betrayed as he was ambushed. Attacked in the back and dragged into the Celia’norian palace where the ame was butchered. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Notes: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] Letters would be found within the cold and ruined confines of Vallein’s home and distributed privately to each individual. Sonna Vuln’mirul @Junoix Renae Athri’onn & The Athri’onn’s @TheHeftyDonut @TwistedFries Seraphina & Ventys @Endaaron @GlassySkies Ventys & Astulion @TaytoTot @X3N02k The Siblings @Kholibrii @Exolaltyl0305 Yulnayl @dove Nailo @TwiSama Kosher & Acanthus @Pancho @AgentofDeath13 Valyris @Cepheid [!] A few other private notes would be issued [That will be added to this post, people I inevitably forget as I am writing this at 1am. That is my bad.]
  2. The Bloody Fox’s Log Volume 2 104 of the Second Age It has been long overdue that I publish another log. The people of Almaris are due an explanation for all the travesty in the world today and I seek to bring about an element of that explanation. I am no great individual with no gods who have blessed me and no taint to possess me. But Sonnos has taught me how to be cunning and Morea has taught me to be brave. I have been at the venture of fighting what lurks in the dark for nearly my entire adult life. Never have I seen a place so filled with taint and corruption as the Principality of Celia’nor. I returned to Celia’nor after many years of exile to find a place that seemed to be following in the ways that we had set about when we founded the city. A place of peace and unity for those ostracized by The Silver State and the societies of Almaris that cast them out. As I settled there I found myself increasingly noticing the peculiarities with strange visitors in late hours to the castle and the use of violence against those undeserving. I explored the city and found obelisks beneath many homes, rooms filled with blood and gore from Aspects know what beasts. I found people of ill intent consorting with the nobility in every place I looked. I found myself no longer content in the waiting of the Princess to see the error of her ways for inaction leaves her no better than an instrument of violence, the same as a blade on the hip of cruelty. In a social at Starpool I could no longer stand aside and allow the evil that had festered to continue its walking in the sunlight. I felt the need to shove it back into the shadows it had come from. I crossed the ballroom floor and attempted to embed my dagger into the neck of a nephilim that sought to speak his foul tongue among the crowd. Then the Princess herself intervened, she threw her arm in the way of my blade and my thanium dagger laid a cut upon her arm. Simply examine her to know the truth of my words. Her inaction towards the corruption festering in her city now turned into a horrid defense of it. Her actions are inexcusable. Then at this moment a BSK Soldier and an Olog who had been pursuing this nephilim sprung forth to aid me. Brave individuals both, for we were surrounded by those who only sought to protect the beast’s ability to spew his corruption upon the world. Both were mercilessly cut down by a horde of Nephilim and Celia’norian mali despite their attempts to ease the crowd that had been so recklessly whipped up by Abdiel and Zodd. I just managed to escape as the Valah and Olog held them off for me to beseech the people of Almaris. I beg of the kind hearted and fair people of Celia’nor and of all of Almaris, do not allow taint to stain your cities. Fight against it in all of its forms. Signed, [!] A public letter would be sent to all corners of Almaris. Below the letter would be a list attached: Abdiel - A Cursed Being of Red Skin Zodd - A follower of Azdromoth with a forge in Celia’nor Coalskinned Azdrazi with Scales and Horns, Red Eyes - A Nephilim of Azdromoth who frequents Celia’nor
  3. I'll never rp a Dutch Human Culture if one gets added to LOTC. Just saying....
  5. Enjoy life Mady. Sucks to see an awesome member of the community go but everyone stops playing at some point and I am glad you have such fond experiences on the server and your advice is top tier.
  6. He returns 





  7. Levian'Tol Grandaxe limbered through his old home, the Retiree finding an old dust covered chest and opening it. Inside a small velvet box sat aging, its corners torn from moths. He reached in and clasped it in his four fingers and slowing took it out from the chest. The crystalline light of the cave revealing a smoking cigar embroidered atop the small box. The retiree fell into a seat as his hand slid across the velvet, his withered voice echoing through the halls of home once more. "About toime aye Morra?"
  8. Vallein Vuln'miruel sits with with Mercy of Morea across his lap as he listens to the sword yell at him for the better part of an hour as to how they were not used in Glorious Melee Combat till eventually its complaints ran dry and the ame responded with a simple, "Next time."
  9. Levian'Tol Grandaxe cracks his aging knuckles before crying out in pain. "Ah... 'Ah've done t'at too much."
  10. The Dwarf of Morsgrad watches from afar as his old home falls to all the vices that end all Highlander nations. His thin face contorting into a scowl as readies his blood red armor for what comes next.
  11. No more auction house If people wanna sell stuff or buy stuff they should have to rp it. An auction house for non-rp items like building materials is alright but for rp items, the auction house is wack. If anything take away the ability to sell/buy ST signed items on the ah atleast. To be a bit over dramatic but it is something I totally believe, Merchant Rp will be completely revolutionized and be probably some of the best RP on the server. Rn, mechanically its really hard to say its viable for someone to devote their characters to being full merchants because people can just throw it on the AH for the whole server instead of using middlemen. Guards guarding merchants would also become viable as the merchants now have to either put their item in a shop chest or carry it with them. Both of these create more options for villainy and therefore more rp for goodfolk. (Many more reasons that I don't wanna continue crying about). Auction Houses are convenient oocly and that is their only benefit, kill them.
  12. 12 hrs per extra player past 12 in a raid during peacetime. I have added so much to this conversation. You're welcome.
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