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  1. The Notes of a Retiree [!] The former Grand King had almost sat down in his chair with a bottle of ale and a pipe as missive after missive seemed to travel through his door. He relinquished the ale and pipe for the papers and read through each one with a heavy heart. Though as he finished reading he felt himself not consumed by sadness or anguish at the thought of his kin fighting and his Kingdom splintering but a sense of excitement. For the former King’s temper was well known. To all those who dwell in the Grand Kingdom, I have attempted to stand aside and allow those who now hold power to handle the issues that they now face. Though I cannot hope but feel that some of these issues were compounded by me, I may have grown busy and perhaps allowed things to fester and maybe allowed others to slide. I assure you that my time is now free and to all those who seek to subvert the Grand Kingdom, you are given the honor of choosing how I spend this newly acquire time. Either I can drink and smoke myself into an early grave, or you can force me to wear my armor and draw my ordaz and right any wrong you have committed. To all those forces that now stand in opposition to Urguan, I recommend standing down and seeking forgiveness from the next Grand King, or I will gladly remind you why you waited till I stepped down to be traitorous fools. The Grand Retiree,
  2. Levian'Tol Grandaxe frowns as he reads over the missives laid out infront of him. One of Vortice and the other of Draakopf. His frown slowly twists upwards in a malicious sort of way. "Seems t'ere es no place fer boredom an peace fer teh old Grand King yet." He would slide the armor made for his kingship on and move towards the door. "Toime ta go dragon 'untin."
  3. Levian'Tol was about to sit down in his retirement chair and smoke with his wife as he heard someone shout the news in the street. He would straighten himself out and pick up his Lunarite Ordaz as he moved to the door. "'Ah was so close."
  4. The Abdication of a Brewer [!] Within the Grand King’s Palace of Urguan’s capital city, Kal’Darakaan, whose stone hewn walls are carved into the mountain itself, Levian’Tol sits at an oaken table before a hearth. Like many of his brethren, a pipe rests between his lips while his dark gaze traverses the paper before him. Each word is inked carefully, each sentence finished without flourish. It was not every day that a King informs his kin of a voluntary change in regime. Denizens of Urguan and my kin, Though I was elected Grand King nae even an age ago, I am content with what I have done. I now realize I face a path that every monarch before I has had to tread - that of forcing one’s reign to continue or stepping down and allowing another to serve our Nation. Our past kings have chosen the former. They have refused to reject power that is not their own and our people have suffered for it. Yet, I seek to chase a different future. In my time, I have served Urguan with faith and loyalty from atop the Obsidian Throne. I have led the legion, brought renewed wealth and prosperity not just to the halls of Kal’Darakaan, but to all the lands of the Grand Kingdom. Urguan has grown strong with my incorporation of The Unified Domain of Vortice and the collapse of Krugmar into the Iron’Uzg fueled by dwedmar blades. The vast auxiliaries of our borders now stand to supplement the dwedmar legion each time we go into battle. The Crimson Edict, with their age-old grudge against slavery defeated for the foreseeable future, assist the Lord Justicar in discovering and stemming any outbreak of corruption against our nation. The Order of the Golden Lion stands ready in their Keep of Sunbreak to lash out against any incursion, be it from the void or otherwise. South Sedan, Vasoyevi, Stygian Hollow, Lubba’s Keep, and Myrine all stand proudly with the Grand Kingdom. Our enemies are theirs, and theirs ours. The Mages Guild has returned once more and the Remembrancer Library stands finally completed with scholars from all the lands of Almaris eager to study inside its tall walls. In the days of old, eons ago, we Dwedmar once had an Empire. I return to you now, my people, the closest we have come to that legacy in many stone years. I hope only that my successor has the intelligence to build on what I have done, rather than letting it regress to isolationism. Let Urguan swell with the riches I have gathered and flourish with the denizens I have brought in. To my kin, my dwedmar, the future of Urguan rests now in your hands. May the Brathmordakin guide your paths as they have guided mine. ~ Grand King, Levian’Tol Grandaxe [!] The Grand King would deliver a short hand version of this letter before his council before removing the Crown of Urguan, given to him from hands of Grand Emperor Rhewen Frostbeard himself, from his head and placing it infront of his Lord Justicar, Ulfric Frostbeard, as he left the Obsidian Throne for the last time to the sounds of his kins cheers. OOC:
  5. Levian'Tol Grandaxe lays back in his chair, a fire burning in the hearth before him as he hears of his nieces vanishing. "Teh Onfrois continue ta drop loike flies." The Grand King lifts his hand as a Ornate Golden doorway opens before him. His eyes emit a pale golden light as a log falls out of the doorway directly into the fire.
  6. There's still gonna be meta. It be what it be. Making it so people have to emote 3 times vs making it so they can't do it just invited more meta. + saying that someone can't rp getting help when getting attacked is kinda sus too. If there is a plugin that allows for something similar to birds then sure. But you're just gonna nuke the TPS again. Do we even have NPC's back? Current plugins need fixed first. Honestly the best solution would just be to force people to have IRP bird items. Even if you want them to be ST approved. Seems like the least amount of work for the most amount of bang. If they have the item then it can be done. And you can omni commands to make sure they didn't make it just then and just ban them if they do for metagaming.
  7. The Grand King looks forward to smoking with his wife again.
  8. THE TREATY OF KAL’DARAKAAN With the dissolvement of the War Nation of Krugmar, the Iron Uzg, the nation’s successor, has realized the wrongs of their previous government, and has officially surrendered to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Meeting within the halls of Urguan’s capital, Kal’Darakaan, the leaders of both nations negotiated terms of surrender, leading to the agreement listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF SURRENDER The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Iron Uzg hereby agree to the following terms of surrender: I. THE Iron Uzg shall publicly and formally declare defeat at the hands of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the form of a public document. I. SAID document shall include a formal apology to Grand Marshal Bakir Ireheart for shaving his beard without being given an honorable fight. II. THE Iron Uzg shall formally banish and whitewash the orcish criminals known as Hu-din and Fishbref. I. IF the Iron Uzg is found allowing said individuals within their lands, the treaty shall be declared null. II. IF the individuals are allowed within the Iron Uzg either officially or unofficially after the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom shall perceive the action as an act of WAR. III. THE Iron Uzg shall withdraw all previous negative statements made about the Grand Kingdom by their predecessor state, Krugmar. I. SAID statements include but are not limited to: Any official document denouncing Urguan, hinting at collusion with Undead, or falsifying the slaughtering of innocents at the hands of the Grand Kingdom. IV. THE Iron Uzg shall continue the abolishment of slavery from their culture. I. THE Grand Kingdom holds the right to officially oversee the abolishment of Slavery. II. IF said abolishment does not occur, the treaty shall be declared null, and the Grand Kingdom shall perceive such as an act of WAR. V. THE Iron Uzg shall permit the Legion of Urguan full access to the Uzg’s land. This document is forever binding, regardless of any future change in government. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Rex of the Iron Uzg, Skaatchnak’Izgi [!] The mark of a bloody hand would be beneath the Rex’s name.
  9. "Maybeh Mavis es bad luck... es t'at two now?" The Grand King pauses for a moment before letting out a quiet sigh before tossing the missive into the fire.
  10. "Bout toime. Was t'inkin s'e took ma donations ta 'er taxes fer granted." The Grand King smiles as he preps a rai--- guardforce to escort him to Providence.
  11. Levian'Tol Grandaxe sees a missive of Krugmar pass his desk ready to throw it into the fire before stopping and reading it over. He leans back in his chair as he remembers helping rebuild the Lur Clan Hall during the rebuilding of Krugmar under the Golden Rex. He pauses for a moment in thought of his old friend Yarrow before eventually tossing the missive into the fire. "Teh bloodeh day will pass soon enough."
  12. A Fitting End for Slavers The sun rose high on a dense, insect-ridden jungle near Krugmar, the undergrowth threatening to devour already-crumbling stretches of road. It was in this choked, humid land that a small group of battle-hungry Dwedmar and a single Uruk clad in crimson hunted, far from home and hearth. It was the slavers’ scent that drew them from the mountains, and soon enough they had found the filth they sought. On a quiet road, two Uruks of Krugmar - one of whom being none other than the Snagagoth - had the misfortune to meet the children of Urguan, each one more eager than the last to carry out Dungrimm’s will. The Uruks carried an Umri slave with them; fresh, breathing, and undeniable proof of their transgressions. The Dwedmar and their Orcish comrade held their weapons aloft, eyeing their prey as Yazmorra Blackroot negotiated the surrender of the slave being transported. The slave was released, and not a moment later, the first strike came from the Grand Queen herself. The ensuing fight concluded with the Snagagoth face-down in a pool of his own blood, a Frostbeard blade lodged in his chest, and his Raguk accomplice attempting to offer terms. Both were brought back to Urguan’s halls in chains. The slavers were thrown into sky cells, to await questioning. Not long after, their interrogations were complete, and the Grand Queen was left to render judgement. The Uruks would face death, and it would be one of their own kind who would give it to them; Naffog, the Orcish Grandmaster of The Crimson Edict who’d fought alongside the Dwed patrol - upon his own request. The Uruks from Krugmar were dragged into the city square, their hands and feet soon nailed between the stone tiles. The Raguk pleaded for his life and the Snagagoth placated himself, suggesting that a slaver’s soul could be saved. The Orc who’d been chosen to mete out their punishment would hear none of it, and had already chosen what fate his misbegotten kin would suffer. Soon, skin was separated from muscle, and bodies were tormented beyond recognition. So it was that two Uruks, flayed living and hung on posts, decorated the heart of Urguan. An end befitting any slaver. Grand King of Urguan,
  13. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN For decades now, the Grand Champion of Urguan is a position that has gone uncontested, a position meant to highlight the best warrior amongst Urguan’s Folk. This vacancy in a previously celebrated tradition is not one that can stand any longer. Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe hereby calls for a new Grand Tournament, with its winner being rewarded the position of Grand Champion, amongst other prizes. Said tournament shall be held [8/14], in a bracket-style. Listed below is all one needs to know prior to signing up: THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: RULES AND REGULATIONS For any who wish to attend the Grand Tournament of Urguan, each individual must agree to the rules as follows: I. ONE must be of Urguan’s Folk. II. ONE must be able to attend the tournament on [8/14]. Rescheduling shall not occur. III. ONE must be a citizen of Urguan. IV. ONE must not kill their opponent in the tournament. V. One must sign up prior to the day of the tournament to compete. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: PRIZE POOL While the winner may receive the title of Grand Champion, other prizes can be won. Said prizes include: First Place: Grand Champion Title, 1000 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the winner by The Grand King, A weapon made by the Bekarumm eron da Kornazkarumm Second Place: 500 minas, A cask of alcohol custom made for the runner-up by The Queen Third Place: 250 minas, a specialized weapon OOC: Must sign up prior to 12am EST on Friday Night/Saturday Morning to be added to the bracket. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT: SIGN UP To sign up, fill out the form attached below: ((Username)): Name: Age: Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Grand King of Urguan,
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