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  1. Yazmorra Blackroot absolutely BEAMS at her nephew’s letter “Oi! Luk, luk! Aye made et en teh next Grand King’s drawin’!” She grins, skimming through the words. “An’ heh mentioned teh Seers an’ Hefrumm! Seems loike ah ‘ave a new favourite dwedki!”
  2. Valerdya of the Rustlers skims over the missive with a raised brow. “All of us? In one place? Ti, this should be more than entertaining.” She smirks, tossing a dagger in each hand.
  3. Yazmorra Blackroot hears the orcish war cries on her way to her favorite cactus green dealer of Krug “Oh, now t’is es excitin’.” She grins, humming to herself as she strolls ”Klomp teh cowardleh long legs real gud uruks.”
  4. Happy pride my LOTC homies!!!
  5. IGN: Lady_Dietz RP NAME: Yazmorra Blackroot AGE: 109 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: All CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  6. Valerdya skims over the missive with a smile. “Oooo, this should be fun.” She sharpens her daggers, humming an eerie tune. “Goat blood, never tried it before, hope they give us a reason to.”
  7. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot glances over the missive. “Ahhh teh ancient art ov dwedmar. Aye wonda eff heh works wit’ wood tu.” She hums, puffing her cigar. “Ah bet Azekl wuld give meh an armeh ov wud golems.”
  8. Do’Ivya nudges her sister. “Do thinkz Qiqi zhould meet them firrrzt, bet the teeny twiny wunz are harrrrd to catch.” She licks her lips.
  9. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot squints at the missive. "Eh? Aye loiked teh last Rex." She shrugs, crumpling up the paper before leaning back and popping an herbaceous cigar in her mouth.
  10. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot stretches out her legs after the Ferrymen Slide. “Naye gonna lie, aye’m ah pacifist, bot ah wanted tu see mo’ blud.” She roasts a skewered rat atop the campfire. “At least teh Ferrehmen were able tu drive teh rats frum teh sewers. Mmmmm, roasted Orenian.”
  11. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroots nods in approval, an herbaceous cigar bobbing in her mouth “Gud on ‘em, maybeh teh next battle t’ey join us en will actualleh ‘appen. T’ose Orenians are a disgrace tu Dungrimm’s ‘onor.” She huffs, her blade clean of long leg blood after the Battle of Luciensburg.
  12. definitely a good call, but I’m gonna miss boar & bear hunting a whole lot. any chance that adventure/hunting aspect could stay?
  13. High Chief Yazmorra skims through the missive with a nod. “Ah teh opinions ov long legs, may Ograd’ad guide t’eir wisdum” She takes a long puff from her herbaceous cigar. “Suppose aye best readeh teh war donkeys. Oi!” She whistles, a stampede of clambering hooves echoing through Hefrumm.
  14. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot squints at the name. “Ferrymen, eh?” She scratches her twiggy hair. “Ne’er ‘eard ov ‘em, wonda eff t’ey’re aneh gud at fightin’” She pops a moldy mushroom in her mouth, ready for a lovely trip of clicks.
  15. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot wipes the blood from her hand “Boi Yemekar’s right, teh long legs will naye keep us frum teh mountains.” She huffs, popping an herbaceous cigar in her mouth “An naye keep us frum sellin’ foine ‘erbs atop our donkeys an’ mules...”
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