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  1. Yazmorra Blackroot lifts up the invitation with a wide grin, she shouts outside the window of her dwelling. "Meh kin! Et es toime tu gat'er yeh foinest brews an' recipes! Belka es blessin' us wit' ah WEDDIN'!" The High Chief forages funky mushrooms from her cave, tossing them into a pot of stew. "Teh best trips are wuns t'at surprise yeh." She snickers.
  2. Da Seers Eron Hefruth ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᛖᚱᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛏᚺ ~=~ Origins & Belief of the Order Da Seers eron Hefruth act as the religious guides of Hefrumm, bestowing knowledge, hosting festivals, and teaching rituals of the Brathmordakin to their kin. Although they vary from Da Kirkja Dverga in practice, beliefs of the Brathmordakin are identical between the groups. In practice, Seers focus much more on seeing the everyday signs and messages the dwarven gods bestow upon them in little ways. The very first known Seer dates back to Ru Firebeard, a dwarf that taug
  3. Name: Yazmorra Blackroot Race: Forest Dwarf Age: 94 ((OOC)) MC Name: Lady_Dietz Discord Tag: Dietz#2343 Timezone: EST
  4. Yazmorra Blackroot idly sips on a cider her husband made specially for her before suddenly spitting it out at the marvelous tunes. "Ah t'ink ah may jus' 'ave found meh teh greatest lad en all ov Urguan." She blushes and smiles warmly at the songs, humming along. "Belka 'as sureleh 'eard meh prayers, an' et seems Bojakk es quite gud at workin' her crowd." She chuckles lightly, raising up her cider to Levian'Tol as the song closes.
  5. Yazmorra Blackroot snickers, humming the song in her head. "Ajax es quite teh wordsmith an' apparentleh ah gud merchant tu. Bot, teh tunes culd naye beh mo' true." She continues to hum, stacking books and laying out a blanket in their soon to be child's room.
  6. ~<>~_Festival of Anbella_~<>~ [!] Dozens of thundering short-legged steps can be heard marching through nearly every nation of Almaris. The echoes of their chants are unmistakable, “NARVAK OZ HEFRUMM! NARVAK OZ ANBELLA!” ~<>~ [!] Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village of forest dwarves, laughter and song hum throughout all of Urguan. ~<>~ Hefrumm is hosting a festival of nature, ale, kinship, and utmost appreciation for the dwarven Goddess, Anbella. For the forest dwarves of Urguan,
  7. Minecraft Username: Lady_DietzRoleplay Name: Yazmorra BlackrootRace: Forest DwarfTimezone: EST
  8. Yazmorra Blackroot looks out upon the city of Kal'Darakaan, sitting at a table of the Hefrumm Tavern, puffing idly on a cigar. She glances up from her mug of ale to see the former Grand Queen riding out of the nation with her head held high. "Even teh foinest ov rulers need sum peace an' quiet, sheh sureleh deserves et." She offers a solemn dip of her head to the great dwarven leader. "May yeh journeh beh blessed en Anbella's loight ov loife."
  9. Yazmorra Blackroot glances over the invitations beside Levian'Tol, clinking her mug of whiskey against his. "Let's just 'ope meh little sparrows can make et all teh way up Nort'." She chuckles, tying each scroll to a lineup of fifteen wood sparrows, flapping their wings eagerly. "An' aye'm goin' teh kick yeh arse en t'at brawl meh armoruk."
  10. High Chief of Hefrumm, Yazmorra Blackroot, picks up a flyer left on the floor of the clan hall. "Little Mao es realleh goin' teh ride sum Ologs, eh? T'ought heh was pullin' our beards." she chuckles "Goh get 'em meh son, let us ride atop an' see Anbella's Hearth frum abuv ah great, noble Olog.".
  11. IGN: Lady_Dietz RP NAME: Yazmorra Blackroot CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  12. MC Name: Lady_Dietz RP Name: Yazmorra Blackroot Discord: Dietz#2343 Time Zone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  13. High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot reads the letter, cocking a brow to Baldin's sudden reemergence and affiliation with the Seers Council. She takes out a piece of paper and begins writing to him. "Baldin, I am aware we have never met, but I am also aware of you prior actions. The Seers Council was only just formed and you do not currently maintain a position in it. Find me in Hefrumm, we can resolve this matter and if you have interest in joining the Seers Council, it will be discussed among us. My respect for your insight on the Brathmordakin is great, but it is more impor
  14. Yazmorra Blackroot picks up the letter, reading the words with teary eyes. "Eh vereh courageous en determined dwed heh wus..." she puts a hand to her heart, looking out at the vast forest covering Hefrumm. "As heh served Anbella en loife, heh will serve her en teh realm. May teh braths bless ye beyond Karl." she utters the prayer with shaky breath.
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