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  1. Yazmorra Blackroot is rolling a hefty bifter of cactus green and Ponderlot for her husband because the Grand King needs a good trip. She grins at the thought of visiting her orc herb dealers once more and meeting the new Rex of the Iron Uzg.
  2. Yazmorra Blackroot plucks the flyer off a stone pillar of Kal'Darakaan in Urguan "Oi, luk at t'at! Aye du sure luv women!" She chirps, rushing home to her tree trunk dwelling. "Aye'll brew teh lassies ov Almaris ah foine boysenberry wine! Long ears an' long legs alike shuld enjoy eet, maybeh wit' ah smooth 'oney cigar pairin'! CELESTE! DYSMORRA! MYRABELLA! NEED YER 'ELP PICKIN' BERRIES!" Her voice booms through the village before wandering off to pick boysenberries from the forests of Dol'Anym. She hums to her daughters as they walk. "T'is C'en Wenqian es ah wise ol' lass, always 'ave stuck boi meh bearded ladies since day wun en Urguan. Moi wee lassehs, yeh best du teh same fur wun anot'er. Belka guides yeh on ah pat' ov passion, tu inspoire ot'ers wit' yer wurds an' talents an' never beh afraid tu speak yer moind. Anbella grants us patience tu deal all teh dumb shoite men du, t'ough t'at passion also comes en 'andy w'en t'ey naye loike listenin'." She winks, tapping a hand on the bow swung around her back. "Yer pa is ah gud wun t'ough, 'onest dwed t'at luvs an' respects us wit' all 'is 'eart. Heh es smart enuff tu fear Belka's lightnin'." She smirks, waving a hand. Best come along wit' meh tu Yong-Ping, eh? Moight meet sum cute lassies tu marry! Er laddies, er anywun en between t'at makes yeh 'appy, as long as aye git grand dwedki!" @searose143 @Staars @Maiyun
  3. Yazmorra Blackroot nods firmly to Naffog. "An uruk ov true 'onor yeh are nak, an 'onor tu serve besoide yeh an' end teh loives ov two cowardleh slavers." She glances to the rest of the Legionnares that accompanied them, raising her dagger drenched in orc blood. "NARVAK OZ URGUAN! DUNGRIMM'S MOIGHT UPON KRUGMAR!"
  4. ((Username)): Lady_Dietz Name: Yazmorra Blackroot Age: 118 Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Yup Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Naw, imma thot.
  5. Yazmorra Blackroot wanders up to the notice board in the Hefrumm tavern, a long sigh emitting from the dwarfess “Ah Porkpie, aye knew heh wus blessed boi Anbella, ehbout teh same age as meh w’en aye set oot entu teh woods fur wisdum.” She offers a solemn but proud smile, picking up a few bread crumbs from the ground. “May teh ‘earth Mot’er guide yeh ‘ome safe meh nephew, aye’ll miss yeh.”
  6. Valeryda sharpens her daggers atop her balcony in Stygian Hollow, glancing to her sandbagger wife as her face turns to sorrow "What is it Tal?" She suddenly feels the great sadness wash over her as the world appears... lacking... of pajamas. "Ni, it can't be... Legolas..." She utters quietly. "How will we go on... I've never felt... so little sus..." She chokes a bit on her solemn sip of tea.
  7. Yazmorra Blackroot glances over the Grand Kingdom from atop Anbella's Idol Tree of Dol'Anym. "En teh name an' 'onor ov Dungrimm." She lifts her staff, swinging her bow around her back. "Teh uruks did naye learn afta teh war ov Arcas... weh will sureleh remoind t'em." She raises her staff in the air. "NARVAK OZ DUNGRIMM! NARVAK OZ URGUAN! AAAAARRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
  8. Yazmorra Blackroot accompanies her sister-in-law to a ball the last night before she rode off, looking fabulous as ever atop her Bokolo. She watches as Brynaelda dances and laughs, her smile lighting up the room. "Yeh will beh soh greatleh missed 'igh Prop'et, Clan Mot'er, an' dear sista." She hums to herself, a bittersweet smile on her face. The former High Chief recalled Brynaelda being the one that built her confidence to run for the wooden throne, listening to a younger Yaz's speech for hours and even weaving her a much needed new outfit for the occasion. "Ah Bryn, t'ere are naye quoite as maneh dwed soh carin' an' confident as ye. Yeh 'ave brought teh Grandaxes great 'onor, teh Brat'mordakin great 'onor, an' 'elped soh maneh wee, wide-eyed dwed aye can naye even keep count ov. Includin' meh wunce upon ah toime, aye will owe yeh foreva fur t'at." She lets out a sigh, a few tears welling in her eyes as the Grandaxe twirls about the room. "Teh visage ov Belka, may 'er passion bring yeh endless joy meh sistah, w'erever 'er skies guide yeh."
  9. Yazmorra Blackroot picks up the bloodied, crumpled missive from her husband’s desk “Ahhh so t’ey ‘call an end’ tu teh conflict, eh? Funneh fokkin’ way ov showin’ eet uruks.” She smirks, puffing her herbaceous cigar “Try sendin’ ah fruit basket next toime.” She blows out a cloud of smoke, leaning back as she recalls her many travels to Krugmar for ‘business.’ “An’ may Anbella keep yer precious cactus green safe frum Dungrimm’s moight!”
  10. Yazmorra Blackroot lifts up the missive, scanning the words as she puffs her herbaceous cigar. “Unusual, aye respected teh uruks w’en t’ey culd admit defeat against meh fellow Legionnaires en teh Arcas war.” She hums. “Et seems teh brutes are spinnin’ wurds loike teh long legs instead now...” She taps her cigar, ash falling upon the missive.
  11. Yazmorra Blackroot raises her staff in the air as her husband returns home from battle. "Wit' teh proide ov Yemekar an' teh moight ov Dungrimm!" She readies her stoner lungs, emitting a thundering "AAAARRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" throughout the kingdom.
  12. Valerdya catches word from her voyage through the druidic tropics “Aaahhhhhhhhh, lovely to see my fellow Rustlers thriving as always.” She scratches her head “I think- I may have to move out of Talon’s when I get back, ti?” She shrugs, sipping her coconut cocktail.
  13. [!] A flock of wood sparrows would soar above Dol'Anym, delivering a letter with the sigil of a Grizzly Bear's face to every dwelling of the Hefrumm village. -=9th High Chief Election Speeches=- Transcribed by former High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot, below are the speeches given by all 3 candidates. May Ogradhad guide you to wisdom in this decision. Porkpie Grandaxe: https://imgur.com/a/yFDYpVF Qrue Grasswhistle: https://imgur.com/a/D0OfEQT Bodhi Cottonwood: https://imgur.com/a/788vQVX May the 9th High Chief lead our kin into the brightest days of Sun's Smile. Narvak oz Hefrumm! OOC: Voting form will be posted in the discord. Those of forest dwarf blood are able to vote, all votes to be counted will be discussed amongst the Folks Council.
  14. Valerdya of the Rustlers skims over the missive as she parties alongside the severed head of a mali'ame "Ti, ti, an awful loss it was... though I do ni remember any galloping horses, or um, well any fight at all from the mali'ame." She shrugs, passing a piece of cake to her wife.
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