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  1. IGN: Fishingrobyn RP NAME: Bjorn Grandaxe AGE: 62 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Active member in the Legion, Armakak’s Coin, Owner of A-06 and apart of Clan Grandaxe (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Bjorn Grandaxe smiles upon reading his kins election, “Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe.... Et sounds eh bit much.” He chuckles beginning to write his vote “Yeh will be eh Great King, much ave yeh worked alreadeh teh benefit teh Kingdom. With more power ah can onleh see et prosper even more.. You ave mah vote.” with a flick of the wrist he signs the parchment and sits back taking up his drink. He raises the ivory horn in the air “Good luck teh you.”
  2. Bjorn Grandaxe sits over the fire inside this home, the flames flickering as he studied them. He lets out a small huff "Du teh bastards realleh care for blood tha' they would kill innocents teh get et?" he stand walking to his window, placing a hand on wall he looks out over Hefrumm. His eyes dancing with hatred "Their evil knows no bounds, may teh Braths smite them teh the hell they belong to."
  3. The First Grand Auction of Urguan Welcome one, welcome all! To the first Grand Auction of Urguan! Our great nation has seen an abundance of wealth and riches within our glistening caverns, an now is the chance to share in our treasures! The Merchants guild will be hosting this Auction to sell some of these beautiful items, so be sure to bring your pouches filled with mina! The auction is set to take place on the month of The First Seed, Year 24 of the Second Age. A book may be purchased at the event for any wishing to know exactly was will be in the auction and their starting bids. ((OOC Friday 6:30 EST at Urguan. If you'd like to sell an ST item please be sure to message me on discord. Fishingrobyn#8010.)) ((Items that are on the auction are ST or very rare only. There are stalls that will be selling other goods)) Signed by, Grand Merchant, Bjorn Grandaxe.
  4. Name of the creature: ◈ Fire Beetles ◈ ”Karaad-Maurr” ◈ (Optional) Link to a picture of the creature + name of the artist: https://media-waterdeep.cursecdn.com/avatars/thumbnails/9/896/1000/1000/636334287498492864.jpeg Is this creature tamable and if so, how: Taming: Taming is possible to a basic level. Simply feeding them on a regular basis, these creatures would begin to stay around areas they are fed. After some time possibly even following someone that constantly feeds them. But if not fed on a regular basis, they will leave in search of more food. Can you use this in combat: No Habitats - Check all that apply: Caves/Caverns Summary of the creature: Introduction Not an uncommon site among the dark caverns of Urguan’s mountains, these fire beetles make their homes far beneath the soil, wandering as scavengers in the dark. Although they have a weak sense of dark vision, their fire glands glow a brightful orange, Producing a decent amount of light to fend off the darkness. Growing roughly the size of a dog, they make great livestock to use as a light source for cavern explorers or cave miners. Or even to harvest them for their tough shells to make shields or small pieces of armour. Characteristics of the creature: Appearance: The carapace of the beetle would be a shiny blue, while the rest of the hard casing would be a light shade of black. Its eyes a piercing light green, while under its head would be two soft glands that change in shades of orange. The underbelly would be a dark pink. Behavior: Not bothered by the scent of dwarves. These creatures make their own way around, the world seeming non existent to them. They just continue on attempting to find food. Diet: Omnivores by nature, these scavengers feast on pretty much anything they can find among the stones. Small Worms, insects, mushrooms and other natural flora that reside. Reproduction: Often in small hives, a female would lay batches of about 8-12 eggs and cover them in the mucus from her fire glands. The mucus then hardens transforming into a sort of cocoon. The eggs however still remain unfertilised till a male replicates the female's work. When the eggs hatch after roughly 2 months, the young will eat their way out. More often than not, left to fend for themselves as they grow. Echo System: Although fire beetles find themselves at the bottom of the food chain. Most predators would leave them alone. One, because of their hard shell. But two, because they are known for cleaning up rotting carcasses, preventing wide spread disease to the under mountains life. Uses: Their carapace would be too heavy to be used as armour, however perhaps fashioned into a small shield or pauldron to use. The fire glands are filled with a hot thick gel which glows brightly in the darkness. Although it cannot really be weaponized, it can be used as a light source or potentially a source of heat. Applying it to a burn wound, the gel like substance would begin to set. Any burns under it would find instant relief and faster healing to the charred skin. Stages of Life: Fire beetles take roughly 2 months to hatch from their eggs, starting off roughly the size of a large foot. It would take 6 months for one to become a teenager of sorts, where their fire glands would begin taking effect and glowing. Once they are about 10 months old, these creatures are ready to repopulate and breed. Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths: Their outer shell is as hard as solid rock, even its exoskeleton being strong enough to withstand a decent blow. Their bright green eyes also give them an minor night vision to be able to see in the darkness. Weaknesses: Pretty slow, most creatures would be able to outrun them by foot. Their biggest weakness is their underbelly, once flipped they wouldn't be able to sit upright unless near a wall to grapple to. They are pretty much dead if it happens. Red Lines Red Lines: They are not affiliate creatures and have no real emotion when interacted with. They will not fight back if attacked, they will attempt to run. Availability: Common - Anyone can RP finding this creature.
  5. Bjorn Grandaxe grumbles at the news of war finally sprouting. He looks at his dagger, twirling it between his fingers, "So much human death, such eh waste of life. They live tiny lives, an they are so driven to war... Goodluck Norland, yeh ave meh axe."
  6. Bjorn Grandaxe runs his hand along the endless names in the good. A smile creeps over his face, "Mah first grudge, and mos' likleh mah firs' war. So et begins..." He begins to write his own name.
  7. Bjorn Grandaxe rests back in his seat as the news of Oren's reply is spoken among Urguan. He ponders for a moment, letting out a small huff as he reaches to his belt pulling out an obsidian dagger. Bjorn's would would run his eyes along side it before slamming it down into the desk. "So et begins"
  8. Resume Name: Bjorn Race: Dwarf Age: 54 ((OOC)) MC Name: Fishingrobyn Discord Tag: Fishingrobyn#8010 Timezone: AEST
  9. MC Name: Fishingrobyn Character Name: Bjorn Discord: Fishingrobyn#8010 Timezone: AEST
  10. Fishingrobyn


    A pretty simple upbringing and life in the Free State of Sutica. A loving mother and father who brought and sold produce at local markets in a small town a days travel from the main city. He grew up learning the tricks of the trade. Often he'd spot Dwarves and run off to talk to them about the culture in the Dwarven Kingdoms. As Bjorn grew older and started understanding the world more, he decided it was time to make something of himself. Splitting from his home town which he'd have never left, he ventured through the world. Finding himself first at Providence, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. After sometime his journey took him to the Elven Kingdom of Haelun'or, discovering nature's beauty's that it held, and perhaps a beautiful elf or two. He decided it was time to travel to the place he was most excited for, Kal'Evraal. The great Dwarven capital he'd heard so much about, he spent sometime there sinking in everything he could. As he grew, now at the age of 21, maturity starting to set. He thought it best to settle down. Perhaps find a beautiful wife, open up a business. And so he found himself staying the Dwarven Kingdom instead of returning, beginning his own life.
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