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  1. Name of the creature: ◈ Fire Beetles ◈ ”Karaad-Maurr” ◈ (Optional) Link to a picture of the creature + name of the artist: https://media-waterdeep.cursecdn.com/avatars/thumbnails/9/896/1000/1000/636334287498492864.jpeg Is this creature tamable and if so, how: Taming: Taming is possible to a basic level. Simply feeding them on a regular basis, these creatures would begin to stay around areas they are fed. After some time possibly even following someone that constantly feeds them. But if not fed on a regular basis, they will leave in search of more food.
  2. Bjorn Grandaxe grumbles at the news of war finally sprouting. He looks at his dagger, twirling it between his fingers, "So much human death, such eh waste of life. They live tiny lives, an they are so driven to war... Goodluck Norland, yeh ave meh axe."
  3. Bjorn Grandaxe runs his hand along the endless names in the good. A smile creeps over his face, "Mah first grudge, and mos' likleh mah firs' war. So et begins..." He begins to write his own name.
  4. Bjorn Grandaxe rests back in his seat as the news of Oren's reply is spoken among Urguan. He ponders for a moment, letting out a small huff as he reaches to his belt pulling out an obsidian dagger. Bjorn's would would run his eyes along side it before slamming it down into the desk. "So et begins"
  5. Resume Name: Bjorn Race: Dwarf Age: 54 ((OOC)) MC Name: Fishingrobyn Discord Tag: Fishingrobyn#8010 Timezone: AEST
  6. MC Name: Fishingrobyn Character Name: Bjorn Discord: Fishingrobyn#8010 Timezone: AEST
  7. Fishingrobyn


    A pretty simple upbringing and life in the Free State of Sutica. A loving mother and father who brought and sold produce at local markets in a small town a days travel from the main city. He grew up learning the tricks of the trade. Often he'd spot Dwarves and run off to talk to them about the culture in the Dwarven Kingdoms. As Bjorn grew older and started understanding the world more, he decided it was time to make something of himself. Splitting from his home town which he'd have never left, he ventured through the world. Finding himself first at Providence, the capital of the Holy Orenian
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