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  1. I hear all the dialogue in my head with the actual characters voices
  2. IGN: ryno2 RP NAME: Officer Grudgebeard CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  3. Officer Grudgebeard would say after signing the missive, "Jorvin was a good Dwed, but it's time fer some'un new te take the helm." He'd hum a tune on his way back to the Queen's Bounty.
  4. A small response is tacked under the missive in one location. "The prosperity enjoyed today by the Dwedmar is a result of the revolutionary spirit of the Frostbeard clan and wresting control of the Khazadmar from the stagnant Arcadian overlords of the old Grand Kingdom. Our current Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker, and Utak Ireheart before him, two of the best leaders I can recall, were able to develop their skills and a willingness to make bold decisions only because they were not pressured into uniformity by the Arcadian bloat throughout their lives. I agree that the Kaz'Ulrah Frostbeards we
  5. "Kaz'Ulrah did nofin' wrong, the Arcadians deserved it," remarks Officer Grudgebeard as he admires a painting on the wall of his room in the Ireheart retirement home.
  6. Officer Grudgebeard hasn’t forgotten his brothers in Kaz’Ulrah, nor their sons and daughters. β€œSee you β€˜round, frien’.”
  7. roleplay doesnt mean much if theres no potential for it to be taken away or dramatically changed without prior warning. conflict, including pvp and banditry, provides stakes and forces people to think about where they go and what they do, making the act of going from one place to another an engaging activity instead of a mindless one. as for upsetting people, the very act of banditry is inherently upsetting; nobody intentionally tries to get bandited, and even when bandits are roleplaying well they still tend to get treated with some ooc hostility by the bandited party. even then, upsetting pe
  8. conflict and pvp actually provide some stakes; roleplay is only meaningful when it can potentially be changed or taken away without prior notice. if theres no stakes, or the conflict provided by staff through some event antagonist is intended to be won by the β€œgood guy” playerbase then theres no purpose (or at least no sense of urgency) in getting on because people know the good guys cant lose
  9. Officer Grudgebeard grumbled at the announcement. β€œThe siege of Kal’Ordholm happened on Vailor, not Axios, damn revisionists...”
  10. Officer Grudgebeard whistles an old tune after hearing about the war declaration.
  11. when are the players going to unionize against incompetent/corrupt staff

    1. Ixli


      make a post

    2. Basil Moroul

      Basil Moroul

      i remember the duck protest after the gizzygaza saga

  12. Deep in the Under-Realm, some grey-bearded dwarfs still sing funeral dirges to their kin lost in the war.
  13. looks like the UK is going to start down the path of selling the NHS off to american companies, gl britbongersΒ 

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    2. RaccoonPete


      A wise decision, American healthcare is the best in the world! Now we just need you guys to leave the EU so we’re you’re only real trading partner and we can bend you over a barrel @Rickson

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      can’t wait for UK to join the US in it’s overly expensive and not very cost effective healthcare system.

    4. RaccoonPete


      TBF if Warren or Sanders gets elected in the next election, there’s a pretty good chance our healthcare will be better than the NHS. My understanding is the NHS is a bureaucratic nightmare and one of the poorestΒ  universal healthcare programs implemented by a developed nation in history. I wouldn’t worry to much about UK though, seems you guys are just going through your own Trump phase right now and like us will be out of it soon enough.


      I would like to see England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all become US states though ?

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