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  1. Officer Grudgebeard whistles an old tune after hearing about the war declaration.
  2. when are the players going to unionize against incompetent/corrupt staff

    1. Ixli


      make a post

    2. Boniface


      i remember the duck protest after the gizzygaza saga

  3. Deep in the Under-Realm, some grey-bearded dwarfs still sing funeral dirges to their kin lost in the war.
  4. looks like the UK is going to start down the path of selling the NHS off to american companies, gl britbongers 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RaccoonPete


      A wise decision, American healthcare is the best in the world! Now we just need you guys to leave the EU so we’re you’re only real trading partner and we can bend you over a barrel @Rickson

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      can’t wait for UK to join the US in it’s overly expensive and not very cost effective healthcare system.

    4. RaccoonPete


      TBF if Warren or Sanders gets elected in the next election, there’s a pretty good chance our healthcare will be better than the NHS. My understanding is the NHS is a bureaucratic nightmare and one of the poorest  universal healthcare programs implemented by a developed nation in history. I wouldn’t worry to much about UK though, seems you guys are just going through your own Trump phase right now and like us will be out of it soon enough.


      I would like to see England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all become US states though ?

  5. Officer Grudgebeard vows to help the Dark Elves against Urguan for their insult against Mynebor and the Ironkiln clan
  6. didnt realize lotc was letting alt right sympathizers onto the dev team 

  7. @Johnny_Fat @drfate786 alongside the false info about veganism, ”when the world population hits 10 billion people and half of them are black, white europeans deserve to keep eating the same meat-filled diet we’ve been eating and the blacks/global south can eat crickets and mud for all i care because we white christian europeans industrialized the world and the jungle people didnt”
  8. Somewhere in a remote glade in Arcas, apropos of nothing, Daeron Culnamo fondly remembers chasing down John I after the siege of Dunamis and hearing reports of the latter’s drowning in Vailor’s central river.
  9. I for one look forward to the comrade @Telanir arc of lotc


  10. Officer Grudgebeard is unsettled by the blood red eyes staring at him from the new Orenian standard
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