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  1. Officer Grudgebeard would nail a response to the blank commentary section beneath the posting: "Ulfric ((@Terry)), you should meet privately with Bakir and the leader of Du Loc to sort things out. I am not available to broker peace between yourself and the Irehearts, as I would have been in the past. Whoever remains to advise you is most likely not up to the task. You must gird your beard and do it yourself without fearing for your own whiskers, as my dear Verthaik would have done." "Bakir ((@Elite_Snipes_)), I will only remind that the destiny of each of Urguan's clans is tied up inextricably with the Khazadmar as a whole. The threat of disunity may bring about justice, if done strategically, but beyond a certain limit it becomes self-defeating."
  2. Officer Grudgebeard looks on from afar with a smile of approval. "Ata boy, lads."
  3. Grudgebeard gave Bryn a heartfelt farewell before stepping out into Urguan's musky cavern. He took one final look around the old city, rubbing his hands along the stone walls of the gate before heading out and hiking through the mountains, past Eastfleet, Oren, Haense, and even further, past the frozen peaks of the far north, until he reached the northern sea. There, he untethered an old boat, loaded all his belongings aboard, and set off into the unknown, until his figure vanished between the crashing, treacherous waves, and his foot prints washed away, removing any trace of his existence.
  4. Grudgebeard nods approvingly after hearing of the agreement.
  5. give me rune smithing so i can remake kaz ulrah and teach it to them
  6. IGN: ryno2 RP NAME: Grudgebeard Star-eyes AGE: ??? ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Grand Marshal CANDIDATE: Levian'tol Grandaxe
  7. Grudgebeard Star-eyes reads the missive and decides to make an effort to seek the Golemancer out.
  8. THE GRAND KINGDOM COHORT INITIATIVE The Dwarven Legion, defenders of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and her vassals, has reached a level of size not seen in decades. As such, the burden of leadership over such a large force must be entrusted to a newer generation of Legionaries, who are expected to uphold the Grand Kingdom's values and maintain Yemekar's Balance amongst the descendants. AS SUCH, the Grand Marshal has seen fit to write and pass the Cohort Initiative of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, which will exist and carry out its duties as follows: The Cohort System Any individual within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan may petition the Grand Marshal to create their own Cohort, a military unit comprised of folk who consent to subordination under their Cohort's leader, who will be given the rank of Centurion upon their Cohort's approval by the sitting Grand Marshal. Approved Cohorts will be addressed by a name of their members' collective choosing, with their own sigil to represent them. Payment of Cohorts may be provided by the Grand Kingdom in times of war, but in times of peace, Cohorts may have limited autonomy and may participate in foreign wars, up to and including mercenary work, so long as such work does not compromise the safety and wellbeing of the Grand Kingdom and her allies. Approved Cohorts may be given control of a plot of land within the Grand Kingdom for the creation of a fortress or outpost that will be used in defense of the Khazadmar. Any fortresses created by Cohorts are legal property of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Legion. Cohorts may engage in operations against their enemies with limited oversight; however, the scope and details of large operations, or operations at times of war involving the Grand Kingdom, must be presented to the sitting Grand Marshal for approval. Centurions are expected to develop their own chain of command within their Cohort based on their knowledge of their brothers and sisters in arms. The Grand Kingdom and the Legion are not liable for any personal disputes that occur with approved Cohorts, and the Grand Marshal reserves the right to dismiss Centurions and revoke Cohort status at will. Any individual wishing to create a Cohort is encouraged to contact the sitting Grand Marshal, [Grudgebeard Star-eyes] with a designated leader, list of members, Cohort name, and sigil. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Legion!
  9. "Officer" Grudgebeard Star-eyes puts some posters up around Kal'Darakaan.
  10. new theme is like minimalism taken to the extreme


  11. I hear all the dialogue in my head with the actual characters voices
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