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  1. dont put people who dont know how to communicate in positions of power
  2. CommunistMuffins and ill work at the tavern
  3. ((posts like this make me wish theyd bring back the downvote button; the frequency of and intensity of venom within your posts regarding aeldrin and other snelves blurs the line between pure ic-hostility and ooc passive-aggression against players, and it makes me wonder whether you’re just using your character’s reactions to events as a veil for expressing contempt toward other players)) Officer Grudgebeard watches Vexalia talk to herself in another of her fits of paranoid schizophrenia in her dilapidated bedroom in Starfall. He takes detailed notes before shoving off the mushroom island toward the continent’s southern coast.
  4. No gods, no kings, no borders. A new form of state is required, not a return to the system that created the current Empire in the first place.
  5. snow elves trying to be relevant https://giant.gfycat.com/WeeAchingKitten.webm
  6. Officer Grudgebeard sings a song for Yury when he finds him along the Imperial highway, to soothe his angry heart:
  7. Officer Grudgebeard speaks plainly to the Dwedmar compatriots he happens upon during his travels, when Urguan politics are discussed. ”Amnesty for all is fine, but such sentiments will only last as long as Agnarum is the sole Dwedmar state. Watch how their tune will change when a rival sprouts from the stone, see what this amnesty will mean then.”
  8. Officer Grudgebeard comments: “A misplaced sense of honor brings only shame.”
  9. I banned them all after they started spamming nonsense. i cant say whether they would have linked the ip grabber because they didnt last very long, but regardless i dont think flame would have been the one to link it, more likely ghazrial.
  10. Officer Grudgebeard quietly sings a tune for his horses

    1. Inferno_Ougi


      kill time ryno!!!! kill time!!!

  12. shouldnt post pics of dpm without his permission
  13. Lol Ive Anonymously Staff Reported You See You In Hell!

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