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  1. im ready tumblr_p5oqwxMDr01us04dzo4_1280.png

    1. Ougi


      Fun isn't what one considers when target banning a playerbase.


      But this, does put a smile on my face.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Target ban anyone who doesn’t do peasant RP.

  2. Which discord do you live in nowadays

    1. ryno2


      kaz ulrah discord


  3. @Narthok hot dip's only villainy blacklist was from 2 months ago, july 30, 

    get your facts straight before upping a one-week ban for saying the r-word to a one-month ban for a villainy blacklist that expired weeks ago

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jaeden


      Guy should've just appealed it.

    3. Raomir


      Yep he defo should've @Jaeden, but he thought it was over in three weeks without appeal. He checked with a GM who "okayed" it as well, who also clearly did not see the appeal in three weeks portion and just thought it was a three weeker. So it was just a misunderstanding, and can be easily solved.

    4. Narthok


      Looks like I made a mistake, player has been unbanned. Still needs to appeal his blacklist tho.

  4. ryno2

    The Escalating Naval Race

    Officer Grudgebeard begins recruiting and training an amphibious landing force to storm the Sutican beach. The Ocean-Trained Tactical Elite Raiders, or O.T.T.E.R.'s for short, begin staging mock-invasions in preparation of the main landing:
  5. ryno2

    Mystery Uialben harms no More

    BY THE HIGH KING REGENT OF KAZ'ULRAH To the Government of Sutica THE HIGH KING REGENT DEMANDS that a transcript of the trial be sent to the council of Kaz'Ulrah within 72 stone hours of this declaration, in response to the maiming of the leader of the Uialben Estate, vassal state of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Let it be known that a fair warning was declared to the general public when a bounty was placed on Mystery Uialben's head, 10 months prior to this trial: LET IT BE KNOWN that if no such word is received within the aforementioned time, then Kaz'Ulrah will seek decisive measures to restore the honor of the Uialben Estate, in our own way. The transcripts may be sent to myself, High Prelate Nerak Frostbeard, Garrond Frostbeard, High Marshal Dwarger Silvervein, or High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker. Narvak oz Thrummaz, Narvak oz Yemekar! High King Regent Grudgebeard
  6. ryno2

    A Declaration of Naval Blockade

    ((he just did
  7. ryno2

    GM Monthly Update Log - August

    looks better with mpm
  8. ryno2

    GM Monthly Update Log - August

    @Fireheart I should hope that any evidence given by anyone will be shown to the person(s) incriminated therein in order for them to defend themselves, before any verdict is posted
  9. ryno2

    [WANTED] Mystery Uialben

    Officer Grudgebeard makes it known to the general populace, in response: "All grievances directed at any of the Uialbens must first pass through the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, under High Queen Koralon Onyxheart, in order to dispense proper justice where such is due. Any who do not heed this message and seek their own vigilante justice will be considered enemies of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah and her allies."
  10. I'm just curious

  11. ryno2

    The Issues of Raiding

    "if you dont wanna get raided just keep the gates closed lol snowflakes"
  12. ryno2

    Urguan Has Fallen.

    Officer Grudgebeard calls over to Fimlin giving his stump speech, "Fimlin, we do not curse Urguan himself, merely those who cling to the glory of the old Grand Kingdom; cursing Urguan was a matter of convenience, as it summed up their group succinctly. We have recently realized the gravity of our past words, and now strive to replace curses against Urguan with curses against Arcadia. As for the Uruks, you may think their proximity has affected a shift in our attitude toward raiding and banditry, but the most egregious cases of both are limited to a handful of individuals, quite small relative to the bulk of our people, who are peaceful. Koralon Onyxheart was the last Grand Queen of old Urguan, yet when she made clear her drive and initiative toward building up Kaz'Ulrah, we did not turn her away; nor have we pushed away bold Dwarger Silvervein, who has made a clear effort of driving his clan's numbers more quickly than his peers, something that would have doubtless been frowned upon in the old Grand Kingdom. You should visit us more often, Fimlin, to see the real Kingdom, rather than what you hear from those who seek to cast us in a false light."
  13. hey man congratulations @Legoboy7984


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