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  1. Officer Grudgebeard hears of Vexalia’s determination of her true heritage via spirit math, and remarks angrily to Utak in the Urguan tavern, “This is why we ought to force a change in Haelun’or, makin’ folk think their race makes ‘em better or worse’n other folk by default. Aelthos lettin’ ‘em off the hook after Renatus dissolved, without havin’ ‘em make any changes te their culture...foolish.”
  2. Officer Grudgebeard hears of the tale from Utak in the Urguan tavern. It reminds him of the clergyman who forced a Sutican to lick his muddy boots clean, and he remarks with disgust, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
  3. never tell anyone irl that you play this
  4. imagine playing on lotc for 8 years lal
  5. arcas is a small map and we’ve only been on it for 7-8 months, whereas vailor and axios were both used for over a year and were both much larger, meaning there was more room to make interesting builds and ruins also it seems inactive charters are simply deleted after they fail their activity checks instead of turned into ruins, or in some cases they’re torn down so another charter can be made in their place if all the charters i documented 6 months ago were turned into ruins after dying off instead of deleted, i wager you’d get the same feeling wandering about this map as you described with axios and vailor
  6. Officer Grudgebeard constructs a special machine to train the Ivae’Fenn in fighting the menace. (())
  7. An essay is posted in fine script on the noticeboard in Kal’Varoth. “Brothers and sisters, the time has come for a new, younger generation of Dwed to lead the Dwedmar into the future! For too long has the generation of Thorin Grandaxe held power in the Grand Kingdom. Their beards are grey and brittle, their minds cling to the past glories and their eyes are clouded by faded splendor. Their retirement into craft-masters and tale-tellers is long overdue. Let the hot, young blood of new forgelings stake their claim on the Khazadmar, and bring with them a new age for the Dwedmar! “The people are hungry for a new King. If a King must exist, then let it be one unburdened by frailty of mind and body. Let him rule only by the will of an informed people, with a focus on the betterment of all, and not the absurd enrichment of the few. Let him not hoard his knowledge and riches as old Kings have done, but divide them amongst the people as he is able. Let the industry of the Dwedmar pave the road to new heights, unconstrained by the fear of the old and feeble. Let the knowledge of striking runes spread to all who are capable of learning, for the further elevation of the Dwedmar. “Let the old generation rest, and the new be born! Narvak oz Dwedmar!”
  8. ryno2

    The NAADP

    Officer Grudgebeard quietly sharpens his hunting knife with a whet stone.
  9. gamers of lotc, unite! you have nothing to lose but your blacklists
  10. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for pure children" Officer Grudgebeard states with disgust.
  11. dont put people who dont know how to communicate in positions of power
  12. CommunistMuffins and ill work at the tavern
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