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  1. ryno2

    On Skies Asunder

    Officer Grudgebeard leads the warriors of Kaz'Ulrah behind enemy lines, disrupting the minion captains from leading the September Prince's hordes against San'Kala: Later, after the city was lost, he holstered his revolver before heading home, thinking it odd how the attacking minion captains were capable of returning to battle, after he could have sworn he'd killed them. @Pond
  2. ryno2


    Officer Grudgebeard squints at the document, barely able to read the text.
  3. ryno2

    The Ways of Old

    Officer Grudgebeard doesn't remember Nerak declaring any Paragons as High Prelate, adding his thought to the descendant hive-mind in response to Agnar "forever a grunt" Ireheart
  4. ryno2

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    Officer Grudgebeard steps out of the reconstruction of Kal'Tarak after hearing of the declaration, and looks out over Garrond's Vale. Before returning to his work in the dim cavern, he says simply: "The die is cast."
  5. ryno2

    Lord of the Memories

    throwback found sonic in al'khazar i spy @marimbamonk in the corner there @Sultan throwback almost forgot the super chicken farm from the fringe
  6. ryno2

    Honor Among Runts.

    Nurzum'Ugluk hears his old name whispered in the winds, and wonders if he was remembered after all.
  7. ryno2

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    why dont you put your reasoning here so Medvekoma can defend himself, the whole point of posting on here is to provide criticism that the applicant can either defend themselves on or take into consideration, by providing nothing substantive other than "-1" you do a disservice to the applicant and to your own credibility
  8. ryno2

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    i saw that @arockstar28 nice try, edited your post to get rid of it, that and your first comment both give evidence that you're hiding personal contempt for @Medvekoma behind a veneer of professional criticism and passing it off as valid reasoning for his exclusion from LT
  9. ryno2

    Raphael_Payne's World Developer Application

    youve applied to so many staff positions after playing for comparatively little time, it seems like you just want a staff position for its own sake, doesnt matter which one
  10. ryno2

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    why don't you put your criticism here so Medvekoma can properly defend himself on a side note:
  11. ryno2

    Winter Solstice Ritual

    In a different time, Daeron Culnamo would not have hesitated to prove his marksman's mettle, but a self-imposed exile from the world had long since dulled his edge. To even hold the arm of a sturdy bow, now, would bring a rush of memories - armies routed, innocents slain, children crushed - all soured by the wisdom of age and hindsight. In younger days, he would have gladly defended the title "Ruin from Afar," but his battles have all been won, and he has nothing left to prove. Though the curse of longevity will keep the ghosts of ancient foes ever near, repentance has given him, in life, a semblance of what he granted so many in death.
  12. ryno2

    Why do Vanders fight?

    "guys you gotta actually win before you make stuff like this, otherwise you just look braindead" says daeron
  13. "Reformation follows the ascendance of Koralon Onyxheart to High Queen of the Dwed. At least those in Kaz'Ulrah recognize when a change is needed and act on it, rather than let it stagnate...or worse, move to a stronger nation for protection," quips Officer Grudgebeard.
  14. ryno2

    The September Prince has Awoken