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  1. 1819 Karosgrad Dearest reader, It was a lovely evening when I wasn't using my aching feet to walk away—quite a windy twisting road to get a measly tournament area. With a much needed breath of relief, this event was much more spaced out. Less people if they simply can not find their way through the gardens. Haense surely knows their way around their fists; amongst the fist were men donned in their armor ready to fight to prove their worth for all the lovely roses... If only those roses showed up. The men that wished for their beautiful ladies to make a grand appearance w
  2. 1818 Karosgrad Dearest reader, I bring forth a beginning of spring, where the children and suitors of Haense gather to the Palace to be presented by the Koenas. Their parents were introducing them like prized farm animals. And much like animals, The Palace itself was a pen of clucking chickens—packed wall to wall with nobility and other unfavorables. A pen filled with chickens, feathers flying, hair and fur of coats in the air. It was stuffy hot and merely not worth this much effort. This is what the Hanesi Season has started as. A cluster of unhinged chickens and the unmarried mi
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