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  1. Unique idea, quality builds. I'm impressed.
  3. Croak and seethe, Wonk Lovers.

  4. And the outrage machine continues to churn. Over a god damn frog.
  5. A Fractured Beast, scattered across the Wastes, mourned the passing of one too good for this world.
  6. And so the Shepherd wept for the loss of one of his flock, and thenceforth knelt in prayer - releasing a dove to guide her to where she wished to go...
  7. A Servant of the Barrows knelt in prayer for the passing of another legend that night - for he knew more than most that one need naught be tall to change the course of history.
  8. A Herald of the Barrow-Downs came to glimpse such errant words - and the cold breath of the grave left pale lips, rolling as ethereal smog in the unhallowed grounds. "How wonderful... Perhaps this pawn might yet be made useful, if he were to loose that venomous tongue..."
  9. Farewell good soldier, don't die while you're gone. Ascend beyond the Kraft
  10. I give you a lot of shit, Minth, but you're one of the few who don't need a magic to rp a thing out to its fullest extent. Props to you, honestly. Very proud of how far you've come from full newbro hours. Raise hell for us, won't you?
  11. A Leal Wyrmstalker would frown, soon setting off in shifting guise - for she had a couple to check up on, and hunts to prosecute anon...
  12. We're in the process of completely fixing mysticism so expect like 2-4 more posts like this
  13. I stan for my boy archi, love this fuckin lore GIB
  14. It corrupts the soul. Not sure what lore you're reading that Corcitura aren't tainted
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