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  1. [!] A reply would be left on one such post; Shouldn't have trusted the Sedanite.
  2. In Address to the Descendants of the Four Calamity approaches the Hinterlands, a foe from the darkest depths rising in aims to subjugate and destroy all in its path - championed by a Three-Headed Drake, and in its wake shall follow all the horrors of the Dark from the caves whence it came. Beasts and untold horrors rouse, all to devour the last vestiges of elvenesse and Elvendom. But this will not go unanswered, and the Hinterlands shall not burn unavenged. We will not let the realms of Malin’s sons fall idly. The Order of the Golden Lion is erecting a fortress within the lands of Bi’al, once known as Cartref Mor, to stand tall against the tide of darkness which seeks to drown this land. Perhaps the first of many to come, but it is here that the last stand of Elvendom shall be made. We invite any who would defend the realm at large against the coming foe to join us, to aid in erecting fortifications and lending their hand to preparations against the Foe to come. The Order offers all the machina and industry it can muster to the task at hand, and it hopes that the realms of mortal men shall offer whatever they can, too, to defend the proud nation of Amaethea from the danger it faces now. It was but a century past that our predecessors would stand against the Inferi, founding the camp of Last Light upon the shores of the Khorvassa, allowing the Descendants a crucial avenue to strike back at the demonic host. And it is now that we offer the same to any who would accept the olive branch. Let us stand against this foe together, and show them that the will of the Descendants will not be broken so easily. One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness. One last blade, forged in defiance of fate. [Dawnhold is an event site founded with cooperation from the ET and playerbase alike, serving as a staging ground for player interactions with the Mori’quessir in the Amaethea region, and acting as a hub for player activity and roleplay regarding the eventline. It will begin as a relatively unfortified hamlet, with player interactions driving its development and fortification with the goal of standing strong against the coming attack on the 4th of April. ETs may present events in the interim, challenging the development of the outpost and the players manning it. Many thanks to Werew0lf, NorthTitans, and the other ET sponsoring interactions in the region for presenting this opportunity to the playerbase at large. -1653, 66, 1378 https://discord.gg/tG6WxX4eKS]
  3. [!] Valdor, The Praetorian, and Aurifex, The Promethean Flame, engaging the Leviathan in close combat to stay its wrath upon the Seeker’s Ark. It was with great urgency that those beholden to the Order of the Golden Lion set underway to the Hinterlands of the West, for soon were their holdings in the region to come under assault by the Under-dweller menace of the Mori’quessir. Smoke belched into the air from gargantuan smokestacks as a floating fortress set into motion; The Seeker’s Ark, a battleship matched only by the mighty Dwedsmark and laden with the most advanced machinery that could be mustered in the age. Soon the vessel broke into waters stained grey with ash, the skies choked with a crimson haze of blood and soot, the seas at a tepid simmer of unnatural heat which broke beneath the churning water wheels which gave the ship motion. It was not long, when the crew began to rumble about the haunting waters, before a massive serpent erupted from the depths… The Leviathan. Stretching a length in excess of even the largest dragons, the wrathful serpent set upon the ironclad with a ferocity unseen since the flight of mighty Cloudbreaker. The cannons of Cadia soon spewed fire and vitriol, manned by such individuals as Lord Jarad Munnel and Hana Starbreaker, alongside Reosa and Foeg’lor. The serpent would be forced beneath the waves soon enough, alchemical shells shearing scales from its body and tearing chunks from its length… but this would not be the end of the assault. Magickally imbued things rose from the water, clambering aboard the ship with boarding hooks as their leviathan was brought to heel. Incidents of accidental friendly fire would see some members of the crew momentarily crippled, while the Custodians Aurifex and Valdor set about clearing their ilk from the deck - with honorable Bolvar shielding the Keeper from an early grave, taking a prisoner in turn. It was when the boarders were silenced that the Leviathan arose once more, and with a mighty gout of boiling, superheated water struck the Sea Prince, Feanor Sylvaeri, from the forecastle; though the Sea Prince would take his pound of flesh in turn before he was incapacitated. Aurifex, unprompted, would valiantly surge along the deck with the roar of pistons and pumping vessels - leaping forth into the maw of the Leviathan and beginning to tear it apart with but a simple hammer. Valdor would soon join his brother, as both automatons would engage the Leviathan in close quarters where both faced the mortal danger of the fathoms below. As weregild they took the beast’s tongue wholesale, being vomited upon the deck. It would be Jarad Munnel and Foeg’lor who silenced the beast once and for all, their cannon shearing its head from its body and sending it to the Deep where it would become food for the scavengers. A harpoon would pierce into the metal hull of the bridge, interrupting what was thought to be a moment of respite. Pulling itself to the deck, a towering Dreadknight would emerge, wielding a greatblade and vowing to slay all before it. A sapphire star would kindle in the sky, and so stepped forth the intrepid Faen, alongside his brothers in Bolvar, Valdor, and kin - wielding the lance of the incapacitated Keeper. Emboldened by the grandiose light which kindled the Ember in their souls, he would lead the charge - battered and bruised, ultimately ending the imprisoned spirit with the aid of his kin. The gaze of all would be drawn, however, to the beating of wings… for the wicked dragon Vlos was not yet keen to let them reach the safety of Bi’al - their destination. With the reality of the situation setting in, all applied themselves fully to their captain’s decree, flooding coal into the boilers to urge the ship onwards, faster and faster, ever-eager to escape the talons of the beast. Narrow was their flight, the dragon’s jaws grazing the hull of the boat ‘ere it was forced to depart, scorning the light which shone over the Hinterlands as the dominion of the Lord of Sunlight. Injured, wounded but unbroken, the Seeker’s Ark and its crew would find safe harbor at last. Here would be founded the last bulwark, forged in defiance of fate.
  4. The Empyrean would loom over Ilaria's shoulder as they glimpsed the missive, the Barrowlord's cowl shifting curiously as it read - the single blazing eye of cobalt gloam seeming perplexed in some crude manner. "They seem to hear much, but listen to little. Is it then the stance of Velulei's daughters and sons, in these times, that all must be subject to the torture of a spiteful goddess? Or is it that they only desire the Maiden's domain for their own monarch of the dead... A curiosity, but one which will pass in time. A fire may only burn for so long, 'ere the coals turn to ash."
  5. Over the man's defiled carcass within the confines of ivory walls, the Keeper Alatariel laid a hand o'er the heart of the Vindicator. An amulet about her neck pulsed faintly with golden light, the angel's solar gaze falling upon the man's bruised countenance. And to her fallen grandchild, her words flowed as honey and gold, yet laden with the saddened realization of duty's toll; “Death is not an end to our service - It is the evolution of it. Ours is a duty maintained until even the aeons falter, and death itself perishes. We are denied the pale slumber. Go gently into our Lord's Golden Host; Godspeed unto ye, Grandchild of mine."
  6. If you don't fix this font I'm going to put chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay +1 for the barrow homies
  7. In waters beyond, a slumbering beast awoke - and a floating fortress would let its cannons sing in jubilant praise of He from on high.
  8. Hmm... Winds Howling.
  9. If you're going to use AI writing then at least make it clear you used AI to begin with. Don't try and pass it off as purely your work, y'know? As a server we're going to have to tackle the issue of AI writing being used to make entire lore posts, applications, TAs, etc. and how we approach the issue of artistic integrity in that regard. These tools have the potential to do a lot of good, as you've said, but the potential avenues of malicious or simply lazy usage needs to be addressed, accounted for, and safeguards need to be put in place.
  10. Animii are on a PK clause. Embrace the PK clause. Embrace the potential for your story to end.
  11. the true solution is to put all atronachs on a PK clause, as all other constructs are. True balance.
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