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  1. The amt was lessened to account for Sigils gaining increased utility and combative capacity in the case of Tremorsense and Laborer Sigil in events, alongside other select additions. I'm in agreement w/ DiscoLiquid here.
  2. How do you intend to handle the matter of the population of Druidic Templars given you've entirely cut their compatibility? This would even disconnect such individuals as Bhased, the writer of the current gen of templar, from the magic.
  3. [!] Unto the 'Lord of the Xi'tharii' would a spectral Albatross fly - and to them, it delivered tidings from beyond. "We stand in defense of the Fourth's title - He who earned it rightly, and not an usurper who cowered until He slumbered to carry out the Promethean sin. Stand and fight if you dare, False Lord. This sacrilege shall not be tolerated. The Will of The Four shall be maintained." @Dymase
  4. IN RECOGNITION OF THE DEEDS OF β€˜GAWYN TIBER’ During a friendly visit to the Order’s Hold of the Lion’s Gate to acquire Canonist literature on the matter of Darkspawn of all varieties, authored by the former Arch-Lector Danzen of the Holy Lectorate, a brutal ambush lain by Nephilim elements was sprung upon the hold. Despite owing nothing to the Order, it was the Squire Gawyn who valiantly held the line against the Cultists of Azdromoth as they attempted to assail him in an act of utter barbarity, entirely unprovoked. Despite being outnumbered, Gawyn fended off three of the Dragonkin on his own, including the Prince of Dragonkind & Third Eye of Azdromoth himself, before succumbing to his injuries and falling unconscious. For his bravery, ferocity, and martial skill, the Order of the Golden Lion hereby issues a commendation to the Squire Gawyn Tiber - and applauds his efforts on the night of the battle. It was by his actions that multiple lives, including that of the Keeper Alatariel's, were saved. A DEBT IS HEREBY OWED TO SQUIRE GAWYN TIBER OF THE PERTINAXI, SQUIRE OF THE PRINCE HENRY OF AAUN, WHICH SHALL BE REPAID. AVE JANUS. ORDO VULT.
  5. I can't wait for paladin flak cannons to shoot down Azdrazi flying over our national airspace
  6. Valannor

    BUK NOOS..?

    I've seen the face of the Lord GOD Almighty, blessed be His name, and His name was Buck Dirtgrub
  7. blessed tidings, tyvm. forgot about the tieflings much obliged
  8. hmu in dms for suggestions shamans arent darkspawn u numpty. they're just shamans. unfortunately i cant write it into lore that all orcs must die!!!!!!!
  9. I will need to consult a particular Bronzesmith on the topic of bloat and expand my horizons
  10. Feedback Notes Please Read Before Reviewing The Light of Tahariae Return of the White Stag THE FIRST LIGHT The votary of the White Lord has, in times passing, been filled by ephemeral mortals who dilapidated the endowment of purity gifted by the pure stag. Those children of the dreaded brothers, who abused his gratuity with irresponsible self desire since when the menace Setherien toppled great fortresses, to the age of the stags return. In times of yore their gifts were misused egregiously - the very essence of his mission left tainted, leading the Stag to enact the Great Relinquish; retracting his boons from all of those he had once called 'Cleric'. It was the patron of white-scales, the Blinding Flame Sordran, who remained a loyal hand to the blessed stag for centuries, slumbering upon his glorious realm filled with rivers of milk and forests of gleaming light. The White Lord was tiresome of those failing to reach His criterion, unable to commit to His design. However, the Blinding Flame would soon beseech his lord to reconsider; for the dangers of the realm grew many, and the taint of Impurity spread far across the mortal plane. A solution was required, and it was found in those the Stag had grown to distrust so many centuries ago. As was characteristic to its kind, Sordran was conceited in nature, and saw purpose in ensuring the age of purity remained. However, he was also kind and caring, for he wished to help those who came before him. In solitude upon the gardens of the White Stag, his flaring crystalline wings beat like drums, before the patron made flight. He scoured the land, in hopes of finding mortal agents worthy of being acknowledged by the White Lord once again. He kept eyes on those who battled during the scourge of the dark-harbour, or those of worth in past tidings. The Blinding Flame, given direction by the White Stag, would stand against the dying of the Light upon the mortal realm. For the Silverblade knew. The chosen few who would fill the gardens of the Aengul of Purity once more.. WHAT IS PURITY? β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ A misunderstood concept in itself, the complex nature of the White Stag cannot be comprehended by His mortal agents. However, those lowly servants of the hallowed Dragaar Sordran are taught the simple fundamentals of the stags cosmological design. Purity is: – The cleanliness of the soul, untampered by those not in lieu with the White Stag's plan. – The innocence of mortal intention, one that is not influenced by otherworldly means. – The desire to remove mortal suffering, for that dims the light of the cosmos. Yet, the White Stag does not gawk at purity in the same light as others. He does not wish for wanton sacrifice of His followers to ensure mortal desire, as it does not follow His plan. The very concept of being ominous, which should not permeate in the realm of purity, encompasses the Lord Stag. He does not seek heroes to ravish the world of unlawful crimes made by descendant mistakes, for that is the nature of their being. If a hero is born amongst His ranks, the White Lord does not care. It is the disgust of corruption that tampers with this orderly nature that makes it impure, and that is what He desires to get rid of. Sadly, those of aeons past did not see the truth behind the meaning of purity, and it is still unclear. The Aengul of Purity is mysterious, for even His brothers and sisters do not understand the ideal view of His incomprehensible temperament. Sordran has returned to the mortal continent, and has begun to spread whispers of the White Stag. The great claws of the Blinding Flame sting with an eternal light that bestows to His mortal agents an excruciating pain. The light of the soul is untampered. It shines bright, in order to guide us. Life, a state of purity. Death, a state of purity. A precious jewel of the greediest man. A youth bullying in his adolescence. A man who kills his adulterous wife. A withered flower lacking sunlight. It is pure. [The details and concepts introduced under 'What is Purity' are considered common knowledge upon connection to this magic. It is not a binding mechanic of the lore, but rather an explanation of the complex ideological views of Tahariae upon his domain, providing a mission statement for His Lightbearers.] β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ THE JUDGEMENT Penance of the Blinding Flame A LESSON ON PURITY β€œYou harbinger of purity, do not tamper with mortal nature. It is not suited to the greater design.” Sordran teaches those who return to the path of purity to not tamper with mortal nature. The White Stag does not care of mortal crimes, for sin is a concept that is most pure in the design of the Creator. It is without flaw, and serves a purpose that he is ignorant of. The patron Malleus judges what should and what shouldn’t, but that is something that can be determined by the patron-judge when the time of reckoning comes. β€œProfane not the sacral Light with petty mortal whimsy; His Great Work is not of your world, and neither is His Light.” Sordran reminds those in the path of purity to remember the history of their kindred, who lavished in self-desire and used their patron Aengul's magicks errantly. He is unlike the White Stag, for in the nature of the patron dragaar, it is not unkindled to using pain as punishment. [Lightbearers may not β€˜sell’ their magicks or connections, etc. for favors, monetary gain, or otherwise.] β€œHeed the Blinding Flame, guide yourself with His gem of Light.” Sordran acknowledges the light of the soul bestowed by the purity of the White Lord. He reminds mortal agents to look into their pure souls to find the answers to their questions, and not to be influenced by others. They are ultimately bound to His Light, now and until the end of days. [Lightbearers must follow Tahariae and His teachings, unable to pledge themselves to another deity or otherworldly power.] β€œBe wary of the machinations of corruption. They are not of the design.” Sordran imbeds the elden tenant of the White Stag; do not acknowledge or attempt to befriend those who are considered darkspawn knowingly, for they are corrupt of soul and heart. All who do not fall under the remit of the Aengul of Purity shall be seen as enemies, who wish to wilt the flowers of his garden and sour the river of milk. [Lightbearers may not willingly befriend, work with, engage in romance with, or ally with Darkspawn. Blood Magi and Nephilim are included under this definition.] β€œYou are unworthy of the gift, until proven otherwise. Do not tarry in your loyalty to Him.” Sordran is cruel with his words, and makes his distrust blatantly obvious. He does not trust those who bear the light of the White Stag, for his master has seen betrayal through his years. However, the Blinding Flame will acknowledge all who follow the path set out for them, to eventually gain access to the gardens of the Aengul. [Lightbearers of Tahariae may not willingly reject or refuse to adhere to the direct commands of their Aengul or His Patrons, β€˜lest they lose their Gift outright.] β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ THE BOONS Blessing of the White Stag A LAST CHANCE A valiant star gleams in the night-sky, encroached in a brilliance that outshines other stars. The milky clouds meld with his scales, clattering backwards to produce cracks of white twines. Slowly, it comes down, casting a churning sparkle from his beating wings. Gift of Diminished Light [Connection to the White Stag] [Non-Combative] - Sordran does not acknowledge descendants to be worthy of the gift of the first light, touched by the brilliant stag. The patron of the stag fears that his master will be let down once again by mortal kind, and so offers but one solution. The pale-beast will be the gift-bearer and the gift-thief. He will only present the gift of the White Lord to those most worthy, so those who have it may spread it to others. The connection ritual itself is quite simple, though requiring a great deal of ritual and ceremony between the Teacher and Recipient; not for the rites themselves, but the faith and conviction of those involved. Once all is done, the Teacher need only invoke the First Light while reciting the five lessons of Sordran, and weave it into the soul of the prospective adherent, often resulting in a litany of visions or hallowed phenomena to the OOC taste of the Teacher - the act of connection being rapturous and burdening as the memory of the sins enacted by former Clerics would haunt them for the entirety of their existence as a Lightbearer. Once complete, the prospect would now be a full-fledged Lightbearer, bound eternally to the Lord of Purity. Rescindment of Painful Light [Mantle of the Gift-Thief] [Non-Combative/Combative] - Should circumstances deem that a brother or sister has been led astray, while not having acted in such a manner as to draw the ire of the Judge or Purebeast, any Lightbearer who possesses a [TA] may work in conjunction with another [TA] holding Lightbearer to sever the boons of those who have been deemed lacking. With one Lightbearer to bind the individual to be disconnected, the other may call upon the Purebeast's Gift, and by channeling an abundance of Light into the offending individual over [4] emotes, their connection would be severed and their [MA] denied. This process is volatile, requiring uninterrupted concentration to perform, and both Lightbearers must be within an arms reach of their victim to perform this ability. Performing this rite is no easy feat, however. Requiring a great deal of divine magick to perform, it will leave both the victim and perpetrator burned or damaged as described under 'Tells' for a period of [3] OOC days - their bodies broken and flaking away into divine light, skin bubbling and boiling, etc. The pain for this would fade to a manageable standard within an OOC day for the one who performed the disconnection, while the victim would need to suffer it for the entire duration. The individual who had their boons severed would retain [1] scar or mark in line with the aesthetics of 'Tells' upon their body for a permanent duration; a mark of their sacrilege. Injury Chart - Minor Injury - Cuts, bruises, lumps, spots. Major Injury - Deep cuts (i.e. being stabbed but not the whole way), minor breakages of bone, large lacerations. Severe Injury - Loss of limb or organs, loss of appendages, deep wounds (i.e. blade going through stomach), damage more severe than what is classified under 'Major Injury'. Invocation of Purity [3-4 emotes] [2 encounter-use] [Combative/Non-Combative] - The chosen Lightbearer will begin to connect with the shimmering light that sustains them, coalescing across their form. After connecting to this painful light, they can weave their light into blessed starlight and cast it onto a designated target. This Light is borne of Tahariae, able to sear soul and flesh alike, and scorching away the very foundations of a being deemed 'Impure' while mending what has been dubbed 'Pure'. This spell may be used in one of the two below variations, which determine the effects; The Blinding Flame's Rebuke [3 emotes]: Reaching up to [6] meters away from the Lightbearer, a blast of scathing starlight ushers forth from the Lightbearer, much akin to a speeding arrow. If it were to strike true upon an Exposed Darkspawn, it would scorch them where struck with 2nd degree burns which sear the very soul and flesh alike with white-hot pain, even through their armor should they bear any - alongside hurling them back a distance of [2] meters. β€’ The breath can reach up to (6) blocks away onto a designated target. β€’ This ability is useless upon targets which would not be considered exposed Darkspawn, and may not be used to β€˜out’ or otherwise expose hidden Darkspawn. β€’ One may dodge to avoid harm while casting this spell, but in doing so, would need to restart their cast from the very beginning. β€’ Once cast in this manner, one may not do so again for [3] emotes. - This spell could be inhibited in effectiveness via a large shield, with the severity of the burn upon one's arm being reduced to 1st degree if one were using a buckler or kite shield, or no burn at all if a tower shield were employed. - This is only a swift 'blast' of starlight and holy fire, and not a flamethrower or AoE cone. It can thus only affect one target at a time. - In addition, this spell takes hold even upon the undead or things typically resistant to such burns, as the holy flame scorches the soul itself - with undead still experiencing damage equivalent to a mortal suffering such burns, while ghosts and phantoms would suffer damage equivalent to [1] strike of Aurum. Stag's Healing Invocation [4 emotes]: Only usable within [1] meter of oneself, one may divest themselves of their Light momentarily to save and mend another, this process requiring one to cast uninterrupted for [4] emotes as they are rendered helpless in the process. By weaving their Light into a wounded individual, they may heal a single Major Injury as defined on the table above, rendering the healed individual at half their strength and stamina for the next IRL day. Alternatively, they may instead choose to stabilize the individual by spending [2] extra emotes to do so, rendering the individual unconscious for [1] IRL day but in turn stabilizing all of their Minor & Major wounds to prevent an untimely death. This would also render the Lightbearer helpless for an additional [2] emotes, taxed by the sheer expenditure of energy to accomplish such a feat and unable to cast further for the rest of the IRL day. β€’ The magic can only target an individual within [1] of oneself, or β€˜touch’ distance. It may be used to heal animals such as horses, dogs, etc. but not plantlife or things such as insects. It does not necessarily need to be exhaled from the mouth, and may be cast from the hands instead. β€’ This ability is unable to mend the wounds of Exposed Darkspawn. β€’ One is rendered entirely helpless during the casting of this spell, unable to defend themselves and requiring concentration in order to cast. If the cast is interrupted, the mending is undone, and must be started anew. β€’ Healing adheres strictly to the limits detailed above, constituting [1] Major Wound per cast, and rendering the healed individual at Β½ their strength and stamina for the rest of the encounter. Stabilizing refers to stemming the bleeding and mending the individual’s applicable Major & Minor Injuries all at once so that they do not immediately perish, necessitating a total of [6] emotes to perform alongside rendering one entirely helpless and unable to move or act for an additional [2] emotes, being unable to cast for the rest of the IRL day. - If foreign debris is present in the wound, then as the wound heals, the debris shall remain - e.g an arrow wound would have the flesh heal around the arrow, with the arrow remaining within. Shattered Light of White Stag [3 emotes] [2 encounter-use] [Combative] - The Lightbearer may bring forth their inner-light over [3] emotes, allowing the Light to begin forming about themselves or a target of their choice within [8] meters. The Light coils and expands around them, as this blinding light forms a temporary shield around the person, in order to shield themselves or another from foul sorcery. This light is bedazzling, blinding and disorienting to any Darkspawn who would encroach and attempt to trespass the barrier. Cleansing of the Bright Lord [4 emotes] [1 day-use.] [Non-Combative] - The Lightbearer may remedy the ailments of others, as is the prerogative of their kind. By taking (4) emotes to bring the purifying starlight gifted by the Blinding Flame to bear, thereafter bathing the afflicted individual in the mending magicks, their bodies soothed as the blessed magick gently unravels the very fabric of the blight which afflicts them. This ability may only be cast once per IRL day, and may mend the following conditions; -All forms of poison or disease, magical or otherwise, with E.T plagues requiring communication with the E.T to be able to mend. This includes necromantic diseases, those wrought by Vargr, etc. -Thanhic Poisoning & Azhl Anemia, though the afflicted would remain at half-strength and stamina for [1] IRL day afterwards as their body recovers. In addition, the Light bears the capacity to cleanse the foulness of Curses even in its diminished state, under the following guidelines. Weave of Fate [Passive] [Non-Combative] Owing to their tether to the Aengul of Purity, those who wield the Light are likewise tied into the weave of fate, and may receive prophetic visions of events yet to come. Uniquely, they may also receive prophetic visions sent directly by their patron Aengul at ST discretion, for purposes of guidance in event scenarios or forewarnings of calamities to come. Touched by Purity [Passive] [Non-Combative] Touched by Purity Himself, the Lightbearer takes on a host of intrinsic traits inherent of their servitude to the Lord of Purity. Passively, minor cuts and inconsequential injuries of those around them, alongside small scars, would vanish in motes of starlight if the Lightbearer would will it. Perhaps most importantly, as Tahariae suffers none to claim what belongs to Himself, those tethered to the White Stag may not be raised as undead creatures, or be turned to dark magicks or creatures such as Vargr, as the Lord of Purity's grasp upon their immortal soul is ironclad. A presence of warmth and charity accompanies them wherever they may go, a faint remnant of the aura once bore in elder days. Tells [Aesthetics] - A cleric of the pure stag, when endowing their prowess into the area, will have numerous tells to portray their strength and deific nature. For some, fractures of white-light or candescent ribbons of radiance will sizzle and twist around their hands and limbs, or surround their body when casting. However, others may simply have a more gore-filled appearance with bubbling flesh and bursting divine ichor. PROGRESSION Light of Tahariae A cleric must slowly earn their right to use spells, which occurs overtime through training and lessons, before being capable of being able to use all abilities. Tier 1 [spells unlocked] [lasts 3 weeks]: Weave of Fate, Invocation of Purity. Tier 2 [spells unlocked] [lasts 3 weeks]: Shattered Light of the White Stag. Tier 3 [spells unlocked]: Cleansing of the Bright Lord, Touched by Purity. Purpose The last cleric lore post had numerous good ideas, however it had some thematic issues. We believe it would be sensible to get clericalism out as a small package to be a foot in the door, to see if it will work or not. Tahariae should not be trusting of mortals to the extent of returning his full power, and so it has a lot of redlines in regards to the imperfect prowess harming the user, though serving its purpose nevertheless. See it as the DLC that is awaiting the full game - with The Light of Tahariae being a miniaturized, compact version of what a new Clericalism could be, with the in-roleplay storyline following Tahariae and Sordran observing their newfound servants to judge if they are worthy of greater gifts. EA sports, it's in the stag. Credit Werew0lf - Writing, Formatting Valannor - Writing Sources Relevant sources via google images, no outlined authors. Prophecy Lore:- [!] Tahariae Lore:- [!] Sordran Lore:- [!]
  11. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
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