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  1. A Lady of Silver would glimpse such a missive, reading the document in triplicate to ensure she had not been deceived. She then retrieved a cigar from the humidor she kept in her desk, pouring herself a glass of scotch. "Gonna be a long day with this much degeneracy..."
  2. A Lady of Silver would drink her tea with her pinky extended, taking a long swig from the ornate cup. "Ah... GOD bless the Orenian Empire!"
  3. A Lari of frost and snow would hum, henceforth pinning a reply to the missive scribed in azure ink.
  4. A Lady of Silver would admire the renditions of those rogueishly handsome individuals with a bottle of Johannesburg Port.
  5. Harken then to she of fallen ash, A Queen of Coal, to walk the Titan's path. A struggle of ascension, her loss of confusion... A fine life has thusly reached its conclusion.
  6. Were tidings of such a thing to reach that Lady of Silver within her mountain halls, she would halt in place, pausing to read the document thence in triplicate, and then once more for good measure. She dared not spit out the mouthful of tea she had sipped from her cup - but alas, she leaned back in her chair as a crow of white squawked angrily in her ear. So she then asked of herself, and of the numerous funeral urns that surrounded her; "So the Wyrmlings of the Titan go out and burn an abandoned town to ashes and embers... for what reason, prithee? As far as I can see, it was a waste of good wood; waste not, want not, after all... What do you think, Amthalion darling?" She asked of the simplistic kiln 'pon her nightstand, as if it could answer her. "Ti, I suppose that's right- if it was abandoned, noone was hurt, and that's what matters- no, that doesn't mean we go scrounge up anything left, unlike you, I am not a career criminal!"
  7. The storm that had come to grace the southern shores of Almaris churned and roared - a near constant drone of the tempest assailing the oceans, perhaps to the dismay of the vinland nations. Any boat that dared sail those waters would seldom be seen again, those surviving few vessels and their crews speaking of unfathomable squalls and crashing waves that splintered wooden hulls like twigs ‘twixt a sailor’s hand. The sea was hungry, mayhaps- And oh, would it feed again… The Druidic Circles, august and sheltered within nature’s cradles, would be “gifted” a deep unease to wash over their vaunted sanctuaries of worship and service to the Balance, a constant anxiety that ‘crept long the spine and sent hairs to stand on end - for nature was worried, deeply so by whatever strange maelstrom of malefic birth had so afflicted the land and tides alike. And for the cities of the land? Strange figures clad in frayed and tattered cloaks darted to and ‘fro, ‘tween the darkened alleys and misty docks - bearing tidings of a crimson fellowship, and the goods of a land so foreign that it begot wondrous and terrible thoughts of grandeur and esoteric cultural practice alike. ‘Pon the chapped, dry lips of these fellows would be a damned shanty, yet so strangely alluring as to inspire the most profound of curiosities; “A blackened tide, a deceitful sea, Accepting of all that there is and will be- Come, ye dogs, to take this land; And ye shall become a part o’ it instead!”
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  12. 𝄞𝄞𝄞 ‘Pon one sullen eve within the southern straits of Almaris, a strange and curious storm swept through and across the seas - a herald of profane tidings, emanating a disquieting sort of unease for those caught in its wake; perhaps namely the regions and states making up the Underkingdom, the Druidic Circles of Yore, and the errant principality of Savoyard’s progeny. Blackened clouds roared and thundered o’erhead, the tides lapping furiously at the shores as lightning rent mighty oaks in twain… Even the water seemed darker than usual. Under the cover of this unhallowed tempest, were one to shift their gaze to the fallen privateer’s cove of Freeport, a pair of mighty vessels would be seen to dock in the abandoned expanse; galleons wrought with finery of snaking roots and stygian portents upon their hulls of darkened wood, their sails tattered and well-worn by the ravages of the sea’s beautiful cruelty. These vessels both bore names, signalled plainly upon the placards nailed to the side of their hull; “The Vicar of Yulthar,” accompanied by a sister ship- “The Shepherd’s Promise.” Strangely, these vessels appeared to lack any form of lifeboat or raft - a startling disregard for safety upon the high seas. Would one pay particular heed to the fallow rocks and plutonian reefs, or the numerous battered and broken hulks that made up the pirate’s haven, they would come to find the crew of the two ships had come to occupy it in force, clearly there to stay; and they would not be leaving any time soon. Upon the lips of the weary sailors, a forlorn hymn might be sung to an unknown rhythm. “A bottomless curse, A bottomless sea- Accepting of all that there is and can be…”
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  14. "Kneel before His Light, and find absolution in Dawn's caress." The Order of the Golden Lion harkens to the legacy of former conclaves of Xan’s Chosen from ages yore, tracing its traditions and lineage to the time of the Brotherhood of the Golden Lion. Primarily existing as a bastion and safe haven for errant and wayward Paladins, the organization accepts those willing to walk the Sunlit Path into its ranks, and those who wish to make the decree of the Aengul of Order a reality. 𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℭ𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔡𝔰 The Creeds, as put forth by the Wingless Lion himself in ages yore, are a set of six ideological strictures that have been upheld by those who follow the Sunlit Path for centuries. In times of yore, they were even far more numerous, but recent conventions have culled their number - nevertheless, they are as follows. Bear in mind that while flagrantly breaking these Creeds may result in disciplinary action, in which case punishment and adjudication is left to those of the Chapter generally, rather than the Order itself. In egregious circumstances, it will be left to the Council of the Order to judge whether or not a Creed has been broken, and to then arbitrate a trial against the accused, in whatever manner they see fit; in most cases, this would be a trial of peers. The Creeds are, in this way, rather loose laws with much room for interpretation and debate. I. You are the child of the Maker, the Creator, the Divine, for it is HE who made all the First, the Aenguls and Daemons, and the Second, the Descendants. The Four Races, the Second Children, the Descendants, given life divine by the Creator’s breath, have Xan’s shield and his sword. For that reason, one may not put himself above descendants, for they are equal. It is also not the concerns of mortal wars which draws the Lion’s gaze. For always there is war amongst the Descendants for struggle is eternal, a curse of the Betrayer which cannot be given relief, a result of the first sins. So it is that the wars of mortals are seldom touched upon by the Lion’s Pride, for they are meant to be absolved by the descendants by whom they are waged. II. As Xan demands service from his champions, he expects them not to equate him with the same reverence as the Creator, chiefly expecting it over worship. In the same vein, he allows them to serve other organizations and militias, as long as they continue following their order’s credo and do nothing that would count as breaking it. III. As all Knights of Xan are equal before him, they shall treat each other equally and as brethren. No sword or mace or axe or any other weapon of warfare shall be raised in malice against the fellow followers of the Sunlit Lord. IV. While it is said that the Order protects all Descendants from foulness, using the magic given to them by their patron, it should not be confused with offering said magic to just everyone. There is a difference between selling divine artifacts for personal gain and teaching those willing of the Sunlit Path. Offering divine artifacts in such a manner, whether it is trading in coin, power or favours, is strictly frowned upon and shall not be tolerated by either the Order or its patron. V. The light is the fire in our hearts, the light is the wrath of Xan, the light is the Creator’s glory manifest, and with it we burn away the shadow, cleanse the darkness and all the taint within. The power of Xan is not used lightly, nor ever against the Descendants save for those corrupted and turned against their brothers. We wield the Light only in defense of them, only in service of Xan, or against those once-children of the Creator whose hearts have been made blackened ash, and turned to darkness. Never shall the light of Xan be used against a descendant, except in the most extreme of cases of those poor souls misled by the evil present in all hearts. And yet so all attempts shall be made to cause no permanent harm, all instances of such reported to the rest of the Order. VI. You serve as an extension, the blade, of Xan’s will. As Aengul of Order & Guardianship, the forces of the dark that spread chaos and prey on the Descendant races must not be assisted nor permitted in their nefarious acts. The antithesis to Xan and his Champions, any who assists dark groups, participates in their misdoings, or observes without interfering as they harm innocents has forsaken their sacred vow to Xan and their duty. 𝔏𝔞𝔴𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔒𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔯 I. Adhere to the Creeds of Xan as dictated by one’s Chapter or the Order, as best one can. II. Honorable duels are permitted on the Fort’s grounds, provided they are not executed in a manner which would bring offense to Him. III. Darkspawn, defined as servants, creatures, or magi of draconic or dark persuasion are forbidden from the Fortress grounds. The same applies to bandits and similar ne’er-do-wells. All inhabitants of the Fortress are authorized to expel such intruders in whatever manner they see fit, and to enforce its laws. IV. One is expected to act with chivalry and honor, so as not to bring shame upon the Lord of Sunlight and His cause. V. To profane or desecrate an idol or testament to the Lord of Sunlight is sin most foul, and will carry grave repercussions. ℜ𝔞𝔫𝔨𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔒𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔯 Seeker To be a Seeker is to have reached the pinnacle of one’s service under the Lord of Sunlight, with one’s ember having reached its apotheosis, and their dedication to the Sunlit Path spanning decades of accomplishment. Seekers serve as trusted peers and figures of stalwart leadership within the Order’s structure, and are often commanders, scholars, or warriors of great renown. Arknight Arknights, as they are referred to, are those with a lengthy history of servitude to the Sunlit Lord, often around a decade’s time. Within the Order’s hierarchy, they serve as knight captains, guiding their less experienced peers and acting as cadet commanders on the battlefield. Embered The designated rank bestowed unto all who possess a sacral Ember. Initiate Initiates are those who have been taken under the wing of an Arknight or Seeker, given a set of trials that they must complete in order to prove their worthiness of being gifted an Ember. Knight-Sentinel The highest honor able to be achieved by those without an Ember, often bestowed to those who have shown great honor, bravery and compassion in the course of their duties. Knight Those who have proven themselves worthy are dubbed Knights under the Order, having shown competency in all quarters expected of an adherent of the Sunlit Path. Squire Freshly recruited individuals, who will often be paired with a Knight or an Embered individual to serve as their mentor, giving them a series of lesser trials to prove their worth within the confines of the Order’s structure. ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔭𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 & 𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℭ𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔩 Chapters The Order serves only as a loose hub for those of the Sunlit Path, and as such does not proclaim absolute governance or regional command over its various member factions. Instead, these groups are granted full autonomy, even while under the Order’s banner - referred to as Chapters. Chapters may freely govern themselves and their members, adopt their own doctrines, and undertake their own missions and other such affairs, only expected to adhere to the Order’s few laws and aid their peers as the Lion asks of them in exchange for access to the communal housing, resources, etc. that the Order offers. Chapters usually hold distinct specialties or areas of operation, but such is not mandatory - the only requirements to qualify for Chapter status under the Order are a minimum of 4 unique Embered members, with one of these members being a Seeker, as well as approval from the Council. As well, to ensure that all have a say in the affairs of the Order, each Chapter is entitled to 2 seats upon the Council, chosen from their own ranks. This serves to affirm their right to equal representation, and for their voice to be heard when it comes to serious matters. The Council The assembly of all Chapters under the Order’s banner, the Council serves to guide the larger Order when the situation calls for it, such as the enactment of Crusades or organization of Xan’s chosen en masse. Its scope strictly pertains to the dealings of the Order on a macro scale and matters of the Fortress itself or trials for egregious violations of Xan’s will, with smaller affairs such as local governance or skirmishes left to the Chapters to organize between themselves. Requires a quorum of ½ of all total sitting members to call for a gathering of the Council, and functions on a simple majority in most cases.
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