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  1. I defeat the translocationist with a Crossbow and a battle buddy
  2. In a hallowed tomb, after decades spent aslumber... An Angel's golden eyes flicker to waking suns.
  3. The amt was lessened to account for Sigils gaining increased utility and combative capacity in the case of Tremorsense and Laborer Sigil in events, alongside other select additions. I'm in agreement w/ DiscoLiquid here.
  4. How do you intend to handle the matter of the population of Druidic Templars given you've entirely cut their compatibility? This would even disconnect such individuals as Bhased, the writer of the current gen of templar, from the magic.
  5. [!] Unto the 'Lord of the Xi'tharii' would a spectral Albatross fly - and to them, it delivered tidings from beyond. "We stand in defense of the Fourth's title - He who earned it rightly, and not an usurper who cowered until He slumbered to carry out the Promethean sin. Stand and fight if you dare, False Lord. This sacrilege shall not be tolerated. The Will of The Four shall be maintained." @Dymase
  6. IN RECOGNITION OF THE DEEDS OF ‘GAWYN TIBER’ During a friendly visit to the Order’s Hold of the Lion’s Gate to acquire Canonist literature on the matter of Darkspawn of all varieties, authored by the former Arch-Lector Danzen of the Holy Lectorate, a brutal ambush lain by Nephilim elements was sprung upon the hold. Despite owing nothing to the Order, it was the Squire Gawyn who valiantly held the line against the Cultists of Azdromoth as they attempted to assail him in an act of utter barbarity, entirely unprovoked. Despite being outnumbered, Gawyn fended off three of the Dragonkin on his own, including the Prince of Dragonkind & Third Eye of Azdromoth himself, before succumbing to his injuries and falling unconscious. For his bravery, ferocity, and martial skill, the Order of the Golden Lion hereby issues a commendation to the Squire Gawyn Tiber - and applauds his efforts on the night of the battle. It was by his actions that multiple lives, including that of the Keeper Alatariel's, were saved. A DEBT IS HEREBY OWED TO SQUIRE GAWYN TIBER OF THE PERTINAXI, SQUIRE OF THE PRINCE HENRY OF AAUN, WHICH SHALL BE REPAID. AVE JANUS. ORDO VULT.
  7. I can't wait for paladin flak cannons to shoot down Azdrazi flying over our national airspace
  8. Valannor

    BUK NOOS..?

    I've seen the face of the Lord GOD Almighty, blessed be His name, and His name was Buck Dirtgrub
  9. blessed tidings, tyvm. forgot about the tieflings much obliged
  10. hmu in dms for suggestions shamans arent darkspawn u numpty. they're just shamans. unfortunately i cant write it into lore that all orcs must die!!!!!!!
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