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  1. Staring at the missive Karuna sighed deeply and leaned back "this was foreseen, i can nay come to think if this will be a good lesson learned for those of Rah or if nothing will change..." the small women idly hummed to herself before she learned forward and continued with her herbal studies "Pharaoh or nay pharaoh... one should always keep equality in mind, something he has seemed to have forgotten"
  2. Karuna Stared at the missive and would sigh, Leaning back the small women shook her head "I hope... after this storm there shall be a rainbow, please, allow the winds to blow over this gently and lead those lost to a brighter direction" the wood elf murmured to no one in particular
  3. MC Name: Lavender_Valley Discord: yoursdearly_pixiedearest Image: Description of Image: a portrait of my character an her husband. Dimensions: 3x3
  4. Somewhere within Rah'tuma hiding away within her Tavern a not so sane Elfess was mumbling to herself at the memories of her capture, Karuna who had fallen victim to what seemed to her endless pain which had merely been a few hours had taken somewhat a mental hit, a screw loose if you will, the once before timid young elfess changing slowly from those events she suffered, holding her head an agonizing headache overwhelming her, the elfess had been recovered that day but it seemed not quite fully, but that in the eyes of her people was yet to be seen, or so she thought.
  5. A Melody Must Have an End How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. The flood of memories rushes by, giving one last adieu “Oh! My little butterfly!” a Voice came, my dearest aunt “Come give Aunty a hug” My earliest memory by far, the woman always came running over with that big childish grin of hers and would swoop me into her arms just as she did now but as she got to me the scene changed. “Grandmama?...” My grandmother passed away and my mother was struck by grief. I had stayed with my aunt for a long time, so long, and my mother followed not long after, my father was never around. I was left alone, or so I thought. “Look what I've brought for you! It's your favourite, but don't tell your mother” Sweets were held in front of me by my dearest aunt, a woman who never let her smile fall in front of me, it was infectious indeed, I was not much of a people person at all, but looking back at it I missed out on a lot, and now all I have is regrets on not trying to do more with my life while I had the chance “It's alright, you alright, things will get better soon” My last memory came to play, my aunt hugging me while we were in our darkest hours. Falling into complete utter oblivion, My eyes slowly fell due to my attacker's actions, but it wasn't all bad, I got to see the birds fly one last time before nothingness. Greyed skin and life taken by force, a body was found under the gate arch of Vikela, this body was unfamiliar to most, but to those who knew the woman, to Medea who found the young woman she was almost unrecognisable Melody de Astrea, she was drained of all blood, with two puncture wounds upon her neck an obvious attacker. However, that did not seem to be the killing blow. Whether or not this was the work of one person or if there was someone else to give the final kill would never be known, From the look of her dissected body it seemed as if someone had studied it like she was someone's science project, she did not at all look like her former self anymore, and the only thing left behind by the sick attacker was a note simply saying. “Thank you for participating” As if it had been all but a game to them, maybe to taunt the deceased loved ones more Melody de Astrea had not lived a long fulfilling life, before this horrid day, she had already been withering away from poor health, her time had already been approaching but it seemed someone had plans to bring her demise much, much sooner. For she had been expecting her demise due to her health a singular letter had already been written to whom she cared for most, to who had looked after her, but sadly this letter had never been finished Dearest aunt Medea You looked after me like I was your own, and for such I can't thank you enough, our fates intertwined from my birth, I would have felt so lost if you had left me alone, being born as your niece had been the greatest treasure to me, to be able to grow and follow you, you shaped my life, but if my time does come to pass by, I wish you to know to look to the skies in hopes a bird flies by, I watched from the window as the birds flew by gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky, I've laid my memories and dreams upon their wings, and in my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me, and if I should leave this lonely world behind I hope for you to only carry on and remember that… [!] the letter incomplete one would never know what the dying woman had been trying to say at the end of her letter to her aunt. [!] With her Body now buried Melodies of life now gilded forever more amongst the winds of time. Sleep well little butterfly, Melody de Astrea
  6. Floria Kaeronin stared at the missive in pure confusion, she wondered if her dearest father had received this same missive and what his thoughts were, she sighed softly and hummed looking out the window while petting one of her wolves heads "i wonder... is this a misunderstanding, is someone truly taking my ancestors name as their own... or has something else fallen afoot" The elfess spoke to no one in particular and only looked up the sky from where she sat "what do you think father..." she hummed even though she had not seen her dear father in many moons.
  7. In a certain Library writing in her journal her Raeliana's little fox padded over with a missive in its mouth "Thank you Miko..." the small elfess said softly before unwrapping the missive and would start to read it, she was silent for some time before she noticed small water droplets drop down onto the missive in her hands, the elfess gently touched her cheeks with her finger tips, it had been the first time she had cried in many years, noticing the tears noticing her heart breaking more tears fell uncontrollably the young women cried out and started to rub at her cheeks and eyes "p..papa..." she sobbed into her trembling hands, while he had not been her biological father, he had loved him just as much he was the first to take interest in her reading and wanted to know more from her, he warmed her heart knowing her father now gone she cried her heart out, and shut her door hiding away for some time.
  8. A certain elfess stared at the missive rocking her young baby om her arms while patting his back "a new path set out... i wonder how this shall change" Floria said before looking down to her child and smiled softly "hopefully it changes for the best... and things will only get better... hopefully..." she hummed as she set the missive down and now only focused on her family.
  9. The birth of a new Generation Issued by the The Starling Kaeronin branch (art by unibearse) 5th of the Deep Cold 146 As the sun rose and sun streak came through the windows of homes, birds chirping in song, this morning seemed different somehow from other mornings, especially in the Kaeronin Songbird household, a tiring night, friends and family waiting in anticipation, news finally given, letters sent out a new baby boy was born on the 5th of the Deep Cold 146 The new-born's features looked identical to that of his mothers, pale porcelain skin, bright snow white hair, and doe-like eyes somewhat darker than the mothers matching more of that of his fathers. It is with great pride and joy that the Kaeronin’s and the Songbirds announce the birth of their son Nevio Kaeronin Songbird. Floria Kaeronin with her son Nevio Kaeronin Below a letter the mother had written to her new-born, and a letter thrown out to sea. Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, serene mother of Kaeronin His Lordship Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird
  10. MC Name: Pixiethekitsune RP Name: Raeliana Viola ID: 83874
  11. Sitting within her new home staring idly outside the window of her bedroom with a deep melancholy sigh she glanced to one of her three wolves a large giant wolf with deep grey eyes, she gently pet the wolves head "Ahernan Kailu" she hummed to the wolf whom she had named after her father Kailu Kaeronin, the elfess opened the letter and would read through it, her already melancholy expression slowly turning with each word she read, her heart sank and tears fell down her cheeks, there was only one of her children this could letter could have been about, she stood only to collapse onto her knees a sob coming from her rosy lips, "I..Ithil..." the elfess sobbed out in pure despair, another child lost, and another thing she blamed herself for.
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