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  1. Pallodium The Shrouded One 74590
  2. A red-shrouded figure would gaze upon the invitation in his palms, walking towards a sole tree in the middle of an ashen room. He held it outwards- placing it towards a being before the ashen tree, uttering a solitary phrase as the letter was given: "An invitation has arrived- and I do believe there is sufficient reason to attend..." The cloaked man walked out of the room- the letter left behind in front of the being; the letter waiting solemnly; waiting to be read...
  3. A single hand reached out to a bulletin board, the wooden surface swathed with pinned papers- yet the gauntleted hand aimed for only one of these, a single missive... The red-shrouded figure clasped the paper between his fingers- then rip it outwards, pulling it off from the surface, and towards his narrowing eyelids. A thinned, inhuman smile would splay across the lips of The 'Scribe' as his eye scanned across the content of the missive, before crumpling it up- and tossing it to the side.
  4. Not a word was uttered by a red-shrouded figure, learning of this death. A single drop of ink fell from his pen- landing upon the bleak, dark flooring beneath him. Reduced to ash, not a single bone nor tooth left in the pyre's remains- or so they spoke. Another crimson drop fell from his pen- landing upon the open journal. A crimson drop- something that the ashen remains lacked- or so they spoke. A single word left his lips, in the dark room: "Pityful". A word, a thought- something that Lucias couldn't do in his last breath- or so they spoke.
  5. A silent figure gazed at the copper stairwell- tinted with a ochre, streaks of swathed red matter plastered upon it's surface. His gaze was stagnant, almost judgmental as he stared not at what was there, nor what will be there- rather at the stairwell itself. The stairwell- gleaming copper-bronze. The stairwell- covered in blood. The stairwell- silent.
  6. MC Name: Pallodium RP Name: Genthru Kervallen Timezone: PST Discord: pallodium
  7. Housemagery/Culimancy would prob be the most useful day-to-day, but ngl, Translocation would be fun to just have.
  8. The red-shrouded one would remain in a lone cabin deep within the mountains, gazing out the window solemnly. The windows were long shattered, the floorboards reduced to naught but fibers held together by rot and permafrost, and the room held no life but for the sole figure within it. He would turn away from the window, looking at a small spot in the center of the room- completely mundane physically, yet the mental weight of the hand that breached from it still hung heavy in the air. The figure remained for naught but a few minutes, before pushing open the rotting doorframe, and taking his leave silently, deep into the snowing night.
  9. "Raven" would smirk as he read the missive in the late night, "They really didn't know my name, eh?" He chuckles lightly, lifting up a small quill, "Well, 'Raven' is quite a nice name to go by... perhaps I should write something looking back on this adventure..." He'd murmur a few words under his breath, trying to find his wording, before smiling and opening a small book, starting to write a poem late in the night.
  10. A wandering high elf would be slightly surprised as he heard murmurs of the death of Air as he stopped by a town to buy supplies. "Gone... Already? I barely knew him... I wonder how many years its been since I last saw them... Since we last met..." .
  11. A young elf's interest is piqued as he sees the pamphlet in a tavern and pulls out a pen and an inksac from his satchel, ready to apply. IGN: Kaiser550 RP Name: Soren Aeric Discord: RA-Phoenix#6929 Race: High Elf Age: I think somewhere around 100-110 Notable Skills: Trained in basic sword fighting using Dirks and Longswords and excels in the usage of Longbows
  12. Well... at least they added cannons...
  13. Pallodium


    Soren grew up in a small family of Elves, who worked as carpenters in the The Forest Realm of Irrinor, though they were not Wood Elves. His family had worked as carpenters for hundreds of years, and created quite a few great pieces. Soren was very interested about the story of Malin, Urguan, Krug, and Horen, and how the whole story unfolded, from a young age. While his father wanted Soren to become a carpenter, Soren however, didn’t want to be a carpenter. He instead wanted to follow his greatest dream and learn magic instead. After some time, he convinced his parents to let him leave on a journey. At the young age of 18, he left off on a journey to learn magic. On his journey, he saw many types of magic, but didn’t find anyone who would teach him. On his journey, he became intrigued with the art of the bow, and wanted to learn that too. One year after setting out with no avail at learning magic, he decided he would do whatever it took to learn magic.
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