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  1. Upon receiving this, Kane Redfist nodded proudly of his friends words "They are free where they are now so why should they move...?" he raised his shoulders "Ah don't think tha' an elf wearin' a wig can keep 'em safe anehways..." he chuckled as he put the missive down "Ye did well friend. No one's goin' to oppress ya anehmore. Ye choose for somethin' ya believe in an' I onleh 'ave respect fer that"
  2. As Kane Redfist received the missive, he simply nodded and put the paper on his desk with a content smile. After doing so, he walked to his armory and stared at the different kinds of weapons stored in there "Looks loike ah am goin' to need some o' those" he stated, a slight smile forming on his face as he browsed through the weapons. "No imperial should tell 'em whot traditions they can follo' an' which ones they can't." he paused "We should teach 'em some respect" the man declared as he took one of his swords off the wall
  3. Upon receiving the message, a slight grin formed on Kane Redfist's face "This is goin' to beh interestin'" he nodded as he looked through his window at his new place "We're not lettin' a wiggeh oppose our freedom..." he shrugged "Imagine..." he paused, going to lean back in his chair "They can keep their buckets on their own heads" he chuckled, seemingly amused by his own joke.
  4. Name: Janusz BuckfortRace: HeatlanderAge: Older than LeynaNotable Feats: He is a chad, but not always the smartest guy around.Current Residence: Krew(OOC)MCName: Robin01_boyDiscord: Robin#9355
  5. A NEW HOME FOR ALL [!] Flyers and posters were spread around across Almaris and Letters wearing the seal of a Red Fist were sent to friends and family alike. Huaven Dear friends and family, As you might have already heard, Clan Redfist has a new place to call their home! It is located at the ports of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is a neighbourhood, housing the Clan’s members and more like minded people who wish to stay. An event like this can’t go unnoticed of course! This is why you are officially invited for the opening party of Huaven! Everyone is welcome as long as they are looking for a good party. What can you expect? First of all lots of free drinks, lots of free drinks, good food and even more free drinks all provided to you by the Redfist breweries which are also moving over to Huaven. Next to the consumables, you can catch up with old friends or meet new people from all over the realm. This is of course not the only stuff that is planned for the night. There will be music and a special event! This will be a sumo event where two competitors stand on a platform and try to hit each other off with a pillow like stick! The winner of this competition will receive a prize that stays a secret and the title of ‘Sumo Master of Huaven’ Next to the big main event, later in the evening there will be a small fisticuff tournament with a small mina prize. There will also be a possibility for merchants to sell their wares and even rent a stall for the evening for a really low price. For more information on these or for questions in general, please contact Clan Father Kane Redfist. We hope to see you all there. It is promising to be a fantastic night! Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Special invitations were sent to: Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard (@Terry) and all citizens of the Grand Kingdom Clan Mother Mica Goldhand (@sciencepants2) and associates of the Goldhand Clan Clan Father Alaric Grimgold (@AlaricGrimgold) and associates of the Grimgold Clan Silver Lubba Mika Uialben (@mika1278) and all inhabitants of the Lubba Keep Archon Zirath R’ikarth (@xepphir) and all inhabitants of Stygian Hollow Baron Daibhidh Sutharlainn (@MNT_Plovdiv) and all inhabitants of Dùnrath Baroness Leyna Kazimir (@ohbother1) and all inhabitants of Krew Targoth Ar’Borok Mog (@DrunkPapaBear) and associates Count Johnathan Hancock (@TheCaptain) and associates Lord Brawly Scàth (@Tk4522) and family Trusted Friend Qiew La Waevra (@JudgedKitty) and family Trusted Friend Carlos Mendez (@Ziggitee) and family Trusted Friend Aiyeis Castington (@Aiyeis) and family Trusted Friend Emil-Dardot (@Publius) and family OOC:
  6. Lorenz Darkwood grinned as he saw his cousin, August Barclay signing Johann up for this so he decided to do the same and sign his father (@Ziggitee) up. IGN: Gandhi_5342 Name: Charles Darkwood Age: very old Place of residency: Haense Bank account balance: enough to buy at least 10 hot cocoa's Hobbies: Travelling, talking to people and being really nice One interesting fact about yourself: I have the best son ever!
  7. Kane Redfist rode onto the streets, noticing they were surprisingly empty. "No one's 'ere... Fer fok's sake" the man grunted as he made his way up to the keep first. There he noticed his good friend Brawly Scàth (@Tk4522) decending from the stairs leading to the keep "Oi Brawleh! Teh fok are ye doin' 'ere?" he asked, approaching his friend. "I am 'ere to look fer Eliza, but looks loike she's not 'ere..." he stated, raising his shoulders slightly "Apparentleh someone got kidnapped an' I 'ave a feelin' tha' this is by teh hands o' a ghost o' some sorts." Kane declared on a surprisingly calm tone "I am goin' to check out teh sewers. Tha' is a place where scum loike tha' loikes to hang out. Under teh ground, hidin' loike teh rats they are" he paused, moving his hands over to his belt, letting them rest on there. "Want to come?" he asked, tilting his head slightly. However, the Clan Father didn't wait for a response and instantly turned around and walked off towards the entrance of the sewers while whisteling a happy song. After a few minutes, Kane made his way down in the sewers. He walked around in there, his footsteps echoing on the wet path that was running in the sewers. Finally he made it to the room where he stopped at the entrance, not taking any step further into the place. As he saw the armor pieces, he moved his hand over to the hilt of his blade, ready to draw it. "Better not mess with this shait." he said, going to make his way over to the center of the room. While he was there, glancing around, he felt a cold chill running over his body when all of a sudden, the whispers entered his head. At first, Kane shook his head in slight confusion until they started to play his worst memory like a movie in his head. The man stayed silent for a moment, clearly not realising what was happening to him, but eventually he figured it out, it was a really bad memory Kane had been dealing with for weeks, months, years, yet that did not make it anything less serious to him. He narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes having a sad expression which quickly turned into an expression of rage. Kane tightened his grip on his blade and balled a fist in the other hand as he shook his head and let out a sort of primal roar and all of a sudden... The memory was gone. The words 'That's nothing' filled his mind now. "Nothin'" he mumbled "This es nothin' compared to whot I am goin' to do to ya!" he roared, making his way over to the armorpieces and kicking them all the way across the room. "I am goin' to kill this bastard... An' et's goin' to hurt." he growled as he took a more relaxed stance once again. The man then took a final look into the room in order to figure out if there was anything hidden.
  8. Kane Redfist wandered on the beach, looking around. "Whot do we 'ave 'ere...?" he asked his Sionnach (@sciencepants2) as he walked over to the hole. The man bend over and took the book out of there. After doing so, Kane took a seat on the beach. He wiped the sand off the book before opening it to start reading it when all of a sudden he recognised names in there. "Looks loike we're dealin' with a ghost o' some sorts" he declared, looking up at his daughter. "Whot do ya say? Want to kill a ghost?" the Clan Father chuckled as he closed the book once again. He then put it in his coat and pushed himself up. The man dusted his coat off before walking towards his horse. "We should go to Rozania to talk to 'em first... We should find tha' stuff first before we can 'ave some fun." He declared, mounting on his horse and galoping off. Once they made their way over Rozania, Kane went to look for Eliza.
  9. Kane Redfist noticed the tree and immediately walked up to it. He read the message and ran his hand over it before finally opening his mouth "Ye want to play a lil' game eh?" he mumbled, a slight grin forming on his face as he moved his hand back to his belt. The Clan Father then walked back to his horse, untied the rope and got back onto it. As he grabbed the reigns, he said "Teh people who are doin' this is gamblin' with their loifes... Lil' do they kno' tha' teh house always wins" he chuckled as he pulled on the reigns and galopped off towards the old campside on the beach.
  10. Kane Redfist was sitting sitting next to his pond, cleaning his daggers while enjoying a beautiful day when all of a sudden, a pidgeon landed next to him with this letter. The clan father put down his daggers, took the letter and started reading over it "A kidnappin' eh?" he asked while doing so. "Let's go an' check et out. I 'ave nothin' to do anehways." the man shrugged as he folded the letter in four pieces. He stood up, took his coat and put the letter in it before making his way over to the stables and preparing his horse. Not short after, he rode off to the West. Kane quickly made his way over to Rozania. He casually walked in on his horse towards the square where he stopped, holding the reigns loosely and leaning with his elbows on the neck of his steed. The man glanced around the city he used to walk around himself years ago and quickly noticed that the locals were wandering around with a worried expression on their faces. With this information, Kane knew enough "Looks loike this es no joke after all" he mumbled under his breath. He took the reigns in a rather tight grip once again, turned around and galloped once again... Now he arrived at the forest where he instantly felt the cold breeze on his face. After tieing his horse to a tree, Kane put his hand on the pommel of his sword and started looking around there. "Oh... This es goin' to beh fun" the man chuckled as he disappeared into the dense forest.
  11. After a few days, a pidgeon flew into the office of Kane Redfist carrying a letter. As it landed next to Kane who had a smoking pipe resting on his lower lip, the Clan Father quickly finished the sentence he was writing on a document before shoving it away and unstrapping the letter from the bird. He inspected the letter for a second to see where it came from before taking one of his daggers from under his belt and carefully opening the letter. He then unfolded it and quickly read over the whole letter. "Zirath left as well?" he asked, putting the letter down. Letting it rest on his desk as he leaned back in his chair "Didn't expect him to leave yet..." he paused to take a puff from the pipe, before blowing it out after a few seconds. "But whot can oi say. He's still one o' teh founders o' teh Hollow. He returned to his roots" he stated with a bob of the head "I 'ope he had a safe trip" he mentioned as he dimmed the smoking pipe before putting it on his desk as well. Kane looked through his window stroking his beard a few times while in thought before his mouth opened once again "Saddle me horse!" he shouted on an excited tone pushing himself up. "I am goin' to visit an' old friend!" he grinned as he took his coat, strapped his weapons on his belt and walked through the door, slamming it shut behind him. A slight smile resting on his face as he took off.
  12. After a couple of days the news of Brawly's depature also reached Kane Redfist in the form of a letter strapped to a pidgeon. As Kane took the letter off bird's foot, he sent it off and went to sit back in his chair. "Whot do we 'ave 'ere?" he asked himself as he took one of his daggers and opened it. The man then went to silent, humming as he read the piece of paper carefully "Brawleh left?" he asked in disbelief. His eyes narrowed slightly as he put the letter back down "I didn't see tha' one comin'... Shait must 'ave 'appened over there since I left..." he sighed, shifting his gaze towards his window. Staring outside into the rainy weather "I hope him an' his famileh es doin' well an' tha' they found a safe place to call 'ome... Not easeh in these toime, but I am sure they can do et. Teh future smiles at 'em" he grinned, as the raindrops fell one by one on the window.
  13. After a week or so, Kane Redfist finally received a letter himself. Although he did already know what was written in his daughter's letter, he still took it and walked towards his office. Once in there, he took a seat and put the letter in front of him. Kane then reached over to his cigar box and carefully picked a Redfist Premium Cigar out. He glanced over at it a quick moment before taking one of his cigar cutters out and cut it open "This will beh needed for this koind o' situation" he mumbled as he moved the cigar up and carefully put his lips around there. Kane then took a lighter and lit the cigar, which caused some smoke plumes fly around in his quiet office. After doing so, he picked the letter back up, leaned back and carefully opened it. "I kno'..." he paused "I kno' ye put all yer toime an' in teh people. Ye wanted to make et a better place... A place where everehone feels at 'ome." he said, shaking his head a couple of times before taking a slight puff of the cigar "Everythin' will beh better soon once we settle 'gain" he mumbled, blowing the smoke out once again. "Then... No one will do shait loike tha'... No more..." he stated on a confident tone before sliding the document aside and doing some more paperwork.
  14. After signing the document, Kane Redfist looked up and glanced over at Sionnach who signed on her turn. Kane cleared his throat "Looks loike et's official now" he stated on a proud tone, dipping his head. After a couple of second, he opened his mouth once again "We'll drink on et later when we're settled" he said before noticing that Sionnach grabbed the document and ran off. He raised his shoulders before turning around and walking off while chuckling out loud.
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