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  1. Morgana would simply read the news about her being affiliated with any frost witches, just to shake her head "Why must people always tell lies? I don't get it. Spreading false rumors... We have bigger problems at hand. " She would sigh loudly, before moving closer to the warm fire of the oven she was using in the Lubba Keep, pulling out a hot tray of freshly baked cookies.
  2. Morgana would nod a few time as she was reading the missive "Finally!" She would hand Zelphar and the other Centurions a copy of the missive afterwards. @ChaoticRoller
  3. I totally get that, do not worry! That is why I tried to quote the lore aspects, which could cause such to happen! <3
  4. We are actually using the lore given to us by LOTC. Mainly the aspect of the Shadegrain, Heavy Heart Phenomena and also Animatii. Those aspects could lead to such confusion.
  5. Hello there. No. The images are still outdated, since the owner of this thread is right now on vacation and can't update them at all. A fair bit has changed in regards to the actual city build, as we are still working on it.
  6. Morgana would read the parchment, which her mother @Snow1770brought to the council. A loud sigh would escape her "Seriously? How...confused can that fellow be? He is even acting against what was agreed on by the church and the state...It baffles me how he got his position..." She would stand up from her seat, just to leave the room, getting ready to do some more testing within their Serene State.
  7. Morgana would read the parchment, a brow raised as she would read the lines "Oh dear. I would love to assist with such studies, yet, it falls outside of my current fields of research. I wish that person the best of luck though..." She would place the parchment aside, before standing up and moving towards her laboratory.
  8. Morgana would read the missive, nodding her head along. She would say "ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE!" as she cleaned herself from the blood and flesh, which splattered all over her during the fight.
  9. And another spreadsheet done!

    The next one will be for CAs! WUHUUUU!
    And afterwards... Event & DYI-Event Creatures!


  10. A good way to keep track of your magical knowledge! Alright, so, last week we (@_Grey_W0lf_ and myself) have posted a spreadsheet, which focuses on the topic of alchemical knowledge and a way to track what you have mastered on your personas! Now- We have promised last week that we are also reworking a old document, which @_Grey_W0lf_ created in the past, which focuses on all the magical forms, spells and feats. And it is finally done! I've reworked the old document and updated it with a new format, checked all of the lore pieces, split some stuff up to make it easier to track and much more! So here it is! An excellent way to keep track of all your Magical Knowledge, the spells you have mastered and even the Feats you have obtained! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nUEZKO3dnFZ1V8zrwnCFQr9sBFGfyFWeZNBNMeSaAQQ/edit?usp=sharing If we are missing anything or did a mistake, feel free to message @_Grey_W0lf_ and myself (Please add both of us to the message) on the Forums or on Discord! Changelog 02.09.2023 - Adjusted Mysticism Section - Thanks to @TheWhiteWolf
  11. 1924570800_NewRealm.thumb.png.6fbf975d7fb2c79bc422f4a3ecc8fcb0.png


    Thanks @Werew0lffor sending @TheGekko, @SaviourMemeand myself to the green-screen-realm!

    [Thanks for the small event earlier!]

  12. @Amayonnaise made me some cool pixel art! Thank you! <3


    1. Amayonnaise


      You're welcome!!

  13. I am actually liking this. I have always felt like Water Evocation was a bit...slow to cast and use, but those small amendments might make a big difference. Good job so far!
  14. Morgana would awaken from her slumber, her face covered in droplets of sweat. She would glance around for a moment, wiping some blood away from her nose "That's not a good sign of things to come..."
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