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  1. Vahyru Basic Information Full Name: Vahyru Daluon Nick Names: Vah, Vahy, Ocean Druid Gender: Male Age: ??? Race/Species: Farfolk Marital Status: Single Spouse: None. Origin: Vahyru was born in the deserts near Haria, yet, left the area soon with his family, due to them being merchants and sailors. Language: Unlike many Farfolks Vahyru is able to speak several languages, mostly common, elvish and qualashi. However, most commonly he is using the common tongue instead of any of the other languages. Physical Appearance Hair: Middle long snow-white hair, often moved to one side of his face to avoid getting hair into his eyes. Eyes: Amber-golden eyes Height: 5’9 Body Structure/Physical Faults: Vahy is fairly slim for a Farfolk, having barely any real muscles. However, while this may be the case Vah has shown several times that he has fairly good reflexes and a flexible body, fitting into small spaces or climbing objects relatively fast. He has several scars, each of them covering either his torso or his arms. Belongings Inventory: Vahyru is known to carry around a tome, containing most of his wisdom and research documents. While this object is fairly important to him it appears as if he has several copies of the book. Besides the book he is also known to carry some basic medicine around with him, a Horizon Rose and most often some acid or poison. Primary Weapon: Acid or Poison Secondary Weapon: A longsword Format was stolen from @Unwillingly ❤️
  2. Ragnio

    Paleo's Lore Moderator Application

    Sure...why not? He knows the lore fairly well!
  3. Ragnio

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    *A white owl would land next to Cassian, holding a letter in it's claws* "Thank you for applying to our small Guild! We will welcome you with open arms as one of our new sailors!" ((Please add me on discord, I can't seem to find you. Discord: Ragnio#1060))
  4. Ragnio

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    *A white owl would land next to Ravondir, holding a letter in it's claws* "Thank you for applying to our small Guild! We will welcome you with open arms as one of our new sailors!"
  5. Ragnio

    [Rewrite] Kuila

    Just yes! We need some glowing tattoos!
  6. Ragnio

    [✗] [Kuila Addition] Kuila Dust

    Nice Aesthetics.
  7. Sure, why not! Med can build a lot and has helped me in the past when I had problems with some of my own builds! +1 from my side!
  8. A giant +1 from me! Vaynth was always around if I had a problem and helped me out whenever she could!
  9. Ragnio

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

    If that is the case than i don't know if merging Ascended magic (If it is reworked) and Shamanism will actually do a lot. BUT, I see a lot of oppertunities for the new core magic to bring forth new playstyles and subforms of magic. 😀
  10. Ragnio

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

    Well, if that is the case than Druidism shouldn't be merged either. Druidism is fairly balanced at the current point and is at the moment more played than Clericalism. But that is for the MT to decide.
  11. Ragnio

    Creamiest's Wiki Team Application

    Sure, we always need a nice plant lady!
  12. Ragnio

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

    @Fury_Fire May I ask why this rewrite was posted BEFORE the new core form of deity magic is being released? You can find the first bits information in regards to the new core form here: I am rather curious of why it was posted before any further announcements were done, since you are running the risk of rewriting all of this once again.
  13. The Atlasian Naval Guild (AGN) is still searching for interested crew members!

    And a possible ET to hold Events for us! *Cough*

  14. Ragnio

    LotC 6.2: *notices minas pouch* owo what's this?

    Well, i love the new soulstone! 300 seconds of cooldown is nothing to the original 600! So far...I love this update!