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  1. [X]mitto

    Thank you for applying for the Media-Staff! We will review your application as soon as possible and reply to you!
  2. Fuze's Art Shop

    Order Form MCName: Ragnio Type of Bust: Sketch Position: Forward or 3/4th Character name: Vahryu Daluon Hair: Middle-long, white Eyes: Golden color, slightly upturned Reference:
  3. The Creature Index [2017]

    Atlasian Cliffhanger The Cliff-Serpents Art made by Liarath and found on Deviantart (https://liarath.deviantart.com/art/Sea-Snake-320266451) Habitat: Cliffs and Oceansides, sometimes also found in Mangroves Size: At birth, they are a length of 6 inches and weigh around 1 pound. Full grown Cliffhangers vary between the length of twenty to thirty feet, depending on their gender and the amount of food resources around their habitats. The weight of a full grown Cliffhanger is often around 176 to 190 pounds, making them heavy and rather big animals. Diet: Unlike most snakes, the Atlasian Cliffhanger is known for being an omnivorous animal; it devours most kind of food. Most often Cliffhangers only eat smaller fishes, sea urchins and even kelp; however, some are known to hunt for mammals near their cliffs, such as rabbits and sometimes even bigger mammals such as pigs and cows if a farm is nearby. Such events, however, rarely take place since the Cliffhanger needs to be full grown to be able to hunt a pig or cow on it’s own. Temperament: The Atlasian Cliffhangers are known to be fairly neutral animals, barely ever attacking people. They do become highly aggressive as soon as someone enters their breeding places. Outside of the breeding places they often ignore Descendants. Brief summary of the creature: The Atlasian Cliffhanger is known as one of the largest snake living on the realm of Atlas, often staying near the cliffs they claim as breeding grounds. Often holding a blue-ish or black color, the snake is well hidden between the rocky cliffs and the ocean. This makes them fairly hard to spot on normal occasions. The eye color of the snakes are an amber color or a dark, brownish tone. Sometimes they also have red tones. People may sometimes find - however rare - a white-scaled Cliffhanger. Most often those snakes die prematurely due to birds spotting their bright forms and snatching them away from their nests. Their general appearance is the same as that of normal snakes; yet, their tails often end in a fin which allows them to swim fast enough to catch fish and other animals. Due to their speed and their diet, Atlasian Cliffhangers are not known to be poisonous since they often find enough food to grow and mature without ever having the need to develop poisons within their bodies. Most commonly they tend to live around fifty to sixty years and stop growing at the age of fifteen. Explorers have found that some of these creatures can become even older. The oldest ever found cliffhanger was assumed to be one hundred years old and living in a dark ocean cave. Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food): Scales: The scales of the Cliffhangers are known to be fairly flexible, yet sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of killing a full grown cow by suffocating it with the muscle contraction and body mass of the snake. As such, many hunters search for the Cliffhangers and try to kill them for their scales. They often use said scales for light and flexible armor or as general decoration for jewelry. Senses: Like most snakes, the Cliffhangers are also known to use their sense of smell. Their pit organ also allows them to spot heat differences. As such, the snake is mostly relying on their sense of smell and the heat sources around it. While the snake uses heat and smell, they generally have fairly good eyes. They are able to see clearly underwater and above water due to them being known to be attracted to light. Behaviour: The Cliffhangers are known to be semi aquatic, meaning they are known to live on both land and water. They are also known to end up near beach-side cities, causing a small panic from time to time. If found near such cities, they often tend to avoid most races. If they do bite or attack it is usually in self-defense when accidentally grabbed or being attacked by the citizens. However, most snake bites occur when fishermen attempt to remove the snakes from their fishing nets and fishing rods. Otherwise, the Cliffhangers aren’t dangerous for most races, often opting to stay away from them. Cliffhangers are known to move in large groups, often consisting of those born in the same breeding grounds. They are one of the few hive-minded snakes, often described as semi-swarm due to them still working as individuals and not being directly bound to one central, commanding Queen. Breeding and Taming: Cliffhangers are known to lay eggs in early to mid summer. Eggs are often laid underwater or directly above the water so that the younger Cliffhangers do not fall down from their nests and die from the impact on stone. A normal female is often only laying three to four eggs and stays around her nest, protecting it against any attacker. As soon as the eggs are hatched, the mother will guide the younger Cliffhangers into the water to find food for herself. The food found most often is the algae growing underneath the nests. Taming of the Cliffhangers is not impossible, but it requires intense knowledge about the animal. Druids are often able to communicate with them due to their already neutral behaviour and being less hostile against people in general. Non-Druids are often attacked by the angry mothers, making it hard to get an egg and to hatch it. Food Gathering: Unlike most snakes, the Cliffhangers are not poisonous. Instead, they use their body mass and muscle contractions to suffocate or crush animals. Some people also have seen the snakes swimming around with open mouths to swallow fish whole. Most commonly, the Cliffhangers hunt in groups underwater; not on land. This is mostly due to fishes often being faster and harder to catch than smaller mammals on land. Origin: The origin of the Cliffhangers is not exactly known, yet it appears as if the monks first found them in the realm of Atlas. They were living near the cliffs at the Cloud Temple and vanished shortly after the mass arrival of the Descendants. It is assumed the swarm moved to avoid further confrontation with the races and the monks. Now, more and more of these swarms are being found due to new settlements being built near their habitats. Weaknesses: - Weak against sharpened weapons, such as: blades, axes, etc. (However, can withstand pinpointing attacks, such as arrows or stabs, due to their scales) - Weak against most forms of magic LM Approval Required: No If playable, what are redlines?: - Cliffhangers cannot live longer than fifty years and mature at the age of fifteen. - Taming a Cliffhanger can be done without an event, if the player is a Druid. If the player is not a Druid, an event is required and the player needs to find and fetch an egg. - The Atlasian Cliffhangers can often be found near most cliffsides, if no settlement or player-made building is in the same tile. - The scales can only be used for light armor. Said armor is able to withstand arrows from a normal hunting bow and stabs with a knife. Anything bigger or more powerful will penetrate the armor. - The Cliffhangers tend to stay near areas with water. As such, bringing them to a desert may not be the best decision if there is not an oasis nearby. Cliffhangers cannot be used as mounts.
  4. Bring /spooky back

    That's why I said "color/style". With "style" I meant like...normal horses, skeleton or zombie ones. Basically a command to change color+type, without changing the actual stats. Allowes players that are requiring a specific horse for RP-mechanics to get it (May it be a white horse, black one or a skeleton one).
  5. Bring /spooky back

    Well, it would be nice if different options in regards to the colors/styles of horses could be arranged with a command. Like...you want a white horse? Then use the command to recolor your existing one.
  6. [Designer Brand] S.

    After reviewing your application, we have decided to place you on trial! We look forwards to seeing your work shortly. Welcome to Media-Staff!
  7. [Designer Brand] S.

    Thank you for applying for the Media-Staff! We will review your application as soon as possible and reply to you!
  8. Zilldude | Media Team Application

    After reviewing your application, we have decided to place you on trial! We look forwards to seeing your work shortly. Welcome to Media-Staff!
  9. Zilldude | Media Team Application

    Thank you for applying for the Media-Staff! We will review your application as soon as possible and reply to you!
  10. Dantory's Media Team App

    After reviewing your application, we have decided to place you on trial! We look forwards to seeing your work shortly. Welcome to Media-Staff!
  11. Dantory's Media Team App

    Thank you for applying for the Media-Staff! We will review your application as soon as possible and reply to you!
  12. Media Staff - December Update Log

    Everyone has a different taste for Texture Packs and Shaders. If you don't like them, that is fine, however, others may like them instead. Also, you seem to forget that the Media-Members are all volunteering people, not professional workers. We are always trying to provide interesting and informative videos to the community, such as the High Elven-Video or the Trailers. Yet, once again one may like them and others don't.
  13. Happy new year from Germany! <3

    1. Vindicant


      best german admin

    2. Ragnio


      Hahahaha, not an admin...or maybe...mhmm... *Illuminati time!*

  14. Media Staff - December Update Log

    Welcome to our first monthly Media-Staff Update! By doing this monthly update we want to summarize all the work we did over the past month, all the new members we got and any additional information we got for you, such as new projects, some contests and far more! So feel free to skip to the specific subcategory or just read the whole newspost! Since the Media-Staff was recreated last month we received several applications for all kind of positions within the Media-Staff, as such we would like to introduce you to all of the new Members that joined the Team over the past month! Trials Mhmm….seems like we didn’t got any trials? Well, that is true! We had a few trial-members around over the past month, each of them were given a specific project they had to finish in time and I am really happy to announce that all Trial-Members passed their trial and are instead listed down as official members by now! Contributors Following the short intro towards the trials we are happy to announce the new contributor members of the Media-Staff: @Jallentime is one of our older Voice-Actor, often being the male-voice in our videos, such as the High-Elf Video. He is also fairly good at mimicking the voice of Kermit, the Frog...Strange, isn’t it? @EternalSaturn even despite being a male is known as one of our female-sounding Voice-Actors, being able to reach a really high voice range, allowing us to play with all kind of ideas in regards to voice-acting. @Jollybee ...what should I say....Well, maybe that her art is awesome? Because it surely is! Jolly does most of our artwork and animations, such as the gifs for contests, but also for newsposts, such as the Krugsmas-Newspost. And trust me...she is really good at it! @TorkoalTom is one of our three main editors, often assisting us with the creation of banners, but also newsposts! As such she is often helping with documentation work and less video-editing like our other editors do, however, we really appreciate her work and that she saves @Ragnio from drowning in paperwork. @Jake the Dog is our second editor, creating awesome videos for us! He is also one of the most random people we’ve met so far...but he has some awesome ideas and can actually turn his ideas in working projects. As such we are really happy to got him around! @Jerome Jonsaeus was one of the few members of our team that already got some experiences with YouTube, uploading private videos since some months, often including LOTC-related topics. As such he is also one of our funsters, always trying to joke around and to make us laugh...and he does that really often! @Fitermon is our third Voice-Actor, often helping us with lore-related videos, but also by giving us general ideas of what we could do to make the server more attractive to players. He is also able to create a really deep voice, which will be heard in many of our future content! @SaviourMeme is our latest addition to our team, being the third of our main editors! He is able to make some fairly interesting videos, often containing a lot of lore-related informations. Over the past month we, as Media-Staff, tried to create as much content as possible, ranging from videos, to contests, tournaments, newspost and even some events together with our beloved Event-Team! As such here is a summary of all of the content we released over the past month: Newsposts Announcement of Atlas and the Release Date Atlas Trailer and Screenshot Competition Atlas Q&A Stream Krugsmas Announcement Videos Atlas Trailer High-Elf Introduction Video Goodbye Axios-Video In addition to those things we worked a lot on graphical updates for the other Staff-Teams, such as the Application-Team or Forum-Team, and submitted several new headers, logos and sliders to the different Staff-Teams. We are also trying to update graphics on the wiki and get a standardized Header-Font running, so that you aren’t being spammed by several different Fonts from each team. While the Media-Staff worked on a lot in the background we also held a nice screenshot-contests, allowing players to submit their best screenshots, while following a specific rule. The winners were Harrison and Farryn, submitting two amazing screenshots, while following the given rules. Harrison’s Entry Farryn’s Entry While this update post is mostly showing off all the work we did we also want to give you guys some glimpse on our upcoming content! While we try to create as much media content as possible we are always trying to focus on one specific project, which is interesting for the playerbase and which will attract new players to the server. Most often this is done through videos, such as trailers or the introduction videos of races, allowing us to focus on such aspects more easily. As such, yes, we are trying to get more active on YouTube, but also other websites, such as PMC and twitter and are hoping to attract new players and maybe interest older players to get more active again! The Media-Staff is hoping that you had some wonderful holidays and that you will have a great new year!
  15. AT Update Log- December

    Happy new year to the AT and you guys did a good job once again!