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  2. For all the folks that aren’t in the LOTC-Discord (incl. New-Player-Discord), as promised.... here is the update in regards to Wiki-Character-Pages:

    So, greetings to all you LotC Players once again- I have come with an update regarding the character pages. Over the last two week and few days the Wiki-Team worked on a project, mainly focusing on Character & Figure Wiki pages. Throughout said two weeks the members responsible went through 472 pages two times and checked them for their content and general status. While that was going on, the members created a document, marking all pages down including their status and if they are following the new rule in regards to character pages. Out of 472 pages only 302 are up for updating, 33 up for archiving, and 24 up for possible deletion- If you do not agree with what is up for possible deletion or archiving, just fill in the form down below (To claim the page for an update) or send me or @Ragnio a PM. Do not flood the lobby chats.

    Basically! Everyone can claim a page for updating, as the Wiki-Team will be able to provide them with Google-Documents for you to update the required pages. The pages themselves will then be updated by the Wiki-Team on the Wiki, based on your documents. In addition, you all will have 4 weeks to update the pages (15th of March), possible extensions can be given out on specific requests aka send me a PM and pages not updated in time will be archived instead.

    Spreadsheet with all the pages: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RvvpsEdO2c4ifGPBgay_7XVZkxnItKQS3T94jyzHkXA/edit?usp=sharing

    Form to claim a page for an Update: https://forms.gle/pfUf5ipVnLbFejYd8

    Wiki-Rulebook: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wiki-Rulebook


    If and when you do claim a page, we will contact you and give you the google-document to write the update on~

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    2. Vaynth


      Ahhh I see. The community manager in charge should probably give people 4 weeks from the time of the official forum announcement then. Giving a deadline that people won’t know about is bad.

    3. Gusano


      what exactly are the updates that need to be made will this be elaborated on somewhere else or in discord pms (as it may be specific for different articles)

    4. Ragnio
  3. We listened and will push an updated announcement out by tomorrow! No page will be deleted, instead we will archive pages and ask more people to update their pages instead. News will be out tomorrow, so do not worry! We listen and we want to work with the playerbase on this!
  4. For all the folks that aren’t in the LOTC-Discord (incl. New-Player-Discord):

    Greetings everyone!
    Over the last two weeks the Wiki-Team worked on a project, mostly focusing on Character & Figure Wiki pages. Throughout said two weeks the project-team went through 472 pages and checked them for their content and general status. While that was the case the team created a document, marking all pages down, including their status and if they are following the new rule in regards to character pages. Out of 472 pages only 104 pages met the requirements laid out by the Wiki-Team. Meanwhile, 91 pages were considered appropriate for the wiki, but were lacking in substance and require an update to meet the standards the wiki it trying to uphold. Other than these, 271 pages were reviewed as below the quality that the wiki team is striving for and/or inappropriate for a wiki page, and will be deleted on the 28th of February, unless petitioned.

    So! We, as the Wiki-Team, decided to give each player the chance to step in. All pages marked as "Requiring an Update" (91 pages) can be updated by a player and can be updated until the 26th of February to meet the new requirements and format. At the same time the 271 pages marked as "Deletion" can be protected by a player. How does that work? It's fairly simple a player will be asked to fill out a google form in which he states why a page shouldn't be deleted. The results are then being discussed by the members on this project and a final verdict is given on those pages.

    As such here is a list of all pages marked as "Requiring an Update" (Page 1) or "Deletion" (Page 2): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HmbZ9Gi7fRoTUQO8GB2F6URk0q0v85Z6pdLq_N7HztU/edit?usp=sharing
    You can also find the form to claim a page for an update here: https://forms.gle/pfUf5ipVnLbFejYd8
    And the form to debate on a page's deletion can be found here: https://forms.gle/bMAh7Fu9d4dRBGWf7



    Also! If you need help figuring out what is exactly wrong with your Wiki Page/What needs to be fixed- Just check out the WIki Rulebook and it's towards the bottom: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wiki-Rulebook

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    2. ShannonLeigh


      The wiki is one of the only ways the human community has been able to keep track of their extremely extensive and complex history. Deleting all these pages will be a huge detriment to the tracking and keeping of human history. A lot of the characters on the list to be removed have been huge influences on human culture. This is blatant erasure of human culture and community. Do not do this. It’s not hurting anyone to have these pages up and readable. I promise you tons of them still get regularly referenced by human players.

    3. ScreamingDingo


      >deleting former leader pages and influential aegis/asulon character pages



    4. Ragnio


      We listened and will push an updated announcement out by tomorrow!

      No page will be deleted, instead we will archive pages and ask more people to update their pages instead. News will be out tomorrow, so do not worry! We listen and we want to work with the playerbase on this!

  5. 5/10....It’s a cube of water....ehhh....nice animation? :D
  6. For all the folks that aren’t in the LOTC-Discord (incl. New-Player-Discord):

    Hello everyone!! As you may have noticed (or not) we have deleted/locked a majority of the Wiki-Accounts. The reason for such is because of the new updates that have been taking place over the last few weeks. Before we go into detail about the whole thing, I'll be showing you some statistics.

    481 Accounts in General

    448 Inactive Accounts
    33 Active Accounts

    6.8% of all Accounts are Active

    Due to that fact that only 7% of all Accounts are Actively used we decided to take a big step and lock all of the inactive accounts. This is also a good time for us to introduce our new set of Rules and the new Guidelines in regards to Wiki-Pages! At the same time we also want to explain our new Application-System, which will allow you to request a Wiki-Account by filling in a google form. This would allow the Wiki-Members to collect and record information about who receives an account, while also getting to them more efficiently. In the future we will continue to do activity checks, removing accounts on a monthly base, depending on if they did at least 10 edits in the course of 30 days.

    More information coming soon and for any concerns, simply send @TwistedFries a PM~

    Updated Rules: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wiki-Rulebook
    Updated Guideline for Wiki-Pages: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wiki-Guide
    Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOZYqee9JYwyW9doDrjMNzCsBJ_e6xyCikuyJJEDyMMQWteQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Oh! And if you find a mistake with your account being locked and you wish for it to be unlocked, just fill in the application form as well.

    1. Gusano


      Do you need to fill in the application if your account is not locked?

    2. Ragnio


      Nope! We left the active accounts open, but we are still asking you to read the new rulebook and guide, as the new templates, etc. are included in those.

  7. Wiki – Uniformity Update

    • 3 Recategorized Pages
    • 15 New Pages
    • 25 Updated Pages
    • 51 Deleted Pages

    And we are still not done! WUHUUUU!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Navtables were all really old stuff from Axios afaik

    3. Lsuvsfar


      The Navtables deleted were Oren, Sutica, Haense, Norland, Kaz’Ulrah, Warhawkes, Renatus, Santegia, and Courland, so 3 active nations, 1 nation from this map, 4-5 nations from Axios depending on how you count Courland.


      Either way, typically being old hasn’t been cause for deletion.

    4. Ragnio


      A problem with the old Navtables was how outdated (Many since 2018) they were, including information which weren’t valid since months and didn’t hold the new format. At the moment we are implementing a lot of changes, including a ticket-system for the Wiki, which will allow Nations to request new Navtables. Nation-Leaders are also receiving a PM from us, asking them to give us the new information that we need for the Navtables.

  8. 21648856_VahyruWWHappy.thumb.png.16e5cbea6d75bd857ff7c80ba1c51e66.png286345433_VahyruWWConfused.thumb.png.ba9e86be74a4b2c513655a43e025a388.png690190525_VahyruWWAngry.thumb.png.56fa7b53598d81900b38706b72339be8.png

    1. Quavinir_Twiceborn


      Yooo did Vectober do that?

    2. Ragnio


      Yep, Vect did some art for me! It’s so cute!

  9. Gj! Takes away the extra tickets and waiting time that were the norm until now! As such, great work guys!
  10. Vanos.thumb.jpg.07eb88361ceb903f09252a87aeeddd5f.jpg


    My character Vahyru and @JuniperSelkie character Novo!

    1. JokerLow


      Ah, nothing better then brotherly love...

    2. Ragnio


      Not brothers ;D

  11. So, I like the idea you are going for, yet, I think that this magic is still... Not really balanced. You should try to add more spells for other tiers, try to include other enchantments, etc. I am also against any abilities that try to forcefully severe magical connections permanently, as there are magical forms which contain unattunements for their own types. Those are most often deific forms or forms that require another being as energy source. Giving a T4 group of three the ability to simply do such themselves is something I don't really see happening, especially as the forms, such as druidism, etc. require you to be T5 yourself to learn unattunement. As such I would change it to a temporary severing, for a specified time duration, instead of a possible permanent severing. Yes, you stated that one could get it back by destroying the item, yet, I already see people building highly protected temples and places, basically causing people to be unable to obtain their magic back. As such, I would go for a temporary severing (For example, 3 ooc days, etc.) instead of a permanent one. In total: Try to balance this magic more, try to edit in more abilities for the other tiers and perhaps change the severing ability.
  12. Please read out the intro text for such. The font itself is an existing one (My go to is the Ringbearer one, but I can use any font wanted by a customer), which receives a 3d-Effect overlay from me in Photoshop, which creates those renders. The website you are using has a similar feature, yet, doesn't have options for shadow depths, colors for highlights, texture application and much more. As such, yes, the font isn't mine (as stated in the intro), yet, the effect applied to it is.
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