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  1. TO ALL WHO WISH TO FIGHT Pinned to the Iron Uzg's notice board is a letter for all to see "DIZ AM AH KAHL TUH AHL KLUMPAZ Bruddahz agh ziztahz, owr milytari 'ahz byn week fur tuh lung, it am tik fur LAT tuh tayk zultz agh luzkz tuh klomp. It am latz rezpunzahbilyti tuh joyn latz kynd yn da KRUG'HAIZ. Klomp fur da goi, KLOMP FUR KRUG !" The symbol of a crossed out eye lies alone at the bottom right of the letter (OOC) THE KRUG-HAI The military of the Iron Uzg, it is an important part of the orcish society and, as such, all are invited to participate. STRUCTURE (Might be subject to changes) Rex Leader of the Uzg, he oversees the nation as well as the military. Targoth They act as the generals of the Krug-hai, leading the army in battle, conducting trainings and war games as well as managing ranks and recruiting. Klompaz The principal forces of the Krug-Hai, they are infantrymens, archers or even cavaliers. Various degrees of skill may be found within this rank, from veterans to new recruits. RECRUITMENT To enlist in the Krug-Hai, speak to a Targoth of the Iron Uzg. (P.M DrunkPapaBear#4669 or Lamp#3024 on discord)
  2. Seated near the fire in Krugmar, a young orc would smile, his eyes passing over the letter, he'd understand nothing but that the sole member of the Dom is challenging the rex in a fight for the position. At these words, he would bring up his lips in an uncanny smile.
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    Tarok was born 23 years ago in the Ar tribe, he trained along his brother Gorok, they fought together and learned together. Tarok then learned from the elders how to write and speak the Blah, he also learned basic numbers and such he can count up to a hundred (although he needs to think really hard after 69 and as such, he avoids it at all cost). During his training, Tarok became prolific in hand to hand combat and the use of multiple weapons such as the longsword, the battle-axe, the mace and the use of one-handed axes. When he reached his 13th birthday, he formed a blood pact with his best friend, Draak, they hunted together a lot and one day when they both were 21 they went alone on a boar hunt. They were then ambushed by a group of 7 dwarves, they both fought valiently but after killing two dwarves, Draak was taken down. Just before having his head smashed with a hammer, Draak yelled his last request, it was for Tarok to avenge avenge his death. The following scene was later described to Tarok by a comrade that ran to help after hearing the battle cries. Tarok entered a frenzy a ripped the throat of the dwarf he was fighting, he then rushed the one that was still standing above Draak's corpse, he seized one by the neck and bit of his nose before trowing him on a tree. After that, he took another one by the top or the head and decapitated him using his one-handed axe. Shortly after, he threw the same axe straight at another dwarf's forehead, using a dwarven hammer, he bashed the skull of another dwarf multiple times and took the last one's head in his large hands while being stabbed in in the arms with a knife, ignoring the pain, he exploded his head. At last, he fell to his knees going down in coma state, the last thing he saw was the dwarf he threw on the tree get up and run away. Tarok woke up a week later, angered, he then left his clan to find the last dwarf. During his travels through Arcas, Tarok heared of the takeover of the Rex's position by Noka'Lur the Huntress. Wishing to see the changes that she might bring to the Rexdom, Tarok headed to San'Thraka where he met with his brother Garok.
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