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  1. [A painting of a field of heather] For far too long the Wood Elves have been unaware of the growth that has been taking place outside the walls of Amaethea and The Vale- I, Ehrendil Taliame’onn, took it upon myself to take the name of Chieftain of the Taliame’onn after the disappearance of the previous chieftess, Melawen, my lari’onn, several years ago. Despite my exile from the Wood Elven nations at the time, I endeavored to restore the seed after Melawen left it in turmoil. When I started passing along parts of our culture— some of which had been believed to have perished with Briar Taliame'onn— to my children, who underwent the traditional trials, the seed slowly started to resurface. I rekindled old ties with my mal'onn, La'io Taliame'onn, by expressing my intention to assume the chiefdom's obligations also while spreading the seed outside my immediate family. Kholi’brii asks that we bring vibrancy to this world and I worked for decades to do just that and bring honor to my seed after my own failures in the past-- both to my seed and my people-- and the unfortunate happenings that the seed had endured since Briar’s passing. Since the scattering of my people, I've amassed ten members who are currently alive and strong, there were several more who have regrettably passed away since joining (Aspects guide them on their path to the Eternal Forest), and various others who have joined but are indisposed for a variety of reasons. I encourage all of the members to wander freely for, as the chief, I do not believe that the forest's children should be chained to one location. We are, after all, "of the trees." We have no allegiance to any nation and are subservient to no one other than the will of our Mani- we are to bring vibrancy to a world that is ever covered in darkness. Some may question my decision to rebuild the seed without a public proclamation- and to them, I understand your concern, why do I decide to announce this now? To what advantage do I have to proclaim this today? With my exile from Amaethea now lifted, and the seed strong and healthy as a mighty ironwood tree- I have decided to name the individual that I wish to succeed me, my eldest daughter -- Raell Taliame’onn, for I have laid the roots of a tree that may thrive under her leadership. She understands the customs of our people, and she possesses leadership qualities so great that she takes it upon herself to teach others what I have taught her of her own volition. She brings vibrancy to every room she walks in, and embodies what it means to be chief of this seed. To name her as my successor and to soon lead the seed that I have nurtured and loved for more than a century fills my heart with immense pride. I also write this message so that all Taliame’onn that I have been unable to contact since I took the mantle of Chief know that we have not been crushed under the weight of the splittings of our seed and our people. Furthermore, I welcome anyone, Wood Elf or otherwise, who chooses to join the Taliame'onn and aid in our creativity, so that we may continue to be a beacon of vibrancy in this world full of darkness. You may find me or one of my kin among Vikela or Amaethea. Chief of the Taliame’onn
  2. The Shirtless King approves this message.
  3. It's more like Canadian Arena football to American football.
  4. ehrendil talking to a disembodied mechanical head from another dimension inside of a transient mushroom being that crossed across multiple dimensions and absorbs souls. wild. that same mushroom stole part of his brain... which he now has in a jar.
  5. Ehrendil stared before the fox statue- Saegusa. His glowing golden eyes peered upon it with a discerning gaze- "I came here to start a new life, fought a war against orcs... again, fought against joining Malinor to keep our freedoms some years ago, lost everything to prevent this." he'd laugh, the cosmic irony setting in on him, "It is ironic that all roads seem to lead to the same place, isn't it Saegusa?" he'd query the statue, "But, if Leika thinks this is right, then I will bow my knee and put away my pride for the good of my new home." He'd turn his head to look down the path, toward Celianor, "GOD guide us on this new path." he'd mutter, turning the rest of way to head back into the gates.
  6. A certain Mali'ame acquisitioned this notice through a friend, a riddling of cuss-words emitted from him. Another mess to solve.
  7. A missive would be posted around Almaris’ Taverns The Burrow Tavern Night Animal Costume Contest Edition Drunken Bokolo Tavern from Year 84 of the Second Age Festivities/Time Table Events of The Night: Drinking Games + Free Drinks Water Dunk the Royals Specials : Animal Costume Contest Come join us in Elysium’s Burrow for a special themed tavern night! The theme of the night will be dressing up as your favorite animal, and there will be a contest for a grand prize of two-hundred mina! In addition to our thematic contest we will have all drinks be free to all guests, drinking contests and a portion of the night where you can have the chance to dunk members of the Elysium royal family into a dunk tank. We hope to see you at our night of festivities. (( OOC: Location - The Burrow, Elysium - [X:-2546, Z: 53] @ July 23rd at 4 EST )) Signed, Royal Bartender of Elysium
  8. second slot of the hotbar because my azhl dagger is #1 <3
  9. "Mmmm. Pancakes." Said a certain glowing-eyed elf.
  10. "If only they'd listened to me from the beginning, they made their bed as Orcs always will. Foolish. Short-sighted. And begged us for help in their darkest hour." he'd laugh in response to his wife.
  11. Ehrendil looked at his wife, then Theo, then the missive, "Huh?"
  12. The Elysian King stared at the missive. He was ASTOUNDED. After everything... it was not humanity that came to their aid, but Elvendom. He laughed, he couldn't help but laugh. Life was cruel, wasn't it?
  13. Ehrendil was informed of the missive by his wife, to which he grunted, "Kill everything that moves, nothing new from the orc-scum." he'd mutter, "We've established Orcs are nothing but cowardly killing machines. They and their allies have no rules as long as they win in the end."
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