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  1. I look forward to lighting blunts with that lil fire racoon
  2. Gormôhk smiled the tusked smile as he looked over the paper. "Missing some informations about Kanon agh how he tricked Horen, but most of it ahm correct. Hosh work little norlanders."
  3. Hello there Could this be added please Mr. Panashea
  4. Izû slai, izû mat, Izû slai urzkû. Rain began to fall, soon hitting the uruk’s green skin. The bridge of heads lies forward. “Gorok! you’re back bruddah. Where were you?” “Name’s Borok, Gorok’s mine twin. Where is he?” The memory returns to smoke, a black smoke moving in the Rex’s eyes. The smoke shapes itself again, forming a tent. “The spirits are greedy, they are selfish. they do not care if you live or die, as long as you bring power to them.” The two headed uruk spoke in a deep voice, taking breaks between his sentences to take hits of his blunt. “I was teached to worship the spirits, to pray to them, to feed them with my worship so that I could receive their blessing in exchange.” The green orc answered, shocked by the Wargoth’s views. “Your brother worshipped them, followed their words. Look where Gorok is now.” The smoke twirled again, the visions changing in Borok’s eyes. “Drink, uruk.” A red-haired woman offered her wrist to the uruk, red ichor dripping from a cut. “Gain power beyond your wildest dreams, rise as an envoy of the Blood.” The smog moved again, forest turned into a home. “So you’re a vampyr now huh?” Vesryn asked, a smirk on his face. “An envoy of the Heartbeat, of the Troqugrîzh.” The Targoth of the Iron’Uzg answered. Vesryn grinned at that, before his body turned to black fumes, followed by the rest of the scene. The halls of San’Velku showed themselves to the old uruk, green skinned now turned to brown. “You tricked me, you tricked us all!” An Elysian elf screamed at the Rex “You knew the eye was gonna rot. You knew the truce would be broken!” The uruk sent his greataxe towards the second elysian diplomat, Frisket. “This is war, Elysian. We will not stop until all the filth has been cleansed from the west.” He spoke towards Ehrendil. “Run back to your city and tell them the might of the Horde comes to them. You will be cleansed by Bloodflame.” The memory faded into nothingness as Ehrendil ran off, soon turning into a forest. Dead trees all around, puddle of black oil bubbling on the ground. A path of stone where the green uruk walks once more, two other orcs following behind. “I come with an offering, Ogrol!” The shaman chanted in the elder tongue. Soon, a serpent made its way towards the three orcs, black as night, towering over them. “What have you brought, follower? What more could you offer me?” The spirit asked, its yellow eyes looking down between Borok and the other two similar uruks. “I bring you my sons, Ramlôk and Ramhôk. Their souls against your power.” The two younger uruks were about to speak, but snakes of dark smoke moved to them, biting their skin, pulling them down into the ground. “We have a deal, mortal.” The Immortal Spirit answered, before all faded to black again. The brown titan awoke in his tent, the smoke of green still filling the room “Mortal?” “Only the coward and his descendant were cursed by mortality.” “Why would I die?” Izû slai, izû mat, Izû slai urzkû. The Blood was taken, stolen, ripped from mine mind. Broken we, clouded all we see. Why would we die? Izû slai, izû mat, Izû slai urzkû. These were the only words that echoed in Borok's broken mind as the battle for San'Velku raged on. The path was clear, the future seen. Come forth, spider-lovers! We'll teach you something, HONOR! We'll show you something, TERROR! From the ranks of Blood Slaves, a champion emerged. As the battle continued, flashes of lives past invited themselves into the Rex's split mind. When finally death came, words of old blah echoed in the cursed shaman's head. Izû slai, izû mat, Izû slai urzkû.
  5. "Hmmmmrph" An old uruk mourned the loss of a friend. He soon made his way towards Adria.
  6. Wagh be upon those who stand against us. Almaris has already fallen, a cleanse comes for all the unworthy.
  7. An old uruk moved in fingers through a pool of blood, reading into the patterns of the red ichor. His face soon showed an amused grin as the blood form some peculiar shapes. Your soul was claimed by Kanon, Alexander, King ob the shâra. May lat enjoy latz time in the spirit realm. The shaman then began to laugh, a laugh that soon turned into a cackle as the blood shaped itself again.
  8. Nub touch main roads. Nations can do whatever they want with secondary roads on their tiles.
  9. Izû hôn lât. Izû skaat ah-lât. Bhûl izûbu kaal. The burnt muttered as he woke up from the walk. A cackle soon escaping his maw for all to hear, in the halls of San’Velku.
  10. "Whub da zkah is even that?" A old uruk spoke, reading the missive. "Horen the coward was killed because mine father did nub want him to wither away. As for Krug being dead.. HURHURHUR!" A guttural laugh erupted from the halls of San'Velku. "Zkah.. them lessers grow funnier with every century that pass. Their memory fades with every generation." "Wait till they realise that all their worship for the fake god empower the spirits.. HURHURHUR!"
  11. Borok placed his signature upon the document with a large grin. He then made his way to Nor’Asath, ready to tell another tale of princess and dragons, with the help of a lot of green.
  12. Borok signed another document involving darkspawns, finding that this whole drama has too many words and not enough dead Azdrazis in it.
  13. Borok received the missive while doing his daily wake and bake. The uruk let out a grunt of approval as he noticed that the people of Helious included the assault upon the Lak clan in their missive.
  14. The Rex of the Iron Horde, Destroyer of Elysium, Chosen of the Spirits, Lady of Nor'asath, departed from the capital of the Ker after telling an epic tale of dragons, princesses and knights. The smell of peak quality green spreading wherever he walked.
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