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  1. Let's Fix Magic! Vol.2 [ST feedback]

    First of all, edited my post which you should refresh and see because it has nothing to do with this thread. Shamanism isn't rare at all and it isn't tied to one of the smallest races. The first shaman ever was a dwarf. But back to the point of this thread, there is no fix to magic. The system we have now is the best to keep magic running. You're just coming up with systems to complicate **** for everyone and **** up things for the staff.
  2. Let's Fix Magic! Vol.2 [ST feedback]

    Pie sums it all up.
  3. Let's Fix Magic! Vol.2 [ST feedback]

    Watches as someone complains about all magics being easy to learn and get a TA in. Looks over at Shamanism and sees that the interview process for MA's and TA's takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months.
  4. ET Modreqs

    Know what's the difference between /etreq and /modreq? /etreq is better.
  5. Leaving LotC

    You got this homie, seize control of your life and make it how you want it. I know everyone on LoTC is rooting for you man. Good luck homie. Best of luck to you.
  6. One pillar for every single player is enough. Honestly, the Admins are trying to cut down on random 2 person settlements in freebuild pulling away from centralized rp. Yes not everyone agrees with centralized rp but when I'm pvp'ing and i find myself in a random farm and these new players tell me i'm the first person they've seen on lotc. Yea, gm's need to cut down on that. Ss pillars add to the separation of rp, and rp is separated enough.
  7. Lol, you have an ss pillar for a guild. That checks it off. If you're living with the Fenn, they have a green ss pillar and multiple pillars throughout the front of their city, bind it to that. And I wasn't insulting lol. I'm pointing out that if you have all your characters living in the middle of nowhere, you should rethink your choices.
  8. Caretakers & Osella

    We already have three magics that control emotions...
  9. To not be rude or insult anyone, I'll make this simple. Having more then one soulstone pillar per account is an idea that draws back from the features of the server. If you go out in the middle of free build thousands of blocks away from everyone else, what are you doing with your personas? Having one person who lived in the woods, understandable. But if every single one of your personas goes out and lives by themselves in the edge of free build, you don't need to protest on the forums to get more soulstone pillars. You should honestly look at the character's you're playing and reassess your choices.
  10. Clay pit or air pit?

    Emptying the pits is easy sandk1ng. What you on about? I'm teasing, good job sandk1ng.
  11. 'Dukes' nods as he reads the letter. "Hmm."
  12. Suggestion - Voting And Advertisement

    @Sporadic You mocking my boy Xiryks? You wanna go Dev Boi. But yea, this seems guchi. The main issue, all the main youtubers that fit our theme, come from LoTC. There was one kid around in Athera who was a big boi until he quit youtube. Brought in a lot of traffic for us back in those days, kept LoTC going.
  13. Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    The item was added for PvE fights along with other items meant exclusively for PvE events. These items aren't meant for PvP and were nerfed until DPM and Co. found a loophole to these item's nerfs. It was blacklisted during PvP as well.
  14. Walkin' on off.

    G'day lad. Safe travels and the best of luck to you. May life always do you best.