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  1. L0rdLawyer

    Blago's AMA

    Am I no longer a normal player because I went blue on you 😞
  2. L0rdLawyer

    [✓] [Server] hfbdo Ban Appeal

    Your ban was a 5 minute temp ban. Your ban time was up by the time you posted this. But beyond that, you were warned multiple times by staff and players that the OOC chat was not for you to constantly post your RP in. If you can't find anyone in Krugmar, do not spam the OOC chat with your roleplay. I suggest that you go over the rules and give them a good thorough reading once again.
  3. L0rdLawyer

    ask harold one questions

    Where's the kids? @Harold
  4. L0rdLawyer

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Hu-din gives a thumbs up. 👍
  5. L0rdLawyer

    [✓] Ban Appeal

    There is a line on LOTC of do's and don't's and you crossed it. I hope that in the upcoming future, I never have to witness you crossing that line again. A second chance is what you deserve, and what you will get. Have fun, and be smart.
  6. L0rdLawyer

    [Pending] McBurnsy's Forum Moderator Application

    A McDonald's ripoff +1
  7. L0rdLawyer

    [I]ZachsSlayer's Game Moderator Application

    I agree with this guy. -1
  8. L0rdLawyer

    [✓] [Server] panda_bear Ban Appeal

    Hey Panda_Bear, if you don't mind I want to go over a few things. What happened recently was not a good situation and you're lucky it's easy to stop in the future. I agree with you, everyone deserves a second chance. Yet in this situation where you say, "I will tell a GM when things get even close to ERP or inappropriate stuff.", that is on you to prevent. You should know what the rules are for roleplay and what the rules are for OOC. I'm not going to be light when I say this, what was discussed by you is not something that should ever be allowed on LOTC. I hope to never see this behavior from you again, but a second chance is what I'll give you. Have fun roleplaying and be smart. Do not let this happen again.
  9. L0rdLawyer

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    If you have a complaint, Come up with a solution and throw the idea around in ooc and other players. If the idea is decent, you could make a forum post about it in a mature fashion. In my opinion, that's the best way to get **** changed. ❤️
  10. L0rdLawyer

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    Feedback is feedback and we should allow players to vent in healthy ways on the forums and other LOTC Mediums. As long as it's not targeting, it should be allowed and encouraged.
  11. hey pal

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      legoboy too far gone to come home


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      @sophiaa How am I not home? cause I am at my home

  12. L0rdLawyer

    GM Monthly Update Log - June

  13. L0rdLawyer

    [✗] [Server] Blaqss Ban Appeal

    After reading this appeal and going over past appeals and warnings, I have to deny this. From the video posted at the beginning, to the copy and pasted responses from your last ban appeal, it seems you have not learned thing since your previous ban. You need to take this time to sit down and read over the server rules and Community Guidelines and what this server is really about. If I would accept this appeal, you would have learned nothing from this ban. This ban is meant to be a warning and a lesson for you to show that your current attitude on the server will not be looked at blindly by the staff. With this, you may appeal again on the 7th of July, I hope you take this time to re-examine your actions and try find a way to be a beneficial part of the community. I hope on your next appeal that I get to welcome you back with open arms. Until then, you have my Discord. Best of luck to you my friend.
  14. My discord is always open to messages for questions, advice, or just general chit chat as long as I'm not busy with IRL. Others are the same.