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  1. Villainy Blacklists and the entire blacklist system don’t need to be reworked. There is no issue with them. The issue is with the moderators handing them out.

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  2. *teaches new players how to combat roleplay based on scripts* *new player comes across situation in arcas* *new player gets jumped by 8 orcs and sacrificed* *new player panics and calls the orcs rule breakers because that's not how he learned* *new player quits because lotc isnt what the CT made it out to be* Nice. Instead of this, why don't you scrap this entire project and instead put your energy and materials towards working with the established nations to make sure players can get mentors when they log on for the first time.
  3. Hopefully life treats you well mate. Sad to see this type of thing happen to you. Take care and be safe.
  4. I didnt mean my comment towards you. Personally I love what you're doing. But you're the only person that is sharing your love for the server and passing it on to others. As xarkly said, one of your managers. He admits there's a lack of worldwide events. And its because of staff issues. I have nothing against any ET. But things wont change unless you actually bring it up and create discussion. @Pun should approve my post
  5. When will the first round of actual events happen on LOTC that offer players growth through their characters outside of slice of life and war rp. When will you remove this content moderation from me. When I sat down and had a logical conversation with Telanir about the state of the server when I predicted the staff teams were merging, we talked about expansions of the future map, this map, to try and add new areas and lore for players to explore to keep their interest locked, similar to how ESO works. Telanir said it wasn’t a terrible idea and has some potential in the future of LOTC. What is your opinion on this. When will there be actual meaningful events.
  6. You have good logic. Respect levels for you have now gone up. I was going to talk about this but content modded so it’s sort of difficult.
  7. You're a God. And you're also 100% correct. These communities open younger players up to situations that snowball into this mess. Punish the communities that create these messes.
  8. Harold said it best. Why was this post approved and not my legitimate feedback post. @Pun
  9. The only system that needs to be fixed right now is the administration and staff structure. The issue with raids comes from incompetent staff members handling them. Noone has an issue with the system, they have an issue with the people behind them. You waste your time saying, "let's fix fly, let's fix raids, let's fix wars, let's spawn in and add 100k mines to the economy". How about the staff sit down and fix the rampant abuse and misuse. Or give us a storyline or antag as well. Stop trying to fix stuff that isn't a real problem.
  10. Why are appeals and reports private? Yes, I did read it but I'm asking because it's the leadup of my response here. You've just denied players a voice and are publishing a system that allows players to try and hide behind a shadow well another players place on the server is at risk. Instead of focusing on a system that is a push to better the community, a push to work out disagreements instead of jumping to a ban, you are allowing a system that is, get banned first then try to talk to us after and we will hide your appeal so no public feedback. This is wrong. @Harrison what do you think?
  11. Gordon stares at Harold's name on the list and doesn't see his anywhere.
  12. "I like the writing" says Gordon.
  13. Do you love me? How's life Telanir. How's college. Did you miss me. Can I be the new antagonist. When is the first lotc expansion being released. When is the lobby getting the Admin crypts, gm graveyard, hall of heroes, and hall of the fallen. When is lotc releasing a minigame event again. Parkour was fun. Race for the wool bombed. But it was a okay idea. Get the community involved. Plz remove my content moderation. I'm a good child.
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