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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBZi7JIdSps A large green orc takes off his skull mask as he sits on the edge of San’Velku, his legs hanging over the cliffside as he licks a prickly pear flavored balboa bar. The orc stares off in the distance, watching the World Cactus. His lips crack as a smile forms across his face, the sun passes over him, lighting up the vast valleys of Krugmar. He thinks about his past adventures. Recovering from the Dom and Azog War. Fighting alongside Dunamis to stop the advance of the Orenian Empire. Aiding Vanderguan. Helping the members of Grind Hall assassinate the Orenian Leadership. Waging wars with the Elves. Wood Elves. Dark Elves. High Elves. All types of Elves.He remembers his time fighting with the Orenians and against. With Norland and against. His adventures took him near and far, across many seas and over many mountains. Always the orc had to balance his life in the Rexdom, the War Nation, the Iron Uzg, and away from his brothers and sisters. Never had he taken the title of Rex. He had been offered it many times throughout his life but always he had refused. Now, with the disappearance of his leader, the orc finishes his ice cream, dropping the wooden stick into the lake below. The orc pulls charcoal and a piece of paper from his bag, writing a message. “I, Hu-din of Clan Dom, challenge Kor’garr the Clanless for the position of Rex. He has served his nation honorably for many years, saved us from one of the worst eras the orcish kind has ever seen. I do not hold the greatest reputation, but I have always put my nation first and work to create an era for the new orcs and honoraries where they will once again be recognized by all others. I plan on passing this position to a younger orc soon enough, but first, I hope to get things settled even further. To all orcs and honoraries, near and far, new and old, help me help the Nation. Together, we succeed, separate, we fall. With this, if Kor’garr secedes: I would grant Jiangu of Clan Lak the position of Dominus. He has served his nation for many years, offering great opportunities of diplomacy with other nations. I would grant Skaatchnak of Clan Izig the position of Under-Dominus. He is a newly risen orc, but puts in great work trying to organize the Goi and handle all of its current issues. I would grant Yarrow of Clan Lur the position of Motsham. She is a wise orc that has given the Uzg many years of servitude. The spirits grant her the greatest of gifts and she holds all respect in the spiritual realms. I ask that Kretz of Clan Ox stay as the Yazgurten. I ask that Grizhluk of Clan Raguk stay as the Huntsgoth. I ask that Fizhbref of Clan Raguk stay as the Targoth.” The letter is stamped with the skull of Clan Dom.
  2. Hu-din summons the Krughai, handing out spears and blades of Aurum. "It is tik, WI HUNT."
  3. Hu-din laughs as he sees his review, giving it a thumbs up. The orc nods, "I'll always go back to Fishbref for my rodent removal needs."
  4. Hu-din shakes his head as the bandit dwarf leaves the goi of San'Velku after being captured as part of a raid on Krugmar, "When did da ztoutz turn into banditz."
  5. [!] An independent report of loose papers can be found posted in Krugmar and surrounding areas. The paper seems to be translated to common for easier reading. Entry Azh - Four unknown armored individuals spotted at the gates of San’Velku delivering a mangled corpse. Corpse was 60% intact, most major organs were removed (excluding liver and small intestines) and large chunks of flesh were removed from the upper torso. Two of the four individuals were identified cutting off meat and eating it from the orcs body. Message from Cultist 1: “This is what happens when an orc enters Vortice, stay away”. Rex Kor’garr the Clanless notified. Krughai Task Force - Scorthuz Scorpions deployed to Talons Grotto Vortice. Entry Dub - Krughai Task Force - Scorthuz Scorpions arrived at the Gates of Talons Grotto Vortice within twenty Cactus minutes. Personal guards Hu-din’Dom and Glizzi’Raguk assigned to protect Rex Kor’garr. Upon arrival to Vortice, the following individuals were at spotted armed at the gates (sketches provided): One dwarf: Identified as Lord Ireheart of Urguan - Three humans: Unidentified - Given Call Sign - Xaaht Azh Unidentified - Given Call Sign - Xaaht Dub Unidentified - Given Call Sign - Xaaht Gahk Upon reaching the gates of Talons Grotto Vortice, Rex Kor’garr engaged in conversation with Local Royalty. Lord Ireheart, Xaaht Azh, and Xaaht Dub were spaced behind the gates, inside the city, visibly armed, and engaging in harassment against Scorthuz Scorpions. Xaaht Gahk was later identified on the gate house roof, approximately 10 meters away and 15 meters in the air, with a crossbow aimed for the Rex. Xaaht attempted assassination of the Rex Kor’garr but bolt strayed to the right and hit Hu-din’Dom in his left shoulder. Task Force Scorthuz Scorpions engaged all assailants in skirmish outside of Talons Grotto Vortice. Xaaht Azh was observed as fallen in conflict, body not recovered, assumed to have survived. All other assailants fled towards Elvenesse. Xaaht Azh, Xaaht Dub, Xaaht Gahk are assumed to be members of a new undead cult - Levaz Failures. Xaaht Gahk matches descriptions and identification of cannibal assailants at Krugmar, Xaaht Azh and Xaaht Dub were identified as cultists for their defense of the armoured cannibal cultist who attempted to assassinate Rex Kor'garr. Further reconnaissance required and follow up interviews requested. Attached: Medical Report: Hu-din’Dom Injury: Bolt strike to left shoulder Damage: Minor puncture wound with damage to muscles. Recovery: One needle and thread required. Recommend azh Cactus week rest and visit to Farseer twice in the next Cactus Month. Attached: Weapon Report: Blackened Crossbow Bolt Status: Retrieved from Hu-din’Dom’s shoulder after conflict with cultists at Vortice. Bolt has no magical properties from initial observation. Alternate testing required and a witch doctor requested for spiritualistic study. Sketch: Entry Gahk - Reports of Undead in Vortice and Oren were reported to Krughai. Task Force Nub Racizt Friendz assembled and deployed to Providence, Oren. Task Force Leader Ar-Gorok supervised by Hu-din’Dom. Initial Task Force separated into gahk groups of futh. Upon arriving at Providence, TF-NRF Azh interviewed MOJ footmen about rumors of an undead attack on the nearby bridge. TF-NRF Dub was assigned to foot patrols through the gardens and church districts. TF-NRF Gahk was assigned to interview ISA officers about any attacks on citizens or ISA soldiers. TF-NRF Dub and TF-NRF Gahk reported no leads, but Ar-Gorok and TF-NRF Azh found evidence from the MOJ that similar undead cultists to Xaaht Gahk were seen in uniform attacking citizens and heading towards the forest. TF-NRF Azh was not able to find any hideouts or traces of cultists in the woods, further exploration required. Entry Futh - Hu-din’Dom arrived at Providence, Oren to attend the Emperor’s Court to discuss undead threats. Hu-din’Dom was later accompanied by Willi the Snaga. When in line, Xaaht Dub was recognized and observed in formal attire petitioning the Emperor. Assumptions made, Xaaht Dub (Member of Cultist Group labelled Levaz Failures) identified as possible Orenian Nobleman. Further investigation required, goblin messenger requested to contact the Emperor and/or Imperial Cabinet for a list of nobles to cross reference. Analysis: Possible Undead Bases located in Providence, Oren or Vortice. Expeditions required to confirm. Possible Undead Cultist located in Orenian Royalty. Confirmation from Oren to be requested. Possible Undead and Dwarven relationships. Further investigation required.
  6. Slaughter of the Innocent 11th of the First seed Birds flew high above San’Velku, fleeing from the twisted jungle path. The orcs of Krugmar were distracted from this telltale sign of intrusion upon their lands. They were focused on spiritual discussion and advice led by Dura’Raguk as they sat around the firepits. A small innocent child, William Raven, looked up from his seat as he discussed with Hu-din about clan troubles. His mouth fell open as he witnessed the armed dwarves march into the city and draw weapons around the peaceful group. Even the boy could see the rage filling their eyes as they surrounded the villagers. Anxious is all the Grand King of Urguan felt as he entered the city, prepared to commit mass murder to attempt to spark a war. His anxiety stopped him from speaking a word, so Lord Ireheart addressed the crowd. “The Rex, hand him over.” The Dwarves. The Human Mercenaries. The Undead Lord. The Rustlers. Little did they know the Rex had left for a spiritual trip and would not return for three more days. When they discovered the Rex was not present, Lord Ireheart and his human mercenaries immediately swung their axes and blades low for that is all they could reach with their deformed bodies. The orcs moved and dodged while others sat, not willing to see violence in a restful city. Swords and axes clashed after the Dwarves muttered a short phrase of Sky Godian language, ‘PVP default’. The outnumbered and unarmed orcs fell to the foreign invaders, the undead creatures in the horde fed upon the orcish corpses. Useless bloodshed with no purpose other than genocide had occurred. What one would call a slaughter of the innocent. The fires were lit as the Rage of Krug had sparked. No mercy to foreign invaders who kill unarmed women and children and call it self defense.
  7. Hu-din's head drops as he thinks about the wasted lives of today's conflict. "Nub'hozh, nub'hozh. Why did da world have to kum to diz on zuch a zad day alreadi. Maybe da ztoutz will zee wub wi fayce each day. It iz da tik to end racizm."
  8. Hu-din supports this orcish class.
  9. @Telanir@Llir When can me and @Priceflash interview you guys.
  10. Joining Format -------------------- IGN - wolfkite1 Discord - Rusti#7801 -------------------- RP Name - Hu-din Race - Orc Age - ha Shaman or want to be one? - was.
  11. Thank you. I actually never knew there was a difference.
  12. Thank you for passing the ball back to me @ScreamingDingo and now I'll break down your post. I initially contacted you on 5/29 about the initial post. I threw it towards you asking for any initial feedback so I could improve it or fix it. You stated that formatting was a major issue and you stated that now, but when I asked you about how I could fix it, you really didn't help what so ever. You are the Story Team Administrator, I don't expect you to bend over backwards and spend 24/7 reading through each individual lore and responding to every message to help a player out. But what I expect from a Staff Member of LOTC is that you would say "There's some issues with this post, I'm busy currently and I won't have time to help but I will talk to a staff member and have them reach out to let you know about the issues!". Flam's Lore Games threw everyone for a loop, but yes, it didn't cause the magic to disappear. The individuals who received TA's from grandfathered in left the server or left the orcs without passing on the magic. And they shouldn't be castrated for living their life how they please. What should be noted though, shamanism is a long standing magic that has always had the same issue, players leave with TA's and don't pass on their teaching. The MAT, the LT, the Story Team, whatever name it has taken throughout the years has always needed to step in to adjust the magic to help the spiritual community get back on their feet. We're a mineman fantasy roleplay server, removal of the magic only punishes those who are still believing, what do you really have to lose by putting effort in a failure. Punishing a player who abuses a loophole is acceptable. Punishing an entire group that share only a common trait with an abusive player, not really acceptable. It's the same with a player that abuses a glitch to get an advantage, they're punished but not the entire group they're standing around. I reached out to you and Squak at the same time because you were the Staff member to deny my post. Not Squak. I knew Squak was your right-hand individual and would be a good player to reach out to as well. As it stands, is it a crime to reach out to a staff member for help or a response? I know the Orcish playerbase is struggling. At times we will have 20 people in the city, others we will have none. But I believe Elementalism is a creative magic that is similar enough to Voidal Magic but is strongly tied to the Spirits where it would help integrate more into the Orcish and Spiritual communities. Now onto the fun stuff. His post is old but he stands by his words unless Cousin Telanir has been lying to me. I don't fully disagree. I believe playerbases don't need to have the Staff wipe their rears but the Staff should be expected to help with Community Team relationships and Story Team Events. After interviewing other orcs, there is only 1 event since the start of the map that was presented to the orcish community. I'm not saying that the orcs need to have events forced in their face every hour of every day, but I believe Staff Run Events play a part in helping activity in a nation. Players leave the server, players leave the community, but when they leave without passing on a legacy, that's when staff need to get involved. We're a mineman fantasy roleplay server, people have lives, people should prioritize lives. But other players shouldn't be punished because others are living their life. My statement of causing admin conflict was because I knew this is how you were going to react. You do not like me, you don't want to work with me, you don't like seeing me succeed. And that's fine, you're allowed to be a free individual. But you are an administrator and shouldn't be letting your personal bias get in the way of you doing your job. Quoting a moderator earlier: This is a lore post, my entire argument that was added on was that this is a minecraft fantasy roleplay server, refusing to do something because it has a chance of failure is a poor excuse. If you want to fill you reply with slander to try and justify your terrible mindset, feel free. But that is on you. I believe Elementalism is a critical part of the Spiritual community, and that complete removal of it because the Spiritual/Orcish community is in a uneasy place currently like it has been since 2011 is a terrible reason. If you want to fill this post in slander and rumors, feel free, but if you're going to deny this again because of 'formatting' and not telling me how I can improve, how can I improve without feedback. I'm not here to stir the pot, I'm here to fight for an oppressed player base.
  13. I'll respond to you first and then get to Joel. To your overall point, I want to prove both of them wrong and help the orcs get back on their feet. But, Joel complains about staff needing to get involved. Doing some quick investigation work here is what I found: (side note, my abilities to search through the forums are limited, if there is a mistake, let me know!) Farseer - We have not had an active Farseer Student from Febuary. Out of previous farseers, only 2 are still active on their orc/honorary personas. Others who are around have either pk'd, no longer play their orc, or expressed interest that they no longer wish to be apart of the shaman/orc community for the time being. Witch Doctor - Witch doctor is the most active of recent months, with two new students since the map has changed, but their teacher is one of the players that no longer expressed interest in furthering the shamanism community. Lutauman - We have had 3 new students since the start of the map, one of which was a player grand fathered in, another which is a player that expressed that they no longer have interest in furthering the community, and another who is a learning student who is sparsely active on their student persona. Now, my numbers might be off because someone could have messed up their spelling or the forums search feature acted up, but they all should be close to this. By reading it over, you'd say, "See, this proves that the shamanism community is inactive" and I won't argue with that. The issue with Shamanism currently is that all 3 sub-types are 'orc magic' and do not gain interest from outside players and that all players who received TA's when being grandfathered in or taught later on do not play anymore. My argument with this goes back to Telanir's post (yes it's old but see my response to Joel in a minute), players are going to leave the server and it's more impactful in a smaller community like the orcs. They can leave for a multitude of reasons, but when a Teacher leaves, what is the rest of the community supposed to do. Force the player to stay and teach others before they go? This is LOTC, a mineman fantasy roleplay server not Politics 2.0. If shamans leave without passing on their work, we have to go to staff and ask for help, or TA distribution. Instead of getting it though, we just get slapped with inactivity warnings and told get active or lose the magic. Now to respond to the feedback given (which i thank you for!) 1. The way I wrote this is Elementalism takes 3 magic slots. With Elementalism, you are able to create a maximum of 3 different pacts. AKA 1 pact per 1 magic slot. But this system stops certain shamans from learning every single element like they have done in the past. I wrote it this way because Elementalism is the core concept of learning how to communicate with the Elemental Spirits and channeling their power to interact with the world around them. This core concept is the same for each element, so if a fire teacher would show a student how to interact with the spirit realm, and help them create a pact with a water elemental, it should be possible. This would allow elementalism to not die out in specific elements and allow it to grow even through a single teacher. 2. Personally, the emote count system is something I preferred to put into this because it's easily adjustable and easy to understand. Using a different system of 'spell a makes you lose 15% of your power' well, what's your total power. In theory, it's the same thing, but it stresses a shaman's total power and helps you keep track of it. If numbers need to be adjusted, it's easy to do. 3. I want to add more rituals, but as you see, it's hard enough getting this accepted as is. If this would be accepted, I plan on adding more elemental rituals later on as an amendment depending on it interacts with the community. 4. I'll be honest, you're the first person that has given any real feedback on the formatting, so thank you. But if I let all of the sub-types out of the spoilers, the entire post would be a long scroll. In my mind, if someone needed to reference water elementalists spells, it'd be easier for them to come to the post, click on Water Elementalism, and read through. If you have any suggestions on how I can adjust it all with the forum's terrible formatting capabilities, let me know! I'm glad to change it around.
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