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  1. Free dpm and ban the hacker lol

  2. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    What I mean with this, not the previous version that is in minecraft. With this I mean, making a plugin where you can't move people around or move through them. Had that written but deleted it on accident.
  3. [Actor] TheNanMan2000

    This man is actually a decent roleplayer and sacrifices his enjoyment to make sure others are enjoying their time. He fully understands the concept that you can't always win and have fun, there is fun in losing.
  4. After a discussion in OOC about wars and raids and the actual tactics of lord of the craft PVP, this came up. What are the possible uses of stopping players from moving through each other. Shield walls on the battle field, being able to stand in front of a tavern entrance stopping anyone from entering or leaving, and being able to stop people from sitting in each other. There are more uses then what was listed about but it helps bring roleplay to mechanics. All I'm suggesting is making it so only one player can be on a single block, and there is no way to get past a player other then around. And if players are lined up next to each other, there is no way to pass through in between them. Also with this plugin, making it so you can't nudge players around. Comment and plus 1 if you think this would be useful to bring roleplay to mechanics and let me know what you think.
  5. PSA Atlas Rules Update

    You know, invite some players to the War Team. Half the GM Team doesn't understand what occurs during a warclaim and why it occurs. Cloaked and Josh are probably the only ones who know what they're doing.
  6. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    PK'ing from a laggy ****fest. Good idea. Why would I put the life of my character into the hands of the server who ends up crashing during warclaims. If you want respect during wars, then earn respect like everyone else. -1
  7. [Actor] Capace

    I've seen this man rp a lot around the server. He seems like he actually has logic when rp'ing and is a good guy. This is someone I wouldn't hate to see on the team. @SquirtGun Accept this bastard.
  8. Extended Cards update.

    I'm actually Sporadic.
  9. Extended Cards update.

    -1 Don't add pvp buffs for some and not all.
  10. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    @Sporadic is my friend. Yet don't add PVP buffs to one race and not everyone else. Jerk.
  11. The GM picks are terrible.

    Wolf for War Team.

  12. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    The GM Team finally removed a GM that has not logged on since he got his position. Yet somehow was past his trial? I don't know either. The Global Moderation Team needs a lot of work currently and doesn't have the best candidates to do so.
  13. Bring Back the old 40-Health System?

    Joined in 2017. D: This server doesn't always have RP only standards throughout it's history. Pvp has always been apart of this server. A big part. The Rex of the orcs was determined by pvp skill at one point. 20 hearts will make fights last a longer. And without enchantments and such, eh, no one will know. Wait for a warclaim.