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  1. Even though I will forever hold a grudge against @Fireheart for using me as a scapegoat, I will still admit he ran a better moderation team than the mess that is around now. He worked to expand the GM’s numbers so they could maximize players in each race, group, and time zone. Instead, @Telanir and co helped cut the numbers completely and drive away any competent individuals and create a hell hole. The current GM team seems like it goes back to the original ‘We all suck at our job but we will act like we’re doing things and make ourselves feel proud for doing absolutely nothing’ mindset that hasn’t been seen in years. Every team has dropped in standards and it’s pathetic, but the GM Team is the one team that helps keep the server alive and moving. Instead you have a useless team that does nothing and uses bureaucracy as it’s scapegoat. @BlueBudgie sat as players were called re****ed in OOC and said she can’t do anything because it’s harassment and she’s not allowed to handle that, so the player continued. Honestly, I would take Fireheart back instead of this Coal Miner Union circle jerk. At least he tried to do something efficiently.
  2. If warning points were removed then all prior warnings should be wiped. You should tell @Telanir to use some logic. 

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    1. Telanir


      Wolf where did you get that impression from?

  3. ey bro idk if you knew this but you a nerd

  4. Be like @Telanir, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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    2. L0rdLawyer


      You realize there are posted logs of me and Karimir notifying the administration of this that were completely ignored?

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    3. Heero
    4. gamer_guy
  5. ey no homo but u cute as hell dawg

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      what about hulu tho

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      nah, how about sneaky’s hbo

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      sneaky got grape money

  6. As these two have said it. The issue isn’t with the bandits. The issue is with how banditry has evolved due to **** meta rallies and meta stallers. First you targeted wars and raids, now you’re targeting bandits and blaming them for all the server’s problems. Just stop already Flam and Telanir.
  7. It doesn’t take that long for a moderator to refill a pit. This isn’t going to cut down on modreq wait times. But it’s a nice plugin. Good job.
  8. Huh? It's like the old rules existed for a reason?
  9. What is this? Telanirs post for conflict is about self moderation without staff intervention. This is staff moderation?
  10. Thing is. Lore should have a purpose in my opinion. When I sat down and read it, all I read was water magic. All of the spells were various different magic pieces chopped up and pasted together and the common factor was just water. I get that's the point. But it just seems like its going to become a niche magic that appeals to a small minority that offers no real advancement to lotcs story. The writing is good. I cant take that away from yall ever. It's a nice twist that groups haven't tried. But there isnt really much that sets it apart overall if you get what I mean. I'm writing both posts with little sleep so I do apologize if things are messy.
  11. Not to be a downer. It's a solid post with a lot of detail. But it seems like a niche magic that has the interest of some but wont do anything in game other then be spammed or collected by a select few and then drop off the face of the earth. I'm not saying this is terrible. It's a great post and some decent writing behind it all. But from my eyes, it just adds another speciality club and doesn't do much beyond that. The aqua theme is new and all and I respect you taking that route. But how does it tie in with the world. Tldr. Good writing but I dont see it doing much on the server.
  12. Coming from me? I was one of the mods who tried to fix the system of blacklists and after me, lark, and karimir left, you all let it go to hell because of your personal crusades. Plus. I dont really write long posts? As well as my ban appeal showed. Me and karimir showed suspicion and passed it on to an administration that told us the fight was going to happen. Admins needed a scapegoat. 🤷‍♂️ But going back to my original talk before the sky gods strike me down. You shouldn't need 50 pages to make a simple point. As @Telanir needs to learn is we are a minecraft server. We dont need fancy words and drawn out posts. Get to the point and get it done.
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