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  1. Here is my opinion on this all. I stand with DPM. All these changes with Defender Default were implemented by a staff member with his staff circle jerk that would have rather seen the server burn then their clique die out. He put 501, Telanir, and other staff members out to dry constantly including HB. How can you stand with a deviant like that. But let's not name names and stay on subject. As a guy that got banned after dealing with Defender Default and I said **** it, I'm done with this ****. Defender Default is one of the worst creations in LOTC History. It is almost as bad as RP Default and Villain Applications. Let me explain how this works. I'm an Orc with a permit in Adelburg. The guards walk up to me constantly and say, orc's are banned. They one emote attacking me then call PVP Default saying they are the defender. They were told by many GM's that they are in the wrong, and I get defender default. Yet they call pvp and abuse it. I have been targeted by these people abusing the system, Adam and Lewarmonger, and yet the staff don't care because they don't want to admit defender default is flawed. When it is a fight that they would lose in rp, guards instantly call pvp, and when they know they can't win, they call rp and emote running behind a door. The Staff don't care, because they are a guard force. Now, moving onto to increased numbers. We have a lot of powerful magics on the server. You drop one shaman tier five elementalist or one tier five voidal mage who is fully connected versus 7 men, the 7 men will die. Even with Air Elementalism or Air Evocation, they can still wipe out these men with ease. A single druid who is fully connected to the trees around them can destroy an entire army. How is this fair for these innocent people who stand no chance. Which is why pvp numbers were set as they were. And, as I even asked, the LT and MT are taking their time nerfing magics. Shamanism and Druidism have been the only magics nerfed. What about Blood Magic, the Azdrazi, Ascended, Liches, the Undead, Evocationists, Fi Mages, the Frost Witches. Noone wants to nerf them because the staff fill these cliques. To sum up my words. @DPM @Teegah @Telanir @501warhead @Wrynn @Kowaman @Harold Staff Abuse for Their Buddies. Defender Default is just a way to do it.
  2. If he promises to get rid of this shitty dark shaman and replace it with the old dark shamanism. +1
  3. We have the chance to get a brand new crafting system, which the community may or may not like and it can't be implemented this map without destroying a lot of ****. I wanted a new map, the great 6.0 map which Uruks are being cheated out of and have to share a main event line with elves because the ET screwed this map up for the elven nations. But honestly, if you're going to implement huge changes, do a temp map for 2 months. A whole new nations system is something I heard talks about. You guys did this with Thales with Nexus. Why can't you do it now. Also Eath, this is the uruk map and elven map. The next map after will be the uruk map completely or a minor guild map. The ET and LT screwed this map up for the elves and without a temp map like Vailor, the Uruks get screwed. In case most of you didn't know. Athera, 4.0 - Dwarven Expansion Map. East of 2.0. Outpost where Iblees was locked up. Vailor, 4.5 - ET and LT failed on the Dwarven Event Lines - Became Dwarf and Elf map. No relation to 2.0. Axios, 5.0 - Elven Expansion Map. South of 2.0. Some Random thing. ET and LT screwed up, next map is given to the elves. 6.0 - Urukish and Elven Expansion Map. ET and LT screwed up with last map, so it's shared between Uruks and Elves. With this, **** the elves. Only uruks matter.
  4. Problem is, the Dev Team and Staff Team is releasing all new changes with this map in Nexus and Rules, screwing over everything. You guys should have done a temp map and introduced these new changes slowly. But nope, had to do the dumb move. and everything that bungo said.
  5. -=- The Reversed Crusade -=- (I was told a burning cross would mean me getting banned, even though it fits the post.) Type of Battle: Pillage Warclaim - Siege Proposed Tier: 3 - Pillage Date & Time: 8/19/17 : 3 EST Side A: Crusaders of the Truth Faiths Side B: Adelburg, Holy Orenian Empire Part 5 Discord: skype Location: Direct Area: Image that's Adelburg. Surrounding Area: Imagine that's the area around Adelburg Proposed Rules: No Siege Equipment No Mass Addition of Players on the Adelburg region The players listed above are the only players allowed to attend the warclaim for the defense of Adelburg No constructs No spectres No Additional Defenses or Terrain Modifications may be built by either side Roleplay Section: Ral sits down as the torches burn out in his cave. The sounds of the world begin to fade as the uruk's mouth opens up, the ancient blah pouring out. The walls of the cave begin to shake as the uruk looks around, he's not in Kansas anymore. Ral pushes himself up from his seat and begins to walk around the empty void as chatter fills the void. He opens his mouth to try and speak, calling out for whoever is out there, and no words left his mouth. The lone uruk shows no fear, and continues on his journey, knowing why he's here. The empty void beneath him begins to solidify and fills with color, taking the shape of a road as clouds fill the skies above him. Water rises up , surrounding this road with an indefinite sea as smoke pours from holes in the ground. Metal bars push their way through the ground fencing the orc in as air he breathes fades away. "Young Orc. You have returned so soon? Is the quest done." Ral begins to look around, looking for the origin of this voice. Yet as he turns around, he lays his eyes on his target. A orc, larger then the oldest of Braduks, has appeared before him. This new orc's teeth show as he smirks, louder then any Savoyard. This new orc's skin is as brown as the dirt and with each motion, it seems to split like dry earth cracking. "Gurthrak, I have returned because I request council with the Vanguard." "The Vanguard has faded young orc, they are off fighting their own wars. Fodrim defends the clouds from Cults, pledging their support to the True Spirits. Alrath has rallied the Fire Spirits of the Isles to his side to force the Undead out of the Void. And poor Irl, she has been pushed back to the edge of the Brink. She can hardly hold her own as the Forces working for the 'Creator', or God as the humans call this fake idea, pollute her skies. I am the only one winning my battle, so here I am." "Then we shall take up arms, it is time, isn't it?" "You can not fight this battle alone, teach those who pollute Irl's skies a lesson. They do it in the name of Canonism, yet let them feel the wrath of those they have doomed in their quest for their false end." And so it begins. As Ral snaps back after his conversation with Gurthrak, he summons Gobo messengers and begins to flood letters out of his encampment to the other faiths. "We may not always agree, we may not always get along. But today, we must stop the threat of Canonism. Today, we shall show a lesson to these murderous fiends and show them what awaits those who attempt to persecute us for knowing the truth. In two day's time. Rally. We burn their churches."
  6. application

    This man would make a terrible GM. +1
  7. gg good fight.

  8. Cedric gasps.
  9. Cedric stabs rocco
  10. Honestly, even I like these rules. I fought against your golems, they are op and unfair, no matter what side you're on. And base invading works both ways. Just bring a rally and have fun. Don't *****, don't complain, just have fun.
  11. So events with rollplay, when the ET gets upset he just says never mind and goes off in an emote or forces you to roll again because he attacked 'twice'. Rp with PVE, the ET does **** emotes for a **** event that has no plot, no story, and relies on PVE and mass amounts of mobs to save his ass. Rp with PVP. The ET disguises as an iron golem, gives himself resistance and strength and reks everyone and takes their gear and uses it in the next warzone. Rp with PVP and PVE, reasons 2 and 3 combined. Stop asking us this **** and ask us what really matters, what ET we like. Then look at those well liked ET and adapt off of them. The Staff does this every time there is a change in admins or team lead. You try to act new with the help of the community instead of the first logical decision. Look at the ET who are well liked and what events they do, you will learn a lot Ford.
  12. Divine stole my work! D: Ban him.
  13. A problem with the event team is consistency with maturity. Let's just imagine a name, a person, let's call him starrock. Well starrock is a nice guy, willing to talk about issues in TS, work and solve the problems out, and stand his ground. Starrock shows he can be a perfect ET Lead. Well we move onto the next week and everything changes and starrock gets his gm syndrome and becomes a massive douchebag. Everyone gets it, we all have our own problems, our own stress, but if you want to be a major part of the server, you have to know how to channel your problems in the correct ways or you won't achieve anything. The ET needs consistency with the way they act. Also, you should either let me help divine or find a willing et builder to help out with some cool things that got brought up for shamanism. Two subtypes are dead because of divine being busy with 6.0 for you and flam. But yea, team is doing fine. Make priceflash et lead and it will be better.
  14. Licky the Lich nods as he finishes smoking his green. He puts it aside as he walks out of his bedroom, the horde of undead whores lay in his bed as Licky nods many times. "It's time for war." he states.
  15. I read it, it's just as soon as I see you messing with spirits, giving more to other races and taking away from the Urukish Shamanism in general, I gotta -1