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  1. I'm new, so I don't have much of a saying. But this looks really well done :)
  2. TheWizarddd


    One day, somewhere in Norland, Lyre and his sibling were born. His parents (and more specifically, his father) wanted both of them to be warriors, masters of the blade. His sibling was, indeed, quite good with a sword. But Lyre didn't want and wasn't good either with that kind of weaponry, his real gift was in his mind. He learned how to fluently read when he was 3 years old, and he developed a liking for learning. Either way, his father still wanted him to master how to use a sword. So he was pretty much forced to train and practice, which not only made him want to disobey his father more but also made him hate any kind of melee weaponry. At the right age of 19, he decided to finally move out of his home, to finally pursue his dreams and goals of learning history, language, and more recently: magic. Instead of just following his father’s orders.
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