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  1. The Falcon Soars High House Volkov “Сила через верность, честь и семью” The passing months seemed to stretch endlessly, burdened with profound agony and sorrow, as each soul dwelling in the manor could feel the impending loss of Anya, knowing her time in this world was limited. The once lively manor now echoed with an eerie quietness during the past few saint's days, as everyone remained acutely aware of the precious time they had left with her. An air of worry hung heavy over the children, compelling them to behave in utmost reverence whenever they were in her presence, cherishing every moment they could share with their beloved Anya. Numerous doctors had visited the manor, each bearing the same grave prognosis: Anya's time on the world was fleeting, and her days were numbered, barely lasting until the upcoming saint's week. Within the main bedroom of the house, a poignant scene unfolded. Several vials of elixirs and medicines adorned the room, each meticulously arranged with different purposes, all aimed at easing the woman's unbearable suffering. The concoctions held a desperate promise of relief, though they couldn't halt the inexorable decline of her weakened body. Day by day, Anya's physical strength dwindled, leaving her incapacitated and bedridden. The simple act of getting out of bed became an unattainable feat, her once vibrant vitality now a distant memory. With every breath she took and any slight movement, her body betrayed her, robbed of the vigor that had long deserted her weeks before. As her condition continued to deteriorate, the manor's inhabitants held onto the hope of alleviating her pain while also trying to come to terms with the imminent farewell they knew they would soon have to bid to their cherished family member. As time wore on, Anya's body reached its breaking point, unable to sustain the relentless battle it had been fighting. The last vestiges of her strength were slipping away, as if surrendering to the inevitable. In her final moments, a bittersweet scene unfolded, as her devoted family gathered around her, forming a tight-knit circle of love and support. The air was thick with emotions, and a sense of profound sadness hung in the room. Each member of her family held on to memories and moments shared, trying to etch them deeply into their hearts. Anya's husband, a pillar of strength throughout her journey, held her fragile hand, his heart aching to see his beloved slipping away. Their four sons, each bearing a unique resemblance to their parents, stood close, their eyes filled with a mixture of grief and gratitude for the life their mother had given them. As her final breaths ebbed away, she was cocooned in a sea of love, enveloped by the presence of those who meant the world to her. And in that poignant moment, surrounded by the profound love of her family, Anya departed from this world, leaving behind a legacy of love and cherished memories that would forever linger in the hearts of those she left behind. It is with a heavy heart we inform everyone of the death of Her Ladyship Dame Anya Volkov, Baroness of Vorovda, Ataman of the Host of Saint Arpad, and Black Knight of Stran. The recent birth of her fourth child had brought too much strain upon her body, weakening it, and allowing a heavy sickness to overtake her. She was surrounded by her husband and her four children as she passed. Her husband, Ryba Volkov-Novikov, will act as Regent of Vorovda and the House Volkov, until Aleksandr Volkov rises to the age of 16, once he reaches 16 years of age, Aleksandr Volkov will inherit the Barony of Vorovda, and elevate to the head of House Volkov. Signed, His Lordship, Ryba Volkov-Novikov, Regent of Vorovda, House Regent of the House Volkov
  2. MANDATORY DARKSPAWN TESTING Issued by, THE DUCHY OF STRAN On Harren’s Folley, 1933 Due to the alarming surge in vampyre burnings and the discovery of individuals as vampyres throughout the vast expanse of Aevos, it is hereby MANDATED that all individuals entering the Duchy of Stran must undergo testing to ascertain their non-vampyric or darkspawn nature. This screening will be conducted by the members of The Host of Saint Arpad. Every soul, regardless of status or allegiance, shall be subjected to these tests. It is important to note that anyone below the age of 13 is exempt from this scrutinization. However, should an individual refuse to comply with the mandatory tests, they shall be promptly apprehended and subjected to forceful testing. Refusal, regardless of the cause, shall be construed as an indication of the individual's affiliation with the darkspawn. These examinations shall persist until deemed unnecessary, when the peril subsides, and the menace diminishes to a safe level. Signed, Her Ladyship, Dame Anya Volkov, Baroness of Vorovda, Ataman of the Host of Saint Arpad, Black Knight of Stran
  3. Anya Volkov reads the inquisition report thoroughly in her fire room helping Aleksandr to try and begin reading. She tosses it to the side shortly after, taking a drink of her Carrion Black. "Too many of w Kurwa around. First Giraudus e w other one w Whitespire then this?"
  4. House Volkov “Сила через верность, честь и семью” Godfrey’s Triumph, 1933 History and Lineage Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of the countryside, House Volkov finds its origins in the humble Raevir town of Vsnek, Axios. For over 300 years, the lineage has slowly etched its mark through time, weaving a tapestry of resilience, unity, and unwavering devotion to the defense and well-being of the people. From its inception, the Volkov family has assumed the mantle of leadership, standing as stalwart soldiers and guardians, safeguarding the common folk in times of peril. The weight of responsibility falls upon every male Volkov, their duty calling them to military service or vigilant guardianship. Women of the house, while bearing lighter expectations, contribute their skills and compassion to aid the populace, be it in the realms of tavern-keeping, healing arts, or the pursuit of knowledge as scribes. House Volkov shines as a beacon of unwavering strength and solidarity, faithfully carrying forward the legacy of their ancestors. Their unwavering commitment to protect and serve stands as a testament to the values they hold dear—camaraderie, family, honor, and loyalty. Values and Morals Within the tapestry of House Volkov's existence, loyalty, honor, camaraderie, family, and kindness form the very threads that bind them together. Each member of the house is bound by an unyielding adherence to these values and morals, woven into the fabric of their daily lives. A Volkov who strays from the righteous path, who dares to disregard these sacred principles, faces the dire consequence of disownment and exile from the family's fold, should their transgressions prove severe. The Volkovs firmly believe in the power of unwavering support and unity, forging unbreakable bonds that transcend mere blood ties. Within their midst, the spirit of camaraderie thrives, nurturing an unspoken pact of brotherhood and sisterhood. Embodying a strong code of honor, the Volkovs exemplify the virtues of integrity, honesty, and respect. Their conduct is steeped in dignity, for they understand the significance of honor in all aspects of life. They strive to be paragons of integrity and moral rectitude, unwavering in their commitment to uphold their word and fulfill their obligations. Devotion to family, friends, and their word is cherished, held close to their hearts as an emblem of unyielding loyalty. House Volkov remains resolute in their unwavering support, even in the face of adversity. Their loyalty is a sacred pact, fostering trust and fortifying bonds that withstand the test of time. Culture House Volkov encompasses a vibrant and deeply-rooted culture that revolves around cherished family traditions and treasured values. House Volkov holds itself to the traditions of festivities and traditions, martial heritage, oral tradition and storytelling, and hospitality and community. This culture reveres the unity of kinship, the pursuit of honor, and the resilience forged through camaraderie. Festivities and Traditions are held in great esteem by House Volkov, as they partake in traditional celebrations and festivals that bring together both family and community. These joyous occasions include harvest festivals, midwinter feasts, and communal bonfires, serving as vibrant forums for storytelling, music, dance, and the passing down of ancestral lore and wisdom. Martial Heritage plays a significant role within House Volkov, with a strong emphasis on military service and guardianship. From a tender age, children are instructed in the arts of combat and self-defense. The training they receive goes beyond physical prowess, encompassing the development of discipline, honor, and tactical acumen. The Volkovs proudly cherish their martial heritage, passing down stories of heroic deeds from one generation to the next. Oral Tradition and Storytelling holds a special place within House Volkov, as they cherish the art of weaving tales of bravery, adventure, and magic. Through the power of oral tradition, they preserve the wisdom and history of their ancestors. Their words are esteemed for their ability to captivate audiences with narratives of heroism, love, and the indomitable spirit that defines House Volkov. Hospitality and Community form an integral part of House Volkov's culture, where warm welcomes await guests in their homes, and strangers are treated with kindness and respect. The Volkovs prioritize the well-being of their community, readily offering aid, support, and protection to those in need. House Colors House Volkov's colors, black and red, exude an air of strength, power, and intensity. Black, the color of shadows and night, represents their unwavering resolve and the depths of their loyalty. It symbolizes their ability to adapt, their resilience in the face of adversity, and their determination to protect their own. Red, bold and vibrant, signifies their passion, courage, and the fiery spirit that burns within their hearts. It speaks of their readiness to face any challenge and their fierce commitment to defend their family and honor. Together, these colors epitomize the indomitable spirit of House Volkov, a force to be reckoned with, steeped in both darkness and passion. SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Dame Anya Volkov, Baroness of Vorovda, Ataman of the Host of Saint Arpad, Black Knight of Stran
  5. THE HOST OF ST. ARPAD OF VILACZ, THE BANNERMEN OF IVANOVICH Issued and confirmed by, THE DUKE OF STRAN 11th of Sigismund's End, 1932 INTRODUCTION Nearly thirty years ago to the day the Host of St. Arpad was established in a small chapel in the former lands of Cherskavy. From there we set out to establish ourselves and seek a better life than what we had before. We traveled and settled in numerous places, a mere reprieve before the work was to begin. As time progressed, our numbers grew as more and more true-raevir settled, now we reach a point in time of peace and prosperity. Yet, it is not our way to just keel over, we must always remain ready for battle and reject the ways of the heartland-folk. It is with that, the Host of St. Arpad of Vilacz remains the standing militant force of House Ivanovich and defenders of the wayward Raevir in the Duchy of Stran. An artistic rendition of a Kazak leading the Host of St. Arpad, c. 1932. MISSION The Host of St. Arpad of Vilacz is to act as the personal bannermen and guard force for House Ivanovich, the Duchy of Stran, and any other of Ivanovich holdings. Founded on the principles of Ruskan Orthodoxy and the militant scriptures of St. Arpad, the streltsy serving within its ranks have been honed into a professional fighting force compared to a local militia or levy. They are tasked with protecting any and all wayward raev-folk who have lost their way and to act in the Duke’s best interest and at his discretion. Depiction of three bannermen of House Ivanovich in full uniform. RANKS Hetman - Гетман The Hetman or Duke of Stran is the commander of the Host of St. Arpad, it is he who houses them, feeds them, and so forth. In return those amongst the host owe oaths of loyalty to the Hetman. The Hetman can only be the Duke of Stran, unless a different successor is chosen by his will. Ataman - Атаман The Ataman or Captain of the Host is the highest rank one may reach. They sit upon The Rada Vaškova and are responsible for all the Host’s wellbeing in terms of shelter, pay, supplies, and so forth. The Ataman may also oversee and organize and train the Host at Duke’s discretion. Knight of Blessed Istvan - Рыцарь з блогослав Иштван The Knights of Blessed Istvan are those who have first been elevated through squireship or extraordinary service to the Druzhina; the personal retinue of the Hetman. But through even further service they’ve proved themselves more than capable. Because the Hetman and Ataman cannot be everywhere at once, these men are entrusted to act in their names, acting as officers of the Host. Desyatnik - Десятник Exceptional cossacks are raised to desyatnik, roughly sergeant or corporal in the common tongue. They have through the ataman been granted certain authority over their subordinates to lead in combat, host patrols, trainings and other minor events. Cossack - Казак The Cossacks are the grizzled veterans of the Host as far as peasants go, and are the only form of organized or otherwise professional soldiers of the Host. In order for one to become a cossack, you must first be a Straznik. Only after years of service, piety, honor, or recognition by the Duke or Ataman can a Straznik become a Cossack. They act as the vanguard of the Host. A Cossack can be identified due to being branded with the Mark of St. Arpad upon being promoted from Straznik. Straznik - Стразник Straznik are streltsy that have sworn oaths in service to the Duke of Stran. The Straznik make up the backbone of the Host due to the majority of citizens of our former lands enlisting so that they could purchase property and gain further opportunities in society through service in the Host. Nowadays the Straznik retain their position as the core of the Host being the entry rank for those who enlist. THE KNIGHTS OF STRAN The bulwark of the Duke and House Ivanovich, the sacred order of veteran cossacks who took vows of unwavering loyalty and dedication to their lord. They are often also known as the Arpadovic, with time it has become a tradition amongst their ranks who come of common birth upon being knighted and to take on the surname of Arpadovic, to become a Son of St. Arpad. ENLISTMENT To join St. Arpad’s Host, those interested must find or send a bird to the Duke of Stran or the Ataman of the Host, only then can one make their case to join the host and begin on their journey to restoring what was once lost to time. The Host itself can be found dwelling in Krepost Yakov in the city of Andregrad, Stran. OOC: MC Name: Discord Tag: RP: Name: Age: Gender: Race: Reason for joining: Past experience (if any): (Or via adding wavelincoln or breadnugget7567 on discord!) SIGNED, His Grace, Ser Istvan Ivanovich, Duke of Stran, Voidvode of Vaška, Count of Pravets, Baron of Vsensk, and Godansk, Lord of Andregrad, Hetman of the Host of St. Arpad, Keeper of the Hussariya, Protector of Raev and the Vaškan Steppe Her Ladyship, Dame Anya Volkov, Baroness of Vorovda, Ataman of the Host of Saint Arpad, Black Knight of Stran
  6. Anya Volkov reads the invitation aloud, facing the fireplace and holding her son Aleksandr in her lap "Yam happy for them." Anya turns to her husband Ryba, after reading the invitation "Y think vy should come ams well. Will z Dobry to meet more people." With that, Anya folds the invitation and sets it aside for later.
  7. Good Evening gamers, (22:28 pm) I'm looking for individuals to play Anya Volkov's children. The family resides in the Duchy of Stran in Aaun and was recently elevated to nobility. If you're interested give me a dm on discord: breadnugget7567 (serious inquiries only please)
  8. Anya Volkov smiles while reading the invitation "Y KNEW IT!!!" Anya eagerly yells out in her room, having finally been satisfied in her pestering poor Viktor for years.
  9. "The more you argue, the better you win" - Sun Tzu
  10. BreadNugget7567


    Born from two elven parents, Arryn has been a social person in her life until the moment she started being bullied around the age 13, leading her to become quiet and reserved. Two years later, her parents had one last child, a daughter due to their curse of their race. Arryn cared for her and cherished her, making sure to give her sister a better childhood without bullies than she had through 17 years of her sister's life, being there for her until Arryn decided to travel, though damaging her heart for leaving her sister.
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