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  1. Aldrych receives another slap of the face with a missive flowing within the wind upon a trail that feels endless. He let out a soft and brief sigh as he glances down at the paper - at this point, the only reason he read the papers that flittered in the wind, was to ensure none of his love ones have met their demise -, before flashing a smile, “Go Agatha Go!” He exclaimed with a laugh, before deeming the paper worthy to be kept, he slipped it into his pocket before letting out a shrilling whistle. As the whistle sounded, his horse continued on the trail! In hope that he would reach the end.
  2. Aldyrch flashes a confused and concerned expression for his dear Olog friend. The Man on a journey that he will never return from. He lets out a shrillingly loud whistle from atop his steed, tossing the piece of paper back into the wind as his horse & himself gallop into the distance.
  3. A Fellow farmer watched his front porch for months upon months of time as he awaited the second chronicle. Before it had finally arrived upon his doorstep! He flung open his doors before he leaned down to pick up the chronicle, his black cloak dragging across the ground in the process, and his black hood draping over his head. He then picked it up into his grasp with a widened grin concealed beneath his hood, before scanning over it. THE SILENT SODBUSTER then nodded his head eagerly in delight with his faithful companion's work! Though he spoke naught a word . . .
  4. + 1 A Nice, fun, and overall enjoyable experience! Thank you Lango for the experience! - For those interested in it, I recommend trying to find the site, though it may be a little tricky for you to piece the hints together and find the location. But It'd be worth the effort! : )
  5. It has been really fun RPing with you over the past few months! I hope all goes well friend :)
  6. Aldrych opens up his front door to find the pamphlet lying upon his doorstep! He leaned down to pick up the pamphlet and quickly scanned over the titled, all it took for the Young Farmer to drop everything he was doing at that moment was the word 'Wheat'. He quickly scanned over it before grinning from ear to ear, before then beaming, "Exactly! I couldn't of have said it better myself!" He then set the pamphlet back upon the ground in exchange for his sickle, and he was back off into his local wheat field!
  7. A specific Snow Elf squinted at the small notice during one of his visit to Celian’or, taking time to scan over it. After finishing it, a smile overtook the still rather fairly young - for an elf that is - Zi’ren’s face. He then extended one of his pale hands, picking up the piece of charcoal below, using it to write, ”Zi” before setting the piece down for anyone else to use! He then rushed away with a joyful smile upon his pale complexion!
  8. Aldrych frowned as he sat besides the campfire upon received the horrible news, the young man hadn’t knew his sister well, but it certainly upset the young man. He pushed himself up from the fire, before heading into his home and setting his hands upon the piano keys once more, playing his sorrows away.
  9. A Trauma’s End Oh it was but another ordinary and beautiful day for the crippled Pyotr Ludovar! He kicked open his front door and with much effort, pushed himself out of his home and into the street! The Man smiled, a hopeful smile, that perhaps he could recover from his crippled state. Though he couldn’t rely on the possibility that he could recover, so instead he decided to attempt to do things he used to be able to, that now he could hardly do.. - Pyotr happened to notice a group of Haeseni fishing in a small pond near the Karosgrad Palace, with that same hopeful smile on his lips.. He went stair by stair up the Palace’s steps, which was near impossible for the wheelchair bound man, but he was surely determined. Upon reaching the summit of the stairs, he pushed over to the group around the pond. Pyotr eyed one of the various fishing rods being passed out to those who wished to fish.. Pyotr wheeled himself over and used what was left of his left arm to try to pick it up, though he couldn’t manage it. Instead, one of the Haeseni nearby helped the crippled man, setting the bottom of the fishing rod beneath his leg, before casting it out for him. Though only a frown curled up on Pyotr’s lips, then accepting that he could never be the man he once was. Though he sat there and watched the line, waiting for a tug! He was still determined to catch a fish! He sat and sat, and waited for that tug. An hour of time went by before the line received a tug. The Ludovar’s face alit at the tug of the rod... he then looked down at the rod and then to what was left of his arms, his left nub. Pyotr couldn’t let all this time he had waited to go waste, so he wrapped his nub around it and jerked his body backward as quick as he could! Which happened to cause his wheelchair to flip. Those around him hurried over in concern, and to their surprise.. Pyotr was delightfully chuckling at what had happened! For he did indeed manage to catch a fish! But at what cost did the man catch it? Was it worth flipping out of his chair? In his eyes it certainly was. Those around Pyotr then lifted him up from the ground and set him back up right in his wheelchair. He then exclaimed to them all, “Spasibo! Spasibo!” With that smile of hope on his face. Pyotr then abandoned his fishing rod and pushed himself away from all of his fellow Haeseni, and made his way to the Palace stairs. - Pyotr flew down the stairs! Instead of being filled with horror, Pyotr bellowed out a laugh as he went soaring down the stairs, that huge hopeful smile still there! He managed to make it down without injury, to his joy! - Pyotr sucked in a deep breath and moved over toward the aviary! Where he found a letter, meant for him! He pushed into his lap and used his nub to open it, the letter read,“Pyotr; I need to speak with you. Do send me a bird in reply - Wu.” Pyotr’s hopeful smile then faltered as he finished reading.. but he forced it back onto his lips! Deciding he didn’t want to be a Grumpy Old man that day! He then waved down a familiar Halfling with his nub, calling out, “Aye! Vy Lad! Do vy know how to vrite?” Minto, the halfling replied with something similar to, “Yeh'p! I can write 'n common and sign language!” Pyotr smiled that hopeful smile once more, before bellowing, “Dobry! Would vy please vrite something for eam?” Minto nodded his head, saying something similar to, “Sure! Whaddeuah want it to say?” Pyotr asked him to write, “Meet eam at Dowry Street, house number five..” Minto did such then, and sent the bird to Wu Kiramira on Pyotr’s behalf. Pyotr then said, “Spasibo Lad! Now Ea must get home and prepare!” Pyotr then began pushing himself home, picking up a sweat. He made it about eighteen feet before a man suddenly put his hand on his shoulder. Pyotr was rather shocked as his gaze shot upward, and there he was.. Wu Kiramira, the young man had a black handprint upon his face and somehow managed to get his limbs back that Pyotr had taken years ago. Pyotr smiled that same smile at him, and said, “Ah! Dobry! Now vy can push eam home!” Pyotr then sat up straight and pushed that note from earlier into his pocket with his nub. Wu looked at Pyotr as if he had gone mad, and asked, "You do know who I am?" Pyotr replied with, "Ea do but ea do niet feel like being a gumpy old man today.." Wu then nodded his head, understanding Pyotr's point and pushed him to his home. - The moment they entered Pyotr’s house, Wu raised his hand and delivered a slap right across Pyotr’s pale face, it left a faint red mark. “What happened to you old man!” Wu shouted at Pyotr regaurding his crippled state. Pyotr’s hopeful smile then faltered, “Vy go ask vyr papej what happened!” Pyotr scoffed then, a total change of mood. “. . . What? My father abandoned me long ago. I’ve moved past him now.” He muttered, clearly having no idea of what Pyotr referred to. Pyotr sighed, his gaze dropping and going dim and dark.. “He caught eam.. or… ea fell into his trap.- He’s a coward had to deceive eam!” Pyotr scoffed, his gaze looking up to Wu, “Vhat man deceives another man!” He threw his nub up, before explaining, “Knocked eam out.. and.. began his evil vorks.. removing mea limbs as ea did to vy,” His gaze fell from Wu, and went down to his singular foot, “Yam.. szam about that..” Wu did not take Pyotr’s apology lightly, and he then muttered, “..I could kill you for that, you know.” He then withdrew his blade, a cruel smile on his lips. “Who’s to stop me?” Pyotr sighed as he watched him withdraw the blade, then muttering, “Ea hold vy to a higher esteem than slaughtering a man in his home..- Ea fear niet mea death.. vy must.. Try harder than such..” Pyotr muttered out to him, looking the cold Wu in his eyes, letting out a hoarse cough. Wu then began to scream at Pyotr, “You. You ruined my life. It was your fault. You should be begging for mercy, not..” The young Lad began to shake, his grasp on the blade loosening. “It’s your fault.” He uttered out once more Pyotr lifted up his nub, wagging it at him. “Nie Nie Nie! Vy made that mistake vhen vy slaughtered the child..- Vhy ought ea to plead of vy? Yam a man vho sits in his misery… plagued with watching his friends all die or disappear.- Vy got the better end of it..” Wu then yelled, enraged by Pyotr’s words, “The skies turned GREY! He put the TAR INSIDE ME! I have it WORSE than YOU. You can’t even..” He stopped, and at that put the blade at Pyotr’s throat, “You think far too highly of me.” Pyotr began to chuckle with the blade at his throat, showing his lack of fear of his own demise “Kiramira.. must vy add onto vyr suffering? Vhy must vy add onto others suffering? Vhat do vy gain in leaving mea children vithout a papej?” Pyotr’s eyes closed, the weak and frail man just sitting there before speaking once more, “Vy gain niething… But vy only show to be a lover of pain..” He says opening his eyes, his nub then raising and slowly moving it toward Wu’s right hand, just resting it by his hand, in a father like manner. - And with such, Wu began to sob and dropped the blade to the floor, “You.. Need to stop talking, old man.” Pyotr then chuckled out, “Ah.. Just like Primrose.” recalling something that took place in Vienne years ago. Pyotr was a tad shocked he hadn’t thrusted the blade into his throat, then speaking, “Ea said it on that road.. And ea’ll say it again.. Yam szam vith vhat happened to vy… Though do know Lad.. Vy do niet have to be like that man vho regarded vy only as a pawn.. Nor like one who has to go through suffering.. Vy can change it all..” He concluded with, his eyes closingWu then protested such, saying he couldn’t do such due to a being who came into his life.. when the being came the animals and insects fled and the grass died, Pyotr then said, “Vy should have taken the animal's heed.. and fled..” Wu protested with something like, “He was on a steed! I stood no chance.. I’m not a good swordsman..” Pyotr looked at him and muttered, “Is that what you fear Kiramira? Death?” He chuckled at him, Wu replied with, “I do fear death.. But I fear him far more..” He then paused, “I was sent here to kill you..” Wu admitted as he sat on the ground, the blade still on the carpet.. Pyotr’s eyes widened a smudge as he learned of Wu’s true intentions, - Wu then muttered something along the lines of , “I fear him more.” Before picking up his blade and standing up. Pyotr’s eyes stayed wide before he screamed on the top of his lungs, “HELP EAM-“ Though no one heard his cry, or they simply chose to ignore it.. Wu panicked then as Pyotr called for help and thrusted the blade forward in an attempt to pierce Pyotr’s neck, “MAKE IT EASY FOR ME! PLEASE!” He begged of the man he was seeking to slaughter. Pyotr then lifted up his only leg right as he sent the thrust, causing Pyotr’s head to fall to the side due to lack of balance, and used that lifted leg to kick Wu in his knee, before shouting once more, “VY COVARD! TRYING TO KILL A MAN IN HIS OVN HOME!” Pyotr’s kick managed to connect, and Wu fell onto a knee; Though his left hand jutted forward, grabbing Pyotr by the neck, “Please.” Wu hissed as he sent his sword forward into Pyotr’s gut, which led to Pyotr letting out a scream of pain as his leg flailed, before screaming with the breath in his lungs! “COW- ARD!” He paused for another moment, before screaming for anyone to hear his possible final words, “TELL MEA KIN YAM SZA- am..” And that was that. Wu turned the blade inside of Pyotr’s abdomen before yanking it upward, creating a large gash in the man that led up to his neck. And in that moment, all Pyotr could do was flash that hopeful smile! And that was it for Pyotr Ludovar, he breathed his last with that same hope.. Wu then yanked the blade out of Pyotr, and spat on the dying man. “But no one came. No one would, for you.” Those words echoed through Pyotr’s mind as his heart began to stop, his mind set on those words. He wondered if Kiramira’s words were true, would no one truly come for him? Even if they heard his cries and pleads for help? Pyotr never got to determine an answer as his heart pumped a final time.. And it was over, Pyotr’s life filled with trauma.. Came to an end.. Pyotr's Body was found the very next saints day,
  10. Aldrych picked up the missive without reading it or anything, seeking to do such later on. He walked into his home and went straight to his piano, opening the missive and setting it over his sheet music. Though he did not read it just yet, and instead began to play and scan over it at the same time. Upon reading the title his playing came to a sudden & dramatic pause, “Huh!-“ He yelled before stopping and picking it up and reading over it quickly. A, “Oh..” then leaving him, “That.. was entirely unexpected..” He says with widened eyes, before then returning to his piano playing, a small smile upon the young man’s lips.
  11. Pyotr Ludovar let’s out a pained sigh, as another whom he looked up to, or another in general breathes their last. “Dravi friend.. Dravi..” He mutters under his breath before returning himself to sleep.
  12. Aldrych Gendik sat himself upon his couch out west, in a land he would have never imagined himself to be in a decade ago. He looked down at the letter his mother had left him, reading over it over, and over again, nor did he cry. After some time of reading the letter, he finally managed to set it down and he set out from his home, in search of the nearest piano. Pyotr frowned upon hearing the news, though not crying, for he had no tears left to cry as he sat upon his bed, preparing himself for his own death. The man expecting it to be soon, sooner than he would've liked.
  13. Aldrych was casually sipping his apple juice at the bar out west in Helious. When his mother came with the news regarding Kristain's death, causing him to spit his apple juice everywhere, a saddened frown curling upon his face.
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