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  1. MC Name: RedeemedAidan RP Name: Radu Persona ID: 85848
  2. Radu smiled as he read the missive, folding it and tucking it away into his bag.
  3. A RIPE HARVEST Baldwin within Valdev’s Gallows c. 1955 Baldwin awoke within the bushes just down the road of Valdev, a pen of animals not awfully far from him, before then immediately recalling the urge to slumber like no other that had overcome himself hours before. The Stassionite immediately began to free himself from the bush, his eyes rapidly blinking as he tried to force himself from his half-awaken daze, stumbling out of the bush before then rounding the corner of the animal pen, oblivious of those who awaited him.. “Halt in the name of King Aleksander!” - “Halt!” -“Hold it right there!” Men mounted upon steeds shouted, their Golden Hussar and Brotherhood of Saint Karl armor shimmering with the light that poured in between the leaves from the trees above. The men quickly charged their horses forth, gathering around him with blades drawn and shields raised, only providence could save the man now. The Knight’s hands quickly rose over his head, all possible ways of escape having been cut off, an “Oh my-” escaping his lips as his pallid blue hues eyed the blades at his waist, but it was a vein cause. “Good day!” The Knight said as his countenance raised toward a Ruthern man who had called out to him, “Prevja again,” to which Baldwin quickly remarked without a thump of his heart, “Greetings again good man,” Though it was clear the Ruthern’s comrades were not as keen to chit-chat, as they barked at him to drop his weapons, to which he obliged. Within mere moments of being stopped, Sir Baldwin found himself bound and hauled away to the gallows of Valdev. Baldwin sat there beside the blood stained gallows, his lips harshly pressed together and his gaze rose to the descending flakes of snow. Before the man could even take a moment to ponder, then came a voice from one of the Golden Hussars, Otto Ludovar, “As the Lord Speaker and Jovenaar of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, I sentence you to death by firing squad…” Baldwin then froze, his breathing coming to a halt and his mind beginning to race as his cruel and brutal fate was then revealed to him.“..You will be offered last rights-” Baldwin remained silent, yet a faint smile remained as he gave a solemn nod, his lips then cracking open to make a final request, “Might I make a final request?” - “What is it?”- “Allow me to write a final letter, might you? I may carry my blade in opposition, though might my final thoughts and thanksgivings be sent to those who are due them?” The bitter cold air then grew even more frigid as the Ludovar went to answer, “A soldier knows their fate when they step onto the battlefield.. Father, if you would.” Father Beaumont then stepped near to Baldwin as a voice cried, “BROTHERS! LINE UP!” followed by an, "AI!” A singular tear then formed in Baldwin’s eye as his countenance rose upward to the skies above, he then began to murmur, none hearing his words other than himself and the Father at his side. “This day, my blood shall join my brethren who went on before me.. May my life not be spent in vain, and let there be a ripe harvest..” The Priest then retrieved a vial of holy water, tracing the lorraine upon his chest. A Ruthern man's voice then carried upon the wind, “A bandit, rather.” This was then followed by further accusations, “He is a bandit!” Baldwin endured the slander, his eyes coming to a close, up until one uttered, “He came here to kill our women and children..” Baldwin’s features then distorted into disgust, as the Father began to grant him his rites, “Through this Holy anointing may the Creator in His love and mercy help you. May GOD who frees you from sin save you and raise you up in the Seven Skies. He patted the shoulder of the man, before speaking once again. “Do you have anything to confess?” Baldwin then softly muttered with what could only be described as grief, for these men knew him not for the man he was, though viewed him as but a bandit to be discarded, “I would never raise a blade against a woman nor a child... Father, this alone do I confess..” Baldwin then leaned forward to the Father, whispering something quietly to him, to which he responded, “Very well. Then may GOD bless you and may He make His face shine unto you, and be gracious to you. May He lift up His face unto you, and give to you peace.” The Father then quickly rushed away as the men retrieved their arrows, beginning to ready their bows.. Baldwin’s gaze once again rose to the skies above as he donned a smile upon his lips, six soft words escaping him as arrows began to soar through the frigid air, “Let there be… a ripe harvest.”
  4. Viktor Ratispora went to collect his blade, blood was to be shed.
  5. Sir Baldwin smiled as he looked upon the fields littered with corpses before then muttering to Jurkha, his brother in arms. "The Blood of Bretheren and Foe alike water the fields this day.. May the sacrifices of our brothers and the felling of our foes lead to a ripe harvest.. AVE STASSION, BLOOD FOR BRASCA!" @LordofCabbage
  6. "Justice for Brasca! Ave Stassion!" Baldwin cheered between his own cheery and heartfelt laughter.
  7. Sir Baldwin smiles as he reads over the missive. "May many wonderful things come forth from this.."
  8. Baldwin smiled as he looked upon the completed Marcevna, keeping his gaze from moving toward the moat below filled with the bodies of the unfortunate laborers...
  9. MC Name: RedeemedAidan RP Name: Sir Baldwin Persona ID: 85848
  10. Sir Baldwin the Wanderer scratched his head as he tried to piece together the events that had occurred during his absence, only one thing was certain for the knight. "Whatever has transpired is truly a shame.."
  11. Ser Viktor Ratispora smiled at the invitation before sniffling. ”It feels as if Istvan was but a young dzeckio only yesterday, now he jest getting married… how quickly time flies..” He murmured to himself.
  12. Sir Baldwin smiles at the missive. "Our days of wayfaring have come to an end.. A home we have at last!"
  13. A Long Awaited Union [!] A depiction of the soon to be newlyweds. To the citizens of Stran and Aaun, It is with great joy that we announce the upcoming union of Ser Viktor Ratispora and Miss Lina Wren. The ceremony shall take place in the afternoon of The Dark Cold in the Church of St. Theodosius. With that in mind, we invite you to join us in the witnessing and celebration of the couple's upcoming union! Special Invitation His Majesty, James Leopold, King of Aaun Her Majesty, Edith Klaire, Queen-Consort of Aaun Her Royal Highness, Adeline Johanna of Aaun His Grace, Jan Ivanovich, Duke of Stran, and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Waclaw Jazlovecki, Count of Warsovia, and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Isavella Jazovecki, Countess-Consort of Warsovia Her Excellency, Allessandra Amador His Lordship, Theoderic von Theonus Her Ladyship, Calla von Theonus His Lordship, Leutwin Barclay Ser Rassvet Senko Ser Miklós Korvacz and his esteemed pedigree Sir Peter von Stroheim Mister Paul Varoche Miss Holly Miss Eloise Veiel Miss Anya Volkov, and her esteemed pedigree Mister Pascal Petrov and his esteemed pedigree All citizens of the Duchy of Stran and other friends of the couple SIGNED, Ser Viktor Ratispora Knight of Bl. Istvan Miss, Lina Wren
  14. ZAKONY VAŠKOVA LAWS OF THE VAŠKAN STEPPE By decree of, THE DUCHY OF STRAN In the year of, 1930 “No man can escape justice, whether they find such in this life or the next.” - Magistrate, Ser Viktor Ratispora, c. 1928 PREFACE Let it be known that to maintain order amongst the good folk of Stran, the Duke has decreed a series of fundamental laws to act as his will throughout his realm and any holdings of His Dynasty. His Grace has sought fit to appoint a Magistrate to act as Chief Justice in his stead. Should any dwelling within or passing through the lands of Stran break any of the Duke’s Laws, they shall meet an unforgiving fate. LAW OF THE COMMON STRELTSY The common law of the people, encompassing basic laws and rights of all who dwell on the Vaškan Steppe. Those who are outsiders within the lands are likewise subject to all of the laws of the Strelt, and the punishments for breaking them. I. Any individual found committing a treasonous act against the Duke and the Duchy of Stran shall be put to death. A treasonous act includes but is not limited to; insurrection, aiding and abetting enemies of the Duchy, sabotaging city defenses, murder or attempted murder of the Duke of Stran, the Duke’s family, and the Council of Stran, and lastly espionage and conspiracy against the Duchy. II. It is prohibited for any individual traveling through or living within the Duchy of Stran to wear any head covering, masks, or other articles of clothing and armor to conceal their identity. III. No individual within the Duchy of Stran may practice magic of any kind. IV. An individual may not collude or befriend darkspawn, Azdrazi, undead, or anything of foul nature. V. Any individual found guilty of committing any petty or major theft alike will face harsh sentences no matter the severity, at the behest of the Duke of Stran. VI. The murder or attempted murder of any individual is strictly prohibited and is punishable by death. VII. Any individual that harms another or threatens to harm another outside of self-defense shall be found guilty of Assault. VIII. Any individual who preaches against or attempts to convert a member of the faith within our borders, shall subsequently be labeled a heretic, enemy of the state, and put to death. IX. The defacement of buildings and walls is prohibited, as well as the destruction of property. X. A Strelt is required by law to serve in the Host of Saint Arpad, if the need should arise. XI. At least one individual from each noble household within the Duchy of Stran must serve the state in some capacity.
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