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  1. I miss you

    1. Drock8989


      i miss you too my friend, i might write another appeal, but ive had a lot of stuff happening in my life for a wile :D

  2. can't wait for the next season, really left us on cliff hanger with the last one.

  3.          Dear @itdontmatta, could you please consider unbanning my buddy? He has learned his lesson from any mistakes he may have made. Remember how Jesus forgave all those who crucified him, yet you are preventing a humble LOTC player from enjoying the game due to words that were innocently used in a casual conversation with his friend. To provide context, our fellow @Drock8989 was talking with a friend and in the midst of their conversation, he quoted lines from the "Lamar Roasts Franklin - GTA 5" video¹, posted on YouTube. The point is that he did not use any "n-words," having censored those nouns in his phrases. The ban, in light of the informal nature of the situation and context, was unjust. It would be fair to say that there is some persecution happening against @Drock8989 by the STAFF. He is being accused of a crime he did not commit.

             @Drock8989 is loved by everyone and has great support within the community, precisely for being a kind-hearted person. He deserves to be treated with dignity. @Drock8989 does not deserve to be inhumanely discriminated against and removed by arbitrary and unfounded decisions. The LOTC community should be a democratic environment, and the democracy of the masses calls for the return of @Drock8989.


    Figure 1 – Protest in support of Drock's unbanning from LOTC.



          Source: Photographer Unknown. Protesters rallying in support of Drock's unbanning from LOTC. World: Somewhere, 2023.


    ¹ Refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY1iLJjPzbg.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MeteorDragon


      But Crevel! I promise he won't say slurs this time!!!!

    3. AnonymousAlexa


      @Crevel I think he's just being patriotic! 

    4. alexmagus


      I think Drock should be PERMABANNED for these actions. It seems extreme, but he must be made an EXAMPLE of! 

      Watch your BACK after this one, Mr. Drock.

  4. just one more appeal bro it'll work this time trust

  5. keep going drock you'll get your justice in time

  6. ill be back on the 14, wish me luck
  7. i have sent the appeal hopefully the hostilities will end soon
  8. well have you broken mods im i let in?
  9. have my comrads done it?
  10. so be it! my comrads i ask for your aid. make more forum posts, flood the dms of the mods, make your voices heard!
  11. @Exalted i will give you one chance to stop this, reply to me, get me back in, or the vary gates of hell will tremble at are footsteps
  12. im so glad you all came to this revolution, it will be a great one!
  13. you have been warned @excited
  14. you speak truly, i will send the armys of the craft on you and there will be not a atom left of your existence
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