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  1. U N I O N of D R U S C O The Union of the Duke and Duchess of Drusco PENNED BY PRINCESS CATHERINE, PRINCESS-CONSORT OF SAVOY To the subjects of Savoy, and all of Canondom, after a recent announcement of betrothal, another marriage blesses the southern realm of Savoy as Lady Joan of Alstion and Prince Louis Maximillian of Drusco finally are promised to wed as willed by the Royal prerogative. The Court of Aggrade formally invites those welcomed to the holy matrimony of the lines of Ashford and of John - once riddled by strife now United beneath a righteous banner. The ceremony shall be held within the illustrious basilica of San Luciano and followed by a feast within Il Palazzo Royale. If one wishes to take up arms against the guests Of the Principality of Savoy, they will be swiftly dealt with. All citizens are invited, save For those who are enemies Of the Principality of Savoy. Weapons and foul play will not be tolerated. Special Invitations are sent out to the following: House of Ashford de Savoie HRH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie@Lionbileti HRH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie @Spicii HH Prince Olivier Laurene, Duke of Junovas @Publius HH, Prince Leufroy Renault of Savoy @Vukarism HH, Princess Athenais Olivienne Marie of Savoy @Dasdi HH Princess Laurène Henriette, Countess of Susa @Alexi_ HH Princess Claude Elisabeth, Lady Pruvia @amyselia HH Princess Eugenie Cecile, Lady Baruch @sunflowerist And their Issue. ...And the Peerage of Savoy alike. HIH Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor @Nectorist HIH Anastasia, Holy Orenian Empress @Eryane HRM Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska @Xarkly HRM Emma, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska @livrose IN NOMINE DEI, His Highness, The Prince Louis Maximilien, Duke of Drusco Her Excellency, Lady Joan of Alstion, High Ministra of Aggrade Her Excellency, Guenda di Sarola, Mistress of the Robes CONFIRMED BY, His Serene Highness Olivier II, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano, Protector of the South Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess consort of Savoy, Duchess consort of Savoy, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa
  2. ON DETERMINATION (OR, AN ESSAY ON THE NATURAL HUMAN TREND TOWARDS A LIFE OF DETERMINATION, THE AGONY OF THE DISCOURAGED MIND, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF PERSISTENCE) BY EIRIK BARUCH, DUKE OF VALWYCK “With their hearts and souls held in their hands, Aodh’s tribe marched across the swamplands, across the rivers, and across the lakes. Until they arrived at the western shore, where the Garenic Sea met the Davic Sea, their waves crashing against one another in an eternal battle for dominance of the seas. Aodh and his people had persisted, despite being driven from their homes, their determination had carried them westward until they found a new one.” - Tale of Aodh, the Chronicles of the Ayrian People. There is a fundamental difference that shines when comparing Man to that of the other descendant races, and that is the Determination of Man. What do I mean by determination? I mean our will to see through the fulfillment of our ambitions without letting anything stand in the way of it. This is a trait that I find uniquely tied to the Man, for I believe that it is derived from our curse. Our determination, of course, is rooted in the fickleness of our very lives, we have the shortest lifespan of all races, and so it is only fitting that we have the strongest determination and will of all. We do not have the time that the orcs, dwarves, and elves do, we do not have as much time to see through our projects to fruition. We are inherently pushed to action by the lack of time that we have in the world. A Man who spends a hundred years on this earth doing nothing is hardly remembered, but a Man who spends twenty years to build the pillars of a prosperous Kingdom for their future generations, they will become legendary to their people. But our determination is more than just being the most industrious of races. It is not just a story of great Men who build Kingdoms and Empires from the ground to see if they can last the test of time. It is not just Kings and Emperors that have used their determination, but all manner of Men that have so. Terrence May was determined to see the world a better place, and used a fruitful career within politics to make it so. Dietrich van Jungingen saw a certain beauty in the world, one that he wrote down for all the world to see. The list of great Men who will be remembered in history to a lesser extent than Kings and Emperors is a remarkable and long list. Yet, to that list, there is something great to them. There are achievements tied in with their determination. But what of determination of the heart, what about those who have great determination within themselves, but have little to show for it? Those not remembered in history? What makes the young Lord who does not desire to rule, but uses his determination to become a great ruler, different from the son of a farmer, who used his determination to follow his dream of becoming a travelling pianist? It is not the strength of their determination, for for a peasant farmer to go and become a pianist does perhaps require more determination than for a young Lord who does not desire to rule to rule well. No, it is simply the scope of history, perhaps that undermines our determination? I know not. I’ve often thought that because history does not show these other stories of determination, that it perhaps discourages those from following their hearts and using their determination. I have witnessed it once, with my very own eyes, and I consider it to be quite tragic. Whatever the answer be to that question, the determination of the discouraged is still strong. I believe that it aches within their hearts. The discouraged Man feels great pain from their discouragement, for they have all this determination burning within themselves, their natural determination wishes to come out. Often the determined heart will defeat the discouraged mind, but sometimes the determined heart will fall victim to the discouraged mind. It has been seventy years since we lost Sigismund II, our soldier King that stood besides his people and his soldiers during the Scyfling War. His heart, truly, burnt with such grand determination, and even then, he was bested by the discouraged mind, and fell to suicide. We must never surrender ourselves to the discouraged mind. The Haeseni Ethos is persistence, and while it is claimed by the Haeseni, it is shared by all of man. Persistence is key to surviving the discouraged mind, persistence is a trait of our determination. It drives us not only to persist in the body, the adrenaline that keeps us alive at the face of beasts of the wild, but also to persist in the mind, the bright light that seeks to pull us out of the hole of depression. Go with determination, children of Horen. Let your determination carry you throughout life, and whatever ambition that it is you have for yourself, it will come true. Your determination shall teach you how to achieve, it shall teach you how to love, it shall teach you how to truly become the essence of Man. We are Man, we are Determination. AN INVITATION TO THE WEDDING OF PRINZENAS ANASTASYA ISABEL, HERZENAS VAN KARLSBURG AND EIRIK BARUCH, HERZEN VAN VALWYCK It shall soon be the year 400 E.S., the quatercentenary of the Revelation of the Exalted Prophet Sigismund Carrion, Holy Orenian Emperor, ancestor of Haense and our Bihar rulers. This year itself, does deserve great celebration and rejoice amongst all the people of Haense, but His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, and Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Karlsburg seek to bring even greater celebration to this ceremoniously grand year. At the end of 398 E.S., the engaged moved on to begin a grand tour of Almaris, travelling forth to many places distant from Haense, such as the Vale of Nevaehlen, Yong Ping, Myrine, and many other nations and communities that this vast continent is home to. But in the month of Tov and Yermey of 400 E.S., the two shall return home from their travels. Upon their immediate return to the Kingdom, we shall celebrate with the grandest and most holy celebration of all, their marital union shall commence within the Basilica of St. Henrik. After the wedding in the Basilica of St. Henrik, those in attendance shall be escorted to the Nikirala Prikaz, where a feast shall be held, followed by a ball, both in celebration of the bride and groom. Attendees may present gifts to the couple either during the feast or the ball, whatever be the most convenient for them. SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE, WITH LOVE AND BLESSINGS, EXTENDED TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska, and his royal pedigree. @Xarkly His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, and his noble pedigree. @biggestdon The Right Honourable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar, and his noble pedigree. @Frymark The Right Honourable, Vladik Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz, and his noble pedigree. @Endershadow292 The Honourable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt, and his noble pedigree. @Pureimp10 His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt, and his noble pedigree. @erictafoya His Lordship, Sigmar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg, and his noble pedigree. @AmazingAzura His Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald, and his noble pedigree. @Mio The people of the Vale of Nevaehlen. @WestCarolina Mister Jace Mareno @D A N N Y Miss Soris @WizardWhisper OOC: 21st of November, 4PM EST - 9PM GMT (or whenever Duma ends)
  3. Wedding and tournament is in the Varhelm Square in Norland. We hope to see you there!
  4. [!] The following invitation was passed to only close family, the very few family friends, and friends in general. L’UNIONE DI BASRID E FALCONE - THE UNION OF BASRID & FALCONE - [Christian Berentz (1658–1722) - L'orologio] THE WEDDING OF ISA NASIF BASRID & GRACIA VALENTINA FALCONE With great joy, Isa Basrid and his lady Gracia Falcone announce their approaching union, inviting but a small gathering of loved ones as they make the matrimony official in the eyes of GOD. Those invited will gather among the pews of St. Thomas’s Basilica in Redenford, awaiting the bride as she is accompanied by her father down the aisle. Once the holy union has been sanctified, guests will migrate to Susa, taking part in a reception to congratulate the newly wedded couple. With their own discretion, and under good judgement, invitees are allowed to bring with them whoever they please. 18th of Harren's Folly, 1845 [!] Once the couple drew the very last strokes on the stack of invitations, those missives were sent out to the following, Special Invitations to the Bride and Groom’s Immediate, and Extended Family La Famiglia Falcone, on Behalf of the Bride Father to the Bride, COSIMO ANTONY FALCONE ( @Goon) Mother to the Bride, NATALIA MARIE FALCONE ( @Criala) Loving Brother, Mister DANTE ALDO FALCONE ( @BenjiBot_) Just as Loving Brother, Mister CARMINE VITTORIO FALCONE ( @Pompilidae) Alluring and Bewitching Aunt, Madame Antony, Miss LUDOVICA FRANCESCA VIMMARK-ROUSSARD ( @Melpomenne) His Royal Highness, the Prince of Visconti, D’ARTANGNAN PALMER ( @CherryBoy) The Entire House of Basrid, on Behalf of the Groom Lady EIRENE MARIA ELISHEVA BASRID of Susa, Dobrov, and Ba’as ( @Melpomenne) Lady ALINA ISIDORA BASRID ( @VeganWalmart) Lady SAFIYA OMA BASRID ( @Cubicita) Additional Invitations from the Bride and Groom His Imperial Highness, the Duke of Adria, PRINCE PHILLIP AURELIAN & his pedigree ( @ErikAzog) His Funnyship, the Boogeyman, VLADISLAV ALEXANDER VIMMARK-ROUSSARD CARRION ( @Hephaestus) Lady VICTORIA KAPHRO ( @venclair) His Royal Highness, the Prince of Montelliano, SERGIO LENOID ( @RaindropsKeepFalling) Her Imperial Highness, the Holy Dame, HELENA AUGUSTA & her pedigree ( @Axelu)
  5. The Reede de Astrea Wedding 7th of Sun's Smile, SA 49 A commissioned wedding portrait of Esmond Reede and Aylin de Astrea Announcement It is with great honour, pleasure, (and relief of their family) that Lord Esmond Reede and Lady Aylin de Astrea are to join in joyous matrimony on the afternoon of the Sun’s Smile, the 49th year of the Second Age. The couple invite their honourable guests to witness their wedding ceremony by the white dogwood tree followed by a dinner banquet in the Elysian palace main hall. The evening’s festivities would begin with the newlywed’s opening dance that would carry out into the evening. The bride and groom are eternally grateful for any wedding gifts, but they are certainly not necessary. In fact, they would wish that any and all contributions instead go to humanitarian relief efforts for Elvenesse in their time of need. The soon-to-be wedded pair would wish to welcome all who are friends of Elysium to the joyous occasion, and will formally send out special invitations via courier. While the newlyweds would wish for their guests to wear what they wish, the wedding theme has botanical themes, (namely daisies,) coupled with the colours of sage and mauve. Lord Esmond Reede, Chancellor for Department of Culture Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs
  6. The Holy Union of A Fearsome Eagle “With the eagles farsight we reign victorious.” Cum Aquilis longe victores regnamus. ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯ ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ To our Dearest Family, Friends and those we Love, You are cordially invited to the wedding of: The Right Honourable, Duncan the ‘Fearsome’ And Ravn Vuiller The wedding will take place within the Providence Basilica, followed by a celebration within the Aquila Estate. We hope you can be part of this special day. ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯ ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ Special Invitations are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Philip II and his Protegee. His Holiness, Everard VI. His Imperial Highness the Heir Apparent, Philip Aurlian. Her Imperial Highness, Josephine Augusta. His Excellency the Archchancellor, Drasus DeNurem. His Excellency the Lord Treasurer, Henry Penton. Cardinal, Johan Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable Solicitor-General, Rev Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable General of the Imperial State Army, Erik var Ruthern. The Deputy-Director, Minuvas Melphetaus and his Protegee. Inspector General, Amie Halcourt-Ruthern and Captain Vladrick Var Ruthern. Father Stor Vuiller. Mink Vuiller Victor Vuiller James Vuiller Jonathan Vuiller Zirath R’Ikarth Grand Veneur of Stygian Hollow. Primrose and Arthur Gendik-Kommenos. Father Tarathiel Daeymar de Melphestaus. Lacazette and Elizabeth Antler. Sir Charles Galbraith Lieutenant Joseph Beckett Garret Darkwood and the Darkwood family Kin and his Protegee Holy Dame Helena Rochefort and her Protegee. ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯
  7. THE UNION OF JAZLOVIECKI AND BARCLAY The wedding of Borys Jazloviecki & Sophia Barclay Written on 2nd of Malin's Welcome 1840 ________________________________________________________________________ In the sight of GOD, the pair of Borys Jazloviecki and Sophia Barclay are to be wed within the coming days. It is with great joy that we invite all Savoy residents, families, and friends of the newlyweds' families to the wedding ceremony, which will take place in the Basilica of Blessed George of Leuvaarden in San Luciano. After the ceremony, all guests are invited to The Stallion's Stall Inn where the bride and groom will pay for all drinks and food. (OOC: Saturday, October 2nd, 6:00pm EST) W BOGU SIŁA, A MY Z BOGIEM Strength in God, and we with God ________________________________________________________________________ Special Invitations are sent out to the following: The families of The Bride and Groom: House Jazloviecki Holy Sir August Jazloviecki @Mykei Romilda Buckfort-Jazloviecki @Gopnik Is Poggers Jan Mieszko Jazloviecki @___South___ Oktawian Jazloviecki @scretch Fiodor Jazloviecki @Remaclus Jindrich Jazloviecki @PecenyRohlik Feliks Jazloviecki @Nn_Xavier_nN Zofia Jazloviecki @Sawona House of Barclay von Freimark TRH Catherine Barclay, Countess of Sarissa @Axelu Ernst Barclay @GoodGuyMatt Jurgen Barclay @argonian Volmar Barclay @rep2k Christoff Barclay @MCVDK Emmeline Barclay @tayladoh And their Issue. House of Barclay von Rienmar TRH Johann Barclay, Dual Count of Reinmar-Kretzen @Frymark Margot Barclay @MildStatic Erhard Barclay @rep2k Amadeus Barclay @Wolfey34 Ser Reinhardt Barclay KC @Capt_Chief26 Cedric Barclay @Tetho Clarisse Barclay @MildStatic Emil Barclay @Liokv Klaus Barclay @Fionn__TWG Adrianna Darkwood née Barclay @CopOwl Antonius Barclay @Javert Lorenz Barclay @Diaolos Edmund Barclay @Coolcod77 Natalya Barclay @MotherLay Adele Ludovar née Barclay @Weebmaster36 Mariya Barclay-Vyronov @EnderMaiashiro And their Issue. ________________________________________________________________________ House of Ashford de Savoie HSH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy @Lionbileti HSH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie, Princess of Savoy @Spicii HH, Louis Maximilien Ashford de Savoie @Proddy HH, Leufroy Renault Ashford de Savoie @Vukarism HH, Athenais Olivienne Marie Ashford de Savoie @Dasdi Laurene Henriette Ashford de Savoie @Alexi_ Claude Elisabeth Ashford de Savoie @amyselia Eugenie Cecile Ashford de Savoie @sunflowerist And their Issue. House of Barbanov HM, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska @Xarkly And their Issue. House de Joannes HSH, Leopold de Joannes, Prince of Sedan @Dogged HSH, Margaret Mariya, Princess-consort of Sedan @latte And their Issue. House of Alstreim TRH, Ulrich Lothar von Alstreim, Landgrave of Alstreim @LithiumSedai And their Issue. House of Ashford de Rouen HGE, Edmond Leonard, Baron of Blackwald @Emery Robert Guy Ashford de Rouen Adrian Tobias Ashford de Rouen And their Issue. House of Rivera TRH, Cesar II de Rivera, Baron of Rivera @Timer And their Issue. House of Alstion HE, William Corwin Alstion @Caranthir_ And their Issue. House of d’Anpalais Conzstanzo d’Anpalais @Cobbler And their Issue. House of Basrid HE, Darius Basrid @Monomakhos And their Issue. House of Rochefot Holy Dame Helena Rochefort @TheIchorDruid And their Issue. House of Rothesay HE, Peter Margaret Rothesay @DelaneyG And their Issue. House of Bishop Erwin Bishop @Lomiei Franz Bishop @ZebedeeDougalSKM August Bishop @Keegan7om Adelina Bishop @ohbother1 Helena Bishop @discojazz And their Issue. House de Brellad HE, Mattis Tomas de Brellad @Malaise And their Issue. House de Orsella HL, Selvia de Orsella @Kiiwi And their Issue. House of Mareno Cyrus Mareno @Mickaelhz Jace Mareno @D A N N Y Stavros Mareno And their Issue. House of Helane Aspasia Magdalena Helane @saintmary Caterina Louisa Helane @Autty And their Issue. House of Ashford de Bar Giuseppe Luigi Fabio Eugino Ashford de Bar Raymond Adhemar Ashford de Bar @Endovelicus And their Issue. Esheveurd Brigade Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt @Caelria Armsman Franz Wilheim @Borin And other soldiers of the Brigade ________________________________________________________________________ W imię Boże, Baron of Lvinsk, Hauptmann of Freimark, Patriarch of House Jazloviecki Fair Lady of House Barclay
  8. You are hereby invited to the wedding vow renewals of Tianrui Ren and Tianrui Delphina! [!] A portrait of Tianrui Ren and Tianrui Delphina. Parade The long-awaited and auspicious vow renewal will first begin with a parade as is traditional. The bride will be met at the Tianrui household, where she will be escorted into a palanquin and taken to the temple amidst great fanfare. Ceremony When the palanquin arrives at the temple, the bride will be escorted out and into the temple where a monk will begin the ceremony. Respect is offered to Heaven and the Land, Family and Ancestors, and then each other before a cup of wine is shared and the ceremony concludes. Catering and Performance With the conclusion of the wedding, the festivities will continue to the Tianrui teahouse where those will be invited to partake in a variety of food and drinks, alongside various entertainment organized for the prosperous event. Invitations were extended to all of Yong Ping, with a handful of distinguished invitations. Tianrui Lina Yehenara Jieru Tianrui Leo Tianrui Paraskevi Tianrui Ryuji Tianrui Kai Tianrui Mei Tianrui Rei Tianrui Meixing Tianrui Fumi Tianrui Chesi Tianrui Zhi Shan Tianrui San Tianrui Carla Tianrui Ji Tianrui Galilean Tianrui Suihe Retainer Maelstrom Watanabe Shiro Watanabe Akemi Watanabe Tsukiya Watanabe Goichi Chancellor Nanako Hirano Secretariat Chen Twilight Minister of Interior Chen Yunya Minister of Justice Chen Wenping Minister of Foreign Affairs Atsuki Waythe Minister of Rites Kamiyama Izanami Minister of Education Cirice And their respective families Emir of the Fakhr Emirate, Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan Nai'b al-Emir, Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan Elmirah and Sheikha, Esmae bint Saqr Al-Nabeel Sheikh of the Haybah, Mishal Bin Faris Al-Haybah Sheikh of the Hamad, Utayr Bin Amr Al-Hamad Sheikh of the Haddad, Thamer "Al-Ahmar" Al-Haddad And their respective families Monarch of Vortice, Queen Lenora Jusmia Doctor Sana Medii’la Silas Astasel Sylvain Sanguine And their respective families Lady Anna d’Arkent and her family Aerilith Oakenarrow and his family Li Xiuying and her family Wen Zi Shu Takai Eiji and his family Masamune Musashi and his family Signed, Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping
  9. A Union of Victory and Light As spring blossomed, and the heat of the desert sun strengthened, preparations were being made for a wedding in the Fakhr Oasis. The union of the Qa’id, Saalih bin Utayr al-Hamad, and Aila Osmonde Al-Hattan was a cause for great celebration. Invitations were sent out across Almaris, with a handful of distinguished invitations. High Keeper, Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric and the Edvardsson clan Hi Lordship, Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium, and his ducal family Lady Amethyst Vanari and House Vanari The Rangers of Elysium, with special invitations to The Outriders His Lordship, Joseph d'Azor, Heir to the County of Azor, and his noble pedigree His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska, and Her Royal Majesty, Annika Anastasia, and their royal pedigree The Honourable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar, and his noble pedigree Zhu Tianrui Ren, and the Tianrui family The ceremony will commence as the sun sets on The Grand Harvest of SA 41. The festivities would include a traditional Badawi wedding and reception, filled with feasting, dancing, and joyous celebration. OOC: The wedding will take place Saturday, 9/11/21 at 9 PM EST
  10. Union of a Goat and an Amador Artists depiction of the festivities in Louisville following the wedding You are warmly invited to attend the wedding of a Goat and an Amador on the 13th of the Tov and Yermy. The union of the two shall be held in the Chapel of Saint Otto in Louisville. The offering of gifts to the newly wedded couple is appreciated, though not compulsory. His Serene Highness, Leopold of Sedan, reveals to the public the holy union of himself and Margaret Amador. All persons depicted on the invite are also invited to attend a feast following the wedding. Food of all types will be presented in a dazzling array of color, texture, and most importantly: taste. Indulge yourself in the utterly delectable dishes, for the cornucopia of delight shall not cease in its splendor. After the feast has taken place, we invite all to watch the newlyweds as they take their first dance as a married couple. There will be time after that for everyone to dance, accompanied with music played by some of the finest musicians in the land. The Lord of Sedan has sought to invite: The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and all noble peerage The Viscounty of Sesweck and all peerage The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and all landed peerage The Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva and all noble peerage The Kingdom of Sutica and all noble peerage The Duchy of Corazon and all noble peerage The Archduchy of Hyspia and all peerage The Company of the Rustlers and all peerage The Barony of Blackwald and all peerage Special Invitations: John Hartcold and his pedigree Lukas Castile and his pedigree Cardinal Vladrick Ludovar Father Jeremy of Sedan Henry Bishop
  11. Drawn portraits of the Bride and Groom. Mister Erwin Bishop of Haense, and Adelina Verloren of Sutica, have saw fit to announce to the world the celebration of their eternal love. With this hopeful union, the future patriarch of the House of Bishop, marries his true love and takes a young, pious lady with many talents as his wife. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The festivities are to be held on 8/28/21 at 5:30pm Est at the Karosgrad Basilica. The special invite list is as follows: Bride Invitees: The Verloren Family The Decaden Family (@kls) Clan La Waevra & Associates (@ohbother1) Groom Invitees: Henry Bishop, Haruptmann of Reinmar (@RagnarAkaJavvy) Ulrich Lothar (Best man) (@LithiumSedai) Ser Karl Amador, Knight Paramount of Haense, Grand Maer of Karosgrad (@giambro) Dracomir Roikov (@__DeusVult__) The House of Barclay (@frymark) The House of Ludovar (@erictafoya) The House of Bishop (@RagnarAkaJavvy) The Brotherhood of Saint Karl (@biggestdon) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The afterparty is to be held on the ships surrounding the docks of Karosgrad. Invitations are open, but individuals are subject to denial of entry or forceful removal at the discretion of the Bride or Groom. The list of specific afterparty dis-invitees is as follows: Peralien Maeseval Any citizen of the Silver State of Haelun’or All members of the southern bandit group known as “The Rustlers”
  12. The Union of Amador and Baruch [i] Hawks swoop through the skies, carrying letters of invitation to their desired destinations. A painting of Lady Eleanora surrounded by her mother, sisters, and aunts as she prepares for the wedding. Viscount Isaak Amador and Lady Eleanora Baruch are pleased to announce the date for their upcoming nuptials to be held in Saint Henrik’s Basilica in Karosgrad. Guests are expected to dress formally for the service and following feast at the Nikirala Prikaz to celebrate the marriage. FORMAL INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree His Grace, Friedrich Barclay, Regent of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Robert Ludovar, Viscount of Sesweck and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Stefan II Vyronov, Baron of Astfield and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Highness, Franz Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree PERSONAL INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: Her Royal Highness, Petra Emma, Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska Her Imperial Highness, Charlotte Augusta, Princess of the Holy Orenian Empire His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and Her Grace, Marjorie Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck and their noble pedigree His Lordship, Karl Amador, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska and Her Ladyship, Margot Amador and their noble pedigree Gifts are appreciated but not required. SIGNED, The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Eleanora Helaine Baruch [i] Event to be held on August 29th, 2021 at 4 PM EST.
  13. 『 The Union of the Glorious Lion 』 As the radiant desert sun glistens over the Oasis waters, preparations are being made for a wondrous celebration. The union of the Na’ib al-Emir, Azzam bin Hakim Al-Hattan, and his fiancé, Majidah Vanwa is fast approaching, with much enthusiasm. All are invited to celebrate the union of the Azzam bin Hakim Al-Hattan, and Majidah Vanwa. The ceremony will take place on The Sun’s Smile of the year SA 35. The ceremony will commence after the sun has set. A traditional Badawi reception will take place after the ceremony, including a glorious feast, presentation of gifts, and continued celebration. There are whispers of the warriors performing a traditional Dabke to commemorate the celebration. [OOC: The wedding will take place Sunday, August 1, at 5:30 PM EST]
  14. ꧁ A UNION OF GOOD TIDINGS ꧂ In the uniting of Maude Fitzpeter and Antonius Vilac in Holy Matrimony AN Engagement has ravaged the lands, as two individuals - Maude Fitzpeter and Antonius Vilac - are to join in Holy Wedlock following the wedding processions of the Bride's dear sister's own wedding. Upon the next year shall to two be wed in the Holy Cathedral of Providence, as GOD wills it. It is here that we declare all citizens of the realm welcome to join and witness this ceremony after the conclusion of the third Social Season, as Prince Antonius Vilac of Vilachia and Lady Maude Fitzpeter cordially invite all family to survey their wedding ceremony. Following this ceremony, there shall be a reception hosted in the Augustine Gardens, a picnic to be held for the newly wed couple and for all denizens who are to be in attendance. We ask our guests to don their picnic-wear, which includes primarily hats and or shawls. [!] Let it be known that any persons to cause a disturbance during or after the ceremony shall be removed from the grounds in haste. CEREMONY: The ceremony shall be held in the confines of the Cathedral of Providence, with the flower girls being the de Savoie children and the Helvets sisters. Lady Philippa Fitzpeter shall also proceed in the ceremony alongside her sister, Maude Fitzpeter. The Ceremony will take place in the year 1829. RECEPTION: The reception will follow the wedding ceremony and will be held in the Gardens of the Augustine Palace. We will hold a picnic for all the attendees, so please don picnic attire. There shall also be a joust for those who wish to watch. The winner shall be awarded with a 200 mina prize and the title of "Spear of Vilachia" The Groom is not able to participate. Please sign up by sending a letter through Maude Fitzpeter. INVITATIONS ARE ENSUED TO THE FOLLOWING: His Imperial Majesty, John VIII, The Holy Orenian Emperor, and his Esteemed Pedigree @KosherZombie His Excellency, Simon Pruvia, Viscount of Pruvia-Provins, and his Esteemed Pedigree @MrChenn His Lordship, Oliver Renault de Savoie, and his Esteemed Pedigree @Lionbileti His Imperial Excellency, Sir Ledicort d'Azor, and his Esteemed Pedigree @Da_Emperors His Excellency, Sir Charles Galbraith @sergisala The Right Honorable, Ri'Haskir @Ryloth The Honorable, Thalon Nullivari, and his Esteemed Pedigree @_Sug The Honorable, Ser Oliver Helane 'The Lion' @Werew0lf Her Excellency, Lady Mary d'Arkent, Majordomo of the Palace, Mistress of Arts, and her Esteemed Pedigree @ncarr Her Excellency, Tatiana vas Ruthern, High Justicar of Haenseti-Ruska and her Esteemed Pedigree @Juli The Honorable, Holy Sir Edwin de Sarkozy, and his Esteemed Pedigree @Guzr The Bride's family respectively; House Fitzpeter @Dyl The Groom's family respectively; House Vilac Her most Magical Elegant Majesty, Queen Amelia and HIH Princess, Queen of Kid-Kingdom Rosehelm and Her denizens. @libbybelle The Right Honorable, Countess of Aldensburg, Lady Juliya Rose @gohliad ALL OTHER DENIZENS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND. OOC INFO:
  15. The Blissful Union of Joseph d’Azor and Philippa Fitzpeter Joseph d’Azor and Philippa Antoinette Fitzpeter sharing a dance at the Floral Ball c. 1827 Drawn by Eugénie Cécile ((Credits to @sunflowerist)) [!] Lord Joseph d’Azor during the closing masquerade paused within his steps of a dance, looking towards Philippa with a smile. He revealed a piece of information to the Lady, making her raise a query. Joseph d’Azor as most know, owns a renowned jewelry store within Providence. Joseph stood there with an almost sheepish expression, pulling out a ring, a dazzling one at that. A masterful piece of work the man poured his heart into. With this he asked a question, one that linked Joseph and Philippa into a union.“Will you do the honour of marrying me? [!] The Proposal at the Closing Masquerade, c. 1828 ((Credits to @Seva)) During the conclusion of the third social season, a union is being announced with delight. His Excellency, Secretary of War, Lord Joseph d’Azor and Lady Philippa Fitzpeter are officially inviting family, friends and citizens of Oren to join them in their union. The wedding will take place during the Sun’s smile of 1829. The union will take place within the Cathedral of Providence, where the marriage will be taking place before GOD. Those who are invited and wish to come may witness the union. Celebrations will be held at The Augustine Dining Hall after the ceremony. Those invited and all citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire are highly encouraged to come witness this wedding. The Ceremony: As any wedding would have, a ceremony will take place in the Cathedral of Providence. Where the couple will be married in witness before GOD. The couple will donn white clothing with their favourite colours blue and green scattered about their fabrics. The Reception: The reception will be taking place in The Augustine Dining Hall where various activities will be included. Firstly, throughout the season the couple has yet to have an uninterrupted dance. There will be a short portion of the reception dedicated to a couples dance for the duo. A grandeur feast is held in the reception, allowing for those who come to enjoy the delicacies offered. The married couple will serve a toast before the feast commences. During the reception, there will be a contest for the best-dressed. The contest will not have a line up as Joseph and Philippa will judge throughout the wondrous event. The winner of such will receive two-hundred and fifty mina. A list of special invitations would be sent to the following friends, families, and citizens of the Empire and abroad. His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, John VIII & his esteemed pedigree @KosherZombie HIH Phillip Augustus the Duke of Crestfall & his esteemed pedigree @BenevolentManacles HIH Philip Aurelian Count of Rentzfeld & his esteemed pedigree @ErikAzog HIH Princess Imperial Elisabeth & her esteemed pedigree @Ivoreyy HIH Princess Josephine Augusta & her esteemed pedigree @VIROS HIH Prince Peter Maximillian & his esteemed pedigree @Ark HIH Prince Joseph Leopold & his esteemed pedigree @Maur HIH Princess Amelia Margaret @libbybelle His Holiness, High Pontiff Tylos I @rep2k His Lordship Leopold Henry Fitzpeter & his esteemed pedigree @Dyl His Highness Prince Antonius Martius of Vilac & his esteemed pedigree @Milenkhov His Grace Peter Alexander D’Arkent & his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Thomas Andrew Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon & his esteemed pedigree @Fishy His Excellency, The Secretary of the Treasury, Sir Henry Penton & his esteemed pedigree @CharmingCavalier His Excellency, The Foreign Secretary, Simon Cassimir Pruvia & his esteemed pedigree @MrChenn His Excellency, The Director of the Secret Service, Sir Anthony Alexios Basrid & his esteemed pedigree @BobBox His Excellency, The Solicitor General, Charles Galbraith & his esteemed pedigree @sergisala TRH Erik var Ruthern, Count of Kositz & his esteemed Pedigree @Imperium TRH Anastasia O’Rourke, Countess of Halstaig & her esteemed Pedigree @Asutto TRH Iskander Basrid, Count of Susa & his esteemed pedigree @KBR TRH Alren DeNurem, Count of Mordskov & his esteemed pedigree @Mirtok TRH Sir Erik Othaman, Count of Valles & his esteemed Pedigree @grnappa TRH Alexandra Karenina Ipera, Countess of Dobrov & her esteemed pedigree @Eryane TRH Jan Otto Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz & his esteemed pedigree @Luminaire TRH Wilhelm Lucius D’Arkent, Baron of Carrington & his esteemed pedigree @MannyMannyManny TRH Sir William Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood & his esteemed Pedigree @DarkWrath94 TRH Jonah Stahl-Elendil, Baron of Stahl-Elendil & his esteemed pedigree @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth TRH Olivier Halcourt, Baron of Artois & his esteemed pedigree @Olivier Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith & his esteemed pedigree @Average 3rd Brigadier Sir Tobias de Sarkozy & his esteemed pedigree @Qizu Sir Otis de Rosius & his esteemed pedigree @0TI5 Lady Mary Casimira Othaman @ncarr Lord Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie & his esteemed pedigree @Lionbileti Beryl J. Carrington & Sons @BenjiBot_ Squire Karl Amador @giambro Additional Invitations are sent to... The Loyal Soldiers of the Imperial State Army The Loyal Men of the Ministry of Justice All Representatives of the House of Commons (A certain d’Amato would not receive an invite to his doorstep) All members of the Palace Courts All members of the Foreign Office All members of the directory of Civil Affairs Lady Elisabeth Leopoldine and her esteemed family @Tigergiri Okarir'sil of the Silver State, Okarir'nor of the Silver State, Laurir of the Viradiraar @SacredSource Jacker Gendik and his esteemed family@Ariyanqwq Arlo Cooper and his esteemed family @CunneR Alexander Antler and his esteemed family @kazoo Mata Leslie and his esteemed family @CanadaMatt All citizens of Oren and allies are encouraged to attend. His Excellency, The Secretary of War, Lord Joseph d’Azor Lady Philippa Antoinette FitzPeter {OOC} Date: Sunday, July 18th 6pm EST Where: Cathedral of Providence Reception: The Augustine Dining Hall
  16. [!] You find a letter in your mailbox! The paper is crinkly and thick, no doubt pressed by hand from reed fibers. There's a few specks of lavender spread about the paper. YER INVITED! ~A good omen from the heavens!~ T'is time for the first ever wedding of Knoxville (and hopefully not the last!). I, FIlibert Applefoot, will wed Delphi Wanderfoot, a lovely halfling lass who I love very much! There will be cake! There will be games and all sorts of fun! You best be there, or else you'll be missing out on a whole lot! Wedding Activities: ~Reciting Vows~ ~Shogging & Snowball Fight~ ~The ol' game of Spleef (A classic from way back 'n Brandybrook)~ ~A Final Farewell Feast, Full o' Fantastical Foods!~ Special Invitations: ~The Amador bigguns who live nearby~ ~The members of the Attenlund Development Society~ ~All Knoxville halflings~ ~All Bramlebury halflings who wish to travel up to Knoxville~ ~Other friendly bigguns, such as those related to Bella~ ~Any else who wish to attend and nay cause trouble~ Be t'ere or be a rotten pumpkin! -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff of Knoxville. ((Event will take place TOMORROW, the 12th of July, 2021, at 8 PM EST. For directions to Knoxville, use the below map: ))
  17. An Unexpected Union Between Draskovic-Kovachev and Halcourt ・‥…━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━…‥・ On the 20th of the Sun's Smile, 1828, all citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire are invited to witness the matrimonial joining of the Henry Joseph Draskovic-Kovachev and Louise Antoinette Halcourt in the Providence Cathedral. Following the ceremony, there will be a celebratory reception at Draskovic Hall outside of Providence. [!] A courier hand delivered formal invitations to the following: HIM Emperor John VIII - And his esteemed household. HIH Princess Elizabeth Anne - And her esteemed household. THR Baron Olivier Halcourt - And his esteemed household. (Immediate Family of the Bride). THR Baron Varon Draskovic - And his esteemed household. (Immediate Family of the Groom). HG Duke Peter d'Arkent - And his esteemed household. THR Baron Wilhelm d'Arkent - And his esteemed household. THR Count Erik Othaman - And his esteemed household. THR Count Iskander Basrid - And his esteemed household. ・‥…━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━…‥・ [OOC] Sunday, 11th of July 9 PM EST
  18. [!] Letters of fresh parchment sealed with the crest of House Vyronov would arrive across to each head of the noble houses in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by a messenger bearing a most noble uniform while fliers were tacked to the notice board in the square for all to see. A UNION BETWEEN VYRONOV & BARCLAY 370 of Vzmey and Hyff It is with great pleasure that the houses of Vyronov and Barclay officially announce a long anticipated union between her Ladyship Marie Barclay and his Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov, Baron of Astfield. The ceremony will take place in the Basilica of Saint Henrik conducted by KML Alfred Patriarch Jorenus. Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the Barony of Astfield, the future home of the newlyweds. Food and drink will be provided and the guests will be welcomed to join in merriment with music and dancing. We anticipate your arrival on the most joyous day! Special Invitations Listed Below His Royal Majesty, Heinrik of House Barbanov and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Friedrich of House Barclay and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, Ruslan of House Baruch Baruch and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Fiske of House Vanir and his esteemed pedigree The Most Honorable, Maric of House Ruthern and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, Kazimar of House Ludovar and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Aldrik of House Amador and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, Janb of House Kortrevich and his esteemed pedigree Laurir Tarathiel of house Asul'onn and her esteemed pedigree The Aevaris Household Imperial Practitioner-General Doctor Mayan Avern All Haeseni Subjects and Allies of the Iron Accord Signed, His Lordship, Stefan B. Vyronov Baron of Astfield Her Ladyship, Marie Barclay [[OOC: Friday April 30th @4:00 pm EST/ 9:00 pm GMT]]
  19. [!] An invitation is posted on the notice board in Elysium: ooc: The wedding of Corbin and Maduz will take place at the garden alter in Elysium. Monday, April 19th, 3:30 PM EST
  20. [!] A letter is sent out to the citizens of Haense and a select few from Oren. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Agnes de Frand and Mister Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff. Join us for a celebration of love and matrimony in Haense! Specific invitations are as follows, with letters attached to each of them. Albrecht Mondblume - "It is with great joy I invite you to attend our wedding, dear sir. You were a kind and hospitable soul when we first encountered you in Haense and have been kind enough to keep the secret of our impending wedding to yourself and those we allowed you to share it with. Today I am here to tell you may spread the news as far and as wide as you please for at last comes to the day we are to be wed." To the Lord and Lady Woldzmir - "I haven't much to say to you Aimee. I know your life has become increasingly busy and you may not find it in your heart to make time for me, but I hope you do. You can be as mad at me as you want, just remember you told me I was allowed to marry whoever I wanted to. Ostromir, I know you are terribly indifferent towards me, but I'd also like to see the two of you attend." To the lovely de Rosius family - "Valent, you are a good friend and I hope you can find a place in your schedule to attend. My dearest Claude, I know you knew this was coming, yet it still may come as a bit of a shock. I hope you will come and celebrate with us as you have celebrated many of the milestones of my lifetime. Otis, I hope you will join the both of them in coming to my wedding though we are not necessarily very close." To Arlo Cooper - "I know the two of us never seem to get along, but I do want you to attend my wedding since we've become closer over the last year or so. I know you may not approve of my choice of spouse, but I hope you'll attend anyways." To Ida Castille - "My dearest Ida, I am excited to finally announce the wedding and I pray that you attend. I know this letter may seem a bit impersonal, but I hope we can talk more in person since we live much closer now." To Gwynevere Amelia - "Hello Gwyn! I hope you receive this letter with haste. I understand the last letter I sent to you was a bit alarming, but I hope you find joy out of this one instead. Please attend the wedding, you know I'd be delighted to have you even though you are certainly not a fan of Emil." To the Dowager-Baroness of Carrington, Anna Henrietta - "I hope this letter finds you well, Anna. You and I have certainly never seen eye-to-eye but I wanted to extend an invitation personally. Maybe it's because you never though this would happen, or maybe it's because I know this will piss you off beyond belief to know that you're wrong AND that I'm marrying someone who is a so-called "traitor." To Adriana d'Arkent - "I know we haven't spoken in years, but I want you to attend. You were a very big supporter of mine throughout everything despite your sister's ill intent in the past and honestly, I miss you at the very least, contact me when you can." To Emerentia Kovachev - "I know this letter may catch you by surprise, since we've hardly spoken since the loss of your husband. Now to find out I'm marrying his cousin must be a bit alarming. I think we all knew that this would be happening, but it's one thing to see it on paper than to discuss it in passing when we were younger. Regardless, I hope you'll attend." To Caroline de Selm - "I understand you and I may not be very close, but I hope to see you attend nevertheless, Caroline. I don't have much to say since these letters are all very last minute, but I hope you'll at least write me back." To Maisie d'Arkent - "At first we certainly didn't get along and I'm not sure we do even now, but I'd like to have you attend with your sister and Caroline since you and I endured the social season together." ((To those of you who can't attend because it's last minute, that's alright I understand completely, but I hope you'll still write to me anyways. There is no date listed on the post because it's happening sometime today, probably. Just wanted to get the post out while I still could. Could be the next hour or two, no telling with the groom's schedule.))
  21. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  22. [!] Throughout the Atol Grove, the city of Amaethea, and to individuals across Almaris, foxes wearing golden circlets around their necks delivered letters on door steps before then scampering off into the wilderness. A single magnolia flower is attached to each letter. -=- Lari'onnan, Mal'onnan You are cordially invited to the wedding of Sonna Vuln’miruel and Zolvan Vuln’miruel. The wedding will take place in the Atol Grove, home to The Drudic Order, on the 10th of Sun’s Smile. It will be atop the Mother Tree, within its branches and leaves. After the ceremony, a reception will be held where the Mother Circle’s moots take place. Please come dressed for the occasion. This wedding is to be held on neutral ground so absolutely no political talk will be tolerated. It is a day for celebration, not treaties or bloodshed. I hope to see you all there! Sincerely, Sister Fox and Brother Amber =-= The invitees are as followed: All members of The Druidic Order, dedicants and family included Feanor Sylvaeri, High Prince of Elvenesse, and all citizens of Elvenesse Daerine Merachae’onn, and her family Caedric Edvardsson, Hand of the King of Norland, and his family Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, and her family Levian’Tol Grandaxe, Grand Steward of Urguan, his wife Yazmorra Blackroot, High Chief of Hefrumm, and their family Ayliana Maehr’tehral, Head Physician of Haelunor, and her family Maruthir Kriswynn, and his family (OOC: The wedding is Sunday, March 28th, at 5 PM EST)
  23. A UNION BENEATH THE LANTERNS [!] Spread all throughout Almaris, a red packet decorated and laced with golden embroideries was sent out to the whole city of Yong Ping and the citizens of its allies. Each packet’s contents included an invitation, written on rice paper in elegant Li-Wen calligraphy for those fluent in it, and common translation provided beneath it, detailing an event to take place in Yong Ping. For those who received special invitations, not only would they receive the flyer, but included along with it was a portrait of a couple, painted and drawn in the traditional Li-Ren style. [!] The following people would receive said special invitations: It is with the utmost excitement that Yong Ping invites you all- citizen, friend, and ally- to celebrate the first marriage within its borders, the union of Xiahong, eldest son of the Li family, and his beloved partner, Wu Zhelan. The procession and ceremony observed will be much like a festival in scale, following the customs native to Li-Guo itself: 親迎 / Qinying - The procession from the groom’s house to obtain his partner. The streets will be decorated in red and gold as they and the congregation advance on to the temple. 入府 / Rufu - Entering the gates of the temple, the couple will conceal their face with a silk fan, symbolizing modesty and goodness. 沃盥 / Woguan - The couple will wash their hands with flowing water, symbolizing the purity and sanctity of the wedding ceremony. 同牢 / Tonglao - Eating one piece of meat from the same vessel, symbolizing the bonding of the new couple. 合卺 / Hejin - Drinking from merged winecups, symbolizing the beginning of couple combining to become one. Following the ceremony at the temple, the congregation will join the newlyweds and their families to a large banquet at the teahouse, before they retire to their new residence. Signed by, Li Xiahong, Minister of Rites, and Wu Zhelan
  24. [!] A letter would arrive at your mailbox, with a letter inside. Written on the paper, in flowy, curly letters, would be the following: Finally, the partnering of Keldas Redcloud & Cynthia Snowfall will commence on Malin's Welcome, 1811 “To friends of both Keldas Redcloud and Cynthia Snowfall, we hereby invite you to attend our wedding ceremony. We would love to see all of you at the Turtle in Sutica, at Malin’s Welcome. Bring anything you want. Those invited are: -Citizens of Sutica -Anyone from Sutica’s vassal states. -All friends and family of both parties. If you indeed receive this letter, we would like to see you at the Turtle, Sutica’s palace, in the afternoon." ((OOC information: The wedding will take place on 3/18/21 7:30pm est. We expect you to behave. Map to the turtle below))
  25. A Celebration of Anbella: The Wedding of Officer Grudgebeard and Brynaelda Grandaxe Saturday 3/6, at 7:00pm EST. Ceremony held in the Temple of Kal'Darakaan [Urguan]. Party after in the Queen's Bounty [Urguan's Tavern]. Invitations would be sent to: The entirety of Urguan. The Duchy of Elysium & The Kingdom of Norland. The Nation of Krugmar. The Kingdom of Haense. Friends of Elvenesse. The Village of Bramblebury. Friends of the Druids' Grove. Friends of Kaz'Ulrah. Pizza Place of Oren [please bring pizza]. The Free State of Sutica. Hogarth Irongut's Ghost.
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