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Found 16 results

  1. [!] An invitation is posted on the notice board in Elysium: ooc: The wedding of Corbin and Maduz will take place at the garden alter in Elysium. Monday, April 19th, 3:30 PM EST
  2. [!] A letter is sent out to the citizens of Haense and a select few from Oren. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Agnes de Frand and Mister Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff. Join us for a celebration of love and matrimony in Haense! Specific invitations are as follows, with letters attached to each of them. Albrecht Mondblume - "It is with great joy I invite you to attend our wedding, dear sir. You were a kind and hospitable soul when we first encountered you in Haense and have been kind enough to keep the secret of our impending wed
  3. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  4. [!] Throughout the Atol Grove, the city of Amaethea, and to individuals across Almaris, foxes wearing golden circlets around their necks delivered letters on door steps before then scampering off into the wilderness. A single magnolia flower is attached to each letter. -=- Lari'onnan, Mal'onnan You are cordially invited to the wedding of Sonna Vuln’miruel and Zolvan Vuln’miruel. The wedding will take place in the Atol Grove, home to The Drudic Order, on the 10th of Sun’s Smile. It will be atop the Mother Tree, within its branches and leaves. After the
  5. A UNION BENEATH THE LANTERNS [!] Spread all throughout Almaris, a red packet decorated and laced with golden embroideries was sent out to the whole city of Yong Ping and the citizens of its allies. Each packet’s contents included an invitation, written on rice paper in elegant Li-Wen calligraphy for those fluent in it, and common translation provided beneath it, detailing an event to take place in Yong Ping. For those who received special invitations, not only would they receive the flyer, but included along with it was a portrait of a couple, painted and drawn in the traditional L
  6. [!] A letter would arrive at your mailbox, with a letter inside. Written on the paper, in flowy, curly letters, would be the following: Finally, the partnering of Keldas Redcloud & Cynthia Snowfall will commence on Malin's Welcome, 1811 “To friends of both Keldas Redcloud and Cynthia Snowfall, we hereby invite you to attend our wedding ceremony. We would love to see all of you at the Turtle in Sutica, at Malin’s Welcome. Bring anything you want. Those invited are: -Citizens of Sutica -Anyone from Sutica’s vassal
  7. A Celebration of Anbella: The Wedding of Officer Grudgebeard and Brynaelda Grandaxe Saturday 3/6, at 7:00pm EST. Ceremony held in the Temple of Kal'Darakaan [Urguan]. Party after in the Queen's Bounty [Urguan's Tavern]. Invitations would be sent to: The entirety of Urguan. The Duchy of Elysium & The Kingdom of Norland. The Nation of Krugmar. The Kingdom of Haense. Friends of Elvenesse. The Village of Bramblebury. Friends of the Druids' Grove. Friends of Kaz'Ulrah. Pizza P
  8. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I'd rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A letter addressed to both Jacker Gendik and the citizenry of Providence is nailed to the front of the tavern, with multiple copies nailed elsewhere about the area. Would it be that a swine refuses to roll in the dir
  9. ~ Where The Forest Reaches The Mountain ~ [!] An invitation would hang on the Notice Board of Urguan and Tree Trunks of Hefrumm. A detailed drawing of the Dwarven Mountainside covered by a forest. The first decade of Almaris has proven abundant for the prodigious mountain ranges and vast forests of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Hefrumm, the village of the forest dwarves, now being closer than ever to the capital city, Kal’Darakaan, has brought a great merge of culture between all of Yemekar’s children. A testament to the fruitful future of all Kazad’mar, Belka has now brou
  10. ☩ La Musica ☩ "I will love you recklessly, without words or empty phrases. I will love you with blazing truth and hopeless defiance and unapologetic beauty. I will love you forever and even still when forever runs away. In another life we will stand side by side, laughing that in some other life, We will never be apart." to the beguiling marriage ceremony of at The Province of Vaelya on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 4 PM EST ☩
  11. The Orvars of Hethnar, in the Northern reaches of Norland, invite those interested in celebrating a winter event - to bring the snow in to prepare for the coming cold. [An invitation, posted neatly upon a large piece of parchment paper, would be sent all throughout Almaris to any and all those interested in reading. The hand writing is neat, along with colourful drawings that surrounded the borders of the paper to signify it's importance.] ~ * ~ For those who wish to indulge in the culture of the Gorundyr to celebrate a bir
  12. A Wickdom Wedding. The Union between Petyr Henrik Wick & former Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Miss Nataliya Reza The wedding between the two shall take place in the Cathedral, in Providence. (Saturday the 11th of December at 6pm EST) (be wary that the date or hour may change due to the time of year) [!] Special Invitations have been sent to the following. The Wick Household Her Highness, Princess Alexandria Karina Barbanov His Highness, Prince Aleksandr Hieromar Barbanov Her Highness, Princess Juliy
  13. [!] A flyer is nailed to every door in Bloomerville and Fort Hope The WEDDING of GRETA GOODBARREL and KERRALINE ERAWICK After years of being girlfriends; of loving and caring for one another, of living together, and of facing the challenges of these dark times side by side; Greta Goodbarrel and Kerraline Erawick are most pleased to announce the binding of their love in marriage. All are invited to join us in Fort Hope on this most joyous occasion for an evening of music, dancing, food, and drink. Safe travels to all guests from abroad! [OOC: Fort Hope;
  14. [!] Everyone known to Theo and Bass receives a Invitation on their bunk beds, mail or however they are able to receive it. The wedding of Theo and Bass! Us wee halflings, have loved each other for a few years now, and we have been through so much together, we know that everyone else has been through a lot with all the attacks and everything else, we thought that we should forever bind our love in marriage and hopefully this special day will bring smiles and laughter to these dark times, because there will be much fun to be had, these include: -Swimming -
  15. [!] A piece of paper is nailed to the Brandybrook Noticeboard WEDDING! Come one, come all! The wedding of Greta Goodbarrel and Filibert Applefoot is to occur! There will be much fun to be had! All sorts of wondrous things will occur! It will be an experience unlike any other! Happenings: -Food and Drink in the Olive Garten! -Music! -The Wedding Itself, of Course! -Fireworks? -Pumpkin Carving! -A prepared speech! -Finally, a huge bonfire, with some snacks to roast upon it! Never been a better reason to show your fa
  16. [!] The invitation would be delivered by a courier to all friends and relatives of the O'Rourke's and De Motte's. OOC: Saturday, September 19th 5pm EST. The Church of St. Thomas, Kaedrin.
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