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  1. Treaty of Shovel & Wyvern With the cooperation of the leader of The March of the Barrowlands, Lord Uriel Pendraic and Bywater diplomat, Breasal Nimblefoot a treaty between the two settlements has been reached. The two settlements have agreed on the following terms: On Trade: Both settlements agree for trade to flourish between the two, where citizens of either settlement are able to sell their goods and set up shops or carts, on each other’s land. On Darkspawn: Both settlements agree to join arms against the Darkspawn menace, as such both will support each other in case of an attack, where both sides will fight such monsters in the crusade declared by Thain Cyris of Bywater. On Religion: Both settlements agree to recognise the legitimacy of each other’s religions, so that both can respect their respective faiths. In doing so, both sides hope that there may be no religious conflict between the two. As such, neither side will send missionaries or preachers to each other’s land as The March of the Barrowlands won’t try to bring citizens of Bywater into the Canonist faith, The Shire of Bywater won’t try to bring citizens of The March into the Knoxist, Spiritualist and Druidic faiths. In conclusion, both sides have agreed on this treaty so that the people and states may prosper, working together as friends. Glory to The March of the Barrowlands and glory to The Shire of Bywater. Signed, Uriel of House Pendraic, Chieftain of the Harren'hil, Lord of the March of the Barrowlands, Protector of the Adunians, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm Breasal Nimblefoot, Froggekemp of Frogtoppia, Spider’s Killer, Dwedfriend, Veteran Adventurer, And esteemed diplomat of Bywater
  2. *An invitation would be placed among various mailboxes* "Lo' my fellow friends, you have been formally invited to Breasal Nimblefoot's & Mimosa's Applefoot's wedding ceremony. These two Halflings found love between them, and we would like you to join us in this joyous bond of love. All residents of Bywater, Dwed and fellow Spiritualists are invited to the wedding. Feel free to bring your family & friends. The ceremony will be held in The Village of Bywater, in the following pumpkin days, we hope to see you there!" - Yours truly, Breasal Nimblefoot Froggekemp of Frogtoppia Special invitations have been sent to: King Georg I of Haense and his family High Chieftain of Hefrumm Garedyn the Green and his clan Grand King of Urguan Agnar Grandaxe and his clan Mr. Flour and his friends
  3. If you want some casual rp or interested in crp adventures, you should try out Halflings/Gnomes. The main difference between the two, other than some cultural differences, is that Gnomes don't have the Properness restrictions.
  4. Name: Breasal Nimblefoot, Froggekemp of Frogtoppia Race: Halfling Mayor Vote: Mimosa Applefoot (X) Xob Wobson ( ) Dolly Peregrin ( ) Sheriff Vote: Breasal Nimblefoot (X) Taylor Woodrun ( )
  5. For some reason I can't find you, try messaging me at Le Ψιτ#5419, you can also find me in the Halfling discord
  6. Update: We will have a headquarters/meeting hall in Bywater, where we can host our events there. Because this volunteer guild isn't going to be only helping people in need, I'm also planning to host events like free lessons and such.
  7. We may or may not have a headquarters in Bywater(Halfling settlement), if people decide to join in now, I'll try to get things sorted out and then we'll see to attract more players.
  8. Name: Breasal Nimblefoot Race: Halfling What are ye running for (Mayor or Sheriff?): Sheriff Anything you'd like to add: I will do anything in my power and beyond to keep our homeland and my kin safe
  9. Probably something like that
  10. The name is still not decided yet, so maybe we can think of something together (with starting members). For a lair I'm not so sure, probably if we grow big enough we'll see what we can get. On the topic of pvp, actively like joining wars, probably not. Passively like pvp training, yes if a player member is willing to teach. Since it's all about volunteer work, picking sides in a conflict is a bad move, so we'll try to be as neutral as possible.
  11. I think it's an interesting change, something that will definitely be unique to lotc
  12. Looking for at least 4 players to join my to-be-guild. The guild itself will be a volunteer force, where will basically do our best to help people and cultures, so if you just like doing good deeds and earn some reputation this is to your advantage. I'm looking for basically anything, fighters, mages, medics, craftsmen etc. One "downside" you could say is that members won't gain anything, hence why it's a volunteer guild. If you're interested simply reply to this topic with your discord here so I can contact you (with your permission of course).
  13. If you want some casual rp, message me at Le Ψιτ#5419
  14. (OOC: Event will be held today at 4pm EST in the Knoxist church, if I or KingOfHearths can't make it today we'll move it to another date. See you all there)
  15. Done, your commission is in your Discord dms (don't worry folks I know jumper ever since I joined lotc). Feel free to save your commission on HeroForge
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