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  1. *notes are placed on notice boards throughout Dunfarthing* "Hear ye hear ye, citizens of Dunfarthing and all its vassals, it has come to my attention that danger looms over us. Thus, I Breasal Nimblefoot, Sheriff of Dunwen declare a state of emergency and raise the Patrol for the safety of all Weefolk and the good people that reside within our realm. As our allies are at war with the Rexdom of Lurak, it is our right and duty to defend our borders. To the citizens who cannot defend themselves, I urge you to stay in your homes and avoid travelling anywhere in the South. To those who wish to defend their homes, family and loved ones, report to your local authorities or me for further inquiries about joining the Patrol. Lastly, to our allies, we shall aid your endeavor in non-violent ways. Keep fighting for what you hold dearest in your heart. May Lord Knox watch over and protect us." -signed Froggekemp of Frogtoppia, Sheriff, Elder and official Diplomat of Dunwen, Lovable Rogue, Spidahkiller, Musguard, Khazadnak, Veteran Adventurer, Knight of Knox, Shaman, Patrol Chief P.S. Don't start your wagons or they'll have to glue you back together
  2. what kind of roleplay are you looking for?
  3. Wyrtmark-Kabestan Calendar June 3rd-9th Monday 3rd - Vacant Tuesday 4th - Vacant Wednesday 5th - Vacant Thursday 6th - Pugilism practice (4pm EST) Friday 7th - Bushburning Festival (4pm EST) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/237727-the-bushburning-festival/ Saturday 8th - Vacant Sunday 9th - Vacant
  4. *notes would be spread around all of Aevos* The Bushburning Festival art: https://www.deviantart.com/dartgarry/art/Summer-Fire-333659671 "Hear ye hear ye honorable folks of Aevos, 'tis my pleasure to announce the oncoming Bushburning festival of us Kabbish folk. Our most strange yet fun festival where we sing, dance and eat to our hearts contents. Join us as we celebrate the merit of our everyday work and the value of community, just as God intended and preached by St. Juhana. Come and share your company as we share food & drink together, come witness the ending ceremony of the great battle between the two eternal enemies: The Bush-Defender and The Bush-Hater. We invite every good hearted folk to celebrate with us here, in Wyrtmark-Kabestan" (OOC: Friday 7th at 4pm EST in Wyrtmark-Kabestan near Halflings Dunwen)
  5. What kind of rp are you looking for?
  6. Χριστός ανέστη, αληθώς ο Κύριος. Happy Easter bro
  7. Breasal is definitely Rogue/Warlock, probably at 15/5lvl, but otherwise 1/4th Shaman and the rest is Rogue. Alder died early so lvl1 Ranger. Merwin is definitely a Druid, though he hasn't become one yet. Osbert is a plain Fighter with good animal handling skill.
  8. Dark Elves are tricky to say the least, there's no exact definition of them in fantasy. On lotc they have their own lore and history (something that I haven't checked out yet, guilty indeed), so I guess that would play a big role on their height
  9. Breasal Nimblefoot: alolan rattata (his pet mouse Laddie), politoad (Chief Bud leader of Frogtoppia), kanto ponyta (his pony mount Eoh), seismitoad (Laklul spirit of frogs), goldengo (Lady Luck spirit of luck), shiny cacturne (Lord Knox babyyyyy) Alder Whitewood [RIP]: quilava (his pet wolverine Fluffy), kanto rapidash, bisharp, escavalier, chesnaught, alolan decidueye Osbert: mudbray & mudsdale, kanto ponyta & rapidash, gogoat, spectrier (basically horses, donkeys and goats) Merwin the Fool: he'd be more like a pokemon ranger from the Ranger games, but his partner pokemon would be a whimsicott
  10. (Note: this is personal opinion) I think that the environment each subrace has originated from and still settle would have a great impact on height. Subraceless Elves would vary, depending on one's personal heritage. Wood Elves would definitely be the shortest, since living in dense forests & jungles requires less height and more mobility. High Elves I'm not really sure, I'm not familiar with their interpretation in lotc, but I guess living in wide open areas would help them grow their height. Dark Elves should be Dwarf-sized, since their environment is mostly caves, however I've never heard of them living underground so I guess they would be a bit like short Humans.
  11. Oh so Seers use psionics? And I was wondering if lotc had the psionic system
  12. Shamans are definitely warlocks, we literally make Pacts in order to use the magic; subclass depends on the Spirit and their domain Or you can go Pyromancy Sorcerer and change it to ice spells and damage
  13. The Pumpkin Lodge "As Lord Knox watches over us, we shall do so as well. We shall take care of kin, blood or not. And we shall work outwards and within as the Great Farmer intended" The Pumpkin Lodge was founded in 772 S.R. by Breasal Nimblefoot & Zabub'Lur, with the goal of reviving Spiritualism within the Halfling community. After years of research and work, the two Shamans were successful. Now the old traditions of Halfling Spiritualism are brought into new light, the Pumpkin Lodge will too bring itself into the light of the world. Goals The goals of the Pumpkin Lodge are simple, they are as followed: 1) To aid all Spiritualists & Weefolk alike in their time of need. 2) To preserve the Halfling traditions in life and book alike. 3) To help others with any turmoil that is within their being. Doctrine The Pumpkin Lodge's doctrine follows that of Halfling Spiritualism. That is to say, the way in which Halflings practice Spiritualism, though not contradictory with The Shaman Lodge's (the overseeing lodge of the Pumpkin one); Halfling Spiritualism has its twists, as it is meant to fit the Halfling way of life. With the future ahead of us, we are now looking for new students, those who wish to follow the journey of their soul. We are located in the Halfling village of Dunwen, we will be waiting as our hearth is open to anyone.
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