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  1. *invitations are scattered throughout settlements in all of Aevos* "Eya hrads, 'tis Ae, Merwin the Fool. You have been invited to the 1st Gnomish Potluck in Dunwen! Where we will share food, drinks and stories along with great company. 'Tis your opportunity to get to know the Gnomes of Dunwen. A great chance for all Gnomes to make their way and join our community. Be it Dunnfolk or Oblazeki, or even Hochens, everyone is welcome. So be sure to drop by, make sure you bring food to share with others. That is all for now, may the Thuvok and the Tsvetok bless you." - Merwin the Fool (OOC: event at 5pm EST on Saturday 10th in Dunwen, aka Halfling village)
  2. Name: Breasal Nimblefoot Race: Halfling Type(s) of Shaman: Farseer Teacher(s): Zabub'Lur
  3. OOC NAME: le_psit IRP NAME: Alder Jack Whitewood DISCORD: Le Ψιτ#5419
  4. *notes are pinned all around Dunwen* "Lo' my fellow Weefolk, after many incidents regarding monsters, darkspawn and raiders in these times I am in the position to announce the 1st self-defense lesson in Dunwen. As per agreement in The Grand Moot, this will serve as a helpful lesson for citizens to defend themselves from danger. In this, we will begin with basic footwork alongside basic blocking and handling of shovels, training equipment will be provided for this lesson. It'll take place in the center, just outside the town hole. I hope to see you all there, as this will also help those who wish to start their adventuring careers." - Sheriff Breasal Nimblefoot (OOC: tomorrow Saturday 3rd outside the town hole at 5pm EST)
  5. *notes are scattered throughout the Shirelands* To Kill a Beast [!] a drawing of the scene [!] "Lo' my fellow Weefolk and friends, it has come to my attention that a beast lurks within our lands. Jus a few days before, a body was found near the shore of our fields. After much research I concluded that it was no mere animal, but a beast! One that has been dubbed 'The Landshark Arkaknox'. It is my duty as Sheriff to take on this beast, but alas, together we stand as we have always done so. Any brave Weefolk or adventurer is welcomed to help in this endeavor. Join me, as we set off to slay this spawn of Arugula, curse her name!" (OOC: Tonight Thursday 25th at 5pm EST, meet up in the town center)
  6. *Breasal began to cry upon reading the letter he received* "Aye A do 'ave a family Gar. Thank ya, fer everythin'"
  7. ~* A poem to Garedyn the Green *~ Once upon a time, when legends where born Deep into the forests, a myth was forged Anbella's chosen, Nature serene A Dwarf, named Garedyn the Green Warrior by code, and Leader by heart Scholar in spirit, and in magical art No fiend could best him, the Dwarf so fair Axe in hand, his eyes would glare A Friend amongst Weefolk, King of Dwed Scourge of fiends, his fate would end He brought down the titan, the ground would quake Alas, for emeralds never break
  8. " I' cannae be..." Breasal said as he sat down onto a chair, such terrible news were too much for him "Garedyn my friend, ya who were the most 'onorable o' the Dwed, ya 'ave fallen into the e'ernal slumba'..." he'd then fill a cup of the best mead he had in his burrow "Tae ya Garedyn The Green, Kin' o' Dwed, Slaya' o' Evil.... tae ya ol' pal" he said as he poured the cup of mead outside his burrow "A 'ope ya're wa'c'in' o'er yar kin, we'll mee' again one day, fer noo res' yar weary soul" with that said, Breasal returned to his burrow and quickly grabbed pen and paper.
  9. *Breasal would be reading his newspaper in the morning as always "Ah righ', my favori'e newspapa'. Le's see wha's goin' on in Krugmar". As he read the newspaper his eyes would widen when it came to the Shaman lodge section; seeing a back profile of himself and his wife Mimosa. "A cannae believe i'..... A'M IN KAKTUZ WEEKLI!!! 'OLY SHI'E DEEEEAAAR!!!! GE' THE CAMERA WE'RE IN KAKTUZ WEEKLI!!!" he said in excitement*
  10. *notes are scattered around Dunwen* "Lo' there folks, 'tis I, Breasal Nimblefoot again. Now that we're all on the same page regarding trading, I'm organizing a trading trip to the eastern nations. We'll be going to Lurin, Vortice, Norland and Aaun for trade (the latter two hopefully friendly), in a few days. So join me as we head out to barter and trade our goods! P.S. If all we get are minas from this then make sure to donate them fer The Shire!" (OOC: Thursday 11th Jan 5pm EST, we meet outside the Town Hole and head out)
  11. (OOC: very cool, I love how Spiritualism can be shaped and integrated into different cultures. Really awesome how you put in the Egyptian pantheon, great work 👍)
  12. ~* Halfling Spiritualism *~ [1] Preface: Halfling Spiritualism differs in that Halflings don’t worship spirits the same way they do with Knox or Billy Bob. Instead, Halfling spirits are considered living forces of certain characteristics and aspects. For example, merrymaking is a positive aspect of everyday life, as such the spirit of merrymaking isn’t a certain person but the force of merrymaking itself. As such, one doesn’t necessarily pray to the spirit of merrymaking, but invokes it with feasts and festivals. Using even more simple terms, one doesn’t need to pray to the spirit of foxes, just by having a symbol of a fox is enough to invoke and respect it. History of Halfling Spiritualism: It is uncertain when exactly did Spiritualism begin to be practiced by Halflings, or who introduced it, though through oral tradition it was around the time of Dunshire. Looking at just a few written records, we know the names of the spirits and how they were invoked, using everyday words in that time; in simple terms the names of these spirits are what they represent. Since then it has been an accepted faith within Halfling society, with some individuals building dedicated shrines to certain spirits. In more recent years, new spirits and notable individuals have appeared, becoming new additions to the list. Traditions and Worship: [2] The way Halflings worship the spirits is the same as you would find in other Spiritualist societies, with shrines, offerings etc. The historical word for Spiritualism is ‘Gāstsiden’ and ‘gāstberend’ for shaman. When praying to a spirit it is imperative that devotees utter the word Lup, as it is the proper way to do so. Sermons and religious festivals are also held in order to appease them. The act of the will of the spirits is slightly different, instead of actively doing tasks i.e. going on a hunt in order to appease to the spirit of it, Halflings simply try to uphold what the spirits represent. Sacrifices vary from individual followers, most Halflings tend to use food, booze and pipeweed as offerings, with some offering mina as a way to get rid of them. One tradition that some Halflings do, in order to appease to specific spirits, is to decorate their homes or certain items with motifs of that spirit. Major Halfling deities: These are the gods Halflings may worship daily Billy Bob, The Great Farmer (note: this is how Halflings view Billy Bob) He is considered the creator of the world and of every descedant race [3.1] Lord Knox, The Pumpkin Lord Created by Billy Bob, he is the guardian of the Halfling race [3.2] Arugula, The Squid Monster Created by Billy Bob, she is the destroyer of the Halfling race [4] Halfling Animal Spirits: These are the animals that are culturally significant and invoking their spirits brings good fortune Fyxen the Fox The fox spirit is said to bless Halflings with cleverness and stealth Hara the Rabbit The rabbit spirit is said to bless Halflings with fertility and agility Frosc the Frog The frog spirit is patron and guardian of Frogtoppia, he blesses Halflings with wisdom and good health Apa the Ape The ape spirit is said to bless Halflings with dexterity and athleticism Yrchoun the Hedgehog The hedgehog spirit is said to bless Halflings with fortitude and protection Brocc the Badger The badger spirit is said to bless Halflings with strength and ferocity Halfling good spirits: These are the spirits that represent positive traits and aspects in everyday life Geþoftræden, Companionship A male Halfling whose manners are always friendly, he is present when friends have fun and help each other, or when a Halfling does the same with a stranger Friðu, Safety & Peace A female Halfling dressed as a Sheriff, she is present when Halflings de-escalate dangerous situations or form peaceful alliances Gefére, Community A female Halfling with good manners, she is present when Halflings work together and support each other Worian, Adventuring A male Halfling dressed in armor wielding a shovel riding a farm pig as mount, he is present when Halflings go onto adventures in familiar and unfamiliar places Drieman, Merrymaking A male Halfling carrying wooden mugs and a barrel full of mead, he is present when Halflings party Gerisene, Properness A female Halfling of humble demeanor, she is present when Halflings uphold their traditions properly Gecynd, Nature A female Halfling Shaman, she is nature itself and is present when Halflings plant new life and take care of their natural environment Bebaþian, Hygiene A male Halfling in formal clothing, he is present when Halflings clean and take care of themselves and their homes Drēmode & Pibmala, Music & Song Two Halflings, a male and female respectively, they are present when Halflings compose and perform music Halfling bad spirits: These are the spirits that represent negative traits and aspects in everyday life Bestelan, Thievery A male Halfling dressed in leather armor and cloak, he is present when Halflings steal from others for their individualist gain Ungerisene, Improperness A female Halfling dressed in biggun clothing, she is the twin sister of Gerisene and is present when Halflings act like bigguns Pugsē, Betrayal A male Halfling coverred in scars and bruise marks, he is present when Halflings betray each other and the community Etolnes, Gluttony A male Halfling who is obese, he is present when Halflings consume large amounts of food and drinks leaving nothing for their kin Urith, Weaponry A male Halfling clad in biggun armor riding a war pony, he carries a sword and is present when Halflings use biggun weapons for unnecessary violence Filþu, Filth A male Halfling with dirt and flies all over him, he is present when Halflings don’t take care of themselves or their homes Halfling ancestor spirits: Notable Halflings in history whom are still respected even today, though Halfling Druids are not part of the Ancestor Realm, they are still respected individuals Kip Took, Len & Gimblo (founders and elders of the 1st Halfling village of Dunwood) Petyr Brandybuck (introduced Druidism to Halflings and co-founded the Druidic Order) Andwise Peregrin I (founder of Willow Hollow) Elder Larry Shortoak & Mayor Berilac Weedsnatcher (cultural golden age leaders) Rollo Applefoot (greatest leader in history) Micah O’Connell (Thain after Rollo whose Thainship was marked with many festivals and parties) Archdruid Harold Applefoot (accomplished Druid who was murdered) Isalie Gardner (Thain of Brandybrook) Filibert Applefoot (co-founder of Bloomerville and Knoxville) Iris Peregrin (accomplished Mayor, Druid and Thain) Greta Goodbarrel (accomplished politician and advocate for democracy) Barbog’Yar (Goblin shaman who became an honorary Halfling and promoted learning and spiritualism) [1] (https://www.deviantart.com/martith), art by Martith in Deviantart [2] (https://www.deviantart.com/illahie/art/Mudpaw-8599486), art by Illahie in Deviantart [3.1] & [3.2] (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208632-a-story-of-creation/?tab=comments#comment-1886579), art by me [4] (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208653-a-story-of-destruction/?tab=comments#comment-1886747), art from the same post (OOC: This is cultural lore, it does not change, add or remove anything from existing Spiritualism lore. This post was brought to you by the Halfling Lore team: mystery man, jumperhand3, takemetothefae, knightoftheroses, somersett, teawithsunny, salamandermoss, riorr, hanrahan and me. Special thanks to jihnyny, cosmiverse and sewer rat for helping out)
  13. "May the Spirits guide yar soul an' res' in The Golden Whea'fields, Lord Knox bless ya an' Res' in Peace" Breasal said respectfully, hoping that the deceased Halfling will find their rightful place
  14. (OOC: The Moot will take place this Friday 5th, at 4pm EST)
  15. *notes would be placed to every house in The Shire and its vassals* "My dear Weefolk and vassals of The Shire, many events have occurred ever since the war between bigguns has started. Many are concerned with what will happen next or how to respond to such times, as we all wish to live in peace. As such, my first action as elected Sheriff is to call a general Moot, so that we may stand united and continue our peaceful lives. I call out to you, residents of The Shire, and to you noble vassals; come forth and express your concerns. We shall gather in the town hole, date and time pending. May the Lord Knox bless and protect us." - Breasal Nimblefoot, newly elected Sheriff of Dunwen
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