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  1. Well since I’m over 30 and I’m near death with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel I feel like I can speak to this. XD First off, hurtful. Look at the amazing movies made and great books written by people over 18. Shows and web series as well. Creativity and imagination are not something that can be forced. It is something that needs to be nurtured. As a youth the worries of life are usually minimized by others such as caregivers and family. The future is full of possibilities and opportunities. Once the reality of adulting hits your world views narrow and the amorphous possibilities of the future begin to harden into the daily grind of life as you learn to provide for yourself. I understand that I am speaking in generalities and some are forced through circumstances to start this process early. But it is what it is and everyone goes through this. what I have found is my creativity and imagination goes through cycles much like everything else in life. Think of it like the tide. Sometimes you are at high tide and the ideas are flowing. Your creative juices are generating fantastic rp and everyone is having fun playing with you. Other times the tide is out and you feel like a potato sitting there slowly growing sprouts waiting for someone to toss you in the compost. Your rp is stagnant and you wander the server looking for inspiration and find nothing. With all that being said there are some things you can do to help optimize your time and experience during the high tide and minimize your time during the low tide. It’s all about life balance. you need food, water, sleep, safety, shelter, financial security, emotional support, exercise, etc. if you are deficient in one area that is not to bad but if you are running low in multiple areas your mind becomes stressed and has trouble functioning thus decreasing your ability to be creative. So what’s your point you ask? Life is a cycle of ups and downs. It gets crazy then calm. Take care of yourself and those you love and don’t stress about your creativity. Sometimes you need a break but if you keep coming back to it you will find your creative spark. It may be different from when you were younger but that is not bad. Change is part of life.
  2. Flotsam looks at the missive laying out the trade agreement and non-aggression pact. “That is most welcome news.” He comments to himself.
  3. Mmmmmm News Delivery Services...

  4. Is your Missive too important to entrust to a bird? Sticking a sign in the dirt along a path just wont do for you? Have your city’s message boards filled up with clutter and you want your message to rise above the rabble? Then perhaps using a Courier to hand deliver your message or parcel is what you need. Almaris Courier Services is staffed with reliable and competent Couriers who will safely deliver whatever you need to whom ever you desire for a reasonable fee. What’s that? You do not know where they live? That is not a problem. Our prices are scaled based on how specific you are on the delivery location. If you know exactly where the home or location of the recipient is we have an inexpensive delivery fee. “But all I know is they are in Balian.” Again, we can help. Our prices are broken down into four categories based on geographical arias, from local to all of Almaris. Delivery address location levels and rates: L1: Exact location- Known City and Address of receiving party. {5 mina} L2: General Location- Known City of receiving party. {10 mina} L3: Vague Location- Known Nation of the receiving party. {15 mina} L4: Unknown Location- Receiving party must be found with no known location. {20 mina} Types of Deliveries for which Couriers would be ideal: Mail, Official notices, Wedding invitations, Court Summons, Parcels, equipment, Verbal messages (to avoid a paper trail), and more. Come to one of our offices and speak with the staff about how we can meet your delivery needs. At prescient we only have one office in Minitz but will be opening new ones across Almaris. If you encounter one of our Couriers abroad you may also employ them directly to transport your letter or parcel. How it works Bring in your mail/parcel to be delivered. Bring a note with the following information: Recipient’s name (ooc: character and ign if you have it), Sender’s name, Location level, Location information, short description of Item to be delivered (example: letter, Invitation, sword, potion, ect.). Example of delivery instructions: To Anton von Minitz (Danjah), from Sir Ritchy , L2, Neu Brandthof, Letter. You can hand the mail to our staff at one of our offices or you can speak with one of our Couriers directly wile they are out and about. Once delivered the Courier will get a signed receipt from the recipient and return it to the sender to verify the delivery. Employment opportunities:
  5. SURNAME: N/A FIRST NAME: Flotsam RESIDENCE ADDRESS: Matilda's Meadow #2 RUNNING FOR LORD MAYOR OR CITY ASSEMBLY: City Assembly YEAR OF BIRTH: Unknown, About 30 years old Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Commonwealth of the Petra: Yes ((MC NAME)): Danjahb
  6. Anton looks at the missive and nods in approval. “The kin of my lord will always be welcome in Minitz.” Folding the paper and pocketing it he comments “I must visit our new family and see if there is anything they need.”
  7. Flotsam is intrigued by those new cards. He is fond of collecting full sets of things.
  8. Would she consider becoming a courier? My character will be starting a courier business shortly. Wanderers welcome. Lots of travel and RP. It gives you a starting point for new conversations (good for introverts). Decent pay. If interested message me.
  9. Anton bowed his head, remembering the man who had welcomed him into the Miniz family when he had none of his own. “Fair well beloved Hertzog. I hope to see you in the Seven Skies.”
  10. This is not a Staff post. This post was inspired by @Xergarok and the post made regarding the staff poll about mina.
  11. Well said. I agree that a more thorough survey would be helpful.
  12. Anton nods as he reads the missive. “A fine craftsman, to be sure. I’m glad he found a place to settle and establish his business.”
  13. MC Name: Danjahb Discord: Anton / Danjahb29#2914 Image: Description of Image: blue Pygmy Flint Lizard. I want to put it in my shop. Dimensions: 1 tall, 2 wide.
  14. Ok so what if we just used gold as currency? 9 nuggets = 1 ingot, 9 ingots = 1 block. cheep stuff can be sold for nuggets. You can carry a block and break it down when you need something or a stack of nuggets and combine them to buy something big.
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