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  1. How do you handle being such a huge icon? It's really impressive
  2. Anxiously awaiting the day this gets accepted
  3. If this doesn't get accepted, I WILL cry. I love it so much. I need my little plant bird!
  4. Fiammetta's eye widen as she reads the announcement. "Finally," she says with a chuckle, going to mark the date on her calendar.
  5. Pepper looks down at the missive with a nod. "This is perfects," she says before rolling it up and heading off to put it up literally everywhere, glue in hand.
  6. Fleur___


    Fiammetta Allaire, Fia for short, was born into a very loving family in a small Highlander town from the Raevir culture. No siblings, no other family members, just Fia and her parents. This made them create a special bond. They weren't rich, nor poor. Her family was privileged compared to the average in her town. Fia's father was a well known blacksmith in their town, which gave him and his family a steady income. They always had food on their table, and then some more. Fia met a merchant that was passing through their town, who was also a baker. The moment she tasted one of his pastries, something awakened inside of her. She wanted to be able to make such things, so she started mixing up different ingredients in her home, most of which had horrible results, but that didn't stop her. Fia kept going, everyday learning from her mistakes. When she was 14, she was quite the experienced baker, making heavenly pastries and the best bread in town. She often sold her delicious creations at the town's plaza, earning some money all by herself. Not much later, something unexpected happened. Her father's shop was robbed, and he ended up injured in the process, dying a few days later. With him being the only mayor income for the family, money started to run out. Fia's mother took up sewing, with no previous experience. They had to sell her father's shop, and eventually moved to a smaller house. Fia had to replace her flour and eggs with needle and thread. Baking became a distant dream, her skills slowly degrading over time. Her mother was rough with her, but with good intentions. She didn't want them to end up in the streets. That was their life until Fia was 18, when her mother fell ill. After fighting it for 5 months, she passed away, leaving a letter for Fia. In it she apologized for the way she treated her and that she realized she could have done better. At the end of the letter, she encouraged Fia to take their savings and try to start over somewhere else. Fia did like her mother said, selling their house and taking the first ship out of her town. Oren was the destination she had in mind, but wherever she ended up, opportunities awaited her.
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