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  1. This would make more sense to put in the guide, which will have example emotes of everything.
  2. According to the Fae Ring lore: "Unnatural beings that are specifically stated to be against nature or a true imbalancing creation would depending on what it was, feel the presence and hear the angry voices of nature all around them. A massive disorienting effect." I would say Atronachs fall under "imbalancing creation", so they would be affected by the disorienting effects of Boomsong. Forgot to add them to the list of those affected, but they still apply under this redline: The angered voices don't have a mechanical effect as it is right now, so they are not actually affected any more than a normal descendant.
  3. @alexmagus Added some redlines and tweaked some text after seeing your notes. Any additional comments? (Red is new/tweaked text) Scaledust Whimsy
  4. Both are already stated as incompatible, as they would fall under "Deific feats."
  5. This amendment is made as an adjacent to the Vexes of the Vein lore post in order to clarify and clean up any potential compatibility conflictions with the intent to allow sprites to learn Vexing. Sprites in their current state seem to hold a very unique niche where it's supposed to be a whimsical and magical CA for both the player and those who interact with them, but has ended up being reduced to something which is draining to play and seen exclusively as either a nuisance or random, relatively unmemorable interaction for most of the people who interact with them. While heavily overdue for a proper rewrite that modernizes the CA to be far more fulfilling to for both the player and those who interact with the CA, this amendment is mainly to patch any lore incompatibilities with them being able to learn Vexing shall it be accepted. Altered Lore Altered Redlines
  6. Vexes of The Vein (Art by Patricia Pria) “Fairy mischief is just a part of life. Anyone with common sense accepts this and does their best to co-exist, with bribes of milk and shiny things.” - Ivelisse Housman Beyond the primal certainty of mortal nature is that of the faerie, the ethereal, enchanted wild from which entwines invisible roots amongst the countless realms of the cosmos. The faerie manifests itself in many ways, capricious as it is unchanging and as whimsical as it is malicious. In its natural form, it is the mischievous inspiration of the Fae. Vexes exist, whether possessed rangers of the weald or wyldwitches of the fair-folk, as channelers of this kindly power. While seemingly akin to those of druidic persuasion, Vexes are champions of unchained and otherworldly nature which easily throws off ancient beliefs of balance. While druids possess connections to the Eternal Forest itself to draw forth its environmental deific mana, Vexing requires Tayna in its immediate birth from the deific anima present only in the bodies of beings within the Fae Realm. Mortal Vexes must bind themselves to a Liege, a greater evolution of a mere Sycophant in order to generate this elusive and ephemeral state of the Aspect’s deific mana. On Tayna Tayna, also called Fae energy, is the term used for the deific mana which suffuses the realm of the Aspects and radiates from their direct creations and servants - the very same term utilized by the elder Elves when referring to “life” itself, and the energy of the living. While used by both Fae and druii alike, Tayna possesses faintly different properties depending on its various states. Inherent Tayna: Tayna that is born of the anima of lesser creations of the Aspects. This is the Tayna required by Vexing and the fuel of magicks used by faeries themselves. Tayna which has yet to leave the body of its originator is less potent but more capable of influencing differing souls, minds, and materials than its later counterparts. Inherent Tayna is produced by true fae, Epiphytes, and Transcendent druids. Environmental Tayna: As this inherent mana disperses from the body of its origin and cycles through the Fae Realm, it becomes more fine and fluid. While more potent, it is more attuned to those with the touch of the Aspects and as such generally only able to affect “natural” beings. This property can be seen in druidic infusions, enchantments only able to settle upon materials of nature. Environmental Tayna is also the only form capable of traversing realms, and as such is the mana which generates from soul trees, druidic connections, and Fae Rings. Crystal Tayna: As environmental Tayna flows into the mortal realm, it seeps into the earth and grows dormant in a manner comparable to mana forming redstone.The mana waits, slowly crystalizing and growing into the “living crystals'' known as Kuila. While unable to be repurposed as mana itself, it is capable of absorbing Tayna it comes in contact with. It forms in distant wild places, as well as rarely upon the bodies of Transcendent druids, Vexes, or ancient Fae. True Tayna: Tayna in its truest form is created only from the anima of the Aspects themselves or their greatest servants, such as the Mani or the various elusive greater fae of the Eternal Forest. True Tayna can be utilized for things which both environmental and inherent mana can be used for, though it will disperse into environmental mana as those of lesser faerie. This form of Aspectual mana rarely graces descendant kind, notably in the blessings of mani or the infusions that power the Aspect stones. Compatibility (Art by exellero) “The comforts of the mortal world are as sweet as honey and as sickening as venom. Abstain from their temptation lest you sully the image of the primal beauty.” - The Branch of Immortality Vexing is a [2] Slot Deific Magic drawn from either the patronage of a Fae Liege or some other connection to the Fae Realm itself. The magic may be taught by any with a valid TA, but has the following limitations: Vexing is compatible with Druidism, Seer, and all Misc Magics, being incompatible with all other Deific magics and all Dark and Voidal magics. Vexing is compatible with Cursed Children, Alchemic Feats, Vivification, and all Druidic and Misc feats. It is incompatible with all Voidal magic feats and all other Dark and Deific feats. Vexing can be used by all Descendants (Humans, Halflings, Hybrids, ect.), Sprites, Epiphytes, Klones, Kha, Hou’zi, and Musin. Other CAs are incapable of using the magic unless they explicitly state otherwise. Vexes must be bound to a Court to progress beyond Tier 3 in the magic, and have their abilities restricted to Tier 3 should they find themselves not bound to any Court later. A Vex may only apply for a TA after reaching Tier 5 in the magic and being taught all of its spells and rites, after which they may begin the process of connecting new Vexes. Connection (Art by F3LC4T) “Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” - William Butler Yeats Lieges Sycophants, sentient spore creatures of the fae that settle in mortals' bodies and minds - often consume their own kind in an attempt to advance to a greater form; to evolve. Few manage to achieve this on their own, amassing sufficient energy to transform into a Liege. Their powers of trickery and deception increase tenfold, now possessing the equivalent of a lesser soul. Like their lesser kin, they too crave a host to torment, but now they can offer something far greater in return. A mundane mortal depends on the binding of a Liege to their soul to produce the inherent Tayna needed for Vexing. Those already fae-touched need not invite a Liege to their being, as they possess enough inherent Tayna to learn and master Vexing without it, though they may still do so if they wish. Union Part symbolic, part magic, each Court of the Fae upon the mortal world has its own series of rites and rituals designed to wedge a soul from what is mortal so that it might be ready to bear the presence of a Liege in time. Without these rites, the Tayna they wield would not respond to their instincts and prove useless. The many rituals act akin to trials of other magics, testing the alignment of a prospective student’s nature to the needs of a Vex. They can manifest in a myriad of thematically appropriate forms, such as hunts of dangerous beasts, communal dances beneath the full moon, or completion of grand pranks. Upon completing these rituals, most Vexes are required to undergo a final rite in which a Liege is summoned and infused into their very being by going through the Union ritual. The to-be Vex is brought to a Vex Court or Fae Ring, where their teacher performs a freeform ritual of at least [5] emotes. The ritual itself varies from Court to Court: being submerged in water, sitting in a circle of lit incense, performing a blood oath, etc. After the ritual has concluded, the teacher may summon the Liege as a cloud of glowing spores. Should the Liege find the student compatible, it will phase into the student with a strange painful and writhing sensation, like roots burrowing through the student’s skin - effectively binding both entities together. After this connection process, the student will feel their body beginning to change as the Liege makes itself ‘at home’ - leaving them sluggish, tired and otherwise combatively incapable for an OOC day. The body of the Vex transmutes slowly due to the presence of the Liege. At Tier 1, all Vexes will find their blood has become like the ichor universal to all fae, a floral sap or other fluid of some variety. They will also notice that they’re able to withstand walking into a Fae Ring, tolerating but not understanding nature’s song. At Tier 3, a Vex will show minor traits of their magic, such as bestial eyes, hair made of leaves, horns of Kuila crystal, cloven legs, shimmering skin, or glittering breaths. Afterlife Should a Vex meet their final death while possessing a Liege, they will fall victim to a cruel fate akin to most who fall to the sway of the fair folk. The Liege, should no other fates place themselves up on the Vex, will consume a lion’s share of the ranger’s anima in reward for its assistance. This leaves the Vex transformed, bound to be reincarnated over and over as a lesser souled faerie within the Eternal Forest. This can be circumvented should the Vex have another fate waiting for them when they die - whether it is to forever become a Fae Plant as an Epiphyte, or retire to the Eternal Forest as a druid. Banes (Art by Jodie Miur) “The land already knows its destiny. I simply ask it to share the tale with me.” - Magic: The Gathering Not without consequence, the close influence of the fae needed to perform Vexing comes with various psychological and physical determinants not expressed by mundane mortals or even elder druii. These effects settle in as soon as the rituals upon the Vex have completed, only fading should they abandon the magic altogether. Azhl Vulnerability: The most notable of weaknesses for a Vex, being wounded by Azhl works akin to thanhium on them, preventing them from casting for the remainder of the conflict while slowly withering at their strength. Fae’s Disdain: The Vex finds themselves with a certain disdain for unnatural things, unable to use certain items or enchantments. This revolting feeling often extends to practitioners of Dark and Voidal magics the most, making any form of social relationship difficult. Tayna Dependance: The movements of the arm, and to a lesser extent the body, are heavily important to a Vex. They may not cast without one arm being open and not covered in armour greater than that of hardened leather. The Vex and their innate connection to nature requires freedom of the form in order to be closer to the fae energy around them, unbridled by the barrier of material - forcing them to limit their coverings even when not casting. Vexing Glamours (Art by Felipe Castro) “The hunter drew her dagger and found she grasped a flower. She reached for an arrow, but her quiver held only leaves.” - Magic: The Gathering In order for a Vex to call upon their Tayna, they must have it seep out from their skin through one of their lightly armoured arms. This acts as the connection emote, and need not be repeated should they retain their concentration. While connected, and for [1] emote after connection ends they will find their chosen arm unable to assist in any combative act beyond casting. How this appears to happen is up to the Vex so long as it does not affect combat, such as the formation of frost and symptoms of frostbite upon the limb, the limb becoming entangled in thistles, or its veins glowing green and becoming afflicted with alien hand syndrome. While casting a spell, aesthetic effects may extend beyond this limb to the rest of the body or the environment around the Vex, such as leaves turning autumnal colours, snow swirling with chilly winds around their body, or ethereal gossamer wings forming upon their back. Their connection can be ended at any time, though it will forcibly end should the Vex experience severe pain, dodge a short-range attack without the use of Whimsy, make a non-magical attack themselves, be shoved to the ground, or move beyond the limits of their spell, unless otherwise stated. Glimmer [Non Combative / Enchantment][Tier 1][1/2 Emotes] A Vex is capable of instinctually manipulating their Tayna in a wide variety of creative, if harmless ways to aid in their endeavours. A Vex can spend [1] emote (Connect & Cast) while not in combat to perform minor aesthetic effects upon their environment, such as having bramble clear out of their path, parts of herbs harvest themselves, moss appear upon a surface, or brisk winds shroud the caster. Additionally, the Vex may spend [2] emotes (Connect, Cast) to charge this mana and place it upon an object like an enchantment while not in combat. This alters the perception of the item, causing it to obtain natural or fae aesthetics, such as appearing made entirely of roiling sap, being entwined in flowering vines, or releasing clouds of glitter and a pleasant tune. This spell may be used a number of times this way per OOC day equal to the casting Tier of the Vex. Visitation [Non Combative][Tier 1][Passive] Much like Sycophants, Lieges use the mind and senses of a Vex to their own personal amusement. While not in combat, the Liege is capable of altering any sensory information the Vex receives. This can be something as harmless as shuffling colours around to as cruel as making loved ones look unrecognisable. The Liege will also use this ability to seemingly ‘manifest’ in the vision of the Vex in their own preferred form in order to communicate with them. While within a Court, Vexes of the same Court are able to witness the manifestations of each other's Lieges to a minor extent, the faeries able to appear and talk to others but unable to further alter the senses of those outside their own host. Wyldburst [Combative][Tier 2][3/4 Emotes] The only directly harmful spell available to a practitioner of faerie magic, a Vex is capable of forming Tayna into a deadly projectile - whether it be a ray of silvery moonlight, or a bolt of swirling snow. A Vex may spend [3] emotes (Connect, Charge, Cast) before releasing it in a ray or baseball-sized projectile towards a target within [30] blocks with the speed of a crossbow bolt. This ray bears properties akin to any mundane projectile, save for the fact it delivers none of the piercing force of the strike. Armour may be dented, skin bruised, and bones beneath fractured or broken akin to an crossbow strike, but the flesh nor organs will be gouged in any way. Upon reaching Tier 5, the Vex may add an additional charge emote to either increase the strength of the projectile from a crossbow bolt to an arbalest or increase the knockback of the impact. The latter will cause a target of peak human strength to be launched back up to [4] blocks and peak orcs up to [3] blocks. Things like Ologs will not be pushed back at all, but a well-aimed shot to their legs will effectively disrupt their balance and knock them to the ground on the spot. This spell may be used a number of times per encounter equal to the individual’s Tier in Vexing, regardless of which version of it is cast. Scaledust [Non Combative / Combative][Tier 2][2 Emotes] Iconic to mischievous pixies, wyldwitches are capable of imbuing deific mana into something in order to rapidly reduce its size. The Vex may scatter their Tayna over an object or person over the course of [2] emotes (Connect, Cast) while not in combat to reduce their size and weight by up to ten times. This remains so for a narrative day should it be placed on a person or object not held by the Vex. This spell may be used a number of times per OOC day equal to the Vex’s Tier. Should a person enter combat in this shrunken state, they will immediately return to normal size in their mechanical location. Handheld objects can similarly be returned to their normal size and weight by spending [1] emote, acting as a flavorful way of drawing a weapon. Whisk [Combative][Tier 3][3 Emotes] Similar to that of a darting Sprite or faerie, a Vex may channel a similar burst of stamina and speed akin to their smaller fae counterparts by manipulating the Tayna around them to aid them in their movement. Over the course of [3] emotes (Connect, Charge, Cast), the caster may loosely summon and control their Tayna to direct it around their own body - displayed in a magical swoosh like a sudden swirl of snow taking over their legs, or a gust of spring petals dancing around themselves. This ‘wind’ heightens their senses, allowing them to perceive changes at a quicker rate - but not beyond descendent limitations. This also allows them to briefly move beyond what they could normally - allowing them to move up to [10] blocks if sprinting without any actions, and [6] blocks if performing an action, while in combat. This effect lasts for [4] emotes, or until the Vex is bound or injured. This may be used once per encounter in combat, and an additional time for each Tier above 3, at a max of 3 times per combative encounter. Whimsy [Non Combative / Combative][Tier 3][2 Emotes] Pulling from the capricious mischief of the fae, a Vex may shroud objects in Tayna on the fly to interrupt physical actions in comedic or cruel ways. Whimsy may be used as [2] emote (Connect, Cast) any number of times out of combat to perform a harmless prank, such as causing a slippery puddle to appear beneath someone’s feet or someone’s keys to appear as a cluster of flowers. These effects must be within shout range of the Vex, and will shimmer with their aura color or casting aesthetic. In combat, the Vex may send a stronger burst of Tayna to stop or redirect mundane attacks from individuals within [20] blocks of them by spending [2] emotes (Connect, Cast.) It does not put the target in a vulnerable position nor interrupt any non-attack related action, simply allowing the Vex to escape unharmed. This can manifest in any natural manner, such as a sword suddenly feeling heavier than normal, arrows turning to flowers as they're pushed off course, or the Vex appearing somewhat displaced as to throw off the aim of a potion. This may be used once per encounter in combat, and an additional time for each Tier above 3, at a max of 3 times per combative encounter. Enthral [Non Combative][Tier 3][2/3 Emotes] To invoke the majesty of the fae, a Vex may shroud themselves in their Tayna to cause alterations in their form or the sounds of their voice as a [2] emote spell (Connect, Cast,) which can continue indefinitely. This can be used to make them appear more beautiful, animalistic, float partially off the ground, and/or make their voice sound melodic/beastial/etc. This effect is obviously magical to all who witness it. By spending [1] additional emote channelling, a Tier 4 Vex may extend this effect out further into their surroundings than possible with Glimmer, making them appear more vibrant, more wild, or have their details muddied like a bright light. They may affect the area within [20] metres of themselves to an extent, and may hide the Vex themselves within the environment. There will always be some indication the Vex is there (plants moving, sounds of footsteps, etc.) After casting, this enhanced effect may be maintained for up to [10] emotes total throughout the day, which can be spread across multiple castings if desired. Entourage [Non Combative][Tier 4][3 Emotes] Kindly lords to their very own foothold upon the mundane, experienced rangers are capable of calling denizens of their Court forth to assist in mischief, manipulations, or purely for the glorification of particularly vain Vexes. While bound to a Court, a Vex may call forth up to five minor fae from that space any number of times by spending [3] emotes (Connect, Charge, Cast.) These fae are harmless, only carrying out tasks or pranks for the Vex for 1 narrative day or [2] OOC hours before vanishing once again. They must remain within [20] blocks of the Vex at all times, vanishing should they leave or if combat begins. Boomsong [Combative][Tier 4][3/4 Emotes] In a whimsical reflection of the grand gift of druidism, a Vex is capable of allowing anyone but themselves the experience of the song of nature in its brief yet incapacitating moment. By channelling Tayna towards a being within [20] meters, the Vex may cause them to be struck by a flash of the unintelligible cacophony of whispers, hums and melodies that encapsulated all of nature’s voices. This takes [3] emotes (Connect, Charge, Cast) to cast and can be cast twice per encounter. Should something be struck they will not be wounded, but instead become disoriented for [1] emote and have any casting or focus intensive activity they are performing interrupted. Upon reaching Tier 5, a Vex may use Boomsong to disorient their target for [2] emotes instead. They may also add an additional charge emote to allow the spell to ‘boom’ outwards in a 5x5x5 radius around the targeted individual. The target will be disoriented for [2] emotes, while those within the rest of the radius will be disoriented for [1] emote. This enhanced version of Boomsong can be cast once per encounter, using up both charges of the base spell. Trickery [Combative][Tier 5][3 Emotes] Ever bringers of confusion, a masterful Vex is capable of disrupting those that too heavily rely upon lesser minded minions. A Vex may spend [3] emotes (Connect, Charge, Cast) to extend their magic out to shroud around a single summoned or otherwise lesser companion creature to disorient, or ‘trick’ them, causing its directions to be heard in a constantly changing manner. This causes the creature to remain stationary, only acting to defend itself from attacks for [6] emotes or until the Vex is disrupted. When cast upon dependent companions or summons, this has the side effect of allowing the creature’s master to temporarily relieve themselves of the restrictions of controlling it (such as allowing a conjurationist to cast other spells without losing the summon.) When the Vex’s spell ends or is disrupted, the controller of the summon has a [2] emote window to establish control of the companion before it vanishes or flees combat. Hengecraft [Non Combative / Enchantment][Tier 5][5 Emotes] A point of convergent potential between Vexes and druids, Vexes are capable of infusing their inherent Tayna into large standing objects to bolster natural life in its range. Hengecraft requires [5] emotes (Connect, Charge, Charge, Charge, Cast) to cast, infusing a standing object with magic. While infused, this object will cause plantlife to surge in its immediate [20] block radius area, becoming intensely overgrown with plant and wildlife akin to a bountiful swamp or rainforest. Should they be made within the same tile as a Court, they may also impart the aesthetics (though none of the benefits) of that Court upon the area. Due to the sudden abundance of magic within the object, the Tayna will warp and change the object to take on fae-like qualities similar to Glimmer’s effects. Druids with knowledge of Infusion can aid in the performance of the spell to tailor the radiating Tayna further should they wish, effects changing depending on the chosen infusion: Singing [Communion]: Sentient beings can perceive a subtle, non-invasive variant of nature’s song within the range of the object. This provides no information, simply sounding like a pleasant harmony. Fertilising [Blight Healing]: The area around the infused object becomes suitable to plants of all environments, such as a patch of desert suddenly hosting wintry pine trees. Sproutling [Herblore]: Harmless sproutlings born from the plants will infest the radius, working tirelessly to attend to the needs of the flora they can reach. Faerie Fire [Transcendance]: The least apparent of these modifications, transcendent infusion causes basic fire within the range to become harmless and colorful, protecting the area from fires not spawned from alchemy or magic. Seamshift [Non Combative][Tier 5][1 Emotes] A master manipulator of Tayna may use their deep knowledge of the flow of nature and energy to coalesce in a temporary split between mortal and Fae realms. This magical rift acts like a fast travel between locations, using the fae energy channels to apparate elsewhere - whether it be through a pool of water, swirling colours and sparkles, or a sundering crack within the earth. A Vex may spend [1] emote (Connect & Cast), standing upon nature - like a patch of grass, or at the base of a tree to direct their magic and warp the natural flow of fae energies within the ground. Strange-looking flowers and mushrooms begin to sprout around the forming portal, pulling the seam even further to form a swirling pool of Tayna - those around the portal may hear soft giggling of fae or twinkles of nature’s song from within the rift. This rift may stay open as long as the Vex is still connected and casting, and will close once the casting Vex goes into the rift - closing in a flurry of natural energies matching the aesthetic of the Vex. Fae Courts (Art by Geoffrey Ernault) “First, rehearse your song by rote, to each word a warbling note: hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing, and bless this place.” - Shakespeare, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, 5.1.388-391 Far too many descendents have grown complacent in their comprehension of the world they live in, slowly forgetting about the presence of the secrets woven into the tapestry of their land. For those who delve into the art of Vexing, however, these secrets are sought through their estranged means. Though the Fae Realm is out of reach for most, those capable of calling upon the boons of inherent Tayna have forged a method to reroute the leylines that flow through the world into one condensed region. This method utilizes a technique of imbuing sturdy pillars with Kuila markings, enchanting the area with faerie energies. This formation, known as a Sidhestone Circle, acts as a beacon to the Fae Realm, akin to an inverse of a Fae Ring which forms a connection from the Fae Realm to the mortal plane. Unlike a Fae Ring, however, the energy and influence collected at this formation will rapidly disperse. The solution to this comes in the form of boundary notations, an array of Kuila markings which help to contain the condensed energy and transform the region into a Fae Court, a zone which mimics the likeliness of the Fae Realm itself. A Fae Court is vital to any Vex desiring greater capability. The Fae Realm lacks many of the logical limitations of the mortal plane, thus inhibiting a Vex from awakening their full potential so long as they are bound by rules which were never meant to be applied to their powers. Only by binding themselves to a Fae Court, which simulates the lawlessness of the Fae Realm, may they override the influence of the mortal plane and become able to weave Tayna arts to a greater extent. In addition to this, most entities of fae nature will be relieved of strain they might’ve felt while within the mortal plane. This allows for quirks to occur, such as the empowerment of Vexes while within the region and the ability for fae to descend using the beacon and linger in the mortal realm so long as they remain inside a Fae Court. Court’s Calling [Noncombative][Tier 3] As the name suggests, to create a Court is a most intimate and strenuous task - requiring a ritual-like setting in order to invoke and imbue Tayna to be used in further endeavors. To start, the Vexes must find a place rich with natural energies, proceeding to mark out the area of choice once found. They will first create the boundary of their Court by using stone pillars embedded with lines of Kuila dust within a 40x40 area, which act as corners of the zone. The Vexes must then arrange a smaller circle of stones marked with strange symbols in Kuila dust anywhere within the boundary, placing them down in a 10x10 area at maximum. These stones must be placed in a circular manner facing inwards, or it will not work. The Vexes may then direct their Tayna towards the stones, causing the runes to glow in the presence of the mana before the dust grows volatile and harmlessly explodes outwards in the colour of the used Kuila, flowing out of the circle and imbuing the stones into Sidhestones, permanently burning the runes into the rocks’ surface and rooting them in place. Once the Sidhestone circle is activated, energy will flow out from it and fill the area created by the boundary pillars, finalising the Court. The chosen place begins to surge with life, plants and animals within taking on fae characteristics. Similarly, harmless minor fae such as pixies or brownies begin to populate the area. Making a new Court requires 3 Vexes and at least one T3 Vex. Bountiful Boons [Noncombative] With the large flow of Tayna weaving in and around the Court, bound Vexes of faeblood, such as Sprites and Epiphytes, find their very beings emboldened by the energies of their kin - resulting in varying bolstered effects to make the wyldwitches’ lives a little easier thanks to the pool of Tayna allotted to them. Sprites - The ability [Communion Voicing] has been strengthened, allowing Sprites to communicate with others without causing a headache or discomfort whilst also allowing the Sprite to commune indefinitely with another as long as they remain in contact. Epiphytes - The ability [Connection] now allows for the Vex Epiphyte to empathically communicate with their Fae Plant’s manifestation as if it were the Fae Plant itself. If the Vex Epiphyte has a Liege, it may choose to manifest itself using this ability. Faerie’s Favour [Noncombative / Combative] Due to the intensity and condensation of the fae energy within the boundaries of a Court, the stress of connecting and manipulating a Vex’s Tayna is eased off the shoulders of the wyldwitch and enables them to cast their trickster’s magic at a quicker rate within their own Court compared to outside in the wilds. A Vex within the confines of their bound Court may be able to lower their spell emote counts by 1, yet will still be subjected to the amount of times said spell is cast. Deepwood Rites (Art by DartGarry) “Fairy roses, fairy rings, turn out sometimes troublesome things.” - William Makepeace Thackeray A unifying factor, those touched by the fae who walk the mortal world may perform esoteric rituals to perform greater feats of magic. Rather than requiring one specific kind or number of individuals, a rite may be performed should the participants possess a combined ‘Rite Power’ of the required number or higher. Transcendent Druids & Characters with a Liege: 2 Rite Power Epiphytes & Sprites: 3 Rite Power Rite of the Root [4/8 Rite Power] A Vex by their lonesome can do very little, without a home or a group to support them. By means through teaching or seeking out lost lonely souls, wyldwitches may bring their witchlings into a formed Court to add another member to their family, where they may all learn and practise their faerie arts together. To bind a new member to a Court, the to-be bound must first sit in the center of the Court’s Sidhestone circle with their skin marked with Kuila dust symbols. The other Vexes will then ‘imbue’ the marked Vex with their Tayna, causing the Sidhestones to pulse, hum, or tremble, effectively binding the Vex. The Court will noticeably react to its new addition, whether it be with a raging blizzard suddenly taking over the Court, minor fae crowding around the Sidhestones, or flowers blooming with bursts of sparkles. This process costs [4] Rite Power and requires at least one T5 Vex. Non-Vex Epiphytes, Sprites, and Transcendent druids may be connected to Vexing by simply binding them to a Court with this Rite, which costs [4] Rite Power. This sparks the dormant Tayna within them and allows them to begin the journey of learning to control it. While a Liege rooting into their being is not needed in this process, the newly-bound Vex will still find themselves exhausted just the same. Should someone need to be forcibly removed from the Court instead, this may be done by performing the ritual upon the incapacitated target in the same way as binding them and this requires a T5 Vex and [8] Rite Power. Rite of Vein Bleeding [3 Rite Power] A process developed by Courts without stable or positive relationships with druii, a circle of fae may remove affliction from one of their kin and banish it out of their form - akin to strangling out a weed. By flooding the afflicted form with Tayna, it forces out the corruption - stripping it from the body and ‘bleeding’ it away. Doing so will require [3] Rite Power and at least one T4 Vex. Rite of Summoning [1/2/3/6 Rite Power] By forming a temporary ring of sap and mana, a T4 Vex may call forth a greater form of fae than which normally inhabits the Court. [1] Rite Power is required to call or recall a Sycophant, which will fade away should it immediately not be granted a host. The seed of a Fae plant can similarly be called forth by expending [2] Rite Power, although it withers if it spends more than 1 OOC week without a host. A Sprite may be called by spending [3] Rite Power. Using [6] Rite Power and a T5 Vex at least, the group of wyldwitches may summon a proper fae from the Fae Realm itself, perhaps to seek a sage of the Forest for advice or otherwise. The fae is summoned physically to the realm, and may be corrupted or killed during its stay - the creature’s hold upon the mortal realm is mediocre at best and will naturally return back to the Forest after if able. Rite of Season’s Blessings [4/8 Rite Power] A pleasant distraction, many hands may come together to bring about a temporary change to their surroundings. Led by a T4 Vex, this rite is typically performed in the heart of the Sidhestones and several offerings are placed upon the stones, usually pertaining to what is the intended outcome of the ritual, like offerings of cold pines and snow to change the season to that of winter, and so forth. This can manifest in a sudden surplus of fruit, a change in seasons, nature changing form, or glowing displays of mana appearing in patterns determined by the ritualist. This rite lasts within the Court for 1 OOC day, and an additional OOC day for each Rite Power spent above [4], with the option for it to become permanent if at least [8] power is spent. Rite of Amber [1/3/5 Rite Power] Blessed by Tayna so dense it can warp its surroundings in estranged ways, a Kuila crystal may be imbued and empowered to cause varying affect to plants, animals and people in its surrounding area. A T5 Vex may select a large Kuila crystal of choice, at least the size of one’s fist, and begin to channel their inherent Tayna into it, catalysing a reaction which causes it to rapidly absorb Tayna from the environment as well. This process causes the Kuila to rapidly grow, the Vexes present at the ritual able to distort the flow of Tayna as it crystallises to trap an item of natural origins within the crystal. This creates something known as an ‘Amber,’ a condensed Kuila gemstone which can grow up to 2 metres tall that distorts the surrounding area. The type of distortion it creates is dependent on the item imbued within the Kuila while the size of the area that it affects is dependent on the Rite Power utilised. = Effects = Mushrooms - Causes those within the range to perceive their surroundings through hallucinations, often distorting the colours, hearing the whispers and giggles of fairies, and causing their vision to duplicate. Flowers - Causes Kuila deposits to form in the surrounding area. The type of Kuila that grows is based on the type used for the Amber, ignoring the biome. Insects - Causes insects that inhabit the surroundings to grow substantially larger than what’s normally possible, up to ten times their original size at most. Seeds - Causes flora within the boundary to become resistant to mundane infections, blights, and insects, ensuring that whatever grows within its range remains healthy against all odds. = Rite Power = [1] Rite Power - [5x5x5] - Size of a large gemstone [3] Rite Power - [10x10x10] - [1x1x1] Kuila Chunk [5] Rite Power - [15x15x15] - [1x2x1] Kuila Monolith Rite of Creation [6+ Rite Power] Through union of many bound fae, their power might be combined into a well of fae energy, then bound to an object or individual to grant them great power. This rite allows the leader of the Rite or its recipient to post a MArt application to create a magical artifact or potent rebirth. The creation process must take place in the heart of the Sidhestones, and various offerings are placed within a ritualistic circle, usually pertaining to what the Vex wishes to create whether it be of blood, or crystals. The object that is to be created through the Rite must be placed or sat in the middle of the circle, and marked with Kuila dust. There, the group of Vexes may imbue the circle much like how the Sidhestones were created - channelling their Tayna into the object or person. This rite requires [6] Rite Power and a T4 Vex at minimum, though more powerful items may require more power and people. Tier Progression (Art by F3LC4T) “All I ask for is a leaf. In return, I will give you a tree.” - Magic: The Gathering A Vex’s magic, despite its whimsical and fun-loving nature, is no easy feat to use and even master. The changes that the sheer amount of Tayna commands upon its host is a heavy toll to take - a Vex will never feel their hold over the natural energies grow stronger if they do not practice and learn. A steady hand and patience is enough to coax and nurture even the stubbornest of flower buds into a beautiful blossom. Tier 1 A beginner Vex is still often recovering from the initial connection, with the fae energy burrowing into their very being - fighting off the initial sluggish feeling within their form. They may note changes in their blood and overall senses as they begin their studies. Wyldwitchlings may also step into a Fae Ring and withstand its effects, yet are still unable to understand nature’s song like druids. This Tier lasts 2 OOC weeks. Glimmer [Nc/E], Visitation [P] Tier 2 Now more comfortable and knowledgeable about the manipulation of the Tayna within themselves, the Vex may access more of their inherent mana, whether it comes from imbuing or casting. This Tier lasts 2 OOC weeks. Wyldburst [C], Scaledust [C/Nc] Tier 3 The Vex is now in ample control of the Tayna within themselves, being able to cast with relative ease. The continuous connection to the fae energies has begun to physically warp more of their body and make them look more like their fluttery faerie kin. This Tier lasts 4 OOC weeks. Enthral [Nc], Whimsy, [C/Nc], Whisk [C], Rite of Root [R] Tier 4 In order for the Vex to continue climbing Tiers and expand their knowledge, their teacher must bring them to a Court and bind them, should they not already be bound to one. There, their connection with the natural fae energies is strengthened. Only then may a Vex learn how to master their faerie craft. This Tier lasts 4 OOC weeks after being bound to a Court. Entourage [Nc], Boomsong [C], Rite of Summoning [R], Rite of Season’s Blessings [R], Rite of Vein Bleeding [R], Rite of Creation [R] Tier 5 The Vex has now become one with the fae after months of lessons and practice, having full control of the Tayna that flows within themselves. They may now seek out students in order to pass on their faerie gifts and expand their Court. Trickery [C], Hengecraft [Nc/E], Seamshift [Nc], Rite of Amber [R] OOC (Art by Laura Betz) Purpose This lore piece was submitted a couple months ago under the premise that the server, while rich with fae and nature lore, had little to none to really fill the niche of trickster fairies, or something of whimsical or mischievous nature. Even then, Druidism is more so about protecting nature and understanding it, rather than just being able to have fun with it. There are many open fae-related pieces like Epiphytes, Sycophants, and Sprites that can do very little that relate to their faerie aspects. Without Druidism, these very large sections of lore cannot interact with each other on their own. Sprites for example, have been on the server for quite some time with their current accepted write being back in 2020, nearly four years ago at this point and are unable to interact with a majority of the server due to their current restrictions. This write still embodies its original purpose as a bridge between its many fae-related lore pieces and enables people to still have some sort of ‘nature’ magic outside of Druidism. Credits @Fleur___ (Author & sprite consultation) @marslol (Author & epiphyte consultation) @ClassyDryad (Author, borders and original lore post) @Pengin (Co-author & druid consultation) @Akrassia (Review) @Tav (Review) @DragonofTaters (Review) @glassyskies (Review) @Periphonics (Review) @Hyperdron (Review) @Althea_ (Review) References & Related Lore Sprite CA Lore Epiphyte CA Lore Sycophant FA Lore Fae Realm Lore Drudic Communion MA Lore Previous Vexes of the Vein Lore Changelog
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  9. Ingrid Eiriksson did not shed a single tear. The letter was left untouched for several weeks after it was received. It hurt. It really hurt. The ruric didn't even remember the last time she talked to her uncle. She had isolated herself from the world after losing her other half, her dear sister. Wasn't that enough? Now someone else had left her. Adalsteinn's message to her was covered in dust by the time she finally found the courage to read it. She blamed him at first, but the blame eventually fell on herself, as it did with everything else. She must have done something to deserve this. It just wouldn't make sense otherwise. Ingrid had doomed herself by pushing everyone away, with no intention of asking for help. She couldn't bear the thought of burdening anyone else with her pain. No matter what, she would deal with this alone. In that deep, dark hole she found herself in, there was no telling if she would be able to resurface, or if she would end up sinking even deeper. Lost forever.
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