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  1. "Novellen bad unless they are friend with th' Veletzians, et seems." Sigmar Baruch said back to Ivan Aleksandr, sliding him a pair of dice as well.
  2. -1 it was a bad system that was easily exploited by sweaty individuals.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I did speak about the idea of attaching links to items previously with Bonito, though when it comes to hypertexting words in item descriptions, I'm afraid it is not really possible without making the method to obtain the text janky. As you know when you click on an item, you're not interacting with the name or the description but the item itself. You see the description through a hovering box that you cannot interact with at all. Same goes for /showitem, not really a way to interact with the description itself. There is probably some other way to do this, though I don't think I'd know where to start. tl;dr: specific hypertext on words too difficult 4 minecraft item lores
  4. Old commands will still work, though they do not contain the new features introduced with the GUI.
  5. just to reply on the forums even though we've talked in dms, it is definitely possible to tie links to an item. i'll experiment in the coming days to see which way works the best.
  6. The current system right now (including my UI update) only charges you 1 edit token if the item you are editing has not been edited previously. I added a display on the item just so people know that it will either be taking 1 or no tokens, along with their token balance after the transaction. I cannot say for certain that in the future this will change, I just added it for easier management. tl;dr: you will still only be charged 1 token for items you haven't edited, no matter how many you are editing.
  7. Hello everyone! I’m very excited to finally show off my first project on the LoTC Tech Team: Item Edit GUI! An addition to the item editing plugin we have, adding an easy-to-use menu to edit your items from! Some new features being added to the new GUI system include: - Option to have custom RGB values for your item’s name - Bold, underline and italic item names - Button to add a new line to your item’s description (as opposed to typing -newline) - Choice to clear all or a number of characters from your item’s description - Choice to choose a different roleplay name to sign your item with (so you don’t have to change your persona’s name) BETA TESTING Though this plugin is complete, we wish to give it a very short beta period to catch any last-minute bugs or exploits that we do not want on the main server. This is also where you can suggest any last-minute features that you feel would make your editing experience better. All feedback is wanted! To participate, all you will need to do is type “/beta” while on the main server and it will put you on the beta server. There, you will be able to test out the new GUI! (All bugs and feedback should be sent to greehn (me). You can reach me through Discord (greehn), in-game PMs or the forums.) EDIT GUI Typing “/edit gui” will open this menu: - 1. Starting Item - This is the item you started with before any of your changes. 2. Preview Item - This is the preview of your item with your current changes. Use both 1. and 2. to compare the before and after. 3. Item Name - This button will open the menu to change both your item’s name and the attributes of the name. (Colour and decorations.) 4. Item Description - This button will open the menu to change your item’s description. Here you can add or remove lore from your item. 5. Item Extras - In this menu, you can add extra little things to your item such as adding a Roleplay tag or glow. (Staff features included). 6. Signatures - This menu is where you can customize your signature and the different parts of it like the roleplay name and the icon. (Staff features included). 7. Finish - Click this button to finish your edit. Hovering over it will show how many tokens your edit will cost along with your current token balance. 8. Clear - Don’t like the edits you’ve made or change your mind and wish to edit a new item? Click this button to clear the item you are editing, then you can restart or choose a new item to edit. 9. Sound toggle - If you don’t wish to hear sounds for this menu. CREDITS: The60th - @The60th - Original author greehn - @Greehn - Author greisn - @greisn - Second opinions indiana105 - @indiana105 - Second opinions, custom roleplay name idea
  8. sorry bud didn't see that you followed me

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  9. For the first time in many years, Sigmar Baruch actually sat down to read a missive in full and not put it down two seconds after he got it. Man this was good.
  10. "Ah can 'ear the cryin' all th' way from 'ere. Someone ge' Stassion their bottles." Sigmar Baruch put on his sleeping cap, readied a glass of warm milk and a book on his bedside. He clearly had nothing to worry about.
  11. "Ah was told tha' th' reason Patriarch Josef dinnae 'ave aneh 'air on th' back o' 'is 'ead es because 'is brain once grew ou' o' there and th' 'air didnae 'ave ah chance tae grow back." Sigmar Baruch spoke to his younger brother after showing him the piece. @ferdaboy
  12. how many nations are we at rn?

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      Why, want a new one? Because your hypothetical is already approved!

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      thank god i was looking to make a new human nation

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  13. "They ought to write us a postcard once they've settled. Maybe we can stop by for some tea?" The Nephilim offered the missive to his two siblings. @Ryanark@RIGOR
  14. "Filth cannot run or hide. Eventually it will get cleaned." The raspy voice of a lizard spoke as he admired his work outside of Owyn Lane 3.
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