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  1. can oytu teach me kani

    1. creamynoteblock
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      hey HEY!!! can you teach me kani  ? !!???

  2. preciate it bro
  3. "No one calls you this." Volk says, bewildered by such a line.
  4. Vahlok, the cool, handsome, and epic Azdrazi, walked around satisfied knowing he was hoarding some Lightstones within his stash.
  5. ferdaboys. it wouldnt be lotc without him
  6. Excellent rewrite. Way to go addressing the previous issues which led to it being shelved previously. Excited to be grandfathered in. +1
  7. @Jaelonfrom the zu
  8. Excellent rewrite. Way to go addressing the previous issues which led to it being shelved previously. Excited to be grandfathered in. +1
  9. Hello everyone, We as the Tech Team normally would like to bring fun and exciting news to you guys about any upcoming plugins or features, however, this will not be the case today. There had been a few rumours that were being circulated during and after the most recent war that we had. That being Veletz vs. The Coalition (Haense, Petra, Urguan, Norland, Balian, Hyspia and Numendil). The rumours in question were about The Coalition having artillery that fired faster than that of Veletz, and also The Coalition having packet priority. Rumours will always be rumours, though we decided to take a deeper look out of pure interest. Over the course of a few months after the war, the Tech Team decided to launch an investigation into these rumours, reviewing footage of the war, taking personal accounts and reviewing the code that had been running the War Server. And unfortunately, those rumours were found to be true. Evidence was found to suggest that an old technology rumoured to be in existence back in the days of Nexus, packet priority, was indeed found on a hidden plugin repository created by @Kaiser that was used on the War Server. Below is a code snippet of the packet priority to intentionally buff both The Coalition’s attacks and their artillery fire rate by prioritizing their interaction packets: We will be offering a re-do to @M1919 and @Nooblius for any warclaims where these unfair advantages were found present. All nation leaders involved in this war will be contacted with scheduled dates for these re-dos to take place. To make up for this mistake, we’ve developed a new plugin to help increase server performance and TPS. With the development and use of this plugin, we should be able to see a stable 20 TPS during peak server hours. Take a look at the snippet below: On behalf of the Tech Team, we deeply apologize for allowing this to happen. For future wars, we will ensure fairness for both sides in the technical aspect. Thanks, Tech Team april fools btw
  10. bro think his name spooky duck

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      bro think his name spooky duck

    3. Greehn


      bro think his name spooky duck

    4. Greehn


      bro think his name spooky duck

  11. wait why can't azdrazi become druids?
  12. Volk explored the now abandoned home, grazing his hand over the shelves that laid filled with dust. He wondered... What happened here? Out he went, finding himself in front of the house next to a pile of ants working tirelessly. Soon, rain would fall, washing the ants away. "The rain washes everything away."
  13. "It's a terrible day for rain." Volk muttered to himself as he brought his hands together in prayer for the Queen of Haense. "The others shall take it from here. Rest easy, and watch us from above."
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