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  1. -if we're talking about before i wipe, probably 6 or so... -honestly i'm really looking to get into more of the creature/magic/fantasy roleplay side of lotc. i find myself having the most fun in roleplay when i'm rping with individuals from that community, or even stepping my other characters into that side as well. thanks for the questions kaladin :D this is a null question as my top 5 favourite songs change constantly :3 1. just a really fun song, can always play to get me happy. +eurobeat so ofc gonna be my fave 2. cute song, swaying rn as i listen to it 3. i love anna tsuchiya, i love NANA, will always just love listening to this 4. underrated af band, this song in particular has special meaning to me as it is tied to a certain someone :3 5. idk i just really like this song i got cool albums on my spotify profile, so if you wanna listen more then find it thanks for the question gus :D this question is kind of hard because i've only ever played one descendant race............ 1. elves: -to be honest i associate the elven race with more of a fantasy lifestyle and just experience all together. as i said in one of my previous answers, i'm really into the fantasy and magical part of lotc and find myself really enjoying that style of roleplay, which is why i really do want to play a proper one in the future. also their curse is probably the most meh out of all of them (imo). 2. humans: -i've been playing humans since my day 1 on lotc, so i will always have a fondness to them and playing them. i will say i'm not that big of a fan of the politics when it comes to humans, nor am i a fan of myself when i try getting involved in the politics of humans which is a really big downside to the race imo. but of course it can still be fun, i relate to it more because i am a human myself irl and all my friends are humans which make it more fun to play. anything is more fun with friends. their curse also weighs them down kinda. as soon as i feel like i can get involved in something on a human, he's already 60 and wrinkly. 3. dwarves: -haven't really played a dwarf, though their style of rp (mining, fighting, smithing and drinking) does have appeal to it. i would find myself having fun with the rp of dwarves and potentially may want to try playing one in the future. nothing else i can say more about this race. 4. orcs: -i don't really see the appeal of playing an orc, nor do i see myself playing one in the future. i've just never really liked that race, though i know many others do to which i respect heavily. thanks for the question muted :D YOU LITERALLY ONLY HAVE MAGIC DUDE
  2. -this is quite a hard question because there are many things personal to me that i don't agree with that others may not see as a problem or just don't really care about and vice versa. if it is only one thing i could pick i would honestly say the transparency with staff and players and the communication between the two groups. this doesn't count necessarily for only moderation, but i can defo fit ST in as well. i can't really point out any specific scenarios, though i'm sure others could. over my short time on lotc i've witnessed scenarios of mods or admins making decisions on ruling, bans, appeals only leaving a "denied." or "no." in most scenarios a lot of us would like to know why these decisions are instead of just not being told. as for ST i've only had one instance where i felt a big disconnect was when kani had the "no metals at all" enforced heavily without us really being informed beforehand. i am aware there is an ST discord where these amendments are posted (though i honestly don't know where to find it, nor have i really bothered to look for it ) which obviously is my fault for not being in there, though i just wished one person would have reached out to our community to let us know beforehand and potentially have a discussion about it. at the time i was a little upset because it just felt like a "we're taking away this." instead of trying to elaborate why. obviously now i'm much more understanding on why the nerf took place, and realize it was much needed to keep the balance of that magic, but i still feel that a little bit of communication would have went a long way. - i am unsure if anything i have mentioned still persists really when it comes to staff and players, or if it is actively being worked on, but its just something i would like to see a little more of. - as for the stupid magic spell phrase it would have to be some shit like "remove-o the disconnect-o" (mb ) ((didn't mean for this to be long so mb x2 )) -all i will say is that it is not looking good brev.... -this is also a hard question. i love both cats and dogs. i think cats are so much cuter, though dogs make such great pets. i think my girlfriend would be more upset if i picked cats over dogs seeing as though she has a lovely one already, so dogs it is thank you for the questions squak :DDD
  3. NONE. a more serious answer, i'd like to pick both. both groups i have good friends in that i enjoy talking to whenever we find ourselves in call together. though when it comes down to it, both groups have upsides and downsides for me. for ferrymen, the upsides are that i can just **** around and have fun, have some good pvp and also destroy other servers with all the other ferrymen, which i quite enjoy. the downsides for me is strictly an lotc issue, and that is ferrymen is comprised with most of the good pvpers on lotc. in my own personal opinion, i don't really find that quite fun where a side will be stacked with the best of the best and the other side is left with roleplayers and people who don't focus on or care about pvp. i find it more fun when the fights are fair and both sides are thinking "i actually don't know who is going to win this." that and i just like fighting against people who are better than me :-) with haense, i find myself actively roleplaying there with the community they built up and find myself associating with their players more. when it comes down to it, i'm both a roleplayer and pvper, so both groups give me something i can't really find from the other which is why i would pick both. though obviously that will never be an option sorry for the long answer lol
  4. you have it + she is MY wife. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! (no i really like demavend he is cool) if you want a COMPLETE honest answer, i think taking up acre and going to war with aaun at that point in time was probably a mistake. realistically looking at it, there was no way for me to really win that war. something else i would have done differently was NOT WIPE MY ******* REGION BEFORE I GO TO WAR (ROOKIE MISTAKE.) finally, i think i honestly should have waited before trying to war them instead of doing it immediately. i felt like i rushed a lot of it and at the end just wanted it to be over instead of fight it actually. - generally i still feel pretty stupid and pretty dumb for all the mistakes i made during it, and i honestly wished i didn't go through it only because of the stress i put myself through. but if i didn't go through with it, i wouldn't have gotten closer with you and the haense lot so really i think its a win. minus the stress of course i personally have been dabbling in the different communities of lotc and i cannot really say i feel at home in one specific one. the closest community to that feeling would probably be haense, but lately i've been feeling slightly distant from it. i've found a good group of friends i enjoy talking to from this community, so i would like to say them, though they are all haensers lol please come back, i'm actually being serious thank you for the questions jimrow :D
  5. you and creamy by far :333333333 (really fun to roleplay with and hang around in general. want more rp in the future.) talk to me irp. my favourite rp moment would probably have to be during bonito's first boat event with me, mio and a now banned player where we were transported into a rift after an old man bit mio's character's finger off. afterwards we were able to talk to some higher being under the water and each ask it a question. my explanation is probably not giving the actual experience any justice, but it was such a cool experience to have on the server and probably my first ST event. it was awesome. (if either mio or bonito still have screenshots of that event, send them to me i wanna see them again) i haven't read anything recently, but my favourite books would probably have to be either Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury or The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. @ibiou's Alyona Godunov, @Xx_BloodStalk_xX's Qard, @GMRO's deceased Karl Barbanov. i would have more probably but i feel like i haven't had enough time with other characters to be able to call them my favourite thank you for the questions :D i sadly cannot think of any big feats i have achieved on the server really i guess the ones that come to mind would either be joining ferrymen or winning that one 20v40. i am looking to have bigger rp feats coming to me soon. or not idk, we'll see. YOU ARE WORKING ON YOUR VERY IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT, WHY WOULD I INTERUPT? fav remi moment: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. no bro........... i think they work well with fries
  7. so it has finally been a year.... quite a journey i went through on lotc i will say. thank you to all who have made it a positive experience for me :-) now as it is for some reason tradition for lotcers to do these AMAs whenever they reach a milestone, i am doing it for my first year. ask me anything. (backstory explanation if anyone wants it)
  8. man i want to bark and howl really bad…. :3
  9. *high-fives but then scuba dives 

  10. hbhehhheeyueyyy crmeamy nototrer block


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      hello green minecraft

  11. - win a 1v10 - join the ferrymen - open a bakery - open a barber shop - become god
  12. hey why do u have that as ur forum pfp, ur not that guy pal, matter of fact u will never be that guy pal because ur a cringe dumb stupid super weenie hut jrs goofy goober baby

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