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  1. Wolfgang de Vilain came over to his wife to look at the newspaper. "They were quite upset that a poor boy looking for a piece of bread was not convicted as a criminal, then proceeded to dishonour our family name, and ran away from a duel challenged by a 16 year old girl. Personally, I think they need to cope and seethe." The man said, then let out a hearty chuckle and walking back over to the counter to properly enjoy his tea.
  2. Wolfgang de Vilain read the missive and nodded proudly. A smile formed on his face as he remembered the good times he shared with the both of them leading up to this moment in time. He quickly showed his wife the missive and made sure that the both of them would be in attendance. @ibiou
  3. Greehn


    Wolfgang de Vilain prepared for battle to help out his allies in any way that he could, wondering if Aaun will walk out of peace talks yet again. He gathered his materials, and extra items, making his way to help out the effort in Haense.
  4. Wolfgang de Vilain, Baron of Acre, commends the Hussar for their bravery and an excellent fight.
  5. Wolfgang de Vilain widened his eyes as he read the missive in his keep. "I wonder if this Palebeast is aware of the mass amount of hate it is getting." He said to himself.
  6. Wolfgang de Vilain sat in the front row as he applauded to the two newlyweds as proudly as an older brother could be. He looked up to the sky briefly before mumbling to himself: "I hope you are watching, papa. Your daughter has just gotten married."
  7. Wolfgang de Vilain would be sure to attend the congress.
  8. Greehn


    The new Baron of Acre read the missive and thought to himself: "What the **** is this?"
  9. Wolfgang de Vilain was glad he was consulted over this. (He wasn't.)
  10. Wolfgang held the letter tightly to his chest as he travelled deserted land, as he usually did nowadays. After sitting for a while, he had decided to open the letter and read the contents. After reading it, Wolfgang took a moment of silence for himself, pausing any thoughts, ignoring any tiny insects or animals that came up to him and looked up towards the sky. In the brief moment he took for himself, he remembered the memories he had of his father. The day Hannes and Wolfgang accompanied Blackvale in celebrating a member getting married and pissing off the Haense church, or the time when the two together slayed a sentient and malicious tree that had attacked them and the rally of Orenians, or even the time Hannes looked to Wolfgang proudly when the young warrior proved his dedication to becoming a squire under the old king of Oren. These are only a few of the many memories he remembered of his father. He took a deep inhale, then letting out that air after and stood up. Wolfgang looked at the words "Seek out yourselves, and find a true purpose to devote yourself to" one last time, mumbling to himself: "Watch me, papa. I will make you proud one last time." He crumpled the note, burning it after, carrying no regret with him as he continued on adventures.
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