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  1. Issued at Year 176 of the Second Age OOC: Event at 5PM EST, Saturday, April 20th, 2024. Meeting outside the gate “I’m going to Shog you all to death” - Gundanat’Vukh My first words as the Lubba hand, I want to dedicate them to Edvard Kervallen, who has been my predecessor for the last few years. I now take the mantle of Lubba’s hand, hoping to bring better times, if possible, to the Lurinite people. For that same reason I present to you all my first event, a Shogging Competition. This Shogging tournament shall happen within Lurinite lands, to be more precise (place). Each round shall be the best to three and will lead to the final which will be the best of five. All people, including those outside of Lurin are welcome to take part. The winner will take home 100 minas as well as a custom Shogging tool which they may bring to future events to defend their titles. Special invites go to Dunfarthing and their people Vortice and their people Vikela and their people All Lurinite friends and allies ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Gundanat Vukh Wargoth of Vukh, Lubba Hand.
  2. IGN: Hairy_sonic MC NAME: Gundanat'Vukh NATION: Lurin WILL YOU NEED AN ENCHANTED WAND: Yes
  3. Vukh would like to join the succession!1!1!1!1
  4. Nice to see the staff team is more bothered with turning this into a April fools joke instead of fixing the issue. Another staff moment of targeting Veletz. Whatta except
  5. Thormodur sat with his captain on the ship, reading the missive after being passed it from Baldr. He chuckled as he turned to his captain. "So be it brother, the foking idiots had their chance. So does this mean we're finally able to raid in peace?" He turned towards the sea, wondering to himself... Was this all worth it?
  6. As a former bandit who recruited the people I banditted before, you gotta make it more interactive instead of "take items okay we kidnap you", in some of the banditing we done, we literally had people save the people we bandited on our own side in secret just to drive a more interesting plot. It got to be more story driven and less "we murder crp you!" @juliaINC can confirm to this as someone I have kidnapped and ended up recruiting for my orc clan by just being nice and not after items
  7. The uruk looked down towards the floor, wondering how this could of happened. Absolutely destroyed interally as he muttered to himself. "May I continue the lessons you taught me... And may my weapon continue to slain dark spawn for you old friend. May the spirits treat you well."
  8. "Nothing mentioned about our Industry, Mentioning that the other seek to betray our allies? We simply want our Dwarven pride back! And where is the golemancy? Nothing mentioned apart from not hunting those who have STOLEN it from us!" The dwarf obviously wrote this in a unique font, just to drive his point further
  9. "Those who do not stand behind our true candidate will cause us to fall to anarchy!" Thormodur would say in the capital to any dwarf what will hear him. "Glory to the future King! Vote for our future!"
  10. Gundanat looked towards the other two with a smile on his face, the first time they met properly. He signed with his blood the pact, the honour was there. "May the three clans united in blood work together for the betterment of the Horde."
  11. "Call for Kezmur and my Clan warriors! We march soon to kill the dark spawn aider and the killer of our dear friends! May we seek honour in death and honour in winnning! Summon the warriors of all who support us, we march to Yera aid. To finish off the scum!" Gundanat sat with one of his writers in his quarters, reading the missive, knowing the final dance has come, the coming of all his work... Now the time has pass for words, it time to summon all the allies who know the truth and to fight for glory and for victory!
  12. The orc let out a deep sigh, being at Lurin while the events happened "Yet again the Church make a mockery out of itself, after assaulting one of the leaders of Lurin, bringing a dark spawn to the city... It's clear they can not be helped. So be it." The orc continued his speech to his small group of orcs. "The church are clearly aiders of the Dark spawn, as shown by them harbouring the one which came to attack the Pope. May we be blessed by the spirits to continue our hunt where they have betrayed themselves to."
  13. Gundanat sat alone in his chambers, reading the missive with a huge frown "This only adds to the case we have built... I knew Hohkmat was evil the second the incident happened... I must seek out the writer. Collect the knowledge and enact. May Enrohk guide me once more to victory. And Krugmar? My own government being accused of this. I need to investigate this all." The orc turned and looked at the outside world, knowing his job was not over yet.
  14. The orc would laugh reading the alliance, wondering what the hell Haense is thinking of. "Alling traitors who just left a major war? Imagine if they were the first target again, they'll do the same."
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