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  1. "She still betrayed our family." Kazimir var Ruthern grumbles from within the confines of the Drustrza, frowning forlornly at such a predicament. "How could she tarnish our borsas name so readily, and then marry a shiteater who would insult her other borsa at their own betrothal dinner?" a scowl forms upon his lips then, his head shaking. "Ea can niet forgive her so easily, for what she has done." Just then, he glances down at his palms. Fleetingly, the memory of almost choking the life out of Matviy Kortrevich crosses through his mind, and he smiles in wistful nostalgia.
  2. Serenity… What was peace, but the unattainable dream that all could strive for? What was the thrill of the hunt and an adventure of a lifetime , in comparison to an eternity of comfort and quiet living? Arthur of Caermad had found that peace and quiet that he could never attain in life so long ago. He sat by the banks of a great lake, one where the waters always shimmered a pure sapphire shade and the sky was burdened by no clouds. He knew this lake so well. For every day he would come and fish for trout. Sometimes, even bigger catches, where he was fortunate. The deep woods made for an excellent hunting ground, where he could prowl for elk, boar and bear to his hearts content. A small shack sat at the top of the hill, a fireplace set outside with numerous logs surrounding it. Each one, he hoped, would be filled by his comrades in the future, when their time was inevitably up. The crunching of grass behind him causes the long dead Hexer to swivel his head backwards, amber eyes glistening with joy at the person who meets him. ”Took you long enough, didn’t it, kid?” a wide and joyous grin spreads upon his lips as he sets down his fishing rod, patting the ground beside him. ”Come sit down. You’ve travelled so far, and your journey is at an end. You played your part. Now it’s time for you to rest.”
  3. Kazimir var Ruthern sighs heavily with relief, having dodged a tremendous bullet by not marrying the Lady Gisele in the end.
  4. Olivier Amadeus Helios Ashford de Savoie snickers upon reading yet another rebranding of a once prominent and powerful house, tossing it aside upon his desk with a scowl. "They are no true sons and daughters of Esheuvard, to forsake their own name so willingly. Abandoning their kin runs as thick within their blood as water, I suppose. They do descend from Baldwin the Betrayer, after all."
  5. Kazimir var Ruthern continued to be horrifically ravaged by illness, bedbound in devastating fever.
  6. A bedridden Kazimir var Ruthern tosses and toils in his attempts at rest, haunted by vivid fever dreams. Every so often, the young Ruthern would creep out of his cot, using what little strength he had to move himself by the window. Dawn, noon and dusk he would pray to God. For the salvation of he and his kin, and the hope that the Lord Almighty would relinquish his family of this sickness.
  7. the prophesied demiurge is the day striga get unshelved (please joel have mercy)
  8. as the title says, i'm looking for a new group to join and do some epic roompoom (roleplay) with. i've been rather amiss with lotc recently and haven't really played much out of a lack of direction and motive. lots of my friends have moved on from the server or been banned and i'd like to reignite my interest in the server by doing something fun and different. i can't really guarantee i'll be active every day of the week. my life is a lot busier than it once were so i can be around for a few days a week or whenever i get free time. i also don't care for nation statistics and activity percentage so don't ask me to join ur levy/town unless you actually intend to rp with me beyond "log on for this warclaim" or "sit in the tavern and do idle rp to make our settlement seem active" because i will not do it. i've been around for 8ish years so i'd say i'm a fairly decent writer and roleplayer. i'm also a notorious powergamer that abuses CRP situations for my own benefit. finally, i'm 7'6 and weigh 500 pounds irl and could probably deck you and your loved ones. leave your offers below or shoot me a pm on discord. (( this is not a shitpost i am being entirely serious ))
  9. “You will not question the viability of the Admin Team’s story!”
  10. Take care of yourself man. Sometimes the best thing to do is just walk away from this place when the toxicity starts dragging you down.
  11. Somewhere within the abyss, a figure caught between a horrific limbo of life and death stirs and shrieks. His dissipated form endures on throughout his perpetual torture, damned for the many errors and sins he had committed in life. Doomed he remained for perhaps all of eternity, unknowing of the fate wrought for his former beloved in the physical world. His name mattered not. He was with the rest of them, now.
  12. solid lore confirmation that iblees is a female dark elf and that exalted owyn was a farfolk man
  13. Otto von Manstein utters a prayer for good health, signing the Lorraine across his chest profusely
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