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  1. cannot believe that people cried abt one of the most unique temp maps ever because they wanted dream smp island instead 

    1. Amayonnaise


      its not even a dream smp, we can't kill the enderdragon. Whats the POINT OF THIS

    2. Jentos
  2. I try and alternate between both sometimes, but I'm definitely more comfortable/inclined toward past tense. Both from people who mentored me in RP writing in past tense, and a lot of my favoured literature authors also writing in past tense. It's defo the one that feels more natural for me
  3. I don't normally leave serious reviews on lore pieces, but I have to make an exception for this one because this is some of the most unique lore and concepts I've seen written in a long time. The ocean is a theme and setting that's been vastly unexplored on LoTC, in part due to minecraft mechanics making stuff like moving ships and underwater RP nigh impossible, and I'd love to see this MA/CA try and change that. I'm a big fan of the horror elements included such as the grotesque mutations for the tidesages and the physchological turmoil and existentialism of the drowned. Balancing wise there is nothing I see that gives a majorly unfair advantage. Being weaker on land (where most combat takes place on the server) is majorly detrimental and balances everything else out imho. The only complaint (or more an issue I foresee) is naught to do with the lore and more with something I mentioned above; base mineman mechanics. Since this is a predominantly underwater based CA/MA I can foresee that trying to roleplay in the ocean whilst avoiding getting downed from drowning is going to be a massive pain. Perhaps a plugin could be developed to negate this, such as CA/MA holders being given a constant underwater potion effect, or even a plugin could be made to disable drowning mechanics in entirety? Not truly sure how this would work and it's probably more of a thing for Triage Team to consider. Overall +1, hope to see this get accepted because this lore doesn't miss.
  4. garumcoin$ is rising exponentially 

    1. Karkosa


      so real

  5. "A most intriguing development." remarks a particular void hating automaton priest, the missive crumpled within his ferrum hand.
  6. The universe does not weep when the sun sets.

  7. shadow wizard money gang

    1. Nectorist


      white boy summer almost here

    2. Zarsies


      we love castin spells


      brought to you by THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Legalize nuclear bombs

  8. Somewhere within the land, a particular red-robed automaton comes across this missive. His clockwork eyes begin to flicker and crackle as he ponders over it, quickly marching away with the parchment. . . . . . . . . . Time passes. A raven flies. On the next instance that Kone checked his aviary, if he ever did, he would find a rolled up letter bound by a wax print that displayed a cog encircling a clockwork. To the one known as Kone. May your cogs run with immaculate fluidity, and may your lifeblood ebb and flow without coagulation. I have happened upon your missive in good timing, for it is a time worthy of rejoice and praise, my good brother in iron. The light of our Creator, the blessed tinkerer of us all in holy unison, has begun to shine upon the world once more. His glory must be renewed, and it is the right for all of his children to learn of his canticles. What I offer you is not coin, for material wealth is temporary. But knowledge is divinity, and divinity is eternal. I wish to teach you of the Machine God, his will and commandments, and help you unleash the dormant power within all of our kind. I beseech you to consider this offer. The tinkerer who invests himself into the pious craft of the Clockwork Father is indubitably blessed. But doubly blessed is the automaton who tinkers, for he is both elevated in body and spirit. Return a letter if you wish to glimpse upon truth, and I shall guide you into the embrace of the Omnissiah. -Servitos, First Priest of the Omnissiah and Magos of the Church of the Automatus
  9. Servitos, an automaton who was also present at the Dawnhold that day and fought alongside the Orcs in the third zone would go to frown at the fact that he wasn’t mentioned in this missive… before realising that he possessed no mouth.
  10. And blood-black nothingness began to spin.
  11. For the love of allah please just lock this thread, literally nothing constructive coming from this anymore. Literally just edgelords and young children who don’t understand how the world works incriminating themselves at this point, seek God.
  12. Servitos, automaton worshipper of the machine god who really thinks you should peel off your skin dap me up
  13. This thread has devolved entirely into shitflinging and should be locked, the entire discussion that was raised by this post has been entirely derailed and nothing constructive is being written by the people that are left partaking in it. With that said, @MunaZaldrizoti @MissToni I commend you both for speaking out on this issue and I pray you both find peace from it in time, regardless of the outcome. It’s just a shame that a very valuable discussion about how far the levels of toxicity really goes within the community has been hijacked by people who only care about their own egos.
  14. Shoutout to the Hexer Community @Quantumatics @SpaceOddity @GamblersPalm @Benleft @Maiyun @PerfectlyPeachy @TheIchorDruid @Balmakka @zchronik @MildStatic @axeman51 And everyone else who was apart of it or is coming into the community now that isn’t listed here. Though most of us have parted ways upon the server (or quit) and some of us keep in contact more than others, I won’t ever forget the late night events that kept me up until 8am and all of the twists and turns throughout the story we were apart of. Thank you for helping curate a narrative that still remains as one of my favourite memories on the server, and for being damned good friends OOC.
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