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  1. Kazimir var Ruthern nods his head firmly from the afterlife.
  2. Inspired by a few recent threads I've seen related to LoTC and DND as well as deciding to replay through BG3 again recently, I decided to make this thread for a bit of fun hypothesizing. Mainly - what would a build in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition based around LOTC magics/creatures/feats look like? Feel free to comment below your ideas - it can be based around any existing FA/CA/MA or even something that was shelved or denied. Here's a few of my ideas. I should note that I'm not an DND expert nor am I an LOTC lore expert, I picked a lot of these out based around theming and my base knowledge of spells and mechanics you can acquire with each class: Paladins, Druids and Clerics - Exactly what it says on the tin. Devotion Paladin for the closest representation of Xannite Paladins (though Vengeance could easily work), Life or Light Domain for Tahariae and Circle of the Land or Moon for Aspectist Druids. Seers - A multiclass of Great Old One Warlock and Divination Wizard. Templars - I'd mostly go straight Paladin for this with a dip into Cleric or Divine Soul Sorcerer for something like Guiding Bolt to represent White Flame and a level dip into Barbarian for the Touch of Jophael berserker rage. Mystics - College of Spirits Bard. Azdrazi - Tempted to say Dragonborn Draconic Sorcerer for the theming/flavour alone though this probably isn't fully accurate, I don't know Azdrazi lore very well. Voidal Magics - 90% Wizard. Predominantly Evocation Wizard for fire, water, wind and air evo. The only exception to this I'd say is Arcane Scion which aligns better with Eldritch Knight Fighter. Alchemy and Animii - Battlesmith Artificer for Animii to get your automaton companion. Alchemist Artificer is self-explainatory. Frost Witch - Evocation Wizard focusing on ice-related spells. Necromancers - Necromancy Wizard. Naztherak - Fiend Warlock with Pact of the Chain for summons. Blood Magic - None of the main classes can really accurately represent it. Blood Hunter has the theme of hemocraft down but it is homebrew. Thalassos - Fathomless Warlock Demi-Djinn - Not an actual Demi-Djinn, but Genie Warlock for a character who's pacted with one is perfect. Kani - Open Hand Monk.
  3. if lotc was a netflix show you'd have a moment during the season climax where our main characters are conspiring to kill the king of a large and important nation, however as they're about to do the deed everyone would freeze, the king in question would start saying #looc before his sentences and say he's making a thing called a "modreq". our cast of heroes and the king would go back and forth whilst saying #looc before every sentence about why they have done a thing called "valid rp" to get to this moment. then a figure known as a "moderator" would teleport into the room, tell our protagonists that they were "metagaming" and they must leave and the credits would roll.
  4. โ€œIn the endโ€ฆโ€ an exhausted Baalial glances up from the missive at his mother, sat at a worn old desk where a myriad of strewn up letters and crumpled parchments surrounded him. โ€œYou were right. Itโ€™s another genocide.โ€ @TheBigBubbles
  5. [!] All across the lands of Aevos, a letter is stapled to the noticeboard of every town and city. To those afflicted with the infernal curse, otherwise known as accursed children, We find ourselves standing at the precipice to an age of strife and terror. With the recent laws of Canondom mandating the extermination of our people, primarily within the dual-kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the time for unity is nigh. We are all stronger together. We must band together against this emergent threat, not to fight but to protect ourselves. The world has always been dangerous for our people, but the events of recent times have only mandated that it shall become even more perilous. Our unity is imperative if we are to persevere through this crisis, to endure into an age where we might prosper and live freely from the standards of oppression and persecution for an affliction which we had no control over. There has been no easy road for any of us, and that road of toil is far from coming to an end. To those of our kin who would rather remain in solitude, we understand and we wish you well. But for those who seek refuge, for those weary souls who tire of discrimination and the threat of genocide, we give you our vow that we shall protect you to our dying breathes. We shall share the burden of our curse with you, and we shall help to keep you safe from those who would seek to destroy you. In time, we hope, we might be able to give you a place to call home. A community where we can all live in peace and harmony, free from the threat of those who do not understand our plight. For those in need of aid, seek us out. When the time is right, we shall convene in a location of safety and deliberate upon the path forward for our people. But until that day comes, stay vigilant. Stay safe. Let us look to the future, Baalial Dralguna Mircalla Dralguna
  6. A concerned devil quickly makes to penning a response to the edict, various copies of the same missive soon delivered into the hands of Haenseni nobility and strewn across the notice boards of Valdev.
  7. [!] Across the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, letters are dispatched by raven amongst the peers of the realm and their respective families, the royal family included. Similarily, the missive is stapled upon the various notice boards scattered around Valdev and other assorted Haenseni fiefdoms. My name is Baalial Dralguna. Many of you who read this letter won't know of me by the name I was granted at birth. You might know me better as The Flying Devil or Mister Emberweave, the trapeze performer of the reputable Emberweave Circus. Many of you might also have witnessed the accident during one of my performances some years ago where the top-rope was sabotaged and I found myself plummeting to what should have been, for all intents and purposes, my certain doom. I'm pleased to assure those readers of this missive who might still have been harboring concerns about my wellbeing that physically, I've made a full recovery from the injuries I sustained during the fall. But my heart aches with grief and sorrow at the recent Edict of Cleansing issued by King Ivan VIII and his Royal Duma wherein the extermination of all cursed children residing within the lands of the dual-kingdom has been mandated. As I am sure you who are reading this can already deduce, I am a sufferer of this very affliction. I am a devil. My kind has been assigned many names throughout the history of our existence. Foulbloods, hellspawns, mutants and freaks - but also, quite primarily, cursed children. For that is how this affliction is spread - it is a curse, through and through. An Infernal Magi imprints a brand upon the flesh of a pregnant woman or a prospective father, condemning their offspring to the appearance of a monstrous fiend. No devil ever got a say in the circumstances of their birth. They are born as what they are, thrust into a world that more oft than not, fears and loathes them due to an affliction far beyond the periphery of their control. For a devil, there is no easy lot. Amongst fellow drifters, strangers and outcasts, we might find an ally. Sometimes even a friend. But from the day we are born, from the day our minds can comprehend the complexities and nuances of existence, the first lesson we receive is that of preservation. Those fortunate enough to not be outcasted by our own kin are taught to defend ourselves in case the need must ever arise. We are taught to make our words count, for much of the world perceives us as cruel monsters before we might even open our mouths. We are taught to not attract too much attention, to speak only when we must and when it is necessary. We are taught to hide the parts of our body that we despise the most so that others shall not take offense. We are probed with questions as to our nature and our inclinations, as to whether we are servants of Iblees by pure virtue of the way we appear. I never mind answering these questions, for I understand why it is that many, especially those amongst the Canonist realm, despise us so. When they look at us, they see in us the great other - the great enemy come to reap blood and fire upon them on behalf of the wicked betrayer. We represent what a godly man fears, and that is a reality that I do not believe shall ever truly change. For my forty decades of life, I've never tried to speak out against this order of thought. Instead, I've tried to live within my means - and do good where I can. I am no pious hermit by any measure. But I have tried to help those who need it where and when I can. I've tried to define who I am not by words but action so that others might look upon my kind and see that we are not all beasts, but descendants who bear a curse that was never one of our own making or desire. I am no canonist, but I have always endeavored to respect and understand those of such faith, and abide by their law when within their land. But I cannot sit idly by whilst the massacre of my people is called into action. To continue on this letter, I would like to tell a story. A tale about your late Queen Amaya, a woman I've admired since our meeting whose passing pained me more than a thousand cuts. When I was a young boy, a group of Canonist priests abducted me off of the streets of Valdev. They claimed that I, a child of scarcely seven years old, was a demon that had come to destroy them all. They dragged me off to a cell in the barracks of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, unhearing of my pleas and cries for mercy. I understood right then and there, for the first time in my life, just how different I was from everyone else. I remember sitting in that cell as vividly as if it were yesterday. I remember weeping until my eyes burnt as I curled against the stone walls, powerless and at the mercy of men who I knew full well would not hesitate to kill me. But it was the late queen who saved me - she ordered for my release the moment she'd heard the news of my capture. She traveled down to the cells herself to calm me and assure me that everything would be well once I stepped outside - she didn't do this out of some self-gain or to preserve some image of purity. She did it out of the unbridled goodness that was within her heart. I doubt this world shall ever see her like again. Her passing was not only a loss for the Haenseni people but a loss felt within the souls and minds of those who champion mercy and compassion, everywhere in the world. For hours after, she sat with me. We talked, we laughed, we drank hot cocoa together by the warmth of a tavern fire. I felt in that moment that everything truly was going to be okay. We travelled to the Basilica together where we prayed at the altar in unison, and before long I was home again with my mother. It's the actions of the late queen from the day thirty years ago that have, in part, inspired me to write this letter. She told me that my curse does not define who I am - that I still have a choice in spite of what others believe that I must be. Those words have stuck with me throughout the years. They've remained a constant companion at my side, a source of hope and wisdom that I can remember when all else seems lost. Just the other night I had a dream. I dreamt of cursed children holding hands and playing with normal children, free from discrimination and the threat of persecution. I dreamt that they were allowed to be children, their innocence not stripped from them prematurely as in the case for so many of my kind. Thus, I write this letter in address to King Ivan and his Royal Duma specifically. I come to you not as an adversary or a foe, but one who hopes that one day we might be friends. I plead with you that the section of the Edict of Cleansing pertaining to the extermination of cursed children be constitutionally repealed. To those of my kin who have become wayward and would bashfully disrespect the law of your kingdom, I say let the full extent of justice be rendered upon them. But I only ask that you take into consideration that for almost all of us, our demonic appearance was not an affliction we willfully chose. It is an affliction thrust upon us unconsciously, by forces both wicked and malevolent. For many of us, if were we given the choice to appear as you, we would take it in a heartbeat. But such is not reality, for as much as we wish it so. Yours in faith, Baalial Dralguna
  8. I'm not so sure on this one. Whilst I think the Sprite half of this is cool because it ties into their actual lore (and gives purpose and direction to a very presently purposeless CA) I just don't think it fits for Fjarriagua to be pact bargainers. I realize the mantra of Frost Witches to be men-hating cannibals is a little bit outdated (and hugely uninspired) by now but I'm uncertain if this is really the direction they need either. A pact magic for a dark CA fits way more with Naztherak/playable Inferi and yet I've never seen them make an attempt at such an amendment. And if we open up a lore piece that's thematically unrelated to pact bargaining, doesn't it just open Pandora's box to every dark CA justifying the existence of pact magic within their own respective niche? If Frost Witches can have it, why can't Necromancers? Or Mystics? Do I think the concept of dark pact magic is neat? Absolutely. Do I think it could open up fun roleplay if roleplayed correctly? Sure. Do I think that it should apply to Frost Witches when their theming is taken into account? Not really.
  9. the final boss of lotc... the ceo of homphobia.
  10. One of Mosshearts various fliers ends up in the clawed hands of a particular devil. Within the coming days, a response is sent, a rolled-up note attached by string to the leg of a raven. The call was answered. To Jover Mossheart, I hope this letter finds you in good tidings, though from the contents of your notice, I predict such is not to be the case. I am sorry to hear of the affliction that grips at your wife and son. Sickness is a terrible thing, and I can only hope they might soon find a swift recovery. I write to you in offering my services to help you pursue the artifact you call the Emperor's Chalice. I'm no stranger to adventure and braving the perils of certain death. I'm a huntsman by trade, what some might refer to as a ranger. I've spent many years up in the Crothstad woodlands, hunting all manner of beasts both mundane and supernatural. Just recently a host of demons have invaded those woods, pig-like monstrosities that I have epipheted as boarbeasts. I've done battle with these abominations on many occasions now alongside my companions of the Company of the Cracked Claw, and have even done battle against the legendary Shuul and lived to tell the tale. For those reasons, I would not call myself a mere game hunter anymore. I am skilled with both shortbow and falchion, trained by an old hunter known as Rainer Eckhart whom prowled the Crothstad for generations of yore. I am a survivalist, having spent nearly a decade living on the road and amongst wilderness. Forests are my preferred biome to track and hunt, but I feel I could learn to track within any place and region. Though I cannot speak for the rest of my comrades of the Cracked Claw, I offer you my own assistance induitably. Such an object of power in the hands of malicious fiends like the Deep Dwarves or the Mori'quessir could prove doom for us all. I stand ready. You need only pen me a response to affirm me. I shall be waiting, Baalial Dralguna
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