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  1. get the people +1
  2. "Long may he reign." Ser Robert Ashes says.
  3. Good man, good role-player and great ideas. Soviet would be a fine addition to the ET. +1
  4. Title says it all, really. I'm in need of a Hou-Zi (more specifically, a Hei-Zhu/gorilla-man) skin. Already got reference pictures saved and waiting. If you feel up for the challenge, shoot me a PM and I'll lay the details on you. This will of course be a paid request - the amount can be discussed through PMs.
  5. t dog
  6. MC Name: SaracenSlayer Character's Name: Wu-Gāo Character's Age: 22 Character's Original Race: N/A. Transformed Form: Hou-Zi Creator: Metzli Briefly explain the lore behind this creature: The Hou-Zi are the first attempt at a "perfect race' by the Daemon Metzli. They started out as a race of primal, unintelligent apes who inhabited the jungles of Asul alongside many other primal creatures. This changed when Metzli took an interest in them, however, seeing their potential in being her "great creation". The first monkey to be uplifted was known as Hou-Shen, who would be granted a Crown of Jade by the Daemon herself and also commanded to be her prophet to his people - to be a great leader and pave the way of fortune and glory for his kind. Hou-Shen, along with his children, would eventually come to wage two wars against the Elven settlers of Axios, after his capital city of Jing-Taiyun had been constructed and his grip on the jungles of Asul was absolute. In the first war of conquest against the Elves, Hou-Shen and his people were able to successfully conquer many Elven territories and cities for themselves - including the towns of Cerulin and Asul'onn. The Hou-Zi were much stronger than the Elves and achieved victory after victory up until the Siege of Naeri'onn - it is said that Malin himself headed the defense of the city, alongside his most trusted and experienced advisors. The siege was an absolute bloodbath for the Hou-Zi, and the entire army was cut down to the last man, leaving a decisive victory of the Elves. Both sides, realising that they'd exhausted too many resources and men during the war to persist fighting on, eventually convened at a peace council headed by Hou-Shen and Malin. In the end, they both came to an agreement that the Hou-Zi Empire would be permitted to keep the Elven lands it had obtained during the war, but they would halt any further advanced into Malinorian territory. The Hou-Zi Empire, now at it's absolute peak, now held the entirety of the isle of Asul, the southernmost portion of Ceru and the south-western portions of Tahn. Peace would not last long, however, and after 100 years the ceasefire concluded when the Hou-Zi Empire decided to strike at the city of Malinor itself, the beating heart of Malin's kingdom and also where he and his closest advisors resided. Hou-Shen, along with his three sons Hou-Wang, Hou-Da and Hou-Xiao, lead the attack themselves, with Malin and his advisors one again taking up the defense against the Hou-Zi incursion personally. The battle for Malinor was a long-fought and bloody fight, though in the end it's most notable for one thing; the death of Hou-Shen, the eternal ruler of the Hou-Zi people. How exactly he fell is an enigma to even the Hou-Zi themselves - some say that he was poisoned by a subjugated Elf that he'd taken as a slave during the first war of conquest, others claim he cut down in single combat by Malin himself, pierced through the heart by the Elven King's famed falchion. What is known, however, is that once Hou-Shen fell the morale of the Hou-Zi army fell considerable, and their defeat was inevitable. The three-sons of Hou-Shen managed to escape the battlefield and returned to the capital of Jing-Taiyun - Malin had ordered the complete, merciless genocide of all Hou-Zi still occupying former conquered Elven territories. The woes of the Hou-Zi had just begun, however, as an ancient deity known as "the Poison" saw it as his mission to eradicate the steadily declining monkey-folk. He cursed the city of Jing-Taiyun into destruction, the Hou-Zi were forced to flee into the depths of the jungle. When Malin and his host arrived there to claim the capital of the Hou-Zi, he and his men found naught but an abandoned, decrepit ruin. And so they left Jing-Taiyun untouched, believing that the Hou-Zi were gone and that there would be no more war.... Metzli had still been watching her creations closely, and she had not lost interest in them entirely; she had kept the essence and soul of the Eternal Ruler, and made the decision to resurrect him in a new body, one with a more regal visage and appearance. When he returned, Hou-Shen swiftly re-united with his children, and the great reconstruction of Jing-Taiyun was commenced. Hou-Shen had not forgotten his creator's demand for absolute conquest, however, and in time the Hou-Zi poured out from the jungles they called home once more. They won some victories against the High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves, though their downfall soon came when the three sub-races of the Elves formed a coalition against the Hou-Zi and united their strength, for the very first time since the days of Malin. In the second battle of Malinor between the Hou-Zi and the Elves, the three sons of Hou-Shen were slain in battle. Defated, the God King opted to return to Jing-Taiyun and consolidate what little of his army remained. The Hou-Zi people, however, were shown peace by the unified Elven coalition - Hou-Shen was offered an ultimatum that allowed him to keep the city of Jing-Taiyun and for him and his people to live on in peace, so long as his kind never left the jungles of Asul ever again, nor did they try and build any more settlements besides Jing-Tayun. In great shame, Hou-Shen accepted the terms, and the treaty was signed. The Hou-Zi enjoyed some relative peace for the next 500 years up until the Jade War came - a series of infighting and civil-unrest between the nobles of the Hou-Zi Empire solely over wealth, power and superiority over each other. This conflict went on for another 500 years until finally 'the Poision' returned, intent on fininshing his job on bring a collapse to the Hou-Zi Empire and people. This time, however, the deity took a much more subtle approach - great architecture began to steadily crack and crumble, plagues and sickness broke out over time which claimed the lives of many Hou-Zi. In the end, the God-King Hou-Shen had finally had enough, and after over a thousand years of defeats and setbacks, he one day set off into the jungle, never to be seen again. Metzli, ultimately realizing that her creation was a failure even despite the Poison's intervention, finally abandoned the Hou-Zi and moved on to the lands of Asulon to create the Kharajyr. The Hou-Zi are divided into three separate sub races, each with contrasting physical differences. The Laobai-Zhu are the most common sub-race amongst the Hou-Zi. Typically coated in brown-fur, they are the most versatile of the Hou-Zi and can therefore come in many different shapes and sizes. They are said to be the descendants of the God-Kings firstborn Hou-Wang, and they enjoy the shortest lifespans of all the Hou-Zi, living to the age of 80 at the earliest and approximately 100 years old at the latest. The Fei-Zhu resemble baboons, with multicoloured fur that's typically red in colour but can also be blue, hues of yellow and even gold. The colour of their faces usually contrast the colour of their fur, however. They are the shortest and nimblest members of the Hou-Zi species. It's claimed that they are directly descended from Hou-Shen's secondborn, Hou-Da. They enjoy a longer lifespan than their cousins of the Laobai-Zhu, reaching the climax of their lifespan from the ages of 150-250 years. The Hei-Zhu are the subspecies of the Hou-Zi most closely resembling silverback gorillas. They are almost always black of fur without exception, and they are the tallest, strongest and burliest members out of the entire species. They are said to descend from the third son of Hou-Shen, Hou-Xiao. Hei-Zhu enjoy the longest lifetimes amongst all of the Hou-Zi, experiencing a lifespan of 250 to 300 years old. Do you have magic(s) that you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nay. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: I do. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link it: N/A.
  7. Likely the Human Federation, unless you have any pre-existing lore of sorts behind the Alien nations? Or is all that completely up to my own whim?
  8. Very, very neat map layout. Consider me interested.
  9. 10/10 rabid tentacle porn enthusiast
  10. should give knox gm pex regardless tbh
  11. Username- SaracenSlayer Description- Red-skinned Goblin with amber/orange eyes. Should have a couple of small horns crowning his head, though if they look weird/fucked up just make him bald. Clothing should be very simple and basic I.E a tatty brown loincloth. This skin is also intended for a Kub, so he shouldn't look too old or matured (if you understand my meaning). Ref- N/A unfortunately, though if it'd help tremendously then I can try my hand at finding something. What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- Minas or die.
  12. big fat stankin kiwis the lot of ya
  13. Fair RPer, good person. Someone who I think would make a great addition to the ET, +1.
  15. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.