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  1. Seated in the Basilica of the Final Revelation, Edgar de Sarkozy sits with a bowed head, the Lorraine Cross brooch swaying heavily upon his neck. He sits leaning forth, hands folded as he makes a prayer... but not a prayer for GOD, no, a prayer for family. He had not heard from his father in weeks now, Franz... he had not seen his brother in over a year. Not since he had returned from the Firelands with the Emperor’s retinue. He longed to see his brother again, to laugh with him, to smile at him, to share a bottle of wine with him. Concluding his prayer, the Acolyte rises to his feet, pacing down the aisle; it’s nigh time he wrote a letter to his brother.
  2. The Importance of Art, Literature and Music; A Thesis in discovering the beauty of GOD in all things. Penned by Acolyte Edgar Henry de Sarkozy in the year of our LORD 1760. A depiction of a performance of the Orenian opera play, “The Johannian Tragedy”, a piece of theatre depicting the lives and downfalls of the Emperor’s of the Johannian Era. Play written by Dieter Ludningen, artistic depiction by Michael von Rosenwell For many years now, the denizens of Humanity have caroused and merrily found reverence in the most hedonistic of pursuits; some turn to the joys of alcohol and the many pleasures (and even perils) that drunken inebriation brings, content to overindulge on the bottle for much of their adult lives. For others the excess consumption of food is a welcoming comfort, as men and women turn to the sin of GLUTTONY to ease their struggles and day-to-day woes. Some even turn to adultery and find entertainment in practicing the sin of LUST, heeding little regard against the warnings of the Canticle of Fidelity found in the Scroll of Virtue, and therefore ignoring the word of GOD himself. Such men and women in my eyes are utterly despicable, so fixated be they on their own selfish pleasure and desires that they have unknowingly damned their souls to the pits of HELL for all eternity. There is a form of entertainment practiced by the masses, however, that remains completely devoid of any partaking in sin or unholy misdeeds; that of the engaging in LITERATURE, THE ARTS AND MUSICAL PURSUITS. In this thesis, it is my aim to enlighten the reader on my perspective, as well as perhaps inspire budding artists, actors and musicians to explore their craft with unyielding passion and due DILLIGENCE. A VALID FORM OF ESCAPISM? Now I can only assume what you might be thinking, dearest reader; surely the creative freedom of such roles can lead to open blasphemy and the denial of the existence of GOD. And whilst I do agree with this sentiment to a degree, the dissociation you must recognise is this; the committing of sin and vile degeneracy within works of fiction is more often than not a projection of the author’s cynical nature. It is rather the formation of archetypes based upon our own interpretation and stereotypes on sinners within our society. An author writing his story from the perspective of a greedy, opportunistic lecher for example does not make the author greedy and opportunistic personally. An actor playing the role of a homosexual sodomist in an opera does not mean the actor in question engages in unholy nocturnal proclivities. These are characters merely formed by intellectual minds crafted to show us the true appearance, motivations and actions of the SINFUL. These heinous and despicable characters are integrated as central chess pieces of the story’s revolving plot in order to educate and teach the mindsets of these degenerate characters and show us the signs of unfaithful people we may know in our reality. For those with the urges and inhibitions to commit vast sin, however, such outlets may prove as a valuable platform for which those afflicted with sinful nature and qualities might express sin without coming to CONFESSION. Whilst I am a great believer The Confiteor is a fantastic way of cleansing your mind and body from the misfortune of sinful words, actions and misdeeds, we often find in our modern society where hedonism, lechery and avarice is so rampant and wildly practiced by the less holy that many men and women are too ashamed to confess their sins before GOD, or lack the courage. By spilling out your temptations upon your work, whether it be depicted through artwork, spoke about or shown directly in a fictional or non-fictional novella or sung about in a raunchy minstrels song, you effectively commit sin without physically commiting sin, for lack of a better term. You expel and vent these wanton feelings upon your work so that you might not turn to them in mortal life, keeping you in good stead with the Church and OUR LORD GOD. INVOKING THE POSITIVE EMOTION GIVEN TO US BY GOD An artists depiction of HEAVEN and HELL. Heaven being the home of GOD AND THE HOLY, Hell being the home of IBLEES AND THE WICKED. Artpiece credited to Francis di Angelo. On a different side of the coin to my last point, however, is the positive emotions that literature, the arts and music can invoke for one’s soul and then many spiritual benefits one can reap from this to better their own lives and piety. As Humans we were put upon this mortal plane by GOD as intelligent yet feeble vessels. Where we can show CHARITY, we may also show GREED. Where we can carry ourselves with HUMILITY, we can also succumb to PRIDE. Where we might preserve our bodies and be CHASTE also lingers the desire for pleasure and LUST. It is these aspects of sin and virtue that separate the strong-minded to the weak-willed in our society; the model-citizen to the miscreant, the sinner to the saint. Such virtues and abject sins however can be the result one thing; our own primitive fragility and instincts. From my own study, many of the core VIRTUES are based upon character where much of the SINS are based upon emotion. WRATH for example, an emotion tempered by PATIENCE, a quality that in my experience is more learned than naturally gained. As followers of GOD, we must follow both his teachings and the follow the exemplary lives THE EXALTED and THE SAINTS. We must all strive, together as one community and one mind, as one following and one union to build these virtues and strengths of character both in ourselves, in those around us and the future generation to come. And what is one way we might do this, you might ask? The answer is quite simple; literature, music and artwork that inspire GODS followers to preach blessed virtue and invoke positive emotion within them. Emotions that can unlock their full potential, permit them to do more good in the world than harm and strive to lead their own souls into salvation as well as the souls around them, like a great shepherd flocking and tending to his sheep. A play about a kindly pauper, for example, might inspire it’s audience to show KINDNESS and CHARITY to those less fortunate. A ballad about a rich man losing his fortune due to his own pride and jealousy might inspire the listeners to be HUMBLE and leer away from becoming ENVIOUS. A painting depicting a murder might teach an observers the consequences of WRATH. This is the beauty of GOD we must find and rejoice in all things, and the lessons we can learn from them! IN CLOSING It’s my belief that literature, the arts and music is a vital component to our society and Empire: both in the form of valid entertainment, amusement and the TEACHING of lessons and morals that are not only pious and holy, but also we can draw upon to better ourselves as a person and better our chances of our souls reaching HEAVEN.
  3. “Nōn nōbīs, Domine, nōn nōbīs, sed nōminī tuō dā glōriam” utters Acolyte Sarkozy, signing the Lorraine Cross over his chest fervently.
  4. The Final Will of John Sigmar de Vitus Dated. 15th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1733 As my health ails and my afflictions grow more dire, I fully acknowledge that my demise is unpreventable. It is with this in mind that I draft this last request as an assurance of sorts contingent upon mine houses survival and that the de Vitus name might fully remain intact and not fade away into the analogs of history. Find my will enclosed below; Upon my death, I do request: My natural born son Sigismund Barrow is a legitimised as a full and trueborn son of myself, henceforth being known as Sigismund de Vitus. Any and all legitimate offspring of Sigismund are to also henceforth take the de Vitus name and formally join my household. This document is to be presented to the High Pontiff of the Canonist Church only, so that my will may be properly executed. Signed, His Lordship John Sigmar de Vitus, Baron of Vitzburg
  5. Edgar de Sarkozy feels deeply enlightened by his lesson, gaining +1 learning.
  6. My character, Shadow Ravenspire, is actually a transgendered lesbian elf who wields T5 flame magic and can pretty easily incinerate basic human knights xD Huh? No it’s not a self-insert lmao, of course you’d think that goon xD YIKES!!! Looks like we found the PvP goon!!! Yeah sweetheart, maybe you should learn a thing or two about making characters and actually RPing before you even try to judge a superior writer?!?!? Let me guess, you’re mad that you failed English in 5th grade so you take it out by clicking on an RP server... yep, looks like you kinda suck at hiding your insecurities! Well, I guess you can go back to frothing at the mouth and taking your rage out on Minecraft people while I improve my writing skills and RPing in Sutica while you grunt with other humans or try and rob people on the roads. Yeah, don’t try and tell me that you do ‘human RP’ as if that actually counts. Only Sutican RP, elven RP, and magic RP are fit for intellectually enlightened people such as myself- I guess you challenged people can stick to trying to emulate something that resembles writing!!!

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  7. Conrad de Falstaff heads to the tailors, commissioning some fine garments for the ball!
  8. Proddy


    Kazimir was born in the year 1732 to a poor family of farmers just outside of Helena, Oren. Grew up with a strong bond with his parents and one sister He was raised to endorse and strongly believe in the Canonist faith He assisted with his families work on the ranch from the tender age of 7, learning hard work and values Learning to read and write in his youth from his mother, he became infatuated with novels and literature, both fictional and non-fictional Grew up with many friends and acquaintances in his youth, such as stablehands and boys his age within and just outside of the capital Became something of a troublemaker and a slacker in as he grew into an adolescent, frequenting taverns and bars. Growing up a poor farmboy he began to desire more beyond his station His father would soon fall ill with tubercolosis and perish unexpectedly, though refuse to leave the farm and his assets to his son due to his slothful nature, passing them onto his daughter instead Has left his family farm and recently relocated into central Helena, seeking new propsects. (( OOC NOTE: This is an application for my alt account. I’m already a whitelisted player [MC name: barducci] but I’ve lost access to my main account so I can’t use the /freja command to link this account and get it whitelisted]
  9. why we can’t delete our own status updates is kinda silly but ok

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  10. John de Vitus nods his head in approval
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  12. John Sigmar de Vitus, newly appointed Magistrate of the Duchy of Adria and first cousin to Duke Adrian puts quill to ink and pen to paper, drafting the new legislation for the Ducal Law!
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