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  1. “Rochefort.” remarks a certain occasional scholar by the name of Friedrich van Haeger as he glosses through the tabloid, tossing it to the table afterward with a sigh. “Not Rochford. How is it that women with not a shred of literary competency keep endeavouring to become tabloid writers?”
  2. no real questions as such, just came to say that this looks very based. good job 6ex @6xdestroyer
  3. musket lore getting denied again is just further proof that australia is the underworld and all devils hail from the outback

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    2. BenjiBot_


      I will respond for them, as an Aussie- yes.

    3. Crevel


      Musket Lore being repeatedly proposed and denied is further proof that there is group of people on LotC that are suffering from the post-birth effects of inbreeding. After all, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity.

    4. Esterlen
  4. The youthful Franz Oswald de Sarkozy has his nanny iron his clothes in preparation, stuffing his face with sweet rolls whilst she's occupied.
  5. feel like **** just want flintlocks x

  6. Look after yourself bro. Never hesitate to pop me a message if you wanna chat
  7. Peter Amadeus de Sarkozy weeps from the heavens. "No more Corwinites!"
  8. Seated beside his elder brother as he fiddles about with a wooden figurine of an ISA Lieutenant, six year old Franz Oswald de Sarkozy blows a momentous raspberry. "Girls are stinky."
  9. A distant and long forgotten figure scowls.
  10. SECOND RESPONSE TO THE AL-FAHKR FROM THE OFFICE OF THE IZASLANIK VODACI ON THE BEHALF OF HIS SERENE GRACE, Andrik Vasovic, Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, Patriarch of House Vasovic, Defender of the Vasoyevi, The Prophesied One Dated; 5th of Godfreys Triumph, 1820 (Providentian Calendar) 5th ov Vzymey ag Hynk, 373 E.S. (Haensetian Calendar) 5th of the First Seed, 24 of the Second Age (Almarisian Calendar) For millennia, we Vasoyevi have taken great pride in acting as a pragmatic, forthright and earnest people. In our cul
  11. “Let justice be done.” remarks Franjo as he sits at his desk. A quill in hand as he ruminates over the prospect of chartering his own letter to the Fakhr Tribe and the Emir. With a sigh, he rubs his palm across his forehead, discarding his quill back into the pot from whence it came. “Though the world perish.”
  12. Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus

  13. In the aftermath of the battle, Franjo Samardzic would sit with Andrik in the comforting embrace of the Granj Vojvoda's tent. Seated at the table, they drink copious amounts of Vasoyevic rakija as they mull over the days events. For once, Franjo's expression would look entirely serious and stern - lips pressed into a firm line as his fingertips brush against his hairless chin. "We must keep a cautious eye on these Konchaks." the Izaslanik Vodaci would advise the Grand Duke with affirmation, tones devoid of any humour or mirth. "They could become a boon just as easily as they could
  14. @Lionbileti "My lord..." remarks a young footman of Luciensburg of the name of Hans Koomer as he watches Olivier de Savoie cut down a Norlandic youngling with a greatsword. "You killed a child..." he murmurs in shock, jaw unhinged akin to that of a vipers and eyes widened in a mad frenzy of shock. After a few moments, his look of shock fades as he gives a strong thumbs up and an approving nod. "Amazing! Mission complete! That's why you're the best, milord."
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