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  1. Name: Moss Mawce Kervallen Age: 50+ Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld (or plan to be): Yes
  2. Please someone up AFK timer- Istg if I lose my emote one more time

  3. Name: Moss Age: 51+ Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld (or plan to be): Yes!
  4. Looking for people to play automatons! :>

    1. Adelemphii


      play a golem today

  5. Moss reads over the strange idea... he somehow agrees to this, nodding slowly as he signs the document. "Fanscinating! I am definitely adding this to my list of how to kill a descendant 101!"
  6. Moss skims the document before promptly signing his name at the bottom!
  7. The newt skims over the paper, humming happily despite the contents of the page. His hand dips his quill into the green hued ink before signing off on the page.
  9. Moss taps his finger on the quill, scanning over the words. He hums happily and quickly signs his name on the bottom of the paper in sloppy cursive.
  10. Julian Bird-Watcher skims over the document. He gives a light shrug. Descendant's work didn't cease to surprise him but surely he wasn't moving out of Norland.
  11. A little newt squeals at the sight of the missive. His trinkets jingling as he bounds over to the paper container and obtains a sheet. Gathering his quill, he begins to sketch... not yet making any words. He appeared focused, as focused as a sorvian could be at least.
  12. The Atronach carefully reads over the letter. It was a silent period as he folded up the parchment and set it in his satchel. "Thank you, Father..." He raises his head to the sky, before dipping it gracefully and continuing foward to fulfill the final order Emir had lent to him...
  14. Mateo is angered! They Hyspian wishes this person to death and all eternity in hell!
  15. Lost with Time An empty manor perches in Helious, appearing void of any soul thriving from within. Occasionally, through the apertures, a figure can be observed with sullied hair. He can be perceived as a man who held capability within his digits, but never noticed how to manipulate it. Klaus paces unattended in his quarters. His survey draws to the window to the outside, sneaking in, as the outside dances with the breeze. Everything he knew transformed, it was expected. Almaris finally evacuated and the entirety of the continent made their way to Aevos, precious family and friends had passed. Now, Klaus was all to himself. The sounds of the ocean splash against the coast, the liquid drawing up and heaving back out in seconds. Seagulls swarm the waters, cawing to their delight: another wave, another whack against the shore. Klaus had begun to sense that this world wasn’t for him. Society was too cunning and swift, or maybe the fellow was a coward. A coward that hides at the thought of unpredictability. He brings himself to his feet, treads down the staircase and absent-mindedly gazes at the portraits of other red-haired folks. Their features and purpose served no importance. Every single one of them had forgotten about him. Klaus grasps his red overcoat, lobbing it over his shoulders and slithering his appendages into the sleeves. A rowboat tied to a post neighboring the docks remains idle. The bloke trudges to the familiarity, the sea. Klaus climbs into this ship, uncoiling the cords and seizing hold of its oars. He begins to row, setting out on a sentimental journey. Just as the world had turned its back on him, he turned his back on the world.
  16. Helious Festival 11th of The Grand Harvest, 116 SA. Activities Our goal for this festival is to celebrate our Duchy transforming into a Principality. For such occasions, we will be hosting games such as: Sparring- Take a step into the arena and duel till forfeit or defeat! Winners will receive 400 minas. Smithing Competition- Craft the hardiest blades to be put up through vigorous tests to prove their worthiness! Winners will earn 400 minas. Place We will be in Helious’ lovely Tavern (East Hub, Crown of Amethea) to grab food and beverages and moving outside to play games after everyone has had their fill. Signed, Klaus Franzen-Bishop OOC Information- February 24th at 6:45PM EST
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