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  1. They're quite literally brand new. Well, majority anyway. Pieces have been slowly built over the last few months.
  2. I like this, you're giving me ideas and you're really doing me a favour in the long run. There may be something of that extreme however I won't spoil it.
  3. -673 / 232 / 969 CALLING ALL CAVEMEN The Cave Project is coming along, and by coming along, I forgot about it until earlier and decided to trial an idea - it worked. So, we have more on the cave project and by more, I mean this cave is ******* massive. It's now also available to the public. I've thrown a picture in, like it helps but somewhere on there is the entrance. So, what do you need to do? It's designed to pretty much do these things: Set the basis for a long-range cave system, and confuse any explorers. Spook anyone out who isn't a spook, and empower spooks (Unless you get killboxed...) This specific line will extend towards Numendil & the hill by the forests kind of areas. There is currently 1 hidden entrance. This region will have 2 visible entrances, and 3 hidden entrances. There is death traps in this, you'll probably find it (and die) Just to add more issues, it reuses assets to break any familiariaty. Line 1, extension from Haense -> Hyspia runs around 4km straight excluding variances. Pro tip: If you see a gap of one block, you can shift and look down - it'll put you in crawl. This is still a work in progress [5%], the region still needs 3 asset parameters which I will gradually add overtime. But yeah, the entrance is in Haense roughly west of the main city. Happy hunting, guys. WhatTheCaveDoin Thank you @CapyTiger & @GajaTheMessiah for the titles. Thank you @GajaTheMessiah, @rathat, @LeDuxBerrie, @Waats and @Buggerts for testing the new variant. Late Addition: This is a screenshot of around 1/10th of the cave from above at the maximum vanilla/server distance settings.
  4. [!] This missive would be found from town to town, with no clear consistancy or pattern. It is however well written. [!] Hey, I'm an aspiring scholar in search of fame through bookwriting, and I figured to make a chaotic gesture of trying to start pen-pals. The world is a chaotic place, and the art of letters gives a safety net to understanding people prior to meeting them. I'm studying the Arcassian Inferi currently, and I am actively trying to understand more about Archeology and Paleontology though I wish to cover many more subjects. Maybe this effort is in vain, but everything is worth a shot. Kind regards, Alejandra de Alcaide [OOC: It's time to try and abuse the aviary plugin like holding 16 consistant chats with different people. I've also been alerted of a fear of using expensive paper, go resource island and cut down sugarcane. It's free.] [Directions: /Aviary Send WhatTheDoggDoin -> Alejandra de Alcaide]
  5. Hey, Dipshit here. I'm looking to play a new character, I want something that's a bit more ambitious. Honestly, anything - I am genuinely curious. My activity is returning and I have made some poor decisions for future plans so I can't drink anymore (Come on, April.) Religious, combat, noble. I'm honestly stumped, I wanna try something new. Right now I got these currently, all have their strong suits. Alejandra de Alcaide [Main] - Scholar, book writer, apprentice alchemist and libarian. Alicia de Rosius [Secondary] - Old-age vampire who exists to cause chaos. Emira 'Ivette Jr' d'Abbassia [Soon to be Secondary] - She's a kid, I have no full plan. Maybe an engineer/mathmatician. Pending [Pending] - Pending. Help me fill pending, hit me up. Secondary is just a designation, I fluctuate. Discord: barcardibreeza
  6. [!] This missive would be found out and about, often concealed in harder to find places. [!] Hey, Quite a bizzare writing, I know. Some of you may recognize my books, or maybe a few Lector's still live to remember the name. But, if you must know, I was born over a decade and a half ago and I, my wonderful people of Aevos am categorized as a darkspawn. I've lived a lot of tales, and I find it funny watching the world repremand the Paladin's for their actions - of course, an antagonist in my own regard yet still I do find the concept playful at best when you start comparing your heroes to their actions. We can start with Paladins, for one: When I was in my early twenties, a somewhat newly turned vampires. I was friends with the Paladins, and they weren't too sure what I was. I was different, for one, just not a threat yet I helped. Well, just outside of Elysium in Almaris - we made a little whoopsie. Due to circumstances left unseen, we ended up in a tricky predicament with civilians of the unarmed nature and in protection of our own life (Despite being armed and able to retreat.) We executed seven civilians and covered up the incident. This was considered an uncontrollable dilema, and kept from the public eyes. What is even more funny however, is my removal from that sector once we were discovered to actually be Darkspawn. Not freaks of nature that were gifted - we were evil creatures meant to be culled from existance. Funny, everything I did before then was safely done through trade. I didn't feel evil, not until I was cast as one so where does that lead me? The Lectors of Owyn, who actually in all fairness, were fairly civil. They were harsh, and strong to their beliefs. I acted in silence, hiding from the cover of a naive girl and made what I believe to be friends. But, being cast as a villain, you're bound to be sought out by others. So, eventually a coven found me and I was adopted into what seemed like the closest thing to family. So I made mistakes trying to live, but I still did my best. I supported businesses and charitable services, and I worked to try and make the world a better place than I left it. But, this family wasn't bound to last long and eventually a Lectorate testing in Yong Ping left me defenseless. The Lectors discovered my sickly secret, and despite surrendering without any issue - I was nearly beaten to death, being comatosed and perminantly damaged mentally. From there, I was ostracized and abandoned. For what I thought was the bottom, I surely had set foot in quick sand. So where does that lead me, defenseless on the roam. I had now become a loose cannon, afraid of the Paladin's who cured me and discarded by anyone I had considered a friend. Each and every one as the smoke settled from what vampires really were left me for dead. So who finds me, and forcefully converts me back into the thing I was hunted for. The coven; the closest thing I had to a family. I know my words will be read by blank eyes, and my legacy will forever be tarnished. But if you really wish to solve the vampire issue, the answer was never with an iron fist. Regardless of how many times you try to cull the society, it'll just regrow in the shadows and restart when all we had to do was prosper together in unison. Why do I write? My story is one of age, seeing societies rise and fall with a constant motive. You all became too obsessed with purity, and fell apart from within. You just needed a universal threat to distract yourself from the reality that you will die either by your own hand, or by your allys. You'll also never find me, unfortunately. Regards, Alicia de Rosius
  7. Main issue is prioritising what, since all of them take time. They're all viable strategies. Also allows people to voice concerns or suggestions, since I know I am missing something.
  8. So, for those who you who remember me. Probably recognize I have a tendency to go rogue, and do a lot of random shit. Maybe it's years of cocaine abuse, a little bit of ADHD or maybe if I was a horse, I have a promising career in a glue factory. Maybe, just maybe, it's all three. But, I also am known to die. I have a life, but I always end up back here. And, Arthur, my boy. I have a plan. If any of you remember, before I became eratic on my log-ins. I had a dream, one big cave. It was going to be beautiful, majestic, damn right spook-ifying. But, I forgot the sole issue with something of this scale. It's a ******* nightmare to create, the one built nearby Haense totals around 30 hours. That's a fraction of what had to be done, so, we move back to theoretics. How do we achieve it easier? The real answer is a difficult fight to either spend the time to test theories, which they were. By Hohkmat, two tunnels beside and to the north of it exist which show the variable methods used - but they're not effective, require too much time and lost too much quality as a consequence. But, I have a plan to counter it - it just requires mathmatics, and a lot of variables. Unfortunately the best way to tackle this intrusive need to build a spook paradise unheard of before isn't with a point and click adventure, but having to attend my maths class (I'm 23, I made a stupid decision to try and get my GCSE.) So, without any prior consultation with Squak, who likely thinks I am dead (I don't speak a lot), I come to the community with the offer to help decide where to devote my time into projects to increase quality of life across the map to provide more roleplay opportunities to the community which are disregarded due to the complexity of setting them up - in essence, my time and logic to try and achieve something new. Just a forewarning: None of these have been discussed, so even if liked, it could get shut down. Like I said, Rogue. Here are just a few, but I would sure appreciate any other suggestions. Some are primarily to be worked on by themselves, and some work hand-in-hand. The Cave Project (CI-1) Description: Effectively a big ass cave system which spans the entire map, which would allow people to travel below ground over great distances for time and time again with opportunities for random events either done by players, or staff who are able to utelize it while giving new entry ways to illegal businesses, covens or cults without having a blatant entrance above; while you may be able to look above from the sky on map, this disallows it - causing the players to have to explore if they wish to map it and even then, good luck using in-game mechanics. Should the framework be complete, I also want to appeal to allow people to use smaller scale tunnels to be able to smuggle into city and add a new ambience to guard and criminal roleplay - which armour-lockers, to prevent raid mechanics or roleplay zones which prevent certain movements (I am probably waffling, but that's why it is a later idea.) Currently Bottlenecks: Time, is the greatest issue. Unlike A12, this is a non-stop fight which cannot be relied on world edit through and through unless I can figure out the full maths cycle to be able to do tunnels effectively in a superb build style which is theoretically possible; I know the capability is there, but would require a lot of time to work through. I got the idea through game assets, which can partially be used in such a way however it will subtract on the build quality and still require an extensive amount of time. The Pros: Underground travel network, prime for on-foot or railway expansion like Arcas. Rare materials would be harder to find and reach, if correctly placed. Safer space for criminal and spook activities, while more dangerous for hero roleplay. Should the theoretics be achieved, the same could be easily done for the next map and even improved. The Cons: Could split roleplay up, making it more accessible for spooks to hide in the shadows without higher interaction. Potential "Kill Boxs" within the caves, for any unlucky traveller (POV: You pass Krug's border) Production time would be extensive, and potentially lead to a burn-out without the proper theoretics design to cut time. Archeology/Paleontology Project (CI-2) Description: This would actually partially be included with the above category, but the building of fossil and archeological digsites with pre-written lore and markers which can be used to recognize and request an ST/MT to be able to begin working on it and uncovering what they could helping facilitate archeological roleplay like the start of Almaris. It was a really niche subject, but opened a few different vectors and supported the ability for people to theorise and speculate on the contents on the map which from what I can see in Aevos, isn't happening as much (You guys need to stop going to war and read a book, preferably the Art of War - I want more war.) I know old build sites, maybe from the start of the map, or even before would probably get greenlit but I definitely have my eyes on trying to introduce extinct animals or rare animals in such a way where people can try and gain a knowledge structure on it in the bones. Same with fauna, ecosystems, I know someone out there will love it (Including myself.) Current Bottlenecks: Pissing off story team on a subject I know nothing about, I just build. I've got a few ways how to do it and make finding it natural, instead of /rg info abuse. Leaving Pros and Cons blank because it's a newish concept for me. Wildlife Resources & Hunting (CI-3) Description: I partially saw a bit of this when we had the plugin during Almaris everyone hated because in all honesty, trying to find information how to use it sucked ass. That, or I am mentally deficient (Probably both). But this would entail trying to scout through all the wilderness of Aevos, and building ecosystems which can be partially interacted with or utelized for player events which require minimal effort on story to interact with. Just a kinda checksheet, log and everything like that to keep everything in check: E.G. I can imagine some solo will ******* massacre the entire region for shits and giggles on a solo roleplay adventure. This would try to work with the confines of the game mechanics, to allow spawning of animals with NPC animals about - and I also remember some plugins that could work well but I don't know if they made the Almaris to Aevos jump (I've got it in my head about a Ravager disguised as a bear which will **** up anyone who goes into it's den.) Cool idea, fairly simple to implement just requires a bit of provisioning to get it right. Current Bottlenecks: My time, effort and approval from higher ups. Leaving Pros and Cons blank because it's a newish concept for me. Discover The Wilderness (CI-4) Description: This name is misleading, in all honesty. But, I feel the urge to go and adventure on a whim abroad to try and find the treasure of Henry Every in a fantasy of making my riches unconventionally and I figured I am surely not alone in this pipe dream. So, **** it - why not add an entire system of treasure hunts across the maps to discover treasures of gold, the knowledge of ancients or some other shit. Really basic stuff here, treasure hunts and redstone contraptions which will make me want to pugsy Aaun (There is no prejudice, just seems like the easiest target) and hopefully some rag tag band of adventurers can have some fun out of trying to figure out how to solve it. It's an easy player-driven idea, just requires the time to build it and approval from the higher ups to get the assets. I've seen the theory for this before, just not really put into this big of a scale of what I would want to do. Current Bottlenecks: My time, effort and approval from higher ups. Leaving Pros and Cons blank because it's a newish concept for me. This is everything I have in my head right now, if you have any ideas I can throw up to get approval, shoot them. I don't ask the community for ego (POV: You're MonMarty), I ask so I don't spend my time on something that isn't used.11 And, uh. Hi, Squak and Dingo.
  9. Hard-PK if they don't log in. This is unconfirmed baseless spectacle from the opposition in an effort to slander my campaign. Yes.
  10. Guys, this is in EVERYONE'S best interest! What's the chances on an unexpected vampire uprising to slay the streets of Haense?
  11. Good afternoon/morning, I will keep this simple and sweet. Halloween, spooky time right? You go outside, beer and keys in hand, quick little drive over to the supermarket. Rack up a few wanted stars, while you become a cult hero for slaying numerous beasts like the Lectors of old. But, and hear me out, I have an idea. The Halloween Purge (Trademarked)! Hard-PK enforced, 24 hour period. To get us started, I have listed a set of pros and cons. Pros: It'd be awesome. It wouldn't be abused. I can finally kill a god. Cons: None. I've made a petition, let's get this in the works. Kind regards, Ex-World Staff
  12. This was such a poor decision to change the name.

  13. Round 2, let's go. OOC INFO: MC Name: BarcardiBreeza Discord: barcardibreeza RP INFO: Character’s name: Niña de Alcaide. Character’s race: Human, Santagian. Any particular skills: Scholar with numerous proficiencies in different subjects. Experience with cave section navigation, actively working on Aevos Zoological Compendium. Affiliations and Allegiances: Haelun'or, no official affiliation. Additional Information: Suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, with 5 identified personalities.
  14. Hello, Let's keep this short and sweet. I am Barcardi, I build caves and main spooks. This edict situation, it's less than optimal. Which is why I wanna multitask, since I am dying inside being limited to a few areas on my main. Anyone looking for someone to play their child? I can sort the skins, head, and future tasking. I'm self-sufficient, just get bored very quickly if the family is quiet. Want to be able to do spy work, if I'm in a cool enough city, or monster-hunting. Preferably human. I've got no real preference, just want an alternative. (May cave back into Spook RP) Also now realising I am going to be meta'd because of this. Either way, I'll be needing a new character. If you're looking for another player, hit up my discord at barcardibreeza
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