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  1. In Tristand Jean's final moments, the only thought that lingered in his mind was the bitter realization that he couldn't avenge Louis. He layed lifeless on the battlefield, meeting the same fate as his eldest brother had before him.
  2. THE UNITING OF HOUSES Tristand Dresnay & Eleanore de Falstaff, SA 158 In the tranquil embrace of Stassion's expansive gardens, where the fragrant blooms whispered secrets in the gentle breeze, a clandestine union unfolded. Tristand Dresnay, found himself under the scrutiny of Henri Frederik, his dearest friend and brother in arms. The hushed whispers of anticipation mingled with the soft rustling of leaves as Tristand stood before Henri, seeking his blessing for a union that was as unexpected. Eleanore, Henri's cherished sister, adorned in an elegant gown that swirled around her, stood beside Tristand. Her features radiated a mix of emotions, joy, apprehension, and an unspoken adoration for the man who stood by her side. With a subtle nod from Henri, the arrangement was sealed. And thus was their union sanctioned by the benevolence of the House de Falstaff beneath the watchful gaze of GOD, as Tristand and Eleanore embarked on a path paved with the weight of their affections and noble responsibilities.
  3. MC Name: Continuate RP Name: Sir Tristand de Valcour Persona ID: 85556
  4. Once Tristand Dresnay read through the announcement of the upcoming Juliyafest, he couldn't help but feel frustration. The thought of joy that the festival would bring to the Haeseni people, only served to deepen his anger. He muttered a quiet wish under his breath, "May this festival meet its ruin."
  5. Tristand Dresnay's eyes burned with a mixture of sadness and seething anger as he recited the words, "Blood for blood." The deep sense of sorrow for his brother's untimely death was now intertwined with an unwavering desire for vengeance.
  6. In response to the solemn news of Prince Ottomar II's passing, Tristand Dresnay set about preparing gifts and offerings in honor of the departed. Each item was selected with great care, as he meticulously arranged them, seeking to pay his respects in a manner befitting the late Prince.
  7. Tristand Dresnay, the first Baron of Valcour was most overjoyed to have received the title, although he was most troubled due to tragedy that occured to his eldest brother. "It is a glorious day to have received that which my brother was not able to have, we will do you proud, Louis. You will be avenged."
  8. Louis Dresnay's lifeless body, felled by the hand of Aleksandr II, lay cradled within the grasp of Haense. A hushed solemnity blanketed the scene, as the life that had once animated his form was now but a memory.
  9. A BOND FORGED IN YOUTH Louis Dresnay & Celianne, SA 127 In the golden days of youth, when the sun cast long shadows upon the training yard of the Dresnay family, a young Louis Dresnay stood with his father, Tristand, on a crisp morning. His sword training had just concluded, and he was eager to sheath his blade. Little did he know that this day would etch a memory into his heart, a memory bound to last a lifetime. As the morning sun painted the sky in hues of amber and rose, Tristand Dresnay, the patriarch of the Dresnay family, stepped forward, his eyes filled with pride and warmth. In his hands, he held the reins of a magnificent steed, a horse of regal bearing and a spirit as untamed as the wind. This noble equine bore a name, one that would become inseparable from Louis's destiny — Celianne. With a knowing smile, Tristand presented Celianne to his young son, who stood in awe before the magnificent creature. A bond was forged that day, not just between a boy and his horse, but between a father and a son. Louis was enraptured by the graceful power of Celianne, her coat glistening like polished onyx, her eyes mirroring the spirit of the untamed wilderness. He ran his small hands along her flanks, feeling the surge of strength that lay beneath her velvety skin. Louis's eyes shimmered with delight, and a radiant smile graced his face. With time, Louis and Celianne would become inseparable companions, their bond transcending the boundaries of rider and steed. Together, they would gallop across sweeping plains, their hearts in harmony. And so, as the years passed, the memory of that crisp morning remained etched in Louis's heart, a symbol of the unbreakable connection between a boy, his father, and the steed that carried them on the path of chivalry and adventure.
  10. A WARRIOR’S REFLECTION Philippe Dresnay, SA 71 In the wake of battle's thunderous echo, as dust and steel settled, Philippe Dresnay, the venerable founder of the Dresnay family, took quill to parchment to etch his thoughts and reflections upon the very soul of the battlefield. His words, forged by courage and tempered by valor, resonate through the ages as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the warrior. - Where hearts of courage and mettle doth tread, On fields where destiny and honor are wed, The battlefield's song, a resolute decree, A symphony of valor, born forever free. - Beneath the sun's fierce blaze, our spirits rise, In the furnace of battle, where destiny lies, With steel in hand, and purpose unwavering, We march as one, our valor unswerving. - Through the storm of conflict, in valor's name, On this hallowed ground, where legends claim, We write our story in the sands of time, A saga of courage, in prose and rhyme. - With each step forward, a legacy's embrace, In the crucible of war, we find our place, I n the grand epic of valor and might, We stand as one, in honor's light.
  11. LEVY OF HOUSE DRESNAY FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF THE DRESNAY LEVY DE GUERRIERS, UNI COMME UN From warriors, united as one — Are you prepared to embrace the summons of valor, honor, and an enduring dedication to preserving our heritage and realm? The Dresnay Levy extends a cordial invitation to join our esteemed fellowship, unified by resolute martial traditions, obligation, and a common bond of comradeship. I. WHO WE ARE The Dresnay Levy transcends being a mere martial unit; it stands as a committed kinship of warriors, where the principles of honor, bravery, and unwavering loyalty reign supreme. We are the resolute protectors of our homeland, our legacy firmly anchored in a storied past of valor and commitment. II. WHAT WE PROVIDE Comprehensive Training | As a member of the Dresnay Levy, you will receive exemplary training in the art of warfare. We will refine your skills to mold you into a formidable force on the battlefield. Unity and Brotherhood | Join a fellowship of warriors who will stand by your side in the face of adversity. The bonds you forge with your fellow Levy members will endure as a lifelong connection. Honor and Tradition | Embrace the timeless traditions and values that define the Dresnay family. Uphold the code of honor and perpetuate a legacy of valor. III. WHO WE SEEK We seek individuals who are poised to dedicate themselves to the defense of our realm. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned warrior or a novice embarking on your journey, if you possess determination, a warrior's spirit, and a willingness to learn, you will be received with open arms. IV. JOIN US TODAY The Dresnay Levy is more than just a military unit; it represents a way of life. If you are ready to inscribe your own chapter in our storied history, to stand with us on the battlefield, and to become a part of a family that upholds the values of honor and martial excellence, then the Dresnay Levy beckons you. Enlist today, and together, we will protect our realm and perpetuate the legacy of the Dresnay family. Embrace the call to valor, courage, and unity. Signed, Louis Dresnay, patriarch of House Dresnay
  12. HOUSE DRESNAY HISTORY & ORIGINS D’UNE TERRE À L’AUTRE, NOUS RESTONS UNIS From one land to another, we remain united — The House of Dresnay, an illustrious militaristic lineage, where valor, honor, and a profound commitment to heritage had been treasured above all else. Within Savoy they had been renowned for their rich military traditions and unwavering loyalty, House Dresnay stood as a paragon of chivalry and culture preservation. TABLE OF CONTENT: I. HISTORY II. CULTURE & TRADITIONS III. HEIRLOOMS IV. HONOR CODE & OATHS I. HISTORY The Dresnay lineage was founded by a formidable warrior known as Philippe Dresnay, and his wife Marie Dresnay who was a scholar in fine arts. Famed for his mastery of combat, he was a relentless defender of the people in the heartlands. Philippe's unwavering commitment to safeguarding his lands and the prosperity of his people laid the foundation for the militaristic legacy of the Dresnay family. Over generations, the Dresnay family not only preserved but also fortified this legacy. Each successor, trained from a young age in the ways of warfare, carried forth the family's time-honored values. They were taught that martial prowess was not just a choice but an obligation, a duty to the honor of their name. The family's storied coat of arms, featuring a resplendent sword and an unyielding shield, became a symbol of their unswerving dedication to their martial heritage. This emblem, displayed proudly on banners and family crests, served as a constant reminder of their mission. Louis Dresnay, destined to lead the family, stepped into his role as the successor, following the tradition of generations of combat excellence. In the Dresnay House, it was a long-standing custom to raise their eldest sons as warriors, recognizing their pivotal role in ensuring the family's prosperity When his father's reign came to an end due to a mysterious ailment that could not be cured, Louis ascended to leadership, becoming the new head of the family. During his rule, he continued the family's unswerving commitment to the art of warfare, with no matriarch involved. In the House of Dresnay, the focus remained steadfastly on military prowess, and the battlefield was where they truly shone. In the contemporary era, the House of Dresnay continues to be a formidable force, known for their battlefield expertise and dedication to safeguarding their realm. At the helm of this family stands Louis Dresnay, a strong and capable leader dedicated to preserving the family's heritage and values. II. CULTURE & TRADITIONS The House Dresnay Culture and Traditions come from two lands, though they practice more of their Aaunic traditions. As they have been far more in touch with their Aaunic Heritage they have more information and understand this side of their bloodline far more. Heritage | Language and Traditions: The members of House Dresnay honor their Orenian heritage through the use of Auvergnian speech, preserving the rich linguistic tradition of the region. They partake in local customs, such as embodying the warmth and hospitality that the Auvergnian people are renowned for and following Cannonism. Cuisine and Gastronomy | Auvergnian cuisine is celebrated within the house, with traditional dishes like tourtière, pouding chômeur, and poutine gracing the dining tables. The Dresnay family prides itself on using locally-sourced ingredients and hosting grand feasts that showcase the region's culinary excellence. Arts and Literature | House Dresnay is a patron of the arts, supporting local artists, musicians, and artisans. The house is adorned with Auvergnian art, timeless literature, and traditional Auvergnian music is often heard in the halls. Chivalric Tradition | Code of Chivalry | House Dresnay upholds a strong code of chivalry, where honor, courage, and duty are held in the highest regard. Knights and members of the house are expected to conduct themselves with grace and valor, protecting the realm and its people. Heraldry | Heraldic symbols are of great significance in House Dresnay. The family's coat of arms, featuring a fleur-de-lis and a knight's helm, is proudly displayed on banners, shields, and family crests. These symbols serve as a testament to the family's values and history. Knighthood and the Quest for Virtue | Young members of the house are trained in the ways of knighthood, instilling in them a sense of honor and a commitment to the pursuit of virtue. This training includes education in ethics, martial skills, and service to the realm. This unique blend of Aaun’s heritage and chivalric tradition defines the culture of House Dresnay. It fosters a deep connection to their roots and a commitment to the noble ideals of honor, courage, and service that have been passed down through the generations. III. HEIRLOOMS The Patriarchal Ring | A signet ring that once belonged to the first patriarch of House Dresnay. It is worn by the head of the family as a symbol of their authority. The Gilded Fleur-de-lis Brooch | A beautifully crafted brooch featuring the golden fleur-de-lis. Passed down for generations, it serves as a symbol of the family’s cultural identity and pride. The Valiant Sword of Étienne Dresnay | A magnificent, ornate sword once wielded by the valiant Étienne Dresnay, a revered ancestor of the house. This sword symbolizes the family’s commitment to chivalry and martial prowess. Tiara of Marie | A silver tiara which borned pearls rather than jewels , to them represent Purity, and Power. The first Dame of Dresnay wore these, and passed them down to the eldest daughters. To symbolize that the women of the family are pure, as well as strong. IV. HONOR CODE & OATHS In the esteemed tradition of the Levy of House Dresnay, we, the sworn protectors, solemnly pledge to uphold the highest principles of loyalty, valor, and unwavering fidelity to our liege, the Seigneur de la Maison. Oath of Allegiance | We, the loyal Levy of House Dresnay, do vow our undying fealty to our liege, to serve with honor, and to safeguard the house, its lands, and its people. Chivalric Fidelity | We shall be guided in accordance with the principles of chivalry, respecting honesty, courage, and compassion in all our actions, whether there is peace or conflict. Vigilance and Resolve | We stand as sentinels of our realm, ever watchful and steadfast in our duty, guarding against threats, foreign and domestic, to preserve the honor of House Dresnay. Unity and Brotherhood | We shall foster camaraderie and unity amongst our ranks, standing as one united force, for in unity lies our strength. Protection of the Weak | In our service, we shall protect the defenseless, champion justice, and extend our benevolence to those in need, for a true knight's heart is a compassionate one. Respect for Tradition | We shall hold dear the traditions, customs, and heritage of our esteemed House, maintaining the honor and reputation it has garnered throughout generations. Valiant Conduct | We shall face adversity with valor, never shying from our sworn duty, no matter the personal peril, for it is in the crucible of duty that true valor is tested. Grace in Victory and Defeat | In both victory and defeat, we shall display grace, humility, and sportsmanship, as these virtues are the hallmarks of nobility. Loyalty unto Death | Our loyalty to the Seigneur de la Maison is unyielding. Even in the face of adversity, we shall remain steadfast and true, upholding the honor of House Dresnay until our last breath. This Code of Honor, a sacred testament, serves as an enduring reminder of our resolute commitment to both our esteemed house and the lofty ideals it embodies. With a loyalty that knows no bounds and an unswerving dedication, we pledge to forever uphold our role as the unwavering sentinels, safeguarding our liege and exemplifying valor and chivalry within the realm.
  13. Ivan Jaroslavich read through the invitation letter, and once finished, he began folding the letter's edges until it took the form of a paper boat. After that, he set the origami boat atop a lake, and it started its voyage across the waters.
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