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  1. MSCIWOJ’S MISSION: LOOKING FOR FRIENDS! A painting of Lord Msciwoj August Jazlowiecki Dobry dzień! Me is Msciwoj August Jazlowiecki! Me is an eighteen year old boy looking for FRIENDS! Me want to have fun with people in The Heartlander Confederation with others! Me NEED friends! Me is a dobry man and me need friends with similar interests! Me will be friendly! Trust me! Signed, LORD MSCIWOJ AUGUST JAZLOWIECKI *Note made by direct family Msciwoj suffers from a hunchback, a great underbite and has clubfeet. Please keep this in mind when you are befriending him.
  2. Name: Michael Sergius de Witt IGN: Franczhiz Age:34 Province: Aaun Address: N/A Campaigning for: Garmont Assembly Discord: fr4nc1sz
  3. THE SOKOL MOVEMENT c. 1919 As founded by His Lordship, Aleksander Wilhelm Jazloviecki His Excellency, Caius Godwin, First Sea Lord and Admiral of the Royal Aaunic Navy His Lordship, Witold Piotr Jazloviecki His Lordship, Mikhail Stefan Jazloviecki Current Chairman: Michael Sergius de Witt Current Vice Chairman: Unappointed The Sokol Movement is a political religious movement that is a devout supporter of Human Supremacism, Canonist Supremacism, Heartlander Nationalism and Pan-Canonism. The aim of the movement is to maintain a strong position of the Holy Church in realms ruled by humans and the belief that the Heartlands will be the center for the reunification of man, where Canonists will all unite oncemore. The structure of the organization is hierarchical and can involve nobility, commoners and clergymen. Members of the organization are tasked with defending the Pontiff and other men of the cloth at public events, and in the name of salvation and life after death in the Seven Skies, to lay down their lives in their defense if necessary. Ideologies: I. Canonist supremacism Canonism is the one true faith, and is therefore the one true religion where humanity must adhere to. II. Human supremacism Man are the ones who ascend into the Seven Skies, the intelligence of man has brought many Empires and Kingdoms upon this realm and are our backbone. From Exalted Horen, to the many Kings and Queens who now rule over man. III. Heartlander Nationalism The pride of being a Heartlander and the belief that the Heartlands is where a grand unification of Heartlanders shall commence oncemore. Even with those who hail from the diaspora. IV. Pan-Canonism The belief that Canonists must all be united in both faith and realms, for a centralized region of all Canonists to come to fruition and to be united against external threats upon our faith. V. Anti-Aurelianism The strong belief that those who adhere to the heretical belief that Emperor Aurelius is an Exalted, are to be rightfully persecuted within Canonist lands for their schism of the one true Church. The hierarchy of the movement is divided into four tiers: Chairman - An individual elected by other members of the Sokol Movement, holding the highest authority. Clergymen - All servants of God that want to join the movement and bless the militia before their guard duty commences. Militants - Armed members of the Sokol Movement who are tasked with protecting all men of the cloth during church services and other public events where their lives may be at risk. They are also to protect all of man should their help be called upon. Common members of the movement - People who are encouraged to spread the word of God and join the social ranks to further promote our ideals and beliefs. Membership The Sokol Movement does not have have a registered membership. To support the cause, you can simply wear a green sash, or wear a green medal.
  4. I find it pretty amusing about the fact that I am religious IRL somehow influences the roleplay I do. Ask an atheist who roleplays a clergyman and you will see that he or she has to comply to the things dictated in a fictional fantasy book. To say that is due to an IRL influence of religion is a bit of a biased POV. The whole point of my post is that: When you could comment out of celebration for "Trans visibility day" on the post dedicated for it, I do not see how the comments aforementioned can be taken as respectful given it is dedicated to a religious day which obviously adheres to its scriptures. In regards to "wrong translations" of the Bible however: "You can reference a man-made bible all you want; the translations have never (nor will ever be) wholly accurate. Specifically about the second verse you've quoted (of which I am sure you know how often it is used to be a literal ignorant against queer people), I'd suggest you to explore anything other than the predominant western Christianity beliefs and bible. You would find out that not only the terms used in both the verse you've hyperlinked and other western holy scriptures were recently coined in modern languages like english, but also that there is little to nothing proving that any of the prophets in the Hebrew bible mention any of them or let alone what you accuse somebody else of "preaching"." - @Songwitch It is always an excuse to use "wrong translation" as something to justify a sin which is completely intolerant within Bibles to use it to backfire against people adherent to the Bible. Yet, depending on what you are looking at, most of the present day used Bibles do not fall under the category of "Bible Errata", and none of the translations have changed anything in regards to tolerance of the act of homosexuality. Most of the points made regarding "wrong translations" have been of personal criticism without a valid argumentation or source for it. Perhaps it is of comfort to know that all the copies of the print mistakes and other translations have been destroyed or have stopped in making them and are now sold at auctions. Source and definitions of Bible Errata: Bible Errate is a category of errors and a list of print mistakes, and unconventional translations within Bibles made from the year 800 until 1944, of which many were declared as heretical. Bible Errata Though, I am signing out from the conversation to spend some nice time in prayer.
  5. "To Markus Marie "The Adunian" Spare me the historical lecture regarding how Dumacracy came to be as we now live a few hundred years past that. It would seem that your father has instilled the skill of manipulation and the will to puppeteer an entire election. The House of Varoche and Montelliano have cherished their Adrian history which includes Duke Paul Varoche, long after your father made the idiotic and barbaric decision for a war of independence and taking the lives of innocent men, women and children in the lands of Aaun. It is however of poor judgement to say that they do not cherish their heritage because they had contributed in the Adria that your treasonous kind of a father led as they too have played part in the establishment of Adria in its past, and they likely did a better job at leading the Duchy then cooperating with Neo-Renatians who were out for the blood of those around them. If it was not for the House of Varoche and Montelliano, your father would not have been a Duke, but then the dream of those who opposed him would come true; the title to be put in abeyance. You blame these Houses for not cherishing their Adrian heritage, then what is the TRUE cherishing of Adrian heritage? Spilling blood for your own gain like your father or spitting on the historical signifance by becoming a vassal of Adunians? If you can remember well, it was independence for which your father slaughtered innocents, so let us pray that the Adunians will not go through a similar fate as our martyred brothers and sisters in Canondom. You say they ignore their ancestry, and Adrian heritage, yet it seems that the Horenic genetics that have come from the circle-succession and plotting Dukes of Adria after Adrian I, Josip II, and the other lot whose blood runs through your veins, have played in a big role within your act as the puppeteer of this election. The Patricians know the truth. And soon everyone else will. Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic"
  6. "You'd do me quite the favor as I would rather die then to see the title of Adria be subject as a vassal under a Kingdom of Adunians. The only good Adria, is the independent Adria, if that is not possible, then abeyance is the best option." Stated Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic
  7. "To His Holiness, Caius Primus If you are an advocate for peace and for the outcome of a fair election that provides such a peace by the means of using Dumacracy, then the only way to do so is to allow the patrician Houses who have been left out to vote in the Duma. I do not rebuke you, I rebuke the very fact that the House Varoche and Montelliano have not been given the chance to determine the future of the very Duchy they were once a part of. As you have said before, this matter is a secular affair and I do not question your Holiness's authority, but I question the breach of Adrian Dumacracy and the Dumacratic Tradition. As aforementioned, it has always been the case that all the Houses who have historically contributed to Adria have a place to vote for its future. For excluding the honorable Houses of Varoche and Montelliano, it can not be seen as a "fair" resolution to exclude them to provide the Patrician Houses mentioned on the list made by Your Holiness with a "fair Duma". To exclude these honorable Houses is to exclude history. The right and total amount of Patrician Houses to decide the future of Adria is the backbone of the Duma. Signed, Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic"
  8. A depiction of a man burning a serpent, a symbol of deceit and betrayal, with the body of a crow, symbolizing the title of Duke of Adria being destroyed by “noblemen” and “noblewomen” who have the same characteristics as that of the serpent. The other flying crows, symbolizing the free and the truly noble Houses pecking at the serpent. THIS SIXTH DUMAPALOOZA HAS BEEN A FARCE and a CHARADE, The list of electors did not contain all the patrician Houses as per tradition of the Dumapalooza, for everyone who has contributed to the Duchy is allowed to be invited. The Houses of Varoche and Montelliano were intentionally excluded as they did not deny a vote out of their own will, but were purposefully vacated from their patrician seats. The House of Varoche even having held the title of Duke of Adria and not having been invited is an orchestrated act by itself for the current “Duke of Adria” would know what the outcome would have been. Including the House of Montelliano which had a significant impact on the idea of an Adria! To leave these honorable Houses out of the Dumapalooza is nothing more but a power play to reaffirm the now so-called ‘Duke’, who has continuously fought alongside anathema, the murderers of King Edmund II and the League of Veletz who fought alongside those barbarians against Princes of CANONDOM. To exclude honorable Houses who have contributed years to Adria is almost as if someone would want a situation much like that of the forefather of many within the electorate, named Joseph “The Mad” Sarkozic who had slain people within the Duma to enthrone himself as Duke. There is no fairness in leaving these Houses out for their vote is what gives meaning to the entirety of Dumacracy! It has always been the case that a fair Dumapalooza is one where everyone has been historically invited to one. Give the Houses Varoche and Montelliano their seats back and let them never be disrespected like this ever again for their contributions to the Duchy of Adria is much more than what most of the Adrian “noble” houses as of now can account for. It is therefore that I call upon the Patrician Houses who are in favor of allowing the House of Varoche and House of Montelliano back to their seats as elector to sign this missive and then should all be in favor, I, Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic will forfeit my right as elector for the House of Sarkozic van Aaun. V CHEST’ DREVNIKH VORON, IN HONOR OF THE ANCIENT CROWS, MIKHAIL SERGEI SARKOZIC EMILIO VAROCHE, COUNT OF VAROCHE STEFANO DE MONTELLIANO
  9. To His Holiness Caius Primus, The House Sarkozic var Aaun votes for the House Barbanov, as successor to Adria to rectify the many wrongs made in the past by the recent predecessors of Markus Marie Sarkozic. We vote that the House Barbanov is to be granted the title of Duke of Adria and to do with it what ever His Majesty deems fit. Signed, Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic var Aaun
  10. Upon a rather late timing, Father Edmund realized something.. "What of the House Varoche? Are they not a historical contribution to the Duchy? So much so that they are able to vote within this Dumapalooza? and perhaps the next that will determine the future of Adria?"
  11. "Why bring an Empire back that had stirred so much chaos..?" Asked Father Edmund. "I can not see how an Empire in this day and age would make sense given the present relations between the realms of Man. I'd rather jump off of the Hand of Horen then to see another Empire rise which had persecuted Canonist clergy in the past."
  12. Echoes of Solace: The Journey of Edmund Amadeus Father Edmund wrote and sat next to an icon of his great-grandfather, Charles I, the first King of Aaun. In shadows cast by moonlit night, I, Edmund Amadeus, lost in plight, Abandoned by kin, forsaken, forsworn, Left to weather sorrow since the day I was born. My mother, fleeting, chose To tread the path where treason grows, League of Veletz, treacherous band, Her whispers vanished like grains of sand. Father's face a distant dream, Never known, a silent stream, Flowing through the mist of time, His absence a mountain I cannot climb. Alone I wandered, heart heavy with woe, In the wilderness of life's cruel flow, But amidst the darkness, a flicker of light, A calling beckoned through the endless night. The Church of the Canon, its arms open wide, Offering solace, a place to confide, I took refuge in its hallowed halls, Seeking peace amid these desolate walls. Through trials and tribulations, I found my way, A path of faith where doubts would sway, I donned the cloth, became a priest, In service to God, my soul was released. Yet still, within the chambers of my heart, Lingers the ache, the longing, the part Of me that yearns for love's embrace, For the warmth of a mother's and father’s face. But I stand resolute, steadfast and true, In my calling, my purpose, my faith anew, For in the silence of prayer, I find my release, Edmund Amadeus, the priest of peace.
  13. "There are rather.. odd if not absolutely deranged statements within this letter which is supposed to spread the "truth about GOD"... Firstly, I can not see any evidence as to how GOD could possibly be the "Deceiver" neither can I read a fully theologically researched statement made about how or why He can be so. Although, judging from the many misconceptions made within this letter, I do not think this has been written with fully scholastic knowledge about Canondom. Secondly, It is a strange point to make that elves, orcs and others are somehow "less important" then Man. As far as importance is concerned, within Canondom, there is St. Pius; a Saint who is of the Elven race and a convert to Canondom. So to draw the illusion of human supremacy within Canondom is a failed objective. Not to mention how there has been Orcish and Elven clergy within the Church in the past. Thirdly, I can not see how GOD can come to the point of personification, as He Himself has already proven his existence and does not need to be so. Not to mention, the races that you mentioned that are somehow less important? Simply guess who created them! Fourthly, it is a ridiculous idea to think about a Temple for all "Gods", as the existence of ONE GOD has never been debunked by the faiths except Canondom, and yet this idea is one of the more.. progressive corners of faith. GOD have mercy on us all, I believe you were right when you said that Canonist Orthodoxy needs a backbone, Uncle." Stated Father Edmund from within the Hand of Horen, talking to his Uncle John whilst having breakfast and showing him the letter. @Ramon
  14. "It seems that theology regarding Canondom courses through the veins of those who descend from Alstion, I am most proud of cousin James for writing this interesting thesis. GOD willingly, people will learn a lot of it." stated Father Edmund before lighting a cigar and having a sip of Roach Red.
  15. "I'd rather jump off of the Hand of Horen. Let His Holiness be the only one to pronounce someone as Emperor instead of calling for yet another circle-succession of a certain ancient dynasty." Stated Edmund Amadeus.
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