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  1. At eight years old, Godfrey had partook in the bloodiest conflict Almaris had witnessed in half a century. And towering over him, alongside he, like a great shining tower, was his grandfather, that Olivier. In the wake of the conflict, Godfrey sat at the edge of the small paddle boat, both his mentor and his father, Leufroy Renault at the helm. Circling about the waters which flanked Oren's capital, he looked towards the men of Lewes, each one drenched in water and blood. Even from the Northern bay, the water took on a slight shade of crimson. "Father." He called, the young boy wringing out the base of his gambeson. A voice spoke over the fluctuating tides, the boat's timbers creaking at each movement.
  2. The young Prince would pause at the riverbank, steed halting relative to his mentors. There, he would speak, gaze still directed towards the water. "Ser Edmond." He began, his small mind tending to events prior. He had acted in self-defense, for the other man, that of the flaxen hair, had struck at his bannerman's wrist, attempting to sever such. The boy, in his best judgment, had even done his best to dispel the bindings which might hinder the natator's survival. Alas, he would turn to the right, directed towards his teacher, a hand lifting to scratch at his chin. "Does killing, even if in defense, make one a bad Canonist?" @Emery
  3. Godfrey Renault enjoyed the brief Pinemaw affair.
  4. The young Godfrey Renault recalls the slaughter which resulted in the death of each and every Dael present, save a single goblin!
  5. SWA just called me up, Xan trippin yaal done get ready for the new release . SWA4EVA

    1. rukio


      Holla, we dem spooks

  6. Xan Empire producer, Aelric, begins composing another classic.
  7. The young Godfrey develops an inherently chauvinist contempt for the mountain-folk.
  8. Thanks The60th you are such an amazing warrior
  9. Feel like this needs a lot of reworking to read like proper magic lore, can't really tell what the intent is
  10. Discord username: Radzig#5583 Ever played a Discord/Forum rp before?: yh Favorite Sci-fi book or story?: Blame!, Spacecraft 2000-2100
  11. "Mm." Began he, adjusting that hat which sat idly upon his head. "Kind folk, they seemed." - "Naive, if anything." Alas, he would continue on, making a note of those names listed.
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