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  1. Joseph Anthony looks forward to spending his mother's hard earned Minae!
  2. Rp name: Alexander Leopold d'Emyth MC Name: Radzig Voted: Yes
  3. The March of the Fawn ============= A Composition by Richard Castor Helvets About The Piece ======= According to the youthful composer of 15 years, the piece embraces the harmonies of traditional Canonist hymns and the march-songs of Kaedrin whilst introducing the youthfulness of an atypical melody fit for the bustling streets of Providence. The piece implements three rather uncommon instruments: The Viola, a Clarinet (Bb), and a Bass Recorder.The title, "The March of the Fawn" references the hemiola found in the melody, which is akin to
  4. Zephyr would peer down at the publication, sounding out each word one by one.
  5. Alexander would offer the thin line that was his lips, his thoughts directed to the two fallen comrades. "Great soldiers, both of them, great individuals as well. May the future hold only the best for you, Swint, Cenobia." At that, he'd offer a salute, a fitting conclusion.
  6. Skin: There's a plate on my chest Bid: 90 discord: Radzig#5583
  7. Skin: There's a plate on my chest Bid: 60 minae Discord: Radzig#5583
  8. Name: Canonchet Age: 126 Race: Mali'ame Prior Relevant Experience: "Make good coat, throw good tomahawk, use tomahawk to make good coat."
  9. The Shriveled O'Rourke would peer down, a grimace forming upon his worn face, like leather stretched upon a frame. He'd let out a slight cough, the dry, smoke-filled room creaking as he did such. The figure would ease himself out of an off grey chair, making his way towards a round wooden table, one of the legs rotting. He'd let his eyes fall upon the paper at hand. "Padraig, Padraig...." He'd mutter, repeating his cousin's name. "Truly barry, isnae it." He'd remark, moving to sit at the table. He'd shake his head, the grimace molding into a grin. A cough would resound
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Radzig )) Name: Voljes Vote for Okarir'tir : ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( ) Ellisar Aevaris ( XX ) Olrin Hildinyr
  11. The Individual would dart his eyes about the flyer, letting them finally rest at the names listed below. At that, he'd crack a thin grin, nodding slightly. "1798, Yes." At that, he'd fold the flyer, giving it a light wave before placing in the pocket of his coat, succumbing to the bustlings of Providence.
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