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  1. "She is more barmaid than Duchess." Sounds the young William. "Haense-folk, more snakes than crows."
  2. William grasped the missive, speaking to the de Rouen. "I'll summon the retainers." He spoke, simply. @subatomic
  3. The young William decides to accompany Ser Lucien, begrudgingly urging his younger brother to do the same. "Father's marriage was much more simple." He'd comment, bringing an insipid hand to palm at his belt. @Calvin_
  4. The blood of Conrad, Archchancellor of Frederick Charles, carries on his Father's duties for the former King's brother, Frederick Aurelian. Lothar of Ulmsbottom
  5. The young Lothar disembarks with the Prince, preparing a survey of the Aunnic countryside.
  6. best of luck mady thanks for letting me win in risk
  7. At the news of Dobrov's seeming demise, Stannik Kovachev writes to Ser Adrezj, the Baron of Cherskavy. Perhaps this newly forsaken county will pique his interest. @Geckoo
  8. The Barrows grasp and assemble arms, for their assets are plenty and their souls are hungry!
  9. A common man deep within the Orenian slums, Canonist in nature, offers a confused look as he reaches a point in the missive.
  10. nicely written, looking forward to more
  11. good moderator by radzig standards, peace
  12. A certain flaxen individual would bob his head, eyes scanning over the paper, a black hat surmounted over his brow. There, he'd stop at the listed 1,000. A gloved hand would scratch as his chin, where he would peer beside he. "That's quite a price." He'd sound "Enough for 6 months of meals, yes?" He'd direct towards the smaller figure. @venclair
  13. Ishimoto Takezō, a youth of his name, dons both the complexion of his father's predecessors as well as their stygian hair.
  14. Ishimoto Takezō, second son of Akahana, is content with the trajectory of the vessel. Thus, he makes his way to the lower deck of their wasen, sturdy with both the planks of their fathers and the hawser of their terra. "Great things to come, hai." He'd direct towards his brother Yasuke. @Emery
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